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The Gift of Apple - Birth Date - bir
Spend It Trivia! - Branddealonline.com - Bra

2nd Updated String: HDHTon199PatpregPurHydOveEriLinCheShaDevCraRis1GetOakBirBra

Facebook Wants To Rule The Phone - Bridget - bri
Four-Year-Old Snubs Prince William's - Rose - ros
Fun Video - History - his
Nicki Minaj's Beautiful Pill Promo 6 - Blonde - blo
Rescued Baby Owl Loves to be Tickled 6 - Hoang - hoa
Spring Time Video - Liz
Unlimited Video Edition! - Keltie - kel
'Vadering' the Hot New Internet Meme 6 - Blue - blu
Dental Trivia 6 - Two Teeth Next To Eachother - two
Insurance Trivia 6 - Generally Speaking - gen

String: BriRosHisBloHoaLizKelBluTwoGen

Before They Were Famous - Living Dolls
Celebrity Interview Video - Molly Ringwald
Entertainment Video - Ultra
First Lines - The Haunting of Hill House
Get Your Game On - 1977
Show Me The Money - Woodrow Wilson

Magic Music - True

Classic rock challenge = Heart

Hot Music Trivia and Music Trivia = His pet monkey

Music Pop Quiz = Brave

Music Skills = Chris Brown

games = 16

string #2 = BriRosHisBloHoaLizKelBluTwoGen16

Jesse @ Autism Speaks Walk – aut

daily bonus code= daisies

Before They Were Famous ... The Tasteless Gal
Celebrity Interview Video ... Lindsay Lohan
Entertainment Video ... Jamie Jones
First Lines ... If you're going to read this, don't bother.
Get Your Game On ... Dartmouth
Show Me The Money ... FALSE

Music Trivia ... Adam Lambert

Music Pop Quiz ... Katy Perry

Hot Music Trivia ... Adam Lambert

Games n eCards ... RED

String ... SecPurYelRedNewLizOurRed

AI Contestant Performs Injured 7 - Liz
Blake: Hosting the ACMs Will 'Suck' - Red
Conn. Lawmakers Pass Gun Control Law 7 - Newtown
Fun Video Trivia! - Second
See Beyonce's Sexy Video 7 - Our terms
Spring Time Video - Yellow
Unlimited Video Edition! - Purse
Video Shot: Cat Rides On Bicycler's Shoulder - Red

String: LizRedNewSecOurYelPurGre

Prize Central! = Email
Get Your Gas On! = Complete your survey
Outfitters Trivia! = enter your e-mail
All In Just Seconds! = 30 Seconds

updated string = SecPurYelRedNewLizOurGreEmaComEnt30

All About The Dragon - Accurately
Andy Dick - Blue
Auto Protection Trivia - $ 125
Beyonce Says She's a Modern Day Feminist - 31
Fun Video - By The Grace Of God
Justin Bieber Teen Vogue Cover - Nicole
Mermaiding For Boys - Swimming
Spring Time Video - Mother
Suspected Thief Jumps In Canal - Patrick
Unlimited Video Edition! - White

String: AccBlu12531GraNicSwiMotPatWhi

Magic Music - False
Vintage Video - Lone Ranger

Before They Were Famous ... a baker
Celebrity Interview Video ... Jennifer Hudson
Entertainment Video ... Las Vegas
First Lines ... …mad
Get Your Game On ... Pepper
Show Me The Money ... Thomas Jefferson

Variety Videos on Demand ... The car explodes
Music Trivia ... Taylor Swift

Hot Music Trivia ... Taylor Swift
Hot Music Video on Demand ... FALSE

Music Pop Quiz ... Demi Lovato
Top Video on Demand ... The car explodes

Games n eCards ... COUgars
String ... GraWhiMotAccNicSwi31BluPatCou

Get Your Tan On! = birth date
Teeth Trivia 8 = ice cubes
Health Trivia 8 = 1976
Work Trivia = your injuries
All About The Groceries! = enter your e-mail
Drive Away Trivia! = 6
What's Your Worth? = own it
Best Deals In Town! = green

updated string # 3 = AccBlu12531GraNicSwiMotPatWhiCouBirIce197InjEnt6OwnGre

Classic Rock Challenge = Roger Daltry
Classic Video on Demand = FALSE

Hip Hop Video On Demand = Dancing on a spinning platform
Music Skills = Lil Wayne

daily bonus code= showers

Dramatic River Rescue Of Boaters 9 - 2
Fun Video Trivia! - Pattie Mallette
Games - 8
Jada On Rumors of Open Marriage 9 - Speculation
Louisville's Ware Leaves Indianapolis Ho... - Crutches
Public Outrage Over Rutgers Basketball V... - Newark, New Jersey
Shia LeBeouf Addresses Feud 9 - The Heart
Spring Time Video Trivia! - 30
Unlimited Video Edition! - Keep You In LIne

