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try rumble


Unlimited Video Edition!: Really Good
Fun Video Trivia!: White
Spring Time Video Trivia!: Yellow
Housewives Star Debuts Ring 28: Pink
ET to GO: Robert Talks Physicality 28: On
Reese Witherspoon Surfaces In LA 28: Jim
Miley Cyrus' Parents Are Worried About H...: Stephanie
Brutal Way Alba Lost Baby Weight 28: Blue
String: GooWhiYelPinOnJimSteBlu

Before They Were Famous = River Phoenix
Celebrity Interview Video Trivia = Atlanta, GA
Entertainment Video Trivia = Fall Out Boy
First Lines = a bomb
Get Your Game On = President Patricia Caldwell
Show Me the Money = 1902

Games n eCards ... 10
All About The Gas! 28 ... TAKe
Apple Trivia 28 ... ENTer
All About The Wardrobe! 28 ... ENTer
All About Life! 28 ... CONfirm
American Dream Sweepstakes! 28 ... ORAnge
All About The Heart! 28 ... RED
Galaxy Trivia 28 ... 12:03
Paris Getaway Trivia! 28 ... ZIP
String ... GooWhiYelPinOnJimSteBluTakEntConOraRed12:Zip

classic rock= 17

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points
String= 10GooWhiYelPinOnJimSteBluTakEntConOraRed12:Zip

Harley Codes
8am= Kill Switch
Bonus= Wide
12pm= Listen
4pm= Hogs
8pm= Club

Unlimited Video Edition!: Really Good
Fun Video Trivia!: Purse
Spring Time Video Trivia!: Mother
Peace Of Mind Trivia: Deluxe
What Oprah Misses About Her Show 29: Steve Harvey
Congress ready to end air traffic 29: Furious
Racecar Driver Pulled From Fiery Crash 2...: Dangerous
Fla Woman Finds 36K in Bag and Returns I...: Rachel
Lady At Bus Stop Breaks It Down To "Danc...: Earbuds
Lawrence Debuts Short a New Do 29: Liz
String: GooPurMotDelSteFurDanRacEarLiz

classic rock= Carole King

games and e-cards= pink

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Games= Pink
Classic Rock= carole king
Before They Were Famous= jamie o'hare
First Lines= ralph ellison
Get Your Game On= washington d.c.
Show Me The Money= cotton
Celebrity= tom cruise
Entertainment= hands for feet
Cache Creek= 5
CalHFA= Unemployment mortgage assistance
Weideman= Cooperation
LKQ= Environment

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= Moody blues/yes
Word Du Jour= Hitchcock

String= Pin5UneCooEnvGooPurMotDelSteFurDanRacEarLiz5CapDaiMooHit

Harley Codes
8am= Piston
Bonus= Nor Cal
12pm= Bad Motor Scooter
4pm= Do Rag
8pm= Heavy Metal

Today in History: April 29th: 55
Cereal Launches Late-Night Talk Show on ...: Cap'n crunch
Site Ranks Best Hot Dogs in America: The Daily Meal
String: GooPurMotDelSteFurDanRacEarLiz55CapDai

Unlimited Video Edition!: Really Good
Fun Video Trivia!: Keltie
Spring Time Video Trivia!: 30
String: GooKel30

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Games= Bruiserbots
Classic Rock= juke box hero
Before They Were Famous= eight
First Lines= a piece of cardboard
Get Your Game On= 17
Show Me The Money= around 30,000
Celebrity= stuck in love
Entertainment= the xx
iMax= Iron Man 3
SureWest= Coach
Daily Dose= 150
Scrabble= Three
Gatsby= White

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= Rush/def leppard
Word Du Jour= Muddy

String= BruIroCoa150ThrGooKel30LinHemFloThePlaLasPurGraFigWhiBesStoHit201BluChrRusMud

Harley Codes
8am= Wheelie
Bonus= Flying Low
12pm= Torque
4pm= Ride To Live
8pm= Positive Thoughts

AOL is from prior day if you did not do it last time here are the old answers :

