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Calvin Harris Goes Public with New Girlfriend:    Tinashe
Game of Thrones Episodes Had Average of 25million viewers:     40%
Island in Great Barrier reef for Sale:     $23 million
Justin Bieber Goes Unrecognized While Playing Pokemon Go:    Central Park, New York City
Kim Kardashian West and Taylor Swift Are In A Famous Feud:    #kimexposedtaylorparty
Lady Gaga Gets Pulled Over by Police Two Wekkes After Getting License:     30
Meet the Tiniest Animal Hospital Patient:    less than a gram
Must Have Travel Apps You Can Use Offline:     gogobot app
New Hampshire Police Uses Pokémon Go to lure fugitives:    0
Taylor Swift Threatens Lawsuit Against Kim:    February

Crazy Video:     2006 being accepted  (2012 is the correct answer)
Food Fetish:     1/2   
Science:     16
Summertime:      Orange County, California 
What's Happening:    Olympic games in Rio  

Blockbusters:     Sahara
Bookworm:      Kidnapping
Celebrity Scoop:      Marmaduke
Entertainment Video:      Boston
Get Your Game On:      Rockmen
Healthy Knowledge:      Six
Pop Clips:     Stagnation Generation

*new SURVEY up*

Belt from 4th Century Roman Soldier Found in England: 83
Fashionable Hospital Gowns Make Sick Teens Feet unique: Starlight Children's Foundation
Flying Golf Carts May Be Coming to A Course Near You: Bubba Watson
Kesha Announces a Tour and Her Fans Rejoice: Billboard Music Awards
Krispy Kreme Making Donut Soda with Cheerwine: cherry cola and donuts
Marc Anthony Isn't Just a Salsa King, He's An...: Maestro Cares Foundation
Netflix Missed Big on Second Quarter Earnings Stock Plummets: 160,000
Pokémon, Mom Jeans, Butthurt and More 'New Words'...: 300
The Tide Can Now Set Off the San Andreas Fault: moon
Wanted Man Arrested Playing Pokémon Go at Police Station: a gym

Crazy Video Trivia: 5.5 million
Food Fetish Trivia: Dunk Aroos
Science Trivia: Pink moon
Summertime Trivia: Gatorade
What Is Happening Trivia: Naples

Thur. 7/21

Book Worm: Mary GrandPre
Entertainment: 2015
Celebrity Scoop: Angus T. Jones
Get your game on: Multiple Endings
Healthy Knowledge: Folic acid
Homerun: Doyle Alexander
Sports: Michael Waltrip
The Dish : Salsa verde
TV Trivia: Jesse
Pop Quiz: Wake up call

Blockbusters:      Tom Hanks
Music Pop Quiz:      Wake Up Call 
Pop Clips:      download expensive Apps 

'Welcome to Fabulous Downtown Las Vegas' Destroyed in Crash:  Betty Willis
A Chinese robot to solve city parking misery:  Under 2 minutes
A New Design is Unveiled for New York City...:  31
Adorable Little Boy Creates Tornado in a... :   Vinegar.....WRONG VIDEO...
Body building team pays tribute with Iwo Jima...:  Relentless....WRONG VIDEO...
Chick-Fil-A Ruffles Feathers by Removing popular menu item:  Spicy chicken biscuit
Gladiators are Banned from Rome:  $440....WRONG  VIDEO...
Millennials Without College Degrees Are Most Likely...:  College degree
The Couple That Drinks Together Stays Together:  2,767
The Ultimate Clothing Line for '90s Babies:  RageOn

Crazy Video Trivia:   Next year
Food Fetish Trivia:  16
Science Trivia:  90
Summertime Trivia:  Gigi Hadid
What's Happening Trivia:  Shailene Woodley

Fri. 7/22 

Blockbusters: Thor
Book Worm: Oxford
Get your game on: Chompasaur
Healthy Knowledge: Calories
Homerun: High Pop Fly Ball
Sports: Jerry Quarry
Music Quiz: Flowers on the wall
The Dish : 1/4 cup
Celebrity Scoop: Halie Berry
Entertainment: 1200
Pop Clips: Jacinda
TV Trivia: Eric Stonestreet

93.3 Newsletter BC  ~  DAY

Celebrity Scoop:     Halle Berry
Music Pop Quiz:    Gimme More
Pop Clips:   Jancinda

94.1 NL: Future

Body building team pays tribute with Iwo Jima re-enactment: 6

3 Year Old Prince George Has His First:    a magnum
7-Eleven Delivers First Slurpee by Drone:    Reno, Nevada
Check Out These Amazing Airbnbs:     7
Dog Owner Wins the Internet with Incredible Pup:    Zelda
Internet Hero Returns Ivanka Trump's:    teardrop earring
The Best Instagrammable Spots:   Gávea Rock
What is the hashtag:   #Nomakeupmonday
Woman Orders Doormat:    Emily Heller

