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Before They Were Famous = Weatherman
First Lines = Twenty-one
Get Your Game On = Andy Capp's Tavern
Show Me The Money = 2015

All about heartburn - Prefer – pre
All about the products - Calcium Deficiency – cal
Games - 6

String: PreCal6

Country Music - The rain
Music - The Turtles
Music - A Moment Like This
Music Challenge: Boy George
Music pop - Taylor Swift
Music Skillz - Rack City: The XXX Movie
Rock Music - The Rolling Stones

Healthified Trivia = Add Oats

updated string = PreCal6Add

Classic Rock Challenge = Tommy Bolin

Music Skillz = Nicki Minaj

NOTE: To anyone who has a problem with the string, it is NOT the string, it is that the string is sooo long, that it doesn't catch the answer before giving up. You may have to cut the string in half to do all of them.

All About The Research - Valuable - val
All About Products For Good Health - Tap Water - tap

What Type Of Music Gained Popularity? - Before Hip-Hop, There Were H - Soul - sou
Which Of The Founding Fathers Was It? - Can You Be Hypnotized?: Benjamin Franklin - ben
Which Drug Was It? - Cocaine - coc
What Can Radioactive Emmisions Cause? - How Do Atoms Become Nuclear - All of the above - all
Animal Cloning Is Regulated By What? - The Ultimate Controversial G - The FDA - the
What Nickname Was Used? - Think You Know Your Contempo - Nappytabs - nap
Why Do Women Interrupt? - Ultimate Male-Female Communi - Tto Show Concern
Which Of These Drugs May Help? - What Do You Know About Medic - Topiramate - top
Games - 100

String: ValTapSouBenCocAllTheNapTop

Before They Were Famous - Steve McQueen
First Lines - The Teakettle
Get Your Game On - Phillip Morris
President - James A. Garfield
Show Me The Money - The South African Rand (Ion it 2x)
What Did They Say? - Now I've Hit The Mark, Staring At The Dark

Classic Rock Challenge = Bob Dylan
Classic Video = a baby

Music Trivia = Katy Perry
Variety Video = In the woods

Music Pop Quiz = Lady Gaga
Top Video = Pink

Music Skillz = Snakeskin boots
Hip Hop Video = FALSE

Hot Music Trivia = Lady Gaga

Best Buy $1500 Gift Could Be Yours = location
Win a New Kia Sorento! = orange
Coupons and Free Samples! = pink
Trick-or-Trivia = 1978
64BG iPod Touch! Enter to win! = SEE NEXT OFFER
Top Coupons Today = seven

updated string = ValTapSouBenCocAllTheNapTop100LocOraPinSeeSev

Who replaced JOE WALSH when he left eh JAMES GANG?

Before They Were Famous = My Best Friend's Birthday
First Lines = Ray Liotta
Get Your Game On = 250
Show Me The Money = Corn
What Did They Say = 'Cause you see I'm on a losing streak

Presidential Pop Quiz = John F. Kennedy

Discovery - Do you know how to spot a bu... = between the sixth and eighth grade
Discovery - Are you the center of the un... = from wasting away
Discovery - Fact or Fiction: Lying = Fiction
Discovery - How fit is your brain? = Yes
Discovery - How does a false memory occu... = selective memory
Discovery - What is a criminal mind? = female criminals are more dangerous than male criminals
Discovery - Can you tell fact from ficti... = Fiction
All About Gingivitis! = Fluoride
All About Tongue Cleaning! = Disease
Sharecare - Osteoarthritis = Cycling

Games = 7
String = BetFroFicYesSelFemFluDisPaiCyc7

Music Trivia = My Crazy Beautiful Life
Variety Video = pajamas

Classic Rock Challenge = Whitesnake
Classic Video = A bear

Music Pop Quiz = Coldplay
Top Video = The woman Pink was dancing with

Music Skillz = Meek Mill
Hip Hop Video = FALSE

Hot Music Trivia = Taylor Swift

...Live Better America - Houston
...Healthified tip #2 - Snack Smart
...Heidi Klum Hair Color - Folica
...Heidi Klum Pants - Asos
Healthified Survival - Keep moving
Heidi Klum Pants - Swe
Living Forward - Compliance

