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Health Care! 5: Small employers
Healthy Teeth! 5: Magnesium
Video Trivia Time!: Skin
Videos Gone Wild!: Tantrum
LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Beverly Hills
Entertainment Zone!: Cleaner
Blindsgalore - Amazing Prices : $150
String: SmaMagSkiTanBevCle$15

4th Quarter - University of Oregon
Blockbusters - 36 hours
Celebrity Interview Video - John F. Kennedy
Entertainment Video - Capital Cities
In The News - Grasshopper
Remember When? - Don McLean
Trip Trivia - Exit Glacier

Today in History for August 5th: American Bandstand
Recession Fuels Explosion if Online Lear…:54,000
Weirdest Baby Names in Hollywood: Trademark it
San Francisco's $30 Million Urban Mansio...: 13500
Should Celebs Be Allowed To Use Kickstar...: Man of Steel
String: SmaMagSkiTanBevCle$15MarAme54,135Man

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Daily Trivia
Classic Rock= Electric
Cache Creek= $500
iMax= Elysium
LKQ= Picking
Health Trivia= $1,500
Pizza Time= Blue
Fill It Up= Enter Your Email Address
Verismo Sweepstakes= V-585
I'm Lovin It= $1000
Family Fun= 4GB
Are You Hungry= Red
Read & Learn= George R.R. Martin
Chocolate Sampling= Godiva
Pay It Off Sweepstakes= Green
What's Your Favorite= Starbucks

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= Royal Rock
Word Du Jour= Royalty

String= 500ElyPic$1,BluEmaV-5$104GBRedGeoGodGreStaSmaMagSkiTanBevCle$15MarAme54,135ManRoy

Video Trivia Time!: Want it
Videos Gone Wild!: Yasm
LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Private
Entertainment Zone!: Something new
String: WanYasPriSom

4th Quarter - Matthew Stafford
Blockbusters - Bill Cowher
Celebrity Interview Video - Community
Entertainment Video - Metallica
In The News - $100
Remember When? - Obi-Wan Kenobi
Trip Trivia - Tuscon, Arizona

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Daily Trivia
Classic Rock= Ritchie Blackmore
Summertime Trivia= ? (no video or question yet)

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= under the Covers
Word Du Jour= Coverage

String= WanYasPriSomBraLifSkiAlcBuzJenOilShoCanButAtlRicFlaCov

Getting Too Old 6= BRAces
Oral Hygiene 6= LIFestyle Habits
AOL Aug 6th
Best Jeans for your Body 6= SKInny Jean
Banishing Belly Bloat 6= ALCohol
How to Make Groceries Last Longer…=BUZzfeed
Rainy Day Activity for Kids 6= JENga
How to Make Play Dough= OIL
Trend to Try 6= Shopbop

String= BraLifSkiAlcBuzJenOilSho

Katy Perry Lays Old Image to Rest in Dar...: Candy
Oprah's Advice to Lindsay Lohan: The Butler
Running of the Bulls Coming to US: Atlanta
Today in History for August 6th: Rick James
Mind Blowing Trick Done On A Scooter!: Flat ground
String: WanYasPriSom$1,BraLifShoOilJenBuzAlcSkiCanButAtlRicFla

Health trivia 7: Food debris
Plans 7: Prescription drug
Video Trivia Time!: 21 years old
Videos Gone Wild!: Victoria
LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Priceless
Entertainment Zone!: Italy
String: FooPre21VicPriIta

All Access! 7: Orange
Today in History for August 7th: Barry Bonds
Escape Artist Pulls Off Locked Coffin Sk...: Escape or Die
Rich Kids of Instagram Are Getting a Rea...: Rich Kids of Beverly Hills
Tamar Braxton Explains Her Baby's Name: Vincent

String: FooPre21VicPriItaOraBarEscRicVin

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Daily Trivia
Classic Rock= Nirvana
4th Quarter= Jeff Gordon
Blockbusters= Captain America
Celebrity= Donald Glover
Entertainment= Mumford & Sons
In the News= Dorsett, MN
Remember When= Peter Finch
Trip Trivia= Freemont Street

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Blue Plate Special= individual Eagles
Word Du Jour= Flight

String= FooPre21VicPriItaOraBarEscRicVinEaght

Make It Right 8: Providers
One Time 8: Tooth whitening
Video Trivia Time!: Nice
Videos Gone Wild!: Hip
LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous!: 25
Entertainment Zone!: Skin
String: ProTooNicHip25Ski

4th Quarter - Nick Saban
Blockbusters - Sacha Baron Cohen
Celebrity Interview Video - Steve Jobs
Entertainment Video - 2nd
In The News - Montana
Remember When? - Dr. No
Trip Trivia - Hollywood

