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VIDEO: Today In History for November 25t...Florida

VIDEO: Taylor Swift's Ways to Stay in Sh...treadmill
VIDEO: Madonna: The Highest-Paid Music S...125 million
Video: Kelly Clarkson Announces She Is P...: Adele
Video: McRib Dumped From McDonald's :1980

VIDEO TRIVIA: Does This Make You Happy?: Mt. Fuji
Watch: EW Personality Test: Eden Sher: Don't stop believing
Fun Fall Video Trivia: Pizza oven
Video Trivia Time: Valentine's Day
Entertainment Zone!: Egg whites
Videos Gone Wild!: Beaded
Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Actress & singer

Daily Video Trivia ...5
Blockbusters ...Dragon Con
Country Livin' ...Tracy Lawrence
Country Music ...Carrie Underwood
In The News ...Three
Remember When ...1972
Celebrity Interview Video Trivia: Danny McBride
Music Pop Quiz: Justin Timberlake
Talkin' Turkey Trivia: $515
4th Quarter...Baylor

Video: A Feast for Thanksgiving With Ins...: New Orleans
Video: Today in History for November 27: France
Video: Ziplines Give Aerial View of Alli...: Florida
VIDEO: Britney Unguarded: 8
VIDEO: Channing Talks Fatherhood: 17

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VIDEO TRIVIA: Does This Make You Happy?: Sauna
Watch: It Slices, It Dices, It's A Nood...: Cui
Fun Fall Video Trivia: 2 cups
Video Trivia Time: 375
Entertainment Zone!: Red carpet Goth
Videos Gone Wild!: Vivian
Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Grandfather
VIDEO: Today In History For November 28...: Denison
VIDEO: Kim & Kanye Respond To Spoof: Monday
VIDEO: Jessica Alba Goes Blond: Barley Lethal (not working) FAR works right now
VIDEO: Holiday Travelers Contend With W...: Macy's
VIDEO: Five Star Chef Means No Ordinary...: St. Paul

Blockbusters - 70 stitches
Country Livin - Healthy
Country Music - Garth Brooks
In The News - 338 million
Daily Video Trivia ... Bed, Bath and Beyond
Remember When ... 36 years old
Top Dollar Trivia ... Red Laser
Celebrity Interview Video Trivia: The Book Thief
Music Pop Quiz: Taylor Swift
Talkin' Turkey Trivia: Pies

Daily Video Trivia ... Bed, Bath and Beyond

Mix 105.1:
Pop Clips! Trivia: Breaking Bad
Pop Culture Trivia: Zoe Saldana

Sunny 105.9:
Classic Rock Challenge: Mountain

4th Quarter Quiz: 33
Daily Video Trivia ... Classic Old Fashioned
In The News ...15,761.78
Remember When ... Dr Who
Top Dollar Trivia ... Verizon Wireless

Your Daily Video Trivia - in half

Blockbuster - Montreal
Country Livin - do it for the love of the music
Country Music - Luke Bryan
Celebrity Interview Video Trivia: Cedar Rapids
Music Pop Quiz: Answer is: Kitten

VIDEO TRIVIA: Does This Make You Happy?: Pixie craze
Watch: Range Rover Sport: Refined, Rug...: Nice interior
Fun Fall Video Trivia: World
Video Trivia Time: Johnny Walker
Entertainment Zone!: 10th
Videos Gone Wild!: Twitter
Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous!:Globetrotter
VIDEO: 'Family Guy' Kills Major Charact...: Brian
VIDEO: DWTS Reveals Final Three: Monday
VIDEO: AMA Fashion Breakdown trivia...: Miley Cyrus
VIDEO: Justin Bieber Jumps Off Cliff In...: Red
VIDEO: Sandra Bullock Receives Top Titl.: White

Fun Fall Video Trivia: Pink
Video Trivia Time: 32
Entertainment Zone!: Collin
Videos Gone Wild!: Wednesday
Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Toronto
Watch: What's The One Thing Carla Hall Hates Cooking?: Liver
VIDEO: Kellie Pickler Plays Truth Or Da...: Worms
VIDEO: Guess The Kid-Turned-Celeb Hunk: 34
VIDEO: Styling Secrets For Great Hair: Tresemme
VIDEO: Bizarre In The ER: Abdominal pain
VIDEO: Ne-Yo Gives Christmas To Kids In...:Compound
Your Daily Video Trivia ... Hollywood DOJO
Blockbusters ... 95
Country Music ...Boy
Remember When ...United States, Canada and Norway
Celebrity Interview Video Trivia: 6
In The News: 5.6 billion
Music Pop Quiz: Demi Lovato

