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Cash for the Holidays - Your trusted lender - ste
Games - Moist - moi
Healthcare - Scavenger 1 - Oral Health - 12- to 19-year-old boys who consume soda pop drink an average of 868 cans per year - 12-
Healthcare - Scavenger II - Skin - Most lotions contain about 80% water - mos


This Day - Jermaine
TV Rewind - Peugeot
US Sports - John McEnore
Wacky State Laws - Pretzels

Country – Tuskegee
Magic Music - Jay and the Americans
Music – Miami
Music - Margo Rey was born in - Mexico
Salvation army – Volunteers
Video - What color are most of the flowers along a street in One Republic Good Life - yellow

Music Pop Quiz = FLO RIDA

classic rock challenge = Illinois
classic video = red

Music Trivia = Mexico
Variety Video = Yellow

Games: Moist
Cash for the Holidays: Your trusted lender...
Oral Health: 12- to 19-year-old boys who consume soda pop drink an average of 868 cans per year...
Skin: Most lotions contain about 80% water...

sleuth = FELONIOUS
Skin Care Samples Trivia = latest beauty news
Kabam Godfather Game Trivia = play now
Play Pickle Dancing Santa Trivia = play now
Alzheimer's Association Trivia = 69
SMC Trivia = Show Me Some Home Business Ideas
Diabetic Connect Trivia = Do you or a loved one have High cholesterol

updated string = 12-moimosteFelLatPlaNow69ShoLov

Day in History = Pennsylvania
TV Rewind = 714
US Sports = XXIX
Wacky Laws = Fargo

Games = W

$250 Million Cash Spectacular Scratchers = 42 Months

Scavenger Healthcare Trivia I = While about 160 million Americans are receiving employee-sponsored health insurance, 13 million are self-insured.

Scavenger Healthcare Trivia II = An estimated $108 billion was spent in the United States last year on dental services

string so far = WhiAn

Let's Get Social = December 31, 2011
Sleuth = POGonophobia

String so far = 31PogWhiAn

hvod= no
thmt= 5 o'clock
tdna= colbie caillat
tdbc= cocoa

This Day in US History - Jamie Foxx
TV Rewind - Honore Vashon
US Sports - Kirby Puckett
Wacky State Laws - Five

Classic Rock Challenge - Led Zeppelin IV
Country Music - High School

Music = Faheem Rasheed Najm
Games = 40

Trivia I = THE average toothbrush...
Trivia II = An estimated $108 billion was spent in THE United States...

Sleuth = SASsafrass

String = Sas40The

Classic Video = T-shirt

Music Trivia = Katy Perry - The One That Got Away
Variety Video = trees

Scavenger Healthcare Trivia I = Did you know? In addition to being drying to your skin, long showers can have a negative impact on the earth. On average you use 2.5 gallons of water for every minute you shower.
Scavenger Healthcare Trivia II = Did you know? By using pre-taxed money from an FSA you can save about 20% on eligible healthcare expenses

String so far = In By

This Day in US History = Wilbur
Topic 1: TV Rewind = Long
US Sports = Sammy Winder
Wacky State Laws = Fourth of July (Independence Day

music pop quiz = Adam Levine

Classic Rock Challenge = MAGGIE MAY

variety video = Will you marry me?
music trivia = Purr

sleuth= MILquetoast
...jmc= general hospital
.games= 6
.t@two= I'll Be Home For Christmas
..$250= Thomas Jefferson
..wnbc= candy cane
.calbc= 643627
...kms= A Holly Jolly Christmas

Oral Health = THE human jaw can deliver 250 pounds of force per square inch...
Knee Pain = LIFestyle and Lysholm Scores (NOT a Did You Know Fact)

Beginning String = TheLif

This Day in US History = Ohio and West Virginia
Topic 1: TV Rewind = Elvis
US Sports = Phoenix Suns
Wacky State Laws = slot machines

Hot Music Trivia = Flo Rida

Music Trivia = 3
Variety Video = Four

Classic Rock Challenge = GRAHAM NASH

music pop quiz = true


Healthcare - Diabetes - Do the quizz. do the quizz, do the quizz

Updated string: TheLifAbr

This Day In History has changed to: Angel Eyes

In-Crowd - Chocolate - cho
Music – The Monkees
Newsletter - Chestnuts
Video Blog -
Vintage Video – DP

Classic Rock Challenge = Jeff Beck

Music Pop Quiz = True

Hot Music Trivia = Tramer Dillard

Music Trivia = False

This Day in US History = Franz Schubert
Topic 1: TV Rewind = McGill
US Sports = Wilt Chamberlain
Wacky State Laws = on a public bus

Games = 7

Healthcare - 3

Do all 3, do all 3, and do ALL 3

You have all day, enjoy those points!