AOL - Tips & Tricks 26: 1
AOL - 10 Tips 26: Neat
AOL - Surprising Uses 26: Television
AOL - Biggest Mistakes 26: They skip breakfast.
AOL - 11 Ways To Get Gorgeous 26: Take your vitamins.
AOL - Biggest Style Mistakes 26: Tailoring
AOL - Power Smoothie Video 26: Fruit
AOL - Workout Food Recipes 26: An apple
AOL - Late Night Snacking 26: Moon rises
AOL - Calorie Snack Ideas 26: Fiber
AOL - Munchies 26: Best Chef
AOL - Nutritionist Tips 26: Dietitians
AOL string: 1NeaTelSkiTakTaiFruAppMooFibBesDie
String: GooKel30150

AOL - Tips & Tricks 30: Linda Hay
AOL - 10 Tips 30: Hemlines
AOL - Surprising Uses 30: Flour
AOL - Biggest Mistakes 30: 2. They subscribe to a diet of coffee.
AOL - 11 Ways To Get Gorgeous 30: 4. Play with your hair!
AOL - Biggest Style Mistakes 30: Last season
AOL - Power Smoothie Video 30: Purple
AOL - Workout Food Recipes 30: Granola Fruit Kabobs
AOL - Late Night Snacking 30: Figure out your pattern
AOL - Calorie Snack Ideas 30: 1 medium-size pear, poached in white wine
AOL - Munchies 30: Best Burger
AOL - Nutritionist Tips 30: Stock up at your cube
String: LinHemFloThePlaLasPurGraFigWhiBesSto

Today in History, April 30th: Hitler
ShowBiz Minute: Zeta-Jones, Jackson, Ald... : Bipolar disorder
What year did the gambling "Black Friday" happen?: 2011
Sacramento Mayor Lauds NBA Vote on Kings: Blue
One Direction Dropping New Album: Christmas

String: GooKel30150Hit201BluChr

IMAX - Iron Man 8

Endless Vacation Packages 5/1: Celebration Suites
Endless Vacations Sweepstakes 1: Enter
Videos Gone Wild!: Mean
Entertainment Zone!: Liz
LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Basketball
String: CelEntMeaLizBas

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Games= 7
Classic Rock= five minutes
Before They Were Famous= mick foley
First Lines= mother
Get Your Game On= devil's crossing prison
Show Me The Money= 454
Celebrity= olivia munn
Entertainment= samsung
Daily Dose= Ipad

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= Unplugged
Word Du Jour= Osama dead laden

String= 7IpaCelEntMeaLizBas40Rea$10ZipEmaCitReaUse2SurUnpOsa

Harley Codes
8am= Club
Bonus= Real Looker
12pm= Biker
4pm= Speed
8pm= Iron

Custom Pics! 1: 40
Custom Prints! 1: Readit
PCH Sweepstakes! 1: $10 million
Multi-Millionare Sweepstakes! 1: Zip
The Rising! 1: Email
Money For Life! 1: City
Scratch Off Time! 1: Registration Form
Get Your Scrabble On!: Username
Game Time! 1: 2
Gas Sweepstakes! 1: Survey
String: CelEntMeaLizBasIpa40Rea$10ZipEmaCitRegUse2Sur

Videos Gone Wild!: Kristina
LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Her Locks
Entertainment Zone!: Tatoo
String: KriLocTat

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Games= 11
Classic Rock= more than 100
Before They Were Famous= geoffrey rush
First Lines= the white girl
Get Your Game On= dungeons
Show Me The Money= copper
Celebrity= leonardo di caprio
Entertainment= miguel
Daily Dose= @billclinton
Today in History= leonardo da vinci
'Glee' Star Fires Back= Stephanie
ObamaCare Train Wreck= Norvell
The Signs of Stress= Freda
When Can Children Start Eating Solids= Brussel sprouts
The New Wave of Country Artists= Jason
Tan Mom Releases New Music Single= White
Andy Dick's Tearful Goodbye= Yellow
Khloe Talks Body Image = Arlene

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= Styx/foreigner
Word Du Jour= Lou gramm

