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Scooby Doo We Love U!

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Classic Rock Challenge = Rumours by Fleetwood Mac

Music Pop Quiz = Suit & Tie

Music Trivia = New Orleans

Hot Music Trivia = New Orleans

games = 10
updated String = LusOneFoa32PolQuiDriEllDinSneWis10

music knowledge= KEM

Before They Were Famous = My Best Friend's Birthday
First Lines = Chrissie
Get Your Game On = NHL 94
Show Me The Money = Kroon

Daily Video Trivia! = Just a hoax
Watch This Video Earn Points! = WTAE
Video Trivia Time! = Get MARried
Videos NDN Style! = Goofy
Video Trivia Unlimited Edition = X Factor
Video Trivia - Watch and Win! = blasted
Video Trivia Anyone? = 2014
games = 10
Touchdown Trivia = GUACAMOLE
string = JusWtaMarGooX FBla20110

Music Trivia = Lady Gaga
Music Pop Quiz = Adele
Hot Music Trivia = Lady Gaga
Classic Rock Challenge = 18

Country - 2
Music challenge - Bruce Hornsby
Magic Music - Tommy James and the Shondells

music knowledge= R.E.D. by NE-YO

Daily Video Trivia! - Red wine
Games - Dry
Video Trivia Time! - Willy Moons
Videos NDN Style! - Beyonce
Video Trivia - Unlimited Edition - Panda
Video Trivia Anyone? - President - pre
Video Trivia - Watch & Win - Cairo
Watch This Video Earn Points! - Car junkie

String: RedDryWilBeyPanPreCaiCar

Before They Were Famous - Smitty
First Lines - If
Foodie Video - Thyme
Get Your Game On - 250
Show Me The Money - Makka
Travel Video Trivia - Russell Crowe
What Did They Say? - I Hear The Sound Of A Gentle Word

Country - Jason Aldean
Music - Cyrkle
Vintage Video - Jackrabbit

Touchdown Trivia ... Mike Smith

Music Trivia = Prince
Variety Video = florence Welch singing by herself

Hot Music Trivia = Prince

Music Pop Quiz = Life Is But a Dream
Top Video on Demand = In jail

Classic Rock Challenge = Bob Dylan

Installing a Green Roof = Boston
Yesterday in History: January 27th = 1973
New Kids On The Block Are Back On The Bl = Connecticut
WTF: Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Britn... = guacamole
Bethenny Frankel Pulls A Katie Holmes In... = 5 millions dollars
Leonardo DiCaprio Says He Will Never Qui... = the environment
'America's Next Top Model' Seriously Inj... = doing backflips on the set of a film
Know Your Worth Trivia = well invested
Acoustic Audio = 350W
Excursion Trivia = Rosemary
Mizuno Trivia = Manmade

Updated String = RedDryWilBeyPanPreCaiCarWel350RosMAn

Excursion Trivia ... ROSemary
Updated String ... RedWilBeyCarPanPreCaiSupWelDryRos

hot music video on demand= BOTH

Daily Video - Cigarettes - cig
*uNu - 22
Video NDN Style - Car Junkie - car
Video Trivia Time - Dan
Video Trivia - Unlimited Edition - GQ.
Watch This Video Earn Points - Beyonce - bey

String: Cig22CarDanGQBey

Body's Natural Odor May Be The Secret To - Our Looks
Online Resumes Appear On eBay - Sonya
Stoner Mice Blamed For Missing Marijuana - Wichita, Kansas
Three Tips for Leaders Under 30 - Move Around In Your Career

Country Music - At Sea
Country Video - Kitten
Hot Music Video - In Jail
Magic Music - Herb Alpbert
Music Pop Quiz - Ke$ha
Music Quiz - Herb Alpbert
Rock Music - Sully Erna
Rock Video On Demand - A Live Performance
Vintage Video - Money

Tuesday 1/29/2013:
Before They Were Famous ... Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark
First Lines ... Once upon a midnight dreary
Get Your Game On ... higher top speed
Show Me The Money ... Cedi
What Did They Say ... But my hands are busy in the air
Foodie Fun Trivia ... Chili
Travel Trivia ... England
Touchdown Trivia ... The New England Patriots
Video Trivia Anyone? ... CIGarettes
Video Trivia - Watch and Win! ... HE
Games ... BRUiserBots
String ... CigCarBeyGQ22DanHeBru

