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daily bonus code= DressUp

All About Weight Goals! = Glucose
All About Aging Skin! = Acne
games = white

String = GluAcnWhi

Music Trivia = Bruno Mars

Classic Rock Challenge = Six

Hot Music Trivia = Bruno Mars

Music Pop Quiz = Bruno Mars

Before They Were Famous = Burt Lancaster
First Lines = Sir!
Get Your Game On = Solid Snake
Show Me The Money = golden

music knowledge= JOHN LEGEND

Before They Were Famous = Nathan Lane
First Lines = Tyler Durden
Get Your Game On = The Legend of Zelda
Show Me The Money = 1993

Games = Red
All About Spreading The Flu Virus! = Two or three
All About Taking Calcium! = Calcium
string = TwoCalRed

Music Pop Quiz = Carly Rae Jepsen

Music Trivia = One Direction

Classic Rock Challenge = Tommy Bolin

Music Skillz = Lil Wayne

Hot Music Trivia = One Direction

.....How Many Ounces Of Gold Do They Want? - 1000 ounces - 100
.....What Part Of The Cerebrum? - Parietal lobe - par
.....What's The Name Of The Aircraft? - Big Flo
All About Benefits Of Walking! - Wearing a pedometer
All About Benefits Of Walking! - Music
All About Ointment! - Scars

String: 100ParBigWeaMusScar

Before They Were Famous - Burger King
First lines - What came first, the music or the misery?
Get Your Game On - Rockman
Presidential - 4
Show Me The Money - 1 Ngultrum
Trick-or-Trivia - Salem
What Did They Say? - And the time would take its toll upon us all

Discovery 10/29
Which LEGO piece not used for structures = wheels
What is the term given for gear piece = involute

Games = Blue
Win a 64GB iPod Touch! = See Next Offer
Entry Level Jobs = salaries
Win the ultimate XBOX Prizce Pack! = activities
Win a $1500 Grocery Gift Card! = RE-confirm

updated string = 100ParBigWeaMusScarWheInvBluSeeSalActRe-

Music Trivia = Carly Rae Jepsen
Variety Video = Red

Music Pop Quiz = One Direction
Top Video = False

Classic Rock Challenge = I Can See for Miles
Classic Video = The injured man laying still

Music Skillz = Juicy by Notorious B.I.G.

Hot Music Trivia = Justin Timberlake

daily bonus code= Trick or Treat

Before They Were Famous = 12
First lines = Are you watching closely?
Get Your Game On = Zebes
Presidential = 4th
Show Me The Money = New Shekel
Trick-or-Trivia = the spirit of a dead loved one who is watching over you
What Did They Say? = Oh man is a giddy thing

Crossword = Sasha
Save Money Doing Things You Already Do! = 5-7
games = nuclear
Discovery - Which talk show host do they see = David Letterman
Discovery - Is there any truth = Maybe
Discovery - How do the scientists describe the picture = Breathtaking
Discovery - How fast does it go = 128mph

Flavors of Aol 10/30
Living Forward Trivia = 2009
Restaurant Survival Guide = Healthier Words
Heidi Klum Dessert Trivia = Brownie Parfait
Heidi Klum Cupcakes Trivia = Kite Cupcake

AOL JOB Trivia = Salaries
Heidi Klum Cupcake Trivia = Champagne Wedding Cupcakes
Living Forward Trivia = Secretary
Restaurant Survival Guide = Save room

string = Sas5-7NucDavMayBre128200HeaBroKitSalChaSecSav

Classic Rock Challenge = Angels
Classic Video = Yes

Music Pop Quiz = Justin Timberlake
Top Video = Ping Pong

Music Trivia = Justin Timberlake
Variety Videos = A glowing orb

Music Skillz = The Blueprint by Jay-Z

Hot Music Trivia = Carly Rae Jepsen

Toys R Us - Orange - ora

Updated String: Sas5-7NucDavMayBre128200HeaBroKitSalChaSecSavOra

.....How Many People Belong To The WTA? - 6,000 - 6,0
.....How Many Pieces? - Three - thr
.....What Was Being Pushed? - Limits - lim
Games - A