String= 11@biSteNorFreBruJasWkiYelArlKriLocTatStyLou

Harley Codes
8am= Jax Teller
Bonus= Cubic Inches
12pm= Black and Chrome
4pm= Leather
8pm= Sac Mile

Well folks, I was notified by The Eagle a few hours ago that I'm Harley qualifier #24!
Maybe it's karma from my 4/22 post of:
"Folks, I apologize for not posting these Harley codes in the past, as it was for selfish reasons. I figured, in my warped mind, that this was for a HARLEY, man, and every person for themselves! Well, my conscience has gotten the better of me (perhaps it was the Holy Spirit) and I now see the errors of my ways. Sorry, and good luck to all! And no, I'm not sharing now because I've qualified. I'm still out in the cold like most of you!"

Well, I'm not out in the cold any longer! Good luck, everyone.

Note: I tried various strategies in posting the code answers on The Eagle web-site(waiting to post answers all at once after 8:00pm, posting them one at a time when hearing or finding them on their Face Book page) but the last 2 days this is what I did. I had the Listen and Win page up and on the hour's code that was about to be announced, and I typed in the answer as they were announcing it and sent it immediately. Same with the Bonus code word. I'd scan their Face Book page, and as soon as they posted it, I'd enter it and send. I don't know if this strategy has squat to do with increasing your odds, but it worked for me! It's probably a truly random pick by their computer, and how and when you enter the codes means nothing. But I'm just saying....

CONGRAT"S igolf!!!!

I hope you win!!! Unless of course I get qualified too!!

Gone Wild Videos: Washington
Entertainment Zone!: Parachute
LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Bread rolls
Kris Kross's Mac Daddy, Chris Kelly, Dea...: Bandana
Watch the video and for 500 points: What's the reporters first name?: Jeric
String: WasParBreBanJer

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Games= 3
Classic Rock= hotel california
Before They Were Famous= opie taylor
First Lines= Sinclair lewis
Get Your Game On= moon bear king
Show Me The Money= Salvador dali
Celebrity= despicable me 2
Entertainment= h & m

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= Plugged in Live
Word Du Jour= Spam

String= 3WasParBreBanJer1NeaTelTheTakTaiFruAppMooFibBesDiePluSpa

Harley Codes
8am= Born to be Wild
Bonus= Crossed Fingers
12pm= Midnight Pearl
4pm= Lock Nut
8pm= Flames

AOL - Tips & Tricks 3: 1
AOL - 10 Tips 3: Neat
AOL - Surprising Uses 3: Television
AOL - Biggest Mistakes 3: They skip breakfast.
AOL - 11 Ways To Get Gorgeous 3: Take your vitamins.
AOL - Biggest Style Mistakes 3: Tailoring
AOL - Power Smoothie Video 3: Fruit
AOL - Workout Food Recipes 3: Apple
AOL - Late Night Snacking 3: Moon rises
AOL - Calorie Snack Ideas 3: Fiber
AOL - Munchies 3: Best Chef
AOL - Nutritionist Tips 3: Dieticians
AOL String: 1NeaTelTheTakTaiFruAppMooFibBesDie

String: WasParBreBanJer

Videos Gone Wild!: Fabulous figure
Entertainment Zone!: Sir Richard
LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Spring Breakers
String: FabSirSpr

Before They Were Famous = The Raging Moon
Celebrity Interview Video Trivia = Jennifer Love Hewitt
Entertainment Video Trivia = Miley Cyrus
First Lines = It was love at first sight.
Get Your Game On = Arran Danner
Show Me the Money = Haruhiko Kuroda

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Games= 5
Classic Rock= birdland
Before They Were Famous= the raging moon
First Lines= it was love at first sight
Get Your Game On= arran danner
Show Me The Money= haruhiko kuroda
Celebrity= jennifer love hewitt
Entertainment= miley cyrus
Videos Gone Wild= Fabulous figure
Entertainment Zone= Sir richard
LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous= Spring breakers
Lindsay Lohan Packs for Rehab= Yes
Raw: Venezuela Lawmakers Brawl= Caracas
Amanda Knox's memoir hits US= Waiting to be heard
Dog perfects art of turning down unwanted= Owner
Top of the bill: giant rubber duck sails= hong kong Harbor
Gas= First name

String= 5FabSirSprYesCarWaiOwnHarFirEma13NbcHomRedLikCliJel

Wassup with the 3 survey questions giving 0 points?

