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AOL - Hottest Fashion Trends 28: Structured
AOL - Manicure Monday 28: Snapguide
AOL - How To Update Your Updo 28: Pins
AOL - Create A Dramatic Lip 28: Linda
AOL - Quick & Easy Tips 28: Paint
AOL - Trend To Try Cute Spring Manicures...: Creative pastels
AOL - Women's Self Defense 28: Really rough
AOL - Veggie Smoothie Recipes 28: Pea Perfection
AOL - Emotional Eater 28: Lampert
AOL - Calorie Snack Ideas 28: 14
AOL - Healthier Fast Food 28: Cobble
AOL - Red Wine Health Benefits 28: Noel Spritzer

AOL String: StrSnaPinLinPaiCreReaPeaLam14CobNoe

Skin Trivia 28: Many people
Age Trivia 28: Sebum

String: MatManSeb

Video Entertainment Center: Their lives
String: Liv

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Daily Trivia
Games= 50
Classic Rock= robert plant: a life
Before They Were Famous= the bill engvall show
First Lines= 1896
Get Your Game On= 30 lives
Show Me The Money= the granite lady
Celebrity= the voice
Entertainment= muse
Video On Demand= university of virginia
Video Entertainment Center= their Lives
Gimme Jimi= electric ladyland
Scoop On Salt= True
Food Labels= The food has less than 5 milligrams of sodium per serving
Surviving Spring Allergies= All of the above

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= Live cuts
Word Du Jour= Layla

String= 50TruTheAllLivLay

Video Entertainment Center:Gillian But Jil works right now
Demi Lovato Returns to X Factor 30: Singing
Nicki Minaj Toots Her Own Horn 30: Pink
Inside Tonight's 'Survivor' Immunity Cha: John
Kate Upton Says She Prefers Men Hairless: Bathing suit

String: JilSinPinJohBat

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Daily Trivia
Games= 5
Classic Rock= mick jagger
Before They Were Famous= marcus
First Lines= mr. and mrs. dursley
Get Your Game On= doom
Show Me The Money= venezuela
Celebrity= grey's anatomy
Entertainment= foo fighters
Video On Demand= feet
Video Entertainment Center= Jil
Shelby GT500= Orange
Heart Attack= Red
Spring Allergies= 5 am

String= 5JilSinPinJohBatBakLowAll2OraRedCou5 a

General Hospital Favorites Return! 30: Counterfeit money
Calories Count: A bakery bran muffin
Breast Health: Low testosterone
Migrane Maintenance: All of the above
Health Insurance Trivia: 2
String: JilSinPinJohBatBakLowAll2OraRedCon

Jay-Z Takes Decadence to "Roll" New Leve...: Black
Video Entertainment Center: Black
Molly Ringwald Reveals Musical Talent 31: Rob
Every Time I Die: Touring Is Like Wrestler: 14 year old kid
Stevie Nicks Shares Kiddie Music Memory: Tap dancing
American Idol's Tim Urban: Where Is He N: You are so adorable

String BlaRob14yTapYou

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Daily Trivia
Games= Flip
Classic Rock= eddie van halen
Before They Were Famous= about last night
First Lines= brian robeson
Get Your Game On= doc brown
Show Me The Money= alexander hamilton
Celebrity= game of throne
Entertainment= 'fine china' by chris brown
Video On Demand= 54.5 MPG
Video Entertainment Center= Black

Video on Demand=self driving cars

I suppose the question was supposed to mean the 1st answer to appear in the video.

any way....it works.

Happy Easter

Correct 'Video Trivia on Demand' answer has changed to ... 54.5 MPG

Fun Video Trivia!: Gamers
Unlimited Video Edition!: Really Good
Spring Time Video Trivia!: Really Good
Resort Rentals April Edition!: Atrium Resort
Vacation Rentals April Sweepstakes!: entry received
Dictate Trivia: three times faster

String: GamReaAtrEntThr

Dental Trivia 1: share a spoon
Symptoms trivia 1: a root canal
Today in History for April 1st: Marvin Gaye
Diddy Performing at WWE's Wrestlemania ...: Coming Home
Exclusive: Stevie Nicks Shares Kiddie Mu...: Phoenix
Jonas Brothers' 'Pom Poms' Music Video T...: 16
Reese Witherspoon Goes Brunette: Mexico

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Daily Trivia
Games= Undo
Classic Rock= stevie nicks
Before They Were Famous= pampers
First Lines= that's it,hundred honors&ninety below
Get Your Game On= up,down,left,right,hold A and press start
Show Me The Money= alexander hamilton & benjamin franklin
Celebrity= upside down
Entertainment= fitz & the tantrums
iMax= Jurrasic park 4
Green Acres= 2003
LKQ Parts= Unwanted vehicle
Deals of the Universe= Bag
Daily Deals= Blue
Tote= April 30
Custom= 40
Getaway= Do you have a car
Million Dollar= Orange
Health Ins= Basic medical info
Get Some Gas= Do you have diabetes
Get Your Apple On= 3
Give A Little Pepper= Orange

