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Bob18: why so many posts of the same thing??

Today in History March 24 = 1999
Matt & Kim "Play A Show That's A Party" ... = Black
Cavities Trivia 25 = advanced cavity
2 Days in the Life of L.A. Rockers Dead = Ask an Angel
Health Trivia 25 = acids
Oral Trivia 25 = chewing tobacco
All About Cavities 25 = Cancer
Daredevil Takes a Nap on Tight Rope = 3000
'American Idol' Finalists on Singing = I will
Emma Watson Strips for Earth Day = Natural Beauty
Video Shot: Cat Leads Dog Back Home = white
Welcome to American Girl Place New York ... = 49th street

updated string = DeGam350Mus999BlaAdvAskAciCheCan300WilNatWhi49


Before They Were Famous ... Sookie St. James
Celebrity Interview Video ... Jonathan Taylor Thomas
Entertainment Video ... Mirrors
First Lines ... A.A. Milne
Games n eCards ... 5
Get Your Game On ... Stephen Colbert
Hot Music Trivia ... Matthew Morrison
Hot Music Video on Demand ... Island Def Jam Music Group
Music Trivia ... Carly Rae Jepsen
Music Pop Quiz ... Carly Rae Jepsen
Show Me The Money ... Five
Top Video on Demand ... FALSE
Video Entertainment Center ... REAlly good
Video Trivia on Demand ... Freeshipping.org
String ... Rea5

Not sure what happened, was not intentional.

Auto Trivia - $3500 - 350
Avoiding Trivia 26 - Niacin - nia
Clip N Go Trivia! - Green - gre
Fluoride Trivia 26 - Green Tea - gre
Health Trivia 26 - Progressive Forms - pro
Maintaining 26 - Premature - pre
Question 26 - Vitamin D - vit
Shopping For Life Trivia! - Survey - sur

Hottest Fashion Trends 25 Dramatic - dra
Manicure Monday 25 Top coat - top
How To Update Your Updo 25 Not To Be Old Fashioned - Old
Create A Dramatic Lip 25 Linda - lin
Quick & Easy Tips 25 Chipped - chi
Trend To Try Spring Manicures 25 Golden Goddess - gol
Women's Self Defense 25 Self Defense - sel
Veggie Smoothie Recipes 25 Broccoli - bro
Emotional Eater 25 Awkward - awk
Calorie Snack Ideas 25 Cinnamon - cin
Healthier Fast Food 25 Egg
Red Wine Health Benefits 25 Tannin - tan

Updated String:

Classic Rock - Tom Petty
Classic Video - Black and White
Country - 'Uncaged' By Zac Brown Band
Country Video - No
Gimme Jimi- All Along The Watch Tower
Magic Music Swedish
Vintage Videos on Demand - Black and white

daily bonus code= Easter Eggs

Cash Trivia! - Green - gre
Dove Challenge - 3
Games - 64
Minds Trivia! - Consumer - con
Recipe Central! - Orange - ora
Samples Trivia! - $20
Shopping For Life Trivia! - Sweeps - swe - (Sorry I Gave The Wrong One Yesterday!)
Spring Forward - Orange
Video Entertainment Center - It's The Best

String: Gre364ConOra$20SweBes

Before They Were Famous - It's not like I'm going to run off and do Mission Impossible III!
Celebrity Interview Video - G.I. Joe: Retaliation
Entertainment Video - Harry Style
First Lines - Fern
Get Your Game On - John Kurk
Show Me The Money - Shield Nickel
Video Trivia on Demand - 7%

Magic Music - The Animals
Vintage Video - Long

Manage Trivia 27 = bacteria
Daily Trivia 27 = weaken teeth
Video Trivia On Demand = 7%
Teeth Trivia 27 = mild abrasives
Image Trivia 27 = OTC
Bearded Dragon Has Major Swag = Blue
Today in History March 27 = 93
Alert Dog Leads Owner to Trapped Calif. = Red
Are You Ready For a Spice Girls Reality ... = TV
Rihanna's Path to Self-Destruction = Green
String = Gre364ConOra$20SweBesBacWeaMilOtcBlu93RedGre

Music Skillz = Mindless Behavior
Hip Hop Video On Demand = FALSE

Classic Rock Challenge = Glenn Frey
Classic Video on Demand = Long
Gimme Jimi Trivia = St. Marks Church

