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06 th Answer string!!! …  Dra114ColCalCarLibOut126Ski6CoaCou24t
07 th Answer string!!! … 26ItaDunWal30Gre200Mic1gbAmbStaHolKet20Sug6 y20%
                              There are Surveys to do
07 th Answer string!!! … BrePulAstLoo
08 th Answer string!!! … AleCom150TorTomParRumCanMrsGroChaTomFulWay
09 nd Answer string!!! …  TenBadComLunCenJulSha6ElmEliChiBigPicPg-
10 th Answer string!!! …  DocPul15HeeRocTweKanThiLifGreColMasPreRecEmaAug$10
10 th Answer string!!! …  3RegCreLov
There are Surveys to do

11 th Answer string!!! …    DenObaPicRedSomWidLacHotMinSofSonUgaBruRadFruCanPg-

Read All About It Video Trivia - Who intended on rebuilding the bowling alley with green materials, but then later cancelled?

Obama Administration - Oba 
11 th Answer string!!! …   TimFruFroGulChoTobPasLayUvaUtaOriOpr
12 th Answer string!!! …   Bla53StySupForTopFriEneAmeEatLucMinA h

Member Summary
Jul 06

Box Office Video Trivia - Which category did Matthew win for Best Actor?

Drama - Dra
Does This Make You Happy? - How fast was his shot, that tied the world record?

114 mph - 114
Ultimate Global Video Trivia - Where was he when he experienced almost every type of situation?

College - Col
Read All About It Video Trivia - Where was the ugliest dog contest held?

Petaluma, Calif - Cal
Auto Review Zone! - What is the trailer mainly made of?

Carbon Fiber - Car .....Video Not Loading
Watch: Best Free and Cheap Ebooks - Where is the first place you could start finding ebooks?  - 

Local Library - Lib
Secrets Of Hollywood - He's not on set, but Harrison is _____ ______ _____ ______.

Out On The Town - Out
VIDEO: Hard Rock Cafe - Where is the new location of the restaurant?

126 Beale Street - 126
VIDEO: Heat Risks For Kids - Heat strokes make your _____ _____ ____.

Skin Feel Dry - Ski
VIDEO: Is It A Grocery Store? - How many restaurants will be in one space?

6 - 6
VIDEO: 2014 Shore Food Guide - What kind of food do they focus the most on?

Coastal Cuisine - Coa
VIDEO: Saving At The Grocery Store - What is the first money saving tip you should pick up a second or third one or double up on?

Coupons - Cou
Blockbusters - Who stars alongside Emily Blunt in The Five-Year Engagement?

Jason Segel 
Country Music Trivia - Who took a tour from his True Believers Tour to host a benefit concert and celebrity golf tournament in Nashville?

Darius Rucker
Sports Trivia - Sammy Baugh and what other NFL player lead the league in passing for six seasons each?

Steve Young
VIDEO: Starbucks Raises Prices - When did these prices go into affect?

June 24th  - 24t


Jul 07

Box Office Video Trivia - Caleb lost his life at the young age of _____.

26 - 26
Ultimate Global Video Trivia - It all went down in ______.

Italy - Ita
Does This Make You Happy? - What is considered to be a summer carnival tradition?

Dunk Tanks - Dun
Read All About It Video Trivia - What was Justin doing when he spotted the alligator?

Walking His Dog - Wal
Auto Review Zone! - This vehicle gets an impressive _____mpg?

30 - 30
Watch: Remembering Michael Jackson - At what age did Michael start on his path to fame?

6 Years - 6 y
Secrets Of Hollywood - When was the couple married?

2008 - 200
Geico - Word From Our Sponsor - "The Geico Gecko is ambassador of what two things?"

Great Customer Service And Quick Rate Quotes - Gre
 Inn & Suites - Making Reservati..."Which website should you visit to receive a Microcation rate for a 3-night stay?"

Microtelinn.com - Mic
 Inn & Suites - Big Savings - "How much will you save by using the Microcation rate?"

20% - 20%
Simple Mobile - Unlimited Plans - How many GB's will you receive with the $40 special offer?"

1GB - 1gb 
VIDEO: Internet In 5 Years - There was no limit to anyone who had _____.

Ambition - Amb
VIDEO: App Smart Road Trips - You use the first app by entering your ____ ____ ____ ____.

Start And End Destinations  - Sta
VIDEO: Myrtle Beach Prepares - The city is already adjusting its _____ _____.