String: 2Pat8SpeCruNewHea30Kee

Before They Were Famous - David Wooderson
Celebrity Interview Video - Leonardo DiCaprio
Entertainment Video - New Kids On the Block
First Lines - Susie
Foodie Video - .... - That's all that it shows!
Get Your Game On - Missile Command
Show Me The Money - Alexander Hamilton

Classic Rock Challenge = The Moody Blues
Classic video on demand = Wash Dishes

Hip Hop Video On Demand = Shirtless
Music Skills = King of the Mic

Hot Music Trivia ... Swedish House Mafia
Hot Music Video on Demand ... The car explodes

Music Pop Quiz ... Wet wipes and a bottle of wine
Top Video on Demand ... Wolf

Music Trivia ... Swedish House Mafia
Variety Videos on Demand ... Wolf

Vision 9 = wisdom tooth
Gift Giving Trivia = Green ...don't ask!
Causes Trivia 9 = Gum Disease

Flavors of AOL 4/9:
AOL - Easy Beauty Tricks 9 = BlissWorld.com
AOL - How To Apply Nail Polish 9 = ehow.com
AOL - How To Get Temporary Hair Color 9 = Color Spray
AOL - 5 Must Have Items 9 = Burberry
AOL - Drab To Fab 9 = really quickly
AOL - Cute Spring Manicures 9 = style with foil
AOL - Women's Self Defense 9 = Pennsylvania
AOL - Workout Food Recipes 9 = Mayo
AOL - Best Spring Fitness Apps 9 = MyFitnessPal’s
AOL - Calorie Snack Ideas 9 = fiber
AOL - Healthier Fast Food 9 = Grilled chicken sandwich (from slide #4)
AOL - Desserts For Dieters 9 = Mexican Chocolate Raspberry

String #2 = 2Pat8SpeCruNewHea30KeeWisGreGumBliEhoColBurReaStyPenMayMyfFibChiMex

daily bonus code= pansies

weekly copy and paste for 5,000

weekly copy and paste for 1,000 bonus points
rewards.todayschristianmusic.com/asp3/CodeDetail.aspx? type=4&SetID=7294

For Wednesday:

All About The Gift! - Gift Program
Fun Video - Pink
Spring Time Video - Blows Kiss
Unlimited Video Edition - Beauty And Strength

String: GifPinBloBea

Country Music - Pieces Of The Sky
Country Video - 8pm
Magic Music - Yes
Vintage Video – Live

Bob, thanks for posting the bonus links, I appreciate it. I don't know if everyone else knows that they can use them too?

Before They Were Famous ... geology
Celebrity Interview Video ... Mad Men
Entertainment Video ...
First Lines ... Nick Carraway
Get Your Game On ... 860,630
Show Me The Money ... 26

Music Pop Quiz ... His pet monkey
Top Video on Demand ... In a field

Hot Music Trivia ... Justin Timberlake
Hot Music Video on Demand ... Wolf

Variety Videos on Demand ... In a field
Music Trivia ... Justin Timberlake

Games n eCards ... 50
String ... PinBeaBlo50

iPad Style Trivia! = Blue

String #3 = GifPinBloBea50Blu

Classic Rock Challenge = VAN HALEN
Classic Video on Demand = POISON

Music Skills = A LITTLE ROOM
Hip Hop Video = A SUIT

music knowledge= the right stuff

old school video in demand= false

Fun Video - Kristina
Spring Time Video - Singing
Unlimited Video Edition - Hot Pink
Factors Trivia 11 - Tooth Whitening
Medicare Trivia 11 - In-Home Assistance

String: KriSinHotTooIn-

Before They Were Famous - All The Real Girls
Celebrity Interview Video - Meryl Streep
Entertainment Video - Boyz II Men
First Line - A Knife
Get Your Game On - Link
Show Me The Money - Yes

Country - Miami
Country Video - Jeff Gordon

Anyone Get A Mother's Day Newsletter? The Answer is:
It's A Secret - Video Trivia! - 2

games = 17
Gifts for veryone trivia = How old are you?
Apple Of Life Trivia! = green
All About The Outfit Trivia! = 2

string #2 = KriSinHot17In-TooHowGre2

Classic Rock Challenge = Unstoppable Momentum
Classic Video on Demand = Red

Hip Hop Video On Demand = No
Music Skills = Wireless

Hot Music Trivia = Made in America Festival
Hot Music Video on Demand = In a field

