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Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia

Classic Rock= Paul McCartney
Video Trivia for Summertime = Epoll
Grandma Rocks= Mary
Biggest Book= Blue
Savings Galore= $1000

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= Colors of the rainbow
Word Du Jour= Magenta

String= EpoMarBlu$10PlaBulCupStoPauKoh6547MotJesJimOraRibOniCinBacBenColMag

AOL - Tip Tuesday 23: Ribbon
AOL - Foods That Boost Immunity 23: Onions
AOL - Crafts For The Kids 23: *Colored paint (acrylic or tempera)
AOL - Cooking With Kids 23: Cinnamon
AOL - Half Moon Manicures 23: Backwards French
AOL - How To Tone 23: Bent Leg Deadlifts
AOL String: RibOniColCinBacBen

Videos Gone Wild!: Kohl's
Bike Sales Pedal Past Car Sales in Italy: 65
Frankel Dating a Billionaire?: 47
Best Ways to Work out Your Core Dependin...: Motivation
LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Jesus
Six Flags Investigating Roller Coaster A...: Jim
Rewarding Sweepstakes! 23: Orange
String: PlaBulCupStoEpoPauKoh6547MotJesJimOra

Videos Gone Wild!: Madonna
LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Vancouver
Entertainment Zone!: Blue
Savings Galore! 23: $1000
4th quarter: Carly Rae Jepsen
Blockbusters: Up
Celebrity Interview Video: Hugh Jackman
Entertainment Video: The National
In The News: Styx
Trip Trivia: Alligator
Pop Clips: Her Chihuahua
Music Trivia: Adam Lambert
Video Trivia for Summertime : Williamsburg
String: MadVanBlu$10Wil

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia

Classic Rock= Years of stage antics
Summertime Trivia= Williamsburg
Remember When= To Elliot's heart
$100 Dogswell= 4

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= Days of the week
Word Du Jour= Wednesday

String= Wil4MadVanBlu$10HudSal$15PolDalDayWed

'Net-Zero' Homes Strive for Energy Effic...: Hudson Valley
Today in History for July 24th:Salt Lake City
Smartphone App Tests for Drug Use in a F...: $15
Kate Middleton Channels Princess Diana: Polk a dot
Swimsuit Workout: Targeting the Right Mu...: Dallas
String: MadVanBluWilHudSal$15PolDal

Videos Gone Wild - Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie
LifeStyles Of The Rich And Famous - 16
Entertainment Zone - 102

String: Bra16102

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Classic Rock= Derek and the Dominoes
Summertime Trivia= Brooklyn
4th Quarter= AJ Green
Blockbusters= 3 minutes
Celebrity= Mr. Sandman
Entertainment= Chinatown
In the News= 1886
Remember When= Greed is right, greed works
Trip Trivia= False
Grocery Sweepstakes= Crest
Last Chance Sweepstakes= Birth Date
Shopping Spree Sweepstakes= Ulta
Baby Sweepstakes! 25 - Green
Senate Approves Bill on Student Loan= 81
Today in History for July 25th= Test Tube
ET to GO: Hugh Reveals Post 'Wolverine'= Burger
Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux May= Gossip Bitchy
Jennifer Lawrence Gets Star-Struck= Jeff Bridges
All About Coleman= 2
LifeTime Sweepstakes= Creen
Red Sweepstakes= Target
Coffee Time= Pods
Get The Gas= 4
It's In The Books= 2
Get The Colors= Purple
Your Search Is Over= Hundreds of Thousands of Rentals

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= Class of 1977
Word Du Jour= Skywalker (Thanks McMac and Carol)

String= BroCreBirUltGre81TesBurBitJefTarPod4PurRenBra16102977Sky

WDJ= Skywalker

Videos Gone Wild - Starshine
Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous - Sidewalk
Entertainment Zone - Chicken