String: 6,0ThrLimA

Before They Were Famous - Dr Pepper
First Lines - Bruges
Get Your Game On - Doc Louis
President - Richard Mentor Johnson
Show Me The Money - Rhinoceros
Trick Or Trivia - Brown Sugar
What Did They Say - Just Don't Give Up, I'm Working It Out


Before they were famous = General Hospital
First Lines = Mr. Brown
Game On = Bowser
Presidential Quiz = False
Show me the money = Balboa
What did they say = Wasting another night on planning my revenge

AOL - Sales Jobs - Salaries - sal - (didn't we have this before?)
All About Directed Health Plans! - provider networks
All About Yellow Teeth! - one-time procedure

String: SalProOne

games = 7
Moneto = wallet

updated String = SalProOne7Wal

Classic Rock Challenge = New Jersey
Classic Video = FALSE

Music Trivia = Beyonce
Variety Video = False

Music Skillz = Future

don't have music pop quiz Q yet...
Top Video = Teddy Bear

old school video on demand= FOUR


Before they were famous - Howie Mandel
First Lines - I'm 36 years old…
Get Your Game On - The Who: Rock Band
Presidential Quiz - Millard Fillmore
Show me the money - $10,000
What did they say - No rest for cross-tops in my mind

New Trivia

question=How many times does the Lee Brice video show him stepping directly on light bulbs?
answer= 3 times

nursing jobs= salaries


All About Dental Before Pregnancy - Tooth Erosion - too
All About Medical Development - Advantage - adv
All About The Right Health Plan - Copayments - cop
All About The Root Canal - Sensitive - sen
AOL Living Forward - Secretary - sec
AOL Healthfield - Save Room - sav
AOL Heidi Klum Desserts - Carrot Patch Cookies - car
AOL Heidi Klum Cupcakes - Red Velvet - red
Healthfield - Healthier Words - hea
Heidi Klum Cupcake - Cupids Arrow - cup
Living Forward - 2009 - 200

String: TooAdvCopSenSecSavCarRedHeaCup200

Before They Were Famous = Barry Manilow
First Lines = Ulysses Everett McGill
Get Your Game On = 2000
Show Me The Money = Left

Women's Cancer Trivia

What did this wonderful Lady do in support of her best friend who was going thru chemotherapy for breast cancer?
Kellie Pickler shaved her head in support of her best friend during this awful event.

Before They Were Famous = Steve Martin
First Lines = Arsenic and Old Lace
Get Your Game On = Christopher Walken
Show Me The Money = None

games = 14
All About Crooked Teeth! = bruxism
All About Insurance & Grandchildren! = eligibility
String = BruEli14

Classic Rock Challenge = Crosby, Stills & Nash

Music Trivia = Ke$ha

Music Skillz = Fitness book

Before They Were Famous = McDonalds
First Lines = The Decedents (2011)
Get Your Game On = Mars
Show Me The Money = Nickel
What Did They Say = To me, you're like a growing addiction that I can't deny
Presidential Pop Quiz = George H. W. Bush

Games = 50
All About Dental Fillings! = White
toysrus - Get Ready for the Holidays! = $10
Discovery - How Does A False Memory Occu... = negative
Discovery - Take The Narcissistic Person... = overlapping

AOL Job Trivia = weekly
All About PHI! = plan

String = Whi$1050NegOveWeePla

Music Trivia = Big Sean
Variety Video = His heart

Classic Rock Challenge = Mick Jagger
Classic Video = the band walking together

Top Video = The girl's clothes

Music Skillz = Lil Wayne

Hot Music Trivia = Ke$ha

music knowledge= I Will Always Love YOU

old school video on demand= WHITE

Before They Were Famous = Ewan McGrregor
First Lines = A scientist
Get Your Game On = Dr. Proton
Show Me The Money = Woodrow Wilson
What Did They Say = Red and black antennae waving
Presidential Pop Quiz = Barack Obama

Discovery - Lying Quiz = Fiction
Discovery - LEGO Physics Quiz = Plate
All About Oral Health! = Palate
All About Health Insurance = Co-Pay
Heidi AOL = Dry water marble
Heart Healthified Tip #1 = Add Oats
Games = 16
Gail Blanke = 62
AoL - Professional Trivia = 6

AOL 11/6
Gail Blanke = crisis
Heart Healthified = enjoyable
Heidi Klum/Fabulous Cupcakes Trivia = kite cupcakes
Heidi Klum/Fun Manicures Trivia = 3D Kawaii

updated string = PlaFicPalCo-BruWeeDryAdd16CriEnjKit3D62

.......PLEASE DO NOT FORGET TO VOTE TODAY (this is an extremely important election) including your local issues--please be responsible on these especially.....

