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Before They Were Famous = UFOs
First Lines = Maycomb
Get Your Game On = 2,000
Show the Money = Alexander Hamilton

Jackson Rancheria - Ho Ho Hot Seats = 9
Classic Rock Challenge = Don Felder
Different Parts Trivia = tooth fractures
Games n eCards Trivia = 14
During Teething babies.... = sleepless and irritable

Can anyone explain how to do the sharecare scavenger trivias? I can't find the DID YOU KNOW FACT, I can't even find a next icon. TIA.

Cache Creek Tis The Season Top 3 scores get = $500.
Esquire IMAX Matinee Tickets Cost = $13
One Big Bin = play
Discovery - Dog stereotyping! = Toy
Discovery - Betcha Can't Find The Animal... = southern stingray
Discovery - Looking For Time Travel Tips... = hot tub time machine
Discovery - Don't Look At This If You're... = cheese puffs
Discovery - Challenge: Baking = your best baked goods

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Games= 50
Before They Were Famous= Dennis Rodman
Get Your Game On= 99,990
Show Me The Money= The Union Shield
What Did They Say= Later on, we'll conspire as we dream by the fire
Classic Rock Challenge= Allen Klein
Toys R Us= The gift...
Covering= Tax-advantage
TB= Canker sore
Sports= Increase my limit
AoL: 30 Minute Meals Trivia 10= cucumber
AoL: Tailgating Trivia 10= LSU
AoL: Heidi's Trivia 10= Givenchy

Flavors of Aol
AoL: Flawless On The Fly 10= Emergency
AoL: Heidi's Outfits 10= Bronzy Glow
AoL: Tailgating 10= Biscuits
AoL: Soup & Sandwich 10= veggie
AoL: Progresso 10= sweet & sour chicken
AoL: Food Cravings 10= Healthified Tropical Papaya Smoothie
AoL: Indoor Exercise 10= by changing your pace every few minutes.
AoL: 30 Minute Meals 10= Snapper

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= Jimi Hendrix
Word Du Jour= Playboy

String: 50YouToySouStiHotCheCucLsuGivSteThe$50$13PlaEmeBroBisVegSweHeaBySnaTaxCanIncJimPla

From TallK: "Can anyone explain how to do the sharecare scavenger trivias? I can't find the DID YOU KNOW FACT, I can't even find a next icon".

I have battled with this same issue for over 6 months. I had clicked on every icon and question on the Scavenger page without success, never finding a "next" icon to continue and complete their task for the points. I had received instructions from various people on "Fat Wallet Forums" to look for an indented icon of a heart inside a magnifying glass, but could never find it.
I use Mozilla Firefox browser because it seems to work faster on the various "Rewards" sites, plus it automatically enters my username and password, saving time when surfing multiple sites. I woke up one morning last week with an epiphany, why not try another browser? I went to Micrsoft's Internet Explorer, logged in to The Eagle Club, clicked on to "Savenger I" in the trivia section, and low and behold the mystery " heart inside a magnifying glass" appeared. I don't know if it's Firefox's settings, or my settings in Firefox, or what? I went to Google Chrome and the mystery icon appeared and worked. Went back to Firefox and the icon was nowhere to be found!
Here's the drill. Log into The Eagle Club website using Microsoft's IE, click on Sharecare under Trivia, click on Scavenger I and a page will come up with a health topic. Under the health topic, there will be section with "A filter 3 answers by contributor". Under that will be the 3 answers by contributors. In today's Scavenger I, the 2nd answer is from Colgate, and under their answer you should see the "heart in the glass" icon with "Next" to the right. Click on whatever subject is to the right of "Next" and it should take you to their next page. Continue clicking on the subject to the right of "Next" on every page that comes up. It could be as many as 20 pages until the "Did You Know" fact answer page comes up and gives you the 1,000 points.
If this doesn't work using IE, try using Google Chrome. Some days the magic heart/glass icon won't show up on any of the browsers, but it NEVER shows up for me using Mozilla Firefox. It's a lot of work and time spent for just 1,000 points in each Scavenger topic, and some days I skip the whole thing.
I hope this helps and doesn't just add to the confusion of "The Secret Icon"!

For the new members that might be confused as to what the "String" entry means and how to use it, I have re-posted an explanation that appeared on Aug 17th.

