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Celebrities Who Owed Big Back Taxes  Snoop Dog
Inside America's Only National Videogames:  10,000
Man Changes His Name To Bruce Jenner:  Mark
Mesotherapy Melts Cellulite Away:  5
Oven-Fried Chicken and Buttermilk Oat Waffles:  2
Roasted Sweet Potato and Farro Salad:  4
Sizzle Mattress:  24
The Healthiest Foods For Your Teeth:  dates
Throw Out These Foods To Get That Summer Body:  olive oil
Update Your Playlist With These Artists:  Slow Down Time

Best Animal Trivia:  2
Crazy Daily Video Trivia:  9 days
Food and Recipes Trivia:  Massachusetts
Get A Tissue Video Trivia:  He suffered a heart attack
Spring Time Trivia:  4 1/2 years
What's Happening Trivia:  176
Ultimate Celebrity Trivia:  2013

Bike Giveaway @ Red Rock 4/24 - Motorcycle (mot) works
Town – Sussex
Café – Hash browns
Artist – Lady Antrbellum
Radar’s Driver – Tony Stewart
Scott’s Team – New York Mets
Facebook – Picnic
Karen Kritter – 
95.7 Mumble Jumbo – frabjous (adjective) / FRAB juhs / - wonderful, delightful

V100 Bailey’s VIP Club Word – Birds
V100 Reggie’s VIP Club Word – Money/ Monday

Blockbusters: Fred Astaire
Book Worm Trivia: Charlotte's Eggs
Country Livin’: Brooks & Dunn
Country Music Trivia: 2
Get your game on: Yarn
Healthy Knowledge: Cucumber
Sports: Tyler Johnson
Springtime: Holi
Music Skills: Assassin
Entertainment Video Trivia: Olivia Wilde
Super Heroes:
Music Pop Quiz: Madonna
Pop Clips: Yak
Music Quiz: 12 year old genious
Homerun Trivia: 2002 Giants
The Dish : Bacon
TV Trivia: Katie Couric

5000 points --- 9590
1000 points --- 9589

106.1 FM Karen's Kritter: JACK

Blockbusters:  Sidney Howard
Book Work Trivia:   Natalie Babbitt
Get Your Game On:  Puzzle
Healthy Knowledge:  Collagen

Drone Cafe Will Air Serve Your Drinks:  9
Kuwait Proposing to DNA Test and Tag Tourists: 307,000
Miniature Pony Gets Prosthetic Leg To Save His Life:  3
Outdoor Activities To Enjoy With Your Kids:  go swimming
Police Say Man Tipped Prostitute with Monkey:  Eugene
Scientists Answer Why We Lose Our SocksAll The Time:  2,000
Study Finds Teenage Weed Use Leads to Early Death:  45,000
Surprising Discovery Made on Venus:  2005
These Spring Gardening Tips Will Make Your Lawn Gorgeous For Summer:  prune
Where to Go on Your 'Game of Thrones' Vacation:  11

Best Animal Trivia:  Nagasaki Bio Park
Crazy Daily Video Trivia:   In 2014
Food and Recipes Trivia:  9
Get A Tissue Video Trivia:  More than 7 Million views
Spring Time Trivia:  2
What's Happening Trivia:  0 Students
Ultimate Celebrity Trivia:  Flame

FM106.1 Email Blast - Free
Town – Eagle
Cafe – Cheese
Artist – Dan and Shay
Scott’s Team – New York Yankees
Facebook – Allergies

V100 Bailey’s VIP Club Word – Daisy
V100 Reggie’s VIP Club Word – Green

Country Livin’: That his new album is his last album
Country Music Trivia: The Steeldrivers
Get your game on: Puzzle

Sports: San Jose Sharks
Springtime: The Equator
Music Skills: D’Angelo and The Vanguard
Entertainment Video: Blake Livey
Super Heroes:
Music Pop Quiz: Baby one more time
Pop Clips: 5000
Music Quiz: Blue Monday
Homerun Trivia: LA Dodgers
The Dish: Orange
TV Trivia: Pizza Delivery Boy

Blockbusters:  Nebraska
Book Worm Trivia:  Elixir Of Life
Get Your Game On:  16
Healthy Knowledge:  Cellulite
Homerun Trivia:  Madison Bumgarner

'Beautiful People' Dating Site Known For Rejecting...: 1.1 million
Bar Offers to Help Women Escape Bad Tinder Dates:  the brickyard
Companies Beginning to Offer Time Off For New Pets:  Pet Plan
Firefighters Rescue Baby Ducklings Trapped In Storm Drain:  30
How To Keep Allergens Out Of Your Home:  2
Science Tells Us What Color Bedsheets Bedbugs Avoid:  black & red
The Best and Worst Ways to End an Email:  Best
Top 10 Trending Summer Vacations:   Maine
Top Romantic Travel Destinations:  Portland
Treatment Claims to Reverse Aging Process:  BioViva
Trending Summer Friday Vacation Getaways:  Miami
Why Dogs Actually Hate Being Hugged:  250

