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WEDNESDAY  ~  09/14

Disney Reveals New 'Moana' Poster:     Good Morning America
Engine Failure Forces Emergency Landing:     Pensacola, Florida
Jackie Kennedy Biopic "Jackie":     Fox Searchlight
Kirstie Alley Joins the Cast:      Administrator
Navy Sailor Gives Surprise Birth at Sea:      7 pounds
Steven Tyler to Appear in Guardians:        May 5, 2017
Trumps Opens New Luxury Hotel:        Pennsylvania Avenue
U.S. Bombers Flyer Over South Korea:       28,500
Who's Producing Julia Roberts New Movie:      Red Om Films
Women Outnumber Men for Screenwriting:     $35,000 each

Animal:     Yasha and Yana
Crazy Video:     Oliver Stone
Food Fetish:     $29.99
Science:     Educated
Summertime:     1
Ultimate Celeb:       Silver Lion
What Is Happening:     Tim McGraw

Blockbusters:      Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Book Worm:       author
Celebrity Scoop:      New York
Entertainment Video:      Anne Hathaway
Football Fan Zone:       Phil Simms
Get Your Game On:      Diddy
Healthy Knowledge:     Lord of the Dance
Music Pop Quiz:       Love Song
Pop Clips:      shop at thrift stores
Sports Trivia:     Jonathan Toews
The Dish :       almond milk  
TV:      Buck

***3 more new SURVEYS***
Most Popular Artists
Favorite Fast Food Restaurant
IKEA's Favorite Products

Everybody Loves Vera Wang:     67
How to Dress Preppy:     The Whitney Museum of American Art
Magic Mushrooms Could Help You Quit:      Psilocybin
Messi Stars in Barcelona's Record Win:     7
NFL Hints About 2017 Super Bowl:     Billboard
Social Media Posting Helps Your Memory:     Dr. Qi Wang
Vanished Ship Discovered 168 Years late:    HMS Terror
Wells Fargo CEO Prepares to Face:  $185 million
What Would the Mass of Netflix's:  Channing Tatum
Woman Spends a Fortune to Save Her:  Conquer

Animal:      Canada
Crazy Video:     Jackie Chan
Food Fetish:     600 
Science:     $0
Summertime:     6
Ultimate Celeb:     Jason Momo
What Is Happening:     House Stark

Blockbusters:      Leonardo DiCaprio
Book Worm:       Down Syndrome
Celebrity Scoop:      1994
Entertainment Video:      Perfect Illusion
Football Fan Zone:       Tennessee Titans
Get Your Game On:      pink 
Healthy Knowledge:     lay chest facing down
Music Pop Quiz:       The band's audience
Pop Clips:      our brain power
Sports Trivia:     Johnny Gaudreau
The Dish :       St. Patty's Day
TV:      Mance Rayder

'America's Got Talent' Chooses a Winner:   12..........WRONG VIDEO
A Major Record Label Releasing an Album ...:  Universal Music Group
Alligator Takes a Leisurely Stroll on Co...:  Library
Artist Plows Hillary Clinton's Face into...:   8 hours
Bella Hadid Falls on the Runway During N...:  Michael Kors
Camel Shatters Windshield of Teen's Car ...:  2
Emmys 2016 By the Numbers:  4
Giada De Laurentiis Poses Topless:  Women's Health
Guess How Many Selfies Kim K. Took on Vacation:  4
Simone Biles Reveals Why She Tested ...:  None

Animal Trivia:   Bowie
Crazy Video Trivia:  10.....WRONG VIDEO
Food Fetish Trivia:  1
Science Trivia:  110
Summertime Trivia:  Water
Ultimate Celeb Trivia:  4
What Is Happening Trivia:  Miss Arkansas

94.1 Newsletter BC  ~  RAT
93.3 Newsletter BC  ~  LAN

Blockbusters:      Squishy
Book Worm:       Endymion Spring
Celebrity Scoop:      tennis 
Entertainment Video:      John Travolta
Football Fan Zone:       Mel Blount
Get Your Game On:      The Fateless One
Healthy Knowledge:     Shavasana
Music Pop Quiz:       Christina Aguilera
Pop Clips:      kitten
Sports Trivia:     Landon Donovan
The Dish :       ice cream cake
TV:      Memento Mori

