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music challenge= La Futura

All About Dry Skin - You
Healthified - Stay Hrdrated - hyd
Living Forward - Software - sof

Living Forward - 2005
Healthified - Shortcuts - sho
Bizarre runway slide 18 - Louise
What to wear slide 7 - Zara.com

Updated String: HeiAllYouA sSho4YouHydSofLouZar

Before They Were Famous = Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation
First lines = Anna Karenina
Get Your Game On = Control of Space Invaders (and other Electronic Games) Bill
Show Me The Money = Zaichik
Hot Music Trivia = Green Day
Games n eCards Trivia = 64
Music Quiz = Tom Jones

All About Calcium - Vitamin D - vit
All About The Cut - Skin Adhesive - ski
All About The Kids - Seizures - sei
All About The Solution - All Of The Above - all
All About Stress Busters - Cherry - che
All About The Zzz's - More Affluent - mor
Games - 64

String: VitSkiSeiAllCheMor64

Country - Drinking Beer
Music - Green Day

Before They Were Famous = Catherine Zeta Jones
First Lines = John Galt
Get Your Game On = more than 30
Show Me The Money = Franc

games = 14

All About Heart Attacks! = Fish oil
All About The Pharmacist! = Consumers

String = FisCon14

Dragon Speech Recognition - Home Edition

New String: FisCon14Hom

Before They Were Famous = Christopher Walken
First lines = Ruth Anne
Games n eCards = 50
Get your game on = Mortal Combat
Show me the money = Krone
What Did They Say? = Born to blossom, bloom to perish

games = 50
$1500 Grocery Gift Card Could Be Yours! = blue
Your Change at a $3500 Gas Card! = Win

string = 50BluWin

Music Pop Quiz = Justin Bieber
Top Video = Money

Music Trivia = Warrior
Variety Videos = Flowers

Classic Video = Filling out a crossword Puzzle

Hot Music Trivia = Justin Bieber

Games - Sai

Flavors of AOL:
Living Forward - 2005 - 200
Healthified - Car Camp - car
Heidi Klum Nails - two
Heidi Klum Awareness - Nine West - nin

Your Chance To Win $50,000 Money Mania - Magazine - mag
Heidi Klum Breast Cancer - Target - tar
Living Forward - 23
Healthifed - Pack - pac
Dragon - Home - hom
Erie Insurance - Green - gre

String: Sai200CarTwoNinMagTar23PacHomGre

Before they were famous - Iowa Barnstormers
First Lines - Gothem City Maybe it's all I deserve now. Maybe it's just my time in hell.
Get your game on - Centipede
Presidental- - Tallest President - Abraham Lincoln
Show me the money - Kroon
What they say - The Fashion Victims To The Troubled Teens

Country Music - Little Big Town
Country Video - Airplanes
Hip Hop Video On Demand - A woman (1:25)
Music Quiz - The Shirelles
Music - Christmas in the Sand
Music Pop Quiz - Nicki Minaj (and Keith Urban)
Music Skillz - HYFR by Drake featuring Lil Wayne
Top Video on Demand - Teddy bear (ballerina 1:19, puppet 1:40)
Vintage Video - Hotel lobby (0:06)

2.The Screen Door
3.Allow women to practice law
4. Water Rights
5. The Eskimo Pie
6. Both are bordered to the east and west by water
7. The Trampoline
8. John Wayne
9. Red Delicious Apple
10. None

Games - Q

Before They Were Famous - The Grapes
First Lnes - My sister Laura drove a car off a bridge
Get Your Game On - Pole Position
Presidential Pop - James Buchanan
Show Me The Money - Makka
What Did They Say? - Things fall apart, it's scientific

Classic Rock - Gene Simmons
Classic Video - Peep
Country music - Willie Nelson
Country video - False
Hot music - That they are taking a hiatus
Hot music video - Teddy Bear
Magic Music - The Ronettes
Music - The Ronettes
Music - Justin Bieber
Music pop - That they are taking a hiatus
Pop Music - They are taking a hiatus
Top video - Toy army soldiers
Vintage video - Beach

Expert Sports Picks! Start Winning! = PIN

Daily Crossword = pang

string = QPinPan

All About Dental - Three Or More Years - thr
All About Prescriptions - Lifetime - lif
All About Preventive Care - Estimator Tools
All About Whitening - High Blood Sugar - hig

String: ThrLifEstHig

Before They Were Famous - Pre-Law
First Lines - Blood Rites
Get Your Game On - Defenders
Presidential Pop - Andrew Jackson
Show Me The Money - Cedi
What Did They Say? - There's no telling where the money went

games = nice
T-Mobile Trivia = Other
Dragon Voice Activation Software = MIC
updated string = thrlifesthigNicOthMic