.dbc= maple
yfaf= katy perry

Games - Pink
Healthcare - 3 - Do all 3, do all 3, and...DO ALL 3....

Beginning string - Pin

This Day - Capital Reef
TV Rewind - Kojack
U.S. Sports - Miami Dolphins
Wacky - Canned corn

Music Quiz - Harry Nilsson
Cousins subs stop - Better bread - Bet
Cousins subs - Meatball sub (2nd code) - Mea

Classic Rock Challenge - Gordon Lightfoot
Country - Blake
Country Music - Her relationship with husband Blake Shelton
History - Capital Reef
Hot Music - Yes
Music - Hazy
Music - Who sings Sexy and I Know It - LMFAO
Music Pop Quiz - False
ChristianCollegeLink.com - Palm Beach Atlantic University
Colt Ford - Twisted
Discount Shopping Club - Sprint/Talk Wireless
E-Mealz.com - Specialty Menus for 2
Radar's Toys for Tots video - Toys
Ron Tonkin Kia - Deals
Scott Dolphin at Lowe's - Screwdriver
Toys 4 Tots - Robo
WWW - IPad

This Day in US History = These are the times that try men's souls.
Topic 1: TV Rewind = Queens
US Sports = Oklahoma State
Wacky State Laws = a doughnut

Sleuth = ECType

Music Pop Quiz = LMFAO

Classic Rock Challenge = GEORGE
Classic Video = No

Variety Videos = Dirt
Music Trivia = Redfoo and SkyBlu

Hot Music Trivia = It Will Rain

Scavenger Healthcare Trivia I = About $217 million is spent on men's facial cleansers, moisturizers and exfoliants annually.
Scavenger Healthcare Trivia II = Letting your toothbrush air dry can reduce bacteria by up to 70%.

Games = Red
sleuth = ECTYPE
updated string = AboLetRedEct

String = AboLetRedEct


Healthcare - first one posted....Do the quizz....do the quizz, do the quizz.

Boys & Girls - 12pc diecast cars in tube - (you only get one chance, don't try to cut it short, I lost the 5,000 points because I tried!)
Cousins - Meat Balls - mea
In-Crowd - Tree - tre
Music – False
Newsletter - Chestnuts
Vintage Video – Hitchhiking
Babes - Wet
Facebook – Mis
Hailey 's pick - bas
Martin Rosol- $21
Mitch - Blake sheldon

hvod= false
.dbc= candycane19
.hmt= it will rain

Games - 8
Healthcare - Do the quizz, do the quizz, and yes...DO THE QUIZZ!!!
Healthcare - Scavenger I - Carbohydrates found in food such as bread can easily become stuck in your mouth, and actually increase the development of bacteria. Foods such as celery, green tea, and parsley are natural cleaners for your mouth and help eliminate bacteria that cause bad breath. - stuck in your mouth....(so far that's what I have)
Healthcare - Scavenger II - Did you know: Nearly 5 billion dollars is spent each year in the U.S. on men's grooming products. - nea
HSW - Do the quizzes - 5 of them
Let's Get Social - It says THREE - but takes "3"

Beginning String: 8stuck in your mouthNea3Int

This Day in US History = Suzanne Bloch
Topic 1: TV Rewind = The Gonzo Sports Show
US Sports = 1927
Wacky State Laws = 16

Music Trivia = It Will Rain
Variety Video = Dresses


Classic Video = playing piano
Classic Rock Challenge = SMILE

.hmt= lastminstop
.dbc= false
hvod= a sad older couple

Hot Music Trivia = 2
Day in History = Fantasia
TV Rewind = Suzi Quatro
US Sports = Baltimore Orioles
Wacky Laws = Rhode Island

classic video = Truth
classic rock challenge = Double

Music Pop Quiz = Kelly Clarkson- Mr. Know It All

Music Trivia = False
Variety Video = Green

Games: 16
Healthcare2: Americans spend $775 million each year on toothbrushes
Healthcare3: Fingernails grow 2-3 times faster than toenails, depending on a person's age, gender, diet, activity, genetic traits, and the season

sleuth = ASTERISM
updated string = 16AmeFinAst

Healthcare must have been changed, for all 3 of them:

Do the quizzes, do the quizzes, and yes....DO THE QUIZZES!!!

