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Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Games= 14
Classic Rock= Billy Joel
Before They Were Famous= Architectural drafting
First Lines= The Bourne Ultimatum
Get Your Game On= Ulyssium
Show Me The Money= James Garfield
What Did They Say= Set yourself on down
Foodie Fun Trivia= running a diner
Travel Trivia= the brahma bull steak sandwich challenge
Fun Video= jennifer hudson
Online Research Trivia= What
DailyWorth Delivers Trivia= Nugget
Stralen Law= Normal life activities

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Blue Plate Special= Queen
Word Du Jour= Axl

String= 14Bab2SimMosGumAutZomOwnCrePriStuAmaWhaNugNorQueAxl

Walking Dead Trivia!: Zombie Playing Cards
I Love Chocolate Giveaway!: Auto fill with facebook
All About The Boutique!: Owning
Time To Invest!: Create
CreateIt's Tax Time!: Print
Win One Million Dollars!: Studies
Spend Smarter Trivia!: Amanda Steinberg

Expenses Trivia 7: eligible expense
Nutrition Trivia 7: beneficial
Video Trivia Anyone?: the odd couple
EliBenTheVideo Trivia Time: engaged
Videos NDN Style: perform

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Games= 8
Classic Rock= 66
Before They Were Famous= not necessarily the news
First Lines= 34 stories tall
Get Your Game On= 2,000
Show Me The Money= 12 districts
What Did They Say= how would you like it if I came over with my clique
Foodie Fun Trivia= mixing it up
Travel Trivia= Rio de janeiro
Fun Video= spent grain
Say It With Roses= $29.99
Become Baby Trivia= Amazon.com
Become Home and Garden= Amazon.com
Become Clothing= WomanWithin

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Blue Plate Special= Psychedelic music from the 60's
Word Du Jour=

String= 8EngPerThEliBenPsy

Dental Trivia 8: tongue
Plan Trivia 8: including
Video Trivia Anyone?: Storm
Video Trivia Time: a week
Videos NDN Style: Pig
Mammoth Lakes: Ansel Adams

anyone got the answer to the tax 1

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Games= Blue
Classic Rock= the diving board
Before They Were Famous= house painter
First Lines= all this happened, more or less
Get Your Game On= moon patrol
Show Me The Money= $10
What Did They Say= no dark sarcasm in the classroom
Pacific Dental= Intraoral cameras
Foodie Fun Trivia= walnuts
Travel Trivia= hollywood, fl
Fun Video= whole foods
Best Savings on Travel= 2

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Blue Plate Special= pink floyd's "the Wall"
Word Du Jour= the Wall

String= BluIntWeePigStoTonInc2Wal

AOL - Beauty Treatments From The Kitchen...: TryNewMB.com
AOL - How To Revamp Old Clothing 8: Waterfall
AOL - Fab LipStick Tricks 8: Eye Spy Bright Pink
AOL - Healthy Bread Recipes 8: Carbs
AOL - Flu Season Health Tips 8: 4
AOL - Easy Yoga Poses 8: Prone Gluteal
AOL - Should You Go Vegetarian 8: health experts
AOL - How To Stop Emotional Eating 8: Overeating
AOL - How To Be A Better Listener 8: selectively silent
AOL string: TryHalBriCar4ProHeaOveSel

Wheel Of Fortune Trivia:8
Travel Trivia: Cruises
What She Has To Say Trivia: Are you employed?
Valentines Day Trivia: pinterest
Zombie Prize Pack Trivia = The Zombie Survival Guide
Fashion trivia: email
Rewards Trivia: $50
Being Thankful Trivia: more great freebies
Sensational Trivia: 3
All About The Coffee!: pink
All About Cupcakes!: Wilton Easy Flex Silicone Cupcake Pan
I Love Breakfast Trivia: daily
Nike Trivia: four-column
KitchenAid Trivia: simmering hearty soups and stews
Sephora Trivia: Sephora by OPI Nail Polish
iPod Trivia: Retina
I'm Lovin It Trivia: Red
Dinner For Two Trivia: $50
Cool Savings Trivia: Disney DVD
Actifry Trivia: other social media
Nikon Giveaway Trivia: you tube
Cheap Eats Trivia: Thank you for liking Cheap Eats
Boots Trivia: 6
Sephora Studio Trivia: stunning
Best Savings On Travel!: 2
String: TonIncStoWeePigAnsFaiPup8CruArePinZomEma$50Mor3PinIltDaiFouSimNaiRetRedDisSocYouTha6Stu2

AOL string: TryHalBriCar4ProHeaOveSel

Facial Trivia 9: sleep disorders
Vision Trivia 9: routine eye exam
Video Trivia Anyone?: popcorn bar
Video Trivia Time: manslaughter
Videos NDN Style: We are good

Does anyone have today's Word du Jour?
I'm thinking Allan Sherman ...