Book Worm: Holly Rafferty
Celebrity Scoop: Stephen Spielberg
Entertainment Video:
Football Fan Zone: Philadelphia Eagles
Get Your Game On: Grunheimm
Healthy Knowledge: Sun Salutation
Music Pop Quiz: Madonna
Sports Trivia: 34
The Dish :
TV Trivia: Philip K. Dick

'Star Wars: Rogue One' Forced to Replace...: Michael Giacchino
An Artist Made a Floating Waterfall: Olafur Eliasson
Are 14 Pet Pythons Slithering Around a G...: 2
Georgia Relatives Arrested for False Sca...: 2
Guggenheim's Gold Toilet is Open for Pub...: America
Lauren Manzo Is Pregnant: 2015
Orlando Bloom's Instagram Page is Giving...: I Caved
Taking Selfies May Boost Confidence: University of California, Irvine
The Fun History Behind the Emmy's: 20 is accepted, but 29 is the answer...ONE CHANCE....this may change latyer
Top 5 Most Binge-Worthy TV Shows: American Horror Story
Animal Trivia: 7
Crazy Video Trivia: $2.85 million (But it says 2.8)....this may change later?
Food Fetish Trivia: 21
Science Trivia: for 36 is accepted, but 40 is the answer...ONE CHANCE....this may change later
Summertime Trivia: 1880
Ultimate Celeb Trivia: Kesha
What Is Happening Trivia: 5

The Fun History Behind the Emmy's:     20 is no longer being accepted 

Science Trivia: 39 Currently Works!!
The Fun History Behind the Emmy's: 16 Currently Works!!

The Fun History Behind the Emmy's:   16   is no longer giving credit

Science:    39  is also no longer giving credit ... taking correct answer  40  

Actress Sara Ramirez Cuts All:       Locks of Love
Bill Murray to Bartend This Weekend:      21 Greenpoint
Corey Feldman's Insane 'Today' Concert:       Go 4 It
June Saw American Drivers Using:     287.5
Marc Jacobs Gets Shamed:     correct answer "FALL" now being accepted
Miley Cyrus Standing by:     Today
Prince William Helps Out:    72
What to Expect from 'Bridgegate':     September 2013
Why Did Movies Underperform:   Stranger Things
Will Game of Thrones Still:      Today.  (s/b - 23)

Animal Trivia:  Jazz
Crazy Video:     drainage pipe
Food Fetish:       fruit
Science:       billion
Summertime:      $50 million
Ultimate Celeb:      Lady Gaga
What Is Happening:    4

Book Worm:     Jason Bourne
Celebrity Scoop:     Tom Green
Football Fan Zone:     New York Giants
Get Your Game On:     Yo-Kai Watch Busters
Healthy Knowledge:     camel pose
Music Pop Quiz:    Baby One More Time
Sports:    March
TV:    Chicago Med

'Fifty Shades Darker' Trailer:    114 million
Boxing Movies:    The Bleeder
Cameron Monaghan Teases:    The Joker
Children Cancer Patients:    20 minutes
Forbe's 2016 Highest Paid:     $15 million
Is Jessica Alba Selling Her Company:    Uniliver
Lady Gaga Reveals Name:     Joanne
New Age Furniture Will Be Made:      Biofabrication
Stevie Wonder Headlines Prince Tribute:      Xcel Energy Center
Tom Ford Makes an Exciting Promise:    Nocturnal Animals

Animal :     Allison Dunbar
Crazy Video:   ---   use mobile site, for credit
Food Fetish:    100,000
Science:    10
Summertime:    appetite
Ultimate Celeb:     Marc Jacobs
What Is Happening:    Perfect Illusion

Blockbusters:      Liam Neeson
Book Worm:       kidnapping
Celebrity Scoop:      $10 million
Entertainment Video:      Taylor Swift
Football Fan Zone:       Barry Sanders
Get Your Game On:        Scarecrow
Healthy Knowledge:         Sphinx Pose
Music Pop Quiz:       Gimme More
New York Shopping Spree:    Phantom of the Opera
Pop Clips:      5
Sports Trivia:     Steve Nash
The Dish :       1 pint
TV:      Elizabeth Taylor

Weekly 5K & 1K Bonus Points ~ enter "WiN"...



