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Daily Trivia
Games= White
Classic Rock= Vehicle registration
Before They Were Famous= Nightmare on Elm Street
First Lines= Jack Nicholson
Get Your Game On= Space Invaders AM answer changed to Tom Sawyer later in the day
Show Me The Money= Sacagawea
What Did They Say= Wasting another night on planning my revenge
Stralen Law= California Western School of Law
Video Trivia Time= Somebody that I used to know
Videos NDN Style= swimming with the Polar bears
Video Trivia Anyone= Tropical
Video Trivia-Trending= Books
Foodie Fun Trivia= Bacon
Travel Video Trivia= 1973

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Blue Plate Special= Def Leppard
Word Du Jour= Page

String= WhiWesSomPolTroBooDefPag

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Daily Trivia
Games= Red
Classic Rock= Hello I Love You
Before They Were Famous= Sugarhigh
First Lines= Addison DeWitt
Get Your Game On= Pac Man Fever
Show Me The Money= Apollo 11
What Did They Say= You're already the voice inside my head
Video Trivia Time= Stroller
Videos NDN Style= Car junkie
Video Trivia Anyone= Simple syrup
Video Trivia-Trending= Venus
Foodie Fun Trivia= The cookie jar
Travel Video Trivia= Railroad worker
At the PCA's Tonight-Heidi Klum and a...= Monkey
Newly Single Taylor Swift Wears Sexy= White
Carpet Countdown: First-Time Globe Winner= Rosci
Julianne Hough Stuns At 2013 People's Chloice= Ring
Car Company Introduces 9 New Apps= Ford
New Wristband Gadget to Help You Reach= Fitbit flex
Free Appetizer= Cell phone number
Video Trivia-Watch and Win= Zboard

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Blue Plate Special= Class of 1969
Word Du Jour= Rod

String= RedStrCarSimVenRinRosForMonFitWhiCelZbo196Rod

Before They Were Famous = Catherine Zeta Jones
First Lines trivia = It's about five o'clock in the morning
Get Your Game On trivia = more than 30
Show Me The Money = William McKinley
Travel = Soufriere, St. Lucia
What Did They Say = Did you hear about the Boston
Foodie Video = Pancakes
Trending Video = MEAlworms
Video Trivia Anyone? = DAN
Video Trivia - Watch and Win = CHIna
Video Trivia Time = HOAx
Videos NDN Style = SOMebody

String = hoasomeadanchisla

Flavors of Aol ... LacCotBraRaiSetHeaWatGinDevGro

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Daily Trivia
Games= Blue
Classic Rock= Denver
Aol-Dresses= Lace Shift Dress with Chiffon Sleeves
Aol-Fashion= Cotton colorblocking pullover
Aol-Braids= Braided Flower Updo
Aol-Minicures= Rainbow Nails
Aol-Resolutions= Set Samll Steps
Aol-Top Recipes= Healthified Chicen Tortilla Casserole
Aol-Relastic Resoulutions= Water It Down
Aol-When to Eat When You’re Hungover= Gingered Applesauce
Aol-How She Lost 100 Lbs= Developed
Aol-Guide to Portion Control= Grown
Argo-Movie Tailer= Nightline
Amour-Movie Trailer= Is anyone there?
Bradley Cooper Nominated for an Oscar= Premiers
Silver Linings Playbook-Movie Trailer= Window

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= AC/DC
Word Du Jour= Whiskey A Go Go

String= BluHoaSoMeaDanChiLaCotBraRaiSetHeaWatGinDevGroNigIsPreWinAc/Whi

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Daily Trivia
Games= 7
Classic Rock= Sentimental Lady
Before They Were Famous= Martin and Lewis
First Lines= 28
Get Your Game On= Eminem
Show Me The Money= Quarter
Video Trivia Time= Red wine
Videos NDN Style= So true so false
Video Trivia Anyone= Willy Moon
Trending Video= Australia
Watch and Win= Watch
Healthy Mouth= Metallic chemical
Job Loss= Go Online