Music Trivia = $30,000
Variety Video = A silver moon

Classic Rock Challenge = The Cannery in Nashville

Music Pop Quiz = Ke$ha
Top Video on Demand = Florence Welch singing by herself

Music Skillz = Baked
Hip Hop Video On Demand = Yes

Hot Music Trivia = $30,000

Fashion Police VIDEO = January Jones
Premiere: jOBS = Ashton Kutcher
Wooden Frames For Your Home! = Black

FLAVORS of AOL 1/29:
AoL - What To Wear When It's Cold 29 = Ruby
AoL - How To Revamp Old Clothing 29 = DIY Scarf
AoL - Trend To Try Braids 29 = Intricate Braided Bun
AoL - Fab Lipstick Tricks 29 = Pink Power
AoL - Life After Breast Cancer 29 = Wall Street
AoL - Flu Season Health Tips 29 = formidable
AoL - Healthy Bread Recipes 29 = new popularity
AoL - Resolutions Good & Bad 29 = Read more books
AoL - ReEnlisting At Age 60 29 = writer
AoL - Soup & Sandwich 29 = Italian Beef Sandwich

Baby Stroller Trivia and Great Deals! = giggle.com
Clothing Trivia and Some Great Deals! = green
All About The Bed Trivia = Cocalo Couture
All About The Kids Trivia = Amazon
Invest In Daily Worth! = Create Worth
You Are Worth It! = nugget
Health Trivia = proximity

Updated String = CigCarBeyGQ22DanHeBruBlaRubDIYIntPinWalForNewReaWriItaGigGreCocAmaCreNugPro

music knowledge= lovers

old school video in demand= land rover

Daily Video Trivia - The President - the
Games - 7
Video Trivia Time! - Bruce Springsteen - gre is accepted, GOD ONLY KNOWS WHY!
Videos NDN Style! - WTAE - wta
Video Trivia - Unlimited Edition - Sydney - syd
Watch This & Win - Goofy - goo

String: The7GreWtaSydGoo

Before They Were Famous - Burger King
First Lines - Crimean War
Foodie Video - Support
Get Your Game On - Gun Fight
Show Me The Money - 1861
Travel Video - Kangaroo
Video Trivia Anyone? - Red Wine
Video Trivia - Watch and Win! - Orlando
What Did They Say? - Worlds Apart, Hearts Broken In Two

Country music - Brad Paisley
Country video - The janitor
Hot music video - Florence Welch singing by herself
Magic Music - Ramsey Lewis Trio
Vintage video - Plaid

Touchdown Trivia ... Super Bowl XLII

Top Video on Demand = A silver moon
Music Pop Quiz = Lady Gaga

Music Trivia = Adam Lambert
Variety Video = White

Hot Music Trivia = Adam Lambert

Music Skillz = Born Sinner
Hip Hop Video On Demand = FALSE

Classic Rock Challenge = Lodger

ShowBiz Minute: Diggs, Judd, Ke$ha - VID... = Judd & Franchitti
Gongs Get Going at Top Dealer = one or two
Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z Spotted Film...= umbrellas
New Kids On The Block Are Back On The Bl... = Mohegan Sun
Snooki's Reveals Successful Slimdown Rou... = 44 pounds
Nicole Kidman's Botox Nightmare - VIDEO = La Republica
Daily Skin Trivia = FINGERPRINT
Causes and Risks = 2 PERCENT
Baby Trivia = 2
Save More & Spend Smarter Trivia = Amanda Steinberg
Win 1 Million Dollars! = studies

updated string (incl MIGHTYMACHONE's ans below) = The7GreWtaSydGooFin132 PAmaFreStu

Brand New Trivia
Travel System For Baby= 1
Great Gifts for Your Baby Trivia= 3
All About Babies Trivia= 2
Personal Creations- Baby Style!: free

music challenge= Scotland

Daily Video Trivia! - 2014 - 201
Games - 11
Video Trivia Time! - Bruce Springsteen - bru
Video Trivia: Unlimited Edition - Sex appeal - sex
Videos NDN Style! - Dining Room - din
Watch This Video Earn Points! - Quizzed in the face - qui

