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Does This Make You Happy: 70ft.
Watch: Channing and Jonah Explain: 22 Jump Street
Videos Gone Wild!: Adidas
Fashion Week Video Trivia: LA Reed
Technology Zone: Super Smash Bros
Entertainment Video: wrong video
Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous!: News Brief
Geico - Regional Office: San Diego

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Classic Rock Challeng: Foghat

Entertainment Video - Bay Watch accepted
Daily Dose Trivia - 3

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Blockbusters: Boston
Entertainment Video Trivia - Dr. Oz
Music Pop Quiz: fun
Pop Clips Trivia: Mario Lopez
Recipe Trivia: Mango
Sports Trivia: Detroit Pistons
Word Play Trivia: Scofflaw
World Cup Trivia: Germany

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Bonus sites= Free points

Daily Trivia
Classic Rock Challenge= Music from Big Pink
Fast Fridays= $144-$174
Green Acres= Folsom

Listen & Win:
BPS= Famous bobs
WDJ= Robert
TT@3= Bands with siblings

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*Esquire IMAX: Yes

Ultimate Global Video Trivia: Iraq
Secrets Of Hollywood: Loading Wrong Video
Read All About It Video Trivia: Moon Walked
Does This Make You Happy?: Ford Fiesta
Box Office Video Trivia: TREbecca Film Festival
Auto Review Zone!: Entry Level Luxury Car
Daily Dose of Video Trivia: Basil
Entertainment Video Trivia: The Lion King

String: ForMooTrIraEnTreBas

Secrets Of Hollywood - Beagle works

String: ForMooTrIraEnTreBasBea

Blockbusters: Nun/Sister
Music Pop Quiz: Lena Dunham
Pop Clips Trivia: 3 pounds
Sports Trivia: Wilt Chamberlain
Recipe Trivia: Blueberries
Word Play Trivia: Portent
World Cup Trivia: Nigeria

String: ForMooTrIraEnTreBasBea

-Classic Rock Challenge: The Band

Listen & Win:
BPS: Gone Solo
WDJ: Risky

String: GonRis

Bonus Sites= Free Points

Daily Trivia
Cache Creek= Air supply
iPhone App Trivia= Google maps
Patriotic Pet Swag= Bow tie
Kids & Animals In Nature= American spirit
Brazilian Cowboys Spreading Culture= Cows on horseback
Watch: 5 Movies= Parent trap
The Bold & Beautiful =  London
VIDEO: Red, White, and Blue =  Tart pan
VIDEO: Firework Aprons =  15 minutes
VIDEO: Icebox Cookies =  Dried cherries
VIDEO: Best Apps To Celebrate With =  Fireworks  app
VIDEO: How To Make Glass Votives =  6 hours

Listen & Win:
TT@3= Songs based on books

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Box Office Video Trivia: Hunter Hayes
Does This Make You Happy?: Towel holders
Ultimate Global Video Trivia:  Guilty
Read All About It Video Trivia: John Roberts
Auto Review Zone!: 5 seats
Watch: Surprise! Celebrity Weddings: Kerry Washington

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Secrets Of Hollywood = 63Years old

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Auction For A Good Cause: $100
Blockbusters: The Return of the King
Daily Dose of Video Trivia: Philadelphia
Easy Way Out Of Exercising: Treadmill
Entertainment Video Trivia: Girl Meets World
How To Make Cherries Jubilee: California
Music Pop Quiz: Courteney Cox
Pop Clips Trivia: Lemur
Patriotic Vanilla Cupcakes: Blueberries
Recipe Trivia: Cupcake batter
Sports Trivia: 9
USS Reports Malfunction: 2000 feet
World Cup Trivia: False
Word Play Trivia: somewhat hungry

String: JoHunTowGui5 s63yKer200CalBluTre$10Phi

-Classic Rock Challenge: Get Old

Listen & Win:
BPS: Colors
WDJ: Mauve
T@3: Kids

String: ColMauKid

Does This Make You Happy? = PICnic kit

Does This Make You Happy?: The New York Times SEAfood Cookbook
Box Office Video Trivia: 21 years old
Hear The Musical Swings: Harmony
Experimental Devices: Double lung transplant
Human Rights Watch: Committed mass executions
Severe Storms & Cars: Nebraska
Remember That Show: Sang the theme song between tapping's
Auto Review Zone!: Live Wire
Ultimate Global Video Trivia: Friday
Read All About It Video Trivia: Chris Brown
Secrets Of Hollywood: Drugs
Watch: Smart Home Gadgets: Belkin wemo

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Blockbusters: Walt Disney
Daily Dose of Video Trivia: Gloves
Entertainment Video Trivia: King Of The Jungle
Music Pop Quiz: My Everything
Pop Clips Trivia: Wine
Recipe Trivia: Figs
Sports Trivia: Lew Alcindor
VIDEO: Kelly Osbourne's New Tattoo: #oopswhatdididotonight
VIDEO: Ask Emily & Jane: Love to read
VIDEO: Iggy Azalea Reveals All: Macaroni & cheese
VIDEO: The Animal Whisperer: 20 years
Word Play Trivia: dirty
World Cup Trivia: ​Belgium

