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daily bonus code= snowflake

Before They Were Famous = Doorknob Factory
First Lines = People are always asking me if I know Tyler Durden
Get Your Game On = May 14, 1986
Show Me The Money = The Civil War
What Did They Say = She's got electric boots, a mohair suit

AoL Healthy Trivia = Chicken
AoL Outfits Trivia = Victoria's
AoL Soup & Sandwich Trivia = Minestrone
Doctor Trivia 4 = Saftey
Molars Trivia 4 = Brushing your tongue

Games = nuclear
Jewelry Deals and Trivia = 13
Clothing Deals and Trivia! = Walt

AOL 12/4:
AoL - Looking Flawless = Neiman Marcus
AoL - Award Outfits = a ring
AoL - Tailgating Deep South = Well-Packed Coolers
AoL - Soup & Sandwich = Lentil Soup & Hummus And Goat Cheese Sandwich
AoL - Progresso Healthy = Ice Cream
AoL - Food Cravings = ....can't get past slide 2...
AoL - Indoor Exercise = Burpees
AoL - Minute Meals = ....can't get past slide 2...

String #3 = NucChiVicMinSafTonNeiA RWelLenIceBurYelGamIfHeaWis13Wal

Classic Rock Challenge = Black Sabbath
Classic Video = Alley

Music Trivia = Adele
Variety Video = No

Hot Music Trivia = Diamonds

KOST song of the day= BELIEVE

Like Credit Cards? - Yellow - yel
Toys 4 Tots - Game - gam
Toys R Us Holiday - Wish List - wis

AoL - Food Cravings - If You're Taken With Bacon - if
AoL - Minute Meals - Healthified Spicy Cashew Chicken - hea

Clothing Deals - Walt - wal
Jewelry Deals - 13

2nd String: NucChiVicMinSafTonNeiA RWelLenIceBurYelGamIfHeaWal13

Before They Were Famous = Fantasy Island
First Lines = I was 12 going on 13 the first time I saw a dead human being.
Get Your Game On = Geoff
Show Me The Money = Timothy Geithner
What Did They Say = I'm on a wheel of fortune with a twist of fate

games = A
Brush Trivia = Gum disease
Changes Trivia = evolutionary
updated string = AGumEvoPri$60

Music Trivia = Katy Perry
Variety Video = Red

Classic Rock Challenge = Jimi Hendrix
Classic Video on Demand = Pogo stick

Hot Music Trivia = OneRepublic

Top Video on Demand = Both

Music Trivia = Katy Perry
Variety Video = Red

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>HAPPY WEDNESDAY (over-the-hump week)..<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

new trivia

Trivia Trivia Triva!= Privacy Policy (PRI)

Daily Fantasy Sports for Cash= $600

side note:.....(I like it that Changes Trivia of EVOLUTIONARY plus Brush question R worth 10,000 points that really helps to buy some gift for this big upcoming holiday.........)

Before They Were Famous = Janitor
First Lines = 29-Aug
Get Your Game On = Ulyssium
Show Me The Money = Secret Service
What Did They Say = A partridge in a pear tree

Games = 7
Insurance Trivia = controversy
Frequent Cavities Trivia = depressions and grooves
Daily Fantasy Sports Trivia = $600
Two Week FREE Trial of Carbonite Online ... = Welcome

string = 7ConDep$60Wel

Music Trivia = Carly Rae Jepsen
Variety Video = Weapons of Mass Entertainment

Classic Rock Challenge = No. 8
Classic Video = Valentine

Top Video = Heart

Hot Music Trivia = Nicki Minaj

KOST song of the day= ROC

Child Plan Trivia = Medicaid
Choosing Trivia = Teeth
AoL - Heidi's Trivia 7 = Gold
AoL - Food Cravings Trivia 7 = Popcorn
AoL - Indoor Exercise Trivia 7 = Yoga
games = 4

Flavors of AOL 12/7:
AoL - Flawless On The Fly 7 = drugstore.com
AoL - Heidi's Outfits 7 = Bryant
AoL - Tailgating 7 = Fried Pickles
AoL - Soup & Sandwich 7 = vegetarian Reuben
AoL - Progresso 7 = Healthified Blue Cheese Burgers
AoL - Food Cravings 7 = strawberries
AoL - Indoor Exercise 7 = kayaking
AoL - 30 Minute Meals 7 = Healthified Skillet Lasagna

