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Blockbusters =  Pooch McBain (Works for now! Mutt Williams correct answer!)
Music Pop Quiz = Neon Lights Tour
Sports Trivia = CC Sabathia
Word Play =  a sash worn at the waist

Fashion Week Video Trivia = SHAy Mitchell

String = 232-5EntSha2nd1516

Entertainment Video Trivia: Doctor
Blockbusters: Mutt Williams
String: 232-5EntSha2nd1516

Does This Make You Happy?: Bright orange
Watch: Beauty Test Lab: Velcro
Videos Gone Wild!: 30 years
Technology Zone!: Touch screen
Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous!: 34
Fashion Week Video Trivia: Sustained mystery
Geico - At A Glance: : Tony Nicely
Entertainment Video Trivia!: Instagram

String: BriVel30Tou34InSusTon

Blockbusters: Simon Says
Daily Dose of Video Trivia: Houston
Entertainment Video Trivia: Snowpiercer
Music Pop Quiz: Beyonce
Pop Clips Trivia: Skechers
Recipe Trivia: sweet tea
Richard Petty Sweepstakes Trivia: 11
Sports Trivia: 11 years old
Word Play Trivia: corsair
What Should I Consider?: HR Department
Who Is Exempt?: Grandfathered Plan

String: BriVel30Tou34SusTonInsHouGraHR

Does This Make You Happy?: 1978
Around The World Fashion Trivia: Pamela
Diet Myths Exposed: Cutting carbs
Watch: Cookie Cups Inspired By Dominque: 1 Cup
Rock Stars & City History: El Raval
Videos Gone Wild!:  White
The Perfect Quilt Trivia: Old ties
Technology Zone!:  9 million
How To Make A Letter Photo Mat: S
Fashion Week Video Trivia: Office
Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous!: LA Gym
Entertainment Video Trivia!:  Sur Video

 String: 197PamCut1 cEl WhiOld9 mSOffLA Sur 

Blockbusters: Linebacker
Classic Rock Challenge: Behind Blue Eyes
Daily Dose of Video Trivia: Pear
Entertainment Video Trivia: Shailene Woodley
Music Pop Quiz: Iggy Azalea
Recipe Trivia: Prep and wash
Sports Trivia: Julio Franco
Word Play Trivia: pittance

String: 197PamCut1 cEl WhiOld9 mSOffLA SurPea

Gone a couple day fishing...no regrets!
Listen and Win:
BPS: Living
TAT: Life

String: LivLivLif

Does This Make You Happy?: Fanfinder
9 Foot Great White Shark: Australia
Bringing New Life To The Console: Casual games
Rebooting Your Immune System: 3 Days
Stomach Churning Elevator Ride: 32
Watch: The 10 Sexiest Beach Bodies: Demi Moore
Lady Liberty With Rose Petals: American soldiers
Fashion Week Trivia: Maxi skirt
Entertainment Video Trivia!: Delivery
Technology Zone!: 12%
Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous!: December 2011
Videos gone Wild: ?

String: FanAusCas3 d32DeMaxAmerDel12%Dec

Daily Dose of Video Trivia - Onion

Updated String: FanAusCas3 d32DeMaxAmerDel12%DecOni

Blockbusters: Sacha Baron Cohen
Entertainment Video Trivia: Gremlins
Music Pop Quiz: Chanteuse
Pop Clips Trivia: Orange is the New Black
Recipe Trivia: taco salad
Richard Petty Sweepstakes Trivia: Richard Petty
Sports Trivia: Steve Kerr
Word Play Trivia: swirling

String: FanAusCas3 d32DeMaxAmerDel12%DecOni

-Classic Rock Challenge: The Song Remains the Same

Listen & Win:

TaT: FEMale Vocalists

String: GotFem

Does This Make You Happy?: Training partners
Watch: The Best Celebrity Wedding: Justin Bieber
Breaking Down The World Cup: Facebook
Fashion Week Video Trivia:  Georgia
Classmates Expressing Love: 14
Craziest Menu Inventions: A.M. crunch wrap
Videos Gone Wild!: One time
Technology Zone!:  Fantastic
Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous!:  Cleavage
Entertainment Video Trivia!:  Shocked
How To Grill Clams: Tomatoes
Mysterious Explosion In Space: European Space Agency
VIDEO: Stand For Children Day:  Sleeping
VIDEO: Inside The Mind:  Eric Simons
VIDEO: Adam Levine Apologizing:  How He Treated Them
How To Grill Clams: Tomatoes
VIDEO: Halle Berry Returns To TV: So well written
VIDEO: 5 Air Conditioner Tips:  Measure your room correctly