String= 7RedSoWilAusWatMetGo

Trivia: Newly single Taylor Swift wears...: white
Trivia: Julianne Hough...accessories: Norman Silverman earrings
" Carpet countdown hostess first name: Rosci
" Car company introducing 9 new apps.: Ford
" At the PCA's tonight, Heidi Klum and ? : monkey

Before They Were Famous = Iowa Barnstormers
First Lines = a funeral parlor
Get Your Game On = Mortal Combat
Show Me The Money = Grover Cleveland

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Daily Trivia
Games= 64
Classic Rock= More than 30 million
Before They Were Famous= The grapes
First Lines= Byron
Get Your Game On= Missile Command
Show Me The Money= Mercury
What Did They Say = I can breathe for the first time
imax= Hansel & Gretel
Jackson Rancheria= Bath & Body
Chache Creek= 10pm
Big Bin= 1,000
First Five= 10
HMO= Defined
Adjusted= Eating
Video Trivia Time= President
Videos NDN Style= Willy
Video Trivia Anyone= Drinking beer
Trending Video= Computer keyboard
Watch and Win= Fork
Travel Trivia= Alaska
Foodie Fun Trivia= Coconut milk
2013 Golden Globes:Jennifer Lawrence= Red
Ben Affleck Wins Big at the Golden Globe= Adele
2013 Golden Globes:Claire Danes= Toe
2013 Golden Globes:Lena Dunham on Girls= Sharp
Tina & Amy's Hilarious Opening= Ann Hathaway
Justin Timberlake Drops New Single= The 20/20 Experience

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= Heart/Foreigner
Word Du Jour= Mickey D

String= 64HanBod10pm1,0DefEatPreWilDriComForRedAdeToeShaAnnExpHeaMic

thanks igolf69.have a great day

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Daily Trivia
Games= Notes
Classic Rock= Brown Sugar
Before They Were Famous= Pre-Law
First Lines= Hey Joey! Joey Doyle!
Get Your Game On= Pole Position
Show Me The Money= $20 dollar gold certificate (1905)
What Did They Say= Standing in line to see the show tonight and there's a light on
Video Trivia Time= 2015
Videos NDN Style= Martini
Video Trivia Anyone= 7 years
Trending Video= DoSomething.org
Watch and Win= Brooklyn
Travel Trivia= Over 3 million
Foodie Fun Trivia= 2
Teeth Trivia= Brush
Whitening Trivia= Whitening
Video Trivia-Unlimited Edition= Walking papers
Fast Food Review-BK's Philly Original= Pacific
Tough Guy-Cute Animals Video= Pink
Deer gets stranded on frozen lake= Colorado
Lady Gaga Gets Cheeky While on Stage= Vancouver
Banana Nutella Crepes= Three
New York City Must Dos= Diamond
AoL-What To Wear When It's Cold Outsid= Quilted Tech Fontane Earmuffs
AoL-Coast To Coast Northeast= Crystal Circle Necklace
AoL-Trend To Try Braids= Parallel Braids and Perfect Waves
AoL-Coast To Coast Midwest= Toggle Coat
AoL-How To Stick To New Year's Resolut= Defuse triggers.
AoL-Top Recipes= Apple-Cinnamon Monkey Bread
AoL-Easy Realistic Resolutions= Write someone a thank you note
AoL-What To Eat When You're Hungover= Healthified Easy Cheesy Quiche
AoL-Control Food Cravings= Asian-Style Oven-Fried Sweet Potatoes
AoL-Easy Family Style Recipes= Healthified Cheesy Potatoes

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= Music Unplugged
Word Du Jour= Happy Days

String= Not201Mar7 yDosBroBruWhiWalPacPinColVanThrDiaQuiCryParTogDefAppWriHeaAsiSicHap

