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Blockbusters: Surf Instructor
Book Worm: Professor Kirke

Eteam fm106 Bonus Code - SIMPLE

4 Best Tips for Becoming a Pokemon Go Master:  Portable charger
Check Out This Year's Top Hotel in the World:  Indonesia
Disney Reaches $5 Billion at Worldwide Box Office In  Record Time:  Universal
Do Women Want to Date the 'Bad Boy'?:  Heterosexual
Former 'Bachelor' Sean Lowe Dresses His Newborn...:  32
Has Calvin Harris Found a New Lady?:   Nicole Scherzinger
Is Miley Cyrus' New Ink Dedicated to Lia Hemsworth?:  Vegemite
Sofia Vergara Turns 44 and Takes a Tip from Beyonce:  Lemons
The Museum of Ice Cream is Real and its Coming to New York City:  August
Top-Earning Celeb of 2016:  6
Animal Trivia:  63%
Crazy Video Trivia:  Sugar Ray Leonard
Food Fetish Trivia:  Cachaça
Science Trivia:  Mission to Space
Summertime Trivia:  28
What Is Happening Trivia:  March

Town: West Bend/ Milwaukee/ Allis
Scott’s Team: Philadelphia Phillies
Café: Pretzel
Artist: Dierks Bentley
Facebook: Baseball

V100.7 Bailey VIP – Hike
V100.7 Reggie VIP – Pool

Blockbusters: Donna
Book Worm: 1930's
Country Livin’: Good Morning America
Country Music:: Half-Sisters
Entertainment:Rebal Wilson
Classic Rock Challenge:
Get your game on: Assassin
Music Skills: Friday
Celebrity Scoop: 1994
Healthy Knowledge: Isometric
Homerun Trivia: Nolan Ryan
Music Challenge:
Music Quiz: Bernie Nee
Music Pop Quiz: Piano
Pop Clips: Pokeman Go
Sports Trivia: Gymnastics
The Dish: Bacon
TV Trivia: Anderson Cooper


5 Tips for Getting Cheaper or Free Upgrades on Flights:  1
Chained Monkey Found in Purse Now Living Happy Life:  Purse
Having Kids Officially Ruins Your Romant...:  Leaves....WRONG  VIDEO...may change later
Man Gives Jail Cell 3 Out of 5 Stars Review:  16
Man Swarmed by Monkeys Inspires Epic Photoshop Battle:   Thailand
Pilots Debunk Air Travel Myths:  Coffee
Pokemon Go Has Full Access to Your Google Account:  Niantic Labs
Why Your Cat Puts its Butt in Your Face:  rollors....WRONG  VIDEO...may change later
Woman's Husband-less Honeymoon Pictures Go Viral:  Greece....WRONG  VIDEO...may change later
Woody Allen's Next Film Could Land at Amazon Studios:  July 15th

Animal Trivia:  Fireworks
Crazy Video Trivia:  White
Food Fetish Trivia:  8
Science Trivia:  3
Summertime Trivia:  30
What Is Happening Trivia:  Lure

Blockbusters:  M
Book Worm:  A Former Mental Hospital
Get Your Game On:  1066
Healthy Knowledge:  Hamstrings
Homerun Trivia:  Gaylord Perry
Music Quiz:  Big Bopper

Scott @ Wilde: TRU
Newaukee - Fish
Town: River Hills
Scott’s Team: Texas Rangers
Cafe: Cafe: Taco
Artist: Jake Owen
Facebook: Shade

V100 Newaukee - Smo
V100.7 Bailey VIP – Barbeque
V100.7 Reggie VIP – Swim

97.3 NOW Weekly Email Code: GRILL

Celebrity Scoop: Tennis
Entertainment Video Trivia: Chris Pratt
Music Pop Quiz: Rehab
Music Skills: MC Breed
Pop Clips: Virginia 
Sports Trivia: Soup
The Dish: Cucumber
TV Trivia: Carson Daly

