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Before They Were Famous - Dennis Miller
First Lines - I got the horse right here, the name is Paul Rever
Get Your Game On - Sue
Show Me The Money - Aluminum
What Did They Say? - All Of The Other Reindeer Used To Laugh And Call Him Names

Country Music - Luke Bryan
Magic Music - Comb
Vintage Video - No

Music Trivia = MAC
Variety Video = Black

Top Video = Yes

Classic Rock Challenge = Keith
Classic Video on Demand = His bass guitar

Country Music Video On Demand
The video for "Blown Away" by Carrie Underwood opens in:
Black and white

Country Music Trivia
Who was voted favorite male country artist at the 40th Anniversary American Music Awards?
Luke Bryan

Discovery - What Group Is Your Dog In?
Which group is on Slide 7?
Toy Group

Discovery - Electric Car Quiz
If you've decided to build your own electric vehicle, you should know that an electric motor usually needs which one of the following for maximum efficiency?
a reduction gear

Causes Trivia 14
Research indicates that a lack of ___ contributes to periodontal disease.
vitamin C
Problems Trivia 14
We get cavities in teeth from a substance in the mouth called plaque, which sticks to teeth and contains acid-producing bacteria that can cause tooth decay and a cavity or ____.
hole in the tooth.


Bonus Code

Dental Trivia 15 - Controlled Diabetes
JC Penny - 5
Oral Trivia 15 - Three Pairs
Santa's Sleigh Cocktail Video - 2 Cups
Daily Video - Cranberry - cra
Games - Clubs - clu

String: Con5Thr2 CuCraClu

Before They Were Famous - Jennifer Aniston
First lines - 84 days
Get Your Game On - 30 lives
Show Me The Money - U.S. dollar coin

Mammoth Lakes Signiture Skyline - Minarets
Video Trivia For You! - Miley Cyrus

music knowledge= Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes this answer was correct but HOT did not give anyone credit for it....
email HOT station and they will credit you for it for Saturday, 12/15/12

Today's music knowledge answer is the same answer and it is giving you credit.

Country Music Trivia
Who paraded up the Vegas Strip on horseback to promote a two-year stand at Caesar's Palace?
Shania Twain

Cavity Trivia 16 = your risk for disease
Years Trivia 16 = heart murmur
Video Trivia Anyone? = Jay Leno
Golden Globes Riskiest Fashion (Slide #2) = Julia Roberts

string = YouHeaLenJul

Before They Were Famous = Hooters
First lines = Jean Louise Finch
Get Your Game On = Doom
Show Me The Money = 1909


Toys R Us - Holiday Wish List = 28
Tooth Trivia 17 = Gums receeding
*Kerio Workspace = 10GB
New Health Trivia 17 = Dependents
Video Trivia = Motorcycle Diaries

Discovery - Dog StereoTyping! = Herding
Discovery - Are You A Helicopter Parent? = You're probably at an appropriate level of attentiveness.
Discovery - Tupperware Quiz = Tupper Tree Doctors
Discovery - Sock Hop Quiz = 1960
Discovery - Electric Car Quiz 17 = equalization charge
Discovery - Are You A Helicopter Parent?... = You sound suspiciously like a helicopter parent.

beginning string = 28gum10GDepMotHerYouTup196Equ

Before They Were Famous = Debra Messing
First Lines = P.S., I Love You
Get Your Game On = Rosebud
Show Me The Money = Alexander Hamilton and Benjamin Franklin
What Did They Say = He's making a list, checking it twice

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>8 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Today's Daily Trivia

Games= 28

KIIS Daily Top Video= BOY LONDON


Welcome to *our* home away from home. Rules are on page 1. Post a hello when you come in.


Dono is also tired of the double posts, and redundent posts, so I invited him here.

Discovery - Wine Region Quiz 18 = Phylloxera
Discovery - Wine Region = The Champagne region of France is one of the most heavily praised wine regions on Earth
Discovery - Sliding Puzzles = warehouse manager
Discovery - Phone Jammer Quiz 18 = You don't.
Discovery - Slide Puzzle Quiz 18 = 25 seconds

Whitening Trivia 18 = store shelves
Enrollment 18 = personal bank account
Home Remedy Trivia 18 = swish
Definition Trivia 18 = FSA