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Games= 7
Classic Rock= Deep Purple
Before They Were Famous= Construction
First Lines= She isn't coming yet, Toto
Get Your Game On= Defenders
Show Me The Money= 1964
What Did They Say= Can you see them out on the porch?
Stralen Law= 1994
Video Trivia Time= Sneak
Videos NDN Style= Chicago
Video Trivia Anyone= Raising money
Trending Video=
Watch and Win= Dallas Mavericks
Video Trivia Unlimited= Orlando
Disease Trivia= Child's teeth
Travel Trivia= fish head
Foodie Fun Trivia= fresh shreaded spinach
Throughout Trivia= Diabetics
Periodontal Trivia= Dental floss
Mouth Trivia= Severe gum disease
Flu Fears Cause Youth Soccer High-Five Ban= Green
Howard Stern Apologizes to "Girls" Star= Gravestone
Serial Toilet Part Thief on the Loose= Wisconsin
HGTV-Dream Home 2013 Coastal Design= South Carolina
Eco-Friendly Dishware= Austria
Facebook's Graph Search= Trail

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= The Cars/Talking Heads
Word Du Jour= Cavern Club
Bob's Album Cover= Cream
Hawaii Five-o Music= Jimi Hendrix

String= 71994SneChiRaiDalOrlDiaDenSevGreGraWisSouAusTraTalCavCreJim

Before They Were Famous = Forest Whitaker
First Lines = Mr. Anderson
Get Your Game On = Soylent Green
Show Me The Money = $10
What Did They Say = They think that we're holding a secretive ball

Classic Rock Challenge:THE DOORS.
Colgate Trivia 17: CLEAR BRACES.
Foodie Video trivia: EGG.
Games n eCards trivia: 3.
Nearly Impossible Trivia: FRINGE.
Strengthen Trivia 17: CRACKS IN TEETH.
Teeth Trivia 17: CRACKED TOOTH.
That Darn Question: EAR LOBE.
Travel Video Trivia: SAVANNAH.
Video Trivia Anyone?: BLACK.
Video Trivia Time?: SLIM DOWN.
Travel Video - Watch & Win: VICTORIA BECKHAM.
Video Trivia - Unlimited Edition: THAT HE DID NOT COME CLEAN.

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Classic Rock= The Doors
Beyonce Lands Major Washington, D.C. Gig= National Anthem
2012's Unforgettable Ads= best job
High Fashion, Top Trends= thanks
Obama's second term= 2 million

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= 1981
Word Du Jour= Bob Keller

String= 3SliToBlaVicHeCleCraIrrNatJobTha2 m198Bob

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Games= 5
Classic Rock= Moving Sidewalks
Before They Were Famous= Tony Amato
First Lines= Strauss music
Get Your Game On= Karate Champ
Show Me The Money= God has favored our undertakings
What Did They Say= At first, we started out real cool
Video Trivia Time= Profits
Videos NDN Style= Drinking
Video Trivia Anyone= Water
Watch and Win= Ellen
Video Unlimited= Cairo
Travel Trivia= swordfish
Foodie Fun Trivia= scallions
Sensitive Trivia= Bruxism
Keep My Teeth Trivia= Metal
Teeth Trivia= Dental
Healthy Trivia= Gums
MLK Daughter: We Are in Need of Healing= Yellow
ShowBiz: Cruise, Rihanna, Obama= Thursday
Shoe Trivia= Two
Musician Equipment Trivia= Six
AoL-What To Wear When It's Cold= Asymmetrical
AoL-Coast To Coast Northeast= Black Stud
AoL-Trend To Try Braids= Dutch
AoL-Coast To Coast Midwest= Jag
AoL-Flu Season Health Tips= Disinfect before you sweat.
AoL-Healthy Bread Recipes= Healthified Pumpkin Bread
AoL-300 Calorie Dinner Recipes= Pesto Chicken Pizzas
AoL-Re-Enlisting At Age 60= Six
AoL-Soup & Sandwich= Veggie Roll-Ups
AoL-Life After Breast Cancer= I have

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= Steve Miller/Santana
Word Du Jour= Dark Side

