Boise Radio Codes Nash and Kizn For May 25 to May 31, 2014

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End of Month Coming Don’t forget to use your “aging points” as you wouldn’t want to miss your chances on a prize

25th Answer string!!! …  Nat32TimDesLio13SilJawResTimPigBig6 y
26 th Answer string!!! …  BraJimLeaHum196SurSam2HeaMarNor
27 th Answer string!!! …  NetTayTakCarPer44HeaAgeVarInsEveCosJurPosOncGla80%
27 th Answer string!!! … 5RedGreSurLowHowPlaWhoThoWe
28 th Answer string!!! …  AusMomOklYouDebOak119Ind10NewTwiJunJelAusCor2 m$35
28 th Answer string!!! …  Blu7CocManCha86CelBilSet                                                                                                 There are Surveys to do
29 th Answer string!!! …  Got60Har15Sha3SpoArmFir40FinSanJun3.2TitRed4 w10.
29 th Answer string!!! …   ConBluOutJimSloCraCar
30 th Answer string!!! …    OraBriBryNerStuCelLefFebDogAgiGraAniGoaHel4 c$54                                                 There are Surveys to do
30 th Answer string!!! …  EyeKis
31 th Answer string!!! …   RobAbc241OfBlaDis26Ott18OneComSno5 s
End of Month Coming Don’t forget to use your “aging points” as you wouldn’t want to miss your chances on a prize

Ok, Everyone! I have sent the Triton Idiots a trouble Ticket, because for the last two months I have NOT been able to use my points. Was just thinking that some of you may be having the same problems, so I am posting the format of the letter I have sent them in case you all would like to use the same letter.


Triton, you guys no longer surprise me on what you break and on how long it takes to fix things.

But this makes it two months in a row that I have not been able to use my points before they expire. This month I have to use X,XXX,XXX points by 6/01/2014. I have tried every day for the last five days and the only message I get on the screen is “processing…” Last month I had to use XXX,XXX before 5/3/2014 and was not able to use them because the system is broken. So I want last month’s points back and I don’t to lose these months points.

Member Summary
May 25th   

​Watch: Shailene Woodley Fits Everything  --  What is Shailene known for? 

Natural Lifestyle - Nat
Entertainment Video Trivia!  --  At what age was she molested?

6 years - 6 y
Fashion Week Video Trivia  --  They visit the ____ ____ for a presentation.

Big - Big .....Wrong Video Loading
​Does This Make You Happy?  --  How many tracks does this game feature?

32 - 32
Technology Zone!  --  Which website can you use for tips and advice for toddler proofing your electronic devices? - Tim ... Not Taking Answer
Videos Gone Wild!  --  Her daughter is _______ that her mother end all the plastic surgery.

Desperate - Des
Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous!  --  What kind of animal did Luke always have?

Pig - Pig 
VIDEO: TIME's Best GoPro Videos  --  What does Kevin Richardson receive in this video?

Lion Hug - Lio
VIDEO: Otter Pup Defies Overwhelming OD. ..  --  How old was the otter who gave birth?

13 Years - 13
​VIDEO: Heidi Klum Kisses A Pig  --  What did Heidi pucker up to?

Swine's Slimy Snout - Sli
VIDEO: J.Lo Turns Up the Heat On "Idol"  --  What kind of performance did she give to the audience?

Jaw Dropping - Jaw
VIDEO: Y o u T u b e Set To Buy Gaming Site  --  What's the worry behind the more than $1 Billion dollar deal?

Restricted Gaming - Res
Blockbusters  --  In the 2011 blockbuster film Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, what actor plays the role of Blackbeard?

Ian McShane is the correct answer, but currently Richard Griffiths is giving points
Country Music Trivia  --  "Down South" is the title track off of what band's current EP? 

​Johnny Orr Band
Daily Dose of Video Trivia  --  What donut shop did the moose get to visit?

​Tim Hortons - Tim
Sports Trivia  --  Which of the following NBA players suffers from a condition known as spondylolisthesis?

James Harden
Word Play  --  Which of these words is a fencing term AND a quick, sharp reply?


May 26 th    

Watch: Late-Night Highlight Jennifer Lawrence  --  Who ditched Jennifer at a recent Hollywood party? 

Jimmy Fallon - Jim
Does This Make You Happy?:   --  What is the arm controlled by?

Brain - Bra
Videos Gone Wild!  --  What can the blood vessels do in a child who has coats disease?

Leak - Lea
​Technology Zone!  --  What does this prosthetic arm's weight resemble?

Human Arm - Hum
Entertainment Video Trivia!: ? --  What did she make an appearance as?