In-Crowd - Cookies
Music – Harry Wayne Casey
Vintage Video – Mail box

And for everyone out there....we really do appreciate the thumbs up from all of you. How about it?....LOL....We do the work.....and you pat us on the back......I think that is fair....don't you?

.hmt= 2
hvod= drew her
.dbc= frosty 1221

US History = Detective Eddie Flemming
TV Rewind = Individualized Honors Program
US Sports = Boston Red Sox
Wacky State Laws = corder of wood

Music Pop Quiz = FALSE

Variety Videos = 12
Music Trivia = 2

Cincysavers – 50%
Disney – $17
Facebook Code for Thursday - "SNOWMAN" - Sno
Games - 4
Healthcare - 1st one = Do the quizz, do the quizz.....etc
Healthcare - Scavenger 1 - Americans spend $775 million each year on toothbrushes - ame
Healthcare II - Scavenger II - Fingernails grow 2-3 times faster than toenails - fin
Sleuth - Holiday - hol - (from now until the 27th)

String so far: 50%$17Sno4AmeFinHol

Boys & Girls - 12pc diecast cars in tube
Cousins - Meat Balls - mea
Dave Murphy @ Dunhams – Snowboards –Sno
In-Crowd - Milk
Music – Portland, Or.
Newsletter - Chestnuts
Video Blog - Snow
Vintage Video – Kitten
Classic Rock Challenge - Mel Schacher of Grand Funk Railroad
Country Video - Tan
Country Music - City
Hot music - Adam Levine
Hot music video - A group of older people
Magic Music - Portland, OR
Waxx Words:
6:12 - partridge
7:12 - pear
9:12 - rings
1:12 - hens
4:12 - doves
WGNA country1 - Jerrod Niemann
WGNA pop1 - Christmas in Hollis
WGNA Classic rock1 - Billy Gibbons
WGNA Daily Rock1 - Raining Blood
WGNA Guy - Lindsay Lohan
WGNA Health - pen
WGNA Daily Culture - Justin Bieber
WGNA Viral Video - Look Who’s Talking Now
WGNA Daily Music 1 - Captain Beefheart
WGNA Daily Music 2 - Gesaffelstein
WGNA Daily Music3 - 67
WGNA TV1 - Emily Maynard
WGNA TV2 - Nene Leakes
WGNA Cheezburger1 - Bed


Cafe - Christmas Candies - Chr
Facebook - Santa Claus – San
Healthcare - Do the quizz - ...etc
Healthcare II - Scavenger I - ....link not working right now
Healthcare III - Scavenger II - ...link not working right now
*I wrote to them about the links not working
HSW - Do the quizzes
SLEUTH - Holiday - hol

Beginning string: ChrSanHol

ThisDay in History - Feats of Strength
TV Rewind - Binford Tools
US Sports - UCLA
Wacky State Laws - Smoke a pipe
Classic Rock Challenge - Jim Morrison
Country Music - Miranda Lambert

Games = 3

Music Pop Quiz = 5

Music Trivia = Adam Levine
Variety Videos = Old Theatre

Classic Video = Leaves
Classic Rock Challenge = JIM MORRISON

Hot Music Trivia = TRUE

Games - Z
Healthcare - 3 - Do the quizzes...etc - all 3
WWW - christmas

Beginning string: ZChr

This Day In History - Sears
TV Rewind - Patted his stomach
U. S. Sports - Frank Robinson
Wacky Laws - a toothbrush and tooth paste
Classic Rock- Little Drummer Boy
Country Music - Shania Twain
Music Challenge - Homeless gay and lesbian youth
Music Pop Quiz - Nickelback: When We Stand Together
Music Quiz (Oldies) - Supremes singer Scherrie Payne

y.f.a.f.a.= The Script
h.m.k.m.w.= Alicia Keys

Hot Music Trivia = TRUE

I hope that everyone is having a happy holiday no matter what u celebrate!!! And I pray that the new year is a happy, healthy and prosperous one for us all!

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