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Classic Rock Challenge: Kansas

Does This Make You Happy?: Orlando
Watch: Surrealist House Keeps Austin Weird: Colorful
Entertainment Video Trivia!: December
Fashion Week Video Trivia: Silver and gold
Videos Gone Wild!: Yes
Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Perfect abs
Technology Zone!: Nokia
VIDEO: Calling With Clarity: Cell phone calls
VIDEO: Heisman Quarterback Cited For Sh..: Local PUBlix
VIDEO: Elisabeth Hasselbeck Talks: Veteran
VIDEO: King Tut's Tomb 3D Replicated: 1923
VIDEO: MIT Students To Get Bitcoin: 4500 

String: OrlColDecSilYesPerNokCelPubVet192450  

Daily Dose of Video Trivia = ENGland

String = OrlColDecSilYesPerNokCelPubVet192450Eng 

Entertainment Video Trivia: The Quiet Ones
Music Pop Quiz: Ellie Goulding
Sports Trivia: Kenneth Farried
Word Play: women

String: OrlColDecSilYesPerNokCelPubVet192450Eng

Classic Rock Challenge: The Who

Does This Make You Happy?: Her Hair
Watch: Advice From Hollywood's Black Stars: Vanessa Bush
Entertainment Video Trivia!: San Francisco
Fashion Week Video Trivia: ? wrong video
Technology: 70%
Videos Gone Wild!: Wonderland
Shari's Berries - Send A Gift Today!: Pink
Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous!: False
Geico - The Meaning: : Government Employees Insurance Company

String: HerVanSan70%WonPinFalGov

Esquire IMAX: 10th & L St.       A good portion of us know this by now  here it is again just in case
Green Acres Nursery & Supply: Thursday

Fashion Week Video Trivia: FAS works
Blockbusters: J.B. BernsteIin
Clean House Trivia: Use it up
Daily Dose Of Video Trivia: Apple Moon Beam
Entertainment Video Trivia: 5
Music Pop Quiz: Harvard
Sports Trivia: Chris Copeland
Word Play: sideways

String: HerVanSanFas70%WonPinFalGovApp

Does This Make You Happy?: Hair
Daily Dose Of Video Trivia: Strawberry
8 Explanations Taco Bell Gives: Taco Bell
Dog Runs Out on Softball Field During: Oregon
*Classic Rock Challenge: Evil Woman
*Debunk'd: Teens High on Burt's Bees: Scientific America
*Hot Spring Hairstyles: Get the Celebrity: Katy Perry
*Tiny Hamster Eating Tiny Burrito: Episode 1

Listen & Win
BPS: Bands Not In R-n-R Hall of Fame
WDJ: Shafted
TAT: Marriage

Corrected String: HaiVanSanFas70%WonPinFalGovStrTacOreBanShaMar

Does This Make You Happy?: Gives her confidence
Watch: Zac Efron Calls Fight: Driver side window
Entertainment Video Trivia!: March
Fashion Week Video Trivia: 1875
Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Tuesday
Technology Zone!: Hashtag
Videos Gone Wild: NFL
String: GivDriMar187TueHasNFL

Blockbusters: Morgan and Bartholomew
Daily Dose of Video Trivia: Alaska
Entertainment Video Trivia: Blue Smoke
Music Pop Quiz: Adam Levine
Sports Trivia: Eric Young Jr.
Word Play: Dance

String: GivDriMar187TueHasNFLAla

-Classic Rock Challenge: T-Rex
-Explosions From Hash Oil Skyrocket: Blasting
-Trivia: Sandwich Dubbed 'Beer Burger': PYT
*One Big Bin: Play
Taking The pledge!: Zip
A Different Type Of Health Insurance: Yup
Did You Know?: 1 in 4
Find Out How Many Days It Takes To Binge: 22
Preventive Screenings: Disease like cancer
Today in History for May 6th: 35
Trivia: People Too Distracted by Phones: 2 hours
What Should I Ask?: Critical
VIDEO: Kerry Washington Gives Birth: L.A.
VIDEO: Avril Lavigne's Awkward Fan: 400 Bucks
VIDEO: Met Gala Behind-The-Scenes: Jane
VIDEO: Ariana Grande Steals iHeart Head: Red Carpet
VIDEO: Old School Video Games: 1998
VIDEO: Adam Levine's Extreme Hair: Sexiest Man
VIDEO: Selena Gomez's Major Midriff: iHeart
VIDEO: Why Aren't U.S. President's: Secret Service
VIDEO: States That Are Cheating Death: 40%
VIDEO: Young Man Becomes Human Chair: 30 minutes

String: GivDriMar187TueHasNFLAlaPlaZipYup1 i22 Dis35 2 hCriL.a400JanRed199SexIheSec40%30 

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BPS: Bob Seger
WDJ: Motown
TAT: Dreams

