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You need to edit one of those posts. They are both long, and taking up a lot of space.

Also, on page one of this blog/room, whatever you want to call it, is the rules we go by. I need for you to read them.

When you post, you can't post something that is already posted. We don't want double posts. We only want 1 post of each trivia/survey/quiz that we do.

It makes for a very confusing list of posts, and takes way too much space.

Please, we need order in this confusing world, so I/we need your cooperation with this.

Just go to EDIT, and delete all of one of your last posts, and then go to EDIT for the other, and remove everything that other people have already posted before you, and just leave what is new. And you have to do this everyday.

This will make things nicer, and more comfortable for all.

We appreciate your posts, but we made rules for all of us to post by, and it works out for everyone here.

KOST weekly website bonus code= LOVE WEEK

PC - Your Life - you
Plaque Trivia 12 - Cavities - cav - (Scavenger 2)
Smart Trivia 12 - Blast Your Belly Fat - bla - (Scavenger 1)
Video Trivia Anyone? - Fourth Quarter Earnings Up 19% - ear
Video Trivia Time - Props - pro
Videos NDN Style - Executive - exe

String: YouCavBlaEarProExe

Country Music - Luke Bryan
Country Video - A beachball
Before they were famous - A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon
Get your Game on - super joe
First lines- t.s.elliot
Foodie Video Trivia - Caramel & bacon
Show me the money – 1791
Travel Video Trivia - Chernobyl
Edited 35 minutes
Games: 15
GAC Trivia Steve Holy's New Girlfriend – 36, Tracy Lawrence Trivia – STIcks and stones
GAC Watch and Win - "Ignition" - C. Wolf
GAC Bonus - Kimberly Perry

AOL - Beauty Treatments 12 = Skinceuticals
AOL - Revamp Old Clothing 12 = sea foam
AOL - Trend To Try Hairstyles = Gorgeous
AOL - Fab LipStick Tricks 12 = Blue
AOL - Living Forward With Joyce = cards
AOL - Living Forward With Neil = ride
AOL - Heart Health Recipes 12 = oranges
AOL - Chicken Dinner Recipes 12 = Mango Chutney-Chicken Curry
AOL - Heart Health Tips 12 = Wake up and walk
AOL - Spring Fashion 2013 12 = Monochromatic

Pauls Trivia - Mike
PC Trivia = Your mind
Paul's Trivia = Support
Backstreet Boys Documentary in the Works = Steven Kayak
Mountain Dew Creates "Kickstart" Breakfa... = Fruity Pebbles
Madonna Joins Instagram And Posts Racy P... = Martini
Hollywood Defends Melissa McCarthy After... = hippo
Carrie Underwood's Grammy Projection Dre... = projection screen
Zombie Trivia = Max Brooks
Fortune Trivia = octopus
Favorite Foods Trivia = green
Amatuer Poetry Time! = email
All About My Computer! = add files to your sync folder
Just For You Trivia = 6
Web Expert Trivia = New York Stock Exchange

updated string = YouCavBlaEarProExe15SkiSeaGorBluCarRidOraManWakMonMikYouSupMaxOctGreEmaSyn6New

Music Trivia = Try
Variety Video = On the office copy machine

Music Pop Quiz = Katy's Kettle Corn
Top Video = Working in office cubicles

Classic Rock Challenge = Beacon Theatre

Music Skillz = Smoking pot
Hip Hop Video On Demand = FALSE

Hot Music Trivia = Destiny's Child

kost song of the day= I want to know what love is

Best Package - South Carolina - sou

2nd Updated String:


Games - Flip
Video Trivia Anyone? - 3
Video Trivia Time - Diamonds - dia
Videos NDN Style - UK

String: Fli3DiaUK

Before They Were Famous - Regis Philbin
First Lines - Because I could Not Stop For Death
Foodie Video - Pistachio-Cherry Sugar Cookies
Fun Video - Blue
Get Your Game On - Double Dragon
Show Me The Money - 118.
Travel Video - 679

Country music - The Farm
Country video - False
Hot music video - Working In Office Cubicles
Magic Music - Concetta Rosa Maria Franconero
Rock Music Trivia - Three Days Grace
Rock Video On Demand - Harmonica

Murphy & Meg's Video - Frosting - fro
Newsletter - Hey Jude - hey

Crisis Trivia 13 = private health insurance
Serious Trivia 13 = 30 minutes
White House: Obama Speech Focus on Jobs = the middle class
Mila Kunis Bares Major Skin - VIDEO = Allure
Ambrosio's Super Sheer Dress - VIDEO = underwear
Beyonce's Candid Body Talk - VIDEO = Vogue
Grammy Nominated Band Dish's On The Red = The Lumineers
Have Your Cake And The Body You Want - V... = apple pie

updated string = Fli3DiaUKPri30AllWeaVogLumApp

Classic Rock Challenge = 13

Music Pop Quiz = Carly Rae Jepsen
Top Video on Demand = On the office copy machine