String: TraJuShoGeOnEri14A.MeaFanFaClEurTomSleHowSo  

Blockbusters: Goldfinger
Daily Dose of Video Trivia: ZOE's Kitchen
Entertainment Video Trivia: Sandra Bullock
Music Pop Quiz: Austin Mahone
Recipe Trivia: sea-water potatoes
Sports Trivia: No answer yet
Word Play: enliven
Game Central: Over 8,000
Hallmark Hall Of Fame: First name

String: TraJuShOveGeOnEri14A.MeaFanFacClEurTomSleHowSoZoeFir

Listen & Win:
BPS: Songs that begin with the letter D (not sure of string)
TaT: INStruments

Does This Make You Happy?: Revealing
Watch: Kourtney Kardashian: 8 years
Convertibles For Everyone's Budget: BMW 4 series
Finding Art At The Beach: Rake
Gift Ideas For Dad: Steve Rose
Entertainment Video Trivia!: Hugh Grant
Inventions To Save Lives: Teachers
The Perfect White Bean Salad: Nurse
Fashion Week Video Trivia: Sunday
Videos Gone Wild!: Wrong video
Technology Zone!: San Francisco
VIDEO: See First Pics Of Hayden:  Swim Suit
VIDEO: Filling Potholes With Art:  Ugly
VIDEO: Pet Of The Week:  8 Years
VIDEO: Amazon Launches Music Streaming: Some Limitation
Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Monday
VIDEO: 10 Questions WicthIce Cube: Cop String: SaNuRev8 yBMWRakSteHugSunTeaSoMonCopSwiUgl 

Classic Rock Challenge: 1969
Blockbuster (earlier today): Goldeneye

Videos Gone Wild! = ONE Astronaut

String = SaNuRev8 yBMWRakSteHugSunOneTeaSoMonCopSwiUgl

Daily Dose of Video Trivia: Michael
Blockbusters: Sherlock
Entertainment Video Trivia: Gizmo
Music Pop Quiz: Philadelphia
Caribbean's Must Have Souvenirs: Madras-clad dolls
Caribbean Resorts: Caliente Caribe
Party Time - Top Caribbean Festivals: Puerto Rico Heineken Jazzfest
Top Five San Juan Excursions: El Yunque Rainforest
Bahamas Deep Sea Fishing: Dolphins
Bahamas Spectacular Fish: Bonefish
Best Caribbean Resorts For Families: The Teen Lounge
Caribbean Honeymoon Havens: 12
Daily Dose of Video Trivia: Michael
Caribbean's Must Have Souvenirs: madras-clad dolls
Caribbean Resorts: Caliente Caribe
Party Time - Top Caribbean Festivals: Puerto Rico Heineken Jazzfest
Top Five San Juan Excursions: El Yunque Rainforest

String: SaNuRevSoMonMiCopSTeaOnEl8 yBMWRakHugSunSwiUglMadCalThe12BonDolPue

String: SaNuRevSoMonMiCopSTeaOnEl8 yBMWRakHugSunSwiUglMadCalDolBonThe12

-Classic Rock Challenge: It's Only Rock n' Roll
-Sports Trivia: Omega Psi Phi

Listen & Win:
BPS: COWbells
T@3: LIVe Performances

String: CowFevLiv

Does This Make You Happy?: Goat
Watch: Late Night Highlight With Sarah: A Million Ways To Die In The West
Fashion Week Video Trivia: White pumps
VIDEO: Apple Is Taking Action: Download  app
Technology Zone!: OSX Yosemite
Videos Gone Wild!: CMT awards
Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous!:  New Jersey
Entertainment Video Trivia!: 5th Season
VIDEO: Things To Do Around Boston:  Liberty Hotel
VIDEO: Your Workout:  Double Back Slap
VIDEO: Lake Geneva Tryouts: 1870's
VIDEO: Pet Of The Week - Spot: Pug mix

String: PuGoaA mDowNeWhiOsxCmt5thLibDou187

Blockbusters = Shailene Woodley
Music Pop Quiz = Iggy Azalea
Sports Trivia = Mark Henry

