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*Cache Creek Casino Resort: Free
Deal Of The Day Trivia: Mrs Fields
My Daily Moments GiveAway: Recipes
It's Time To Wrap It Up!: Prepaid Visa
Qualifying Round: $100
Time To Play Match Up: Groceries

String: FreMrsRecPre$10Gro

Listen & Win:
BPS: Touchy Feely
WDJ: Rub
T@3: Trios

String: TouRubTri

Does This Make You Happy?: Pickles
Box Office Video Trivia: PG-13
Ultimate Global Video Trivia: Denver
Read All About It Video Trivia: Obama administration
Auto Review Zone!: Red
Secrets Of Hollywood: Someone I am attracted to
Watch: Trend Takeout - Pleats: Wider
String: PicPG-ReDenObaSomWid

Blockbusters: Hercules
Daily Dose of Video Trivia: Lace
Entertainment Video Trivia: Lucy Hale
Music Pop Quiz: Maddie Ziegler
Pop Clips Trivia: Binge watch Netflix
Recipe Trivia: Lemons
Word Play: Part of the tack or harness of a horse
World Cup: 1975
Sports Trivia: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

String: PicPG-ReDenObaSomWidLac

-Classic Rock Challenge: Jimi Hendrix

Listen & Win:
BPS: Songs That Begin With F
T@3: States

String: SonSta

Bonus Sites= Free Points

Listen & Win:
WDJ: Fox

String= SonFoxStaPicPG-ReDenObaSomWidLacMinHotGulChoSofSonUgaRadFroCanBruTimLayUtaUVA

Does This Make You Happy?: Style.com
Box Office Video Trivia: Blackbird
Ultimate Global Video Trivia: Top military commanders
Read All About It Video Trivia: Supreme court justice
Auto Review Zone!: Ford
Watch: Double Dare: Lucas pawpaw ointment
Secrets Of Hollywood: A huge ring
VIDEO: 2014 Emmy Nominees: Mindy
VIDEO: FCC Approves Billions: American schools
VIDEO: Healthy Tips To Beat A Hangover: Eat a nutritious dinner before going out
VIDEO: Obama Responds: Energy
VIDEO: Tiny Hamsters Eating Burritos: Friends birthday

String: StyBlaTopSupForLucA hMinAmEatFriEne 

Blockbusters = Josh Brolin
Daily dose of video trivia = 53
Music pop quiz = American Idol
Sports Trivia = Kansas City Chiefs

String = StyBlaTopSupForLucA hMinAmEatFriEne53

Entertainment Video Trivia: Blossom

String = StyBlaTopSupForLucA hMinAmEatFriEne53

Classic Rock Challenge: Three Dog Night

Does This Make You Happy?: Courtyards
Box Office Video Trivia: 50 miles
Ultimate Global Video Trivia: 120 mins.
Read All About It Video Trivia: wall street journal
Auto Review Zone!: Exterior
Secrets Of Hollywood: 7 months
Watch: Remembering JFK, Jr.: The press

String: Cou50120WalThExt7 m

Blockbusters: Russell Crowe
Entertainment Video Trivia: Horrible Bosses
Music Pop Quiz: He's no longer a vegetarian
Sports Trivia: 7

String: Cou50120WalThExt7 m

Classic Rock Challenge: Toys in the Attic

Does This Make You Happy?: Hip-hop
Box Office Video Trivia: PG
Ultimate Global Video Trivia: 270 million
Read All About It Video Trivia: Waze
Auto Review Zone!: Fusion
Secrets Of Hollywood: Alien
Geico - First Customers: Government Employees
Microtel Inn & Suites - Picture Perfect: Pintrest
Microtel Inn & Suites - Wine & Dine: 200
Watch: How To Keep A Straight Face: Amber Stevens
Simple Mobile - Choose Your Plan: 7? not working
VIDEO: Mom's Mind Boggling Yoga Poses: King cobra
Today In History For July 14th: Billy the Kid
VIDEO: An Excuse To Skip The Exercise: wrong video
VIDEO: The Giant Stairway: 800
VIDEO: Spring Break Photos 80's Style: Ft. Lauderdale
VIDEO: WOW! Unbelievable Photos: Eye Candy

