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Does This Make You Happy?: Hip hop
Box Office Video Trivia: Building Not taking answer
Ultimate Global Video Trivia: Sweetest festival
Auto Review Zone!: Captain chairs
Read All About It Video Trivia: South East China
Secrets Of Hollywood: Serial dater
Watch: Inside The One Night: Drake
String: HipBuiSweCapSouSerDra

Entertainment Video Trivia: David Beckham
Music Pop Quiz: Lady Gaga
Pop Clips! Trivia: Facebook
Recipe Trivia: Cornish game hens
Sports Trivia: Braves
Word Play Trivia: Mickle

Daily Dose of Video Trivia: Chicago
End of Summer Hollywood Trivia: $3000
'No Loud Americans' Sign Outrages Visito...: Peter's Place Cafe
'Bob's Burgers' to be Included in 'Famil...: September 28th
Millennials Holding Off On Marriage: Urban
Cooking With Uno: Plantains: 2

String: HipUrBuiSweCapSouSerDraChi2

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Classic Rock Challenge= Zombies
Blockbuster= Heinz Ward
Cooking With Uno: Plantains= 2 times

String= HipUrBuiSweCapSouSerDraChi2 t

Does This Make You Happy?: Style.com
Box Office Video Trivia: 654 million
Ultimate Global Video Trivia: Clubber
Read All About It Video Trivia: 3 little pigs
Auto Review Zone!:  Bolder
Secrets Of Hollywood: 7
Watch: 10 Movies Turn 20 This Year: Forrest Gump

String: Sty654Clu3 lBol7For 

All American Trivia: 3
Coffee Shop News: fifth generation
Daily Dose of Video Trivia: Not A Burger Stand
Entertainment Video Trivia: Jonah Hill
Science of the scent: emotions
Voices of the World: $1,000 registration
Music Pop Quiz: Live Nation
Pop Clips Trivia: Fastest Talking Woman
Recipe Trivia: Hamburger meat
Sports Trivia: San Diego, CA
Word Play: Having a smooth, shiny surface

String: Sty654Clu3 lBol7ForNotFifEmo$1,

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Classic Rock Challenge= Paul McCartney
Blockbuster= Mickey Rooney

String=Sty654Clu3 lBol7ForNotFifEmo$1,

Does This Make You Happy?: Stingray
Box Office Video Trivia: Hit the Floor not working
Ultimate Global Video Trivia: 500
Read All About It Video Trivia: Air strikes not working
Auto Review Zone!: 6 not working
Watch: 5 Reasons - Garden State: Jim Parsons

String: StiHit500Air6Jim

Box Office Video Trivia: VMA performer 2014
Daily Dose of Video Trivia: 14
Entertainment Video Trivia: Iggy Azalea
Music Pop Quiz: Louis Tomlinson
Pop Clips! Trivia: (Not Working)
Read All About It Video Trivia: Virginia
Recipe Trivia: Marshmellows
Auto Review Zone!: 6.2
Secrets Of Hollywood: August
Sports Trivia: The Alan Parsons Project
VIDEO: Athletic Gaines: Young Guys
VIDEO: Behind The Escalations: Ground Troops
VIDEO: Check Out Selena: Italy
VIDEO: How An Embryo Grows: Software
VIDEO: Hamburger Croissants: Tina
Word Play: Late summer
Blockbusters: Elysium

String: HItAirVMAuGroSTinJimVirSofYou145006.2

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Classic Rock Challenge= Herd
Around the World= a luxury trip to Paris
Linens and Things= Zip code

String= HItAirVMAuGroSTinJimVirSofYou145006.2ParZip

Blockbusters: Avatar
Does This Make You Happy?: Slowing down
Box Office Video Trivia: Waiter
Read All About It Video Trivia: 298
Auto Review Zone!: Crossover
Ultimate  Global Video Trivia: Opportunity
Secrets Of Hollywood: 840
Box Office Video Trivia: Walter
VIDEO: Back To School Denim: Small fortune
VIDEO: Chuey's Famous Quesadillas: Butter
VIDEO: Best Cars By Country: Italy
VIDEO: Making The N.F.L's Biggest Scree...: At home
VIDEO: Scientific Confirmations: Jealousy
Watch: The Perfect Bastille Day Picnic:  Plaid~~Daily Dose of Video Trivia: 17
Entertainment Video Trivia: Jennifer Lawrence
Music Pop Quiz: Lady Gaga
Sports Trivia: Greg Maddux
Exercise & Fitness Zone: Over 1,200
In Your Face Trivia: cell growth
Stars & Stripes Zone: someone you choose
Tasty Treats Trivia: area interested in developing

