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50 shocking diets: fix
pop pics: Of Mice and Men

pop pics: Corinthia
birthday: ace hood
65 facts about song: Shel Silverstein
celebrity prom: kobe bryant
mama's boy: hiller

celebrity side-eye: rocknrolla
sci-fi: inhabitants
snap shots: b howard

GraPaJo said:
Word Play Trivia = learning

" Grapajo, this answer option states that it is an "Incorrect Response".
"singing" is being accepted as correct, for now...hopefully.will be corrected on Rewards sites later. "

Singing is Now the INCORRECT answer!

 Celebrity School Superlatives   -   A-list

celeb birthday: Emily Vancamp

Blockbusters   -   27 days
Music Pop Quiz   -   Gevenchy ( sp.- Givenchy)
Sports Trivia  -   19 years
Word Play   -    pusillanimous

Celebrity Diet Tips, Lea Michele = vegan~
Pop Pics~~Khloe Kardashian = NEW BOO~~
Celebrity Side-Eye~~Pamela Anderson  = TOILET PAPER~~
Inspired by Sci-Fi~~The cast of =  STAR TREK~~
Snap Shots~~Diddy poses with his kids = 146TH~~
a Birthday Today~~ today with Tony Hawk? = EMILY VANCAMP

25 things about iggy: hitchhiking

celeb school superatives: creeper

pop pics: eponymous

65 facts about song: Britney Spears' "I'm a Slave 4 U" was written for Janet Jackson.

celebrity prom: For actress Emma Roberts, her prom experience could've turned out to be a real American horror story after a botched bronzing session, but now she says she can look back at the big night and laugh. "I got a really bad spray tan and wore a navy silk dress. I never went to high school, and one of my first boyfriends asked me to go, so I was really excited and mortified," she said.

caught looking: Russell Brand at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards looks as if he's staring right at his teenage dream... his then-wife Katy Perry's chest.


just a request, maybe a little hint to which trivia persona is the question relevant?


birthday today- Stephen Colbert

blockbuster: charlize theron
music: paramore
sports: 31 years
word: fecund

50 shocking diet: Although avocados ......cellulite-free

5 seconds of summer: The boys ......label 

pop pics: Kesha rocks an all black outfit with green 
pop pic:  ennifer Lopez steps out to do some window shopping with her mother on Madison 
celebrity side-eye: Was Scarlett Johansson.....ScarJo

snap shots: upfronts

evol of jlo: triple platinum



I agree.... It would be nice to have the name with the answer if its not too much trouble please. 

(Celebrity name...that is)


celebrity side-eye: Was Scarlett Johansson a bad kisser? Penelope Cruz shoots a look at ScarJo, who's posing next to director Woody Allen, at the Los Angeles premiere of "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" in 2008.

snap shot: Lea Michele looks sexy as ever wearing a green dress with a plunging neckline at the 2014 Fox Upfronts in New York City.

evolution of jlo: Lopez's debut album, On the 6 comes out in 1999. The album was named after the 6 subway train that she took to get to dance auditions in Manhattan. On the 6 goes triple platinum.

LOL. I guess 'hint' means different things to different folks. Leastways shouldn't get later site posts confused, tks.

Blockbusters  -   Brad Pitt
Music Pop Quiz   - Take That
Sports Trivia  -   Rousimar Palhares

Word  Play -  To feel or search with your hands; grope

Who is Celebrating a Birthday Today?  -   Mark Zuckerberg
Snap Shots/Floyd Mayweather  -  cashola
Binging For The Big Screen/Hillary swank  -  19
Caught Looking/Chris Rock  -   Rude Boy
Celebrity School Superlatives/Lorraine Bracco  -  Wilhelmina

25 Things You Didn't Know About Iggy Azalea/combo name  -  childhood dog
Binging For The Big Screen/Gwyneth Paltrow   -  Country Strong 
Hip-Hop Homes/Michael Strahan  -  $100,000
50 Shocking & Easy Celebrity Diet Tips/January Jones  -  placentophagia
Get to Know 5 Seconds of Summer/dancer Michael  -  The Lasso
Pop Pics/Ellen Page  -  Tom Boy

Hip Hop Homes/Jay Z penthouse apartment  -  raw-space 
Celebrity Side-Eye/Jay Z  -  Jessica Biel
Snap Shots/Solange & Bey  -  Ri
The Evolution of J. Lo/Jane Fonda  -   worst nightmare