Music Pop Quiz = Adam Lambert
Top Video on Demand = Yes

Variety Videos on Demand = Yes
Music Trivia = Made in America Festival

music knowledge= Chaka Khan (I used to visit HER ranch when it was empty and She was selling it...extremely old-fashioned country from early 19th century in the Mountains of Calabasas.)

old school in demand= no

Fun Video - Singing - sin
Spring Time Video - Really Good And Thrilled....not being accepted at this time, I wrote to them.
Unlimited Video Edition - Victoria - vic

String: SinVic

Country - Taylor Swift
Country Video - Yes
Magic Music – True
Vintage Video - Just Melissa

Before They Were Famous ... Steppenwolf Theater Company
Celebrity Interview Video ... Gwyneth Paltrow
Entertainment Video ... Coheed & Cambria
First Lines ... in thunder, lightning, or in rain?
Get Your Game On ... Super Joe
Show Me The Money ... $10

Hot Music Trivia ... When I Was Your Man
Hot Music Video on Demand ... Yes

Music Pop Quiz ... Taylor Swift
Top Video on Demand ... Green volleyball

Variety Videos on Demand ... Green volleyball
Music Trivia ... When I Was Your Man

Games n eCards ... Blue
String ... SinVicGooBlu

Cool Down With Gas - Easy And Voluntary - eas
Escalade Trivia- Continue With Your Entry - con
Group Trivia 12 - Financial - fin
LifeTime Getaway! - Orange - ora
Quick & Easy! - Enter Email Address - ent
Smoking Trivia 12 - Diabetes - dia

AOL: Easy Beauty Tricks 12 - Cellulite - cel
AOL: How To Apply Nail Polish 12 - Creating Bubbles - cre
AOL: How To Get Temporary Hair Color 12 - Colormetrics - Col
AOL: 5 Must Have Items 12 - Timeless - Tim
AOL: Drab To Fab 12 - Skip Foundation - Ski
AOL: Cute Spring Manicures 12 - Spring - Spr
AOL: Power Smoothie Video 12 - Fruit - Fru
AOL: Workout Food Recipes 12 - spinach - spi
AOL: Best Spring Fitness Apps 12 - Six
AOL: Calorie Snack Ideas 12 - Orange - ora
AOL: Munchies 12: Best Craft Brewery - Bes
AOL: Desserts For Dieters 12 - 11

Ivanka Trump Is Expecting 13 - Jared - jar
Mariay Carey Glitter-Bombs Idol Hopeful... - White - whi
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Nips Out in Lo... - Bold - bol
Undercover ADT Boss Unprepared For Terri... - Cold - col

Updated String:

Spring Video - Still Is Not Accepting Anything YET...

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>HAPPY FRIDAY TO YA ALL<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

music knowledge= Usher

old school video in demand= Horse

Fun Video - Singing
Spring Time Video - Really Good & Thriller (STILL NOT WORKING!!!)
Unlimited Video Edition - Mysterious
Rihanna Shares Cozy New Snap With Chris ... - Love

String: SinMysLov

Before They Were Famous - Toby Irvine
Entertainment Video - Golf N Stuff

I am going to be on the road for the next 1 1/2 days, so I will be looking for the rest of you to help me...IF I get to get online to do any trivias at all. I will catch ya all Sunday night!

Celebrity Interview Video Trivia = NCIS
First Lines = Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment
Get Your Game On = Miami Dolphins
Show Me The Money = Abraham Lincoln

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOOK 4 FREEBIES on Monday, 04/15/2013 TAX DAY thru the internet<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

music knowledge= wireless
games= 7

Fun Video Trivia! = Blows a kiss
Unlimited Video Edition! = Jen
Before They Were Famous = Bill Clinton
Celebrity Interview Video Trivia = Happy Endings
Entertainment Video Trivia = Cuba
First Lines = Look, I didn't want to be a half-blood
Get Your Game On = Blanka
Show Me The Money = 3
Hot Music Trivia = Native
Games n eCards Trivia = 4

String = 4blojen

All In The Heart! = Red
Just Spend It! = $500
The Easy Trivia! = participation
All About The Canvas! = green
Apple Sweeps! = 3
All About The Tablet! = enter your email

Updated String = BloJen4Red$50parGre3Ent

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>HOPE U ALL R Receiving Back Big Refunds<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

music knowledge= Anthony Hamilton

mpq= Justin Timberlake

kmt= Native

daily bonus code= taxes ready

Fun Video Trivia! - 30
Spring Time Video Trivia! - Kel - (As Per Get My Points) (I got the link for it from someone else, and was able to do it, since I skipped this one last night)
Unlimited Video Edition! - Drowning

String: 30DroKel

Country - Annie Up
Country Video - Alabama
Magic Music - Tell Him
Rock Music Trivia - Drowning Pool
Rock Video On Demand - False
Vintage Video - Stars

I got home yesterday around 4pm, and was tired, but didn't go to bed till around 1am. I just had to get caught up on my points, and scrabble games you know. You know how *important* those things can be. Glad to be home...in a way.