Credit Card Trivia = Star

AoL - Gift Guide For The Holidays 18 = His and Hers Watches
AoL - Coast To Coast Fashion 18 = Mango
AoL - Gifts Under Twenty 18 = Ultimate Dessert Truffles Gift Box
AoL - Hot Holiday Manicures 18 = Velvet Manicure
AoL - Holiday Stress Relief 18 = Use Disposable Dishware
AoL - Slow Cooker Recipes 18 = Slow Cooker Lentil Stew with Cornbread Dumplings
AoL - Charitable Giving 18 = the tax write-off
AoL - HomeMade Edible Gifts 18 = Strawberry Fruit Dip
AoL - Cold Weather Workouts 18 = resistance
AoL - 30 Minute Meals 18 = Cannellini

3rd string = PhyWinWarYou25StoPerSwiFSAPinCamStaHisManUltVelUseSloTheStrResCan

Classic Rock Challenge = Blue
Classic Video on demand = No

Top Video = In graffiti on a rock

Music Skills = When the Smoke Clears

Hot Music Trivia = Try

Music Trivia = Try
Variety Video = Letters

Games - Pink
Video Trivia Anyone? - Cameron Diaz

2nd String: PhyWinWarYou25StoPerSwiFSAPinCam

Before They Were Famous - Coldstone Creamery
First Lines - St. Francis Receiving the Stigmata
Get Your Game On - Up, Down, Left, Right, hold A, and press Start
What Did They Say? - Frosty the Snowman was a jolly happy soul

Country Music - The Stories
Country Video - Her Father
Magic Music - Perry Como
Rock Music! - I'm Shakin'
Rock Video On Demand - True
Vintage Video - A Motorcycle

hello all

donO: Welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sorry 4 the 2nd post: 4 got I posted in the AM after midnight! guess am more tired than i thought...

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>SEVEN LONG DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Music Pop Quiz= Adele


.....Sliding Puzzle 19 - There is no key - the
.....Phone Jammer 19 - The FCC - the
.....Darth Vader 19 - Obi-Wan Kenobi - obi
Computer Trivia - Batterynerd.com - ner
Games - Red
Ne-Yo - Sunglasses - sun
Video Trivia Anyone - Glenn Whipp - gle

String: TheObiNeRedSunGle

Before They Were Famous - Gerard Butler
First Lines - The Abyss
Get Your Game On - A, B, A, C, B, B
Show Me The Money -(money) Box
What did they say- It's Christmas time in the city

Country Music - Taylor Swift
Country Video - Stormy
Vintage Video - Yes

Music Trivia = Fifth Harmony
Variety Video = Yes

Top Video in Demand = HORSE
Music Pop Quiz = ONEREPUBLIC

Music Skills = Jet Life

Classic Rock Challenge = 1906

Tips for Traveling with Kids - Video Tri... = shoes
Credit Card Trivia = star
Celebrity Weight Loss Video Trivia = Paula Deen
Software Video Trivia = WordPress
Adam Levine Video Trivia = Frankie
More Adam Levine Video Trivia - I mean h... = Stevie Wonder
Video Trivia Time 3rd celebrity weight loss = Jessica Simpson
Videos NDN Style! = bey

string #2 = TheFCCObiNeRedSunGleShoStaDeeWorFraSteJesBey

Before They Were Famous = Freshman year
First Lines = 84 days
Get Your Game On = Berzerk
Show Me The Money = Philadelphia Mint
What Did They Say = Sleigh bells ring, are you listening

Foodie Fun Trivia = No question at this time!

games = 8
Video Trivia Time! = Stroller
Videos NDN Style! = Kristina Behr
Video Trivia Anyone = Green
Travel Trivia = The Varsity
Computer Trivia = ROHS

Foodie Fun Trivia = FUJI

String = StrKriSoo8GreROH

Music Trivia = Katy Perry
Variety Video = Boy London

Hot Music Trivia = Pink

Classic Rock Challenge = U2

Music Pop Quiz = Nicki Minaj
Top Video on Demand = Marching Band

Country - Hurts It
Country Video - False
Hot Music Video - Horse
Magic Music - Andrews Sisters
Music Thriller
Rock Music! - Stevie Wonder
Rock Video On Demand - Both
Video - Green
Vintage Video - No

.7:50= DER
10:50= VER
.2:50= HUM


CALENDER BONUS CODE= 643627---type out the full 6 numbers otherwise will not give you the 1,000 points credit.