String: StaSidChi

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Classic Rock= Riders On The Storm
Summertime Trivia= Lilly
4th Quarter= 99
Blockbusters= Toy Story 3
Celebrity= How I Met Your Mother
Entertainment= Motion City Soundtrack
In the News= Nearly 12,000
Remember When= American Gigolo
Trip Trivia= Captain Hook
This Day in History= Mick Jagger
O.J. Simpson Regrets Going After Memorab= Five
Former 'Bachelorette' Reveals Prediction= a Blur
Katie Holmes Gets Affectionate With Luke= NEW york city
Robert Pattinson Kisses Mystery Girl= 2 months
The History Behind Royal Baby George's= 11 am
Kim Zolciak Addresses Cheating Rumors= Heat
Divers Nearly Swallowed by Whale= Two
Woman has epic meltdown at Apple Store= LA
Tip= Cropped look
Foods that boost= Arugula
Crafts for Kids= Foam brush
Cooking with Kids= drop of Vanilla
Half-moon manicure= Silver metallic or glitter polish
How to Tone= Sun

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= being Bad
Word Du Jour= Bad boy

String= LilStaSidChiJagFivBluNew211HeaTwoLaCroAruFoaVanSilSunBad

I have something to share with you:

I want you to go to your prize section, and look for:

Enter To Win $1000. Play Hidden Treasure Game Day 26

If you find it, click on it, and go down to where it says to enter a word, the word is - SWEET.

After you enter this, you will see 2 places to click to get an extra 1,000 points for each (2) click on them.

Also click on the 10 days, each for 100 points, you will get 900 points.

This should give you 2,900 points, and an entry into the $1,000.

*I am not sure if you can enter this everyday or not, for I just found it through the help of a friend. We can all try it tomorrow and see if it all happens again for even more points. Good luck to you all.

Thanks Ayla!

On a side note....does anyone know what has happened to Walt and Kat and also James Lee Jobe? Major happenings at the eagle!

Entertainment Zone - Stick
LifeStyles Of The Rich And Famous -Stick
Videos Gone Wild - Milk
Jason Confirms He's Leaving SNL - 10 Years
Jennifer Lawrence - Tried To Run And Hide
Lily Aldridge Is The Face Of XOXO 27 - Black
Royal Baby - Some Very Special Visitors
Willis Gives Award Interview - 58

String: StiMil10RunBlaSpe58

Blockbusters = The Runaways
Celebrity Interview Video Trivia = Indiana Jones
Entertainment Video Trivia = Aly & AJ
In The News = 1959

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Classic Rock= John Lennon
Summertime Trivia= Milk
Remember When= Lionel Richie

String= MilStiMil10RunBlaSpe58

Ayla, you are correct on your heads-up about 'The Hidden Treasure Game'. Here's the drill: After signing into The Eagle Club's page, on the top bar there will be 2 headings that show 'Get Points' and 'Use Points'. Hover your cursor (should be a right hand with the index finger extended) on the 'Use Points' heading and a drop-down menu will appear showing 'Trade-ins' and 'Contests'. Under 'Contests', there will be sub-headings of 'Current', 'Upcoming' and 'Closed'. Click on 'Current' and all current Contests (prizes as you state) will appear. The 'Play Hidden Treasure Game' might not appear on the 1st page of contests, you might have to click on the '2' at the bottom to get it to appear. After finding the 'Enter to Win $1000. Play Hidden Treasure Game' heading, click on it and a the contest page will appear. On that page, there will be headings showing 'Page 1' through 'Page 10'. You must click on each Page, let it fully load, to get your 100 points. On 1 of those pages, the 'Hidden Word' will appear. Make note of the hidden word and continue to click on the rest of the pages to get your entire 100 points per page. Enter the 'Hidden Word' in the 'Tell Us The Answer' box, click on 'Submit', and you will be entered into that day's contest. As you say, the next page that appears will have 2 icons to click on that will give you an additional 1000 points each, for a total of 3,000 points (or 2900 points as you say, I'm not sure) and a chance to win $1000. Today's heading said 'Play Hidden Treasure, Game Day 26', so I'm assuming since today is 7/26 that this contest started on 7/1 and will end on 7/31, but as the saying goes, "assume" can make an ass out of you and me!