String: HiPGov270WazFusAliPin200AmbKinBil800Ft.Eye

Blockbusters: East Enders
Entertainment Video Trivia: Bill Murray
Music Pop Quiz: Paris Hilton
Pop Clips Trivia: Sell his video games
Recipe Trivia: Brie
Sports Trivia: 1934
Word Play Trivia: Something this is befuddling or confusing

String: HiPGovAmBilChEyeWazFusAliPinKinFt.200270800

-Classic Rock Challenge: Cat Scratch Fever
​-Beets, Quinoa and Other Foods to Stay: Sage
-Healthy Tips to Beat a Hangover: Coconut
-Heidi Klum UNDRESSED to Kill in New: 13

*Esquire IMAX: Yes
Classic Music Trivia!: Sony
Drink Of The Week!: Mint
Facts and Myths About Cellulite: Radishes
Fun, Food, & Entertainment!: Gulf
Great Eats & More!: Chives (not working)
Grilling Basics: Steak: Sea
Rags To Riches Roaring Trivia: Aug
Scavenger Hunt - How Many Lamps?: 3
Science & Technology Zone!: Soft
Stoners Break Into School to Steal: Froot Loops
Take A Chance Trivia Challenge: Registration
Mommy & Me - Sweet Deals: Email
VIDEO: 2014 Emmy Nominees: Mindy Project
VIDEO: Obama Responds: Energy
VIDEO: FCC Approves Billions: American Schools
VIDEO: Healthy Tips To Beat A Hangover: A Nutritious Dinner (not working)
VIDEO: Tiny Hamsters Eating Burritos: Friends Birthday
Worst Valet Ever Wrecks $500K Lamborghini: 300

String: YesSonMinRadGulSeaAug3  SofFroregEmaMinEneAme300

Listen & Win:
BPS: Songs That Begin With Letter A (theme all week is vowels)
WDJ: Act
T@3: Turn

String: LetActTur

Does This Make You Happy?: $500
Box Office : Four
Ultimate Global Video Trivia: Overwhelming vote
Read All About It Video Trivia: Women & children
Auto Review Zone!: 4 tons
Secrets Of Hollywood: $1.4 million
Watch: Royal Report - Pippa Middleton: 2011
VIDEO: A Dangerous Procedure: Wind & sunlight
VIDEO: A Dog & His Chicks: 11 years old
VIDEO: NYC Artist Creations: Bullying
VIDEO: This Is A Vacation Home?: Inside a rock
VIDEO: Worst Valet Ever: Cement barrier

String: $50FouOveWom4 t$1.2011WinBulInsCem

Daily Dose Of Trivia… Lemons
Blockbusters: Luke Evans
Entertainment Video Trivia: Forrest Gump
Music Pop Quiz: Throwing eggs
Pop Clips Trivia: Crows
Recipe Trivia: Fish kabobs
Sports Trivia: Ford
Word Play Trivia: yowling cat
Derek Jeter Respect Ad Delivers: hat

String: $50FouOveWom4 t$1.2011WinBulInsCem

-Classic Rock Challenge: Stairway to Heaven
-The Last Crumbs Cupcakes are Selling: $255
*Cash Creek Casino Resort: KEEnan
VIDEO: An Excuse To Skip The Exercise: FREsh
VIDEO: Healthy Tips To Beat A Hangover: EAT A Nutritious Dinner
Great Eats & More!: CHOpped
Daily Break - Sign Up To Play & Win: !!! Info seeking !!!
Taking A Stand In History: $10,000
How To Make Someone Smile!: August
VIDEO: Center Of The Soccer Universe: Brutal
VIDEO: Decisions For LeBron: Time Table
VIDEO: 7 Infamous Sports Blowouts: Utah Jazz
VIDEO: Make-Ahead Desserts: Layer
VIDEO: Tips For Wearing Sunscreen: UVA