Holiday Plans - Hol
VIDEO: Learn How To Make Beer - What the first thing you start off with?

Kettle of Water - Ket
VIDEO: Robin Thicke Tells All - How long were they together before the break up?

20 Years - 20
Blockbusters - Which of the following is not an acting Hemsworth brother?

Country Livin' - In the following clip, The Wind The Wave perform a song called "My Mama Said Be Careful ________."

Where You Lay Your Head
Country Music Trivia - Who recently got turned away from their own after party in Nashville after a benefit concert for forgetting their identification on the tour bus?

Darius Rucker
Daily Dose of Video Trivia - What kinds of ice cream cones is Martha using for this recipe?

Sugar Cones - Sug
Recipe Trivia - The video below features ice pops made of limes and which of these other ingredients?

Sports Trivia - Which quarterback holds the record for most career attempted passes?

Brett Favre
Word Play - A "cruciverbalist" designs:

Crossword Puzzles
World Cup Trivia - The 2014 FIFA World Cup final will be held on:

July 13


Jul 08

Box Office Video Trivia - I think we should have have someone with _____ _____ _____ _____.

Alex At All Times - Ale
Does This Make You Happy? - This hot dog event is also known to be called the superbowl of what?

Competitive Eating - Com
Ultimate Global Video Trivia - About how many people were in the crowd honoring the officer?

150 - 150
Read All About It Video Trivia - Where did the white shark bite his victim?

Torso - Tor
Auto Review Zone! - They are trying to make floor mats out of what?

Tomato Skins - Tom
Watch: Best Breakup Songs - Which song comes in at #4? 

Part Of Me - Par
Secrets Of Hollywood - J Lo stepped out in _____ at a Versace Fashion Show.

Paris - Par
Blockbusters - Which star of Bridesmaids also has writing credits for the film?

Kristen Wiig  
Country Livin' - According to the following clip, Kimberly Perry of The Band Perry recently married a catcher from which MLB baseball team?

Texas Rangers 
Country Music Trivia - Whose album The Healing documents the journey through drug and alcohol addiction?

Joshua Scott Jones 
Daily Dose of Video Trivia - What kind of glaze does Emeril put on the pineapple?

Rum - Rum
Recipe Trivia - What fruit is featured as a pizza topping in this clip?

Sports Trivia - Which quarterback holds the record for the most touchdown passes thrown in a single season?

Tom Brady - changed to Peyton Manning
Want a Job Binge Watching Netflix? - Where is Netflix looking to hire someone?

United Kingdom
ir New Zealand Yanks Bikini-Clad Swimsuit.. - What island group was the safety video shot?

Doritos Adds Random Fiery Hot Chips to B... - What country are the chips available?

Canada - Can
Guide to Making Big Batch Cocktails for ... - What percentage of water is a summer cocktail usually made up from ice?

4 Simple Tips to Detox Your Home - Where does the video recommend to leave your shoes to help prevent germs in your house?

The Front Door
Word Play - Which of the following words refers to "a sliding or gliding step"?

World Cup Trivia - Argentina beat Belgium on their July 5th Quarter-finals match with a score of 5 to 0.

Deal Of The Day Trivia - "What is the fourth or last item you could possibly win?

Mrs. Fields - Mrs
Time To Play Match Up - "If you buy TCBY, what will you receive for free?"

Groceries For Life - Gro


Jul 09

Box Office Video Trivia - What is the rating of this movie?

PG-13 - Pg-
Country Music Trivia - Joshua Scott Jones and Meghan Linsey of what group recently ended their engagement?

Steel Magnolia  
Country Livin' - In the video below, Miranda Lambert is quoted saying that she will never confirm or deny what event because of rumors?

If She Is Pregnant
Daily Dose of Video Trivia - How many city transit systems is the Embark app good for?

Ten - Ten
Does This Make You Happy? - What does a dirty grill equal to?

Bad Food - Bad
Ultimate Global Video Trivia - Where was the dog living for a year?

Compton, CA - Com
Read All About It Video Trivia - A battle is brewing at the _____ _____.

Lunch Counter - Lun
Auto Review Zone! - Which part of the car is described as clever?

Center console - Cen
Secrets Of Hollywood - When will the magazine be on stands for you to purchase?

July 15 - Jul
Watch: Beauty Prep School - What should you always do first to prevent smudging?