New York Shopping Spree

*another new SURVEY up*
Food Inventions

Get Your Game On:     Power Pellets

68th Emmy's Fashion Police:     Atelier Versace
Being Married Can Help You Stay 'Slim':       270
Big Pharma Spends $900 Million:     1,300
Denali National Park Hosts Alaskan:       100
Eddie Murphy Too Old:     Mr. Church
Kanye West Joins Instagram:  1
Massive Nickelodeon Theme Park:    American Dream Meadowlands
Pokémon Gijinka Fan Art Is Phenomenal:  250
Spend the Night in A Yellow Taxi Cab ':       $49
Spider-Man: Homecoming Stunt Video:     Michael Keaton

Animals:     San Diego Zoo Kids
Crazy Video:    254
Food Fetish:    45
Science:    handwriting
Summertime:     New York City
Ultimate Celeb:    Saylor 
What Is Happening:    Naeem Khan

Blockbusters:    Geraldine Page ( The Trip To Bountiful )
Book Worm:      Mary GrandPre
Celebrity Scoop:    two
Entertainment Video:      Los Angeles
Football Fan Zone:     AFC East
Healthy Knowledge:      chair pose
Music Pop Quiz:     Ashlee Simpson
Pop Clips:     Germany
Sports:      Jozy Altidore
The Dish :      coconut oil
TV:      Phil Hartman 

Peace Day
New Movie Releases
Working From Home
Top Real Estate Websites
Celebrate Autumn 

Amal Clooney Opens Up About:      NBC Nightly News
Angelina is Divorcing Brad:      2014
Beyoncé Skips the Emmys:     Lemonade
Blair Witch 2 Director Remembers:       $48 million
How to Live The California Beach Dream:      840
How Was NY/NJ Bombing Suspect Found:    2
London Fashion Week Catwalks at Erdem:     Canada
Man Calls Cops Over Ex Overfeeding:    101
Stoners are Skinnier, According to:      3.1%
These 5 Foods Help Fight Breakouts:       almonds 

Animal:      Anchorage, Alaska
Crazy Video:     Emmy Awards
Food Fetish:       Maple Plain, MN
Science:      unsolicited
Summertime:       Mexico
Ultimate Celeb:      Taylor Kinney
What Is Happening:       People's Choice

Blockbusters:     Fred Astaire
Book Worm:    Oxford
Celebrity Scoop:     Alicia Keys
Entertainment Video:     Brittney Spears 
Football Fan Zone:      Charles Rogers
Get Your Game On:       Shiny Entertainment
Healthy Knowledge:      Lotus Pose
Music Pop Quiz:      5
New York Shopping Spree:     Long Acre Square
Pop Clips:     4
Sports:     Jose Goncalves
The Dish :      1
TV:      Carnival Films

Blockbusters: Fred Astaire
Book Worm: Oxford
Celebrity Scoop: Alicia Keys
Entertainment Video: Brittney Spears
Football Fan Zone: Charles Rogers
Get Your Game On: Shiny Entertainment
Healthy Knowledge: Lotus Pose
Music Pop Quiz:
Music Pop Quiz: 5
New York Shopping Spree Trivia: Long Acre Square
Pop Clips: 4
Sports Trivia: Jose Goncalves (but he really won it in 2013)
The Dish : 1
TV Trivia: Carnival Films

new SURVEY up
National Coffee Day

A U2 Spy Plane Crashes:       Sutter County, California
Burger Chain May Have Beef:     Whataburger
Fans Are Excited for 'Passengers':     Morten Tyldum
Leah Remini Stirs the Scientology Pot:     2013
Mephisto Confirmed for the Marvel:    September 20th
Nike Reveals First Ever Self-Lacing:      HyperAdapt 1.0
Rihanna to Unveil:     Tidal 
Skeleton Discovered:      50
Study Says Smoking Leaves:     7,000
Tropical Storm Updates:     Karl

Animal:     Max
Food Fetish:    7,000
Crazy Video:    Reddit
Science:    seven
Summertime:     9 months
Ultimate Celeb:    Los Angeles
What Is Happening:     53