Win an iPod Touch! = impact
Daily Fantasy Sports Trivia = Steps Tourney
Computer Product Trivia = eBay
LEGO - Ninjago: Chopov toy = Brick Toystore
Win a $3,500 Gas Card! = Campaign

updated string = MedTeeGolPopYog4DruBryFriVegHeaBluStrKayHeaImpSteEBABriCam

Top Video on Demand = TRUE

Music Triia = Shakira
Variety Video = Zombie Bikers From Hell

Hot Music Trivia = Pink

Classic Rock Challenge = Boston
Classic Video on Demand = Two

Before They Were Famous = Graphic design shop
First Lines = The Third Man
Get Your Game On = 12
Show Me The Money = $10
What Did They Say = Dashing through the snow


Carbonite - Welcome - wel

New String: MedTeeGolPopYog4DruBryFriVegHeaBluStrKayHeaImpSteEBABriCamWel

Country - Hemingway
Country Video - Jake Asleep On The Couch
Music Skillz No Querstion
Music Quiz - Sea of Love (1959)
Vintage Video False (foggy day)


Before They Were Famous = Kelly Ripa
First Lines = Love Story
Get Your Game On = Approuls
Show the Money = Nickel

"Hi" Classy Folks. Thanks greatly for the invite from Ayla! Hope to make a few quality posts and contributions here. Really flattered but will be the "low man" on the totem pole.

HB Trivia
Private insurance differs from ___ because they do not have to accept all applicants at the same rate. group

Country Music Trivia
Who was the subject of a tribute performance by top country music starts at the 46th annual CMA awards? Willie Nelson

Ortho Trivia = size and location
games = 64
String = GroSiz64

Music Trivia = Pink
Classic Rock Challange = Thin Lizzy - 'Live And Dangerous'

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>EVERYONE HAVE A GREAT QUITE WEEKEND FOR A CHANGE BEFORE THE BIG Dec. 24 and Dec. 25 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

DruBryFriVegHeaStrYogKay----Made a more effective link for me to do AOL-12/07

Hot Music Trivia= SHAKIRA

daily bonus code= snowman

Different Parts Trivia = tooth fractures
Rule Of Thumb Trivia = sleepless and irritable

Games = 14

updated string = TooSle14

Music Trivia = Nicki Minaj
Hot Music Trivia = Carly Rae Jepsen
Classic Rock Challenge = Don Felder
Music Skillz = Cheating

Before They Were Famous = UFOs
First Lines = Maycomb
Get Your Game On = 2,000
Show the Money = Alexander Hamilton

Good morning, Gang!

Country Music Trivia
What band features fiddle player Jimmy De Martini? Zac Brown Band

Rule Of Thumb Trivia
During teething, some babies may become fussy, ____, lose their appetite or drool more than usual.
sleepless and irritable

Different Parts Trivia
Minor ___ can be easily treated by a dentist.
tooth fractures

...IMPORTANT CHANGE TO ANSWER OF SHOW ME THE MONEY is back to Benjamin Franklin....

When I posted MYfm 104.3 account ALEXANDER HAMILTON was denied; therefore, immediately I was corrected by a prompter telling me that BENJAMIN FRANKLIN is the correct answer....

Lenovo= e-Bay.com

J. R. Casino= 9 p.m.

Alverno College - 40 Years - 40

....Which Group Is On Slide 7? - Toy
....What Is Hiding On Slide 8? - Stingray - sti
....What Is The #14 Travel Movie? - Hot Tub Time Machine - hot
....What Type Of Food? - Cheese Puffs - che
....What Can You Share Photos Of? - Your Best Baked Goods - you

AoL - 30 Minute Meals Trivia 10 - Cucumber - cuc
AoL - Tailgating Trivia 10 - LSU
AoL - Heidi's Trivia 10 - Givenchy - giv
Sonoma - Many
Taco Bell Food - Steak - ste
Toys R Us - Holiday Edition - The Gifts They Want For The Price You Love - the

