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Games - Flip - fli
USMC - Train - tra
Healthcare - Do the Quizz, till you can't!
Healthcare - Scavenger I - Only a small percentage of dermatitis cases are caused by allergies. - onl
Helathcare - Scavenger II - While more than 80% of Americans believe that exercise and diet affect heart health. - whi

Beginning string: FliTraOnlWhi

This Day In US History - Joanne Woodward
TV Rewind - Zoey
US Sports - Edgar Renteria
Wacky State Laws - 11 p.m.

music pop quiz = 1990
top video = yellow

music trivia = false
variety video = coffee shop

classic rock challenge = San Francisco
classic video = a rose

Hot Music Trivia = Gentlemen Hall

sleuth= SANguine

US History = Succession to the Presidency
TV Rewind = Joyce
US Sports = Thurl Lee Bailey
Wacky State Laws = Hawaii

Healthcare Trivia I (Gatekeeper) = Due to the growth of electronic medical records...
Healthcare Trivia II (White Teeth) = Americans alone spent over $1.5 billion on over-the-counter whitening products...

Games = Purple
sleuth = PERTURB
string = DueAmePurPer

Hot Music Trivia = TRUE

music pop quiz = americas most talented kids
top video = guitar

music trivia = true
variety video = horse

classic rock = Metallica by Metallica
classic video = black

***54th - is open for ONE more day!***
Make your picks, and if you are like me, you don't know squat about it. So, I pick the first one of each group, you know I have to win at least 25% of them right, right?
In the football, I won 5,000 points. So, have at it.


Games - Purple - pur
Wheel Of Fortune - Yes

String: PurYes

This Day In U.S. History - 27 years
TV Rewind - Angel
US Sports - 12
Wacky State Laws - Chicago

Hot Music - TRUE
Music - Christmas
Music - Les Baxter
Pop Music - No

cintas= no

CLassic Rock Challenge = Stevie Nicks

SUNDAY 2/12/12:
U.S. History = Calvin Coolidge
TV Rewind = Nathan Fillion
US Sports = 2006
Wacky State Laws = Iowa

Games = Nuclear

Music Trivia = Both

Music Pop Quiz = 12

Hot Music Trivia = Lady Gaga- Marry the Night

Classic Rock Challenge = None

Cintas - Document - doc
Discovery - Do the quizzes
Healthcare - Do the quizz.....again, and again....etc...
Healthcare - Scavenger I - Did you know: For three-quarters of small business owners, health care costs account for up to 10 percent of total business revenues. - for
Healthcare - Scavenger II - Did you know: The commonly described 'pregnancy glow' is actually the increase in oil production due to the body producing 50% more blood while pregnant. - the
JCP - We'll even send you a friendly reminder - fri
Lowes - Lumber - lum
USMC - Montford Point - mon


In-Crowd - Waukesha
funjet - Paradise
Music - Chiffons
NARI Home Show - Gra
Newsletter - Tan

U.S. History = Li'l Folks
TV Rewind = Dr. Simon Tam
US Sports = Big Red
Wacky State Laws = Bears

games = plankton
sleuth = ENCOMIUM
String update = MonForTheDocPlaLumFriEnc

Classic Rock Challenge = Imagine
Classic Video = No

Music Pop Quiz = FALSE
Top Video = Pat Benetar

Music Trivia = holding me
Variety video = a light


happy valentine's day!!!

US History = Jacqueline Kennedy
TV Rewind = Smallville
US Sports = 1999
Wacky Laws = Wednesday

music pop quiz = levels
top video = pool

music trivia = TRUE
variety video = skinny girl

classic rock = david lee roth's uncle
classic video = fingers


games = 6
HC Trivia I (Heart Disease) = Although heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women...
HC Trivia II (Beverages) = On average Americans spend $50 billion each year on
the treatment of cavities.

sleuth = CORDATE
string = 6AltOnCor


US History = PayPal
TV Rewind = David Fisher
US Sports = 38
Wacky State Laws = a rabbit

healthcare trivia I = ON
healthcare trivia II = AS

games = 16
string so far = haponas16


classic rock = 1971
classic video = no

music trivia = TRUE
variety video = green

music pop quiz = J. Cole
top video = beach

SLEUTH - Vilipend - vil

Updated string: haponas16Vil


a- Who's Your GOP Pick?= Submit Vote (VOT)

b- Free Winter Samples Trivia= Email Address

Day in History - Alabama
TV Rewind - Superman
US Sports - Philadelphia Athletics
Wacky State Laws - Cheese