String= 5ProDriWatEllCaiBruMetDenGumYelThuTwoSixAsyBlaDutJagDisHeaPesSixVegI hSteDar

Before They Were Famous = Dignan
First Lines = pinched her on the cheek
Get Your Game On = NES Advantage
Show Me The Money = 1878

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Games= 50
Classic Rock= French Kiss
Video Trivia Time= Breaking those rules
Videos NDN Style= Raising money
Video Trivia Anyone= Retiring
Watch and Win= X Factor
Video Unlimited= Blasted the girl star

String= 50BreRaiRetFacBla

Before They Were Famous ... Sugar Puffs
First Lines ... Horn & Hardart
Games n Ecards ... Mamba
Get Your Game On ... 3,023,060
Show Me the Money ... Hamilton & Franklin

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Classic Rock= Jefferson Airplane
Jackson Rancheria= $20
Video Trivia Time= Lonely this Christmas
Videos NDN Style= Black
Video Trivia Anyone= Red
Watch and Win= Panda
Video Unlimited= Wisconsin

String= Mam$20LonBlaRedPanWis

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Games= Bagels
Classic Rock= Led Zeppelin IV
Before They Were Famous= Reese Witherspoon
First Lines= They're talking about the curse again
Get Your Game On= 16 stages
Show Me The Money= Fiver
What Did They Say= Don't you look back
Cache Creek= $1,000
First 5= Tobacco
One Big Bin= Trade
iMax= Aatilano
Video Trivia Time= Red
Videos NDN Style= Nibble on the carrots
Video Trivia Anyone= Nibbling
Watch and Win= Botox
Video Unlimited= Vermont
Travel Trivia= cleveland
Foodie Fun Trivia= team guy

Listen and Win
Word Du Jour= Martin

String= Bag$1,TobTraAatRedNibBotVerMar

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Games= 14
Classic Rock= Their fans
Before They Were Famous= Elijah Woods
First Lines= Josh Hartnett
Get Your Game On= Did Dug
Show Me The Money= $100
What Did They Say= Just stuck hollow and alone
Video Trivia Time= Retire
Videos NDN Style= London
Video Trivia Anyone= Lonely this Christmas
Watch and Win= Gq
Video Unlimited= Old Faithful
Travel Trivia= simon
Foodie Fun Trivia= is still lost when it comes to cooking

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= Bon Jovi/Billy Idol
Word Du Jour= Hair

String= 14RetLonGqOldBonHai


AoL - What To Wear When It's Cold 22 = Fleece Lined Arm Warmer
AoL - Coast To Coast Northeast 22 = Nordstrom
AoL - Trend To Try Braids 22 = Messy
AoL - Coast To Coast Midwest 22 = White
AoL - Life After Breast Cancer 22 = 47
AoL - Flu Season Health Tips 22 = No shoes in the house
AoL - Healthy Bread Recipes 22 = Brown Bread with Lemon-Cream Cheese Topping
AoL - Resolutions Good & Bad 22 = Snack Smarter
AoL - Re-Enlisting At Age 60 22 = I realize I am old and have white hair
AoL - Soup & Sandwich 22 = New England Clam Chowder

Are You A Super-Achiever? VIDEO = Dedication to your vision
The Office Series Finale:What to Expect... = Blue
FreeFlys Trivia = Take
L.A.'s $30 Million Spa Palace = 2003
Tax Time Trivia Made Easy! = Print
Boutique Trivia = Own
Raw: Beyonce's National Anthem = Green
WF - Presents CupCake Trivia = Full
Prince Harry Finally Speaks On Vegas Pho... = Army
Musical Moments in Inauguration History = John F. Kennedy
Free Tan For A Year Trivia! = your Age range
Micro Apartments= 50%