Updated String: BetFroFicYesSelFemFluDisPaiCyc7HouSnaFolAsosKeeSweCom

Trick or treat - 1810lb 8 oz

Country music - Brad Paisley
Country video – No

Before They Were Famous = Smitty
First Lines = Choose life
Get Your Game On = higher top speed
Presidential Pop Quiz = 1969
Show Me The Money = Juan Zorrilla de San Martin
Trick-or-Trivia = Ireland
What Did They Say? = Bring a nickel, tap your feet

....What Is The Pain Associated With? - Refluxed Stomach Acid - ref
....Which Supplement Has Been Proven? - Neither Of The Above - nei
....What's The Percentage? - 44
....Why Is A Joint Replacement Done? - Artificial Joints Cannot Withstand Rough Physical Activity. - art
....What Are The Odds? - 75 Percent - 75
....Which Country Was It? - Turkey - tur
....When Does Sense Of Smell Improve? - In The Summer And Spring - in
Games - 4


Country Music - Cruise
Country Video - False
Music - Nicki Minaj
Music - The Chantays
Music Pop - Rihanna
Top Video - Red
Vintage Video - Orpheum

music knowledge= Real

old school video on demand= Drake's

All About Improving Your Smile! = Dental
All About Multivitamins! = 25
T Mobile = other
Win an XBOX prize package!! = $150

updated string = RefNei44Art75TurInDen25Oth$150

Hot Music Trivia = Kelly Clarkson

Music Skillz = Wale
Hip Hop Video = Krazy Klinko

Classic Rock Challenge = Ramblin’ Man
Classic Video = Floating through another dimension

Before They Were Famous = Scarlett Johansson
First Lines = Sam Elliot
Get Your Game On = Raccoon City
Show Me The Money = Madagascar
What Did They Say = You're gonna wish you never had met me
Presidential Pop Quiz = Walter Mondale

Games - 64

Trick or Treat - Harry Houdini

Country Music - Lonestar
Country Video - False
Hot music - Dubstep
Hot music video - Red
Magic Music - The Chordettes
Music - Mariah Carey
Music - The Chordettes
Pop Music - Nicki Minaj
Top Video - pajama
Vintage Video - Scooters

All About Ivy Block! = anti-itch
All About Managing Oral Health! = systemic

string = 64AntSys

Classic Rock Challenge = Rolling Stones
Classic Video = butterflies

Music Skillz = Mitt Romney
Hip Hop Video = A scantily clad woman

All About Aspirin - Low Dose
All About Wisdon Teeth - Dry Socket - dry
Games - Notes

String: LowDryNot

Before They Were Famous - The Dating Game
First Lines - Rounders
Get Your Game On -
Presidential Pop - February 6, 1911
Show Me The Money - Greenland
Trick or Treat - All Saints Day
What Did They Say - Up and down the boulevard

Classic Rock Challenge = STEVIE NICKS
Classic Video = Red

Music Trivia = Unapologetic
Variety Video = Happy Days

Music Trivia = Unapologetic
Variety Video = Happy Days

Music Pop Quiz = Dubstep
Top Video = animals

Music Skillz = Destiny's Child
Hip Hop Video = Youngblood

Heidi Klum Parenting Trivia = Foam
Living Forward Trivia = Two
Living Forward Trivia = author
Flavors of AOL:
Living Forward Trivia = crises
Living Forward Trivia = 62
Heidi Klum Stationary Trivia = thank you
Heidi Klum Parenting Trivia = Zakheim

updated string = LowDryNotFoaTwoAutCri62ThaZak

All About Dental Crowns - A crown should last at least 5 years.
All About Headaches - Jaw