Music Trivia = Nicki Minaj
Variey Video = Money

Music Pop Quiz = Chris Brown
Top Video = In a Trashed School Hallway

Classic Rock = When Im President
Classic Video = An ice cream cone

Music Skillz = Maybach Music Group
Hip Hop Video = Keytar

2nd/afternoon: Presidential Pop Quiz = Dwight D. Eisenhowe

Happy FRIDAY!!!!! (no, I haven't gone to sleep from Thrusday yet....LOL)

All About Your Gums! = gum Recession
All About Healthy Gums! = gingival recession
All About United Health! = high risk
All About Your Health Coverage! = 19

beginning string = GumGinHig19

Live Better America - 1972 - 197
Live Better America - Tip #3 - Save Room
Heidi Klum - Nails - Pink - pin
Breast Cancer Awareness - Aveyou - ave

Breast Cancer Awareness - Target - tar
Games - Red
Live Better America - Tip 2 - Healthier Words - hea
Live Better America - Ride - rid

Updated String: GumGinHig19197SavPinAveTarRedHeaRid

Before they were Famous - Construction
First Lines - The Bourne Identity
Get Your Game On - Space Monsters
Presidential - July 4th
Show me the Money - Lempira
What Did they Say - Tonight my heart is on the loose

Classic Video- the way it began
Classic Rock- the Hurricanes
Country - 7
Hot music - Bruno Mars
Hot music video - In a trashed school hallway
Magic Music - The Crystals
Music - Bruno Mars
Pop Music - Bruno Mars

Before They Were Famous = Forest Whitaker
First lines = 34 stories tall
Get Your Game On = Blast Runners
Show Me The Money = Iceland

All About Baby Teeth! - 20
All About Babies & Teething! - Erupt - eru
All about Chip - InsureKidsNow.gov - ins
All About Your Eligibility! - New
Games - 4


Country - Stand by Your Man
Music - The Ronettes
Music Challenge - Kick
Music Pop - Unorthodox Jukebox
Rock Music Trivia - Linkin Park

happy Sunday! (no, didn't go to sleep from Saturday yet...LOL)

All About Chronic Illness! = Caregivers
All About Natural Teeth! = jaw teeth
All About Quality Of Life! = Burden Scale
All About Dental Implants! = Three
games = 50

beginning String = CarJawBurThr50

Classic Rock Challenge = Hummingbird

Music Pop Quiz = Locked Out of Heaven

Music Skillz = Lil Wayne

Hot Music Trivia = Locked Out of Heaven

Music Trivia = Locked Out of Heaven

Before They Were Famous = Tony Amato
First lines = Breakfast of Champions
Get Your Game On = 12
Show Me The Money = Pound

Before they were famous = Owen Wilson
First Lines = Jerry Renault
Get your game on = 3,023,060
Presidential Quiz = Democratic
Show me the money = Ruble
What did they say = You come and you go

music trivia = justin bieber
variety video = toy army soldiers

hip hop video = false
music skillz = we found love by rihanna featuring calvin harris

classic rock challenge = the Byrds
classic video = false

music pop quiz = Justin Bieber
top video = on a bicycle

hot music trivia = Justin Bieber

games = four

*ZoneAlarm - FREE Download! = Register
All About Lower Health Insurance! = Medical
All About Risk Factors! = Heart Problems

String = RegMedHeaFou

Best Buy - Four - fou
Custom Trick Or Treat Bag - Checkout - che
Free restraurant coupons - Ruby Tuesday - rub
Home improvement - Star. - sta
Video Game Cheat - Yes

Updated String: RegMedHea FouCheRubStaYes

Country - Recording it for a live album
Music Quiz - Veronica Yvette Bennett

All About Foods To Avoid - Brushing - bru
All About Talking To The Dentist - Diabetes - dia

String: BruDia

Country Video - 4:44
Hot music - TLC
Hot music video - on a bicycle
Magic Music - The Diamonds
Music Quiz - The Diamonds
Vintage Video - Coonskin cap

And for anyone who is interested:

WHAT DID THEY SAY? = (Actually, it is The Ultimate IN Vanity)

Before They Were Famous = Sugar Puffs
First Lines = Jacob Marley
Get Your Game On = 16 Stages
Show Me The Money = Loti
What Did They Say = The ultimate vanity
Presidential Pop Quiz = 1841

games = 50
All About Foods To Avoid = Brushing
All About Talking To The Dentist = diabetes