String: SloWaIta29840CrOpPlaWalSmAtButJeaParZip1,2CelSomAre17

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Classic Rock Challenge= Canned Heat

Does This Make You Happy?: 2007
Box Office Video Trivia: Pray for peace
Ultimate Global Video Trivia: Facebook
Read All About It Video Trivia: USA
Secrets Of Hollywood: 7TH Heaven
Auto Review Zone!: Footrest
Watch: TV Shows & Celebrities: Game of Thrones
VIDEO: Birthday Wishes Granted: Mail
VIDEO: Gwyneth Paltrow Did What?: Makeup free
VIDEO: A Day At The Farmers Market: 7am
VIDEO: Taylor Swift Looking Terrific: Central Park
VIDEO: Camp Fury: Fire service

String: 200PraFacUSA7thFooGamMaiMak7amCenFir

Blockbusters: 6
Entertainment Video Trivia: Lionel Richie
Music Pop Quiz: Andrew Rannells
Sports Trivia: 8

Does This Make You Happy?: Chris Bosh
Box Office Video Trivia: Job
Ultimate Global Video Trivia: Hot meal
Read All About It Video Trivia: Northwest
Auto Review Zone!: 1935
Secrets Of Hollywood: Wedding dress
Geico: Insurance Information Institute (III)
Watch: Ooh La La - 6 French Celebs: Sexy country men
Simple Mobile - Choose Your Data:  1GB
Microtel Inn & Suites - Design: Creativity
Microtel Inn & Suites - Getting Started: Pinterest 

String: ChrJobHotPiNor193WedInSex1GBCre 

Daily Dose of Video Trivia: New York
End of Summer Hollywood Trivia: Hollywoodland​
Entertainment Video Trivia: Dane Cook
Back To School Trivia: $3000
Music Pop Quiz: Beyoncé
Recipe Trivia: Julia Child
Sports Trivia: 6
Word Play: A Whispering or Rustling Sound
Pop Clips Trivia: She posted a picture of the dress on Facebook

String: ChrJobHotPiNor193WedInSex1GBCreNew

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Classic Rock Challenge= Louie Louie
Blockbusters= 6
Drones take epic pictures =  cliffhanger
Adorable baby monkey =  London
Natural foods to reduce =  Pineapple
Reebok unveils bacon =  cross fit
New Durable Flip-Flop Design=  Australia

String=  ChrJobHotPiNor193WedInSex1GBCreNewLonAus

Does This Make You Happy?: Running into things
Box Office Video Trivia: Packaging
Auto Review Zone!: Packaging
Ultimate Global Video Trivia: Battleground
Read All About It Video Trivia: Monday video not working first guess was right
Secrets Of Hollywood: Twitter
Watch: Stop Everything!: Tinder 

String: RunPacBaTwiMonTin 

Daily Dose of Video Trivia: more than 3 (not working)
Entertainment Video Trivia: The Lottery
Music Pop Quiz: $17,000
Pop Clips Trivia: The Customer's Facebook Profiles
Recipe Trivia: Phat Beets
Sports Trivia: 2
Word Play Trivia: The Performance of Miracles or magic

String: RunPacBaTwiMonTinMor3

Blockbusters: Steven Soderbergh

Classic Rock Challenge= The Tokens

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iMax= Guardians of the galaxy
Daily Dose= 3 gallons
Athletes Inside Edition =  South carolina
Stadium Facts Trivia =  Broward
Beat the Heat Trivia =  12 hours
The Comedy Runway =  Daniel radcliffe
Blast From The Past Trivia =  July 23rd
VIDEO: Around The World =  Prayer
VIDEO: International Masters =  Consistency and Quality
VIDEO: New Album Released! =  The Essential  
VIDEO: Spotify Adds On Equalizer =  Lets you adjust your Music 
VIDEO: Training Camp =  Patriots