Soaring High Over Water, Thrill-Seekers ...: 30
VIDEO: Growing Push for Outdoor Smoking ...: Five
VIDEO: Artists Make Magic From Old Wheel...: Auction
VIDEO: Sofia Vergara Eats Serendipity's ...: Orange
VIDEO: Today in History for August 8th: 2.6
String: ProTooNicHip25Ski30FivAucOra2.6

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Daily Trivia
Classic Rock= Mick Taylor

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Blue Plate Special= livin' the Life
Word Du Jour= Life

String= ProTooNicHip25Ski30FivAucOra2.6Lif

All About The Kids! 9: Dental floss
Sensitive Teeth 9: Gums recede
Video Trivia Time!: Malibu
Videos Gone Wild!: 21
Entertainment Zone!: Television
LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Black
String: DenGumMal21TelBla

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Classic Rock= Academy of Music, NYC
4th Quarter= Notre Dame
Blockbusters= Goldfinger
Celebrity Interview= Sharknado
Entertainment Video= Imagine Dragons
In The News= Mohammed Morsi
Remember When= 1970
Trip Trivia= Frozen Dead Guy Days

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= class of 1972
Word Du Jour= Watergate

String= DenGumMal21TelBlaHigSalFreHeaTemNavBabRocTheEllPin972Wat

AOL - Best Jeans For Your Body 9: High waisted jeans
AOL - Banishing Belly Bloat 9: Salt
AOL - How To Make Groceries Last Longer: Freezer
AOL - Rainy Day Activities For Kids 9: Headbanz
AOL - How To Make Play Dough 9: Tempera paint
AOL - Trend To Try 9: Navy print
Aol String: HigSalFeeHeaTemNav

Giuliana and Bill Play the Newlywed Game...: Baby gates
Miley Cyrus Gets Sheer and Sexy 9: Rockstar
LeAnn Rihmes lands reality show: Their lives
Sophia Grace scores movie role: Ellen DeGeneres
Paula Dean turns down dancing with the stars: Pink
String: DenGumMal21TelBlaBabRocTheEllPin

Video Trivia Time!: Beverly Hills
Videos Gone Wild!: Clean
Entertainment Zone!: Lungs
LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Resistant
J Z: Cigar
Usher's Son: Atlanta
Jennifer Aniston: Friends
Woman Falls: Bumpy
Cronuts: Asia
Nissamicra: Flame
String: BevCleLunResCigAtlFriBumAsiFla

Blockbusters - Sherlock
Celebrity Interview Video - Jennifer Aniston
Entertainment Video - Tyler Robinson Foundation
In The News - USS George H.W. Bush
Remember When? - Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Classic Rock= Andre 3000
All About Floss= Xerostomia
Body Affected= Surrounding tissue

String= XerSurBevCleLunResCigAtlFriBumAsiFla

Blockbusters = early July 2010
Celebrity Interview Video Trivia = Sarah Bareilles
Entertainment Video Trivia = Alice Cooper
In The News = 1962 Austin Healey Sprite
Remember When? = Jimmy Connors

Video Trivia Time! - Saturday
Entertainment Zone! - 102 (Not being Accepted As Of Last Night)
LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous! - Clean
Videos Gone Wild! - Susan
The World's Highest Paid Female Athletes... - Kurt
How to Work Out on Vacation - Home Workout - Hannah
Diet & Teeth! 11 - Initial Point
Blindsgalore - Transform Your Space - 9
Prosthetic Leg Helps Donkey Kick Some - Auburn
Asiana Crash: New Footage 11 - Low With It's Nose Pitched Up...(not working right now)
Oral Hygiene 11 - Alternatives

String: Sat102CleSusKurHanIni9AubAlt

Brushing Your Teeth! 12: GUM disease
Expenses 12: Eligible
Video Trivia Time!: Private
Videos Gone Wild!: Resistant
Entertainment Zone!: 102 not working
String: GumEliPriRes102

Cache Creek Casino Resort: Craig Ferguson
LKQ Specialized Parts: trucks
Esquire IMAX: yes

4th Quarter Quiz - LSU
Blockbusters - Primrose
Celebrity Interview Video - Robocop
Entertainment Video - Prince
In The News - University of California
Remember When? - 1960
Trip Trivia - Jetskiing