GMP, very nice

About Iggy Aza fan of the film = CLUELESS~~
Binging For The Big Screen~~Anne Hathaway = DETOX~~
Celebrity School Superlatives~~ Kobe Bryant ~~trajectory~~
Binging For The Big Screen~~Colin Farrell TRIAGE~~
Caught Looking~~
 How's the view, Ashton = Lea Michele~~
Hip-Hop Homes~~Lil Wayne =4-CAR.............Kris Humphries = BALLIN'

Blockbusters  - Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
Music Pop Quiz  -  Katy Perry
Sports Trivia -  Brazil

Word Play -  A silly milly

Who is Celebrating a Birthday Today? -  Ray Lewis
Snap Shots/Blake Lively  -   Hotel Martinez

Celebrity Side-Eye/Blanket  Jackson  -  death stare
The Evolution of J. Lo/Rebirth  -   1.5
Snap Shots/MJ Impersonator  -  SPOOKY

50 Shocking & Easy Celebrity Diet Tips/Vanessa H.  -   egg whites
Get to Know 5 Seconds of Summer/busk  -   petrol
Pop Pics/LiLo  -  David Beckham

Binging For The Big Screen, Seth Rogen =GREEN HORNET~~~~Jared Leto = 114
About Iggy Aza...~~ needs to protect her = ASSETS~~
Celebrity Diet Tips~~Vanessa Hudgens = EGG WHITES~~
Celebrity School Superlatives~~: Michael Jackson's = SHYEST~~
5 Seconds of Summer~~ busk on the street for = PETROL~~
Hip-Hop Homes~~John Legend = NOLITA.....~~Usher Raymond IV = 4.25~~
Caught Looking~~Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger = ~~ Conan O'Brien

*Weekly Surveys are up*

Blockbusters  -  The Surprise
Music Pop Quiz  -   Justin Bieber
Sports Trivia  - Oakland Raiders

Word Play -  Destiny

94.1 newsletter =    spLASh

Who is Celebrating a Birthday Today?  -  Pierce Brosnan

Celebrity Side-Eye/Chantal Biya  -  Cameroon

50 Shocking & Easy Celebrity Diet Tips/Claudia Schiffer  -  fruits

93.3  newsletter  =  POOl


Who is Celebrating a Birthday Today? - Derek Hough

Celebrity School Superlatives
Funnyman Robin Williams is certainly having the last laugh after being named "Least Likely to Succeed" by his senior class. The Oscar-winner's nearly 37 years in showbiz speaks for itself.

Yesterday, in my backyard, in the DIRECT SUN the temp. was 124. Only 108 in the shade. SUN TEA was almost instantaneous.~~
Blockbusters~~ Alan Cumming = 10~~
Binging For The Big Screen~~ Matthew McConaughey  =  unrecognizable~~            ~~Jake Gyllenhaal  = Nightcrawler~~               George Clooney = CIA operative
Hip-Hop Homes~~ RiRi = SOHO~~       ~~ Padma Lakshmi, Kanye West = 8.9           ~~Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick  = UPSCALE
Snap Shots~~Lea Michele=  Valentino ~~       ~~Lady Gaga = grunge look
5 Seconds of Summer = LUKE   has Oprah Winfrey's number~~
The Evolution of J. Lo~~1997 Jennifer Lopez married Ojani Noa = 13 MONTHS~~
Pop Pics~~Justin Bieber was seen shopping =  J. Safra~~
About Iggy Aza~~No money, no family = SIXTEEN~~
Celebrity Side-Eye~~ Emma Stone = "The Croods"~~
Celebrity Diet Tips~~Alessandra Ambrosio = ~~ protein shakes. ~~
Celebrity School Superlatives~~Gillian Anderson =~~"Most Likely to Be Arrested."

Music Pop Quiz: Clay Aiken
Sports Trivia: David Backes
Word Play: wastes

so sorry, so slow!