There are 2 types of questions to answer. Multiple choice, where you click on the answer you choose and submit, or fill-in the blank, where you type in your answer and submit. Under the fill-in the blank category, the site uses letter recognition software to recognize a certain number of letters or numbers in the correct answer, usually the 1st 3 letters or numbers, but not always. It could be any # of letters or numbers anywhere in the correct answer.
The string list that I show is the letters or numbers that their software recognizes for each fill-in answer for that day. If you use the Firefox browser, when you answer the 1st fill-in question, just type in, or copy and paste, the entire string, hit submit, and you should get the points. When you go to answer the next fill-in question, just type in the 1st letter or number of the string, and a drop down box should appear with the entire string, click on it and hit submit to get your points. You should be able to do that for every fill-in question. If you use IE browser, you might have to go to advanced or custom settings to enable that drop down box feature(auto complete feature). Another way to make it work is to type in, or copy and paste, the entire string in the 1st fill-in question, highlight it and copy, then paste the string into the remaining fill-in questions.
Some Rewards sites have caught onto this trick and require more than 3 letters or numbers, sometimes the whole answer is required for questions that are worth a lot of points.
I hope this helps and doesn't cause you any confusion. If there are any computer tech experts out there that can explain this issue clearer and shorter than I have, please do so!

@ igolf69 Thanks, I was wondering about that string entry on your posts. I figured it was like some super-secret handshake just for the in-crowd. I'll have to try it next time.

@ igolf69 Thanks for the explanation of the next icon. If I have seen the magic heart/glass icon I didn't pay attention. I mostly use IE, sometimes Chrome. I try Chrome more often.

one big bin - play
esquire Imax - $13

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Games= Mamba
Before They Were Famous= David Lee Roth
First lines= China
Get Your Game On= 2 hours 46 minutes
Show Me The Money= 2.41 cents
What Did They Say= Rudolph, with your nose so bright, won't you guide my sleigh tonight?
Classic Rock= Australia
Discovery: What Group Is Your Dog In= Feisty
Discovery: Animals Inconspicuous= Impala
Discovery: Top Time Travel Movies= Time After Time
Discovery: Guilty Culinary Pleasures= Dates and apricots
Discovery: Think You're The Best Baker= 6
Routine Trivia= Dry Mouth
Enrollment Trivia= HSA
JC Penny= free shipping
Sony Trivia= Bizrate

Listen and Win
Kat Maudru's Album of the Year= Mumford & Sons-Babel
Blue Plate Special= Class of 1984
Word Du Jour= Sixx (Thanks McMac, I missed it today)

String: MamFeiImpTimDat6DryHsaFreZraMum198Six

word du jour = Sixx

Sony = Bizrate.com

Discovery - American. Metal. Choppers.= Jesse
Discovery - Science's Biggest Myths: Bus= Going out in chilly weather causes you to catch cold
Discovery - fastest Rubiks Cube Solution= 5.66 seconds
Discovery - Time For Baker Polls!= the eliminations

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Games= Pepper
Before They Were Famous= Winona Ryder
First lines= Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Get Your Game On= Hyrule
Show Me The Money= 1857
What Did They Say= I want to be a dentist
Classic Rock= Jimi Hendrix
Blood Pressure Trivia= healthy heart
Health Resources= Social Security office
Nicki Minja vs Mariah Carey= filet mignon
More Credit Card Anyone= Ongoing APR

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= Bob Seger/Ted Nugent
Word Du Jour= Motor City

String: PepJesGoi5.6TheHeaSocMigIngBobMot

Health Resources Trivia You can find out if your Medicare application was accepted by calling= the Social Security office

Word du Jour - Motor City

Note: Blue Plate Special for 12/13/2012 is Pink Floyd.

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Games= 17
Before They Were Famous= Aim toothpaste
Get Your Game On= I: Cleveland Indians
Show Me The Money= 1943
What Did They Say= Up, up, up and away!
Classic Rock= The Beatles
Les Schwab= Les Schwab 50-month car battery
Mouth Trivia 13= Tongue from cancer
Cataract Trivia 13= Routine eye examinations
AOL- S & S Trivia 13= Tomato
AOL- Progresso= Chocolate
AOL- Coast to Coast fashion= Black stud ankle boots
Aol- 12/13
AoL- Gift Guide For The Holidays 13= Trumstand
AoL- Coast To Coast Fashion 13= Black stud back ankle boots
AoL- Cupcakes 13= Red Velvet
AoL- Manicures 13= Sparkly French Twist
AoL- Holiday Stress Relief 13= Recipes you can make the day before.
AoL- Slow Cooker Recipes 13= Beef stew
AoL- Charitable Giving 13= Clean out your fridge
AoL- Edible Gifts 13= Spiral snowman cookies
AoL- Indoor Exercise 13= Glutes and thighs
AoL- 30 Minute Meals 13= Fresh Peach Salsa
Paula Dean's Peppermint Hot Chocolate= Butterfly