 - Wrong Video Loading
Fashion Week Video Trivia: ?  --  What kind of duds is she wearing in this video?

 -   Wrong Video Loading
​Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous!  --  Where has she been showing her slim down the most?

 -   Wrong Video Loading
Geico - History  --  "When did Geico pass the 1 million policy holder mark?"

1964 - 196
VIDEO: NASA Asteroid Hunters  --  What is NASA's goal to collect?

Samples & Analyze Asteroid Close-Up - Sam
​VIDEO: ET Investigates Gun Death  --  How many children were in the house when the shooting took place?

2 - 2
VIDEO: 300 Sandwiches Girl Gets Engaged  --  What was her blog titled?

Surprise - Sur
VIDEO: Hope or Hype - Self-CPR?  --  The internet has a ton of ____ ____ out there.

Health Tips - Hea
VIDEO: Heart-Healthy Barbecue Tips  --  First step is to ____ ____ ____.

Marinate Our Meat - Mar
Blockbusters: The 2012 blockbuster James Bond film Skyfall was actually the third of the series to film in Istanbul, Turkey. The first was From Russia with Love. What is the name of the second to film in Istanbul?

​The World is Not Enough
Country Livin'  --  Leah Turner is touring with the all of the following EXCEPT:

Keith Urban
Country Music Trivia  --  Who stopped a show May 1st in Ft. Wayne, Indiana to kick out a male concert goer who hit a female?

Jake Owens
​Daily Dose of Video Trivia  --  What store is the showcased "glamorous" look from?

Nordstrom - Nor
Sports Trivia  --  Which of the following pro-wrestlers is the only to have won the ECW World Championship with both the original company and also the WWE relaunch?

Tommy Dreamer 
​Word Play​  --  Which of the following words means "insignificant"?

Key West Trivia  --  We're sending one lucky winner and a guest to Key West this July during which fruity festival?

Key Lime Festival

May 27 th   

Watch: Double Dare - Clumpy Mascara  --  Where will you be able to find and purchase the Lucas Papaw Ointment?

Net-A-Porter - Net
Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous!  --  Who is the first actor who speaks from the "Normal Heart"? 

Taylor Kitsch - Tay
Does This Make You Happy?  --  What will you be able to turn your photos into with this app?

Cartoon Strips - Car
Technology Zone!  --  ​This app makes it very easy for you to ____ ____ ____.

Take A Photo  - Tak 
Videos Gone Wild!  --  What could as important as your family history?

Personally - Per
Entertainment Video Trivia! --  What is the actress known for doing?

 -  ....Wrong Video Loading
Fashion Week Video Trivia  --  How old is she now?

44 Years Old - 44 ......Wrong Video Loading
Blockbusters  --  What is the name of the French film Brick Mansions is a remake of?

 District B13
Country Livin'  --  Which country star is getting sued by Orange-county based apparel company Lucky 13?

Taylor Swift 
​Country Music Trivia  --  What is the title of the upcoming studio album for BlackHawk?

Brothers of The Southland 
Daily Dose of Video Trivia  --  According to this video what shaped face does Kim Kardashian have?

Heart - Hea
Sports Trivia  --  During which event did Maurício Rua make his UFC debut?

UFC 50 
Word Play  --  According to, "skosh" is slang for:

A Bit 
Insurance For My Toddler  --   "The American Dental Association recommends that your child's first visit to the dentist happen around ____ ____."

Age 2 - Age
Pregnant Women Need Preventive Healthcar... "Prenatal tests can determine a _____ _____ _____ about the health of you and your unborn baby."

Variety Of Things - Var
My Dental Insurance  --  "Dental insurance is a benefit negotiated by the _____ _____ and usually one's employer."

Insurance Company - Ins
Yearly Checkups  --  "Some dental insurance plans may only cover a check-up and cleaning ____ ____ ____."

Every - Eve
What Will My Insurance Cover?  --  "Dental insurance does not usually provide benefits for _____ _____."

Cosmetic Treatment - Cos
Managing My Medical Conditions  --  "How many people insured through their employer have dental benefits?"

80% are covered - 80%
VIDEO: US World Cup Team Plays  --  What is the first name of the Head Coach speaking in the beginning of this video?

Jurger Klinsmann - Jur
VIDEO: Spring Into Puppy Training  --  What kind of method builds up a language of communication?

Postive - Pos
​VIDEO: Mudfest S.U.V. of the Year  --  How many categories do they have for the best SUV of the Year?

5  - 5
VIDEO: Huge Fog Bank Rolling In  --  How do they describe the event?