McMac, I don't know all the details, but the way I understand it, The Eagle's parent company, Entercom, brought in a new station manager and he cleaned house as a cost cutting measure. Sure is a lot of pissed off people over his moves!

Videos Gone Wild!: Lily
Entertainment Zone!: Sidewalk
Bonnie Braaten Explains 28: Moment of fame
'True Blood' Cast Prepares Fans For Bloo...: Love each other
Kris Jenner's Emotional Moment 28: Wednesday
Beyonce's Hair Caught in a Fan 28: Monday
LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Chicken
Selena Gomez Rocks Short Shorts 28: Lots of leg
String: LilSidMomLovWedMonChiLot

Blockbusters - Seventh
Celebrity Interview Video - Joe Manganiello
Entertainment Video - Rock n' Roll
In The News - 60 days
Remember When? - 1980

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Classic Rock= Bob Seger
Summertime Trivia= Star Shine NYC

String= StaLilSidMomLovWedMonChiLot

LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous!: 102
Entertainment Zone!: 16 feet long
Videos Gone Wild!: Brooklyn
String: 10216Bro

Video Trivia for Summertime! - Brad

String: 10216BroBra

4th Quarter - Georgia
Blockbusters - Burj Khalifa Hotel
Celebrity Interview Video - Despicable Me 2
Entertainment Video - Incubus
In The News - Road Dog
Remember When? - The Soviet Union's involvement in Afghanistan
Trip Trivia - The world's largest animal theme park

The Prize Section:
Enter To Win $1000: Play Hidden Treasure Game Day 29 - Radical
Again, 2 to get 1,000 points each, and 9 for 100

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Classic Rock= The Final Cut
Cache Creek= 8pm
LKQ= 5pm

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= Canadian Rockers
Word Du Jour= Mourning

String= Bra10216Bro3720Lig30A+CanMou

Today in History July 29: 37
Bill Clinton Sings Robin Thicke's 'Blurr...: 20
DIY - Staying Cool Without AC: Lights
Amazon.com Looks To Fill 7,000 Jobs In 1...: 30
Does It Work: Grill Daddy: A+
String: 10216BroBra3720Lig30A+

LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Blue
Entertainment Zone!: Vancouver
Videos Gone Wild!: Williamsburg
String: BluVanWil

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Classic Rock= Exile on Main Street by the Rolling Stones
Summertime Trivia= Madonna
4th Quarter= Johnny Manziel
Blockbusters= Six
Celebrity= Spider-Man
Entertainment= DC Talk
In the News= Jerzy Janowicz
Remember When= the Dakota
Trip Trivia= Beaver Creek Stables
iMax= 10th and L St.

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= Houses and Homes
Word Du Jour= Morons

String= Mad10tBluVanWilTim6FloSucStaLivWor8PenGluNavSpoHouMor

Obama Congratulates World Series Champs: Tim
Housing Trends For 2nd Half 2013: 6
Virtual Therapist Helps Patients Speak: Florida
Inside Forbes: Top Colleges Issue: Success of graduates
America's Top Colleges 2013: Stanford
Inside A $100 Million Estate:Living room
String: BluVanWilMadTim6FloSucStaLiv

Flavors of AOL 30
AOL - Tip Tuesday 30: Worn In
AOL - Foods That Boost Immunity 30: 8
AOL - Crafts For The Kids 30: Pencil
AOL - Cooking With Kids 30: Slice of gluten-free bread
AOL - Half Moon Manicure 30: Navy polish
AOL - How To Tone 30: Sport socks
Aol String: Wor8PenGluNavSpo

LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Stone
Entertainment Zone!: Jesus
Videos Gone Wild!: Epoll
String: StoJesEpo

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Classic Rock= The Diving Board
Summertime Trivia= Kohl's
4th Quarter= Amputated leg
Blockbusters= Band of Brothers
Celebrity= Her grandmother
Entertainment= Danica McKellar
In the News= Sea lettuce
Remember When= "Video Killed the Radio Star" by the Buggles
Trip Trivia= Whitewater rafting
Sandwich= 12
Chocolate= Red