Before They Were Famous = Amy Adams
First Lines = Tuckoo
Get Your Game On = Wriggle
Show Me The Money = copper
What Did They Say = Later on, we'll conspire as we dream by the fire

Games = 16
Foodie Fun Trivia = fresh rosemary
Travel Trivia = 1882
Computer Trivia = purple
Video Trivia Anyone = Bruce Springsteen
Videos NDN Style! = car junkie
Video Trivia = Somebody I used to Know
Mammoth Lakes = Mountain

AoL - Gift Guide For The Holidays 21 = Jetley R200
AoL - Coast To Coast Fashion 21 = Leather Riding Boots
AoL - Gift Under $20 21 = Set of 4 Shot Glasses
AoL - Hot Holiday Manicures 21 = Midnight Purple Nails
AoL - Holiday Stress Relief 21 = The Slow-Cooker
AoL - Family Style Recipes 21 = Sirloin Three-Bean Chili
AoL - Charitable Giving 21 = overcompensation
AoL - HomeMade Edible Gifts 21 = Healthified Dark Chocolate Truffles
AoL - Personality Test 21 = The Block Party
AoL - Holiday Drink Recipes 21 = Pomegranate Cocktails

String = SomCarMou16PurBruJetLeaSetMidSloSirOveHeaBloPom

Music Trivia = Adam Lambert
Variety Video = In graffiti on a rock

Classic Rock = Taxman

Top Video = 1
Music Pop Quiz = Pink

Hot Music Trivia = L.A. Reid

Music Skillz = Rick Ross
Hip Hop Video On Demand = No

Country Music Trivia
Who was voted favorite country band, duo, or group at the 40th Anniversary American Music Awards?
Lady Antebellum

Country Music Video On Demand
Where is Carrie Underwood when the tornado hits her house in her "Blown Away" video?
The cellar

AoL - Holiday Drink Recipes 21
What kind of holiday drinks are on Slide 3?
Pomegranate Cocktails

Before They Were Famous = J.C. Penney
First Lines = digital watches
Get Your Game On = Ostrich
Show Me The Money = Krugerrand

Video Trivia Time! = So true so false
Videos NDN Style! = Swimming with the polar bears
Video Trivia Anyone = Quizzed in the face
Computer Trivia = SVZ131190X
games = 14

String = SoPolQui14SVZ

Hot Music Trivia = Taylor Swift

Music Trivia = Kelly Clarkson

Music Skillz = Atlanta

Music Pop Quiz = Shakira

Classic Rock Challenge : Ella Fitzgerald


Before 10:50 a.m. this morning you can still post the VIP name= MAR

Before They Were Famous = Studio 54
First Lines = Call me Ishmael
Get Your Game On = Tempest
Show Me The Money = 18 Months

Video Trivia Time! = Martini shaker
Videos NDN Style! = Never say never
Video trivia anyone? = red
Games n eCards Trivia = 3

String = MarNevRed3

Music Pop Quiz = Carly Rae Jepsen

Music Trivia = False

Hot Music Trivia = One Direction

Classic Rock challenge = 18

Music Skillz = Nicki Minaj

>>>Just came from Ralph's Market where U literally needed a traffic sign...there was congestion everywhere<<<

Live Link for RATE THE MUSIC


Country Music George Strait
Magic Music - C
Music Challenge - Back in Black
Music Quiz - Chordettes
ROCK Music! - Jack White
WWW- Frosty

Dave Murphy @ feed America - hunger - Hun
Murphy & Meg's Video Code Word - Merry Christmas Mer

Video Trivia Time! = CHIcago
Videos NDN Style! = LE Tub

Before They Were Famous = Hattie Carnegie
First Lines = A screaming comes across the sky.
Get Your Game On = Frogger
Show Me The Money = Salmon P. Chase
What Did They Say = Come on, it's lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you
Foodie Fun Trivia = Bacon
Travel Trivia = 5 days

String = chile

CA State Parks - Discount Coupons - dis
Computer - Level 8 Technology - eve
Games - Z
Kerio Workspace - Mkerio - Current - cur
Sonoma Valley Visitor's Bureau - Two Sonoma
Video Trivia Anyone ? - Emily - emi

Updated String: ChiLeDisEveZCurEmi

Classic Rock - Led Zeppelin
Country - Should
Hot Music - One Direction
Hot Music Video - 1
Music - J. Lo's Christmas Gift
Music Pop - Katy Perry
Music Quiz - Til Then
Top Video - Ballerina
Video - Horse
Vintage Video - A Blank White Screen

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>EVERYONE HAVE A VERY SAFE AND WARM CHRISTMAS EVE<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

daily bonus code= MERRYEVE

May You All Have A Merry Christmas!

uNu - Design
Video Trivia Time - WTAE
Videos NDN Style - Tropical


Before They Were Famous = Rice Krispies
First Lines = Scar
Get Your Game On = Sector Nine
Show Me The Money = $10 dollar bill
What Did They Say = Oh, bring us a figgy pudding and a cup of good cheer
Foodie Fun Trivia = 2 tablespoons
Travel Trivia = 1986
Video Trivia = Dinning Room

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