String: 5 yJaw

Before They Were Famous = Funeral Director
First Lines = Rosebud...
Get Your Game On = Princess Peach's Castle
Show Me The Money = Eritrea

games = 7
Updated String = 5 yJaw7

Classic Rock Challenge = Plant and Bonham

Music Trivia = Sarah Brightman

Music Pop Quiz = Kelly Clarkson

Music Skillz = Wale

Hot Music Trivia = Mariah Carey

Daily Crossword = Roe

All About Nutrition Deficiencies - Fluoride - flu
All About Spreading The Flu - Scratchy throat - scr

String: FluScr

Before They Were Famous = Al Gore
First Lines = Clarence Odbody
Get Your Game On = City 17
Show Me The Money = Never

Games = 3

string = FluScr3

Music Pop Quiz = Sarah Brightman

Music Trivia = Kelly Clarkson

Classic Rock Chellenge = Tommy Bolin

Hot Music Trivia: Unapologetic

Discovery - American History Quiz = Richard Nixon
Discovery - Are antidepressants overpres... = eight months
Discovery - What is a criminal mind? = kidnapping and bodily harm
Discovery - Take our CFS Quiz = neither of the above
All About Brushing My Teeth! = Gum Disease
All About Canker Sores! = Five
Customize your Halloween trick or treat bag = is your design ready to order?

beginning String = RicEigKidNeiGumFivIs

Classic Rock Challenge = The Kids Are Alright
Classic Video on Demand = the bear from the beginning of the video

Top Video = Autoharp
Music Pop Quiz = Unapologetic

Variety Videos = Sitting by her window singing
Music Trivia = Dubstep

Hot Music Trivia = Nicki Minaj
Hot Music Video in Demand = animals

Games - 5

Updated String: RicEigKidNeiGumFiv5

Before They Were Famous - Mister Rogers Neighborhood
First Lines - Hello, Gorgeous
Get Your Game On - Doctor Robotnik
Presidential Pop - 21st
Show Me The Money - Rupee
Trick or Treat - See A Witch At Midnight
What Did They Say? - My Tears Fell Like Rain

Country Music - Creepin’
Country Video - False
Music - True
Music - Dubstep
Music Pop - Unapologetic
Top Video - Autoharp
Vintage Video - Snowing

DON'T FORGET TO DO YOUR BONUSES FOR: 5,000, and 1,000 points!

These are the links I use:


All About Exercise! - Time Bound - tim
All About Ibuprofen! - Eight Hours - eig
Customize your Halloween Trick Or Treat Bag - Is Your Design Ready To Order? - is
.....How Many Points? - 67
.....Do We Remember Pictures? - Actually, It Depends On The Person. - act
.....Fact Or Fiction? - Fiction - fic
.....Which Country Has The Most? - Spain - spa
Games - 16

String: YimEigIs67ActFicSpaTimEig16

Before they were famous - Val Kilmer
First Lines - Julie Andrews
Get your game on - Rocket Start
Presidential - 1865
Show me the money - Tugrik
Trick or Treat - Samhainophobia
What did they say - And blinking, step into the sun

Country - Hunter Hayes
Hot Music - Rihanna
Music Challange - Phil Collins
Music Pop - Mariah Carey

Classic Rock Challenge = Never Before
Classic Video = Female

Music Skillz = Lil Wayne
Hip Hop Video = Yes

Music Pop Quiz = Mariah Carey
Top Video = Happy Days

Music Trivia = Rihanna
Variety Video = Enjoying a picnic

Living Forward Trivia = better
Living Forward Trivia = surgery
Heidi Klum Parenting Trivia = Disturb