String: SaNeBeLivCoMaChrGLovFriHarDouSeaDru2120#oo

Classic Rock Challenge: Whitesnake

Listen & Win:
BPS: Songs That Start with the Letter R
WDJ: Randy
T@3: The Club 27

String: SonRanThe

Does This Make You Happy?: 36 inch piece
Seeing The Magic In Music: Draws
3 Things About Your Scale: Healthy lifestyle
Box Office Video Trivia: Broken leg
What Could Eat A Great White?: 9 ft.
What A Shocking Surprise!: 6 ft. alligator
Ultimate Global Video Trivia: 1993 Volvo
Tracing Back Many Years: July 1981
Auto Review Zone!: Rock Star
Secrets Of Hollywood: Pesky cheating
Read All About it: Facebook
Watch: 1 in 4 Americans Have Nothing: 26%
VIDEO: Poll Worker Speaks Up: Voting rights
VIDEO: Surfers Enjoy Tybee: Arthur
VIDEO: Right Place At The Right Time: Flight nurse
VIDEO: Google To Buy Songza: Pandora
VIDEO: Rising Millennial Market: Hispanics
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Daily Dose of Video Trivia - Two

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Entertainment Video Trivia - Miss Delaware

Blockbusters = Silence of the Lambs
Recipe Trivia = Vanilla wafers
Music Pop Quiz = Calvin Harris
Pop Clips! Trivia = Pets
Sports Trivia = Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Word Play = A fingerprint
World Cup Trivia = 1

Classic Rock Challenge: Paranoid

Get Your Chance At Winning Millions: Dream Car
Rewards & iTunes Store: Enter Email

String: 936 FliDraHeArtBro9 fJulRocPes26%VotFacPanHisTwoDreEnt

Does This Make You Happy?: #Batmask
Box Office Video Trivia: Grande
Ultimate Global Video Trivia: Running into things
Read All About It Video Trivia: Authorities
Auto Review Zone!: Cutting edge
Secrets Of Hollywood: Tuesday
VIDEO: Chrysler's Sales: Truck Sales
VIDEO: Starbucks Raises Prices: June 24th not taking answer
VIDEO: Chaos In Iraq: Head above water
VIDEO: Pushing Up U.S. Home Prices: $68.2 Billion
VIDEO: Twisters Leaving Devastation: Nebraska
Watch: 4 Great Sports Headphones: Phillips action fit

String: #baGrAutRunCuTueTruJunHea$68NebPhi

Daily Dose of Video Trivia: Ice Box Cake
Entertainment Video Trivia: the notebook
Blockbusters: Beauty and the Beast
Music Pop Quiz: Zooey Deschanel
Sports Trivia: Larry Bird

String: #baGrAutRunCuTueTruJunHea$68NebPhIce

-Classic Rock Challenge: 6 months
VIDEO: Man On The Street: Pintrest
VIDEO: Teacher Poses As Homeless: 30 Days
VIDEO: The Fosters Exclusive: Half Sister
VIDEO: Wedding Shorts & More: Tulle Skirt
VIDEO: Dynamite In Denim: British Cosmopolitan

String:  #baGrAutRunCuTueTruJunHea$68NebPhIcePin30 HalTulBri

Does This Make You Happy? - 114 mph
Box Office Video Trivia - Drama
Ultimate Global Video Trivia - College
Read All About It Trivia - California
Watch: Best Free and Cheap Ebooks - Local Library
Secrets Of Hollywood - Out On The Town
Auto Review Zone! - Carbon Fiber - Video Not Loading

VIDEO: Hard Rock Cafe - 126 Beale Street
VIDEO: Is It A Grocery Store? - 6
VIDEO: Heat Risks for Kids - Skin Feel Dry
VIDEO: Saving At The Grocery Store - Coupon
VIDEO: 2014 Shore Food Guide - Costal Domain

String: 114DraColCalLibOutCar126SkiCouCos

Blockbusters: Jason Segel
Entertainment Video Trivia: Under The Dome
Music Pop Quiz: Katy Perry
Sports Trivia: Steve Young
VIDEO: Starbucks Raises Prices: 24t

String: Dra114ColCalCarOut126SkiLibCouCoa24t

-Classic Rock Challenge: Bob Dylan

Does This Make You Happy?: Dunk tanks
Box Office Video Trivia: 26
Ultimate Global Video Trivia: Italy
Read All About It Video Trivia: Walking his dog
Auto Review Zone!: 30
Secrets Of Hollywood: 2008
Watch: Remembering Michael Jackson: 6 years old
Microtel Inn & Suites - Making Reservati...: Microtelinn.com
Geico - Word From Our Sponsor : Great customer service and quick rate quotes
Simple Mobile - Unlimited Plans: 1GB 
VIDEO: App Smart Road Trips: Start and end destinations
VIDEO: Internet In 5 Years: Ambition
VIDEO: Learn How To Make Beer: Kettle of water
VIDEO: Myrtle Beach Prepares: Holiday plans
VIDEO: Robin Thicke Tells All: 20 years