Hot Music Trivia = Stories Don't End
Hot Music Video on Demand = FALSE

Music Pop Quiz = Matthew Morrison
Top Video on Demand = Lights

Music Trivia = Stories Don't End
Variety Video on Demand = Black vest and white shirt

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Happy Day before tomorrow's Good Friday<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

daily bonus code= choc candy

Video Entertainment Center - Matt

String: Mat

Before They Were Famous - Sports Broadcasting
Celebrity Interview Video - Rocky Horror Picture Show
Entertainment Video - Fall Out Boy
First Lines - Alfred A. Knopf (He is The Publisher!)
Get Your Game On - Sue
Show Me The Money - Ft. Knox
Video Trivia On Demand - Tablet - (Tablet Computers That Is!)

Country Music Kris Kristofferson
Country Video - Bradley And His Guitar
Magic Music - Jon Bon Jovi
Vintage Video - False

FLavors of AOL 3/28
AOL - Hottest Fashion Trends 28 = Structured
AOL - Manicure Monday 28 = Snapguide
AOL - How To Update Your Updo 28 = pins
AOL - Create A Dramatic Lip 28 = Linda
AOL - Quick & Easy Tips 28 = Paint
AOL - Trend To Try Cute Spring Manicures... = creative pastels
AOL - Women's Self Defense 28 = really rough
AOL - Veggie Smoothie Recipes 28 = Pea Perfection
AOL - Emotional Eater 28 = Lampert
AOL - Calorie Snack Ideas 28 = 14
AOL - Healthier Fast Food 28 = cobble
AOL - Red Wine Health Benefits 28 = Noel Spritzer

Skin Trivia 28 = many people
Age Trivia 28 = sebum
Today in History March 28 = Dwight D. Eisenhower
Phoenix Talk New Album 'Bankrupt' = four
George Thorogood On His Tribute To Chess = Chicago
Chelsea Handler Freaks Out On 'Whitney' = birthday cake

String = Mat14ManSebStrSnaPinLinPaiCreReaPeaLam14CobNoeEisFouChi

Gimme Jimi Trivia = Corvette Stingray
Classic Rock Challenge = Munich
Classic Video on Demand = False

Music Skillz = The baby son of Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose
Hip Hop Video On Demand = Tomato

Hot Music Trivia = Phillip Phillips
Hot Music Video on Demand = Lights

Music Pop Quiz = Lady Gaga
Top Video on Demand = Black vest and white shirt

Music Trivia = Phillip Phillips
Variety Videos on Demand = Yes

First Triva has made a change today:
This is the name of the author of the 1963 novel of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory


daily bonus code= Basket Fun

Video Entertainment Center - Their Lives - liv

String: Liv

Before They Were Famous - The Bill Engvall Show
Celebrity Interview Video - The Voice
Entertainment Video - Muse
First Lines - 1896
Get Your Game On - 30 Lives
Show Me The Money - The Granite Lady

Classic Rock Challenge - Robert Plant: A Life
Country Music - Cranks His Tractor
Country Video - Movie Drive In
Magic Music - The Association
Rock Music Trivia - Killswitch Engage
Rock Video On Demand - Photo
Vintage Video - Two Little Boys

Before They Were Famous ... The Bill Engvall Show
Celebrity Interview Video ... The Voice
Entertainment Video ... Muse
First Lines ... 1896
Get Your Game On ... 30 lives
Show Me The Money ... the Granite Lady
Games n eCards ... 50
Hot Music Trivia ... fun.
Hot Music Video on Demand ... Black vest and white shirt
Music Pop Quiz ... Ke$ha
Top Video on Demand ... Yes
Video Trivia on Demand ... University of Virginia
Music Trivia ... fun.

kost song of the day= Amazed

scoop on salt= true

surviving spring allergies= all the above

food labels 101= the food has less than 5 milligrams of sodium per serving

Video Entertainment Center = Gillian...but used Jillian to get the points...
Demi Lovato Returns to X Factor 30 = singing into it
Nicki Minaj Toots Her Own Horn 30 = pink
Spring Allergies Trivia = 5 a.m. to 9 a.m.