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= Pink Floyd
Word Du Jour= Sorry about that


Classic Rock= The Beatles had more Billboard Hot 100 songs than the Rolling Stones
Word Du Jour= sorry about that

I was listening but did not hear the word du jour....so, I took a wild guess....

Roger Waters worked.


what dog group is on slide 7? ... toy
an electric car needs which on of the following? ... a reduction gear

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Games= 50
Before They Were Famous= Dennis Miller
Get Your Game On: Sue
Show Me The Money= Aluminum
What Did They Say= All of the other reindeer used to laugh and call him names
Classic Rock= Keith
Discovery: What Group Is Your Dog In= Toy
Discovery: Electric Car Quiz= A Reduction gear
Causes Trivia 14= Vitamin C
Problems Trivia 14= Holes
Daily Video= Russell Brand (not giving the points)
Video Trivia= Miley Cyrus
Santa= 2 cups

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= Police/Pretenders
Word Du Jour= Ahment

String: 50ToyA rVitHol2 cPolAhm (must use space between the A & r and the 2 and c)

Les Schwab ... LES
Paula Deen ... butterfly
the first three letters alone did not work for me -- used the whole word for points

Station Code - Elliott's Natural Foods - ORGANIC

Thanks LittleBigCat!

Before They Were Famous = Jennifer Aniston
First Lines = 84 days
Get Your Game On = 30 lives
Show Me The Money = U.S. dollar coin

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Games= Clubs
Classic Rock= Every Picture Tells a Story
Dental= Controlled diabetes
Oral= Three pairs
JC= 5
Video= Cranberry

String= CluConThr5Cra

Before They Were Famous = Hooters
First lines = Jean Louise Finch
Get Your Game On = Doom
Show Me The Money = 1909

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Games= 60
Classic Rock= Winterland Ballroom, San Francisco
Jackson Rancheria= 1,800
Years= Heart murmur
Cavity= Your risk for disease
Golden= Julia Roberts
Video= Jay Leno

String= 60HeaYou1,800JulLen

Credit Card Trivia = Ongoing APR
Sony trivia =bizrate.com

Before They Were Famous = Debra Messing
First Lines = P.S., I Love You
Get Your Game On = Rosebud
Show Me The Money = Alexander Hamilton and Benjamin Franklin
What Did They Say = He's making a list, checking it twice

Cache Creek= 8PM
Esquire IMax= iSNAP
One Big Bin= Newsletter
Classic Rock Challenge= Led Zeppelin
Games n eCards Trivia= 28
New Health Trivia 17= Dependents
Tooth Trivia 17= Gums receding

Listen & Win
Derek Moore Blog 49er= Kaepernick
BPS= doobie brothers/steely dan
WDJ= bart
What is the First Album Mentioned= Blow By BLow

12/18 BPS is Aerosmith & ?

Jackson Rancheria: 1800
Video: moto

String: KaepernickDooBarBlo28DepGumMot - thanks, TallK!
Derek Moore - couldn't get anything short of the whole word to work