Daily Dose of Video Trivia = TEXas

String = PuGoaA mDowNeWhiOsxCmt5thLibDou187Tex

Entertainment Video Trivia: Jonah Hill

String: PuGoA mDowNeWhiOsxCmTex5thLibDou187

-Classic Rock Challenge: Tatto You
*Cache Creek Casino Resort: Val
*Esquire IMAX: Yes
*Fast Friday's Motorcycle Speedway: 60
Choose The Final Winner!: Enter email
Choose Your Battle Trivia: Resources
Diabetic Connection Trivia: 3
Did You Know?: 6
Father's Day Trivia: Card Stock
Flying - Making It A Reality: George Jetson
Gift Ideas For Dad: Steve
How To Create A Shoe Shine Kit: Terry Cloth

String: ValYesEntRes3 6 CarGeoSteTer

Does This Make You Happy?: Salt
Watch: Foodie Test Lab: Half an hour
Entertainment Video Trivia!: Visiting hours
Videos Gone Wild!: 60lbs
Fashion Week Video Trivia: Curly Wig
Technology Zone!: New Medium
Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Ups and downs
VIDEO: Navigating Office Romances: Corporate
VIDEO: Heartland Cooks: $4000
VIDEO: Couple Marries 66 Times: Pakistan
VIDEO: Packers Learning Yoga: Massage
VIDEO: Jared From Subway: 425 lbs

String: ViSalHal60lCurNewUpsCor$400PakMas425

Blockbusters: Dr. Dennett Norton
Entertainment Video Trivia: Ryan Reynolds
Music Pop Quiz: Lady Gaga
Sports Trivia: One
Word Play Trivia: tutelaryBest Of The Caribbean: Five
Caribbean Photo Gallery: Three
Caribbean Family Resorts: Infinity
The Caribbean: LoungingString: InFiViSalHaLou60lCurNewUpsCor$400PakMas425Thr

-Classic Rock Challenge: Beatles

Best Of The Caribbean: Five
Man's Best Friend: Thousands
Matching Simple Steps: Winning
My Daily Moments: $10,000
Rewards Central: Jun 30

String: FivThoWin$10Jun

Does This Make You Happy?: Black lunch box
Watch: Maya's Most Powerful Quotes: Courage
Fashion Week Video Trivia: Bead
Videos Gone Wild!: Wrong video
Entertainment Video Trivia: Jeff Perry
Technology Zone!: Vacation
Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous!: 10
Geico - America's Favorite: 2005
String: BlaVaCouJef10200Bea

Daily Dose of Video Trivia: Sunscreen 
Blockbusters: Catbird
Entertainment Video Trivia: Hollr
Music Pop Quiz: Snoop Dogg
Recipe Trivia: nut berry smoothie
Sports Trivia: Masujiro Nishida
Word Play Trivia: pompous
Videos Gone Wild!: Shining Star Award

String: BlaVaCouJef10200BeaSunShi

-Classic Rock Challenge: The Doobie Brothers
'Meat Rushmore' Celebrates History of Jerky: 3
*Cache Creek Casino Resort: Friday
*Esquire IMAX: Yes
*Fast Friday's Motorcycle Speedway: (NO QUESTION)
*Green Acres Nursery & Supply: Pepper
-Hot Summer Sandal Styles: $59
Kim Kardashian Battles Mama Kris Jenner: White
-Self Tanner Dos & Don'ts: Baby Wipes
Sweet Daily Deals Trivia: Inbox
The Top 4 Gifts: 30
VIDEO: Bachelor Party Finds A Large Fossil: Large Tusk
VIDEO: American Airlines: 3
VIDEO: Food Curated: Shortcuts
VIDEO: Pizza History - Take A Bite!: Travel
VIDEO: Deaf Baby Hears Her First Words: 10 Months
VIDEO: Best Apps For College Grads: Apartments
VIDEO: Secrets Of The Bat Wing: Brown
VIDEO: 5 Things You Need To Know: El Nino
VIDEO: Father's Day Gifts Under $60: Macy's
VIDEO: Dancing With The Stars: Victory Tour
VIDEO: States With The Most Tornadoes: Washington County Alabama
VIDEO: Tesla Delivers: UK
VIDEO: New Xbox One: Dan
VIDEO: Kevin Hart Reveals His Plans: Battle of the Sexes
VIDEO: Who Should Draft Shabazz?: Myself
What Cities Billionaires Could Buy Today: Redfin
Your Chance To Win Again!: Red

