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Daily Trivia

Games= 60
Classic Rock= lust for life
Before They Were Famous= mcdonalds
First Lines= earthly powers
Get Your Game On= james hong
Show Me The Money= denmark
Celebrity= the call
Entertainment= clarity
Video On Demand= $9/hr
Video Entertainment Center= Victoria secret
Gimme Jimi= rolling stone
Children Trivia= Medicade
Crown Trivia= Appearance
Health Trivia= Individual Plan
Dental Trivia= Stainless

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= Three fer madness
Word Du Jour= Cosmo

String= 60VicMedAppIndSta53CotStrParThrCos

Blue Plate = Threefers

Tiger Woods' Ex Has a New Man: 53
How Sean & Catherine Kept Their Secret: In a house
Today in History for March 14th: Cotton
Jeff Gordon's Pepsi "Test Drive" Prank: Black
"Modern Family" Star Jesse Tyler Ferguso...: Meryl STReep
Katy Perry Signs Deal Worth Over $2 Mill...: Part of me
string: Vic53CotStrPar

Fat Trivia 15: Exercise
Tongue Trivia 15: ADA
Muscle Trivia 15: prestigious
Healthy Trivia 15: dry mouth
Video Entertainment Center: Liz

String: ExeADAPreDryLiz

Daily Trivia

Games= 28
Classic Rock= steve miller
Before They Were Famous= ancient history
First Lines= i write this sitting at the end of my bed
Get Your Game On= snoop dogg
Show Me The Money= quid
Celebrity= jennifer aniston
Entertainment= vinyl
Video On Demand= go missin'
Gimme Jimi= billy cox
AOL - Trend To Try Braids= Braided Flower
AOL - Beauty Mistakes= Neutrogena
AOL - How To Create Vogue Waves= Black
AOL - 5 Must Have Fashion Items= The Classic Trenchcoat
AOL - How To Get A Fushsia Lip= Lip brush
AOL - How To Make Lipstick Last 15 = Light Berry Lips
AOL - Fitpacking For Weight Loss= 20
AOL - Overcoming Personal Tragedy= California
AOL - Restaurant Style= Chocolate Souffle Cakes
AOL - Calorie Snack Ideas= Strawberries
AOL - Healthier Fast Food= Eggs
TLC - Travel Ideas= Outdoorsy
TLC - Destinations= Attractions
TLC - Thrift Stores= Find all the stores
Animal Planet - Kittens= Cat's side
HSW - Retirment Planning= 1978
HSW - Save Money= Attaining

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Blue Plate Special= AC/dc-guns and roses
Word Du Jour= Godfather

String= 28BraNeuBlaClaLipLig20CalChoStrEggOutAttFinCat197YelLacJulRicLizExeAdaPreDryAc/God

See Nicki Minaj Without Makeup: yellow
Taco Bell Creates 15,000 Jobs Just from: 1 million per day
Red Hot Selena Gomez Takes the Plunge at: lace
Today in History for March 15th: Julius Ceasar
Jessica Simpson Reveals New Baby Maxwell: Nicole Richie
AOL: BraNeuBlaClaLipLig20CalChoStrEgg (CLA works not The)
String: ExeADAPreDryLizYelLacJulRic

Health Trivia 16 - three
Dental Trivia 16 - Naturally
Lower Insurance Trivia 16 - Managed care
Safe Trivia 16 - sticky film

String - ThrNatManSti

Justin Bieber Lashes Out! 16: Mayleen
Video Entertainment Center: White
Dancing With the Star's Kym Johnson Dons: Season 16
Jennifer Love Hewett is Maxim's Sexiest: Loved
Miranda Lambert Rescues a Pooch 16: Oklahoma
Go Inside Taylor's First RED Tour Performance: Good Evening

String: NatThrManStiMayWhiseaLovOklGoo

Video Entertainment Center: Blue
Check Out This Spring's Mom Chic Styles ...: Purse
Single Dad Makeover 17: Fellows
Katy Perry Signs Deal Worth Over $2 Mill...: Blue
Nicki Minaj 'High School' Music Video Sn...: Green
Cops: Drunk Hockey Player Breaks Into Wr...: Patrick
String: BluPurFelGrePat

Daily Trivia

Games= Yellow
Classic Rock= elton john
Before They Were Famous= as the world turns
First Lines= two households, both the same in dignity
Get Your Game On= milo burik
Show Me The Money= cabbage
Celebrity= age gracefully
Entertainment= he fainted
Video On Demand= the giving pledge
Jackson Rancheria= $10
Flossing Trivia= Periodontal
Aging Trivia = Dental floss
Colgate Trivia= Good oral hygiene
Gums Trivia= Tissue and bone