Best Animal Trivia:  20 pounds
Crazy Daily Video Trivia:  3
Food and Recipes Trivia:  4 cups
Get A Tissue Video Trivia:  Lope
Spring Time Trivia:  Both legs
What's Happening Trivia:  2
Ultimate Celebrity Trivia:  Yes

Town – Stockton
Cafe – Toast
Artist – Cam
Scott’s Team – Boston Red Sox
Facebook – Lake

V100 Bailey’s VIP Club Word – Joke
V100 Reggie’s VIP Club Word – Con

Country Livin’: 9th
Country Music Trivia: Parachute
Get your game on: 16
Sports: 22
Springtime: You Can Balance A Raw Egg On Its End
Music Skills: Kenrick Lamar
Entertainment Video:
Super Heroes: 2008
Music Pop Quiz: Gimmie more
Pop Clips: 15
Music Quiz: Marvelettes
The Dish: Shrimp
TV Trivia: Penelope Wilton

'86 Oldsmobile Once Owned by Hillary Clinton Sold for $60k:  eBay 
1 Minute of Interval Training As Effective as 45 Minutes Endurance:  Ontario
Man Suing Restaurant Because They Ran Out Of Soup:   Texas​
McDonald's is Changing their Beloved McNuugget Recipe:  32
Moon Discovered Around Dwarf Planet:  870
Places That Stay Cool in Hot Summer Months: Bangor
Reach for the Rosemary, Scientists Say it Improves Memory:  150
The Best Foods for Your Hair, Nails and Skin:  apples
The Fittest People Have These Two Names:  Michael
Top 5 Gardening Tips for the Perfect Summer Yard:  soap
Trending European Summer Vacations:  Prague

Best Animal Trivia:  1 hour 1/2
Crazy Daily Video Trivia:  60%
Food and Recipes Trivia:  To make as many variations of caesar salad as she can
Get A Tissue Video Trivia:  Think Big
Spring Time Trivia:  A knee injury
What's Happening Trivia:  Clean up the boy's mouth
Ultimate Celebrity Trivia:  He is composing the music

Blockbusters: Modern Love
Book Worm Trivia: 6
Country Livin’: Chris Stapleton
Country Music Trivia: The Jompson Brothers
Get your game on: Goodness
Healthy Knowledge: Acne
Sports: Memphis Grizzlies
Springtime: March
Music Skills: To pimp a butterfly
Entertainment Video: A horse
Super Heroes:
Music Pop Quiz: Ashlee Simpson
Pop Clips: 1997
Music Quiz: I think it’s going to work out fine
Homerun Trivia: Mike Trout

The Dish: Chicken
TV Trivia: New York City

Town – Greenfield/ Greendale
Café – Donut
Artist – Linsay Ell
Scott’s Team – Toronto Blue Jays
Facebook – Bloom

V100 Bailey’s VIP Club Word – Grass
V100 Reggie’s VIP Club Word – Club
V100 Email Blast - Wor

97.3 Now buzzword – Blueberry

100.7 FM Metro PCS 4-28: MINMETPCS

A New Study Says Cheating May be Good For You:  Binghamton University
Cinco de Mayo-Themed Party Décor:   3​
Curly Hair Hacks to Beat Humidity:  use products containing alcohol​
Doc Says E-Cigs Best Way to Quit Smoking:  600,000​
Italian Chihuahuas Being Kidnapped for Ransom:  3,500
Melt-in-Your-Mouth Pecan Sandies:  almond extract
Mother's Day DIY Folded Tulip Cards:  5 inches
NYC's Newest Most Expensive Apartment Lists For $120 Million:  20
Residents Complaining City Smells Like Vinegar:  Bristol
Spring Wreath:  40

Best Animal Trivia:  His mom chewed them off
Crazy Daily Video Trivia:  24
Food and Recipes Trivia:  1 cup
Get A Tissue Video Trivia:  Her father
Spring Time Trivia:  Lil Wayne
What's Happening Trivia:  2010
Ultimate Celebrity Trivia:  The SUV


Town - Hales Corners
Artist - Jana Kramer
Cafe - Jello
Facebook - Bud
Scott's Team - Atlanta Braves
Alan Jackson - Designated Drinker - Dri

95.7 Email Blast - Bud

V100 Bailey's VIP Club Word - Bloom
V100 Reggie's VIP Club Word - Dance

Blockbusters: Eddie Redmayne
Book Worm Trivia: Beatrice Prior
Country Livin’: Gwen Stefani
Country Music Trivia: What Are You Listening To
Get your game on: Jacob and Evie
Healthy Knowledge: Buttocks
Sports: Midori Ito (Japan)
Springtime: September
Music Skills: 2014 Forest Hill Drive
Entertainment Video: Gilmore Girls
Super Heroes:
Music Pop Quiz: 5
Pop Clips: 20
Music Quiz: No One
Homerun Trivia: Jacob DeGrom
The Dish: Strawberries
TV Trivia: William Shatner
Classic Rock Challenge: .
Music Challenge: Smokin' In The Boys Room