String: KeeFreEatCho$10AugBruTimUtaLayUva

Listen & Win:
BPS: Songs That Begin With Letter E
WDJ: ...oops!
T@3: Good & Bad

String: LetGoo

Does This Make You Happy?: Berlin
Box Office Video Trivia: True Detective
Ultimate Global Video Trivia: 1st birthday
Read All About It Video Trivia: wrong video
Auto Review Zone!: Leg room
Secrets Of Hollywood: Fat
Watch: 5 Rom-Coms This Summer: They Came Together
String: Ber1sTruLegFaThe 

Blockbusters: Avatar
Daily Dose of Video Trivia: Tour De France
Entertainment Video Trivia: Sam & Cat
Music Pop Quiz: Jennifer Lawrence
Pop Clips Trivia: Witches
Recipe Trivia: Fruit sorbet
Sports Trivia: St. Louis Rams
Word Play Trivia: Swindle, cheat, hoodwink, or hoax
Computers & Tips: Canadian
Man Gets Cows To Come To Him: Rudi Rock
WOW! Seaplane Nearly Lands On Whale: Windshield
San Francisco Street Turns Into Giant Sl...: Bear Naked
WOW! Seaplane Nearly Lands On Whale: Windshield

String: Ber1sTruLegFaTheTouCanRudWinBea

-Classic Rock Challenge: John Paul Jones

Listen and Win:
BPS: songs that start with the letter I
WDJ: missed it...
T@T: Lonely/Loneliness 

String: LetLon

Did everyone see this email... really going to change things as we now know it... wait to see if our forum remains significant! Thanks to all.
As one of our elite loyal club point participants, we wanted to make sure you were FIRST to know that the Eagle Club will be changing soon. We are bringing you a new and improved club, which is going to be even easier to use.

Why are we making these changes?

* Feedback we've received shows that our members are most interested in winning great prizes, as well as getting exclusive rewards and access to information before the general public - without having to earn, track and spend points.

Redeeming Your Points:

* Because we appreciate all the time and effort you have spent in earning points with our current club, we wanted to give you plenty of time to spend them on all the prizes we are offering now.

* Points can be spent on a various range of rewards, prizes, Eagle Club swag, and much more at eagleclub.eagle969.com. Be sure to act NOW and get your best choice of prizes!

* After September 2, 2014, your rewards points are no longer valid, but don't worry - we'll be announcing new contests and promotions for members only in the near future.

Key Dates to be aware of:

* If you enter a sweepstakes that expires after September 4, 2014, you will still be eligible to win that prize and will receive a winning notice as usual.

*Please note that effective 7/17/14, the ability to earn points via the The Eagle's streaming player will also end.

Thank you for your loyalty and participation in the The Eagle Club program.

If you have questions, you can visit our customer care page for the most commonly asked questions. If you still have questions after reviewing that page you can contact our promotions director, and we will be happy to help.

Thank you!

Bryan Fox, promotions director,
or (916) 334-7777.

Does This Make You Happy?:Factory reset
Box Office Video Trivia: Falling out
Ultimate Global Video Trivia: Indiana
Read All About It Video Trivia: 43
Auto Review Zone!: Car accident
Secrets Of Hollywood:  Cyber Scammer
Watch: 7 Truly Bizzare Facts: Jenny

String: FaCarFalInd43CybJen

Blockbusters: Jerry Maguire
Daily Dose of Video Trivia: Wal-Mart
Entertainment Video Trivia: $73 Million
Music Pop Quiz: Shakira
Sports Trivia: Dennis Rodman
Word Play Trivia: Foofaraw
Recipe Trivia: Cream Cheese

String: FaCarFalInd43CybJenWal

Off to Chicago Cont. Ed class with work.
Limited time to post till next Monday.
Have a great weekend.