Once In A Life Time Event - Onc
VIDEO: 6 Movies You Should Watch  --  Which movie was nominated for 8 Oscars?

 Platoon - Pla
Top Companies For Pay And Benefits  --  What website compiled the list reviewed in this video? - Gla
Kim Kardashian And Kanye West's First Ph...  What designer custom fit Kanye West's tuxedo for his wedding?

First Ever Baby Sloth Born at London Zoo -  It will take a couple of weeks to determine the sloth's what?

Clue Dat: How Much Do You Know About Cel...Which celebrity was the answer to the first clue dat question?

Penelope Cruz
Bright Matte Colors New Lip Trend  --  Hot pink, coral and what other color matte lip color are hot this season?

Red - Red .....Wrong Video Loading 
NASH: 12:20 Classic  --  The Band Perry makes their home in which East Tennessee town?

Greeneville - Gre
The Golden Arch Trivia  --  "What will you need to take, to qualify for the $100 Gift Card?"

Survey - Sur
Savings Trivia… "What is the first benefit of the BillCoach Program?"

Lower Monthly Payments - Low
All About You Trivia  --  "What will they need to know, should you win?"

How To Find You - How
KISSIN: 12:54 Blue Plate Special

Who I Am Wit You - Who
NASH: 1:50 Artist

Thomas Rhett - Tho
KISSIN: 5:54 Test Drive

We Are Tonight - We

May 28 th    

Watch: Best Movie Ever?  -- Where does the movie take place? 

Australia - Aus
Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous!  -- Which show does Larry appear on?

Celebrity Wife Swap  - Cel 
Entertainment Video Trivia! -- How old was Maya when she passed away?

86 - 86
​Fashion Week Video Trivia  -- What is the name of Patricia's new movie?

Mom’s Night Out - Mom
Does This Make You Happy?:  -- Which city do they start off the game with?

Oklahoma City – Okl 
Videos Gone Wild!  -- his week celebrates what matters most which is ______.

You – You 
Technology Zone!  -- Net Neutrality, its future is up for ______.

Debate - Deb 
VIDEO: Fast Food Workers Protest:  --  Which city and state did this protest take place?

Oakbrook, Illinois - Oak
VIDEO: Pfizer Says It Won't Make Offer:  --  How much was the buy out offer presented by Pfizer?

119 billion - 119
​VIDEO: LeAnn Rimes Takes a Spill:  --  Where was LeAnn making an appearance when she fell to the ground?

Indy 500 - Ind
VIDEO: Daisy Fuentes Summer Looks:  --  How many years has Daisy been working with Kohl's

10 - 10
VIDEO: Sofía Vergara All Smiles:  --  Where was Sofia having a family vacation? 

New Orleans - New
Blockbusters  --  World War Z is a 2013 apocalyptic film starring Brad Pitt based on the 2006 horror novel of the same name by Max Brooks. Brook's World War Z is a follow up to a satirical novel he wrote in 2003. What is its name?

 The Zombie Survival Guide
Country Livin'  --  Which country singer makes an appearance at the Indianapolis 500 in the following video?

Brantley Gilbert
Country Music Trivia  --  Who announced a one night only acoustic show in New Orleans after saying they were taking 2014 off from touring?

Kenny Chesney
Daily Dose of Video Trivia  --  What is the only way to find the stash of cash hidden in San Francisco?

Twitter - Twi
Sports Trivia  --  In which year did Argentina ascend to the top of the FIFA World Rankings for the first time?

Word Play​  --  According to, "terminus" is:

Either End Of A Railroad Line
Key West Trivia  --  Which famous author has a home in Key West that has been transformed into a museum?

Ernest Hemingway
Company Invents 3D Edible Fruit  --  What do they recommend garnishing the edible fruit over?

Ice Cream
Deal Of The Day Trivia  --  "When will the winner be announced?"

June - Jun
Goat Won't Eat Because He Misses His Don...  What is the name of the burro?

JellyBean - Jel
Woman Tracking Pandas' Cutest Moments fo...What name is the panda referred to online?

DoxieMom Pandamonium
Top Four Strange Yet Hilarious eBay Auction...  --  What country is the name from how takes the #1 spot for most hilarious eBay auctions?

Australia - Aus
Researchers Reveal Secret to Pouring the...  What university studied the perfect beer pour?

Cornell - Cor
Cash Crate Trivia  --  "How many people have joined already?"

2 Million - 2 m
Everyone's A Winner Trivia  --  "Under section A, how much is the grand prize value?"

$3,500 - $35
It's Time To Consolidate  --  "What color is the Check Eligibility icon after getting started?"

Blue - Blu
Daily Rewards Trivia!  --  "How many items will your kit contain?"