This Koala Eating Like a Baby is too Cute: Lucy

'I Am JFK Jr.' Filmmakers Share New Scenes From The Documentary:  1996
3 Candidates Wait for Trump's VP Decision:  New York
5 Bra Tips You'll Love:  Sports bra
Artist loses 14 years of work on Blogger, gets no explanation:  Dennis Cooper
Best States in The U.S. for Homeowners:  Wyoming
First Gay Reality Show Coming to TV:  Lance bass
Inside the World's Most Luxurious Cruise Ship Ever Built:  $450 million
Jobs That Pay $100,000 or More:  Glassdoor
Memphis Deputy Suspended Over FB Post:  40
Now you can Adopt the TSA's Retired Bomb-Sniffing Dogs:  They are free
Police Officers Pay Tab for Couple Who Refuses To Sit Next To Them: $10 
Putting Toddlers To Bed by This Time Hel..   23....WRONG  VIDEO....may change later?
The 4 Biggest Bombshell Accusations in C...:  Katy Perry....WRONG  VIDEO...may change later?
Toddler Trains with Rocky Balboa and Stallone Responds:  Sylvester Stallone
What has Pokemon Go Done to this South Korean City?:  Sokcho

Animal Trivia:  Flying Foxes
Crazy Video Trivia:  0
Food Fetish Trivia:  Coconut Water
Science Trivia:  5
Summertime Trivia:  Fridge
What Is Happening Trivia:  The Muncie Animal Shelter

Gary Allan @ The Rave: Watching AIRplanes
Scott’s Team: Milwaukee Brewers
Artist: Eric Church
Facebook: Sho
Town: Port Washington
Cafe: Salad/ Salsa

V100.7 Bailey VIP – Laugh
V100.7 Reggie VIP –Party

Blockbusters: Security Guard
Book Worm: Author
Country Livin’: Nashville Predators
Country Music: Willie Nelson
Entertainment: Huffington Post
Classic Rock Challenge:
Get your game on: Cartoon Canyon
Music Skills: Snoop Dogg
Celebrity Scoop: Hannah Montana
Healthy Knowledge: Two
Homerun Trivia: Rogers Hornsby
Music Challenge:
Music Quiz: Bo Diddlely
Music Pop Quiz: Promiscuous
Pop Clips:
Sports Trivia: Green Run
The Dish: Tuna
TV Trivia: The Secret Diary of Ashley Juergens

Pop Clips: Boxer

95.7 FM In-Crowd Weekly Email Code:  HORSE

V100.7 Weekly Email Code:  WALK

106.1 FM City Limits Fest 7/15:  MAKE YOU MINE

95.7 FM Huey Lewis And The News 7/15:  HIP TO BE SQUARE


Animal Trivia:  Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
Crazy Video Trivia:  $13 million
Food Fetish Trivia:  2
Science Trivia:  Heavn
Summertime Trivia:  Portuguese
What Is Happening Trivia:  182


Blockbusters: Four’
Get your game on: 50
Music Skills: Ludacris
Country Music: Willie Nelson
Music Quiz: Bobby Day
Music Skills: Ludacris
Country Music: Willie Nelson
Music Quiz: Bobby Day
Healthy Knowledge: One Hundred
Homerun Trivia: Mark Tewksbury (but he was really the 1992 winner)
Music Challenge: Christian
Music Pop Quiz: Unwritten
TV Trivia: DeDe

Milwaukee Academy of Science: Science
PROMISE AT AT&T 7/12: Best
Weekend VIP Word: Volley Ball

95.7 Eric paulsen @ bank mutual: Corndog
95.7 Port Fish Days- fish

Bookworm:  Downs Syndrome
Sports Trivia:  wake

Animal Trivia:  Stanley
Crazy Video Trivia:  Leroy
Food Fetish Trivia:  Antioxidants
Science Trivia:  Birds
Summertime Trivia:  Jon Jarvis

Happy Birthday Bob !!!  

V100 metroPCS - Customer 7/16

CITY LIMITS FEST 7/16 – Reckless Love
Josh Thompson @ Port Fish Days” Fish
Karen @ Palmen Motors 7/15: Gold

Blockbusters: Michael Corleone
Book Worm: Endymion Spring
Get your game on: James Gunn
Celebrity Scoop Trivia: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
Country Music: Kenny Chesney
Music Skills: Snap Yo Fingers
Music Quiz: Buddy Holly
Sports: Camber
Healthy Knowledge: Heart
Homerun Trivia: Greg Maddux
Music Challenge: Gwen Stefani
Music Pop Quiz: Hung Up
TV Trivia: Javier Delgado