Blockbusters:  Michael Fassbender

Big Ben is to fall silent while urgent repair works take place:  several months
Escaped cows stop traffic, cause low speed pursuit in California:  Modesto
Mom Distraught On Dock After Cruise Ship Leaves With Her Kids Onboard:  Bahamas
Pandas wash dishes:  China
Watch Amy Schumer's Dad Facetime Goldie Hawn: "You're The Love Of My LIfe":  Twitter
Best Animal Trivia:   A head rub
Crazy Daily Video Trivia:  Rob
Food and Recipes Trivia:  Spring
Get A Tissue Video Trivia:  Lazyness
Spring Time Trivia:  over a year
What's Happening Trivia:  3 times
Ultimate Celebrity Trivia:  Fun

Blockbusters: Rob Reiner
Book Worm Trivia: The Alchemist
Country MKusic Trivia: Alvin
Music Quiz: Marchall Crenshaw
Music Pop Quiz: Christina Aguielera
Music Skills: Chris Brown
Get your game on: Power Pellets
Healthy Knowledge: Botox
Sports: Kyudo
Spring time: William Shakespeare
TV Trivia: Trading Spaces
Homerun: Carlos Correa

FM106.1 LANco – Trouble Maker - Mak

Best Animal Trivia:  Costa Rica 
Burger King Workers Help ..:  double meat 
Crazy Daily Video Trivia:  Porkchop 
Firefighter Proposes to G..: New York 
Get A Tissue Video Trivia:  In January 
Happy Birthday pothole!:  the hole was filled 
Kelly Ripa’s Dramatic Ret..:  Our long national nightmare 
Little Girl Argues with D..:  His legs 
The Ultimate Celebrity Tr..:  4  
What's Happening Trivia:  She wouldn't have used so much foul language 
Wish of 90 year old WWII ..:  Ride a school bus 
Spring Time Trivia:  Fire Spray Challenge 
Food and Recipes Trivia:  silken tofu 

V100 Reggie @ MetroPCS - Service

Blockbusters: New York, New York
Bookworm Trivia: The Scorch Trials
Country Music Trivia: Pawn Shop
Music Quiz: Jimi Hrendrix
Music Skills: Tital
Get Your Game On: Shiny Entertainment
Healthy Knowledge: Pedicure
Homerun Trivia: Clayton Kershaw
Music Challenge: Lenny Kravitz
Music Pop Quiz: Toto
Sports Trivia: Royce Gracie
Springtime Trivia: Robin Williams
TV Trivia: Punk'd
Classic Rock Challenge...Dazed and Confused

Blockbusters:  Crispin Glover
Book Worm Trivia:  Lean In
Get Your Game On:  BFG 9000S
Healthy Knowledge:   Ultraviolet
Homerun Trivia:  Yadier Molina
Music Challenge: Don't Want To Lose You Now
Music Pop Quiz:  Solitaire
Music Quiz:  Joni Mitchell
Sports Trivia:  Stock Car Racing
Springtime Trivia:  Sandro Botticelli
The Dish Trivia:  Chicken
Time fo Mom Trivia: Anna Jarvis
TV Trivia:  Phil Keoghan

15 Foot Cattle-Eating Alligator Found in Florida:  800 lbs
Adorable military dog who lost leg gets medal for bravery:  Afghanistan & Iraq
Airline Passenger's 'Awful' Ponytail Sparks Outrage:  Boston Globe
Angry Vegans Issue Death Threats Over Restraunt Owner's Diet Change:  California​
Baby Otter Debuts at Zoo:  Bronx​
Colorado boy hoping for birthday cards:  Brain tumor
Cool Camping Gadgets you Have to Own:  1 million​
Didn't Sleep? Might As Well Go To Work Drunk:  1/3
Docs Say Serial Killers Have Specific Ge... - Lucky Charms
Hacks to Keep Your Makeup From Melting This Summer:  10
How to Throw a Great Outdoor Kids Party!:  my little pony
Ivanka Trump Scarves Made In China Recalled Because Of 'Burn Risk:  20,000
Lion Dog' Taken Away from Owner:  labradoodle
Researchers Discover Secret to Help Kids Pay Attention:  1
Suit mimics life at age 85:  Glaucoma
WWF Captures Rare Video of Male Pandas Courting Female:  12-25
Best Animal Trivia:   Alaska
Crazy Daily Video Trivia:  Jack N' Lantern
Food and Recipes Trivia:  1
Get A Tissue Video Trivia:  New Jersey
Spring Time Trivia:  29
What's Happening Trivia:  Italy
Ultimate Celebrity Trivia:  water

Artist: Sam Hunt
Scott’s Team: New York Mets
Radar’s Driver: Brad Keselowski
Town: Butler
Cafe: Cheese
Facebook - hooray
Karen Kritter: Gre
95.7 Mumble Jumbo: parsimonious (adjective) / par si MOH nee us / - excessively frugal or stingy

Country Livin’ : Prince
Country Music Trovia: Neil Young
Music Skills: Janet Jackson
Music Quiz: Joni Mitchall

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