Games = Clubs
HC I = Aro
HC II = Bab
USMC = 1942
sleuth = HARPER
String = cluarobab942Har

Music Pop Quiz = TRUE
Top Video = Lawn chairs

Music Trivia = TRUE
Variety Video = Four

Hot Music Trivia = TRUE

Latest Trivia

Swag Bucks= QUEenbee

U.S. History = Volkswagen Beetle
TV Rewind = I Want to Believe
U.S. Sports = 1988
Wacky State Laws = a burning torch

Music Pop Quiz = False
Top Video = white

Classic Rock Challenge = Metallica
Classic Video = No

Music Trivia = Yes
Variety Videos = Red


HC Trivia I (Cleanser) = Only about 15% of people report applying daily sunscreen ...
HC Trivia II (Vision Loss) = Most Americans, 75% in fact, think sight is the most important sense...
Games = 125
Sleuth is NUMISMATICS for Friday, February 17th and Monday, Februrary 20th.
*Taxbrain Trivia = email@taxbrain-service.com (Ema)
string = OnlMos125NumEma

U.S. History = Breach
TV Rewind = Why has no one ever loved me?
US Sports = George Foster
Wacky State Laws = 100

games = undo
USMC Trivia = Alfred Masters
Swag Bucks Trivia = QueenBee
Free winter samples trivia = Email Address
Who's Your GOP Pick Trivia = vote
JCP Trivia = We mark it way down on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of every month.
Lowes Trivia = Lumber

string = UndAlfQueEmaVotFriLum

Music Trivia = Morphine

Hot Music Trivia = Gotye

Music Pop Quiz = FALSE

Classic Rock Challenge = Guitar

US History = Iowa
TV Rewind = Portia De Rossi
US Sports = 45 feet
Wacky State Laws = a duel

USMC trivia = MARtial arts
Games = 7

String = Mar7

music pop quiz = Jessie J

music trivia = TRUE

classic rock = Eric Clapton

US History = Prohibition
TV Rewind = Echo
US Sports = I'm Not The Same
Wacky State Laws = Whistling

Games = Red
Lowes = Install a Pedestal Sink
USMC Trivia = Navy
JC Penney Trivia = Brights
Healthcare Trivia I (Skin) = For young adults, when it comes to dating, appearance matters.
Healthcare Trivia II (Oral Health) = By the age of 39, 86.7% of Americans will have had at least one tooth affected by decay.

Discovery Trivia:
Discovery-Cooking Appliance - Click here to see what type of kitchen formation is often used for organization during large, seated dinner? = T-formation
Discovery-Cake/Kitchen Boss - Click here to see what country Wolfgang Puck hails from? = Austria
Discovery-Skin Care - Click here to see what is fact or fiction. You don't need to wear sunscreen during the winter -- only in the summer. = Fiction

updated string = fivPedNavBriForByRedNumDirT-fAusFic

This Day in U.S. History= The Cincinnati Zoo
TV Rewind= ER
US Sports= Gerard Phelan
Wacky State Laws= lion, tiger or leopard

games = 64
USMC = Hashmark

Healthcare Trivia I (Wisdom Teeth) = Women have a 31% higher risk of developing dry sockets...
Healthcare Trivia II (Acne) = Popping pimples leads to scarring about 75% of the time.

string so far = 64WomPop

Music Pop Quiz = FALSE
Top Video = Snake

Music Trivia = False
Variety Video = Black

Hot Music Trivia= True

classic rock challenge = Ron Wood
classic video = Oversized drum sticks

SLEUTH - Bespeak - bes

Updated string: WomPop64BesHas

WebEx Trivia= USE WebEx to meet, collaborate, train, and support online.

Scavenger Healthcare Trivia I = NATionwide, about 16.3% of Americans are uninsured
Scavenger Healthcare Trivia II = EATing an apple can cleanse your mouth of up to 95% of the harmful bacteria that lead to tooth decay.

Hot Music Trivia = False
USMC Trivia = SUPply

String = nateatsupsco

Thanks for all the posts! I was wondering where everyone was on this forum...it got lonely!

Music Pop Quiz = Morphine
Top Video = Heart

Classic Rock Challenge = Keith Richards
Classic Video = Yes

Music Triva = Adele
Variety Video = black

sleuth = KISMET
updated string = nateatsupscoKis

never-been-easier hot streak trivia= prospector

cintas-business game changers= five

funloadia trivia= partner tracker

usmc= supply

discover-frugal mama= 8 grams

Scavenger Healthcare Trivia I = THE average family's health insurance policy costs nearly $14,000 a year.
Scavenger Healthcare Trivia II = BETween prescription and over-the-counter drugs, there are more than 400 types of medicines that are found to effect your saliva production.