string = JilSinPinJohBat5BakLowAll2OraRedCou5 a

Classic Rock Challenge = Mick Jagger

Music Skillz = Kelly Rowland

General Hospital Favorites Return! 30 - (Can't Find it, Wrong Video?, or Wrong Question?)
Inside Tonight's 'Survivor' Immunity Cha... - John Kirhoffer - joh
Kate Upton Says She Prefers Men Hairless... - Bathing Suit - bat

Updated String: JilSinPinJohBat

Before They Were Famous ... Marcus
Celebrity Interview Video ... Grey's Anatomy
Entertainment Video ... Foo Fighters
First Lines ... Mr. and Mrs. Dursley
Games ... 5
Get Your Game On ... Doom
Hot Music Trivia ... Florence Welch
Music Pop Quiz ... 10
Music Trivia ... Florence Welch
Show Me The Money ... Venezuela
Video Trivia on Demand ... feet
Calories Count ... BAK
Breast Health ... LOW
Migrane Maintenance ... ALL
Health ... 2
Living Lean ... ORA
Heart Attack ... RED
General Hospital ... COU
Shelby GT500! ...ORA
Spring Allergies Trivia ... 5 am
String ... JilSinPinJohBat5BakLowAll2OraRedCou5 am

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>HAPPY EASTER TO YA ALL...ENJOY YOUR FAMILIES<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

daily bonus code= EGG HUNT

Jay-Z Takes Decadence to "Roll" New Leve... = black
Molly Ringwald Reveals Musical Talent 31 = Rob
Stevie Nicks Shares Kiddie Music Memory ... = tap
Video Entertainment Center = black
American Idol's Tim Urban: Where Is He N... = he's so adorable
Every Time I Die: Touring Is Like Wrestl... = a 14 year old kid
Games = Flip

string = BlaRobTapAdo14Fli

Before they were famous = About Last Night
First Lines = Brian Robeson
Get Your Game On = Doc Brown
Show me the Money = Alexander Hamilton
Celebrity Interview = Game of Thrones
Entertainment Video = Fine China
Video on Demand = self driving cars

Music Pop Quiz = Stories Don't End

Classic Rock Challenge = Eddie Van Halen

Music Trivia = Icona Pop

Hot Music Trivia = Icona Pop

Music Skillz = Shoes

HAPPY EASTER to those that celebrate!!!!

Correct 'Video Trivia on Demand' answer has changed to ... 54.5 MPG

Country - Hunter Hayes
Magic Music - The Jelly Beans

Enjoy Your Easter Sunday

Fun Video Trivia! = gamers
Unlimited Video Edition! = really good
Resort Rentals April Edition! = Atrium Resort
Spring Time Video Trivia! = really good
Vacation Rentals April Sweepstakes! = entry received
Dictate Trivia = three times faster
Diddy Performing at WWE's Wrestlemania ... = Coming Home
Exclusive: Stevie Nicks Shares Kiddie Mu...= Phoenix
Jonas Brothers' 'Pom Poms' Music Video T... = 16
Reese Witherspoon Goes Brunette = Mexico
Get Some Gas! = Do you have diabetes?
Health Insurance Trivia! = Basic medical information.
Million Dollar Trivia! = orange
Getaway Of A Lifetime! = Do you have a car
Daily Deals Trivia! = blue
Tote Trivia! = April 30th
Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives = 4
Picture It Trivia! = READIT
Deals Of This Universe! = tote bag
Get Your Apple On! = 3
Give A Little Pepper! = Orange

updated string = GamReaAtrEntThrShaRooMarComPho16MexDoBasOra40BluApr2HisTom4ReaBag3

Classic Video on Demand = Wearing a leather jacket
Classic Rock Challenge = Stevie Nicks

Hot Music Trivia = The Script
Hot Music Video on Demand = Yes

Music Trivia = The Script
Variety Videos on Demand = Adam Levine standing in front of a fire

Music Pop Quiz = Phillip Phillips
Top Video on Demand = FALSE

Music Skillz = Three
Hip Hop Video On Demand = Robocop

Today in History for April 1st - Marvin Gaye
Heart Attack Prevention: Red Insurance - 2
Shelby GT: Orange Getaway - His Diploma
Tomatina Fresh Italian - Tomatoes

2nd Updated String: GamReaAtrEntThrShaRooMarComPho16MexDoBasOra402HisTom
...(For More Additions, Check Below In Sam's Post)...