String: 3 FriYesPepWhiInb30 Lar3 ShoTra10 ApaBroEl MacVicWasUK DanBatMysRedRed

Listen & Win:
BPS: 1981
WDJ: Pop
T@3: Sweet

String: 198PopSwe

Daily Dose of Video Trivia: New York
Blockbusters: Adam
Entertainment Video Trivia: Vitalii Sediuk
Music Pop Quiz: Brooklyn
Pop Clips! Trivia: We can neither confirm nor deny that this is our first tweet.
Recipe Trivia: grill
Sports Trivia: 1978
Word Play: dance an skip about

String: BeIllCoNewYogCosTruDriJusForEng2.6300

-Classic Rock Challenge: : Kiss
VIDEO: Selena Gomez Love: Jutin Beeber
VIDEO: Fun Summer Crafts For Kids: Fort
VIDEO: Chew On This: English Teacher
VIDEO: Field Day: 300
VIDEO: Free Healthcare Clinic: Illinois

Updated String: BeIllCoNewYogCosTruDriJusForEng2.6300Ill

Listen & Win:
BPS: Horns
WDJ: oops I blinked...
TA3: Time

String: HorTim

Daily Dose of Video Trivia: evernote
Does This Make You Happy?: Summer drives
Watch: Festival Style: Best of the basics
Fashion Week Video Trivia: See through
Entertainment Video Trivia!: Dare devil
Videos Gone Wild!: Republican
Technology Zone!: One Carrier
​Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous!:  Anne Hathaway

String: SumBeSeeDaRepOneAnn

Blockbusters: Orson Welles
Entertainment Video Trivia: Alyssa Milano
Music Pop Quiz: The View
Recipe Trivia: A maple BLT flatbread
Sports Trivia: Rusty
Word Play Trivia: sleep
Dad Sells Trampoline: Boston
Chocolate Fried Chicken On Restaurant's: Los Angeles
Milkshake The Rescue Cow is Convinced: Riley
16 Nations' Dogs Face Off in Animal Plan: 16
Giant Squirrel is Following Hillary Clin: Orange

String: BeSumDaRepOnEveOrAnnBoSee

-Classic Rock Challeng: Blue Oyster Cult

Listen & Win:
BPS: Paul Fest
WDJ: Cute
T@3: Harmonica songs

String: FesCutHar

Does This Make You Happy?: 4 years ago
Watch: Beauty Prep School: Begin by moisturizing
Fashion Week Video Trivia: 90
Videos Gone Wild!: Immigrant Children
Entertainment Video Trivia!: Jay Moore
Technology Zone!: Brightnest
Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous!: ? wrong video

String: 4 yMoImm90JayBri

Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous! = MIDday nap

String = 4 yMoImMid90JayBri

Daily Dose of Video Trivia: 3
Blockbusters: Howard the Duck
Entertainment Video Trivia: Jane Fonda
Music Pop Quiz: Kelly Clarkson
Recipe Trivia: Ribs
Sports Trivia: Cal Ripken, Jr.
Word Play Trivia: lazaretto

String: 4 yMoImMid90JayBri3

-Classic Rock Challenge: Fortunate Son
-16 Nations' Dogs Face Off in Animal Planet: 16
-American Man Travels Around Europe: Mr. Bathrobe Crusader
-Best Apps for Summer Nightlife: Untapped
-Chocolate Fried Chicken On Restaurant's: Los Angles
Dad Sells Trampoline: Boston
Giant Squirrel is Following Hillary Clinton: Orange
Milkshake the Rescue Cow is Convinced: Riley
Study Finds Food Trucks Are Cleaner Than: 7
VIDEO: Amazon Live: $99

String: BosOraRil7 $99

Listen & Win:
BPS: Heart
WDJ: oops...again
T@3: Traveling

String: HeaTra

Bonus Sites= Free Points

Listen and Win
WDJ= Ann

String= HeaTraAnn4 yMoImMid90JayBri3BosOraRil7$99

Does this make you happy: Wrong video
Technology Zone!: 3-D (not giving credit)
Watch: How to contour your legs: Temporary bronzing gel
Fashion Week Video Trivia: Hit the floor
Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous: Italy
Videos Gone Wild!: Air strikes
Entertainment Video Trivia!: Non profit
String: 3D3-DTemHitAirNon

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