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WPIX Secret Code Word = TRIP

Day in History - Alabama
TV Rewind - Superman
US Sports - Philadelphia Athletics
Wacky State Laws - Cheese

Games = Clubs
HC I = Aro
HC II = Bab
USMC = 1942
sleuth = HARPER
Swag Bucks Trivia = QueenBee
updated String = Clu1942AroBabHarQue

daily crossword = Toledo

Read/Watch & Win:

'Mob Wives' Star Karen Gravano On New Bo... - Karen is the daughter of Sammy Gravano, known by what nickname? = The Bull

U.S. History = Volkswagen Beetle
TV Rewind = I Want to Believe
U.S. Sports = 1988
Wacky State Laws = a burning torch

HC Trivia I (Cleanser) = Only about 15% of people report applying daily sunscreen ...
HC Trivia II (Vision Loss) = Most Americans, 75% in fact, think sight is the most important sense...
Games = 125

sleuth is NUMISMATICS for Friday, February 17th and Monday, Februrary 20th.

string = OnlMos125Num

secret code word = prizes

daiquiri: not up all night. slept from 11 - 2:30ish. Then I just could NOT lie there and scratch (so itchy) and in such pain from sleeping on my bad hand...UGH
daiquiri: my left hand got crushed in an accident in Jan 2004. They cannot fix it thru surgery. Pain Mgt now working as well as I'd like. Much better than it was but not as good as it should be. My whole left side is messed up bec of it but my hand is the worst.)

WPIX Secret Code Word = PRIZES


Up all night Sams?

So sorry you couldn't sleep. I get up at 3 30 because of an internal alarm that I cannot seem to turn off no matter what i do. I now do an hour of yoga watch WPIX and try to go back to sleep which sometimes works...sometimes not.
What's wrong with your hand?
That sounds like a really terrible accident but you sound like you are fighting it all the way. Prayers coming your way.

Read/Watch & Win:
Gary Carter Dies At Age 57 - Carter was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2003 as a member of what team? = Expos (this is such sad news! )
Working Women: Jessica Kizorek Founder - Which of these was NOT one of Jessica Kizorek's 3 keys for women in business? = Dress to distract men

U.S. History = Breach
TV Rewind = Why has no one ever loved me?
US Sports = George Foster
Wacky State Laws = 100

games = undo
USMC Trivia = Alfred Masters
Daily Crossword = Cosmo

string = UndAlfCos

US History = Iowa
TV Rewind = Portia De Rossi
US Sports = 45 feet
Wacky State Laws = a duel

USMC trivia = Martial arts
Games = 7

String = Art7

WPIX Secret Code Word = PRESIDENT

US History = Prohibition
TV Rewind = Echo
US Sports = I'm Not The Same
Wacky State Laws = Whistling

Games = Red
Lowes = Install a Pedestal Sink
USMC Trivia = Navy
JC Penney Trivia = Brights
Healthcare Trivia I (Skin) = For young adults, when it comes to dating, appearance matters.
Healthcare Trivia II (Oral Health) = By the age of 39, 86.7% of Americans will have had at least one tooth affected by decay.

crossword = dirty

string = fivPedNavBriForByRedNumDir

Ringling Bros.'s Dragons Trivia = Shaolin Troupe

Twitter Bonus Code = Forest

Read/Watch & Win:
Common Cents: Pinching Pennies - According to a study by the Culinary Institute of America and the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration, diners tend to pay how much more if the menu doesn't print dollar signs next to the prices of items? = 8 percent more

Discovery Trivia:
Discovery-Cooking Appliance - Click here to see what type of kitchen formation is often used for organization during large, seated dinner? = T-formation (T-f)
Discovery-Cake/Kitchen Boss - Click here to see what country Wolfgang Puck hails from? = Austria (Aus)
Discovery-Skin Care - Click here to see what is fact or fiction. You don't need to wear sunscreen during the winter -- only in the summer. = Fiction (Fic)