String= Yel$10BluPurFelGrePatPerDenGooTis

Sonoma Valley Visitor's Bureau: Crush
Video Entertainment Center: Ashland

String: CruAsh

Care Trivia 18: pregnancy tumors
People Trivia 18: bruxism
Teeth Trivia 18: crystal
Dental Trivia 18: pregnant women
Deals Trivia: start talking
Video Trivia on Demand: Miami
Endless Vacations 18: Noreply
Today in History for March 18th: Space
Oprah Voted Forbes Most Influential Pers: 48 percent

Daily Trivia

Games= White
Classic Rock= kiss
Before They Were Famous= two guys, a girl and a pizza place
First Lines= it
Get Your Game On= sixth
Show Me The Money= 18 months
Cache Creek= 9pm
Elk Grove Automall= Retail price
iMax= $13
Green Acres= Sea of Siam
Stralen Law= Physician
Miata Mazda= Engine
Celebrity= chandler riggs
Entertainment= tori quigling
Video On Demand= miami
Video Entertainment Center= Ash
Gimme Jimi= simon and garfunkel
Spam Fries, Bacon Taco and Other Wacky= caesar
Spam Fries, Bacon Taco and Other Wacky= Spam fries
Sex in Space Could Kill Us= Montreal
Best Viral Videos of the Day= Blue
Jennifer Love Hewett= April

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= Heart/joan jett
Word Du Jour= Popin' fresh : or this string will give points= abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

String= Whi9Ret13SeaPhyEngAshPreBruCryStaNorSpa48MonBluAprHeaPop

*Sonoma County Tourism Bureau: Safari West
Video Entertainment Center: Freaks her out
string: SafFre

Factors Trivia 19: bleaching
Canal Trivia 19: your
Color trivia 19: hydrogen
Symptoms Trivia 19: tooth's pulp
Video Trivia on Demand: Tobasco

AOL - Hottest Fashion Trends 19: Cutouts
AOL - Manicure Monday 19: Step
AOL - How To Create Vogue Waves 19: hot date
AOL - 5 Must Have Fashion Items 19: Travel Case with Adaptor
AOL - How To Get A Fushsia Lip 19: lip brush
AOL - Trend To Try Cute Spring Manicures...: coral and striped
AOL - Fitpacking For Weight Loss 19: help people
AOL - Veggie Smoothie Recipes 19: Super Strawberry
AOL - Emotional Eater 19: feasts
AOL - Calorie Snack Ideas 19: Light
AOL - Healthier Fast Food 19: picnic basket
AOL - Red Wine Health Benefits 19: plants
AOL: CutSteHotTraLipCorHelSupFeaLigPicLigPicPla

Daily Trivia

Games= 13
Classic Rock= fortunate son
Before They Were Famous= dr. pepper
First Lines= 2001:a space odyssey
Get Your Game On= michael ironside
Show Me The Money= 90 months
Celebrity= the host
Entertainment= mercury prize
Video On Demand= tobasco
Video Entertainment Center= Freaks her out
Gimme Jimi= valleys of neptune...arising
Today in History= 20
Paul Van Dyk On America= Two
Clive Davis' Music Picks= yellow and orange
Fuse Goes Inside Ultra Music Festival= 300,000
How to Become a Thought Leader= Start with one thing
Sure West Sports= Top 15 rankings

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= Class of 1979
Word Du Jour= Caching

String= 13FreTwo300StaBleYouHydTooCutSteHotTraLipCorHelSupFeaLigPicPla197CacTop

Video Entertainment Center: Age Gracefully

String: Age

Daily Trivia

Games= Red
Classic Rock= steve howe of yes
Before They Were Famous= football
First Lines= thank you for buying this book
Get Your Game On= james woods
Show Me The Money= woodrow wilson
Celebrity= chris rock
Entertainment= chicago
Video On Demand= 70
Video Entertainment Center= Age gracefully (thanx Puggle)
Gimme Jimi= seattle, wa
Today in History= uncle Tom's cabin
Beauty Trivia= 5
Products Trivia= Green
Your age Trivia= Orange
Get in the Game Trivia= Purple
Shop til you Drop= Confidence
Fast and Free Trivia= No registration
Earnings Trivia= Red

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= Saxaphone tunes
Word Du Jour= Tears

String= RedAgeTom32Gra26Dry400Gre5OraPurConNoSaxTea

Health Trivia 20: grandfathered
Insurance Trivia 20: 26
Mouth Trivia 20: dry mouth
Sleeping Trivia 20: 400
Today in History March 20: Uncle Tom's Cabin
Stress-Free Entertaining: chicken and vegetables
Make Girl Scout Cookie-Inspired Desserts: 32
First Aid Foods:sulfur compounds
Christina Aguilera Warns 'Voice' Boys to: 40

String: AgeGra26Dry400Tom32

Prescription Trivia 21: Pharmacy
Plaque Trivia 21: Braces
Prevention Trivia 21: Older people
Preventive Trivia 21: Lifetime
Video Entertainment Center: Red
String: PhaBraOldLifRed