Living Forward Trivia = Three
Healthified Trivia = Better

AOL trivia:
Living Forward Trivia = ride
Healthified Trivia! = Call Ahead
Heidi Klum Lifestyle Trivia = Staples
Heidi Klum Halloween Treats Trivia = finger

updated string = BruDia50VoiLanDesCalBetThrBetRidCalStaFin

Music Trivia = TLC
Variety Video = In a trashed school hallway

Music Pop Quiz = TLC
Top Video = Supernatural Occurence at Local School

Classic Rock Challenge = $3,000
Classic Video = FALSE

Which Technology is it? - Voice Recognition Software - voi
What Is The Soft Hair Called? - Lanugo - lan
Which Philospher Was It? - Rene Descartes - des
Flavors of Aol:
Living Forward - Ride - rid
Healthified Survival - Call Ahead
Heidi Klum Crafts - Staples
Heidi Klum Halloween - Finger
Healthified 1 - Better
Living Forward - Six

Updated String: BruDia50VoiLanDesRidCalStaFinBetSix

What Might The Result Be?: Neuroscience Brain - Loss of the ability to speak
How Much Blood Does The Body Produce?: Expectant Mom - 50%
What Term Is Used?: Archaeology Excavation - Tel

String: Los50%Tel

Before They Were Famous - Reese Witherspoon
First Lines - Being Right
Get your Game On - Dig Dug
Presidential - Charles G. Dawes
Show Me The Money - Tugrik
What Did They Say - Everybody's talking 'bout the new sound, funny.

Games = Mamba
All About Available Products! = vegetarians
All About Cleaning! = alleviate

string #2 = Los50%TelMamHeaVegAll

Music Trivia = Taylor Swift
Variety Video = False

Classic Rock = The Beatles
Classic Video = A woman in bed

Top Video = In the woods
Music Pop Quiz = A Moment Like This

Music Skillz = Wale
Hip Hop Video = A suit

Sweet daily deals = FIFteen
Win Groceries For a Year from ClipnGoCou... = THRee
string #3 = Los50%TelMamHeaVegAllFifThr

Heidi Klum Halloween - Wicked Witch Cupcakes

All About Diabetes - Low
All About Oral Health Problems - Grinding
" - Which Skill Are You Enhancing? - Abstract Reasoning - abs
" - Which Female Author Has The Best Selling Book? - Agatha Christe - aga
" - What Protein Has Been Injected? - Botulinum Toxin Type A - bot
Games - Bagel - bag

String: LowGriAbsAgaBotBag

Before they were Famous - Elijah Wood
First Lines - Dante Alighieri
Get Your Game On - Big Buck Hunter
Show me the Money - Rial
Presidential - Before
What Did They Say - Pretty as a midsummer's morn, They called her Dawn

Classic Rock Challenge - The Beatles
Country Music - Horse Of A Different Color
Country Video - Tuesday
Hip Hop Video On Demand - No
Hot music - Katy Perry
Hot music video - In the woods
Magic Music - Peppermint Twist
Music - Lady Gaga
Music Skillz - Church (and in Morocco on Ramadan.)
Pop Music - My Crazy Beautiful Life
Top Video on Demand - Enjoying a picnic (0:05)
Vintage Video - Bass guitar

What band's collaborative painting from 1966 titled "Images Of A Woman" is set to go back on the auction block 20 years after it first sold for more than $500,000.00?


" - Why Is Abstraction Important? - It helps do away with the need to remember every detail - it
" - How Can You Use Your Microwave? - Put them on a paper towel and heat them briefly. - put
" - Fact Or Fiction? - Fiction - fic

String: ItPutFic

Before They Were Famous = Vince Vaughn
First Lines = a greyhound
Get Your Game On = Shellcreeper
Show Me The Money = Kina
What Did They Say = Your boldness stands alone among the wreck.

Music Trivia = Coldplay
Variety Video = Supernatural Occurence at Local School

Hot Music Trivia = A Moment Like This

Music Skillz = Jay-Z
Hip Hop Video = Yes

Classic Rock Challenge = Paul McCartney
Classic Video = 7

All About Flu Season = virus
All About Nerve Damage = Infection
games = 8
Heidi Klum Halloween Treats! = cupcakes

updated string = ItPutFic8VirInfCup

How many number one albums have The Beatles had on Billboard 200?
answer= 18

Living Forward - Secretary - sec
Healthified - Shorcuts - sho
Heidi Klum - Crafts - Office Max - off
Heidi Klkum - Halloween - Cheesecake - che

Camping - Car Camp
Living Forward - 2008 - 200

Updated String: ItPutFic8VirInfCupSecShOffChe200

All About Better Teeth - Seal - sea
All About Dental Danger Signs - Custom Fitted

String: SeaCus

Before They Were Famous = INXS
First Lines = seven minutes after midnight
Get Your Game On = Level 59
Show Me The Money = The Indian Rupee

Classic Rock Challenge = Led Zeppelin

Music Pop Quiz = Katy Perry

Music Trivia = Nicki Minaj

Music Skillz = Rack City: The XXX Movie

Hot Music Trivia = Nicki Minaj

Who stands number one of the list of the 50 richest lead singers in the world?


Healthified - Add Oats - add

Updated String: SeaCusAdd

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