WPIX Secret Code Word = LONDON

This Day in U.S. History= The Cincinnati Zoo
TV Rewind= ER
US Sports= Gerard Phelan
Wacky State Laws= lion, tiger or leopard

games = 64
USMC = Hashmark

Healthcare Trivia I (Wisdom Teeth) = Women have a 31% higher risk of developing dry sockets...
Healthcare Trivia II (Acne) = Popping pimples leads to scarring about 75% of the time.
sleuth = BESPEAK
string so far = 64WomPopBes

crossword: refs

Twitter Bonus Code = FEBRUARY

Read/Watch & Win:
What will the new Angry Birds game be called? = Angry Birds Space

WPIX Secret Code Word = TITANIC 3D

Funlodia trivia = PARTNER TRACKER

Day in History = Moose Murders
TV Rewind = Submitted for the approval of the midnight society
Wacky State Laws = X-Rays
US Sports = Adrian Dantley and Hakeem Olajuwon
Ringling Bros.'s Dragons = Sandor Eke

Daily Crossword = KYOTO
games = notes
USMC = supply
Scavenger Healthcare Trivia I = Nationwide, about 16.3% of Americans are uninsured.
Scavenger Healthcare Trivia II = Eating an apple can cleanse your mouth...

Twitter Bonus Code = FLIP

sleuth = KISMET

string so far = KyoNotSupNatEatFliKis

Read/Watch & Win:
The best picture slump: Is Hollywood stu... - Over the past 2 years, what has been the best weekend for Best Picture nominees? = New Year's weekend

Discovery Trivia:
Discovery-Frugal Mama - Click here to find out about how many grams of protein are there in a glass of milk? = 8 grams

WPIX Secret Code Word = CENTS

History = The War of 1812
TV Rewind = The adventures of Pete and Pete
Sports = Never die easy
Wacky State Laws = Telephone the city's chief of police

daily crossword = CAVs
USMC = Iwo
Games = 7
Scavenger Healthcare Trivia I = THE average family's health insurance policy costs nearly $14,000 a year.
Scavenger Healthcare Trivia II = BETween prescription and over-the-counter drugs, there are more than 400 types of medicines that are found to effect your saliva production

Twitter Bonus Code = FORECAST
updated string (w/ NJFW's answers below) = 7TheBetIwoCavSaxForAspRasCliNow

Read/Watch & Win:
Magic Johnson launching cable network - What will Magic Johnson's new cable network be called? = Aspire (Asp)

Cool Savings Trivia = Click To Continue (Cli)
Savings and Coupons Trivia = Join Now (Now)

Discovery Trivia:
Discovery-Frugal Mama Fiber - Click here to see which berry gives the most fiber? = Raspberries (Ras)

WPIX Secret Code Word = CIRCUS

Savings and coupons trivia = JOIN NOW


Day in History = 3
TV Rewind = Blake Soper
Wacky State Laws = A hypnotized (or allegedly hypnotized) person
US Sports = 1963, 1965, 1967

Healthcare triva I = Your tongue is unique, because it's the only muscle in your
Healthcare triva II = Did you know? Sugar contributes to a process called
games = 3
USMC Trivia = Philadelphia

daily crossword = TAOS

Twitter Bonus Code = FOGGY


updated string (w/ diabetic below) = YouDidPhi3TaoFogAdaLim

Read/Watch & Win
In terms of deadliest forms of cancer in the US, where colon cancer rank? = 3rd.

Read/Watch & Win:
Sneakermania Over New Nike Shoes Ahead - What is the name of the featured, or "hot," shoe of the line that glows in the dark? = Galaxy

Diabetic Connect Trivia = Limited-Time Offer for Diabetics. (Lim)

Daily Crossword = PARK
First Pan Am Games = Buenos Aires
TV REWIND = Myra Monkhouse
US SPORTS Los Angeles Rams
Games and egames trivia = 5

Where is the wheel of fortune trivia? Can't find it

wheel of fortune trivia: Yes, I am at least 13 years of age and agree to the

Twitter Bonus Code = FIDO

USMC = 1965

I didn't see First Pan Am Games or Wheel of Fortune Trivia...