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= John fogerty/john mellencamp
Word Du Jour= April Fools

String= UndJur003UnwBagBluApr40DoOraBasGamReaAtrEntThrShaRooMarComPho16MexJohApr

Fun Video Trivia!: White
Unlimited Video Edition!: Singing
Spring Time Video Trivia!: Really good not working right now

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Games= 15
Classic Rock= the eagles
Before They Were Famous= luke cage
First Lines= a hobbit lived there in a hole in the ground
Get Your Game On= abacbb
Show Me The Money= $10
Celebrity= dwayne johnson
Entertainment= wwe's wrestlemania 29
Sure West Sports= Mike finnerty

Flavors of AOL
AOL - Easy Beauty Tricks= Peach fuzz
AOL - 5 Must Have Items= Jumpsuit
AOL - How To Update Your Updo= Pink
AOL - Create A Dramatic Lip= 1
AOL - Quick & Easy Tips= Residue and oils
AOL - Cute Spring Manicures= Orange
AOL - Women's Self Defense= Running
AOL - Workout Food Recipes= an Apple
AOL - Best Spring Fitness Apps= Six
AOL - Calorie Snack Ideas= Avacado (wrong spelling,but must use AVA to get the points)
AOL - Healthier Fast Food= Salad
AOL - Red Wine Health Benefits= Hawaii

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= John lennon
Word Du Jour= Sgt. Pepper

String= 15MikWhiSinReaMedRoa269BacPeaJumPin1ResOraRunAppSixAvaSalHawJohSgt

Medicare Trivia: Medigap
Oral Trivia 2:Road Map
Today in History April 2: 26 years
White House Posts April Fool's Day Messa...: 9
Celebrities Among Winners in Google Glas...: $1500
The Best April Fool's Day 2013 Internet ...: sniff
Flavored Condom Adds Spice to Lovemaking: Bacon

Fun Video Trivia!: Cowboy
Unlimited Video Edition!: Kristina
Spring Time Video Trivia!: Singing
String: CowKriSin

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Games= Hearts
Classic Rock= jimmy page
Before They Were Famous= coat checker
First Lines= samantha mathis
Get Your Game On= tennis for two
Show Me The Money= 2
Celebrity= katy perry
Entertainment= bonnaroo
Cache Creek= 7 p.m.
Best Buy= Orange
Are You An Outfitter Trivia= Get started ("enter your email" is not working for me)
Resource Trivia= find jobs with Excellent benefits
Colors Trivia= 2

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= Santana/jimi hendrix
Word Du Jour= Pony express (thanks McMac)

String= Hea7 pOraCowKriSinGumCasBluGerMar240WhiBouEntGetExcSan

Gums Trivia 3: Gum disease
Plan Trivia 3: Cash benefits
Cosmos People - Cosmos People Live at Du...: Blue
Meet Justin Bieber's Monkey Mally: German
Today in History April 3: Martin Luther King Jr
Get Your iPad On!: 2
Michael Jackson's mom sues concert promo: $40 billion
Hillary Clinton Appears at Vital Voices ...: White
Take The Journey!: Boundaries
Are You An Outfitter Trivia!: Enter your email
String: CowKriSinGumCasBluGerMar240WhiBouEnt

word du jour=pony express

Fun Video Trivia!: Bathing suit
Unlimited Video Edition!: Pink
Spring Time Video Trivia!: Red
String: BatPinRed

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Games= Purple
Classic Rock= kenny loggins
Before They Were Famous= boyzone
First Lines= dignity
Get Your Game On= centipede
Show Me The Money= 1969
Celebrity= big bang theory
Entertainment= they sent a copy of their album up into space
All About Apples= Green
Moving On Up= Red

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= Class of 1984 (George Orwell has returned!)
Word Du Jour= MLK

String= PurBatPinRedGreHowPreDryCom198Mlk

The Dream Car Trivia! = Red
The Winner Circle = How old are you?
Private Trivia 4 = premiums
Juice Trivia 4 = Dry sockets
Survey Central! = complete your entry
String: BatPinRed198HowPreDryCom

Directed Trivia 5: HDHP
Morning Trivia 5: Tongue
Fun Video Trivia!: 1991
Unlimited Video Edition!: Patty
Spring Time Video Trivia!: Pregnant
String: HDHTon199Patpreg

Before They Were Famous ... Fife
Celebrity Interview Video ... Kirstie Alley
Entertainment Video ... Miley Cyrus
First Lines ... nine
Games n eCards ... PURple
Get Your Game On ... Hammurabi
Show Me The Money ... James Madison