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Classic Rock= Born to Be Wild by Steppenwolf
LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous= Hip
All About The Dentist= Dental probe
What's The Big Difference= HSA
Star Trivia= Blue
Easy & Fun= Email
Coffee Sweepstakes= Black
Pizza Time= Blue
Eat Fresh= $25
Gift Giving= Blue
For Life Sweepstakes= Street address
Gift Giving= Blue
Little Bit Of Everything= Grass
Fill It Up= 4
Mega Sweepstakes= $100
What's Your Favorite= Red
World Of Music= $1000
All About The Giving= Godiva
Grocery Sweepstakes= $3500
Today in History for August 12th= Viet Nam
VIDEO: Old-school Arcade Games at Your D.= All you can arcade
VIDEO: NYC Dumpster Home= Tent
VIDEO: Swiss Apologize to Oprah for Shop...= Bag
VIDEO: Training Dogs to Help Sniff Out C...= Ovarian
Bundle It= Email
Back It Up= Green
Complete Access= 20%
Get Your Snap On= 10 GB
Deal or No Deal= 8

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= songs about One
Word Du Jour= Uno

String= CraTruYesHipDenHSABluEmaBla$25StrGra4$10RedGod$35VieAllTenBagOvaGre20%8GumEliPriRes102OneUno

Video Trivia Time!: Television
Videos Gone Wild!: Afghanistan
Entertainment Zone!: 102 not working right now
LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous!: 16 foot long not working
String: TelAfg10216

4th Quarter = PGA Championship.
Blockbusters: Chuck Norris was bitten by a cobra, and after five days of excruciating pain = the cobra died
Celebrity Interview = Sylvester Stallone
Entertainment Video = Her hair gets caught in a fan
In The News = Maryland
Remember When? = Pop Art
Trip Trivia = Chicago

All About Your Teeth! 13: OTC
Health Time! 13: Your employer
String: TelAfg10216OTCYou

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Classic Rock= Bad Company
Flavors of AOL
AOL - Polish LIke A Pro= Use a cotton pad or a cotton ball with non-acetone polish remover to remove old nail polish
AOL - Make Up Must-Haves= Laura Mercier
AOL - Hotels Around The Globe= London
AOL - Rest & Recovery= Oatmeal
AOL - Back To School= Elephant
AOL - 7 Items You Should Have= Balsamic Vinegar
VIDEO: Man Falls to Death From MLB's= Parking Lot
VIDEO: Fantasy Sports Games Continue= Comcast
VIDEO: The World's Highest Paid Female= $29 Million
VIDEO: Beyonce Instagrams= Brooklyn Bridge
Now & Later= Millionaire
Custom The Way You Like= August 31
Easy As 1-2-3= 40
Share Your Knowledge= Full Name
Today in History for August 13th= Alfred Hitchcock

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= Live tracks
Word Du Jour= Roady

String= TelAfg10216OTCYouCotLauLonOatEleBalParCom$29BroMilAug40FulHitLivRoa

Have You Been Turned Down? 14: Insurance pools
Is It Serious? 14: Tooth extracted
Video Trivia Time!: Priceless
Videos Gone Wild!: Brad Pitt
Entertainment Zone!: 102
LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous!: 16 foot
String: InsTooPriBra10216

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Classic Rock= Slash
4th Quarter= Jacksonville Jaguars
Blockbusters= Steve Jobs
Celebrity Interview= 2 Broke Girls
Entertainment Video= 12
In The News= $410 millon
Remember When= 1972
Games n eCards= 50
VIDEO: Google Mappers Turning Heads= November
VIDEO: 'Anchorman' Ron Burgundy Writing= let me off at the Top
VIDEO: Mars Food Researchers Emerge From= Red
VIDEO: Scientists Create Glow-in-the-Dark= Hawaii
VIDEO: Today in History for August 14th= 50 Million

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= touchy Feely
Word Du Jour= Squeeze

String= NovTopRedHaw50InsTooPriBra10216FeeEze

****************Have a wonderful day *******************

Am I Eligible? 15: Medicaid
Get Your Braces! 15: Nine
Video Trivia Time!: Her fans
Videos Gone Wild!: Brad Pitt (not working)
LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous!: 16 foot long (not working)
Entertainment Zone!: 102 (not working)
String: MedNinFanBra16102

4th Quarter - DJ Shockley
Blockbusters - T.E. Lawrence
Celebrity Interview Video - Mortal Instruments
Entertainment Video - Throwing her old costumes in the garbage
In The News - $750 million
Remember When? - 36 years old

Pop Clips - Katy Perry
Pop Culture - Robert Downey Jr.

VIDEO: Today in History August 15th: Woodstock
VIDEO: Digital Push Turns Lights Out - Pat
VIDEO: Lady Gaga Uses Reverse Psychology - Broccoli
VIDEO: Aniston Wows in a Floral Dress - Navy Blue
VIDEO: Jennifer Garner Breaks Down - Sacramento

String: MedNinFanBra16102SchWooPatBroNavSac

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Classic Rock= Midnight Rambler

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= foreigner/steely Dan
Word Du Jour= Tic

String= MedNinFanBra16102WooPatBroNavSacDanTic

LifeStyles of the Rich & Famous: 16 feet
Videos Gone Wild! bra

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