Blockbusters:      Sidney Howard
Book Worm:    Peter and The Shadow Thieves
Celebrity Scoop:     Los Angeles
Entertainment Video:      Dancing With The Stars
Football Fan Zone:      Miami Dolphins
Get Your Game On:      BFG 9000S
Healthy Knowledge:      epidermis
Music Pop Quiz:      Christina Aguilera
Pop Clips:      $2.1 billion
Sports:       Britt McHenry
The Dish :    serrano pepper
TV:     New York City 

94.1 Newsletter BC  ~  VAL
93.3 Newsletter BC  ~  GAS

'Girl On a Train' Author Not Happy:     Paula Hawkins
App Gives Free Coffee to Good Drivers:    100
Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, Nicki Minaj:    Tidal X: 1015
Cosmopolitan Magazine:    18 months
Ellen Pompeo Show Off Her Dance Moves:   For Free
Personal Motivation Is Better for Fitness:    471
Real Reason Most People Feel Better:    1%
Teacher Placed On Paid Leave:     History
Tinder and Spotify Are Hooking Up:     Tinder
You Can Stay in SpongeBob:    $3,800

Animal:    more than 100
Crazy Video:     18 days
FALL:    1st
Food Fetish:     3
Science:       400,000
Summertime:  CB
Ultimate Celeb:     92 bars
What Is Happening:     ---   use mobile site, for credit (s/b - CW)

Blockbusters:      Nebraska
Book Worm:    Severus Snape
Celebrity Scoop:     Ivana
Entertainment Video:      Adam Levine
Football Fan Zone:      1989
Get Your Game On:       Reptile
Healthy Knowledge:      Serotonin
Music Pop Quiz:     Toto
Pop Clips:     Lombard Street
Sports:     Shaquille O'Neal
The Dish :     turnips
TV:      William Shatner

"Storks" Flies into Theaters:     54
Arizona Cops Resign:     (s/b - 3) wait for it
Chris Brown: "I Take Care of My Daughter:    $250,000
Joe Scarborough's Son Suffers:    Andrew
Oprah Visits Smithsonian:      $20 million
Plane Evacuated in Western Australia:     102
Scan of FLOTUS's Passport Leaked:     DC Leaks
Twitter Moving Closer to Sale:      Salesforce.com
UPS Launches Drone Test Flights:     8 minutes
Yahoo! Admits Data Hacking:     500 million

Animal:      Australia
Crazy Video:     Raider
FALL:     ---  use mobile site   (s/b - 1st)
Food Fetish:     veggies
Science:      Oxitec
Summertime:    28
Ultimate Celeb:     25
What Is Happening:       2

Blockbusters:     Modern Love
Book Worm:      Stephanie Plum
Celebrity Scoop:     Lindsay Lohan
Football Fan Zone:   Roary
Get Your Game On:     Rush
Healthy Knowledge:      Serotonin
Music Pop Quiz:    Solitaire
Sports:      Big East
TV:    Trading Spaces 

Apparently We "Caught Up with The Joneses":     1853
Autistic Community Fans of Kate:      Echolalia
Brexit Is in Limbo:     Theresa May
Brian May Takes a Stand Against:      Queen
Patrick Stewart Narrates:      Malcom Carter
Rep. Pittenger Apologies for Saying:      BBC
Syrian Forces Destroy Aleppo's Water:      20
Third Night in Charlotte:      National Guard
What Is The "The Dressmaker" About:      September 23rd
What's The 'The Magnificent Seven':       63

Animal:       Mercy
Crazy Video:      Madison Square Garden
FALL:       ---     use mobile site for credit (s/b - 1st)
Food Fetish:       20
Science:       Georgetown University
Summertime:     ---     use mobile site for credit (s/b - Sunrise Thursday)
Ultimate Celeb:      2
What Is Happening:      19

Blockbusters:    Eddie Redmayne
Book Worm:       The Jesus I Never Knew
Celebrity Scoop:      clarinet 
Football Fan Zone:      Gillette Stadium
Get Your Game On:      Darkside
Healthy Knowledge:      acne
Music Pop Quiz:       Patrick Stump
Sports:     Jeremy Lin
TV:     Punk'd 

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