Blockbusters  -  Paul Simon
Music Pop Quiz  -  Good Kisser
Sports Trivia  -  Phil Rizzuto
Word Play  -  cold
Who is Celebrating a Birthday Today?  -  Kevin Garnet 

Available on 94.1, 95.7,  & 93.3 Trade-Ins:  Four (4) tickets to AQUATICA SeaWorld's Waterpark™ on Friday, May 23rd

Available on 94.1 Auctions:  Two (2) one-day admission tickets to the Temecula Valley Balloon and Wine Festival happening May 30 - June 1

L C thanks loads for the bonus links you put up, they help greatly.~~
Binging For The Big Screen~~Natlie Portman lost = 20~~
Celebrity School Superlatives~~As one of the  highest-earning   golfers of all time golfers of all time

Celebrity Side-Eye=peepers

Blockbusters  -  Jack Wilder (James Franco)
Music Pop Quiz   - Casey Kasem
Pop Clips Trivia  -   $35 million
Sports Trivia  -   Human Performance Center
Word Play  -   an inhabitant

50 Shocking & Easy Celebrity Diet Tips/Angelina Jolie  -  steamed
Hip-Hop Homes/Ice T  -   Jersey strong
50 Shocking & Easy Celebrity Diet Tips/Elizabeth H.  -  coffee
Get to Know 5 Seconds of Summer/opened for One Direction  -   Take Me Home
Pop Pics/Rihanna  -   cotton candy
Hip Hop Homes.A Rod  -  Zen garden
25 Things You Didn't Know About Iggy Azalea/style influences  -  Tracy Kelly
~~Binging For The Big Screen/Russel C.  -  63

Snap /lets loose onstage  -  Shakira 
Binging For The Big Screen/Matthew Fox  -  Alex Cross
Celebrity School Superlatives/Pretty Little Liars  -  Lucy Hale

Celebrity Side-Eye/Prince  -  venomous
The Evolution of J. Lo/2nd album  -   J.Lo
Snap Shots/Barbara W. co-hosts  -  11
Hip Hop Homes/Rick R.  -  235

http://rewards.star941sandiego.com/asp2/codedetail.aspx?type=4&s...   =   WIN
http://rewards.star941sandiego.com/asp2/codedetail.aspx?type=4&s...   =   WIN
http://rewards.star941sandiego.com/asp2/codedetail.aspx?type=4&s...   =   GAN

http://rewards.channel933.com/asp2/codedetail.aspx?type=4&setid=...   =   WIN
http://rewards.channel933.com/asp2/codedetail.aspx?type=4&setid=...   =   WIN
http://rewards.channel933.com/asp2/codedetail.aspx?type=4&setid=...   =   GAN

http://rewards.957kissfm.com/asp2/codedetail.aspx?type=4&setid=8...   =   WIN
http://rewards.957kissfm.com/asp2/codedetail.aspx?type=4&setid=8...   =   WIN
http://rewards.957kissfm.com/asp2/codedetail.aspx?type=4&setid=8...   =   GAN

KISS/95.7  newsletter  =  oaSIS


Who is Celebrating a Birthday Today?  -  Timothy Olyphant

Blockbusters  - Six Hours
Music Pop Quiz  -  7
Pop Clips -  Mozzarella
Sports Trivia  - Paul Daley

Word Play  - The distortion of the original meaning of a word

The Evolution of J. Lo/ Living Color  - 1991
Celebrity Side-Eye/ Sophia L.  -  elegantly
Snap Shot/ Kimye  -  bandanas

Binging For The Big Screen/ Charlize T.  - Monster
Celebrity School Superlatives/  Kim K.  -  all-girls
Snap Shots/ Extra  -  A-OK

25 Things You Didn't Know About Iggy A/  frequent  -  strip clubs
50 Shocking & Easy Celebrity Diet Tips/ Mariah  -  fish
Binging For The Big Screen/ Tom H.  -  30
Get to Know 5 Seconds of Summer/ 5SOS-related  -  Twitter
Pop Pics/ Rob P.  -  The Rover


Who is Celebrating a Birthday Today?  -  Tom Daley

Music Pop Quiz  -  Solange
Pop Clips   -   Hairspray
Sports  -   733

Word Play -  Rain

Hip-Hop homes:/ Chris B.  -   7-unit

Hip-Hop homes /  T.I.  -  4.26

Blockbusters: I give hope to men

Kiss -  Hip - Hop = Jessica Alba and her husband Cash Warren have checked out the exclusive ___$50  million 'Presidential Penthouse' in Manhattan's Trump Soho building, according to reports.
    Snap Shots - The original Material Girl takes Katy Perry for a ride in the V Magazine........
     The Evolution of J. Lo=velor

933 - hip-hop = Sean 'Diddy' Combs' home in Los Angeles's Toluca Lake neighborhood
Iggy Azealea - Until she moved to Los Angeles in 2010, she had no tattoos. She drove by a wall with the saying "Trust Your Struggle"

94.1 Binging - Chris Bale dropped 63 lbs.
       Celebrity School Superlatives=LOL
      Snap Shots
No surprise that Olympic gold medalist, ____Meryl Davis ____, and partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy were crowned the DWTS' Season 18 Champions, on the Season Finale!   