string = FleNorMesWhi47NoLemSnaNewBluTakPriOwnGreFulArmAge

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Games= 10
Classic Rock= The Sound of Silence
Before They Were Famous= Vince Vaughn
First Lines= Name?
Get Your Game On= Duck Hunt
Show Me The Money= $0.25
What Did They Say= Billie Jean is not my lover
Stralen Law= A+
Video Trivia Time= Nibble
Videos NDN Style= Breaking rules
Video Trivia Anyone= Breaking rules
Watch and Win= Sydney
Video Unlimited= Brooklyn
Travel Trivia= hanging with Kermit Rufing
Foodie Fun Trivia= a stationary bike
Free Tanning= Green
WTF?! Simon Cowell's Expensive Must-Have...= carrots
Arnold Schwarzenegger Announces He= red
Anheuser-Busch's Super Bowl Ad Moves - V...= black crown
A Future Of Toys And iPads= small figures
Shakira Gives Birth to Baby Boy Milan in...= unification

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= Tom Petty/Stevie Nicks
Word Du Jour= Pie

String= 10A+NibBreSydBroGreTomPie

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Daily Trivia
Games= 64
Classic Rock= Somewhere
Before They Were Famous= Inxs
First Lines= It's getting cold
Get Your Game On= Shellcreeper
Show Me The Money= Schilling
What Did They Say= And the fever when I'm beside her
Video Trivia Time= Black
Videos NDN Style= Production
Video Trivia Anyone= production
Watch and Win= Old Faithful
Video Unlimited= Dallas Mavericks
Travel Trivia= mardi gras world
Foodie Fun Trivia= moderation
Hidden Art:World Trade Center Graffiti= rebar and concrete
Apple= 13.1 billion dollars
Fewer Chicken Wings Available= bacon
DIY:Snackadium for Super Bowl Parties= snackadium.com
The Music Industry's Best New Jobs= $55,000
Discount Furniture= Classroomessentialsonline.com
Housewares Discounts and Cool Trivia= Ice cream spoon
Electric Lawn Mower= Garden
Do you have a wine cellar?= Red
Lawn Mower Trivia= Green
Research Trivia= What is your current marital status?

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= Journey/Doobie Brothers
Word Du Jour= Captain and Carson

String= 64BlaProOldDalClaIceGarRedGreWhaJouCap

Before They Were Famous = Weatherman
First Lines = a health restaurant
Get Your Game On = Hogan's Alley
Show Me The Money = Susan B. Anthony
What Did They Say = My shallow heart's the only thing that's beating.
Foodie Fun Trivia = 30 Rock
Travel Trivia = Lamb tongue soup

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Games= 100
Classic Rock= Elton John
Show Me the Money= Martha Washington NOTE:Susan B Anthony was changed to Martha Washington
Video Trivia Time= Raising money
Videos NDN Style= Kristina Behr
Video Trivia Anyone= Slim down
Watch and Win= Vermont
Video Unlimited= Victoria Becham
AoL-What To Wear When It's Cold Outside= Dollhouse Quilted Lined Vest
AoL-How To Revamp Old Clothing= Lace
AoL-Trend To Try Braids= Thick Sleek Braid
AoL-Fab Lipstick Tricks= Peachy Pout
AoL-Life After Breast Cancer= Long Island NY
AoL-Flu Season Health Tips= Wash your hands and towel – not air – dry.
AoL-Healthy Bread Recipes= Five-Grain Quick Bread
AoL-Resolutions Good & Bad= Be on time.
AoL-Re-Enlisting At Age 60= 1972
AoL-Soup & Sandwich= Grilled Cheese

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= SammyVanMontroe
Word Du Jour= Sam

String= 100RaiKriSliVerVicDolLacThiPeaLonWasFivBe197GriSam

1/25/13 Evening Codes

Video Trivia Time= Drinking beers
Watch This Video Earn Points= Dining room
Videos NDN Style= Quized in the face
Video Trivia-Unlimited Edition= Ellen
Merchandise/Table: 32
Elite Trivia= One step ahead
Perfect stroller= 3
MegaPhone Trivia= Foam
All About The Bed Trivia= Lush
Sunglasses Trivia= Poly Bagged