String= Gua3 gRunPacBaTwiMonTinSou12JulBroDanPraConTheAdjPat

Does This Make You Happy?: Wireless
Box Office Video Trivia: 1935
Ultimate Global Video Trivia: June
Read All About It Video Trivia: 232
Secrets Of Hollywood: Fraud
Auto Review Zone!: 8
Watch: Adam Levine Reveals His Most Embarrassing Quality:  New Partridge Family 

String: Wir1932328JunFraNew 

Back To School Trivia: $8.5 billion
Entertainment Video Trivia: Sin City: A Dame to Kill For
Music Pop Quiz: Chasing The Sun
Pop Clips Trivia: Stoppin his attempted robbery
Recipe Trivia: Chocolate roulade
Sports Trivia: Jack Nicklaus
Word Play Trivia: the transposition of initial or other sounds of words
VIDEO: Deadly Ebola Virus: 700
VIDEO: Designing For Naomi Watts: apparel design
VIDEO: No Credit? No Problem: Capital One
VIDEO: Today In History: 1975
VIDEO: Trending Trade Rumors: Boston Red Sox
'The Bachelorette' Finale Gets Most Awkw...: Nick
Everything About this Real Mermaid Acade...: The Phillippines
Spanx Introduces 'Spanx Jeans': $148
Hotels To Allow You To Use Your Smartpho...: Hilton
Two-Legged Chihuahua Puppy Uses: toy helicopter

String: WiRed1932328JuNicFraNew700AppCap197Hil

Classic Rock Challenge: Aerosmith

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Daily Trivia
Blockbusters= Red
Daily Dose= Apple

String= WiRed1932328JuNicFraNew700AppCap197Hil

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Hey McMac, haven't seen you post since 4/13. Is everything OK your way?

Does This Make You Happy?: Wrong video
Box Office Video Trivia: Footrests
Ultimate Global Video Trivia: Non profit not giving credit
Read All About It Video Trivia: Airstrikes not taking answer
Auto Review Zone!: Sedan
Secrets Of Hollywood: wrong video
Watch: Priceless Advice From Stylist Kate: 2013
String: FooNonAirSed201

Entertainment Video Trivia: Jada Pinkett Smith
Music Pop Quiz: Cher Lloyd
Recipe Trivia: Couscous
Sports Trivia: Clayton Kershaw
Word Play Trivia: Gloomy
Does This Make You Happy?: PlaidDaily Dose of Video Trivia: Roger
How many people are featured in this event:35
Pangolins Almost Eaten to Extinction: Africa
Airline Warns Passengers to Flush Drugs ...: Sydney

String: PlaFooNonAiRogSed20135AfrSyd

-Classic Rock Challenge: Sirius (says wrong) Maybe the Album: Eye in the Sky?
-Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Is The Latest: 200 Million
-Blockbusters: Robert Zemeckis
The Science Behind First Impressions: York
Vicious Facebook War Between Hostel: Blue Sky
VIDEO: App Smart: Selects
VIDEO: Birthday Wishes Granted: Mail
VIDEO: Cracking The Girl's Code: 2013
VIDEO: Flesh-Eating Bacteria: 11

String: YorBluSelMai20111

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Daily Trivia
Classic Rock= Eye in the Sky
Daily Dose= 35
Read All About It Video Trivia =  Air strikes
Ultimate Global Video Trivia =  Non-profit
VIDEO: Five Easy 30-Second Workout=  Peter walsh
VIDEO: R&B Singer Ne-Yo=  8 Million dollars

String= PlaFooNonAiRogSed20135AfrSydYorBluSelMai2011Pet8 mAirNon

Does This Make You Happy?: Chris Bosh (not taking answer)
Box Office Video Trivia: Crossover
Ultimate Global Video Trivia: 19
Read All About It Video Trivia: Colony Capital
Auto Review Zone!: Floor mats
Secrets Of Hollywood: Pretty long
Watch: Get Out Your Capes: The Avengers
Entertainment Video Trivia: Ian Somerhalder
Music Pop Quiz: Orlando Bloom
Pop Clips Trivia - Reduce Water
Recipe Trivia: Thai Barbecue Ribs
Sports Trivia: 5
Word Play Trivia: Gewgaw
Blockbusters: Jessica Alba