Hot Music Trivia = False

String = thebetiwo

Games = 7
updated string = thebetiwo7sax

History = The War of 1812
TV Rewind = The adventures of Pete and Pete
Sports = Never die easy
Wacky State Laws = Telephone the city's chief of police

Music Pop Quiz = TRUE
Top Video = Peppermint stick

Music Triva = True
Variety Video = Artist

classic rock challenge = Ringo Starr
classic video = no

savings and coupons trivia= JOIN NOW


cool savings trivia= click to continue

Day in History = 3
TV Rewind = Blake Soper
Wacky State Laws = A hypnotized (or allegedly hypnotized) person
US Sports = 1963, 1965, 1967

Healthcare triva I = Your tongue is unique, because it's the only muscle in your
Healthcare triva II = Did you know? Sugar contributes to a process called
games = 3
USMC Trivia = Philadelphia

string = YouDidPhi3Ada

Music Pop Quiz = FALSE
Top Video = Three

Music Trivia = false
Variety Video = Gold

Hot Music Trivia = Jessie J

Classic Rock Challenge = Appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show
Classic Video = Pink

Hot Music Trivia = Price Tag
USMC = 965

This Day in History = Buenos Aries
TV Rewind = Myra Monkhouse
U.S. Sports = Los Angeles Rams
Wacky State Laws = six feet

Games = 5

Music Pop Quiz = FALSE

Classic Rock Challenge = CARLOS SANTANA

Music Trivia = False

new survey worth fifteen hundred points----Healthcare Quote

new trivia
Never-Been-Easier Hot Streak= CALIFORNIA

diabetic connect trivia= LIMited-Time Offer for Diabetes

Hot Music Trivia = False

U.S. History = 1872
TV Rewind = Geoffrey
US Sports = The 4-3 defensive
Wacky State Laws = Virginia

games = 10

Music Trivia = Jessie J

Music Pop Quiz = Adele

Classic Rock Challenge = Eddie Van Halen

U.S. History = It limits the U.S. President to two terms
TV Rewind = George Feeny
US Sports = Detroit Lions
Wacky State Laws = raccoons

daily crossword = ARG
games = 10
Lowes Trivia = paint roller brush
USMC Trivia = Corrine Brown
JC Penney Trivia = Morning Stretch
USMC Trivia = August 26
Scavenger Healthcare Trivia I = Americans spend about $2 billion dollars each year...
Scavenger Healthcare Trivia II = 4 out of 10 American families use a home water filters...
sletuh = FLEXUOUS
updated string = ARG10RolCorMor26Ame4 oFle ....need the space after the #4

Classic Rock Challenge = Grateful Dead
Classic Video = No

Music Trivia = Price Tag
Variety Video = Toilet

Music Pop Quiz = TRUE
Top Video = Axe

Hot Music Trivia = Morphine

mc= if you love somebody set them free

HISTORY = USS Princeton
TV REWIND = Candice Bergen
SPORTS = 1981

GAMES = dry
USMC Trivia = Washington DC
sleuth = PETTIFOG

Scavenger Healthcare Trivia I = In addition to regular brushing and flossing, the use of an antimicrobial mouthwash can help reduce the chance for gingivitis by 30-45%.

Scavenger Healthcare Trivia II = Did you know? A person between the ages of 35 and 65 has a 50% chance of having a disability that keeps them out of work for at least 90 days or more

Discovery Trivia:
Discovery-Cooking Quiz - "What is a mycophile?" = edible mushroom hunter
Discovery-Favorite Foods Quiz - "How many pounds of potatoes does the average American eat in a year?"
Discovery-Car Problems Quiz - "What is a roadside emergency kit used for?" = patching up the car
Discovery-Robotic Vacuums Quiz - "What word best describes the Roomba's cleaning path?" = Spiral

updated string = DryDCInDidPetEdi126PatSpi


Music Pop Quiz = TRUE
Top Video = AIRPORT

Classic Rock Challenge = WRECKING BALL
classic video = Playing a piano

Music Trivia = FALSE
Variety Video = GREAT DANES

never-been-easier hot streak= streak
usmc= dc
car problems= PATching up the car
roomba's cleaning path= SPIral
how many pounds of potatoes?= 126
mycophile= hunting wild EDIble mushrooms

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