Flavors of AOL 4/5
AOL - Easy Beauty Tricks 5: Hydrating
AOL - 5 Must Have Items 5: The Overnight Bag
AOL - How To Update Your Up: Eric Gabriel
AOL - Create A Dramatic Lip 5: Linda
AOL - Quick & Easy Tips 5: Cheat a little
AOL - Cute Spring Manicures 5: Shades of grey
AOL - Women's Self Defense 5: Devastating obstacles
AOL - Workout Food Recipes 5: Cramps
AOL - Best Spring Fitness Apps 5: Rising temperatures
AOL - Calorie Snack Ideas 5: 1
AOL - Healthier Fast Food 5: Get creative
AOL - Red Wine Health Benefits 5: oak barrel

AOL String: HydOveEriLinCheShaDevCraRis1GetOak

String: HDHTon199Patpre

Blue Plate=Led Zepplin

Word du jour=Kurt Cobain

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Classic Rock= now what
Spend It= Branddealonline
Apple= Birth date

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= Led zeppelin
Word Du Jour= Cobain

String= PurBraBirHdhTon199PatPreHydOveEriLinCheShaDevCraRis1GetOakLedCob

Fun Video Trivia!: History
Unlimited Video Edition!: Keltie
Spring Time Video Trivia!: Liz
Nicki Minaj's Beautiful Pill Promo 6: Blonde
Rescued Baby Owl Loves to be Tickled 6: Hoang
'Vadering' the Hot New Internet Meme 6: Blue
Facebook Wants To Rule The Phone With Ho...: Bridget
Four-Year-Old Snubs Prince William's Kis...: Rose

String: HisKelLizBloHoaBluBriRos

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Games= 16
Classic Rock= heart
Before They Were Famous= living dolls
First Lines= the haunting of hill house
Get Your Game On= 1977
Show Me The Money= woodrow wilson
Celebrity= molly ringwald
Entertainment= ultra

String: 16HisKelLizBloHoaBluBriRosTwoGen

Dental Trivia 6: Two teeth
Insurance Trivia 6: Generally speaking
String: HisKelLizBloHoaBluBriRosTwoGen

Let me know if you happen to hear the rolling stones word for this weekend please

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Games= Red
Classic Rock= australia
Before They Were Famous= the tasteless gal
First Lines= if you're going to read this, don't bother
Get Your Game On= dartmouth
Show Me The Money= false
Celebrity= lindsay lohan
Entertainment= jamie jones
Fun Video Trivia!: Second
Unlimited Video Edition= Purse
Spring Time Video Trivia= Yellow
Blake: Hosting the ACMs Will= Red
Video Shot: Cat Rides On Bicycler's= Red
Conn. Lawmakers Pass Gun Control Law= Newtown
AI Contestant Performs Injured= Liz
See Beyonce's Sexy Video= Our terms

String: RedSecPurYelNewLizOurEntEmaCom30

Outfitters Trivia!: Enter your e-mail
Prize Central!: Email
Get Your Gas On!: Complete your survey
All In Just Seconds!: 30 Seconds

String: SecPurYelRedNewLizOurEntEmaCom30

Fun Video Trivia!: By the GRAce of God
Unlimited Video Edition!: White
Spring Time Video Trivia!: Mother
All About The Dragon Trivia!: Accurately
Justin Bieber Teen Vogue Cover Preview 8: Nicole
'Mermaiding' for Boys 8: Swimming
Beyonce Says She's a Modern Day Feminist...: 31
Andy Dick Eliminated From DWTS? 8: Blue
Suspected Thief Jumps In Canal For Escap...: Patrick
String: GraWhiMotAccNicSwi31BluPat

Before They Were Famous ... a baker
Celebrity Interview Video ... Jennifer Hudson
Entertainment Video ... Las Vegas
First Lines ... ůmad
Get Your Game On ... Pepper
Show Me The Money ... Thomas Jefferson
Variety Videos on Demand ... The car explodes
Games n eCards ... COUgars
String ... GraWhiMotAccNicSwi31BluPatCou

classic rock=Roger Daltry

cache creek=May 18

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Classic Rock= roger daltry (thanx McMac)
Cache Creek= May 18 (thanx McMac)
iMax= 10th & L
LKQ Parts= We want to buy it
Auto Protection Trivia = $125/hour
Health Trivia 8 = 1976
Get Your Tan On! = birth date
Teeth Trivia 8 = ice cubes
Car= 3
Groceries= Enter your e-mail
Drive= 6
Work= your Injuries
Worth= Own it
Deals= Green

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= Police/bowie
Word Du Jour= 715

String= CouMay10WeGraWhiMotAccNicSwi31BluPat125197BirIce3Ent6InjOwnGrePol715

Monday's Win a Harley
4PM - Attitude

Fun Video Trivia! ... PATtie
Spring Time Video Trivia! ... 30
Unlimited Video Edition! ... KEEp
Louisville's Ware Leaves Indianapolis ... CRUtches
Public Outrage Over Rutgers Basketball ... NEWark
Shia LeBeouf Addresses Feud 9 ... HEArt
Jada On Rumors of Open Marriage 9 ... SPEculation
Dramatic River Rescue Of Boaters 9 ... 2

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