Music Trivia = Sexy Back
Variety Videos on Demand = TRUE

Hot Music Trivia = 104 million

Hip Hop Video On Demand = BadBoy
Music Skills = Mastermind

music knowledge= Rihanna

old school video in demand= black

Games - Purple
Video Trivia Anyone? - Windy - win
Video Trivia Time - Life changing - lif
Videos NDN Style - Week - wee

String: PurWinLifWee

Before They Were Famous - Borderline
First Lines - William Blake
Foodie Video - 4
Forbes on Games: Best of 2012 and 2013 - Carol
Fun Video - Right
Get Your Game On - Sue
Show Me The Money - Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
Travel Video - July 6, 1881

Country - Brad
Country Video - Loving Music
Hot music video - On The Office Copy Machine
Magic Music - December 12, 1938
Rock Music Trivia - Airbourne
Rock Video On Demand - In A Dessert
Vintage Video - On A Ship

Eating Trivia 14 = Celery
Disease Trivia 14 = blood vessels and soft tissue inside the body
Diana Ross' Daughter Rhonda Opens Up Abo... = 13
Lady Gaga Cancels Concerts Due To Injury = Monday
Selling Science On The Space Station - V... = 2010
How To Drive a Porsche in the Snow - VID... = Sugar Bush Resort

String: PurWinLifWeeCelBlo13Mon201Sug

Hot Music Trivia = Sexy Back

Music Trivia = Fun.
Variety Videos on Demand = A clown

Music Pop Quiz = Goo Goo Dolls
Top Video on Demand = True

Classic Rock Challenge = Robert Plant

Music Skillz = Child psychology
Hip Hop Video On Demand = Yes

kost song of the day= bea

disease trivia 14= When used to view calcium deposits in the blood vessels.

Fluoride - Second Trimester - sec
Games - Purple
HDHP Trivia 15 - Small Business - sma
Video Trivia Anyone? - Life Changing
Video Trivia Time - 11
Videos NDN Style - IHop

String: SecPurSmaLif11IHo

Before They Were Famous - Mercutiio
First Lines - The Teakettle
Foodie Fun - Cumin
Fun Video - Brown
Get Your Game On - Liu Kang
Show Me The Money - 4:10.
Travel Video - Cassie Chadwick

Country Music - Having photo taken with her
Magic Music - Where The Boys Are
Music - Gotye
Vintage Video - Clergymen
Music Pop - Paramore

Variety Trivia = Yes

Top Video = A Clown

Hot Music Trivia = FUN

Classic Rock Challenge = All You Need Is Love

Hip Hop Video On Demand = FALSE
Music Skills = Delegation of duties and time management

Cutest Valentine's Day Celeb Couples - V... = Justin Timberlake
Kate Middleton Bikini Baby Bump Photos B... = Caribbean
Jessica Simpson and Katy Perry Look Pret... = John Mayer
Nicole Kidman Secrets to Successful Holl... = Let Keith help her pick her dresses
Steve Martin To Be a Dad Aged 67 = December

Flavors of AOL 2/15
AOL - Beauty Treatments 15 = Body Shop Elderflower Cooling Eye Gel
AOL - Vogue Waves 15 = Eric Gabriel
AOL - Revamp Old Clothing 15 = unique
AOL - Red Hot Fashion 15 = Forever 21
AOL - Living Forward With Joyce 15 = Wall Street
AOL - Living Forward With Neil 15 = a writer
AOL - Heart Health 15 = Planked
AoL - Chicken Dinner Recipes 15 = Feta
AOL - Heart Health Tips 15 = Steal some exercise
AOL - Spring Fashion 2013 15 = Bermuda Shorts

updated string = SecPurSmaLif11IHoTimMayDecCooEriUniForWalWriPlaFetSteBer

Artist -Garth Brooks – Gar
Team – Villanova - Vil
Town - Elm Grove – Elm
Café - toaspicoocakpieappjuifrusal

music knowledge= Aretha Franklin

old school video in demand= Yes

Shopper's Voice - Email - ema

2nd Updated String:


Chicken or Duck: Raw Food the Rage As Pe. - Big Bad Woof
LeAnn Rimes Sues Her Dentist - Nine - nin
Natural Trivia 16 - Implant - imp
Tooth Trivia 16 - Age
Video Trivia Anyone? - Diamonda - dia
Video Trivia Time - New Music - mus
Videos NDN Style - Fee