Before They Were Famous ... Life Scout
Celebrity Interview Video ... Da Vinci
Entertainment Video ... Flaming Lips
First Lines ... George Orwell
Games n eCards ... 4
Get Your Game On ... Mickey Rourke
Show Me The Money ... 1792
Video Trivia on Demand ... Twitter
Games n eCards ... NUCLEAR

Daily Trivia

Classic Rock= 'smile' by the beach boys
Gimme Jimi= rain day, dream away
The new Jay Leno= Jimmy Fallon
Today in History= Selma
Adele Planning Secret Wedding= their home in England
Do Blake & Adam Like New 'Voice' Coaches= blake shelton
Gwyneth Paltrow's Three Sexy Secrets= Boss
Money= Green
Viral: Adorable Puppy= Purple

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= Big hair bands
Word Du Jour=

String= 4RedJimSelBosGrePhaBraOldLifPurBig

Video Entertainment Center: Magnolia Pictures
String: Mag

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Games= 50
Classic Rock= steve miller
Before They Were Famous= matchbox
First Lines= i'll eat you up
Get Your Game On= patrick stewart
Show Me The Money= john quincy adams
Celebrity= justin bieber
Entertainment= sxsw
Video On Demand= detroit
Video Entertainment Center= Magnolia pictures (thanx Puggle)
Gimme Jimi= 4 weeks
Endless vacations= 3
AOL - Hottest Fashion Trends= Ruffles
AOL - Manicure Monday= Cocktail
AOL - How To Create Vogue Waves= Vouge
AOL - 5 Must Have Fashion Items= Ballet flats
AOL - How To Get A Fushsia Lip= Very simple with a fuschia lip
AOL - Trend To Try Cute Spring Manicures= Blue and white stripes
AOL - Women's Self Defense= Pennsylvania
AOL - Veggie Smoothie Recipes= 140 calories
AOL - Emotional Eater= potato Chips
AOL - Calorie Snack Ideas= 25
AOL - Healthier Fast Food= Fast
AOL - Red Wine Health Benefits= Hawaii

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= the Eagles
Word Du Jour= Shat

String= 50Mag3SysSilSwiWhiRufCocVogBalVerBluPen140Chi25FasHawEagSha

Products Trivia 22: systemic
Purpose Trivia 22: silver dental
Dental Trivia 22: swish
Fillings Trivia 22: white filling
String: MagSysSilSwiWhi

Video Entertainment Center: Hurdles
How to Make a Justin Timberlake Sandwich: Soup and Thai
How Food Affects Your Mood! 23: Orange
Red Wine Ingredient Could Increase Life: Jones
A Guilt-Free Banana Treat! 23: 2
American Idol Finalists Singing Beatles: Angie Miller
Christina Aguilera Warns 'Voice' Boys to: Blonde

String: HurThaOraJon2AngBlo

Before They Were Famous ... Luna Lovegood
Celebrity Interview Video ... 2 Broke Girls
Entertainment Video ... New Artist of the Year
First Lines ... Dwayne Hoover
Get Your Game On ... War. War never changes.
Show Me The Money ... Martha Washington
Video Trivia on Demand ... Early check in fees
Games n eCards ... NUCLEAR

Research Trivia=unique opinion

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Games= A
Classic Rock= he was not a fan
Before They Were Famous= secretary
First Lines= the voyage of the dawn treader
Get Your Game On= liam neeson
Show Me The Money= lady liberty wearing a headdress of a native american princess
Celebrity= pretty little liars
Entertainment= 2006
Video On Demand= inputing wrong ss#
Video Entertainment Center= Sun
Fuse Goes Inside Ultra Music Festival= Liz
Megan Hilty Performs= It happens all the time
Just How Skinny Is American Eagle's Skin= Sit
Style tips for job interviews= How to Look Great
Texas Suspect Investigated in Colo. Killing= Davis Walker
Dental Trivia= Plan documents
Health Trivia= Ledger
Care Trivia= Aggravate gingivitis
Dental Trivia= Some Foods
Research Trivia= Unique opinion

String= ASunLizItMegSitHowDavPlaLedAggSomUni

*23 and Me: de Generes
Video Entertainment Center: Gamers
Carbonite Presents Free Trial Trivia!: Music File
String: DeGamMus

