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Updated String = Dia30sGenDenUnd

HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Music Trivia = Carly Rae Jepsen
Variety Video = Carly Rae Jepsen

Classic Rock Challenge = Candle in the Wind

Top Video = False

Doctor Trivia = OVErall
Oral Trivia = BITewing
Exercise Trivia = CAPtain
Program Trivia = WALk

Before They Were Famous = Kellogg's Cornflakes
First lines = I'll give you a five minute window.
Get Your Game On = Liberty City
Show Me The Money = 4:10
What Did They Say? = You look so deep, you know it humbles me

String = ovebitcapwal

Games n eCards ... 11

updated string = ovebitcapwal11

Classic Rock Challenge = Robert Plant
Classic Video = Ink

Music Trivia = Maroon 5
Variety Video = Red

Top Video = Jet ski race on the lake

Music Skillz = Frank Ocean

Games n eCards Trivia ... WHITE
Before They Were Famous ... Crayola Crayons
First Lines ... Daniel Day Lewis
Get Your Game On ... 2003
Show Me The Money ... U.S. Capital

Smoking Trivia = Two mins.
Diabetes Trivia = Poison Control Center
Supplements Trivia = Fish oil
Heart Attack Trivia = Fish oil

String = TwoPoiFisWhi

Classic Rock Challenge = Leeds

Music Trivia = Katy Perry

Music Skillz = Nicki Minaj

Hot Music Trivia = Maroon 5

America's Largest Christmas Bazaar - Ornaments
Black Friday - Deals

Magic Music - Karen Carpenter

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Don't Forget You Will Get Your Best Deals on Cyber Monday<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

music knowledge= locked out of heaven

Cavities 25 Trivia = Bad breath
Cavities 26 Trivia = Dental
Everyone Trivia = Several weeks
Extractions = Illnesses
wisdom trivia = illnesses

String = BadDenSevIll

Classic Rock Challenge = Don Felder
music trivia = justin bieber's believe
hot music trivia = katy perry
music skillz = unapologetic

Before They Were Famous = Truancy
First Lines = The Mexican
Get Your Game On = nine
Show Me The Money = watermelon notes
Hot Music Trivia = Katy Perry
Games n eCards Trivia = HEArts

String = badensevillchea

Toys 4 Tots - RedRyder
Cyber Monday Deals - 70.0

Updated String: badensevillcheaRed70.0

Country - Brantley Gilbert
Music Quiz - Bo Diddley
ROCK Music! - Atlas Genius

....What Kind Of Spider - Western Desert Tarantula - wes
....What Decade Is It? - 1980 - 198
....Are You A Helicopter Parent? - You're Probably At An Appropriate level of attentiveness. - you
....What Disease Destroys Grapevines? - Phylloxera - phy
....What Are Some Alternatives? - Every 3 Seconds - eve
....How Frequently Do They Take Place? - Hand Out Many Notes And Build Many Bunkers - han

Alverno College - Kal Lawler ('82) - kal
Dental 26 - Fluoride - flu
Factors 26 - Tooth Enamel - too
Inflouence 26 - Tooth Whitening - too
Product 26 - 8
Sonoma Valley Visitor's Bureau - Just 45 miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge
Starwood Hotel Wow Packages - 25 Days
Toys R Us - Flash Deals - fla

String: Wes198YouPhyEveHanKalFluToo8Jus25Fla

Before They Were Famous ... Alan Rickman
First lines ... 35
Games n eCards ... Yellow
Get Your Game On ... power steering
Hot Music ... Justin Bieber's 'Believe'
Show Me The Money ... James Madison
What Did They Say? ... I gotta find a new place where the kids are hip

games = yellow
Cyber Monday Amazon Deals - Video Games = 70%
Cyber Monday Camera Deals! = NYC
HP Cyber Monday Special Offers toner cartridge = 3 lbs
Save $35 on a Berber Fleece Jacket - now... = Berry
AoL - Finance Trivia 26 = Highest Paying Jobs
Jewelry Deals - Enjoy Cyber Monday deals... = 18
Good Dental Health 1 Trivia = Systemic
Good Dental Health 2 Trivia = swallow
Factors 1 Trivia = acid
Factors 2 Trivia = tooth

updated string = Wes198YouPhyEveHanKalFluToo8Jus25FlaYel70%NYC3 lBerHig18SysSwaAciToo

Music Trvia = 1
Variety Video = A bait shop


Classic Rock Challenge = Eric Clapton
Classic Video on Demand = Alice in Wonderland

Huge Cyber Monday Deals - 10%

2nd Updated String = Wes198YouPhyEveHanKalFluToo8Jus25FlaYel70%NYC3 lBerHig18SysSwaAci10%

The string is getting rather long for today, if you find that it doesn't take it for the answer, cut it in half, and try each half, and that should work, if it doesn't, then it means that trivia is not in the string, and you will have to find it for yourself.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>..HOW IS EVERYONE's CYBER MONDAY SHOPPIN' GOIN'?