"Strangers in my soup
Waiter, there are strangers in my soup
Now I'm a connoisseur, I ordered soup du jour ..."
"Mister, please, I'm just a waiter
You need an exterminator ..."

I need the word du jour. No soup, just gratitude!

Friday's Word Du Jour= The Wall----It's listed 4 posts above.

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Games= Red
Classic Rock= rosebud
Before They Were Famous= buddy holly
First Lines= the dimensions of space
Get Your Game On= asteroids
Show Me The Money= 1969
Fun Video= 10
Casino= GSN help
Cruise= Golf

String= RedManWePopSleRouGsnGol

Clean Trivia 10:30 mins
Health trivia 10: Co-payment
Video Trivia Anyone: Sales have slowed
Video trivia Time:Virginia
Videos NDN in style: Money
Go big trivia: Purchase tokens

Before They Were Famous ... Lauren Graham
First Lines ... facts
Fun Video Trivia! ... Jennifer Hudson
Games n eCards ... HEARTS
Get Your Game On ... Link
Show Me The Money ... green

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Classic Rock= Jim Morrison
Jackson Rancheria= Babe
Cache Creek= $2,500
iMax= L & 10th St
First 5= Education courses & supportive services

Updated String= HeaBab$2,Edu10VirMonSlo30PurCo-

Smile Trivia 11: white smile
Options Trivia 11: a continuation
Video Trivia Anyone?: Florida
Video Trivia Time: Dale
Videos NDN Style: warm weather

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Games= Undo
Classic Rock= neil young
Before They Were Famous= twisted sister
First Lines= ...being right
Get Your Game On= conan the barbarian
Show Me The Money= three
Cache Creek= $2,500
iMax= L & 10th st
First 5= Education
Foodie= marscapone
Travel Trivia= st. lucia
Fun Video= spent grain
J.Lo Pulls an Angelina Jolie= Ryan Seacrest
2013 Grammys: RedFoo - VIDEO= lamfo
Rihanna Talks About Her Success= 177
What She Has To Say Trivia= Are you employed
2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit = white
All About The Scholarship= Explore yourself
Poetry Movement Trivia= Country
Back It Up Trivia= Seconds
Opportunity Trivia= Request
Taylor Swift On The Perks Of Performing= first

Listen and Win
Word Du Jour= Naked gun
Walt's #1 Breakup Song= We Just Disagree
Great 80's Ballad= Livin' on a Prayer

Updated String= Und$2,Edu10DalWarFloConWhiRyaAreExpCouSecReqNakWePra

Plaque Trivia 12: cavities
Smart Trivia 12: blast your belly fat
Video Trivia Anyone?: earnings
Video Trivia Time: props
Videos NDN Style: executive
PC Trivia: your mind
Paul's Trivia: support
Paul's Trivia:Mike

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Games= 15
Classic Rock= beacon theatre
Before They Were Famous= a night in the life of jimmy reardon
First Lines= t.s. elliot
Get Your Game On= super joe
Show Me The Money= 1791
Foodie Fun Trivia= caramel and bacon
Travel Trivia= chernobyl
Fun Video= whole foods
AOL-Beauty Treatments= Skinceuticals
AOL-Revamp Old Clothing= Sea foam
AOL-Trend To Try Hairstyles= Gorgeous
AOL-Fab LipStick Tricks= Blue
AOL-Living Forward With Joyce = Cards
AOL-Living Forward With Neil= Ride
AOL-Heart Health Recipes= Oranges
AOL-Chicken Dinner Recipes= Mango Chutney-Chicken Curry
AOL-Heart Health Tips 12= Wake up and walk
AOL-Spring Fashion 2013= Monochromatic
Backstreet Boys Documentary in the Works= steven kayak
Mountain Dew Creates "Kickstart" Breakfast= fruity pebbles
Madonna Joins Instagram And Posts Racy= martini
Hollywood Defends Melissa McCarthy= hippo
Carrie Underwood's Grammy Projection= projection screen
Zombie Trivia= Max Brooks
Fortune Trivia= Octopus
Favorite Foods Trivia= Green
Amatuer Poetry Time= Email
All About My Computer= add files to your Sync folder
Just For You Trivia= 6
Web Expert Trivia= New york stock exchange
Opinion Trivia= 5
I love To Travel= Enter
Vacation Packages= Poconos, Penn
Home Managing= Pink
Best Deals= South carolina

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= N/A
Word Du Jour= Snoopy

String= 15ProExeEarCavBlaYouSupMikSkiSeaGorBluCarRidOraManWakMonMaxOctGreEma6New5EntPocPinSouSno