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Games= 7
Classic Rock= ted nugent
Before They Were Famous= a chef on a plane
First Lines= caleb
Get Your Game On= stephen fry
Show Me The Money= his wife
Cache Creek= 16
iMax= G.I. Joe
Green Acres= Glostar
Stralen Law= Big rig
Maita Mazda= Saturday
Celebrity= jason schwartzman
Entertainment= winter
Video On Demand= contribute to 401k
Video Entertainment Center= Gamers
Gimme Jimi= axis: bold as love
Carbonite= Music file
Premium= Three
Auto= $3500
Today in History March 24 = 1999
Matt & Kim "Play A Show That's A Party"= Black
Cavities Trivia= Advanced cavity
2 Days in the Life of L.A. Rockers Dead= Ask an Angel
Health Trivia= Acids
Oral Trivia= Chewing tobacco
All About Cavities= Cancer
Daredevil Takes a Nap on Tight Rope= 3000
'American Idol' Finalists on Singing= i Will
Emma Watson Strips for Earth Day= Natural Beauty
Video Shot: Cat Leads Dog Back Home= White
Welcome to American Girl Place New York= 49th street
AOL - Hottest Fashion Trends= Dramatic
AOL - Manicure Monday= Top coat
AOL - How To Update Your Updo= Old fashioned
AOL - Create a Dramatic Lip= Linda Hay
AOL - Quick & Easy Tips= Chipped nails
AOL - Trend To Try Spring Manicures= Golden Goddess
AOL - Women's Self Defense= Self-defense
AOL - Veggie Smoothie Recipes= Broccoli
AOL - Emotional Eater= Awkward
AOL - Calorie Snack Ideas= Cinnamon
AOL - Healthier Fast Food= Egg
AOL - Red Wine Health Benefits= Tannin

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= Boston/the cars
Word Du Jour= Sir elton

String= 716G.I.JoeGloBigSatGamMusRee350999BlaAdvAskAciCheCan300WilNatWhi49DraTopOldLinChiGolSelBroAwkCinEggTanBosSir

Premium Trivia: 3

Video Entertainment Center: really good
string: Rea

Avoiding Trivia 26: niacin
Fluoride Trivia 26: green tea
Health Trivia 26: progressive forms
Maintaining Trivia 26: premature delivery
string: ReaniaGreProPre

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Games= 5
Classic Rock= tom petty & the heartbreakers
Before They Were Famous= snookie st. james
First Lines= a. a. milne
Get Your Game On= stephen colbert
Show Me The Money= five
Sure West Sports= Saturday
Celebrity= jonathan taylor thomas
Entertainment= mirros
Video On Demand= freeshipping.org
Video Entertainment Center= Really good
Gimme Jimi= all along the watchtower
Today in History= 1979
Belgium Chocolate Stamps= more than half a million
'World's Toughest Drive'= up to 218 mph
Honey Boo Boo's Mama= Amazon
Scientists Find Way= solve some word puzzles
Question 26= Vitamin D
Minds Trivia= Consumer
Recipe Central= Orange
Cash Trivia= Green
Samples Trivia= $20
Spring Forward= Orange
Dove Challenge= 3

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= Ozzie-Black Sabbeth/Deep Purple
Word Du Jour= Steven


Video Entertainment Center: It's the best
String: Bes

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Games= 64
Classic Rock= glenn fry
Before They Were Famous= it's not like i'm gonna run off and do mission impossible III
First Lines= fern
Get Your Game On= john kurk (shouldn't his last name be spelled 'Kruk'?)
Show Me The Money= shield nickle
Celebrity= harry style
Entertainment= g.i. joe-retaliation
Video On Demand= 7%
Video Entertainment Center= it's the Best
Gimme Jimi= st. mark's church
Today in History= 93
Clip-n-go= Green
Shopping= Sweeps

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= eric Clapton
Word Du Jour= Viagra

String= 64BesGreSweBacWeaMilOtcBlu93RedClaVia

Manage Trivia 27: bacteria
Daily Trivia 27: weaken teeth
Video Trivia On Demand: 7%
Teeth Trivia 27: mild abrasives
Image Trivia 27: OTC
Bearded Dragon Has Major Swag: Blue
Today in History March 27: 93
Alert Dog Leads Owner to Trapped Calif.: Red
Are You Ready For a Spice Girls Reality ...: TV
Rihanna's Path to Self-Destruction: Green
String: BesBacWeaMilOtcPatBlu93RedGre

Video Entertainment Center: Matt

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Games= 14
Classic Rock= munich
Before They Were Famous= sports broadcasting
First Lines= ronald dahl / alfred a. knopf ?
Get Your Game On= sue
Show Me The Money= ft. knox
Celebrity= rocky horror picture show
Entertainment= fall out boy
Video On Demand= tablet
Video Entertainment Center= Matt
Gimme Jimi= corvette stingray
Today in History= Dwight D. Eisenhower
Phoenix Talk New Album 'Bankrupt'= Four
George Thorogood On His Tribute To Chess= Chicago
Chelsea Handler Freaks Out On 'Whitney'= birthday cake

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= Under the covers
Word Du Jour= Three mile island

String= 14MatEisFouChiManSebStrSnaPinLinPaiCreReaPeaLam14CobNoeUndThr

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