-Classic Rock Challenge: George Harrison
-Battle Of The Bands: Wrong Video
Food Facts - Italian Flavor: Eggplant
High Tech Animals: Bistro
Quick Pitch Zone: Oakland
Sweets, Treats, & More: Facebook Info
VIDEO: Crossfit Hazards: Shoulders
VIDEO: Flooding In The States: 10
VIDEO: Got Two Minutes?: Military
VIDEO: Hookah On The Rise: Teenagers
VIDEO: Microsoft Announcement: 18,000
VIDEO: Sturgeon Tagging: 120
-VIDEO: Thai Tomato Salad: NO VIDEO
-VIDEO: The American Ninja: 5 Feet (Not Working)

VIDEO: The Shadow Universe Revealed: Galaxy
VIDEO: The Silent Summer Killer: Greenhouse

String: EggBisOakFacSho10 MilTee18,120GalGre

Listen and Win:
BPS: Songs that start with the letter O
WDJ: Order

String: LetOrd

Bonus Sites= Free Points

Listen and Win
Battle of the Bands= NCAA
Video: Thai Tomato Salad= Heritage
Video: The American Ninja= 5'0

Listen & Win:
tt@3= Baby

String= LetOrdBabBleFanSuRudOraGoTalPauRihFaCarMuFalInd43CybJeNCAWalOakEgGarBiShoTee18,10Faw5'0MilGre120Gal

Box Office Video Trivia = DADdys
Choosing The Best Watermelon = DENsity
Does This Make You Happy? = WEAtherpro
Dogs, Adoptions, & More = SWEetness
Science Revealing Secrets = BOOsting metabolism
Test Your Bentley Skills = 1600
The Hollywood Scoop! = 1 Year
Ultimate Global Video Trivia = HIMself
Read All About It Video Trivia = Wrong video!
Auto Review Zone! = SAVe
Secrets Of Hollywood = STAte of Affairs
Watch: Anna Chlumsky's Onscreen Kiss = JUNe 30th

String = DaDenSWeaBoo1601 yHimSavStaJun

-Classic Rock Challenge: Journey
-Amazing Pop-Up Book Tells Stories With: $60
-Blockbusters: Navy
-How to Make Marshmallow Cupcakes!: Frosting
-Shopping Apps to Save Big: Shopkick
-Sports Trivia: New York Yankees
Bobblehead of Walter White from 'Breaking: TV Tag
Daily Dose of Video Trivia: Sugery Alcohol
The Coffee Shop!: Confirm email
Vending Machine Dispenses Chocolate : Joy
VIDEO: At The Box Office: Pain
VIDEO: Art Of The Brazilian Bikini: 2009
VIDEO: Braised Pork Sliders: Garlic
VIDEO: Famous Volcano: Japan
VIDEO: Zucchini Lasagna Roll Up: Shred It

String: Tv SugConJoyPai200GarJapShr

Listen and Win:
BPS: Songs that start with the letter U
WDJ: Umbrella
T@T: Win & Lose

String: LetUmbWin

Music Pop Quiz = Ariana Grande
Sports Trivia = Pat Summit

Box Office Video Trivia = RIFts
Does This Make You Happy? = 3
Ultimate Global Video Trivia = CHArles
Read All About It Video Trivia = STRing cheese
Auto Review Zone! = 8
Secrets Of Hollywood = TEAm Germany
Watch: Cast of "Something Borrowed" = THE One And Only
VIDEO: Understanding Mars = 16 years
Updating For Chrome = CHRome 36
VIDEO: 200 Snakes Found = about 300
VIDEO: Spend Smart = 47
VIDEO: Gray Wolf Pups = CHAses butterflies