Fun Fall Video Trivia: God
Video Trivia Time: Dance
Entertainment Zone!: Radioactive
Videos Gone Wild!: White house honor
Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous!: 3 months
Watch: 5 Ways To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger and Brighter: Choose the right concealer
VIDEO: World's Largest Gingerbread Hous...: Fine dining
VIDEO: Paul Walker Died From Injuries &...: Roger
VIDEO: Make A Beaded Mini Christmas Tre...: Pins
VIDEO: Mariah Carey Performs: Black
VIDEO: Holiday Cocktail - The Perfect G...: Lime
Blockbusters: East Enders
Celebrity Interview Video Trivia: Cookbook
In The News: South Carolina
Music Pop Quiz: Of Mice and Men
Remember When?: Space Invaders

VIDEO TRIVIA: Does This Make You Happy?: Coasters
Fun Fall Video Trivia:47 million
Video Trivia Time: Amanda
Entertainment Zone!: Tabloid
Videos Gone Wild!: Thrifty
Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Tuesday
Personal Creations - Christmas: Orange
Shari's Berries - Best Of The Best: 5 stars
Watch: Meet Kevin Bacons New (Extended) Family Band: Quinn

Kleinhenz Jewelers ...$120
Blockbusters ... The appearances of things are deceptive
Country Livin' ... Jake Owen
Country Music ... Luke Bryan
In The News ... Stuffed Teddy Bear
Remember When ... Hurricane Bob
Top Dollar Trivia ... How to Train Your Dragon 2

Music Pop Quiz: Brunette Ambition
Video: Today in History for December 9th..Poland
Your Daily Video Trivia..Philadelphia
4th Quarter.. Penn State
Rock Music Trivia..Groundswell
Pop Clips Trivia .. S'monut
Pop Culture Trivia ..Hugh Jackson

Video: Food-tech Startups Take Aim at Ch... mayo
VIDEO: Christmas Candy Cane Reindeer...
Video: Thin Mint Ice Cream Recipe ... 8 Large
Personal Creations, Special Occasions..5 stars
Video: Martha Stewart Builds a Classic G...: Fresh
VIDEO: Spin City Cargo Bicyles....400 pounds
VIDEO: Mommy 2.0 Ubooly Learning Toy Re ... Name
VIDEO:Beyonce, Jay Z Going Vegan fot 22...plant-based
VIDEO: Guiliana Chooses a Miss USA Gown...3
VIDEO: Worlds Largest Edible Gingerbread - 10
VIDEO: Stunning Cartier Jewels on Display - 1964
VIDEO: Ron Burgundy Scotch Hits Shelves - 40%
Artist - Carrie Underwood
Facebook - Snow;
Team - Green Bay Packers
Town - Butler

Oral Health for kids..hard rubber

Hyundai Holidays - 0% APR!!: Blue

Dental Emergancies...Tooth Grinding

1,000 bonus points (in Spanish) Gan

1,000 bonus points Win

5,000 bonus points Win

hi everybody. i'm new to these radio contests and wanted to know if there is a way to gain experience points, or what relevance the points have? i saw that i'd "leveled up" but don't know what this means. any help and advice you can give me on how to help me win more here would be great!

4th Quarter Quiz ...Auburn
Blockbuster ...Lost In Forks
Country Livin' ...Tracy Lawrence
Country Music ...Dolly Parton
In The News ...France
Remember When ...Gerald Ford
Top Dollar Trivia ... 11%
Your Daily Video Trivia ...CAT
Celebrity Interview Video Trivia...Brad Pitt

VIDEO TRIVIA: Does This Make You Happy?.. Cut the bottom of the tree
Fun Fall Video Trivia.. Miley Cyrus
Video Trivia Time.. Cell
Entertainment Zone!.. Barron
Videos Gone Wild!.. Miami
Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous!..Get Lucky
Watch: Nelson Mandela (1918-2013)..18S