String: ChrCro19ColFloPreThe

Bonus Codes= Free Points

Daily Trivia
Classic Rock= 30
Cache Creek= sept 1
Daily Dose= New Zealand
Does This Make You Happy= Green faces
Budgeting Tips from a Financial Expert =  4
Could Leaving a Dog Bowl Outside=  Pit Bull
Create a Game Plan for Your Next Party -= Pinterest
Tips for Booking Hotel Rooms This Summer =  3-6

String= NewGre4PitCro19ColFloPreThe

Does This Make You Happy?: 80
Box Office Video Trivia: 6.2
Ultimate Global Video Trivia: Sydney
Read All About It Video Trivia: 6.2%
Auto Review Zone!: Engine
Secrets Of Hollywood: Wrong video
Watch: Meet #MightyKacy: 4 million

String: 806.24 mSydEng

Daily Dose of Video Trivia: Charity Buzz
Entertainment Video Trivia: Jimmy Fallon
Music Pop Quiz: Meghan Trainor
Sports Trivia: Derek Jeter

String: 806.24 mSydEngBuz

Blookbusters: Tatooine

Bonus Codes= Free Points

Daily Trivia
Classic Rock= Amsterdam

This is an email I received from The Eagle. I'm posting it here in case you're not aware of the changes coming:
FAQ - Points Promotion Ending
Important Update for our Eagle Club Members
You may have recently received or heard news of the points promotion coming to an end. Below you will find an FAQ to answer your questions and provide details. Please know we are dedicated to bringing new and exciting promotions to the club – you just won’t have to use points to participate.
What is changing about the Eagle Club?    
The points promotion associated with the club is coming to an end. Please know the Eagle Club is here to stay – we are just making improvements in order to better serve more of our club members.
When does this happen?   
Between 9/3/14 and 9/5/14, the ability to redeem points will be removed from the club.
Because this timeframe may vary, we encourage you to use as many remaining points as possible before midnight, 9/2/14.
The ability to earn points via the station streaming player will be removed effective 7/17/14.
Why is this change happening?   
Feedback we’ve received shows that our members are most interested in winning great prizes, as well as getting exclusive rewards and access to information before the general public—without having to earn, track and spend points.
To make it easier and more fun for all members, we are removing the need to earn and redeem points to participate in entering contests and other giveaways.
What should I do with my points balance?   
We encourage you to use as many of your points as is possible before the promotion ends.
The point portion of the program is scheduled to end at midnight 9/2/14; however, it may be possible to see a points balance and use points as late as 9/5/14.
We are working hard to provide you additional opportunities to use your points between now and 9/2/14.
 After the points promotion shutdown date of 9/5/14, any remaining points balance will be removed from your club membership.
What happens to contests that I’ve already entered by redeeming points? What about contests that do not officially close till after 9/5/14?   
Rest assured that you are still eligible to win any contests that you entered in, including any which have a close date after 9/5/14.
If you win one of the network prizes you will receive a confirmation and the prize will be shipped to you as normal.
If you win a local prize, you will be contacted directly by {Station Name}.
I still have questions, how can I contact you?
email or phone our promotions director, Bryan Fox at bfox@entercom.com or (916) 334-7777.
The Eagle reserves the right to modify or change these promotion terms if deemed necessary. Any updates will be clearly posted on this page. You can view full Terms of Service for the club here. http://www.eagle969.com/pages/3790922.php 

Box Office Video Trivia: Newspaper not giving credit
Does This Make You Happy?: United Kingdom
Read All About It Video Trivia: Iowa
Ultimate Global Video Trivia: Toys R Us
Auto Review Zone!: Mini van
Watch: 8 Clueless References: Bettys
Daily Dose of Video Trivia:he Onion

String: NewUnIowToyMinBett

Daily Dose of Video Trivia = the ONIon

String = OniNewUnIowMinBeToy

Entertainment Video Trivia: Morgan Freeman
Music Pop Quiz: Lady Gaga
Sports Trivia: Joe Torre
Blockbusters: Ben Kingsley

String: OniNewUnIowMinBeToy

Classic Rock Challenge: A Pirate Radio Station

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