3 Emmy Nominated Shows No One Is Watching:  Baskets
72-Year-Old Mick Jagger Is Expecting Child Number 8:  29...ONE CHANCE
Easily The Most Beautiful Bike Path in The World:  The Light Path
Facebook Activates 'Safety Check' For Nice Attacks...:   2014
Faroe Islands Use Sheep to Create 'Google Street View':  Under 50,000
Google's Emoji Will Finally Reflect Gender Equality:  33
Iggy Azalea Opens Up About Split with Nick Young in New Interview:  26
New Book Reveals Hidden Secrets You Neve Knew About 'Seinfeld':  New York
Putting Toddlers to Bed by This Time Helps Fight Teenage Obesity:  17%
Sorry, Bali! The Caribbean is Getting Overwater Bungalows Now:  November
This Disease is Second Only to Smoking a..:   obesity  .....WRONG VIDEO..... had to do a search for the answer
Which TV Shows Were Snubbed by The Emmys?:  Shameless
Animal Trivia:  2
Crazy Video Trivia:  Jaylah
Food Fetish Trivia:  2/3 cup
Science Trivia:  Dry shampoo
Summertime Trivia:  Siberian Tiger
What's Happening Trivia:   $12,000


Bonus Codes:



put your station's information at the beginning

Town: Eagle
Cafe: Pea/ Peanuts
Scott’s Team: San Diego Padres
Artist: Thomas Rhett
Radar’s Driver: Matt Kenseth:
Karen Kritter:
Facebook: Boating

V100 Bailey’s ViP Word: Bike
V100 Reggie’s ViP Word: Show

Blockbusters: Step Up
Book Worm: Holly Rafferty
Country Livin’: Miranda Lambert
Country Music: Alan Jackson
Music Quiz: Catch a falling star
Celebrity Scoop: Icarty
Entrainment: 30 pounds
Music Skills: Baby
Music Pop Quiz: Wake me up when September ends
Pop Clips: 1984
Get your game on: Martin Sheen
Healthy Knowledge: Muscle Doesn't Turn To Fat
Homerun: The White Sox And The Mariners
Sports: Steel Chariots
The Dish: Sriracha
TV Trivia: Flipping a Coin

'Flixtape' is a Netflix Version of a Mixtape:  6
7 Things You Didn't Know About Emoji's:  2013
91-Year-Old Woman Defaces $90,000 Artwork...:  Nuremberg, Germany
Betty Boop Gets Official Emoji in Time for 'World Emoji Day':  PEPSI
How Laser Hair Removal Could Cause Cancer:  13
Idris Elba's Star Trek Beyond Character, Has Human Side:  Krall
Marijuana Farm "Grows" Out of Former Prison:  $4.1 million
Six Steps Successful Women Do Daily:  water and lemon
Star Trek Fans Will Love These Bed Sheets:  ThinkGeek
Study Finds Too Much Light Causes Muscle...:  Leiden University Medical Center

Animal Trivia:  Bowie
Crazy Video Trivia:  Hotel Bristol
Food Fetish Trivia:  Turmeric
Science Trivia:  DNA testing system
Summertime Trivia:  Rise..........WRONG  VIDEO.....
What's Happening Trivia:  19

Town: Brookfield/ Brown Deer
Cafe: Plum
Scott’s Team: Toronto Blue Jays
Artist: Cam
Facebook: Lake

V100 Bailey’s ViP Word: Lake
V100 Reggie’s ViP Word: Sho

Blockbusters: Robert De Niro
Book Worm: David Bourne
Country Livin’: Guns N Roses
Country Music: Guns N Roses
Music Quiz: Charlie Drake
Celebrity Scoop: Superbad
Entrainment: Bad Mom
Music Skills: Sisqo
Music Pop Quiz: Lost without you
Pop Clips: 7
Get your game on: 1998
Healthy Knowledge: Smoking
Homerun: Frank Thomas
Sports: Thunder In Carolina
The Dish: Pork
TV Trivia: Rev. Toucan Sam

Book Worm:  Jason Bourne
TV Trivia:  Rev. Elijah Hooper

Eteam fm106 Bonus Code - COCONUT


Calvin Harris Goes Public with New Girlfriend:  Singer
Game of Thrones Episodes Had Average of 25million viewers:  40%
Island in Great Barrier reef for Sale:  $23 million
Justin Bieber Goes Unrecognized While Playing Pokemon Go:  Central Park, New York City
Kim Kardashian West and Taylor Swift Are In A Famous Feud:  #kimexposedtaylorparty
Lady Gaga Gets Pulled Over by Police Two Wekkes After Getting License:  30
Meet the Tiniest Animal Hospital Patient:  less than a gram
Must Have Travel Apps You Can Use Offline:  gogobot app
New Hampshire Police Uses Pokémon Go to lure fugitives:  0
Taylor Swift Threatens Lawsuit Against Kim...:  February