Sharpen Your Pencil - Sha
Blockbusters - The 2014 Christopher Nolan film Interstellar about a group of explorers who make use of a wormhole to surpass the limitations on human space travel was filmed under a fake name.  What was the fake name?

Flora's Letter - ......IT WORKING NOW

 Blockbusters: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0816692/ ​   .... the answer shows up under the heading title of Details and also in the Did you Know? heading of See More>> 9 paragraph down 
Sports Trivia - Which quarterback has the most career sacks?

John Elway - (Note: I google it and they may end up changing the answer: Brett Favre was sacked 525 times in his career (1991-2010). John Elway was sacked a NFL record 516 Times - http://sportslistoftheday.com/2011/11/29/nfl-quartebacks-that-have-been-sacked-the-most/
Word Play - "Plication" is the act or procedure of doing what?

World Cup Trivia - Which of these players suffered a broken vertebra on Friday, taking him out of the remainder of the World Cup?

Neymar da Silva 
Recipe Trivia - What type of jam is featured in this cookie recipe?

 Sour Cherry Jam
Hot Fudge Sundae Trifle with Whipped Cream -  Over how many feet high was the last cake that Martha made?

6ft - 6
Special School Lunch Bags - Which Sesame Street character is on the Martha Stewart video clip?

Elmo - Elm
How to Make Creative Homemade Birthday Cards - What kind of glue does the hostess use for this card project?

Glue Stick
Martha Stewart's Lobster Roll Recipe - When do you know the lobster is done being poached?

It Floats
Ranked: Best and Worst Fast Food Chains ... Which website performed the fast food survey?

Consumer Reports

Jul 10

Box Office Video Trivia - Where was he running from , with the same clip?

Docks - Doc
Ultimate Global Video Trivia - Former Mayor Bloomberg is ____ ____ ____ on an effort to combat the NRA.

Pulling The Trigger - Pul
Secrets Of Hollywood - How long was Kanye's speach?

15 mins. - 15
Watch: Beauty Test Lab - What type of shoes will she be wearing after spraying her feet?

Heels - Hee
Read All About It Video Trivia - Who offered a max contract to Bosh?

Rockets - Roc
Does This Make You Happy? - What is the title of the first website given?

Tweet Delete - Twe
Daily Dose of Video Trivia - What animal has the only five-legged walk in the animal kingdom?

Kangaroo - Kan
Auto Review Zone! - Which part of the vehicle do they focus on first?

Third Row - Thi
Blockbusters - For the party scene, Effron is dressed as which DeNiro character?

Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver (1976) 
Country Livin' - In the video below, Little Big Town talk about performing at CMA Fest back in what year?

Country Music Trivia - Jon Stone and Kristy Osmunson are members of what band with the debut single "Love is War"?

American Young  
Recipe Trivia - What type of "lollipop" is featured in this recipe?

Chicken wing lollipops
Sports Trivia - Which NFL team has the most seasons league champion at a total of 12 times?

Green Bay Packers 
Word Play - A "panegyric" is also known as a(n):

World Cup Trivia - How many goals did Germany score against Brazil?

It's Time To Wrap It Up! - "What will you receive after simply submitting your email address?"

Prepaid Visa - Pre
Qualifying Round - "What will you be able to receive if you qualify?"

$100 McDonalds Gift Card - $10
My Daily Moments GiveAway - "Signing up for thousands of ______ could actually win you thousands of dollars."

Recipes - Rec
Mommy & Me - Sweet Deals - What is the last thing you will need to enter before clicking the Save Now icon to start receiving exclusive offers and savings today?"

Email Address - Ema
Scavenger Hunt - How Many Lamps? - "After entering your email address, how many lamps will you find in the room?"

3 - 3
What's In Your Wallet? - "When will the prize event winner be announced?"

August 28th - Aug
Take A Chance Trivia Challenge​ - "What will you need to simply submit in order to receive your Instant Win Scratch Card?"

Registration Form - Reg

Jul 11

Ultimate Global Video Trivia - Which city was the President visiting and playing a game of pool?

Denver - Den
Does This Make You Happy? - What is the first thing that goes on the grill?

Pickles - Pic
Auto Review Zone! - What color is the Dodge Hellcat in this video?

Red - Red
Secrets Of Hollywood - What does Joe look for in a woman?