Country Trivia= JANA KRAMER

All About The Essentials - Cataracts - cat
All About Dry Mouth - Frequent - fre
Discovery - Lightest Brain - Viper - vip
Discovery - Coaster Cost - $50 million - $50

String: CatFreVip$50

Before They Were Famous - Eddie Money
First Lines - War Is a Force That Gives Us Meaning
Get Your Game On - Skate or die
Presidential Pop Quiz - Jimmy Carter
Show Me The Money - $100
What Did They Say - I feel the light betray me

Country Music - Telescope
Country Video - False
Music - Christina Aguilera

games = 11
Transportation Trivia = 9
Aol Jobs Trivia for Secret Email 11/6 = engineering

String #2 = CatFreVip$50119Eng

Music Trivia = Christina Aguilera
Variety Video = She jumps on him

Classic Rock Challenge = Bruce Springsteen
Classic Video = Kirk

Music Skillz = Mac Miller

Top Video = Cuts it short

Hot Music Trivia = Live While We're Young

Before They Were Famous = Dan Aykroyd
First Lines = Tommy Lee Jones
Get Your Game On = Tennis for Two
Show Me The Money = cotton
What Did They Say = But when you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell.
Presidential Pop Quiz = Fitzgerald

Classic Rock Challenge = Sea turtles
Classic Video = Antlers

Music Skillz = Future

Top Video = The girl is happy and has a family

Hot Music Trivia = Enrique Iglesias

Music Trivia = Lady Gaga
Variety Video = The girl's clothes

Games = Moist

All About using Flouride - B12
All ABout Shopping For Insurance - Investment - inv
AOL Insurance Trivia - Best Companies - bes
AOL Jobs - 9
ChristianCollegeLink.com - 2
Cincysavers - $100
Discount Shopping Club - Air Conditioning & Heating - air
Retail Jobs - Salaries - sal

String: MoiB12InvBes92$100AirSal

Country = Jennifer Nettles
Country Video - Eagles
Music – 1987
Music – False
Vintage Video - Cross (0:21)

Before They Were Famous = Jon Bon Jovi
First Lines = The Fellowship of the Ring
Get Your Game On = Noughts and Crosses
Show Me The Money = 1776
What Did They Say = The son is drowning in the flood
Presidential Pop Quiz = Barack Obama

AoL - Camping = Flavor
AoL - Fabulous Cupcakes Trivia = Ruffled Roses
AoL - Fitpacking = 2005
games = W
All About Cavities! = fairly
All About My Gums! = clear symptoms
AoL - Entry Level Trivia = New Grads

String = FlaRuf200WFaiCleNew

Classic Rock Challenge = Sweet Emotion
Classic Video on Demand = FALSE

Music Trivia = Britney Spears
Variety Video = False

Top Video on Demand = FALSE

Music Skillz = President Obama

Hot Music Trivia = Miley Cyrus

Flavors of AOL:
Living Forward Steve Silberberg - 51
Healthified Camping - Pack Essentials - pac
Heidi Klum Cupcakes - Mom
Heidi Klum Manicures - Stamp Me Up - sta
Biddy Murphy Jewelry - $22.50 - $22

Updated String - FlaRuf200WFaiCleNew51PacMomSta$22

Country: ‘I Love You Because’
Country Video - Barbara
Hot music video: the girl is happy and has a family
Music Quiz – True
Vintage Video – None

daily bonus code= butter

Before They Were Famous ... Sheryl Crow
First Lines ... Frank Costello
Get Your Game On ... The Sumer Game
Show Me The Money ... Civil War

Hot Music Trivia = Britney Spears

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