Crazy Video:    Carnegie Hall
Food Fetish:    20 ML
Science:    44%
Summertime:     100 ft  *correct answer is 155 ft*
What's Happening:    Afghanistan  

Blockbusters:      The King's Speech
Book Worm:      Peter And The Shadow Thieves
Celebrity Scoop:    David Arquette
Get Your Game On:      his wife
Healthy Knowledge:     ten to fifteen minutes
Homerun:     Ernie Banks
Music Pop Quiz:      When I Grow Up
Sports:      5
TV:     Bertram "Bert" Cooper

Crazy Video:     #ugh
Food Fetish:    $390
Science:      Asian
Summertime:     $293m 

Blockbusters:    Atlas Shrugged
Book Worm:    Severus Snape
Celebrity Scoop:     Miranda Lambert
Get Your Game On:    his father is an alcoholic
Healthy Knowledge:     1960's
Homerun:     62nd
Music Pop Quiz:    Teardrops On My Guitar
Sports:      8th
TV:     Andrea


Crazy Video:      Browser
Food Fetish:      11%
Science:     Siena
Summertime:     Thrice
What's Happening:      Sandshrew 

'The Walking Dead' Releases Character Posters Season 7:  18.4 million
An Entire Year of Earth Caught on Stunning New NASA Video:  2 
Best Tips to Stop Emotional Eating:  triggers
Bike Path Will Let You Ride from Maine to Florida:  1991
Mom Arrested for Driving with Her Kids in the Trunk:  29
Pokémon Go Now Has a Dating App, Pokédates:  "Gotta catch 'em all, together!"  *use Mobile site entry to get pts*
Study Suggests 'Mario Kart' Makes you a Better Driver:  visiual motor
Supermarket Secrets That Get You to Spend More:  The perimeter
The World's Most Beautiful Island is Paradise Defined:  five-miles
You Can Get Arrested in Indiana for Saving a Dog:  20

Blockbusters:     beaver
Book Worm:    Stephanie Plum
Celebrity Scoop:   Zayn Malik
Entertainment Video:     Beyonce
Get Your Game On:    fruit
Healthy Knowledge:   1996
Homerun:   Tom Glavine
Music Pop Quiz:     Love Song
Pop Clips:    complainers
Sports:    Ray Mancini
The Dish :    1 
TV:      New Jersey

'The Walking Dead' Releases Character Posters Season 7: 18.4 million
An Entire Year of Earth Caught on Stunning New NASA Video: 2
Best Tips to Stop Emotional Eating: triggers
Bike Path Will Let You Ride from Maine to Florida: 1991
Mom Arrested for Driving with Her Kids in the Trunk: 29
Pokémon Go Now Has a Dating App, Pokédates: "Gotta catch 'em all, together!" (It just Recycles, go to the mobile site and do it)
Study Suggests 'Mario Kart' Makes you a Better Driver: visiual motor
Supermarket Secrets That Get You to Spend More: The perimeter
The World's Most Beautiful Island is Paradise Defined: five-miles
You Can Get Arrested in Indiana for Saving a Dog: 20

redundancy sucks

Are You Too Old to Ride a Rollercoaster?: blood pressure
How Much Is an Olympic Gold Medal Worth?: 500 grams
iHeartRadio Festival Will Host Stellar Artists: 2 days
King Kong Trailer Shows Tallest Kong Since 60's: 100 feet tall
Luxury Condo Where Philip Seymour Hoffman Died, Is For Rent: $10,250 a month
Mundane Tasks Are Great for Stress: Legos
Pokémon Go Already on the Decline: July
Team USA Olympians Heating Up Instagram: Rio
The World's Most Expensive Hotel Suite is Next Level Luxury: $75,000
TripAdvisor Says Travelers Love These Airlines The Most: jet blue

Crazy Video Trivia: Firefighter
Food Fetish Trivia: Bubblelick
Science Trivia: Crystallize
Summertime Trivia: Catcher
What's Happening Trivia: 7 months

Tue.  7/26 

Blockbusters: Weatherby
Book Worm: The Jesus I Never Knew
Get your game on: Curt Schilling
Celebrity Scoop: Gwen Setfoni
Healthy Knowledge: Better Memory
Homerun: Jimmie Foxx
Sports: Lloyd Honeyghan
The Dish : Ricotta
TV Trivia: Albuquerque
Entertainment Video Trivia: 10 years
Music Pop Quiz: Magic
Pop Clips: Kyle

******6 New SURVEYS up******

Celebrity Scoop:   Gwen Stefani

Actress Susan Sarandon Cannot Hide Disappointment at DNC: Bernie Sanders
Alcohol Linked to 7 Types of Cancer: 10
Are Experts Sure The DNC Email Hack Was Russia?: 20,000
Biggest 'Megaraptor' Ever Discovered: Patagonia
Edible Glitter is the Latest Food Craze: Watson Inc.
In what amusement park was this photo taken?: Six Flags – New Jersey
Lindsay Lohan Puts Fiancé on Blast with Cheating Allegations: 23
Pokémon Go Player Defends Himself in Robbery : Las Vegas, Nevada
Rescued Baby Monkey Loves Her Teddy Bear: Sausage
USAF Deserts Their Failed Weather Satellite: February