Animal Trivia:  Jamison
Crazy Video Trivia:  2006 is accepted, but 2012 is the answer, and is NOT a choice...this may change
Food Fetish Trivia:  1/2...red onion
Science Trivia:  16
Summertime Trivia:   Orange County, California 
What's Happening Trivia:  Olympic games in Rio 

Blockbusters:  Sahara
Book Worm:  Kidnapping
Get Your Game On:  Rockmen
Healthy Knowledge:  Six
Homerun Trivia:  Los Angeles Dodgers
Music Challenge: Almost
Music Quiz:   Chuck Berry
Sports Trivia:  My Name Is Earl
The Dish:  Milks
TV Trivia:  Jesse Tyler Ferguson


Facebook - Fra
Town - Caledonia
Café - Burrito
Artist - Frankie Ballard
Scott's Team - New York

COUNTRY LIVIN':  Garth Brooks

Blockbusters:  Tom Hanks
Book Worm:  Mary GrandPre
Get Your Game On:  Multiple Endings
Healthy Knowledge:  Folic acid
Homerun Trivia:  Doyle Alexander
Music Quiz:  Ron Wood
Sports Trivia:  Michael Waltrip
The Dish :  Salsa verde
TV Trivia:  Jesse

Belt from 4th Century Roman Soldier Found in England:  83
Fashionable Hospital Gowns Make Sick Teens Feet unique:  Starlight Children's Foundation
Flying Golf Carts May Be Coming to A Course Near You:  Bubba Watson  
Kesha Announces a Tour and Her Fans Rejoice:  Billboard Music Awards
Krispy Kreme Making Donut Soda with Cheerwine:  cherry cola and donuts
Marc Anthony Isn't Just a Salsa King, He's An...:  Maestro Cares Foundation
Netflix Missed Big on Second Quarter Earnings Stock Plummets:  160,000
Pokémon, Mom Jeans, Butthurt and More 'New Words'...:  300

Animal Trivia:  The Kiwi...WRONG VIDEO
Crazy Video Trivia:  5.5 million
Food Fetish Trivia:  Dunk Aroos
Science Trivia:  Pink moon
Summertime Trivia:  Gatorade
What's Happening Trivia:  Naples

Scott @ Bank Mutual - Voice
Radar @ Palmens 7/18 – Smo
Town: Landon
Cafe: Steak
Artist: Chris Young
Scott’s Team: Minnesota Twins
Facebook: Camp

V100 Bailey’s ViP Word: Fair
V100 Reggie’s ViP Word: Sun
V100 Email - Ham

Music Challenge:  When You Were Young
Music Pop Quiz:  Wake Up Call 
Pop Clips!:  download Expensive Apps 

Celebrity Scoop Trivia:  Angus T. Jones 
Country Livin': Thin Line 
Country Music Trivia: Wanted! The Outlaws 
Entertainment Video Trivia:  2015

The Tide Can Now Set Off the San Andreas Fault: Moon 
Wanted Man Arrested Playing Pokémon Go at Police Station:  A Gym 

NOW 97.3 FM Email Code: Sky

'Welcome to Fabulous Downtown Las Vegas' Destroyed in Crash:  Betty Willis
A Chinese robot to solve city parking misery:  Under 2 minutes
A New Design is Unveiled for New York City...:  31
Adorable Little Boy Creates Tornado in a... :   Vinegar.....WRONG VIDEO...
Body building team pays tribute with Iwo Jima...:  Relentless....WRONG VIDEO...
Chick-Fil-A Ruffles Feathers by Removing popular menu item:  Spicy chicken biscuit
Gladiators are Banned from Rome:  $440....WRONG  VIDEO...
Millennials Without College Degrees Are Most Likely...:  College degree
The Couple That Drinks Together Stays Together:  2,767
The Ultimate Clothing Line for '90s Babies:  RageOn

Animal Trivia:  The Democratic Republic of the Congo
Crazy Video Trivia:   Next year
Food Fetish Trivia:  16
Science Trivia:  90
Summertime Trivia:  Gigi Hadid
What's Happening Trivia:  Shailene Woodley