Products for Good Dental Health...tap water

What's The Cause Of Yellow Teeth?...Tooth whitening

Video: Today In History For December 10t...Nobel Peace Prize

Video: St. Nicks Learn Tricks Of Trade a...Michigan

WODE 99.9 The Hawk 99@9 Kick-Off Song for 12/10/13...Animal by Def Leppard

Video: Holiday Looks To Make The Season...Metallic

Video: Flight Attendant Uniform Modeled...Quantas

Video: World's Largest Ship 'Prelude'

Rock Music.. System of a Down

Pop Clips! Trivia .. Giving Tuesday

Pop Culture Trivia ... Zach Braff

Music Challenge ... Commodores

Monday, December 9, 2013

Wheel of Fortune Bonus Round Puzzle Solution


Wheel of Fortune Winning Spin ID


VIDEO TRIVIA: Does This Make You Happy?: Martha Stewart
Fun Fall Video Trivia: Yellow
Video Trivia Time: Dogs
Entertainment Zone!: $35
Videos Gone Wild!: Captain
Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Living room
Watch: Emma Thompson On Motherhood and Her Goth: 17
Healthcare Points Zone:
What Triggers My Migraines? - Identifiable
How Does Caffiene Affect Headaches? - Double-Edged Sword

Your Daily Video Trivia - 15th
Blockbusters - the Alternate State
In The News - 1:12 initiative for fair pay
Remember When? - The Sting
Country Livin - Living The Days of Gold
Country Music - Carrie Underwood

4th Quarter Quiz: 14 years

VIDEO: Today In History for December 11t...Magnum PI

VIDEO: Pet Hospice Helps Owners Say Good...Brad

VIDEO: Cheese, Blip, Other Weird Baby Na...Babycenter

Healthy teeth & Mouth...adopting

How Do I Maintain?...heart failure

The Best Thing You can Do...inflamed GUM tissue

VIDEO: Tailgating Banned at Super Bowl - space

VIDEO: -- McDonald's and Starbuck's CEO's ..Nerd wallet

Lifestyle & Risk Factors: Diuretics

VIDEO TRIVIA: Does This Make You Happy?: In layers
Preventing Tartar!: Bacteria
What Is Health Insurance?: Small Business Tax Credit
Fun Fall Video Trivia: 3 minutes
Video Trivia Time: Twitter
Entertainment Zone!: Boundaries
Videos Gone Wild!: Died
Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Dance
Watch: 30 Under 30 Shiza Shahid and The Malala F: CEO
Your Daily Video Trivia: Honda
Blockbusters ... Like a donkey
Country Livin' ...Nashville
Country Music ...Hunter Hayes
In The News ... Harvard
Remember When ...Hersheys Bar
Top Dollar Trivia ... Hangout
4th Quarter Quiz: Toronto Blue Jays

VIDEO: Today In History For December 12t...It's Your Call, America

VIDEO: Police: NY College Student Dies i...Jose

VIDEO: Watch Chefs Create 300- Pound Ging...Fountain

VIDEO: Grumpy Cat Makes a Holiday ... Capital Records

VIDEO: Pantene Ad Urges Women To Fight... Whip It

VIDEO TRIVIA: Does This Make You Happy?: Candy cane
How to lower health insurance costs?: Gelato
Tips on Avoiding Cavities: Green tea
What is a PPO?: Evolutionary
Fun Fall Video Trivia: 9 million
Video Trivia Time: Ironman 3
Entertainment Zone!: Purple
Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous!: New York
Video: Police: NY College Student Dies i...:Jose
Videos Gone Wild!: Los Angeles
Watch: Training For Sochi - Women's Ski Jumping: Wind
Your Daily Video Trivia - Orange County
Blockbusters ...William Steig
Country Livin' ...Almost 1 Year Old
Country Music ...Brad Paisley
In The News ...Virginia
Remember When ...Xavier Roberts
Top Dollar Trivia ... Brad Pitt

Watch: ShowBiz Minute: Beyonce, White, F... iTunes
Watch: Ugly Christmas Sweater Store ... Cat
VIDEO: Today in History for December 13 ... Poland
VIDEO: NY Hosts World's Largest Gingerbr... 91
VIDEO: Europe's First Bitcoin ATM Unveiled ... Sweden