String: BobMotDre

Does This Make You Happy?: Kristen Riebesell
Watch: The 15 Minute Treatment: Airbrush tanning
Entertainment Video Trivia!: Saturday Night Live
Fashion Week Video Trivia: Final details
Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Columbia records
Technology Zone!: Nokia
Videos Gone Wild!: Slams on the brakes
VIDEO: Carrie Underwood Stuns In Floral...: Silver
VIDEO: 'Extreme Weight Loss': May 27
VIDEO: Ellen Page Thanks Ellen DeGenere..: Incredible
VIDEO: Living With A Food Addiction: Dopamine
VIDEO: Sharon Stone Does Not Age: Looks half her age
Daily Dose of Video Trivia: 3
Blockbusters: Shrek 2
Clean House Trivia: Alice
Entertainment Video Trivia: Bradley Cooper
Music Pop Quiz: Chris Martin
Pop Clips! Trivia: Cats
Sports Trivia: 2008
Word Play: A review of a lyrical rap artist
Affordable Care Act: Patient Protection
My Health Insurance Plan: Through your employer
I Need Health Insurance: Studies have shown
Primary Featuring Clay Aiken Too Close t...: North Carolina

String: 3KrincolooSatFinokSlairSilMayDopPaThrStuNor

-Classic Rock Challenge: Queen
-Carrie Underwood's Hall of Fame Dreams: Community
Art & Design Trivia: Kohl's Gift Card
Best In Town: Exclusive
Deal Of The Day Trivia: Cantu
Everyday Living!: Title
Help Is On The Way!: Free Consult
Next Big Winner: Nbc
Parachutist: 3
ShowBiz Minute: Brown, Worthington, Cyrus: Miley Cyrus
The Healthy Choice!: Under 25G
The Instant JackPot: Instant Win
Welcome To The Winners Circle!: June 30
Woman Delivers Triplets; Babies Go Home: 47

Summertime Trivia: NOT WORKING
Reading Corner Trivia: NOT WORKING
I'm Loving It: NOT WORKING

Listen & Win
BPS: Some

Corrected String: 3KrincolooSatFinokSlairSilMayIncDopPaThrStuNorKohExeCanTitFreNbc3  MilUndInsJun47 Som (was missing Inc)

Bonus sites= Free points

Listen & Win
WDJ: SOMething
TAT: SONgs with spoken words

Establishing a Business Plan: 5
Video: How to Establish a Business Plan : Wells Fargo

String: 3KriIncColLooSatFinInsSlaAirNokSilMayUnDopPatTitThrStuCaNor55%Nbc$1047JunFrEntExcKoh

Does This Make You Happy?: Paris
Video: Wells Fargo Helps Small Businesse..: $25,000
Fashion Week Video Trivia: London
Entertainment Video Trivia!: Maternity leave
Technology Zone!: General
Videos Gone Wild!: More than 10 million not taking answer
Watch: Brad and Angelina Wine Plus 2: Madonna
Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Jet
VIDEO: Obama Throws Jabs: Healthcare.gov
VIDEO: Austin Mahone Describes Perfect ...: 2
VIDEO: 50-ft Balloon Sculpture Of Trans...: 5 days
VIDEO: Wet and Wild Art Installation: 2
How much do you know about running a: Heating & air
VIDEO: Zorb Football Puts New Spin On S...: Giant bumper balls
String: ParLonMatGenMor10MadJetHea25 dGia  

Blockbusters: Blended
Daily Dose of Video Trivia: Orlando
Entertainment Video Trivia: Jared Leto
Music Pop Quiz: Avril Lavigne
Pop Clips Trivia: Monopoly
Sports Trivia: Leaping into the swimming pool on the other side of the short wall in right-center field.
Word Play Trivia: baubleMother's Day Specials!: Full week
Going Strong: 98-year-old Fitness Instru...: Soup cans
Rooster at Top of Hardware Store's Pecki...: Prince George
Today in History for May 8th" Coca-cola
A Classic Car Paradise in Beverly Hills: Steam
Best Spring Lipstick Shades to Heat Up Y...: CVS

String: ParLonMatGenMor10MadJetHea25 dGiaOrlFulSouPriCVS

-Classic Rock Challenge: AC/DC
-Video: Wells Fargo Helps Small Businesse: $25,000
Videos Gone Wild!: Over than 10 million
I'm Loving It!: $100
Summertime Trivia: Enter Email
*Fast Friday's Motorcycle Speedway: Friday (duh)
Going Strong: 98-year-old Fitness: Soup cans
It's Easy With eCards!: 3
ProFlowers Specials!: Full week
York Photo Specials!: 1Card

String: ParLonMatGenOvr10MadJetHea25 dGiaOrlFulSouPriCVS$10EntFriAou3  Ful1Ca

Listen & Win
BPS: Great Drummers
TAT: Let It Be

String: GreLet

Does This Make You Happy?: Aqua jogging
Watch: Nikki Reed and Fran Kranz: Leonardo DiCaprio
Entertainment Video Trivia!: Physical pain
Fashion Week Video Trivia: South America
Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Maria
Technology Zone!: December 26
Videos Gone Wild!: Chance email
VIDEO: Shop On Twitter Using Amazon Car..: Embrace
VIDEO: Heisman Trophy Winner: Grocery store
VIDEO: Stars Rub Shoulders With Politic...: DC
VIDEO: Twitter Teams Up With Amazon For...: 14.2 Million
VIDEO: Zooming Into The Tiny World Of N...: Orlando