String: 40ToyStiHotCheYouCucLSUGivManSteThe

Country music Equal
Country video - 3
Magic Music - Bobby Sox To Stockings
Music - One Republis
ROCK Music! - This Is Gonna Hurt
Rock Video On Demand - Curb Your Dog
Top Video The Singer Gets into a van with the waitress
Vintage Video - 2

Before They Were Famous = Dennis Rodman
First Lines = Danny DeVito
Get Your Game On = 99,990
Show Me The Money = The Union Shield
What Did They Say = Later on, we'll conspire as we dream by the fire

games = 50
Covering Trivia = Tax Advantage
TB Trivia = canker cores

Flavors of Aol 12/10:
AoL - Flawless On The Fly 10 = Emergency
AoL - Heidi's Outfits 10 = Bronzy Glow
AoL - Tailgating 10 = Biscuits
AoL - Soup & Sandwich 10 = veggie
AoL - Progresso 10 = sweet & sour chicken
AoL - Food Cravings 10 = Healthified Tropical Papaya Smoothie
AoL - Indoor Exercise 10 = by changing your pace every few minutes.
AoL - 30 Minute Meals 10 = Snapper

updated string = 40ToyStiHotCheYouCucLSUGivManSteThe50TaxCanEmeBroBisVegSweHeaBySna

CA State Parks= 7

Daily Fantasy Sports for cash trivia= increase

tap into Quality Trivia 1= True

....Which Word Is Used? - Feisty - fei
....What Type Of Animal Is On Slide 7? - Impala - imp
....What's The #12 Movie? - Time After Time - tim
....What Type Of Fruit Is On Slide 11? - dates and apricots - dat
....How Many Categories Are In The Baking Challenge? - 6
Enrollment Trivia - HSA
Routine Trivia - Dry Mouth - dry

String: FeiImpTimDat6HSADry

First Lines - China
Before They Were Famous - David Lee Roth
Get Your Game On - 2 hours 46 minutes
Show Me The Money - 2.41 cents
What did they say - Rudolph, with your nose so bright, won't you guide my sleigh tonight?

Has anyone had problems with watching the videos? Getting the points? Well, I got it figured out, if anyone wants to try it:
I click on the link, and wait for the video to start
Then I go up to the trivia list, and click on the link again
And...wait again...
Repeat as often as you want to, or have the time to do it.
Once the video starts to run, you will get your points.
But I have found that this will only work for 1 at a time.

games = mamba
updated string = FeiImpTimDat6HSADryMam

Classic Rock Challenge = Australia
Classic Video on Demand = Red

Top Video on Demand = Black

Hot Music Trivia = Jewel

Music Trivia = Jewel
Variety Video = Heart

Country Music Video On Demand
In Jake Owen's "Alone With You" video, what kind of animal is sitting on the couch with him?

Country Music Trivia
Greg Bates jokes he is one of only a few people actually from what city?

Sony Trivia
When you click on the $49.95 Sony Vaio where is the product Customer Certified?

vintage video= white

Mondopad= video conference

Kleinheinz Jeweler= over 30 years

Discovery - American. Metal. Choppers. = Jessie
Discovery - Science's Biggest Myths: Bus... = Going out in chilly weather causes you to catch cold.
Discovery - Puzzles That Slip & Slide = 5.66 seconds
Discovery - Time For Baker Polls! = The competition
Blood Pressure Trivia = healthy heart
games = pepper
Health Resources Trivia = Social Security Office

string = JesGoi5.6TheHeaHomFrePepSoc

Hot Music Trivia = Beyonce

Music Skillz = Kelly Rowland

Classic Rock Challenge = Jimi Hendrix
Classic Video on Demand = Floor

Top Video on Demand = FALSE

Music Trivia = Beyonce
Variety Video = True

Carbonite 3rd option - Home Premiere - hom
JCPenny - Free shipping If You Spend Over $50.00 - fre
Naughty or nice - Two Week Free Trial Of Carbonite Online - Homeremier - hom

Updated String: JesGoi5.6TheHeaHomFre

Before They Were Famous = Winona Ryder
First Lines = Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Get Your Game On = Hyrule
Show Me The Money = 1857
What Did They Say = I want to be a dentist!