4th Quarter Quiz: 50,000

95.9 The River Aurora Illinois
11:10am=157 Riverside Drive
4:10pm=Ridin the Storm Out
8:10pm=Back on the Road Again
Trivia- A.W.E. #21=Solar Energy is clean

98.3 WCCQ Crest Hill Illinois
Artist= Brad Paisley

100.7 Q-Rock Crest Hill Illinois
Artist= jerry cantrell
Eblast =Six Pack

Celebrity Interview Video Trivia: Marge Simpson
Music Pop Quiz: Which of the following was NOT nominated for a 2014 Grammy Award in the "Record of the Year" category? Answer is: Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

Wheel Of Fortune Bonus Round (Thing) for 12-12: FLOOR WAX
Spin I.D. Prize Winner ($5,000): JM30592

Dry Mouth and Symptoms: De Vizio
Entertainment Zone!: 52
Fun Fall Video Trivia: Light
Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Julianne Hough
Video Trivia Time: Cameron Diaz
Video: Most Tweeted Celeb Moments of 2013: One Direction
Videos Gone Wild!: Brian O'Connor
Watch: Madonna - The Highest-Paid Music Star Of 2013: $305 Million

Video: Top 5 Gifts That Give Back: Panda
VIDEO: Clarkson's Funny Christmas Card: Morning sickness
VIDEO: Famous Gift Guide: Females
VIDEO: MTV's Artist Of The Year 2013: Rihanna
VIDEO: Demi Lovato Reveals Drug Abuse P...: Young fans
VIDEO: Ellen DeGeneres Sports An Eye Pa...: Cover girl
Your Daily Video Trivia: 9
Blockbusters ... Haliee Steinfeld
Country Music ... Darius Rucker
In The News ... Allegion Pic
Remember When ... Prince William Sound
Celebrity Interview Video Trivia: Red Velvet Cake

Fun Fall Video Trivia: Florida
Video Trivia Time: Anti aging
Videos Gone Wild!: Sheek
Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Instagram
Watch: Adam Levine Reveals His Most Embarrassing: December
VIDEO: Kelly Ripa Eats A Cricket Taco: New York
VIDEO: Stay Healthy During The Holidays: Skip meals
VIDEO: Carrie Underwood Tells Haters Th...: Show tunes
VIDEO: NHL Team Has Questionable Soluti...: Tough sport
VIDEO: Kobe Bryant & Lionel Messi In Se...: Turkish Airlines
Entertainment Zone- Craig's
Your Daily Video Trivia = BALl
Blockbuster ... Luke Evans
Country Music ... Cruise
In The News ... 1997
Remember When ... Salman Rushdie
Celebrity Interview Video Trivia: Amber Riley

VIDEO TRIVIA: Does This Make You Happy?: Mousse
Fun Fall Video Trivia: 2 years
Video Trivia Time: Upper lip
Entertainment Zone!: Colorado
Videos Gone Wild!: New York
Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Australia
Shari's Berries - Delicious Christmas Gi...: Handmade
Watch: Why NASA's Don Yeomans Should Be Person Of: 5,000 not working
Kleinherz Jewelers - 1927
Your Daily Video Trivia - Gingerbread
Hills Bros. Cappucino Trivia - Hills Bros. Cappucino
Watch: Why NASA's Don Yeomans should be person - 40000
Blockbuster - Tom Cruise
In The News - 306 years
Remember When? - Rubik's Cube
4th Quarter Quiz: -7 degrees

Celebrity Interview Video Trivia: Julia Roberts
Video: Today in History for December 16t...: Bulge
Video: 2013 in Review: Best Viral Animal..: Oregon
Video: Hilarious Celebrity Holiday Cards: Santa
VIDEO: Slacklining on a High in France...50 Euros

VIDEO: Firefighters Rescue Dog Stranded...New Jersey

VIDEO: 2013 Review: Best Viral Animal...Oregon Zoo

1,000 bonus points (in Spanish) Gan

1,000 bonus points Win

5,000 bonus points Win

Pop Clips! Trivia --- GIRLS
Pop Culture Trivia -- Born to Run

Country Livin' ... 3rd
Country Music ... Luke Bryan
Top Dollar Trivia ... May

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