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Bonus Sites= Free Points

Daily Trivia
Classic Rock Challenge= Rocky Mountain Way
Blockbusters = Lance
Sports Trivia= Brett Favre
World Cup Trivia= July 13
Daily Dose= Sugar cones
iMax= 10th & L St.
Fast Fridays= Extreme sidecars
Green Acres= Knowledgeable

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Pop Clips Trivia: Palestine
Entertainment Video Trivia: Kathy Griffin

String: StAmbSuGreMic26ItaDunWal302001gbHolKet206 y20%

Listen & Win: .... not available yet... I sent them a text.
BPS: Live Music
WDJ: Ringo
T@3: Covers

String: LivRinCov

Blockbusters: Kristen Wiig
Daily Dose of Video Trivia: Rum
Entertainment Video Trivia: Paula Deen
Music Pop Quiz: Selena Gomez
Recipe Trivia: Apple
Pop Clips Trivia: Kelsey Grammer
Sports Trivia: Tom Brady
Word Play Trivia: glissade
World Cup Trivia: False
Does This Make You Happy?: Competitive eating
Box Office Video Trivia: Alex at all times
Ultimate Global Video Trivia: 150
Read All About It Video Trivia: Torso
Auto Review Zone!: Tomato skins
Secrets Of Hollywood: Paris
Watch: Best Breakup Songs: Part of me
Want a Job Binge Watching Netflix?: United Kingdom
in New Zealand Yanks Bikini-Clad Swimsuit..: Cook
Doritos Adds Random Fiery Hot Chips to B...: Canada
Guide to Making Big Batch Cocktails for ..: 25%
4 Simple Tips to Detox Your Home: The Front Door

String: ComAle150TorTomPaRumCan

-Classic Rock Challenge: T-Rex

Listen & Win:
BPS: Class of 1977
WDJ: Brawl
T@3: Tom Petty

String: 197BraPet

Does This Make You Happy?: Bad food
Box Office Video Trivia: PG-13 very good movie too
Ultimate Global Video Trivia: Compton, CA
Read All About It Video Trivia: Lunch counter
Auto Review Zone!: Center console
Secrets Of Hollywood: July 15
Watch: Beauty Prep School: Sharpen your pencil
Blockbusters: Flora's Letter Correct answer when it works
Daily Dose of Video Trivia: Ten
Entertainment Video Trivia: Ashton Kutcher
Music Pop Quiz: Paula
Pop Clips Trivia: Amy Adams
Recipe Trivia: Sour Cherry
Sports Trivia: John Elway
Word Play: Folding
World Cup Trivia: Neymar da Silva
Hot Fudge Sundae Trifle with Whipped Cream: 6ft
How to Make Creative Homemade Birthday Cards: glue stick
Martha Stewart's Lobster Roll Recipe: It floats
Ranked: Best and Worst Fast Food Chains ...: Consumer Reports
Special School Lunch Bags: Elmo

String: BadPg-ComJuLunCenShaTen6 fElm

-Classic Rock Challenge: Fire

Listen & Win:
BPS: Journey & Steve Miller Band
WDJ: missed it... sorry
T@3: Fool

String: JouFoo

Bonus Sites= Free Points

Listen & Win
WDJ= 25

String= Jou25FooSnaBadPg-ComJuLunCenShaTen6 fElm

Does This Make You Happy?: Tweet delete
Box Office Video Trivia: Docks
Ultimate Global Video Trivia: Pulling the trigger
Read All About It Video Trivia: Rockets
Auto Review Zone!: Third row
Secrets Of Hollywood: 15 mins.
Watch: Beauty Test Lab: Heels
String: TweDocPulRocThi15Hee

Blockbusters: Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver (1976)
Daily Dose of Video Trivia: Kangaroo
Entertainment Video Trivia: Gone Girl
Music Pop Quiz: Jessica Simpson
Pop Clips Trivia: Electronic devices that won't turn on
Recipe Trivia: Chicken wing lollipop
Sports Trivia: Green Bay Packers
Word Play Trivia: Eulogy
World Cup Trivia: 7
3 Must Have Beauty Aps: Lifebooker
Salmon, Avocados and Other Foods to Keep...: Greek
Elephant Pool Party at The Oregon Zoo: Lilly
American Museum of Natural History Offer...: 12th Night Jazz Trio
Staying On Track - The Ins And Outs Of R...: Ninja

String: TweDocPulRocThi15HeeKanLifGre

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