Before They Were Famous - Pampers
Celebrity Interview Video - Upside Down
Entertainment Video - Fitz & the Tantrums
First Lines - That's it. Hundred honors and ninety below.
Get Your Game On - Up, Down, Left, Right, hold A, and press Start
Show Me The Money - Alexander Hamilton and Benjamin Franklin

Country Music Pioneer
Country Video - Red
Magic Music - Charlie Thomas
Vintage Video - Wearing a leather jacket

weekly copy and paste for 5,000

weekly copy and paste for 1,000 bonus points
rewards.todayschristianmusic.com/asp3/CodeDetail.aspx? type=4&SetID=7294

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Happy Ceasar Chavez Day<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

kost song of the day= Everytime You Go Away

Fun Video Trivia! - White - whi
Games - 15
Medicare Trivia 2 - Medigap - med
Oral Trivia 2 - Road Map - roa
Spring Time Video Trivia! - Really Good - goo
Unlimited Video Edition! - Singing Into It - sin

String: Whi15MedRoaGooSin

Before They Were Famous - Luke Cage
Celebrity Interview Video - Dwayne Jonson
Entertainment Video - WWE'S Wrestlemania 29
First Lines - A Hobbit lived there in a hole in the ground
Get Your Game On - A, B, A, C, B, B
Show Me The Money - $10

Classic Rock - The Eagles
Classic Video - For A Live Audience
Country Music - Like A Rose
Country video - Yes
Hot Music - Brave
Hot Music Video - False
Magic Music - 1958
Pop Quiz - Fun
Rock Music Trivia - Alice in Chains
Rock Music On Demnd - Cigarette butt
Top Video - Adam Levine standing In Front Of A Fire
Variety Videos on Demand - Yes
Vintage Video - A Bride And Groom Coming Home

Today in History April 2 = 26
White House Posts April Fool's Day Messa... = 9
Celebrities Among Winners in Google Glas... = $1500
Flavored Condom Adds Spice to Lovemaking = bacon
The Best April Fool's Day 2013 Internet ... = sniff

updated String = Whi15MedRoaReaSin269Bac

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Hey do ya think WE can get some more badges today? Yesterday was fun w/ the badges>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

KOST song of the day= Your Song

MIGHTYMACHONE said:   >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Hey do ya think WE can get some more badges today? Yesterday was fun w/ the badges>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

KOST song of the day= Your Song

I'd love some new badges TOO !

AOL - Easy Beauty Tricks 2 - Peach Fuzz
AOL - 5 Must Have Items 2 - Jumpsuit
AOL - How To Update Your Updo 2 - Pink
AOL - Create A Dramatic Lip 2 - 1
AOL - Quick & Easy Tips 2 - Residue and Oils
AOL - Cute Spring Manicures 2 - Orange
AOL - Women's Self Defense 2 - Running
AOL - Workout Food Recipes 2 - Apple
AOL - Best Spring Fitness Apps 2 - Six
AOL - Calorie Snack Ideas 2 - avocado, mashed and blended with cup of chopped tomatoes and 1 chopped green onion....BUT IT IS NOT ACCEPTING IT!!!
AOL - Healthier Fast Food 2 - Salad
AOL - Red Wine Health Benefits 2 - Hawaii

New Updated String: Whi15MedRoaRGooSin269BacPeaJumPin1ResOraRunAppSix...SalHaw

ANYONE STILL DIDN'T DO: AOL - Calorie Snack Ideas 2 - AVO now works!

Fun Time Trivia! - Cowboy Hat - cow
Games - Hearts - hea
Spring Time Video - Singing - sin
Unlimited Video Edition! - Kristina Guerrero - Kri

Beginner String: CowHeaSinKri

Before They Were Famous - Coat Checker
Celebrity Interview Video - Katy Perry
Entertainment Video - Bonnaroo
Firast Lines - Samantha Mathis
Get Your Game On - Tennis For Two
Show Me The Money - 2

Country Music - Old Yellow Moon
Country Video - False
Magic Music - Four
Old School Video On Demand - Black
Rock Music Trivia - River
Rock Music Video On Demand - A guy dancing alone
Vintage Video - Pickles