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Games= Pink
Classic Rock= Blue
Before They Were Famous= Coldstone Creamery
First lines= St. Francis Receiving the Stigmata
Get Your Game On= Up, Down, Left, Right, hold A, and press Start
What Did They Say= Frosty the Snowman was a jolly happy soul
Discovery - Wine Region Quiz 18= Phylloxera
Discovery - Slide Puzzle Quiz 18= 25 seconds
Discovery - Phone Jammer Quiz 18= You don't
Discovery - Sliding Puzzles= Warehouse manager
Discovery - Wine Region= The Champagne region of France is one of the most heavily praised wine regions on Earth.
Video Trivia= Cameron Diaz
Dental Trivia= Store
Enrollment Trivia = personal savings account
Home Remedy Trivia= swish and gargle
Definition Trivia= FSA
Toys R Us= 28
Computer= Three
Credit= Star
Ne-Yo= Sunglasses
AoL - Gift Guide For The Holidays 18 = His and Hers Watches
AoL - Coast To Coast Fashion 18 = Mango
AoL - Gifts Under Twenty 18 = Ultimate Dessert Truffles Gift Box
AoL - Hot Holiday Manicures 18 = Velvet Manicure
AoL - Holiday Stress Relief 18 = Use Disposable Dishware
AoL - Slow Cooker Recipes 18 = Slow Cooker Lentil Stew with Cornbread Dumplings
AoL - Charitable Giving 18 = the tax write-off
AoL - HomeMade Edible Gifts 18 = Strawberry Fruit Dip
AoL - Cold Weather Workouts 18 = resistance
AoL - 30 Minute Meals 18 = Cannellini

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= Guns n Roses/Aerosmith
Word Du Jour= Keith Richards (Thanks, McMac, and no, not any problems for me using Firefox)

String: PinPhy25YouWarWinCamStoPerSwiFSA28ThrStaSunHisManUltVelUseSloTheStrResCanGunKei

Is anyone else having trouble getting the eagle club site to work today?

word du jour = Keith Richards

Before They Were Famous = Gerard Butler
First Lines = The Abyss
Get Your Game On = A, B, A, C, B, B
Show Me The Money = (money) box
What Did They Say = It's Christmas time in the city

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Games= Red
Classic Rock= 1906
Discovery: Sliding Puzzle 19= There is no key
Discovery: Phone Jammer 19= The FCC
Discovery: Darth Vader 19= Obi-Wan Kenobi
Video= Glenn Whipp
Computer= Battery nerd.com
Tips for Traveling with Kids= Shoes
Celebrity Weight Loss Video Trivia= Paula Deen
Software Video Trivia= Word press
Adam Levine Video Trivia= Frankie
More Adam Levine Video Trivia= Stevie Wonder
Video Trivia Time 3rd celebrity weight loss= Jessica Simpson
Videos NDN Style= Bey

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= Cover Tunes

String: RedTheObiGleNerShoDeeWorFraSteJesBeyTun

WDJ = Satellite

Before They Were Famous = Freshman year
First Lines = 84 days
Get Your Game On = Berzerk
Show Me The Money = Philadelphia Mint
What Did They Say = Sleigh bells ring, are you listening

Foodie Fun Trivia = No question at this time!

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Games= 8
Classic Rock= U2
Schwab= Enkei 466 Ammad
Video Trivia Anyone= Green
Travel Trivia= The Varsity
Computer Trivia= ROHS
Video Trivia Time= Stroller
Videos NDN Style= Kristina Behr
Foodie= Fuji

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= Beatles
Word Du Jour= Eagles

String: 8EnkGreRohStrKriBeaEag

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Games= 16
Classic Rock= Taxman
Before They were Famous= Amy Adams
First lines= Tuckoo
Get your Game On= Wriggle
Show Me The Money= Copper
What did they say= Later on, we'll conspire as we dream by the fire
Videos NDN Style= Car junkie
Video Trivia Time= Somebody that I Used to Know
Video Trivia Anyone = Bruce Springsteen
Computer= Purple
Foodie Fun= fresh rosemary
Travel= 1882
AoL- Gift Guide For The Holidays= Jetley R200
AoL- Coast To Coast Fashion= Leather Riding Boots
AoL- Gift Under $20= Set of 4 Shot Glasses
AoL- Hot Holiday Manicures= Midnight Purple Nails
AoL- Holiday Stress Relief= The Slow-Cooker
AoL- Family Style Recipes= Sirloin Three-Bean Chili
AoL- Charitable Giving= Overcompensation
AoL- HomeMade Edible Gifts= Healthified Dark Chocolate Truffles
AoL- Personality Test= The Block Party
AoL- Holiday Drink Recipes= Pomegranate Cocktails

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= Travelin' Songs
Word Du Jour= It's A Wonderful Life
N. Young= Pono
Blog Song= Little Drummer Boy

String: 16CarSomBruPurJetLeaSetMidSloSirOveHeaBloPomTraIt'PonLit

Before They Were Famous = J.C. Penney
First Lines = digital watches
Get Your Game On = Ostrich
Show Me The Money = Krugerrand

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