Crazy Video Trivia: 0
Food Fetish Trivia: 150
Science Trivia: Secret Life Of Pets....but only --- are choices GO TO THE MOBILE SITE AND PICK --- FOR NOW
Summertime Trivia: Margot Robbie
What's Happening Trivia: 30 Minutes

Blockbusters:     Jean-Marc Vallee
Book Worm:      the law of attraction
Celebrity Scoop:      Ben Affleck
Entertainment Video:      neither
Get Your Game On:       66
Healthy Knowledge:      cayenne pepper
Homerun:    Roberto Avila  
Music Pop Quiz:     Take A Bow
Pop Clips:      Las Vegas
Sports:      Mike McCallum
The Dish :      apple 
TV:    Paul Kinsey

Aloha Summer Trivia: 8

Science Trivia  ~  SWEAT 

Pokémon Go Now Has a Dating APP:      Gotta catch 'em all, together!  (yes, up again) 

Animal Shelter Adopts Out All Pets:    NBC and Telemundo
Cockroach Milk Might Solve World Hunger:      pacific beetle cockroach
Jobs That Can Help Ward Off Alzheimer's:     83,000
 Legal SeaFoods Criticized:     Roger Berkowitz
Man Robs WalMart on Scooter:      2
New Study Says High Heels:  low-level inflammation
Stubborn Bear Had to Be Airlifted:      2
Terrifying New Zipline:     Wildplay
Urban Outfitters Wants You:      2

Crazy Video:    a smile
Food Fetish:     700
Science:    fifth
Summertime:    British Airways 
What's Happening:     Olympic diver

Blockbusters:      Warcraft
Book Worm:     World War II
Celebrity Scoop:   Jennifer Garner
Entertainment Video:     Wyatt
Get Your Game On:   Monaco
Healthy Knowledge:     peppermint
Homerun:     1933
Music Pop Quiz:   Hate That I Love You
Pop Clips:     China
Sports:   Frankie Randall
The Dish :     olive oil
TV:     Matt Groening   

'Diary of a Wimpy Kid' Franchise Replaces Lead Actor: 2010
2016 Venice Film Festival Lineup Is Released: August 31
4 Ways to Be Sure You Get to The Second Date: 91%
A New Shark Enters the Tank: South Africa
After 45 years, 'Sesame Street' Cuts Original Cast Members: HBO
Amy Schumer and John Oliver Get Shout Outs...: 4
At One Point WalMart Got Offended by the...: Ann Moliver Ruben
Billionaire's $130 Million Floating Park in New York City: 547
Bronx Zoo Breeds 1st Little Penguin Ever, and It's Adorable: May 10
Study: What's behind the mysterious deaths of...: radiation
Where the Tallest People in the World Live: Latvian

Crazy Video Trivia: 7 stories
Food Fetish Trivia: 8
Science Trivia: 100
Summertime Trivia: v250
What's Happening Trivia: American Girl

Fri. 7/29 

Blockbusters: 10
Book Worm: Writing Cook Books
Aloha Summer: Pineapples
Get Your Game On: Finesse
Healthy Knowledge: Juniper Berry
Homerun : Frankie Frisch
Music Quiz: The Four Preps
Sports Trivia: Frankie Frisch
The Dish : Starfish
Celebrity Scoop Trivia: Adelle
Entertainment Video Trivia: 53
Pop Clips: Asia
TV Trivia: Billy West

Music Pop Quiz:    Love Like This

Sports:    James Buster Douglas

933 newsletter - Snoop

STAR 94.1 Newsletter BC  ~  ADVENTURE

Alaskan Fishing Boat's Engine Room Flooded:  46
Americans Have a Love/Hate Relationship With Social Media:   privacy
Apple Just Pulled a Netflix and Bought 'Karoke':  12
Daredevil and Jessica Jones Delayed:  Iron Fist and The Defenders
Has Ed Sheeran Gotten Married?:  Jovel
Melania Trump's Website Vanishes After Questions:  2
This Wristband Tracks Your Drunk Levels:  Backtrack skin
What are BRAMI Beans and are They Good for You?:  35 calories
You'll Feel Fancy After Learning About This Olympic Sport:  four

Crazy Video Trivia:   Design & Architecture
Food Fetish Trivia:   #MMSFLAVORVOTE
Science Trivia:   Lionsgate
Summertime Trivia:   2011 
What's Happening Trivia:  5

Blockbusters: Star Trek Beyond
Book Worm: A Time To Kill
Celebrity Scoop: Kim Kardashion and Kyane West
Get your game on: Civilization
Healthy Knowledge: The Gastrocnemius
Homerun: 1984
Music Pop Quiz: See You Again
Sports: 1967
TV Trivia: True Detective

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