Eagle Club, 96.9 The Eagle, Sacramento, CA

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Anyone interested in starting a forum for The Eagle Club, 96.9 The Eagle?


Tue Nov 15th Daily Trivia

This Day in US History = Dave Thomas

TV Rewind = Emma, Jennie, Chip

US Sports = Petty

Wacky State Laws = South Carolina

SMUD Home Performance = contractors

Cache Creek Casino Resort = November 27

Dr. Monica Crooks = 931 Howe

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Anybody? Anyone who is for classic rock and more?

Be sure to check out Bonus Sites daily. It's an easy 50,000+ points.

do i need to move to sacramento?

Unfortunately, this is only open to "natural persons who are residents of the Sacramento, CA metropolitan area and who are 13 years of age or older." What's a natural person?

U.S. History = Melbourne
TV Rewind = Seven
US Sports = Baltimore Orioles
Wacky State Laws = Goldfish

Mon 3/5/12
Bonus Codes= App. 45,000 points free everyday
Daily Trivia
R&R= Tyler
Games= pepper
Sleuth= Profluent
US History = Harrison
TV Rewind = Brandon
US Sports = Brooks
Laws - Whisper
ScH I= 20%
ScH II= 60%
DiscI= Yes
DiscII= Both
DiscIII= Low
Cache= Midnight
Easter Seals= 90
Rooter= Hospitals
Turf= Edged
JCP= Repeat
Lowes= Hammer
String= Mid90HospEdgHamPepRepea20%Pro60%YesBotLow

I'm leaving Tuesday for 3 weeks to deal with a family medical emergency. I don't have a laptop, there's no computor where I'll be in Colorado, so if someone is willing to take over and post the answers while I'm gone, have at it!

Scavenger Hunt 1 = Approximately 70% of all allergy sufferers are allergic to dust, and dust can make eczema worse.
Scavenger Hunt II = Each year 1 in 3 sports-related dental injuries is due to not wearing a mouth guard.

String = 70%1 i

U.S. History = Michelangelo
TV Rewind = Rhonda
US Sports = Don Cheadle
Wacky State Laws = Arkansas

Scavenger Hunt Trivia I = The human tongue is covered by small bumps called papillae. The circumvallate papillae are the largest, with most people having about six to 12 of these on the back of their tongue.
Scavenger Hunt Trivia II = About 196 million people are covered through private health insurance.

String = cir196

Hot Music Trivia = Adele

Scavenger Hunt I = Only 4% of children are covered by private insurance, 34% are covered by Medicaid
Scavenger Hunt II = Clinical studies indicate that 40% to 55% of adults between the ages of 20 and 40 are diagnosed with low grade, persistent acne and oily skin.

String = 2034%

Trivia I (Dental Crown) = When a dentist makes a crown, he may remove up to 75% of a patient's tooth.
Trivia II (Zits) = 20 million people suffer from severe acne that could leave scars

U.S. History = Tornado
TV Rewind = Prince Adam
US Sports = Brooklyn Dodgers
Wacky State Laws = Sunday
What Did They Say? = I keep on fallin' in and out of love with you

String = she42075%

U.S. History = Kurt Russell
TV Rewind = Regal Beagle
US Sports = Jim Furyk [accepted as correct!? Crazy since Furyk is a golfer! Answer should be Joe Morgan - not one of the choices.]
Wacky State Laws = a duel
Hot Music Trivia = Yes
Games = 50
Music Quiz = Johnny Rivers

Sunday, March 18,2012

Hot Music Trivia = False
This Day in U.S. History = Missouri
TV Rewind = Boar's Nest
U.S. Sports = Jack Butler
Wacky State Laws = canned corn

Hot Music Trivia = Fine By Me

Cache Creek Triva = Smash Mouth
Jackson Rancheria = 10
Les Schwab = 1000
Turf Pro = continual
Valley Solar = gas emmisions
American Family = zip
American's Family Brownie = get a free ebook
Deal or No Deal = register now
Lowe's = garden center
Mommy page = EmpowHER
Classic Rock = Dancing in the Dark
Patients Like Me = learn

Skin Care Samples = lubriderm
Swagbucks = get started
JC Penny = road trip
Tax Act = free to e-file
Saving Star = Show!
Toddler Savings = baby to bee

Games 'n eCards Trivia = 5
This Day in U.S. History = Slovenia
TV Rewind = Jerrica Benton
U.S. Sports = Ivan Lendl
Wacky State Laws = $3 per pack of playing cards

Hot Music Trivia = True

Classic rock = baseball fields

jovoal - where is "hot music trivia"?