String: 2011BruSexDinQui

Before They Were Famous - Dan Aykroyd
First Lines - Robert Frost
Foodie Video - Gourmet Dad
Get Your Game On - 1975
Show Me The Money - Linen
Travel - Singapore
What Did They Say? - Call it sin, you can call it whatever

Country - Carrie Underwood
Magic Music - 1991
Vintage Video - Camera Flash

Touchdown Trivia ... 5
Video Trivia Anyone? ...HOAx
Watch & Win ... WALking papers
String ... QuiBru201DinSexHoaWal

Classic Rock Challenge = Where Are We Now

Music Pop Quiz = 4
Top Video on Demand = White

Music Skillz = Lil Wayne
Hip Hop Video On Demand = TRUE

Music Trivia = Frank Ocean
Variety Video = A room of dancing people

Rihanna Talks Chris Brown On Magazine Co... = Rolling Stone
Anheuser-Busch's Super Bowl Ad Moves- VI... = 25
Superbowl Commercial Season Starts Pre-G = space
BlackBerry introduces Z10, Q10 smartphon... = Thorsten
Lip-Syncing Aside, Beyonce Scores Big Fo... = Live for Now
Come back daily for fun video trivia! = four

updated string = 2011BruSexDinQuiHoaWalRol25Tho

music knowledge= Beyonce

old school video in demand= in snow

Daily Video Trivia - Slim down - sli
Games - 5
Videos NDN Style - Yelling - yel
Video Trivia Anyone? - 11
Video Trivia Time - Driving Wildly - dri
Video Trivia - Unlimited Edition - Icy Beverages - icy
Watch This Video Earn Points! - Kristina Behr

String: Sli5Yel11DriIcyKri

Before They Were Famous - R2 D2 We Wish You A Merry Christmas
First Lines - 43
Foodie Video - Human Rights Campaign
Fun Video - Toyota
Get Your Game On - Daytona
Show Me The Money - Salmon P. Chase
Travel - Local Preservation Of Quality Food
What Did They Say? - The Son Is Drowning In The Flood
Country Music - Keith Urban
Magic Music - Clarinda, Iowa, March 1904
Vintage Video - Three

Touchdown Trivia ... 3

games = 3

Flavors of Aol 2/:1
AoL - Manicures 1 = Cloudy Nails
AoL - How To Revamp Old Clothing 1 = Bow on the Back
AoL - Fashion 1 = Shop Zoe
AoL - Fab Lipstick Tricks 1 = Dark Red Mystery
AoL - Life After Breast Cancer 1 = cards
AoL - Re-Enlisting At Age 60 1 = ride
AoL - Easy Yoga Poses 1 = Cat-Cow-Pointer Sequence
AoL - Should You Go Vegetarian 1 = adopt
AoL - How To Stop Emotional Eating 1 = fulfilled
AoL - How To Be A Better Listener 1 = demeanor

Doritos' Super Bowl Ad Moves - Video = blue
What Does a Super Bowl Ad Cost? = Do not play fetch
Beyonce Sings National Anthem Live - VIDEO = WHITE
How Much Is The Super Bowl Worth? - Video... = half a billion dollars
will.i.am: Targeting Tech Toward a Better = green

updated string = 311DriYelKriSliDogIcyCloBowZoeDarCarRidCatAdoFulDemWhi

Music Trivia = The Strokes
Variety Video = Confetti

Hot Music Trivia = The Strokes

Classic Rock Challenge = Rock of the Westies

Music Pop Quiz = Jason Mraz
Top Video on Demand = A room of dancing people

KOST song of the day= Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Videos NDN Style - After midnight
Video Trivia Anyone? - Music
Video Trivia Time - Ray Lewis - ray

String: AftMusRay

Touchdown Trivia ... 1
Fun Video Trivia! ... Babson College
Before They Were Famous ... McDonald's
First Lines ... Dylan Thomas
Get Your Game On ... Duck Hunt
Music Trivia ... Katy's Kettle Corn
Show Me The Money ... suppress counterfeit currency
Games ... Green