I think that the WOF trivia may be an old one that we already answered Daiquiri...it sounds familiar

U.S. History = 1872
TV Rewind = Geoffrey
US Sports = The 4-3 defensive
Wacky State Laws = Virginia

games = 10

Twitter Bonus Code = GINGER

twitter Bonus Code = ginger

Sorry, must have entered at same time.

U.S. History = It limits the U.S. President to two terms
TV Rewind = George Feeny
US Sports = Detroit Lions
Wacky State Laws = raccoons

daily crossword = ARG
games = 10
Lowes Trivia = paint roller brush
USMC Trivia = Corrine Brown
JC Penney Trivia = Morning Stretch
USMC Trivia = August 26
Scavenger Healthcare Trivia I = Americans spend about $2 billion dollars each year...
Scavenger Healthcare Trivia II = 4 out of 10 American families use a home water filters...
sleuth = FLEXUOUS

updated string = ARG10RolCorMor26Ame4 oFle ....need the space after the #4




CROSSWORD= oregano

GAMES= dry
HISTORY= USS Princeton
TV REWIND= Candice Bergen
SPORTS= 1981


USMC Trivia = Washington DC

Scavenger Healthcare Trivia I = In addition to regular brushing and flossing, the use of an antimicrobial mouthwash can help reduce the chance for gingivitis by 30-45%.

Scavenger Healthcare Trivia II = Did you know? A person between the ages of 35 and 65 has a 50% chance of having a disability that keeps them out of work for at least 90 days or more - Did

Twitter Bonus Code = GOLD

sleuth = PETTIFOG

updated string (w/ NJFW's answers below) = OreDryDCInDidGolPetEdi126PatSpi

Discovery Trivia:
Discovery-Cooking Quiz - "What is a mycophile?" = edible mushroom hunter (Edi)
Discovery-Favorite Foods Quiz - "How many pounds of potatoes does the average American eat in a year?" = 126
Discovery-Car Problems Quiz - "What is a roadside emergency kit used for?" = patching up the car (Pat)
Discovery-Robotic Vacuums Quiz - "What word best describes the Roomba's cleaning path?" = Spiral (Spi)



READ WATCH and WIN Oscar Viewing Up = 4%

Patients like me trivia step 3 = LEARN

Anyone actually win from any of these?

wufwugy: yes, i've won and know others that have too. You have better odds at winning if you put your points in for a "L" (local) contest rather than a "MM" (multiple market) contest.

Day in History = The Family Circus
TV Rewind = Leave it to Beaver
Sports = Walter Payton
Wacky State Laws = 2 liters

games = Bruiser
USMC Trivia = 1942
healthcare trivia I (gums) = Cigarette smoking is the cause for 50% of severe gum disease cases.
healthcare trivia III (insurance) = 47.3 million people receive Medicare

Discovery-Ultimate Food Quiz: "A basic pesto sauce consists of basil, Parmesan, olive oil, salt and:______ = Pine Nuts
Discovery-America's Favorite Food Quiz: "Which of these favorite Mexican dishes didn't originate in Mexico?" = chili
Discovery-Ultimate Road Trip Quiz: "Which of the following tools is recommended for a roadside emergency kit?" jumper cables


string = cig47.Bru194PinChiJumQuaRooLea

crossword = Refinery

Read/Watch & Win: The Oscars were up how much in viewership over last year's telecast? = 4%

wufwugy: Yes, I won perfume. Also I won the chance to be one of their first audience but couldn't make it. A friend won the valentine contest, so it is possible. It was Pix Rewards.

What is the most popular robotic vacuum in the United States?": Roomba

Twitter Bonus Code = GIPPER

Patients Like Me Trivia = Learn (Lea)

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