FMFlorida Georgia Line @ Country Thunder 7/22 - Get your shine on
Karen @ Pelmans 7/15 - Cru

Scott’s Team: Chicago White Sox
Café: Potatoes
Town: Jackson
Artist: Florida Georgia Line
Facebook: Thunder

V100 Bailey’s ViP Word: Sun
V100 Reggie’s ViP Word: Swim
V100 U.S. Bank Community Relay: Community Possible

97.3 US Bank Community Relay: Relay

95.7 BIG FM Newsletter 7/22/16 - Heat

Blockbusters: Thor
Book Worm: Oxford
Country Livin’: Vice
Country music: WSB-AM, Atlanta
Get your game on: Chompasaur
Healthy Knowledge: Calories
Homerun: High Pop Fly Ball
Sports: Jerry Quarry
Music Quiz: Flowers on the wall
The Dish: 1/4 cup
Celebrity Scoop: Halie Berry
Entertainment: 1200
Music Skills: Dark Man X
Music Pop Quiz: Gimme more
Pop Clips: Jacinda
TV Trivia: Eric Stonestreet

 3 Year Old Prince George Has His First Scandal..:  A magnum
7-Eleven Delivers First Slurpee by Drone:  Reno, Nevada
Check Out These Amazing Airbnbs Around the World:  7
Dog Owner Wins the Internet with Incredible Pup Photographer:   Zelda
Internet Hero Returns Ivanka Trump's Lost earrring:  Teardrop Earring
The Best Instagrammable Spots in Rio :  Gávea Rock
What is the hashtag that Demi Lovato sta...: #Nomakeupmonday
Woman Orders Doormat on Amazon but Ends Up...:  Emily Heller

Animal Trivia:  30,000
Crazy Video Trivia:  Carnegie Hall
Food Fetish Trivia:  20 ML...WRONG  VIDEO...
Science Trivia:  44%
Summertime Trivia:  100 ft ...the answer is 155 ft...not on the list...will change later?
What's Happening Trivia:  Afghanistan

Jake Owen @ Country Thunder - Barefoot Blue Jean Night
Thompson Square - Glass

V100 Weekend VIP Word - Camera
V100 @ Bank Mutual - Water
V100 UNCF Walk - Mil

Blockbusters: The King's Speech
Book Worm: Peter And The Shadow Thieves
Country Music: Bob Dunn
Get your game on: His Wife
Healthy Knowledge: Ten To Fifteen Minutes
Homerun: Ernie Banks
Music Quiz: Patsy Kline
Sports: 5
Celebrity Scoop: David Arquette
Music Pop Quiz: When I Grow Up
TV Trivia:
Music Skills: Ja Rule

TV Trivia: Bertram "Bert" Cooper



Did anyone get the following bonus codes???

106.1 FM Shannon O @ Lynch 7/19

97.3 NOW Festa Italiana

Animal Trivia:  Taking 5,  3-foot-long, is the answer, not accepted  ONE CHANCE....will probably change many times!
Crazy Video Trivia:  #ugh
Food Fetish Trivia:  $390  ... wish the tridiots could spell right, (PRICE, not prize)
Science Trivia:  Asian
Summertime Trivia:  $293M


FM106.1 Eric Church@ Country Thunder - Springsteen

Blockbusters: Atlas Shrugged
Book Worm: Severus Snape
Country Music: Bob Dylan
Get your game on: His Father is an Alcoholic
Healthy Knowledge: 1960's
Music Quiz: Freddy Camen
Homerun: 62nd
Celebrity Scoop: Miranda Lambert
Sports: 8th
TV Trivia: Andrea
Music Pop Quiz: Teardrops on my guitar
Music Skills: Give The Drummer Some

'The Walking Dead' Releases Character Posters Season 7:  18.4 million
An Entire Year of Earth Caught on Stunning New NASA Video:  2 
Best Tips to Stop Emotional Eating:  triggers
Bike Path Will Let You Ride from Maine to Florida:  1991
Mom Arrested for Driving with Her Kids iin the Trunk:  29
Pokémon Go Now Has a Dating App, Pokédates:  "Gotta catch 'em all, together!"

Animal Trivia:   $500K
Crazy Video Trivia:  
Food Fetish Trivia:  
Science Trivia:  Siena
Summertime Trivia:  
What's Happening Trivia:  Sandshrew

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