Harley Codes
8am= Highway Star
Bonus= Vest
12pm= Drive Belt
4pm= ???

The american dream= ema
Get in the game ! 4 = 13
5k sweepstakes= Nbc
Apple sweepstakes ! 4= Home
All about the heart ! 4= Red
Morhers day trivia ! 4= Like
Outfitters trivia= Click
Ten Million Dollar Sweepstakes! 4= 444,444,444 jelly beans

Ten Million Dollar Sweepstakes! 4: Jelly beans

string: FabSirSprYesCarWaiOwnHar5FirHomEma13NbcRedLikCliJel

8pm saddle bags
4pm weekend

Videos Gone Wild! = WILlow Smith
Entertainment Zone! = JOKed
LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous! = BIG Apple

String = bigwiljok

Gerbils to Strut Their Stuff in Mass. Sh...: Libby
Summer Heat Warnings for Seniors 5: Rising thermometer
Food Fixes and Facts with Joy Bauer 5: Bran
Jennifer Aniston's Low-Cut LBD 5: Arlene
Researchers Find Many Lipsticks Contain ...: California
String: BigWilJokLibRisBraArlCal

Music Trivia: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
Before They Were Famous: Hyrise
Celebrity Interview Video: Samuel L. Jackson
Entertainment Video: Standing on the Sun
First Lines: Misgiving.
Get Your Game On: Fifth
Show Me The Money: 1980
Games n eCards: Flip
Smiling Planet Giveaway! 5: June

String: BigWilJokLibRisCalArlBraFliJun

8am: outrageous
12pm: envy
4pm: bike
8pm: two up

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Classic Rock= stephen stills

String= FliBigWilJokLibRisBraArlCalJun

Harley Codes
8am= Outrageous
Bonus= Spark Plug
12pm= Envy
4pm= Bike
8pm= Two Up

Videos Gone Wild!: Instagram
Entertainment Zone!: Ad
LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous!:Grammy night
'American Idol's' New Judge: Confirms Po...: Stephanie
Minka Kelly Could be Handcuffed to Fifty...: White
Julianne Hough Flaunts Her Toned Tummy 6: Green
Sobe Lash rocks her urban punk music and...: Houston
Zoe Saldana's Oops Moment 6: London

String: InsAdGraSteWhiGreHoulon

Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Games= Undo
Classic Rock= david bowies' the next day
Before They Were Famous= paradise alley
First Lines= nick carraway
Get Your Game On= moscow
Show Me The Money= purple
Celebrity= the smurfs
Entertainment= spiderman 2
Cache Creek= 7pm
CalHFA= Financial hardship
iMax= 10th and L St.
Green Acres= 12
LKQ= 3
Smile= $50
Weidemans= Acid

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= Bob seger/bruce springsteen
Word Du Jour= Seger

String= Und7pmFin10t123$50AciInsAdGraSteWhiGreHouLonBluSteJerTwoThr17BobSeg

Harley Codes
8am= Dream
Bonus= Calipers
12pm= Sac Town
4pm= Bug Catcher
8pm= Combustion

Gas Card Sweepstakes! 6: Blue
Daily Dose Video Trivia!: Stephanie
Today in History, May 6th: New Jersey
LL Cool J Reveals New Album Details: Two
Katy Perry Launches New Perfume Killer Q...: Three
Reese Wears an Atlanta PD Hat: $313
Gwyneth Paltrow Claims Fans Want Her To ...: babble.com
Matt Lauer Dances With Psy: 17

String: InsAdGraSteWhiGreHouLonUndBluSteJerTwoThr17

Harley code word
4pm: bug catcher
8pm: combustion

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