String: BigNinImpAgeDiaMusFee

Mariah Takes a Bath With Her Dog - Champagne

Before They Were Famous ... Crayola Crayons
First Lines ... Twenty-one
Fun Video Trivia! ... Purple
Games ... Nuclear
Get Your Game On ... 30 lives
Hot Music Trivia ... Gotye
Music Trivia ... Fun
Music Pop Quiz ... Destiny's Child
Show Me The Money ... $50
String ... BigNinImpAgeDiaMusFeeNuc

Classic Rock Challenge = The Letter
Music Skillz = 50 Cent

Country Music Trivia

What's the title of the Top 20 country hit Righteous Brother Bill Medley had in the 1980s? I Still Do

music knowledge= Whitney Houston

(Saw her live from the Sports Writers Box @ the Angels Stadium...She was singing the Star Spangled Banner which made me absolutely do HARD TEARS from the best rendition I had ever seen take place....whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Diagnose Trivis 17 - Diabetes - dia
Diabetes Trivia 17 - Oral Hygene - ora
Games - Plants
Video Trivia 1 - Red
Video Trivia 2 - Lowdown - low
Video Trivia 3 - Waves
Video Trivia 4 - Green - gre
Video Trivia 5 - August - aug
Video Ttivia Anyone? - Prop
Video Trivia Time - Counting Down - cou
Videos NDN Style - Patrick Jones - pat

String: DiaOraPlaRedLowWavGreAugProCouPat

Classic Rock Challenge - Paul Kantner
Country Music - Shameless
Fun Video Trivia! - Stephanie
Hot Music - Fun
Magic Music - Baby Sittin’ Boogie
Music - Bruno Mars
Music - True
Music Pop Quiz - 104 Million

Before They Were Famous = journalist or politician
First Lines = three
Get Your Game On = Galaga
Show Me The Money = $10

Gums Trivia 18 - Research - res
Mouth Trivia 18 - Inconclusive - inc
Video Trivia 6 - October - oct
Video Trivia 7 - 1977 - 197
Video Trivia 8 - Elephant - ele
Video Trivis 9 - Ann
Video Trivia 10 - Breaks Down - bre
Video Trivia Anyone? - Dale - dal
Video Trivia Time - Taste - tas
Visdeo NDN Style -

String: ResIncOct197EleAnnBreDalTas

Bartender, I'll Have Another For Charity - Houston
Before They Were Famous - Alan Rickman
Bringing Agency Expertise To A Professio - KPMG
First Lines - Are You Watching Closely?
Foodie Fun - Avocado
Fun Video - Light
Get Your Game On - Q*Bert
Show Me The Money - James Madison
Sonoma - The Russian
Travel Video - Omaha Public Library

Classic Rock Challenge - Brave Belt
Country Music - Kid Rock
Music - False
Vintage Video - Mop

Hip Hop Video = Swimming Pool
Music Skills = Frank Ocean

Classic Video = Red

Music Pop Quiz = Christina Aguilera
Top Video = Yes

Hot Music Trivia = Bruno Mars

Variety Videos = False

games = 16
updated string = ResIncOct197EleAnnBreDalTas16

weekly copy and paste for 5,000

weekly copy and paste for 1,000 bonus points
rewards.todayschristianmusic.com/asp3/CodeDetail.aspx? type=4&SetID=7103

If anyone is confused by Bob's posting, make a post about it. You should all be aware that you get 2 bonuses every week, if you know about them. 1 is for 5,000 points, and one is for 1,000 points, and the code words are always: WINS.

I wasn't aware of the one for 1,000 till I med Bob, and I am thankful that I met him.

Again, thank you Bob!



Monopad - Creative
Videos NDN Style- A Plunge - plu
Shopper Voice - Confirm Email Address

Games - 16
Video Trivia Anyone? - Virginia - vir
Video Trivia Time - Talk - tal
Videos NDN Style - Mint - min

String: 16VirTalMin

Before They Were Famous - Julia Roberts
First Lines- Do You Find Me Sadistic?
Foodie Fun - Rolled Oats
Fun Video - The beholder
Get Your Game On - Do The Donkey Kong
Show Me The Money - $20,000
Travel - Cabbage Key

Classic Rock Challenge - Stephen Stills
Country Music - Went to a movie
Country Video - Her Back
Hot Music - False
Magic Music - Apache
Music - Justin Bieber
Music Challenge - We Built This City
Music Pop Quiz - RCA Records

Hip Hop Video On Demand = Water gun fight
Music Skills = Smoking marijuana

Classic Video = They see an explosion in the distance.

