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Day in History = The Family Circus
TV Rewind = Leave it to Beaver
Sports = Walter Payton
Wacky State Laws = 2 liters

games = Bruiser
USMC Trivia = 1942
healthcare trivia I (gums) = Cigarette smoking is the cause for 50% of severe gum disease cases.
healthcare trivia III (insurance) = 47.3 million people receive Medicare

Discovery-Ultimate Food Quiz: "A basic pesto sauce consists of basil, Parmesan, olive oil, salt and:______ = Pine Nuts
Discovery-America's Favorite Food Quiz: "Which of these favorite Mexican dishes didn't originate in Mexico?" = chili
Discovery-Ultimate Road Trip Quiz: "Which of the following tools is recommended for a roadside emergency kit?" jumper cables
Discovery-Robotics Vacuum Quiz: What is the most popular robotic vacuum in the United States?" = Roomba
Patients Like Me Trivia = Learn (Lea)


string = cig47.Bru194PinChiJumQuaRooLea

Music Pop Quiz = Yes
Top Video = Silver

Classic Rock Challenge = RON WOOD
Classic Video = Truth

Trivia Trivia = Adam Zwig
Variety Video = LampShades

Hot Music Trivia = FALSE

m.k.= it all belongs to me

Scavenger Healthcare Trivia I = 50% of the population believe that acne can be caused by your diet and 62% believe it is from stress
Scavenger Healthcare Trivia II = People who've had oral cancer before have a 30% increased risk of developing it again
Discovery: Portable Media Centers Quiz = $500
Discovery: GPS Receiver Quiz = Solar-power

Daily Crossword: "Psych" airer (3 letters) = USA
games = 7
Sleuth = JOCUND
updated string = 62%30%USA7500SolJoc

This Day in U.S. History = Yellowstone National Park
TV Rewind = Nick
U.S. Sports = place kicker
Wacky State Laws = $50

Music Trivia = Psychology
Variety Video = Champagne

Classic Rock Challenge = Gregg Allman
Classic Video = GRACE ... but told it was INCORRECT; contacted them to fix it. saw truth, hope, faith, and love so they must be wrong...right?

Music Pop Quiz = A member of LMFAO
Top Video = Gold bars


m.k.= Stevie Wonder

History = From Here to Eternity
TV = RewindMurdock
Sports = 1961
Wacky State Laws = wire cutters

Scavenger Healthcare Trivia I = The annual average deductible cost for an individual with a high-deductible health plan is $1,838
Scavenger Healthcare Trivia II = 78% of the time enlarged pores are caused by improper skin care
Games = 11
Discovery-Ultimate Weeds Quiz: Kudzu

sleuth = RIPOSTE
*ASUS Tech-Out Sweepstakes (Trivia) = Our Sweepstakes (Our)
*ASUS Tech-Out Sweepstakes (Bonus Code) = Entering (Ent)

string = 11$1,878%gamRipKudOurEnt

Music Pop Quiz = FALSE

Music Trivia = Portland OR
Variety Video = Running a Vacuum

Classic Rock Challenge = Valentine’s Day
Classic Video = Leaves


U.S. History = Defense of Ft. McHenry
TV Rewind = Sprocket
US Sports = Mexico City, Mexico
Wacky States Laws = a lasso
Hot Music Trivia = True
Games = 3

music pop quiz = We Found Love

music skillz = 40/40

classic rock = Johnny Winter

music trivia = TRUE

tsw: 3-3-12

Hot Music Trivia = True

so sorry i didn't post yesterday's info: made food then schlepped it to the in-laws and spent the day w/ them.

Classic Rock Challenge = Steven Tyler
Classic Video = on a stage outside

Top Video in Demand = HORSE
Music Pop Quiz = YES

Hot Music Trivia = Yes

Music Trivia = False
Variety Video = Mattress

sleuth = PROFLUENT
games = pepper
Scavenger Healthcare Trivia I = About 20% of people regularly gets bothersome canker sores, which can make eating, drinking, and even brushing teeth a real pain.
Scavenger Healthcare Trivia II = Compared to married woman, the average single women is 60% less likely to have healthcare coverage.
Lowes = hammer
Cintas = 17,000
JC Penney Trivia = sleep, snooze, repeat
Discovery-Ultimate Reel Mower Quiz = Yes, It's as easy as sharpening a knife blade... Now Working!
Discovery-Home Theater Quiz = Both
Discovery-Great Pasta Quiz = low-carbohydrate diets

Updated String = 1720%60%hampepeannProBotLowYES


Scavenger Hunt 1 = Approximately 70% of all allergy sufferers are allergic to dust, and dust can make eczema worse.
Scavenger Hunt II = Each year 1 in 3 sports-related dental injuries is due to not wearing a mouth guard.