Video Trivia Anyone?: 3
Video Trivia Time: diamonds
Videos NDN Style: UK

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Games= Flip
Classic Rock= 13
Before They Were Famous= regis philbin
First Lines= because i could not stop for death
Get Your Game On= double dragon
Show Me The Money= 118
Stralen Law= Legal
Foodie Fun Trivia= pistachio-cherry sugar cookies
Travel Trivia= 679
Fun Video= blue
Crisis Trivia= Private health insurance
Serious Trivia= 30 minutes
White House: Obama Speech Focus on Jobs= the middle class
Mila Kunis Bares Major Skin= Allure
Ambrosio's Super Sheer Dress= underWear
Beyonce's Candid Body Talk= Vogue
Grammy Nominated Band Dish's On The Red= the Lumineers
Have Your Cake And The Body You Want= Apple pie

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= N/A
Word Du Jour= Stoned

String= FliLeg3DiaUkPri30AllWeaVogLumAppSto

BeachBody: Crazy
Derm Exclusive: Dr. Ordon
Video Trivia Anyone?: windy
Videos NDN Style: week-long
Video Trivia Time: life
White House: Obama Speech Focus on Jobs: the middle class
Mila Kunis Bares Major Skin - VIDEO: Allure
Ambrosio's Super Sheer Dress - VIDEO: underwear
Beyonce's Candid Body Talk - VIDEO: Vogue
Grammy Nominated Band Dish's On The Red ...: Lumineers
Have Your Cake And The Body You Want - V...: Apple pie
String: CraOrdWinWeelifAllWeaVogLumApp

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Games= Purple
Classic Rock= robert plant
Before They Were Famous= borderline
First Lines= shel silverstein william blake
Get Your Game On= sue
Show Me The Money= federal reserve bank of san francisco
Foodie Fun Trivia= 4
Travel Trivia= july 6, 1881
Fun Video= right
Diana Ross' Daughter Rhonda Opens= 13
Lady Gaga Cancels Concerts Due To Injury = Monday
Selling Science On The Space Station= 2010
How To Drive a Porsche in the Snow= Sugar Bush Resort
Vacation Packages Trivia= spring
Forbes on Games= carol

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= N/A
Word Du Jour= Love

String= PurLifWeeWinCelBlo13Mon201SugLov

Eating Trivia 14: Celery
Disease Trivia 14: blood vessels

*Mammoth Lakes: 400 inches
Fluoride Trivia 15: Second trimester
HDHP Trivia 15: Small Business
Video Trivia Time: 11
Videos NDN Style: IHOP
Video Trivia Anyone?: Life changing
String: 400SecSma11IhoLif

Cutest Valentine's Day Celeb Couples - V...: Justin Timberlake
Kate Middleton Bikini Baby Bump Photos B...: Caribbean
Nicole Kidman Secrets to Successful Holl...: Let Keith help her pick her dresses
Jessica Simpson and Katy Perry Look Pret...: John Mayer
Steve Martin To Be a Dad Aged 67: December
shoppers voice: email

String: 400SecSma11IhoLifTimJohDecEma

AOL - Beauty Treatments 15: Cooling
AOL - Revamp Old Clothing 15: Unique
AOL - Vogue Waves 15: Eric
AOL - Red Hot Fashion 15: Forever 21
AOL - Living Forward With Joyce 15: Wall Street
AOL - Living Forward With Neil 15: Writer
AOL - Heart Health 15: Planked
AOL - Chicken Dinner Recipes 15: Feta
AOL - Heart Health Tips 15: Steal some exercise
AOL - Spring Fashion 2013 15: Bermuda (Not spelled right on web page) Bur will not give credit
Aol: CooUniEriForWalWriPlaFetSteBer

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Games= Purple
Classic Rock= all you need is love
Before They Were Famous= murcutio
First Lines= the teakettle
Get Your Game On= lui kang
Show Me The Money= 4:10
Pacific Dental= $59
Foodie Fun Trivia= cumin
Travel Trivia= cassie chadwick
Fun Video= brown

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= N/A
Word Du Jour= Missed it, but this string will work: abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

String= Pur$5911IhoLifSecSmaTimMayDecEmaCooUniEriForWalWriPlaFetSteBerabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

Natural Trivia 16: Implant
Tooth Trivia 16: Age
Video Trivia Anyone?: Diamonds
Video Trivia Time: Music
Videos NDN Style: Fee
Chicken or Duck: Raw Food the Rage As Pe...: Big Bad Wolf
LeAnn Rimes Sues Her Dentist: Nine
Mariah Takes a Bath With Her Dog: champagne
String: ImpAgeDiaMusFeeBigNin

