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Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Games= 8
Classic Rock= the moody blues
Before They Were Famous= david wooderson
First Lines= susie
Get Your Game On= missle command
Show Me The Money= alexander hamilton
Celebrity= leonardo dicaprio
Entertainment= new kids on the block
Sure West= Front and center
All About the Gift= Gift

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= Tom Petty/Dobbie Brothers
Word Du Jour= Hef

String= 8FroGifPat30KeeCruNewHeaSpe2GreGumWis BliEhoColBurReaStyPenMayMyfFibChiMexTomHef

Gift Giving Trivia!: Green
Causes Trivia 9: Gum Disease
Vision Trivia 9: Wisdom
String: FrePat30KeeCruNewHeaSpe2GreGumWis

AOL - Easy Beauty Tricks 9: BlissWorld.com
AOL - How To Apply Nail Polish 9: Ehow.com
AOL - How To Get Temporary Hair Color 9: Color spray
AOL - 5 Must Have Items 9: Burberry
AOL - Drab To Fab 9: really quickly
AOL - Cute Spring Manicures 9: style with foil
AOL - Women's Self Defense 9: Pennsylvania
AOL - Workout Food Recipes 9: Mayo
AOL - Best Spring Fitness Apps 9: MyFitnessPal’s
AOL - Calorie Snack Ideas 9: fiber
AOL - Healthier Fast Food 9: Grilled chicken sandwich
AOL - Desserts For Dieters 9: Mexican Chocolate Raspberry
Aol: BliEhoColBurReaStyPenMayMyfFibChiMex



12pm=chrome dreams

4pm=piston rings

8pm=iron head

bonus=Hang on

blue plate for 4/10=threefers

Fun Video Trivia!: Pink
Unlimited Video Edition!: Beauty
Spring Time Video Trivia!: Blows a kiss
String: PinBeaBlo

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Games= 50
Classic Rock= van halen
Before They Were Famous= geology
First Lines= nick carraway
Get Your Game On= 860,630
Show Me The Money= 26
Celebrity= mad men
Entertainment= n/a
Bullet Proof= Raley's

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= Three fer madness
Word Du Jour= Stratocaster

String= 50PinBeaBloBluRalThrStr

iPad Style Trivia!: Blue
String: PinBeaBloBlu

Harley Code Word
8AM - Colors
12PM - Grease
4PM - Laying Rubber
8PM - Four Strokes

Good Luck Everyone!

Fun Video Trivia!: Kristina
Spring Time Video Trivia!: Singing
Unlimited Video Edition!: Hot pink
String: KriSinHot

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Games= 17
Classic Rock= unstoppable momentum
Before They Were Famous= all the real girls
First Lines= ...a knife
Get Your Game On= link
Show Me The Money= yes
Celebrity= meryl streep
Entertainment= boyz II men

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= class of 1976
Word Du Jour= Dylan

Harley Code Words
8AM= Stroke
Bonus= Calloused
4PM= Oil Tank
8PM= Good Vibrations

String= 17KriSinHotTooIn-GreHow2197Dyl

factors: tooth
Medicare Trivia 11: in-home
Apple Of Life Trivia: Green
Gifts For Everyone Trivia: How old are you
All About The Outfit Trivia!: 2

String: KriSinHotTooIn-GreHow2

word du jour=Dylan

4pm=oil tank

Fun Video Trivia!: Singing
Unlimited Video Edition!: Victoria
Spring Time Video Trivia!: Really Good (not giving credit)
String: SinVicGoo

8PM Harley Code Word - Good Vibrations

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Games= Blue
Classic Rock= adele
Before They Were Famous= steppenwolf theater company
First Lines= ...in thunder, lightning, or in rain
Get Your Game On= super joe
Show Me The Money= $10
Celebrity= gwyneth paltrow
Entertainment= coheeda & cambria
Group= Financial
Smoking= Diabetes
Cool Down= Easy
LifeTime= Orange
Quick & Easy= Enter e-mail address
Escalade Trivia= Continue with your entry
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Nips= Bold
Undercover ADT Boss Unprepared= Cold
Ivanka Trump Is Expecting= Jared
Mariah Carey Glitter= White
Rihanna Shares Cozy New Snap= Love

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= Pink floyd
Word Du Jour= Napster

Harley Code Words
8AM= Vibrations
Bonus= Volume
12PM= V Twin
4PM= Thrill
8PM= Wild

String= BluSinVicGooFinDiaEasOraEntConBolColJarWhiLovCelCreColTimSkiSprFruSpiSixOraBes11PinNap

Group Trivia 12: Financial
Smoking Trivia 12: Diabetes
Cool Down With Gas!: Easy and voluntary
LifeTime Getaway!: Orange
Quick & Easy!: Enter e-mail address
Escalade Trivia!: Continue with your entry
String: SinVicGooFinDiaEasOraEntCon

AOL - Easy Beauty Tricks 12: Cellulite
AOL - How To Apply Nail Polish 12: Creating bubbles
AOL - How To Get Temporary Hair Color 12: Colormetrics
AOL - 5 Must Have Items 12: Timeless
AOL - Drab To Fab 12 - Skip Foundation
AOL - Cute Spring Manicures 12: Spring
AOL - Power Smoothie Video 12: Fruit
AOL - Workout Food Recipes 12: Spinach
AOL - Best Spring Fitness Apps 12: Six
AOL - Calorie Snack Ideas 12: Orange
AOL - Munchies 12: Best Craft Brewery
AOL - Desserts For Dieters 12: 11
AOL: String: CelCreColTimSkiSprFruSpiSixOraBes11