Gums Trivia 3 = gum disease
Plan Trivia 3 = cash benefits
Take The Journey! = boundaries
Today in History April 3 = Martin Luther King Jr
Get Your iPad On! = 2
Michael Jackson's mom sues concert promo... = $40 billion
Cosmos People - Cosmos People Live at Du... = blue
Meet Justin Bieber's Monkey Mally = German Customs Officials
Hillary Clinton Appears at Vital Voices ... = white
Are You An Outfitter Trivia! = enter your e-mail...though I got a PM That says GET works for "Get started towards your $500 Urban Outfitters gift card by completing your registration." so i added that to the string....TY stressrelief!
Resource Trivia = excellent benefits
Best Buy in Town Trivia = Orange
Colors Trivia! = 2

Updated string = CowKriSinHeaGumCasBouMar240BluGerWhiEntGetExcOra

Classic Rock Challenge = Jimmy Page
Classic Video on Demand = Red

Hot Music Trivia = Katy Perry
Hot Music Video on Demand = Adam Levine standing in front of a fire

Music Trivia = Katy Perry
Variety Videos on Demand = Karate fight scene

Music Pop Quiz = Florence Welch
Top Video on Demand = Yes

song of the day for kost= I Don'tWant To Miss A Thing

Before They Were Famous = Boyzone
Celebrity Interview Video = Big Bang Theory
Entertainment Video = They sent a copy of the album up into space
First Lines = dignity
Get Your Game On = Centipede
Show Me The Money = 1969

Games n eCards = PURple
Fun Video Trivia! = Bathing suit
Unlimited Video Edition! = Pink
Spring Time Video Trivia! = Red
Colors trivia = 27
The Dream Car Trivia! = Red
The Winner Circle = How old are you?
Private Trivia 4 = premiums
Juice Trivia 4 = Dry sockets
Survey Central! = complete your entry

string = BatPinRedPur27RedHowPreDryCom

Hot Music Trivia = Demi Lovato
Hot Music Video on Demand = Yes

Music Pop Quiz = Icona Pop
Top Video on Demand = Karate fight scene

Variety Videos on Demand = Wiz Khalifa
Music Trivia = Demi Lovato

Classic Rock Challenge = Kenny Loggins
Classic video on demand = Wave their arms back and forth

Hip Hop Video On Demand = No
Music Skills = He illegally used footage of her in a music video

All About Apples Trivia! - Green - gre
Moving On Up! - Red

Updated String: BatPinRedPur27RedHowPreDryComGre

Country - Dream
Magic Music - No
Vintage Video Yes

kost song of the day= karma chameleon

Directed Trivia 5 - HDHP
Fun Trivia - 1991
Morning Trivia 5 - Tongue - ton
Spring Time - She's Pregnant People - pre
Unlimited Edition - Patty - Pat

String: HDH199TonPrePat

Before They Were Famous - Fife
Celebrity Interview Video - Kirstie Alley
Entertainment Video - Miley Cyrus
First Lines - Nine
Get Your Game On - Hammurabi
Show Me The Money - James Madison

Country - Tell their friends about
Country Video - Big hoop earrings
Magic Music - The Shirelles
Rock Music Trivia - Eve to Adam
Rock Video On Demand - An Office
Vintage Video - Elvis Presley

games = purple

Flavors of AOL 4/5
AOL - Easy Beauty Tricks 5 = hydrating
AOL - 5 Must Have Items 5 = The Overnight Bag
AOL - How To Update Your Up = Eric Gabriel
AOL - Create A Dramatic Lip 5 = Linda
AOL - Quick & Easy Tips 5 = cheat a little
AOL - Cute Spring Manicures 5 = shades of grey
AOL - Women's Self Defense 5 = devastating obstacles
AOL - Workout Food Recipes 5 = cramps
AOL - Best Spring Fitness Apps 5 = rising temperatures
AOL - Calorie Snack Ideas 5 = 1
AOL - Healthier Fast Food 5 = Get creative
AOL - Red Wine Health Benefits 5 = oak barrel

updated string = HDHTon199PatpregPurHydOveEriLinCheShaDevCraRis1GetOak

Classic Rock Challenge = NOW What?!
Classic Video on Demand = FALSE

Hip Hop Video On Demand = 2
Music Skills = Timbaland

Music Pop Quiz = The Script
Top Video on Demand = FALSE

Vriety Videos on Demand = FALSE
Music Trivia = Wet wipes and a bottle of wine

Hot Music Trivia = Wet wipes and a bottle of wine
Hot Music Video on Demand = Karate fight scene

HOT newsletter weekly bonus code= jack

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