String: DriDinQuiEll32OneFoaLusPol

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Games= 10
Classic Rock= Rumours by Fleetwood Mac
Before They Were Famous= Steve McQueen
First lines= Statler Toyota
Get Your Game On= Andy Capp's Tavern
Show Me The Money: Krone
Video Trivia Anyone= Sneak
Watch and Win= Wisconsin

String= 10DriQuiSneEllWisDin32OneFoaLusPol

Before They Were Famous = My Best Friend's Birthday
First Lines = Chrissie
Get Your Game On = NHL 94
Show Me The Money = Kroon

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Games= 10
Classic Rock= 18
Jackson Rancheria= $10
Video Trivia Time= Married
Videos NDN Style= Goofy
Video Trivia Anyone= 2014
Watch and Win= Blasted
Video Unlimited= X factor
Earn Points= Wtae
Daily Video Trivia= Just a hoax

String= $10MarGoo201BlaX fWtaJus

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Games= Dry
Classic Rock= Bob Dylan
First 5= first Monday
Cache Creek= 11pm
iMax= Top Gun
Video Trivia Time= Willy Moons
Videos NDN Style= Beyonce
Video Trivia Anyone= President
Watch and Win= Cairo
Video Unlimited= Panda
Earn Points= Car junkie
Daily Video Trivia= Red wine
Travel Trivia= russel crow
Foodie Fun Trivia= thyme
New Kids On The Block= connecticut
WTF:Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner= guacamole
Bethenny Frankel Pulls A Katie Holmes= 5 millions dollars
Leonardo DiCaprio= the environment
America's Next Top Model= doing backflips on the set of a film
Green Roof= boston
Yesterday in History = 1973
Acoustic Audio= 350W
Excursion Trivia= Rosemary
Mizuno Trivia= Manmade
Know Your Worth Trivia= Well invested

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= Southern Rock
Word Du Jour= Challenger

String= DryMon11TopWilBeyPreCaiPanCarRed350RosManWelSouCha

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Games= Bruiser Bots
Classic Rock= The Cannery in Nashville
Video Trivia Time= Dan Brown
Videos NDN Style= Car junkie
Video Trivia Anyone= Cig
Watch and Win= He
Video Unlimited= GQ
Earn Points= Beyonce
Daily Video Trivia= Cig
Travel Trivia= england
Foodie Fun Trivia= chile
Body's Natural Odor= our looks
Stoner Mice= wichita, kansas
Online Resumes= sonya
Three Tips= move around in your career
Fashion Police= january jones
Premiere:jOBS= ashton kutcher
Wooden Frames For Your Home= Black
Worth It= Nugget
Clothing Trivia= Green
All About The Kids Trivia= Amazon
Invest In Daily Worth= Create worth
Health Trivia= Proximity
Baby Stroller Trivia= giggle.com

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= Rolling Stones
Word Du Jour= Stones

String= BruDanCarCigHeGqBeyBlaNugGreAmaCreProGigRolSto

AoL What To Wear When It's Cold 29= Ruby
AoL-How To Revamp Old Clothing= DIY Scarf
AoL-Trend To Try Braids= Intricate Braided Bun
AoL-Fab Lipstick Tricks= Pink Power
AoL-Life After Breast Cancer= Wall Street
AoL-Flu Season Health Tips= Formidable
AoL-Healthy Bread Recipes= New popularity
AoL-Resolutions Good & Bad= Read more books
AoL-ReEnlisting At Age 60= Writer
AoL-Soup & Sandwich= Italian Beef Sandwich

Updated String= RubDiyIntPinWalForNewReaWriItaBruDanCarCigHeGqBeyBlaNugGreAmaCreProGigRolSto