7 - 7
It's The Simple Giveaway  --  What kind of cream will you be able to receive today for free?"

Cantu Coconut Curling Cream - Coc
NASH:  10:45 Trivia  --  What is the title of Joe Nichols ' Grammy-nominated debut album? 

Man with a Memory - Man
KISSIN: 12:54 Blue Plate Special 

Chainsaw - Cha
NASH: 1:50 Artist

Billy Currington - Bil
KISSIN: 5:54 Test Drive

Ready Set Roll - Set

 May 29 th   

Watch: 5 New Fall Shows  --  What is the first fall series shown? 

Gotham - Got
Videos Gone Wild!  --  Which University Group did the research in this video?

Harleken - Har
Fashion Week Video Trivia  --  Which magazine is Jenny on the cover of?

Shape Magazine - Sha ....Wrong Video Loading
​Entertainment Video Trivia!  --  How many security guards were bitten?

3 - 3 ......Wrong Video Loading
Does This Make You Happy?:

Four - Fou  ....NotTaking Answer
Technology Zone!: This model has some of the best ____ ____ on the planet.

Sport Seats  - Spo
​Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous!  --  What kind of skinny jeans is she spotted wearing?

  - Wrong Video Loading
Blockbusters  --  Which character from a Martin Scorsese film did actor Bradley Cooper cite as an influence on Rocket Racoon's voice in the film Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)?

Tommy DeVito 
Country Livin'  --  The clip below discusses which classic instrument used in country music?

 Steel guitar
​Country Music Trivia  --  Kenny Chesney's one night only acoustic performance in New Orleans was part of a benefit set up by Matthew McConaughey and what NFL quarterback?

Drew Brees 
Daily Dose of Video Trivia  --  What movie is being reviewed in this movie?

Million Dollar Arm - Arm
Sports Trivia  --  Who is the only NFL headCoach to have a rule named after him?

 Bill Belichick
Word Play  --  A "Pangram" is a sentence or verse that includes how many letters of the alphabet?

VIDEO: First Dairy Queen​  --  Who will be able to get a $60 gift card?

​First 50 customers - Fir
VIDEO: Top 10 CEOs in 2013  --  What is the average CEO pay?

10.5 million - 10.
VIDEO: Sticker Shock  --  What was the first price before the deal was final?

3.2 billion - 3.2
VIDEO: Spotify's Paid Users  --  How many active users do they have at this time?

40 million - 40
VIDEO: eBay Asks Users To Change  --  What hasn't been compromised by this cyber attack?

Financial - Fin
4 Hot Summer Bag Styles For Under $75...

Also ...... The name of the store is Aldo. The Idiots at Triton did a typo.
Hidden Cash Twitter Hunt Spreading World...What city did the Hidden Cash Twitter Hunt start in?

San Francisco - San
Salmon, Almonds, Other Belly Flattening ...Just a spoonful of what oil helps burn off fat more rapidly?

Sexagintuple Frappuccino Deemed Most Exp...​  How many espresso shots were in the Starbucks drink?

60 shots - 60
Sunscreen Tips and Tricks for Summer  --  How many minutes before going in the sun is it recommended to apply sunscreen?

15 - 15
Get RIch Quick Trivia…  --  "When will the winner be announced?"

June 30th - Jun
Simply Instant Trivia…  --  "What is the first thing you will need to select?"

Title - Tit
Silver Or Gold Trivia…  --  "What color is the Submit To Qualify icon after entering your email address?"

Red - Red
Lifetime Sweepstakes… "What is the last thing you will need to do before submitting your information?"

Confirm Email - Con
Experience The Difference!… "What color is the submit icon after you enter your email address?"

Blue - Blu
Onion Blossom Trivia…  --  "Get a prepaid visa gift card to ______ ______."

Outback Steakhouse - Out
NASH:  10:45 Trivia  --  Which two members of Little Big Town are married to each other? 

Jimi Westbrook and Karen Fairchild - Jim
KISSIN: 12:54 Blue Plate Special 

Slow Me Down - Slo
NASH: 1:50 Artist

Craig Morgan - Cra
KISSIN: 5:54 Test Drive

I Got A Car - Car

May 30 th   

Watch: Your Summer Shows  --  Which show is first up on the list?

Orangs and Black - Ora
Videos Gone Wild!  --  Which park will you find these penguins?

British Wingham Wildlife Park - Bri
Does This Make You Happy?  --  Who does Carter have peanut butter and jelly time with?

Family Guy Brian  - but it only takes BRY = Bryan for credit.....tridiots - family guy's dog was brian Griffin not bryan
​Technology Zone!  --  How many cylinders does this model have?