String = RifChaStr8TeaThe16Chr30047

-Classic Rock Challenge: Who Made Who

Music Pop Quiz = Vance Joy
Sports Trivia = Pat Summitt

Box Office Video Trivia = MARtin
Does This Make You Happy? = inIRIx (Should be Inrix!)
VIDEO: Strongest Storm In Decades = 4(Not working!)
Ultimate Global Video Trivia = LIMited
Read All About It Video Trivia = THUrsday
Auto Review Zone! = CANned goods
Secrets Of Hollywood = 8Y
Watch: Candid Cameron! = CHIldren
VIDEO: Pit Bull Alerts Deaf Boy = LICking his face
VIDEO: The Internet Of Things = TRAnsparent
VIDEO: App Smart - Avoiding Sun Burns = SUN exposure reference
VIDEO: Cars That Drive Themselves = 2020

String = LiMar4FouThuCan8yLiChIriTraSun202

VIDEO: Strongest Storm In Decades: 4 Category

Does This Make You Happy?: China
Applications Of The Season: Swiftkey
Beach, Sun, & More!: Weather
Box Office Video Trivia: PG13 
Who Set A New Record?: Florida Women
Universal Soccer Trivia: 2018
Ultimate Global Video Trivia: 4
H20 & Technology Zone: Sony Xperia Z2
Read All About It Video Trivia: Tear glands
Auto Review Zone!: 11 years
Secrets Of Hollywood: It's a Girl
Microtel Inn & Suites - Rewards To Fly: 20
Microtel Inn & Suites By Wyndam: 160
Simple Mobile - Don't Miss Out!: Credit card payment
Watch: 5 Comedy Power Couples: Melissa and Ben

String: ChIt'SwiWeaPG1Flo201160420SonTeaCreMel

-Classic Rock Challenge: Altamont
-Blockbusters: Footloose

Daily Dose of Video Trivia: One
End Of Summer Hollywood Trivia: Walk Of Fame
Entertainment Video Trivia: Vanilla Ice
Music Pop Quiz: Madonna
Pop Clips Trivia: Coolest
Recipe Trivia: Carmel
Sports Trivia: Heinz Ward
Word Play: offensively self-assertive or conceited

String: ChIt'SwiWeaPG1FlOne201160420SonTeaCreMel

Bonus Sites= Free Points

Daily Trivia
Classic Rock Challenge= Animals
Blockbusters= Lorax
iMax= Hercules
Geico= The most affordable insurance
Natural Tips= Oil
Recycle old T-shirts= 100 billion
Stay Up on Fashion= Cork
Hollywood Scoop= 1yr
Fossilized Poop= rich rusty
A Strange Hole= 262

String= ChIt'SwiWeaPG1Flo201160420SonTeaCreMelOneOilHerThe1yr

Microtel Inn & Suites - Rewards To Fly: 20
Microtel Inn & Suites By Wyndam: 160

OOPS... repeat.

Does This Make You Happy?: Tool skirt
Box Office Video Trivia: Breaking Glass
Ultimate Global Video Trivia: Volunteers
Read All About It Video Trivia: 4 leaders
Auto Review Zone!: Simple phone call
Secrets Of Hollywood: #maxthegreat

String: TooBreVol4 lSim#ma

Beauty Queen Rocks Insulin Pump in Swims...: Idaho
Beyonce's Wardrobe On Display At the Roc...: Queen B
Guy Sells 1st Startup To Google, 2nd To: 32
The Body Shop Wants Women to 'Be More: Sierra
The Shopping List That Could Help You Lo...: Trail
Daily Dose of Video Trivia: Bread & Butter Pickles
Entertainment Video Trivia: Ryan Gosling
Music Pop Quiz: Mexico
Pop Clips! Trivia: Necklace (Correct answer is but not taking Arm band)
Recipe Trivia: Zucchini
Sports Trivia: New York
Word Play: Mishpocha

String: TooBreVol4 lSim#maIdaQue32Tra

Classic Rock Challenge: Bubble Puppy

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