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= ZZ Top
Word Du Jour= Beards

String= Koh12StoJesEpoRanElfAutRedHanOraPurLikTopBea

Today in History July 31 - Ranger 7
Bike of the Future Travels East Coast - Elf
NYC's Crackdown on Big Sodas Goes Flat - Authority
Vacations and Travel - Manthropology - Red
How to Work Out on Vacation - Home Worko... - Hannah Davis
For The Grill - Orange
Reward Time! 31 - Purple
Sports Trivia! 31 - Like

String: StoJesEpoKohRanElfAutRedHanOraPurLik

Video Trivia Time! - Something New
Videos Gone Wild! - Serious
LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous - Lungs
Entertainment Zone - Services
Today in History - MTV
Facebook Passes $38 - Two
Elle Decor Miami - West Chelsea
A Brooklyn Woodshop - Bushwick

String: SomSerLun975MTVTwoCheBus

4th Quarter - South Carolina
Blockbusters - 25 years to life
Celebrity Interview Video - Jane Fonda
Entertainment Video - The Wanted
In The News - Seoul, Korea
Remember When? - Eat my shorts
Trip Trivia - Venice Beach

SHARECARE is up and running, but NOT giving the points. And as igolf69 has said, the Video Trivia For Summertime does not have a video, or a question. You all need to write to your radio stations, and inform them of both problems. I already did. But the more letters they get about it, the sooner it will be fixed.

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Classic Rock= 1969
Summertime Trivia= ??? (no question yet)

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= Class of 1975
Word Du Jour= Jaws

String= SomSerLunMTVTwoCheBus975Jaw

Cleaning Your Teeth 2: 30 minutes
My Health! 2: Vision care
Video Trivia Time!: Lungs
LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Ladies
Entertainment Zone!: Bikini body
Videos Gone Wild!: Her services
String: 30VisLunLadBikHer

4th Quarter - University of Virginia
Blockbusters - Hedy Lamarr
Celebrity Interview Video - Ghost Girls
Entertainment Video - John Lennon
In The News - Lac-Megantic
Remember When? - West Philadelphia
Trip Trivia - 5th Avenue At 82nd Street

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Classic Rock= Stairway to Heaven
Summertime Trivia= ??? (no video or question yet)
Simon Cowel accused of adultry= Legal battle
Banks Gives Fallon Modeling Tips= Breath mint
Fergie's Star-Studded Baby Shower= Sunday
Hollywood's Newest Trend Makes Waves= Cindy Crawford
Kesha Makes a Big Confession= UK magazine

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= songs that start with the letter B
Word Du Jour= Beaver

String= LegBreSunCinUk30VisLunLadBikHerLowBagPanAppFloNorBeaver

AOL - Best Jeans For Your Body 2: Low rise
AOL - Banishing Belly Bloat 2: Bagels and pasta
AOL - How To Make Groceries Last Longer ...: Pantyhose
AOL - Rainy Day Activities For Kids 2: Apples to apples
AOL - How To Make Play Dough 2: Flour
AOL - Trend To Try 2: Nordstrom
AOL String: LowBagPanAppFloNor

Health Benefits 3: Yes
Services For Children 3: Age 21
Video Trivia Time!: Italy
Videos Gone Wild!: Searching
LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Want it
Entertainment Zone!: Yasm N
String: YesAgeItaSeaWanYas

Blockbusters - Doric
Celebrity Interview Video - To Do List
Entertainment Video - Imagine Dragons
In The News - Second
Remember When? - Blossom

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Classic Rock= All Is By My Side
Summertime Trivia= ??? (no video or question yet)

Video Trivia Time!: Ladies
Videos Gone Wild!: Bikini body
LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Nice
Entertainment Zone!: Victoria
String: LadBikNicVic

Blockbusters - The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Celebrity Interview Video - 90's
Entertainment Video - Avenged Sevenfold
In The News - Yuan Yuan
Remember When? - Chester Copperpot

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