String = 70%1 i

U.S. History = Leonardo da Vinci [correct answer: Michelangelo, so it will prob change during the day]
TV Rewind = Rhonda
US Sports = Don Cheadle
Wacky State Laws = Arkansas

games = 17
sleuth = PROFLUENT for Monday, March 5th and Tuesday, March 6th.

beginning string update = 170%1 iPro

music pop quiz = Adele
top video = waves crashing against rocks

music trivia = FALSE
variety video = ring

hot music = Adam Lambert

classic rock challenge = We Take Care of Our Own
classic video = Marshall

the second screen is a new survey

US History = Stanley Kubrick
TV Rewind = Three's Company
US Sports = Bart Starr (currently there are two options with his name...)
Wacky State Laws = orange

games = 13
healthcare trivia I (insurance): Health care spending averages $8,650 for every man
healthcare trivia II (environ): The beauty market among American women is growing at a rate of more than $202

beginning string = $8,$2013

classic rock = Styx
classic video = yes

music trivia = Adele
variety video = two

music pop quiz = 1988
top video = Blues

Hot Music Trivia = Queen
Hot Music Video = Yes

American Beauty - Email - ema
Left Lane - Service You Deserve - des
Sleuth - Rutilant - rut

Updated String: $8,$2013.RutEmaDes

US History = Harold Lloyd
TV Rewind = Gooch
US Sports = David Tyree
Wacky State Laws = bounces

daily crossword = WASABI
healthcare 1 headache = About half of people who use a home whitening treatment experience tooth sensitiviy. - Hal
healthcare 2 petroleum jelly = The average person's body has about 2 trillion pores, and about 20,000 pores are on the face. That's 20,000 places where oil can become trapped. - 20,
games = Clubs

beginning string = WasHal20,Clu

music pop quiz = no
top video = golf balls

music trivia = 1988
variety video = car crash

hip hop video = yes
music skillz = Kanye West
old school = four

classic rock = 20
classic video = bassist


Brand New Trivia

skin care trivia= lubriderm

deal or no deal= register now

Scavenger Hunt Trivia I = The human tongue is covered by small bumps called papillae. The circumvallate papillae are the largest, with most people having about six to 12 of these on the back of their tongue.
Scavenger Hunt Trivia II = About 196 million people are covered through private health insurance.

String = cir196

Hot Music Trivia = Adele

games = 60
Swag Bucks Trivia = get started
updated String = cir1960StaAgg

U.S. History = Oahu
TV Rewind = Flash
US Sports = 1936
Wacky State Laws = Sunshine

Music Pop Quiz = False
Top Video on Demand = Red

Hot Music Trivia = Adele
Hot Music Video = Outside

music trivia = no
variety video = 89

Classic Rock Challenge = Ruby Tuesday
Classic Video = MLK

This Day in U.S. History = …come here, I want to see you.
TV Rewind = Pacific Princess
US Sports = University of Texas at El Paso
Wacky State Laws = 1500 feet

Hot Music Trivia = 1988

music pop quiz = an online stalker and superfan

music trivia = FALSE

music skillz = the Cookbook

classic rock challenge = brothers-in-law

games = 28

webex= use
jcp= my mom rocks
Carbonite= green dot
swagbucks= sta

U.S. History = 40 to 50 inches
TV Rewind = Mork and Mindy
US Sports = 1964
Wacky State Laws = Under a hair dryer

games = 4

music pop quiz = 4

music trivia = Stalker fan

Classic Rock Challenge = Nephew

hot music trivia = no

U.S. History = Central America
TV Rewind = Kristin Shepard
US Sports = George Brett
Wacky State Laws = a swimsuit
What Did They Say? Trivia = If I go crazy, then will you still call me Superman?

Games = yellow
Cintas = Tile and Carpet
Lowes Trivia = ...Bosch kitchen appliances (in the morning)...Stoves )in the evening)
JC Penney Trivia (Rugs) = peace signs
JC Penney Trivia (Big & Tall) = shop Easter suits
Healthcare Trivia I (Lips) = About $200 million dollars worth of face cleansing wipes are sold each year...
Healthcare Trivia II (Teeth) = About 12% of adults use toothpicks daily.