Country Music Trivia
Who was voted favorite female country artist at the 40th Anniversary American Music Awards?
Taylor Swift (5th consecutive AMA winner)

Country Music Video on Demand
In the video for Jake Owen's "Alone With You," what is Jake doing when the girl texts him from the bar?
playing pool

Sony Trivia
When you click on the $49.95 Sony Vaio where is the product Customer Certified? __________?

Discovery Mon-Fri Trivia Fun
What's the name of the guy in the beginning of the video? Jessie
What is the myth on Slide 12? Going out in chilly weather causes you to catch cold.
What is the world's record for solving Rubik's Cube? 5.66 seconds
What are you able to track? Track the competition (whole phrase)

Nicki Minaj vs. Mariah Carey Trivia
Watch this video and for 500 points: Nick Cannon quoted a radio DJ when referencing Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey...what type of beef did he call Mariah? filet mignon

More Credit Card Trivia Anyone?
After you answer 5 simple, fun questions about credit cards you'll be presented with info about offers that you can take advantage of or not and also find the answer to this question, There are five card features listed at the bottom of each card presented including two features about the APR, "Intro APR", and what is the other one?

KOST song of the day= Same Old Lang Syne

Mouth Trivia 13 = tongue from cancer
Cataract Trivia 13 = routine eye examinations
AOL S & S Trivia 13 = tomato
AOL Progresso = chocolate
AOL Coast to Coast fashion = black stud ankle boots
AoL - Gift Guide For The Holidays 13 = Trumstand
AoL - Coast To Coast Fashion 13 = Black stud back ankle boots
AoL - Cupcakes 13 = Red Velvet
AoL - Manicures 13 = Sparkly French Twist
AoL - Holiday Stress Relief 13 = Recipes you can make the day before.
AoL - Slow Cooker Recipes 13 = Beef stew
AoL - Charitable Giving 13 = Clean out your fridge
AoL - Edible Gifts 13 = Spiral snowman cookies
AoL - Indoor Exercise 13 = glutes and thighs
AoL - 30 Minute Meals 13 = Fresh Peach Salsa
Paula Dean's Peppermint Hot Chocolate = butterfly

String = TonRouTomChoBla17TruBlaRedSpaRecBeeCleSpiGluFreRfl

Top Video on Demand = Letters

Classic Video on Demand = White
Classic Rock Challenge...no Q up yet

Music Skills = DJ Drama

Music Trivia = Katy Perry
Variety Video = The singer gets into a van with the waitress

Games - 17
Sony - Bizrate.com - (I used the whole thing, not sure what part they zero in on. Use the whole answer.

Before They Were Famous - Aim toothpaste
First Lines - My Friends And, Uh, This Thermos. (Actually, he says, MY thermos, I believe)
Get Your Game On - I: Cleveland Indians
Show me The Money - 1943
What Did They Say? - Up, Up Up And Away

Country Music - Horses
Hot Music Video - False
Magic Music - Bobby Darin
Vintage Video - White

Full String, Including what's above and below me:


I just did the Shareware, and found that the first 2 sets don't give the points, at least to me they didn't. Concentrate on the last set.

Country Music Trivia
What does Toby Keith say he enjoys racing?

Country Music Video On Demand
What happens at the end of Jake Owen's "Alone it You" video?
The girl kisses him

Heidi Klum
Which item is on Slide 7? Trumstand
What item is on Slide 11? Black stud back ankle boots
What kind of cakes are on Slide 3? Red Velvet Cupcakes in a Jar
What type of manicure is on Slide 5? Sparkly French Twist

Live Better America
AoL - Holiday Stress Relief 13 Recipes You Can Make The Day Before
AoL - Slow Cooker Recipes 13 Beef Stew with Shiitake Mushrooms
AoL - Charitable Giving 13 Clean Out Your Fridge In Advance
AoL - Edible Gifts 13 Spiral Snowmen Cookies
AoL - Indoor Exercise 13 glutes and thighs
AoL - 30 Minute Meals 13 Fresh Peach Salsa

Paula Dean's Peppermint Hot Chocolate= Butterfly

Value Text: 247365


swilke: what are we testing???

Causes Trivia 14 = vitamin C
Problems Trivia 14 = holes

Disc M-F:
Discovery - What Group Is Your Dog In? = Toy
Discovery - Electric Car Quiz = a reduction gear

beginning STRING = VitHolToyA r

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