 Who is Celebrating a Birthday Today?  -  Ginnifer Goodwin

Blockbusters  - Judy Greer
Music Pop Quiz  - 5
Pop Clips! - Teeth
Sports Trivia: Emmitt Smith

Word Play  -  A species of wombat

The Evolution of J. Lo / dancing  -  Richard Gere
Snap Shots / Fergie  -  blond wig

Get To Know 5 seconds of Summrer / crush  -   Jade Thirwell
Pop Pics / LiLo  -   her brother
Binging For The Big Screen / Jared L  -  gout
Get to Know 5 Seconds of Summer / YouTube  -   Gotta Get Out
50 Shocking & Easy Celebrity Diet Tips  -  twerk
25 Things You Didn't Know About Iggy A  /  dating  -  Nick Young
Binging For The Big Screen / Christian B.  -  122

Snap Shots / Ryan G. -   Lost River
Binging For The Big Screen / Mila K  -  98
Celebrity School Superlatives / Sandra B.  -  brighten your day

*Weekly Surveys  up*


Hip-Hop Homes~~Jessica Alba = $50~~
Binging For The Big Screen (933) ~~ Cristian Bale = 122

933 Newsletter  =  suMMEr

Blockbusters  -  Tom Hardy
Music Pop Quiz  -  Katy Perry
Pop Clips Trivia  -: Turtle
Sports Trivia   -   Ned Flanders

Word Play Trivia   -   Bushes, Shrubs, & Small Trees

 Who is Celebrating a Birthday Today?  -   Drew Carey
Snap Shots / DrewB.  -  servicemen

Evolution of JLo  / 1st Love  -  David Cruz
Hip-Hop Homes / Tom & Giselle  Dr Dre
Snap Shots / dapper  -  navy suit

Pop Pics / Bey  -   unbeweavable
Hip-Hop Homes / lil Kim  -   Alpine
Get to Know 5 Seconds of Summer / written with -  McFly

STAR/94.1 Newsletter  =   heROEs

Blockbusters =  Joss Whedon
Music Pop Quiz =  Justin Timberlake
Sports Trivia =  Mike Trout

Word Play =  Boffin

Who is Celebrating a Birthday Today?  =  Bob Dylan

Binging For The Big Screen / Matt D.  =   army medic
Celebrity School Superlative / Paula A.s  =   spellbound
Snap Shots / Kimye wedding /.  =   piano
Binging For The Big Screen / Christian B  =   43
Celebrity School Superlatives  /  Class Clown =   music video

Hip-Hop Homes / Paul Pierce   =  $35,000
Snap Shots /  Kris J.  =   momager

Binging For The Big Screen  /  Tom Hanks  =  prominent
25 Things You Didn't Know About Iggy A  /  born   =   Mullumbimby
Hip-Hop Homes / Rick Ross   =  Evander Holyfield
Pop Pics  /  PLL  pose  =   tweeted


Blockbusters  -   Richard Griffiths
Music Pop Quiz  -   OneRepublic
Sports Trivia  -   James Harden

Word Play  -   riposte

Who is Celebrating a Birthday Today? -  Jacki Weaver 

Pop Pics, After popping = fifteen~~
Snap Shots~~Human 'Ken Doll' Justin Jedlica = LURE...   Matt = THE NORMAL HEART~~Lea Michele AT = THE GROVE~~Lea Michele BOOK = Brunette Ambition

Who is Celebrating a Birthday Today? = Scott Disick

Blockbusters = The World is Not Enough
Key West Trivia = Key Lime Festival
Music Pop Quiz = Michael Bublé
Pop Clips Trivia  =   Lions
Sports Trivia = Tommy Dreamer

Word Play = Pettifogging

Celebrity School Superlatives  / Cher L. =  U.K.'s
Binging For The Big Screen / Ryan R. = six months

Snap Shots / Lea M new book.  =  Brunette Ambition

Snap Shots  / Bookstore  =  The Grove 

25 Things You Didn't Know About Iggy Aza./ XXL Mag  =  Freshmen

Celebrity School Superlatives  / Bruce W.  =  died hard
Binging For The Big Screen  /  football movie  =  50 cent

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