Natural tooth trivia = implant

Country Music Trivia = HOUSTON
Classic Rock Chalenge = DREAMS
Hot Music Trivia = KATY'S KETTLE CORN
Pop Musiz Quiz = MAROON 5
Music Skillz = KID CUDI

music knowledge= I'll be missing you

Games - 120 seconds....I can't find out what it wants, the 120, or the sec, so I put both
Videos NDN Style - Grand - gra
Video Trivia Anyone? - Count Down - cou
Video Trivia Time - Alex Konrad - ale

String: 120SecGraCouAle

Touchdown Trivia ... The Detroit Lions

Before They Were Famous = Hair stylist
First Lines = Howl
Fun Video Trivia! = lace
Get Your Game On = Geoff
Show Me The Money = Ft. Worth, Texas

Music Trivia = 4
Hot Music Trivia = Carly Rae Jepsen
Classic Rock Challenge = Jimmy Page
Music Pop Quiz = One Direction
Music Skillz = Keep Her On The Low

The Country Music Trivia question is: "How old would have Elvis been this month?"
The correct answer is "78" but the idiots who make up the questions say "76" so enter this answer.

FYI, Elvis was born January 8, 1935. Simple math gives "78". This is not the 1st time they have been incorrect with their answers. Maybe they don't have enough fingers to do simple math!

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>GO 49'ers.....YEAH<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Games= 2
music knowledge= PRINCE

Best Pachage Around town - Poconos, PA - poc
Endless Vacation Home - noreply@digitalivy.com - nor
Videos NDN Style - Toiletry Bags - toi
Video Trivia Anyone? - Taste Bud - Tas
Video Trivia Time - 145,000 - 145

String: PocNorToiTas145

Country Music - Red Solo Cup by Toby Keith
Country Video - A live performance
Music Quiz - Ray Charles
Music Trivia - Goo Goo Dolls
Top Video - Confetti
Vintage video - 1950s

Before They Were Famous ... The Groundlings
First Lines ... She Walks in Beauty
Games n eCards ... HEARTS
Get Your Game On ... yellow, green, orange, and red
Hot Music Trivia ... 4
Music Pop Quiz ... LFO
Show Me The Money ... private bank note companies
What Did They Say ... You must not know 'bout me
Foodie Fun Trivia ... Throwing a kid's party
Travel Trivia ... Malibu
Endless Vacation Trivia ... Nor

The Hunter Becomes the Hunted in Super B... = sketchers
Budweiser: Horse story - Great Commercia... = red
Samsung: Rudd vs. Rogen - Commercial = diaper
Mercedes Commercial Trivia = Vanity Fair
GO Daddy: Big Idea Spot! Too Funny! = yellow
Pepsi Super Bowl ad: Next house party = 60% less
Random Trivia = Amazon
Destiny's Child Reunites - Video = lace
Puppy Bowl IX Line-Up Revealed - Video... = 35
Baby Trivia 5 = in-stock

Flavors of Aol 2/5

AoL - Beauty Treatments From The Kitchen... = Estee Lauder
AoL - How To Revamp Old Clothing 5 = Translucent Earrings
AoL - Trend To Try Half Up Hairstyles 5 = Half-up Fishtail
AoL - Fab LipStick Tricks 5 = Black Cherry Lip
AoL - Life After Breast Cancer 5 = 33
AoL - Re-Enlisting At Age 60 5 = a tree
AoL - Easy Yoga Poses 5 = Twisted Warrior
AoL - Should You Go Vegetarian 5 = amino acid
AoL - How To Stop Emotional Eating 5 = fancy coffee drinks
AoL - How To Be A Better Listener 5 = loosen up

string = Tas145ToiPocSonNorHeaSkeYelAmaLacInEstTra-upBla33TreTwiAmiFanLoo

Classic Rock = Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere

Top Video = Confetti
Music Pop = LFO

Music Trivia = Goo Goo Dolls
Variety Video = Mow the lawn

Hip Hop Video On Demand = We never see
Music Skills = T-Pain

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