Before They Were Famous ... Crayola Crayons
First Lines ... Twenty-one
Fun Video Trivia! ... Purple
Games ... Nuclear
Get Your Game On ... 30 lives
Show Me The Money ... $50
String ... ImpAgeDiaMusFeeBigNinNuc

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Classic Rock= the letter

String= NucMusFeeDiaImpAgeBigNin

Diabetes Trivia 17: oral hygiene
Diagnose Trivia 17: Diabetes
Video Trivia Anyone?: Props
Video Trivia Time: Counting
Videos NDN Style: Patrick Jones
Video Trivia 1: Red
Video Trivia 2: Low down
Video Trivia 3: Wave
Video Trivia 4: Green
Video Trivia 5: August

String: OraDiaProCouPatRedLowWavGreAug

Before They Were Famous ... journalist or politician
First Lines ... three
Fun Video Trivia! ... Stephanie
Games n eCards Trivia ... PLAnkton
Show Me The Money ... $10
String ... OraDiaProCouPatRedLowWavGreAugPla

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Classic Rock= paul kanter
Game on= galaga
Jackson Rancheria= $95
Diabetes Trivia 17= Oral hygiene
Diagnose Trivia 17= Diabetes
Video Trivia Anyone= Props
Video Trivia Time= Counting
Videos NDN Style= Patrick Jones
Video Trivia 1= Red
Video Trivia 2= Low down
Video Trivia 3= Wave
Video Trivia 4= Green
Video Trivia 5= August
Bringing Agency Expertise= YNR was giving the points, but KPMG is the correct answer now

String: Pla$95OraDiaProCouPatRedLowWavGreAug

Bringing Agency Expertise To A Professio...: KPMG
Gums Trivia 18: Research
Mouth Trivia 18: Inconclusive
Sonoma: The Russian
Video Trivia Anyone?: Dale
Video Trivia Time: Taste
Video Trivia 6: October
Video Trivia 7: 1977
Video Trivia 8: Elephant
Video Trivia 9: Anne Cutler
Bartender, I'll Have: Houston


Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Games= 16
Classic Rock= brave belt
Before They Were Famous= alan rickman
First Lines= are you watching closely
Get Your Game On= q*bert
Show Me The Money= james madison
Foodie Fun Trivia= avacado
Travel Trivia= omaha public library
Fun Video= light
Cache Creek= may 4
iMax= $13
First 5= Community
Video Trivia 10= Breaks down
Video NDN= a Plunge

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= N/A
Word Du Jour= ghi

String= 16$13Com4TasDalResIncOct197EleAnnBrePluGhi

don't know if u need it but....
Videos NDN Style = a plunge
String = 16$13Com4TasDalResIncOct197EleAnnBrePlu

*Sonoma County Tourism Bureau: Birds
Video Trivia Time: Talk
Videos NDN Style: Mint
Video Trivia Anyone?: Virginia
String: BirTalMinVir

AOL - Beauty Treatments 19: Banana
AOL - Revamp Old Clothing 19: Perfectly stylish
AOL - Vogue Waves 19: Side
AOL - Red Hot Fashion 19: Asos
AOL - Joyce Obrien 19:Cards
AOL - Re-Enlisting 19: Ride
AOL - Heart Health Recipes 19: Spinach
AOL - Chicken Dinner Recipes 19: Thai
AOL - Heart Health Tips 19: Go first
AOL - Spring Fashion 2013 19: Black

How Jada Pinkett Smith Keeps Her Kids Gr: Red
Inside Forbes: Retire Well Issue: 28
Prince William Speaks Out Over Kate Midd..: Mystique
Facebook pays no taxes, gets $500K refun..: $1.1 billion
Changing kids TV habits may improve beha...: Journal of Pediatrics
The Black Keys' Patrick Carney Impersona...: Twitter

Aol: BanPerSidCarAsoRidSpiThaGoBla
String: BirTalMinVirRedMysTwi

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Games= 16
Classic Rock= steven stills
Before They Were Famous= julia roberts
First Lines= do you find me sadistic
Get Your Game On= do the donkey kong
Show Me The Money= $20,000
Foodie Fun Trivia= rolled oats
Travel Trivia= cabbage key
Fun Video= the beholder
Gingivitis= Fluoride
Oral Health= Enamel

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= Unplugged (working now)
Word Du Jour= Bon

String= 16TalMinVirBanPerSidAsoCarRidSpiThaGoBlaRedMysTwiFluEnaUnpBon

Blue Plate = it is supposed to be unplugged, but it wouldn't work for me.

ACOUSTIC worked.

Word du Jour = Bon

Video Trivia Anyone?: manslaughter
Video Trivia Time: simple
Videos NDN Style: Hollywood
String: ManSimHol

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