Top Video = FALSE

AOL - Beauty Treatments 19 = banana
AOL - Revamp Old Clothing 19 = perfectly stylish
AOL - Vogue Waves 19 = Side Swept
AOL - Red Hot Fashion 19 = Asos
AOL - Joyce Obrien 19 = cards
AOL - Re-Enlisting 19 = ride
AOL - Heart Health Recipes 19 = Spinach
AOL - Chicken Dinner Recipes 19 = Thai
AOL - Heart Health Tips 19 = Go first.
AOL - Spring Fashion 2013 19 = black

How Jada Pinkett Smith Keeps Her Kids Gr... = red
Inside Forbes: Retire Well Issue = 28
Prince William Speaks Out Over Kate Midd... = Mystique
Facebook pays no taxes, gets $500K refun... = $1.1 billion
Changing kids TV habits may improve beha... = Journal of Pediatrics
The Black Keys' Patrick Carney Impersona... = twitter

updated string = 16VirTalMinBanPerSidAsoCarRidSpiThaGoBlaRedMysTwi

Gingivitis Trivia 19 - Fluoridation
Oral Health Trivia 19 - Enamel

New Updated String:

music knowledge= michael jackson

old school video in demand= no

kost song= don't know why

Video Trivia Anyone? = MANslaughter
Video Trivia Time = SIMple
Videos NDN Style = HOLlywood

String = simanhol

Games - Clubs

String: CluManSimHol

Before They Were Famous - An Account
First Lines - It's A Wonderful Life
Foodie Video - Baked
Fun Video - Purple
Get Your Game On - Michael Biehn
Show Me The Money - 1932.

Classic Rock Challenge - Don McLean
Country - Begin Again
Country Video - Motorcycle
Hot music video - False
Music - Ke$ha

Health Trivia 20 = healthy heart
Risk Factors Trivia 20 = chest pain

Today in History for Wednesday, February... = Rhode Island
Woods: Playing Golf With President Obama... = is a lefty
Why the First Lady Is Wearing Bangs? = sports car
'Houdini Horse' Gets Attention for Escap... = food and freedom
In NYC, Never to Young to Om = 6 weeks old
Kellie Pickler, Danielle Peck & Phoenix ... = Hutton Hotel
Bakery Selling Baked, Gluten-Free Faux D... = fonuts
Man Jumps Straight Into Cactus - VIDEO = Australia
Endless Vacation Trivia 20 = NOR
updated string = CluManSimHolHeaCheHutFonAusNor

Music Pop Quiz = Taylor Swift
Top Video = Having a picnic

Classic Video = A snake

Variety Video = He answers the phone during their romantic picnic

Hot Music Trivia = Justin Bieber

Music Skillz = She lip-synched a recorded version
Hip Hop Video = A card game

daily bonus code= Adams

Before They Were Famous = Ballerina
First Lines = Lyrics or love
Get Your Game On = Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Show Me The Money = 11/22/1963

Video Trivia Anyone?... = week
Video Trivia Time... = odd
Videos NDN Style = necklace
Fun Video Trivia! = Black Eyed Peas
Games = 125
Fast Food Is a Big Part of the American ... = 11%
Today in History for February 21st - VID... = balloon
Frank Ocean: Winning a BRIT Award "Is Li... = glorious
Mumford & Sons Try to Steal Life-Size BR... = Lewes
Drinks Trivia 21 = limiting snacks

String = WeeOddNec12511%BalLim

Classic Rock Challenge = Christine McVee
Classic Video = They stomp on them.

Music Trivia = Mariah Carey
Variety Video = Pink

Music Pop Quiz = Swedish House Mafia
Top Video = He answers the phone during their romantic picnic

Hot Music Trivia = Ke$ha

Hip Hop Video On Demand = a skateboard
Music Skills = 18

Drinks Trivia 21 - Limiting Snacks - lim
One Direction Covered Blondie At The 2013 - Pinball Machine - pin

Updated String: WeeOddNec12511%BalPinLim

Celebrity Interview Video - Dark Skies
Entertainment Video - Justin Bieber
Frank Ocean: Winning a BRIT Award - Glorious
Mumford & Sons Try to Steal Life-Size BR. - Lewes
Sony Teases New Playstation - Microsoft

Country Music Trivia - Tim McGraw
Country Video - False
Hot music video - Havina a picnic
Magic Music - Sir Paul McCartney
Vintage Video - Red

DAILY TRIVIA had a change today for FIRST:
Change today for FIRST

now is to be MUSIC OR MISERY

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