Fun Video Trivia!: Singing
Spring Time Video Trivia!: Good from yesterday & still not working
Unlimited Video Edition!: Mysterious

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Games= 7
Classic Rock= your mama don't dance
Before They Were Famous= toby irvine
First Lines= maximum ride:the angel experiment
Get Your Game On= miami dolphins
Show Me The Money= abraham lincoln
Celebrity= ncis
Entertainment= golf n stuff

String= 7SinGooMys


8am= wanted

12pm= classic rock

4pm= pan head

Bonus= Elite

Harley 8PM - grand nationals

Fun Video Trivia!: Blows a kiss
Unlimited Video Edition!: Jen
Spring Time Video Trivia!: Really good but not working still
String: BloJenGoo

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Games= 4
Classic Rock= happy
Before They Were Famous= bill clinton
First Lines= look, I didn't want to be a half-blood
Get Your Game On= blanka
Show Me The Money= 3
Celebrity= happy endings
Entertainment= cuba

String= 4BloJenGoo

Music: Native
Just spend it: $500
All about the tablet: Enter your email
All about the canvas: Green
Apple Sweeps: 3
All in the heart: Red
The easy trivia: Participation

String: BloJenGoo$50EntGre3RedPar

Harley Code


4pm= knuckle head

Fun Video Trivia!:30
Unlimited Video Edition!: Drowning
Spring Time Video Trivia!: Really Good (not working)
All About The Canvas!: Green
String: 30DroGooGre

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Games= 64
Classic Rock= hot for teacher
Before They Were Famous= clownhouse/chloe sevigney?
First Lines= the five people you meet in heaven
Get Your Game On= foxhound
Show Me The Money= 1988A
Celebrity= carrie
Entertainment= new kids on the block
Cache Creek= April 28
iMax= Yes
LKQ= Vans
The Fine Print Bands= Earl Sweatshirt
Lindsay Lohan's Friends= 90
ToothBrush Trivia= Bad breath
French Turntable Quartet= Four
Snooki Flaunts Slim Bod = Pink
Britney Spears and Kevin Federline= Two
George W. Bush Is a Grandpa= Saturday
Hugh Jackman Survives Bizarre Attack= New York City

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= Untax day/Taxes?
Word Du Jour= Titanic

String= 64AprYesVan30DroGreKelEar90BadFouPinTwoSatNewUntaxTit

Before they were famous: Chloe Sevigney correct answer

Spring Time Video Trivia! ... KELtie


12pm= amazed

4pm= roar


8pm= gear box

I need the 8am Harley code please!

Insurance Trivia 16: Strenuous
Tooth Trivia 16: Techniques
Unlimited Video Edition!: Really Good funny that they post this again & not working
String: StrTecMotPurGoo

spring time video= purse

fun video trivia= a mother

McMac: "I need the 8am Harley code please!"

8am= Piston

Go to The Eagles face book page and you will find all of the Harley codes.

Before They Were Famous ... piano
Celebrity Interview Video Trivia ... Jessica Biel
Entertainment Video Trivia ... Alex Clare
First Lines ... Charles Dickens
Get Your Game On ... 26th Century
Show Me The Money ... No
Games n eCards ... NOTes
String ... StrTecMotPurNot

AOL - Easy Beauty Tricks 16: - Firming Lotion
AOL - How To Apply Nail Polish 16: Yellowing
AOL - How To Get Temporary Hair Color 16: Folica
AOL - 5 Must Have Items 16: Trench coat
AOL - Drab To Fab 16: Bambi
AOL - Cute Spring Manicures 16: Golden Goddess
AOL - Power Smoothie Video 16: Peach
AOL - Workout Food Recipes 16: Creamy Avocado
AOL - Best Spring Fitness Apps 16: Renewed
AOL - Calorie Snack Ideas 16: Cantaloupe
AOL - Munchies 16: Best Pizza
AOL - Desserts For Dieters 16: 15 minutes
AOL String: FirYelFolTreBamGolPeaCreRenCanBes15
String: StrTecMotPurGoo

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Classic Rock= washington
SureWest= Sacramento
Today in history= Virginia tech
Mark Wahlberg= 50 cent
Madonna Defends Her Malawi Charity= more than 4,800
Katy Perry May be Heading to Court= hair
Celebrities Flock to Coachella Music= vanessa
Beyonce Opens Her World Tour= 65

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= East coast classic rockers
Word Du Jour= Far out

String= NotSacVir65StrTecMotPurGooFirYelFolTreBamGolPeaCreRenCanBes15EasFar

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Games= 7
Classic Rock= iron maiden
Before They Were Famous= his half sister
First Lines= the studid and the stuck
Get Your Game On= green
Show Me The Money= 4:10
Celebrity= lindsay lohan
Entertainment= heart attack
Fun Trivia= Yellow
Springtime Trivia= White
Unlimited Trivia= really Good (tired of not getting points for this answer for a week +)
Scholarship Style= blue
Disneyland Shuts Down Space Mountain= two

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= British invasion bands
Word Du Jour= Rolling Stones

String= 7YelWhiGooTwoPlaRed3GreBeeBluGos24$50BriRol

Years Trivia 17: Fatty plaque deposits
All About Moving!: Red
Gifts For Everyone!: 3
Get That Money!: Red
Prom Dress Wars:Green
Black Cow: World's First Pure-Milk Vodka: Beer
Get Your Fitness On!: Blue
IKEA Embarrassed Over 'Cuddle Rape' Pill...: Gosa Raps
Reality TV Show Could Send You To Mars: 24
Baggy Pants Illegal in Louisiana Town: $50
String: YelWhi7PlaRed3GreBeeBluGos24$50


8 AM carburetor

12 PM twin cam 96

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