Thur 3/29/12
Bonus Codes= App. 45,000 points free everyday
Daily Trivia
R&R= Fenway Park
Games= Hearts
US History = Coca Cola
TV Rewind = Lions
US Sports = Brooks
Laws - Flamingos
WDTS= reach out and grab ya
HSW I= 2012
HSW II= The Albert
HSW III= Pillow Alarm (Happillow)
String= Hea201ThePil

Good Friday Morning,

U.S. History = Red Carnation
TV Rewind = Crabapple Cove
US Sports = 19
Wacky State Laws = Camels
What did they say? = Only love can bring the rain, that falls like tears from on high
Games = Purple
Classic Rock = 2

Fri 3/30/12

Real Age Trivia= Happily married father of 3
String= PurCasHap

Good Saturday Morning,

Games = purple
This Day in U.S. History = the 2nd Sunday
TV Rewind = Happy little trees
Sport Rewind = 1964
Wacky State Laws = a glass of water

Classic Rock = 16

This Day in U.S. History = 1996
TV Rewind = Seargent Slaughter
U.S. Sports = Floyd Cummings
Wacky State Laws = Arkansas

Good Sunday Morning

Classic Rock = Lennon and McCartney
Games = 16
Jackson Rancheria = Friday

Wed 4/04/12

TV=Polk HS
WDTS=social graces
HSWI=3 t
String=40%83 tSyl

Sleuth = eudemonia

Scavenger Healthcare Trivia I = Of the people with employer based health coverage, 80% are covered with dental benefits
Scavenger Healthcare Trivia II = Early orthodontic intervention can fix 80% of oral issues before a child gets his permanent teeth

What Did They Say? = She's working her way through the constellations

String = 80%

Good Tuesday Morning

Games: Cougars
U.S. History = I've Been to the Mountaintop
TV Rewind = Cochran
US Sports = Cleveland Cavaliers
Wacky State Laws = Clint Eastwood
What Did They Say? = She's working her way through Grand Central Station (the other one might work, too, see Jovoal above, but this one worked for me)

Smile Generation = pediatric dentists
Classic Rock = Ron Wood
Valley Solar = SUNPOWER
Live sample = next step

Scavenger Healthcare Trivia I = 3 to 5% of people have a lower jaw that is somewhat longer than their upper jaw
Scavenger Healthcare Trivia II = 40% of Americans do not wear sunscreen

What Did They Say? = I'm not big on social graces

String = 3 t40%

Good Sunny Wednesday Morning,

Sleuth Trivia = SYLPH (a slender graceful woman or girl)
What Did They Say = I'm not big on social graces
Games 'n eCards Trivia = 8
This Day in U.S. History Trivia = Kansas
TV Rewind Trivia = Polk High School
U.S. Sports Trivia = 19
Wacky State Laws Trivia = Frisbee
Classic Rock = Eagles

Good Thursday Morning,

Classic Rock = Paul McCartney (that would be Sir Paul to the rest of us...)
U.S. History = I forbid
TV Rewind = Sonny Bono
US Sports = Cy Young
Wacky State Laws = Pot bellied pig
What Did They Say? = This child is getting wild, I'm out of wind
Les Schwab = Observe
Sleuth = EPHEBE (a young man, youth)

Healthcare Trivia I = ...up to 50% more blood than normal.
Healthcare Trivia II = Up to 50% of the population...

Anyone else out there? We need some on-air codes...

Good Friday Morning

What Did They Say?............................: Lights down, you up and die
Games 'n eCards Trivia = 17
This Day in U.S. History Trivia = 2004
TV Rewind Trivia = Abraham
U.S. Sports Trivia = Jim Gentile
Wacky State Laws Trivia = Silly string
Classic Rock = 1998

Hot Music Trivia (daily Trivia- Hot AC... = Sugarland
This Day in U.S. History = Booker T. Washington
TV Rewind = Clapped his hand loudly to his forehead.
U.S. Sports = Kansas
Wacky State Laws = $100

Skipping 3089 Messages...
Blockbusters Trivia: Jason Bateman
Music Pop Quiz: Kendrick Lamar
Sports Trivia: Miami Marlins
Word Play Trivia: Mischievous

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