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Games= 7
Classic Rock= lodger
Before They Were Famous= burger king
First Lines= crimean war
Get Your Game On= gun fight
Show Me The Money= 1861
What Did They Say= worlds apart, hearts broken in two
Video Trivia Time= bRucE SprinGsteen
Videos NDN Style= WTAe
Video Trivia Anyone= RED wine
Watch and Win= ORLando
Video Unlimited= SYDney
Earn Points= GOOfy
Daily Video Trivia= THE president
Travel Trivia= kangaroo
Foodie Fun Trivia= support
ShowBiz Minute= judd & franchitti
Gongs Get Going at Top Dealer= one or two
Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z= umbrellas
New Kids On The Block Are Back= mohegan sun
Snooki's Reveals Successful Slimdown= 44 pounds
Nicole Kidman's Botox Nightmare= la republica
Save More & Spend Smarter Trivia= AMAnda steinberg
Win 1 Million Dollars= STUdies
Daily Skin Trivia= FINgerprint
Causes and Risks= 2 Percent
Personal Creations Baby Style= FREe
All About Babies= 2
Baby Trivia= 2
Travel Systems for Baby= 1
Great Gifts for Baby= 3

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= eric CLApton
Word Du Jour= BEAtles

String= 7GreWtaRedOrlSydGooTheAmaStuFin2 p13ClaBea

Before They Were Famous = Dan Aykroyd
First Lines = Robert Frost
Get Your Game On = 1975
Show Me The Money = linen
What Did They Say = Call it sin, you can call it whatever

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Games= 115
Classic Rock= Where Are We Now
(see post above for other answers)
Video Trivia Time= Bruce springsteen
Videos NDN Style= Dinning room
Video Trivia Anyone= just a Hoax
Watch and Win= Walking papers
Video Unlimited= Sex appeal
Earn Points= Quizzed in the face
Daily Video Trivia= 2014
Travel Trivia= singapore
Foodie Fun Trivia= gourmet dad
Fun Daily Video Trivia= four
Rihanna Talks Chris Brown= Rolling stones
Anheuser-Busch's Super Bowl Ad= 25 years
Superbowl Commercial= space
BlackBerry= Thorston
Lip Sync Beyonce= live for now

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= class of 1982
Word Du Jour= 42


Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Games= 3
Classic Rock= rock of the westies
Before They Were Famous = r2-d2 we wish you a merry chritmas
First Lines = 43
Get Your Game On = daytona
Show Me The Money = salmon p chase
What Did They Say = the son is drowning in the flood
Video Trivia Time= Driving wildly
Videos NDN Style= Yelling
Video Trivia Anyone= 11
Watch and Win=
Video Unlimited= Icy beverages
Earn Points= Kristina behr
Daily Video Trivia= Slim down
Travel Trivia= local preservation of quality food
Foodie Fun Trivia= human rights campaign
Fun Video Trivia= toyota
Beyonce Sings= White
will.i.am= green
Super Bowl Ad Cost= do not play fetch
Doritos= blue
Super Bowl Worth= half a billion dollars
AoL-Manicures= Cloudy Nails
AoL-How To Revamp Old Clothing= Bow on the Back
AoL-Fashion= Shop Zoe
AoL-Fab Lipstick Tricks= Dark Red Mystery
AoL-Life After Breast Cancer= Cards
AoL-Re-Enlisting At Age 60= Ride
AoL-Easy Yoga Pose= Cat-Cow-Pointer Sequence
AoL-Should You Go Vegetarian= Adopt
AoL-How To Stop Emotional Eating= Fulfilled
AoL-How To Be A Better Listener= Demeanor

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= Eagles live
Word Du Jour= The Wall

String= 3DriIcyYelKri11SliWhiCloBowZoeDarCarRidCatAdoFulDemEagThe

Esquire IMAX = Top Gun

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Games= Green
Classic Rock= dreams
Before They Were Famous = mcdonalds
First Lines = dylan thomas
Get Your Game On = duck hunt
Show Me The Money = suppress counterfeit money
Video Trivia Time= antler spRay
Videos NDN Style= After midnight
Video Trivia Anyone= Music
Fun Video Trivia= babson college
Natural Teeth Trivia= Implants

String= GreRayAftMusImp

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