Living Forward Trivia = motivational speaker
Living Forward Trivia = 20
Heidi Klum Parenting Trivia = paint
Heidi Klum Parenting Trivia = disturb

updated string = YimEigIs67ActFicSpaTimEig15BetSurDisSpe20Pai

music knowledge= 21st century love

All About Flumist! - Tamiflu
All About Medications - Key Ing

Living Forward - Motivational Speaker - spe
How many years did Gail Blanke spend at Avon? = 20 years
Heidi Klum Stationary Trivia - Paint
Heidi Klum Parenting Trivia - Disturb (was done alone yesterday)

Discovery :
.....Who Was The Founder? - Elizabeth Cady Stanton - eli
.....What Type Of Emotion? - Negative - neg
.....What Is The Pain Called? - Refluxed Stomach Acid

String: TamKeySpe20PaiEliNegRef

Before they were famous - Talk Soup
First Lines - George C. Scott
Get your game on - Spiral Mountain
Presidential - Rutherford B. Hayes
Show me the money - Thailand
Trick or Treat - Someone Was About To Die
What did they say - I'll Be Captivated

Country Music - Jake Owen
Country Video - Spades
Hot Music - Calvin
Music - Susie Q
Music Pop - Rihanna
Music - Rihanna
Top Video - Sitting by her window singing
Vintage Video - SST Wins

games = red
Career Builder Trivia = Interviews

updated String = TamKeySpe20PaiEliNegRefRedInt

music knowledge= writing

Heidi Klum lifestyle - Kit

New Updated String = TamKeySpe20PaiEliNegRefRedIntKit

All About Fiber In My Diet - Benefiber
All About Vitamin A - Vitamin A

String: BenVit

Before They Were Famous - Keira Knightley
First Lines - Paul Newman
Get your Game On - The Lich King
Presidential Pop - Republican
Show Me The Money - The Olympic Flag Handover for the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics
Trick Or Treat - Turnips
What Did They Say - Just a shy guy looking for a two ply hefty bag

Games = 16
updated string = VitBen16

Music Trivia = Glad You Came
Variety Video = Pink

Classic Rock Challenge = Metallica
Classic Video on Demand = Yes

Music Pop Quiz = Glad You Came
Top Video on Demand = A glowing orb

Hip Hop Video On Demand = The Waffle House
Music Skillz = Future

Hot Music Trivia = Rihanna

music knowledge= Christmas Album

All About Analgesics! - Decongestants - dec
All About Preventing - Stacia Woodcock - sta

String: DecSta

Classic Video - Die
Country - Honky Tonk Girl
Country Video - Renegade
Hip Hop Video On Demand - Same girls
Hot music - Glad you Came
Hot music video - A glowing orb
Music Quiz - Another Song About Mexico
Music Skillz - Aunt
Video - A glowing orb
Vintage Video - Maracas

Before They Were Famous = The Airliner
First Lines = Richard Dreyfuss
Get Your Game On = Andross
Show Me The Money = Lek
What Did They Say = Billy Joe shot a man while robbing his castle
Presidential Pop Quiz = Herbert Hoover
Trick or Trivia = Diane Keaton's Mansion

Games = 8
All About Analgesics! = CHANGED TO antitussive
test market trivia = test

What is tip number two? = Snack smart
Living Forward Trivia = Speaker
Living Forward Trivia = better
Healthified Survival Guide = keep moving

updated string = StaDec8AntTesSalSnaSpeBetKee

Music Trivia = Calvin Harris
Variety Video = The woman Pink was dancing with

Top Video = A party in the woods
Music Pop Quiz = Calvin Harris

Classic Rock Challenge = Rod Stewart

Carreer Builder - Salaries - sal

Flavors of AOL:
...Living Forward - Better - bet
...Heart Healthified - Keep moving - kee
...Heidi Klum Stationary - Copies - cop
...Heidi Klum Parenting - Disturb - dis

Healthified Survivial - Snack smart - sna
Heidi Klum Lifestyle - Kit
Living Forward - Speaker spe

New Updated String: StaDec8AntTesSalBetKeeCopDisSnaKitSpe

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