KEARTH song of the day= WHO CAN IT BE NOW by Men @ Work

....What Is Built To Last? - Spider Dragline Silk - spi
....What Year Was The Picture Taken? - 1912 - 191
....What Is The World's Record?- - 5.66 Seconds - 5.6
....Who Said It? - Obi-Wan - obi
....How Many Letters? - About 50,000 - abo
....What Are Some Alternatives?- Hand Out Many Notes And Build Many Bunkers - han
....What Is The Term Used? - Equalization Charge - equ

AOL - Music Awards Trivia 27 - EOS Organic Lip Balm Sphere
AOL - Christine Jenson - 50
AOL - Living Forward 27 - Food
Alcohol 27 - Folic Acid
Calcium 27 - Medical Advice
Dosage 27 - 100
Fiber 27 - 25-30
Folic Acid 27 - B Vitamins
Low-Dose 27 - Baby Aspirin
Treatment 27 - Coronary Artery
Games - 24
Treatment 27 - Narrowed Artery - nar

String: Spi1915.6ObiAboHanEquEOS50FooFolMed10025-B VBabCor24Nar

Before They Were Famous = Julia Roberts
First Lines = Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist
Get Your Game On = Back Brain Kick
Show Me The Money = A reproduction painting of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.
What Did They Say? = See the world in green and blue, see China right in front of you

Hot Music Trivia = Adele

Classic Rock Challenge = Paul McCartney
Classic Video = Pig

Music Trivia = Ke$ha
Variety Video = FALSE

Music Skillz = Kanye West

Top Video = FALSE

FLAVORS of AOL 11/27
AoL - Living Forward With Christine = Fort Worth, Texas
AoL - Healthified Guide To The Heart = Start Small
AoL - Flawless On The Fly 27 = Deodorant
AoL - Music Awards 27 = Red

Good Credit, Bad Credit or No Credit? = regardless

String = Spi1915.6ObiAboHanEquEOS50FooFolMed10025-B VBabCor24NarForStaDeoRedInt

AoL - Accounting Jobs Trivia 27 ... INTerviews
AoL - Living Forward With Christine ... Ft. Worth, Texas * now changed to "For" *

Renee's 1,000 points weekly bonus code= A TASTE OF HONEY

....What Year Was The Picture Taken? - 2008 - 200
....Which Ocean Did The Enter Into? - Atlantic Ocean
....How Long Did It Take? - 25 seconds
....Are You A Helicopter Parent? - You're Probably At An Appropriate Level Of Attentiveness.
....Where Is The Region Located? - 90 miles northeast of Paris - 90
....What Is The Weakest Link? - The Battery
....When Did Facebook Surpass Myspace? - December, 2008
Games - 10

String: 200Atl25You90TheBat10

Before They Were Famous - An Accountant
First Lines - It Started With A Chair
Get Your Game On - Angel Land
Show Me The Money - $10,000
What Did They Say? - And the piano sounds like a carnival, and the microphone smells like a beer

Country Music - Brad Paisley
Magic Music - Pierino Ronald Como
Vintage Video - Ribbon

Scavengers - There are 3 of each, and NONE of them have the next link. I wrote to them about it, and if you want it corrected in time for us to do them, you all should write to them too!
Others - 4 of them, and they work, do them, and do them, till your eyes bug out! That'll teach them to get their act in gear!
If you know how to minimize the width of them, put them side by side, and do all 4 at the same time! Yes it can be done, trust me! They can overlap a little. But remember, only one of each at a time. If you do 2 of one kind at a time, you will only get credit for one of them.


AoL - Entry Level Trivia 28 = What I Did With My Degree

string #2 = 200Atl25You90TheBat10Wha

Music Trivia = Diamonds
Variety Video = Jet ski race on the lake

Classic Rock Challenge = Aerosmith
Classic Video = Three

Hot Music Trivia = Big Sean

Top Video = No

64 GB Ipod is - See Next Offer - see
Camera - Red
Electronics - Keyword Or Item # - key
The Essentials - Amino Acid - ami
HP - Green - gre
Interactive - Significant - sig
Low Levels - Vitamin D - vit
Overdose - Build Up In The System - bui
Side Effects - Topical Steroid - top
Steroids - Skin Redness - ski
Sunshine - 10 to 15 - 10
Top Card - Match - mat

3rd String: 200Atl25You90TheBat10WhaSeeRedKeyAmiGreSigVitBuiTopSkiMat

AoL - GB Trivia 29 = enable people to know....
AoL - Music Award Trivia 29 = Christian Louboutin shoes
AoL - PC Trivia = broccoli
games = 10

B3 Trivia 29 = tablet
Vitamin Trivia 29 = triglyceride levels
Improving Health Trivia 29 = six
Natural Trivia 29 = beans

Allergy Trivia 29 - Generic
Drowsy Trivia 29 - Diphenhydremine
Irrigation Trivia 29 - Considered