String: AquLeoPhySouMarDecChaEmbGroDC14.Orl

WDJ: Snare

Blockbusters: David Webb
Daily Dose of Video Trivia: Israel
Entertainment Video Trivia: Julia Roberts
Music Pop Quiz: Turn Blue
Pop Clips Trivia: A $100 bill hanging above their heads
Sports Trivia: Chuck Harmon
Word Play Trivia: albedoThe Future Of Driving: 1930
It's In The Game: Show me the money
I Love You Back: Seize (not working)
Fashion For Mom Trivia: 3
The Paper Dress Designer: 2 (not working)

String: AquLeoPhySouMarDecChaEmbGroDC14.OrlIsr193ShoSei2

The Paper Dress Designer: 2 years

String: AquLeoPhySouMarDecChaEmbGroDC14.OrlIsr193ShoSei2 y

-Classic Rock Challenge: Get Yer Ya-Yas Out
The Future Of Driving: 1930's
I Love You Back: Seize (typed in whole word... worked or it's fixed now)

Listen & Win
BPS: 1979
TAT: Mothers

String: AquLeoPhySouMarDecChaEmbGroDC14.OrlIsr193ShoSei2 y193197Mot

Bonus sites= Free points

Listen & Win
WDJ= mALIbu barbie

I Love You Back: Seize IZE works

String: AquLeoPhySouMarDecChaEmbGroDC14.OrlIsr193ShoIze2 Y

Does This Make You Happy?: 3
Watch: Scott Foley Talks Kerry Washington: Clean
Videos Gone Wild!: Challenge
Technology Zone!: 120
Fashion Week Video Trivia: Stuns
Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous!: June
VIDEO: Viral Football Toss: Backyard Googled it wrong video
Video: What is Rickes: Child abuse Googled it wrong video
Entertainment Video Trivia!: Collage
VIDEO: Angelina Jolie's Shocking Confes...: Pack of kids
VIDEO: Cute Looks For Mom: Floral
VIDEO: Oprah Winfrey's 1983 Audition Ta...: Want to be reporter

String: 3CleCha120StuJunBacChiColPacFloWan

Daily Dose of Video Trivia = YOGurt

String = 3CleCha120StuJunBacChiColPacFloWanYog

Entertainment Video Trivia: Mystique
Music Pop Quiz: Rihanna
Sports Trivia: Earl Morrall
Word Play Trivia: awkwardly​

String: 3CleCha120StuJunBacChiColPacFloWanYou

-Classic Rock Challenge: ABBA

Does This Make You Happy?: Mischief
Watch: Miley Cyrus Suffers Health Setback: Will not permit her to travel
Entertainment Video Trivia!: Tubes
Videos Gone Wild: 40 Mins.
Technology Zone!: 1923
Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous…: Partner
VIDEO: Strawberry Laser For Slimmer…:Confident
VIDEO: How To Make A Pop-Up Pansy Card…: Beautiful Craft Paper
VIDEO: Luxury Getaways Mom Will Love!…: Laguna Beach
VIDEO: Cooking With Michelle Knight: Brighter future
VIDEO: ELLE Exclusive!: With me
Fashion Week Video Trivia: ?

String: MisWilTub40192ParConBeaLagBriWit

Does This Make You Happy?… Mischief
Watch: Miley Cyrus Suffers Health Setback… Will Not Permit Her To TRavel
Entertainment Video Trivia… Tubes
Fashion Week Video Trivia…
Videos Gone Wild… 40 Minutes
Technology Zone… 1923
Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous… Partner
Video: Strawberry Laser For Slimmer… Confident
Video: How To Make A Pop-Up Pansy Card… Beautiful Craft Paper
Video: Luxury Getaways Mom Will Love!… Laguna
Video: Cooking With Michele Knight… Brighter Future
Video: ELLE Exclusive…With You

STRING: MisWiTub40192ParConBeaWiLagBri

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Daily Dose of Video Trivia = BOBcut

String = MisWilTub40192ParConBeaLagBriWitBob


-Classic Rock Challenge: Magical Mystery Tour
-Sports Trivia: Joakim Noah

Happy Mother's Day

Fashion Week Video Trivia: Wild
Entertainment Video Trivia: Max Greenfield
Music Pop Quiz: Roar
Word Play Trivia: learning now taking correct answer

String: MisWilTub40192ParConBeaLagBriWitWilBob

Does This Make You Happy?: Ralphie
Watch: Bill and Giuliana Rancic's Recipe: Kitchen Casino
Entertainment Video Trivia!: wrong video but Google says (Jay Z)
Fashion Week Video Trivia: Prada
Technology Zone!: Terrible
Videos Gone Wild!: Heart disease
Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous!: wrong video

String: RalKitJayPraTerHea

Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous! = BAD headache

String = RalKitPraJayHeaTerBad

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