Before They Were Famous ... Chloe Sevigny
Celebrity Interview Video Trivia ... Carrie
Entertainment Video Trivia ... New Kids On the Block
First Lines ... The Five People You Meet in Heaven
Get Your Game On ... FOXHOUND
Show Me The Money ... 1988A

Hot Music Trivia ... Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
Hot Music Video on Demand ... Green volleyball

Music Pop Quiz ... Made in America Festival
Top Video on Demand ... TRUE

Music Trivia ... Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
Variety Videos on Demand ... TRUE

All About The Canvas! ... GREen
Games 'n eCards Trivia ... 64
String ... 30DroGre64

9:15am ***Question/Answer Change*** Before They Were Famous = Chloe Sevigny

Classic Rock Challenge = Hot for Teacher
Classic Video on Demand = No

Hip Hop Video On Demand = FALSE
Music Skills = Justified

The Fine Print Bands Playing at Coachell... = Earl Sweatshirt
Lindsay Lohan's Friends Warn Her Not to ... = 90
ToothBrush Trivia 15 = bad breath
French Turntable Quartet C2C Discuss Coa... = Four
Snooki Flaunts Slim Bod = pink
Britney Spears and Kevin Federline Chat ...= two
George W. Bush Is a Grandpa = Saturday
Hugh Jackman Survives Bizarre Attack by ... = New York City

String #3 (w/ GMP's answer below) = 30DroGre64Ear90BadKelFouPinTowSatNew

Spring Time Video Trivia! ... KELtie

daily bonus code of the day= tax day

Fun Video - Mother - mot
Insurance Trivia 16 - Strenuous - Str
Spring Time Video - Purse - pur
Tooth Trivia 16 - Techniques - tec
Unlimited Time Video - (Same question that has been on Spring trivia that has not been working, so...this is not working now!!)
**I wrote to them about this, suggesting that they change the video, so that we can answer the question...You all need to write to them too, and JUST MAYBE...we can get rid of this darn video!
Games - Notes

String: MotStrPurTecNot

Before They Were Famous - Piano
Celebrity Interview Video - Jessica Biel
Entertainment Video - Alex Clare
First Lines - Charles Dickens
Get Your Game On - 26th Century
Show Me The Money - No

Country - Ashley Monroe
Country Video - Brad Paisley
Magic Music - True
Rock Music Trivia - Tremonti
Rock Video On Demand - False
Vintage Video - Bottle Of Water

Classic Rock Challenge = Washington
Classic Video on Demand = Chain

Hip Hop Video On Demand = FALSE
Music Skills = News For You

Hot Music Trivia = revealing
Hot Music Video on Demand = TRUE

Music Pop Quiz = When I Was Your Man
Top Video on Demand = Squid

Music Trivia = revealing
Variety Videos on Demand = Squid

AOL - Easy Beauty Tricks 16 = Firming Lotion
AOL - How To Apply Nail Polish 16 = yellowing
AOL - How To Get Temporary Hair Color 16 = Folica
AOL - 5 Must Have Items 16 = trench coat
AOL - Drab To Fab 16 = bambi lashes
AOL - Cute Spring Manicures 16 = Golden Goddess
AOL - Power Smoothie Video 16 = peach
AOL - Workout Food Recipes 16 = Creamy Avocado Smoothies
AOL - Best Spring Fitness Apps 16 = renewed
AOL - Calorie Snack Ideas 16 = Cantaloupe
AOL - Munchies 16 = Best Food Truck
AOL - Desserts For Dieters 16 = 15 minutes

Today in History for April 16th = Virginia Tech
Mark Wahlberg Calls Boston Blasts 'disgu... = 50 Cent
Madonna Defends Her Malawi Charity Despi... = more than 4,800
Celebrities Flock to Coachella Music Fes... = Vanessa
Katy Perry May be Heading to Court = hair
Beyonce Opens Her World Tour in a Seriou... = 65

string #3 = MotPurTecNotFirYelFolTreBamGolPeaCreRenCanBes15Vir65

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