AoL 11/29
Heidi Klum:
Flawless On The Fly 29 = $60
Music Awards 29 = blue
Live Better America:
Living Forward With Gail Blanke 29 = motivational speaker and author
Healthified Heart 29 = heart disease
Living Forward With Steve Silberbe... = 20
Healthified Camping 29 = green
Living Foward With Danielle Coulan... = Being a teacher
Healthified Portion Control 29 = Spaghetti

Win The New iPod Touch! = hand
Computer Trivia! Find the answer! = eBay
Trivia about Jewelry Deals! = Jewelry & Watches
Trivia About Clothing Deals! = Extra20
AoL - Accounting Jobs Trivia 29 = Search by company

string = EnaChrBro10TabTriSixBeaGenDipConAst$60BluMotHea20BeiSpaGreHanEbaJewExtSea

Top Video = Las Vegas

Hot Music Trivia = Chris Brown

Classic Rock Challenge = 'Bohemian Rhapsody' by Queen
Classic Video = TV studio

Music Trivia = care for her dying dog
Variety Video = With the lead singer standing alone

Before They Were Famous = MGM
First lines = He's Just Not That Into You
Get Your Game On = Serah Farron
Show Me The Money = 1958
What Did They Say? = It's a black fly in your Chardonnay

If you want neven more points, many of the bonus sites are now...300 pts....yes they are!...you have to get past the ones for 100 first!..the WALGREEN ones are ALL 300 points...and there are MANY of them.

Toys R Us - Flash Deals - fla

String #2:

We sure do have long strings lately, huh?

Does anyone out there pay attention to the status list off to the right of the page? If so, and you want to know how to get higher on it, let me know, but it will take patience...LOL

MYfm snowglobes bonus codes #1-#5= SnoArmGarShaHol
(Worth 3,000 points.)

Flu Trivia 30 = United States
Protection Trivia 30 = Six months of age
Influenza Trivia 30 = Advisory Committee
Fiber Trivia 30 = Powder
Medication Trivia 30 = Interactions
Side Effects Trivia 30 = Stomach cramps
Supplements Trivia 30 = Intestines
AoL - MTV Trivia 30 = Golden Alien
Systems Trivia 30 = respiratory system
AoL - PC Trivia 30 = Batteries
AoL - Tailgating Trivia 30 = Football

string = UniSixAdvPowIntStoGolResBatFoo

Before They Were Famous = Air Force
First Lines = How to Lose Friends & Alienate People
Get Your Game On = a giant diamond
Show Me The Money = an eagle in flight
What Did They Say = Don't go around tonight, it's bound to take your life

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>HAPPY FRIDAY<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Kost music trivia= Nicki Minaj

Kost VOD= False

Kost song of the day= Feliz Navidad

Flavors of AoL:
AOL: Tailgating Deep South Style - Deviled Eggs - dev
AOL: Healthified Heart Health 30 - Orange Juice - ora
AOL: Living Forward Steve 30 - Green - gre
AOL: Healthified Camping 30 - Blue - blu
AOL: Living Forward Danielle 30 - French - fre
AOL: Healthified Portion Control 30 - Deck of Cards - car

2nd String: UniSixAdvPowIntStoGolResBatFooDevOraGreBluFreDCar

Country - Merle Haggard
Country Video - A Record Store
Hot music - Scream & Shout
Hot music video - Las Vegas
Magic Music - Mona Lisa
Music - Nicki Minaj
Music Challenge - The Rolling Stones
Vintage Video - Five
Video - False

Molars Trivia = abnormal bite
Talk About It Trivia = 24%
string = Abn24%

Before They Were Famous = landscaper
First lines = The Three Wise Men
Get Your Game On = Mr. Grimm
Show Me The Money = 1857

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>HAPPY SATURDAY TO OUR BOARD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Daily Active Trivia
Games= 25

Trivia about Jewelry Deals
When you click on the SterlingSilver & CzRing Guard Enh, what is the default search bar set at?

Before They Were Famous = John James
First Lines = Dukakis
Get Your Game On = Private Anderson
Show Me The Money = Silver Certificates

Games = Plankton

Music Trivia = Chris Brown

Classic Rock Challenge = Stephen Stills

Hot Music Trivia = care for her dying dog

Cavities Trivia = teeth
ToothBrush Trivia = tooth
Like Credit Cards. Not Fond of Them. T.... = yellow

Before They Were Famous = Hackett's
First Lines = Stormtrooper
Get Your Game On = Camilla Luddington
Show Me The Money = The Mint Act
What Did They Say = Beelzebub has a devil put aside for me.
Games = Bagel

string = TeeTooBagYel

Hot Music = Ke$ha

Classic Rock = Eric Clapton

Top Video on Demand = Weapons of Mass Entertainment

Music Trivia = Big Sean
Variety Video = Las Vegas

Alverno College - $1.053 - 1,0

String: 1,0TeeToo

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