4 Cylinder - 4 c
Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous!  --  Where do all the celebrities love to go in this video?

Nerand, Italy - Ner
Entertainment Video Trivia!  --  She is setting up the sound in her ______ right now.

Studio - Stu
​Fashion Week Video Trivia  --  Robin isn't afraid of _____.

Agitation - Agi ......Wrong Video Loding
IDEO: Maya Angelou 1928-2014  --  What is the first thing she is remembered for?

Celebrated Poet - Cel
VIDEO: 50 Cent Throws Terrible First Pi...  --  Which arm does he use to pitch?

Left - Lef
​VIDEO: Sexagintuple Frappuccino  --  What is the total price of his coffee?

$54.75 - $54
VIDEO: Mariah and Beyonce  --  Which month did Beyonce wear the similar dress?

February  - Feb
VIDEO: Madonna Gets Out Of Jury Duty  --  Who did she take a trip to the beach with?

Her Dog - Dog
Blockbusters  --  The 2013 supernatural comedy film R.I.P.D. is actor Ryan Reynolds's fourth appearance in a film adapted from a comic book. He played Deadpool in X-Men Origins: wolverine  and Hal Jordan Green Lantern. Blade: Trinity is the fourth film. What is Reynolds's character's name in it?

Hannibal King 
Country Livin'  --  According to the following video, a Georgia boat captain is suing which country music star?

Billy Currington
Country Music Trivia​  --  Who has toured schools for her anti-bullying campaign, the Nobody Has the Power to Ruin Your Day Tour?

Lizzie Sider
Daily Dose of Video Trivia​  --  What kind of hands do the women say that the man has on the show?

Grandma - Gra
Sports Trivia​  --  Which of the following NHL players grew up in such an isolated region that his father once purchased a plane to fly him to and from practice?

Carey Price
Word Play​  --  Which of the following is NOT a definition of "pullulate"?

National Zoo Animals Play Musical Instru...​  What is the name of the animal program at the Smithsonian Zoo?

Animal Enrichment Program - Ani
Abandoned Dog Loses an Eye, Gains New Li...​  What is the cute dogs name?

Three Good News Stories To Put A Smile O...  --  What GPA is he graduating with?

The Hottest Swimsuit Trends For Your Bod...  --  What store did they start at first?

Outside the Box: Blueberry Goat Cheese B...  --  What is the key ingredient to this weeks recipe on EyeOpener?

Goat Cheese - Goa
NASH:  10:45 Trivia  --  What is the title of the first Pistol Annies album?  

Hell on Heels - Hel
KISSIN: 12:54 Blue Plate Special

My Eyes - Eye
NASH: 1:50 Artist

 - I miss it
KISSIN: 5:54 Test Drive

Keep Them Kisses Comin' - Kis

May 31 th  

Watch: Adam Levine Reveals His Most Embarrassing Quality  --  Who comes in at the #3 spot? 

Robin Thicke - Rob
Videos Gone Wild!  --  Who picked up the bill in this video?

ABC - Abc
Technology Zone!  --  What is the price tag on this vehicle?

$241,000 - 241
​Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous!  --  The actress usually keeps her kids out ___ ___ ___.

Of The Spotlight - Of ....Wrong Video Loading
Entertainment Video Trivia!  --  What kind of spirit does she gain by working out together?

Competitive  - Com  ...Wrong Video Loading
Fashion Week Video Trivia  --  What is the name of the new band that performed at the Billboard Music Awards 2014?

Five Second Of Summer - 5 s
Does This Make You Happy?: 

Black Bear - Bla
VIDEO: Elle Fanning's Royal Connection  --  What did she always want to be when she grew up?

Disney Princess  - Dis
VIDEO: Swimming During Pregnancy  --  How far along is she in her pregnancy?

26 Weeks - 26
VIDEO: Best Sunscreens For Summer  --  How many blood donors did it take to save this woman's life?

18 - 18
VIDEO: Roll Over Beethoven  --  What kind of animal plays the keyboard in this video?

Otters - Ott
VIDEO: 5-Year-Old Is Stressed  --  How many does he have to give up?

One - One
Blockbusters - When 2010's   --  Robin Hood starring Crowe was released, how old was he?
45 years old
Country Music Trivia  --  What is the name of Natalie Stovall's backing band?

The Drive 
​Daily Dose of Video Trivia  --  What is the second biggest issue that couples deal with while sleeping?

Snoring - Sno
Sports Trivia​  --  In which year was Willie Mays inducted into the MLB Hall of Fame?

Word Play​  --  "Torrefy" means to subject something to:

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