sleuth = REMIT
shoedazzle trivia = 1000
String = $2012%yelTilBospEasREMSto1000

Hot Music Trivia = Bruno Mars
Hot Music Video = TRUE

Music Pop Quiz = Bruno Mars
Top Video = Three

Classic Rock Challenge = WORLD PEACE
Classic video = body glove

Music Trivia = 4
Variety video = motorcycle

us history = Italy
tv rewind = Walnut Grove
us sports = Floyd Cummings
wacky states = motorboats
What did they say? = Give me goosebumps and high fevers

sleuth = APOGEE

games = white
Scavenger Healthcare Trivia I: How many people base job decisions on health benefits? = About 1 in 4 employed Americans make job decisions based on the health benefits offered.
Scavenger Healthcare Trivia II: How many people report wanting a root canal over a tooth extraction? = 76% of people reported they would rather undergo a root canal than have a tooth extracted.

beginning string = Whi1 i76%Apo

music trivia =: Maroon5
variety video = Zero64

music pop quiz = Honolulu
top video = Krazy Klinko

classic rock challenge = bruce springsteen
classic video = Asian

Hot Music = Honolulu
Hot Video = False

Scavenger Hunt I = Only 4% of children are covered by private insurance, 34% are covered by Medicaid
Scavenger Hunt II = Clinical studies indicate that 40% to 55% of adults between the ages of 20 and 40 are diagnosed with low grade, persistent acne and oily skin.

String = 2034%

us history = Eli Whitney
tv rewind = Knight Industries Two Thousand
us sports = Earle Combs
wacky state laws = a water pistol
What Did They Say? = I feel like the color blue

games = 3 (already in the string)

classic video = true
classic rock challenge = Roger Waters' The Wall

music trivia = Christina Aguilera
variety videos = Yamaha

Hot Music Trivia = Bruno Mars
Hot Music Video = FALSE

Music Pop Quiz = Bruno Mars
Top Video = A scantily clad woman

SLEUTH - Volplane - vol

Updated String2034%Vol

mna= christina

Sleuth Trivia = DIAPHANOUS

U.S. History = Maine
TV Rewind = Viki (sic: VICI, aka, Vicki)
US Sports = Rusty Staub
Wacky State Laws = hanging clothes on a clothesline
What Did They Say?: Into the flood again

Games = red
healthcare 1 = An astonishing 75% of Americans are reported to have some fear of the dentist.
healthcare 2 = Out of the millions of people who suffer from acne, 40% will do nothing about it.
Discovery Tech Puzzle = CRO (Croc-Camel Claw)

String so far = 40%75%redCroDia

Music Trivia = Yes
Variety Video = Acropolis

Hot Music Trivia = Maroon5
Hot Music Video = TRUE

Music Pop Quiz = My Private Army
Top Video = Youngblood

Classic Rock = Thick as a Brick
Classic Video on Demand = Interact

jmc= four

U.S. History = Tornado
TV Rewind = Prince Adam
US Sports = Brooklyn Dodgers
Wacky State Laws = Sunday
What Did They Say? = I keep on fallin' in and out of love with you

Trivia I (Dental Crown): When a dentist makes a crown, he may remove up to 75% of a patient's tooth.
Trivia II (Zits): 20 million people suffer from severe acne that could leave scars

String = 75%20

games = 4
updated String = 75%204She

Music Trivia = false
Variety Video = false

Music Pop Quiz = TRUE
Top Video on Demand = Gold

Hot Music Trivia = Christina Aguilera
Hot Music Video on Demand = Cross

Classic Rock Challenge = Led Zeppelin

U.S. History = Kurt Russell
TV Rewind = Regal Beagle
US Sports = Jim Furyk [accepted as correct!? Crazy since Furyk is a golfer! Answer should be Joe Morgan - not one of the choices.]
Wacky State Laws = a duel
Hot Music Trivia = Yes
Games = 50
Music Quiz = Johnny Rivers

Classic Rock Challenge = Joe Perry of Aerosmith

Music Pop Quiz = FALSE

Music Trivia = FALSE

m.c.= flock of seagulls

m.k.= to the fullest

Sunday, March 18,2012

Hot Music Trivia = False
This Day in U.S. History = Missouri
TV Rewind = Boar's Nest
U.S. Sports = Jack Butler
Wacky State Laws = canned corn

Games = Nuclear

Music Trivia = My Valentine

Music Pop Quiz = Wild Ones

Classic Rock Challenge = Rolling Siones

dbc= sunday18

There are 2 new: POINTS FOR PICKS....get in there and do them before they close.

Cintas - Lifecycle - lif
Games - A
Healthcare I - Health Ins - On average, women pay $1000 more than men for healthcare. - $10
Healthcare II - Dental Fillings - 72% of Americans have at least one crown, cap, or filling. - 72%
JC Penney - No rules, just road - no
Lowes - Garden Center - gar

Beginner String: LifA$1072%NoGar

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