Someone I Am Attracted to - Som
Watch: Trend Takeout - Pleats: What kind of pleats will you find on the second skirt shown? 

Wider - Wid
Box Office Video Trivia - What is the rating of this movie?

PG-13 - Pg-
Does This Make You Happy? - What is the first thing that goes on the grill?

Pickles - Pic
Blockbusters - Dwayne Johnson was offered the role of Cade Yeager in the 2014 film Transformers: Age of Extinction, but he declined due to scheduling conflicts with which of the following films?

Country Livin' - The video below features which classic country artist?

Travis Tritt 
Country Music Trivia - What band had hits with "Photograph" and "Let's Get Rocked"?

Def Leppard
Daily Dose of Video Trivia - What material is the first featured shirt made from?

Lace - Lac
Recipe Trivia - Sunny Anderson grills what fruit to make this delicious drink?

Sports Trivia - What 1970's era NFL team leads with the most consecutive games lost at a whopping 26?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 
Word Play - A bridle is:

Part of the tack or harness of a horse
World Cup Trivia - Germany's defeat of Brazil marks the first time that Brazil has lost a competitive match on home soil since what year?

3 Fun Fitness Apps to Kickstart Your Summer - What is the first fitness ap called that is all about 5 minute fitness routines?

Hot Five - Hot
Drink Of The Week! - What is the second ingredient used to make this delicious mojito?

Fresh Mint Leaf - Min
Science & Technology Zone! - MIT researchers say they have created the first self contained ______ ______.

Soft Robot - Sof
Classic Music Trivia! - Garth Brooks is the newest member to which family? 

 Sony Music - Son
Tortoise Attacks Police Officer - What country did this tortoise attack happen?

Ugandan - Uga
VIDEO: Center Of The Soccer Universe - How is the traffic described in such a beautiful place? 

Brutal - Bru
Facts and Myths About Cellulite - What other vegetable besides cucumbers and bell peppers was mentioned as having over 90% water content?

Radishes - Rad
Hit The Park In Style This Summer With A - What kind of roof top can you get for your wagon?

Canvas - Can
VIDEO: Decisions For LeBron - Lebron is acting on his own _____ _____.

Time Table - Tim
Stoners Break Into School to Steal Cereal - What kind of cereal was stolen?

Kellogg's Fruit Loops - Fru ...... Its Taking Fro
Fun, Food, & Entertainment! - What type of shrimp does Chef Chris like to use in this dish?

GGulf Shrimp - Gul
Great Eats & More! - What is the third ingredient Josh uses for this smoked salmon dip?

Fresh Chopped Chives - Cho
Video: Make-Ahead Desserts - What is the first thing your going to do?

Layer - Lay
Video: Tips For Wearing Sunscreen - Which light are you unable to see?

UVA - Uva
7 Infamous Sports Blowouts - In the 1998 NBA Finals, which team was humilated?

Utah - Uta

Jul 12

Blockbusters -  In the 2005 film Sin City, actor Clive Owen plays Dwight McCarthy. In the 2014 sequel, Sin City: A Dame to Die For, what is the name of the actor who is playing the role of Dwight McCarthy?

Josh Brolin 
Box Office Video Trivia - What kind of bird does the young actress sing about in the beginning of this video?

Blackbird - Bla
Daily Dose of Video Trivia - How old is George?

53 - 53
Does This Make You Happy? - Which website do they use to track all the shows weekly?

Style.com - Sty
Read All About It Video Trivia - Some say that now is the time for the oldest ____ ____ ____ to step down.

Supreme Court Justice - Sup
Auto Review Zone! - Who is well known for making car parts out of sustainable products?

Ford - For
Secrets Of Hollywood - Earlier this year, what did Pam flash on the red carpet?

A Huge Ring - A h
Ultimate Global Video Trivia - Newly revealed testimony was found from who?

Top Military Commanders - Top
VIDEO: 2014 Emmy Nominees - Which show was first on the list of snub shockers?

Mindy - Min
VIDEO: Tiny Hamsters Eating Burritos - They are back to celebrate a _______ _______.

Friends birthday - Fri
VIDEO: Oxxxa Responds - They don't have enough ______ or organization to vote no on the bill.

Energy - Ene
VIDEO: FCC Approves Billions - Who is set to receive billions of federal dollars?

American Schools - Ame
VIDEO: Healthy Tips To Beat A Hangover - What is the first natural remedy you should try before you start drinking?

Eat a nutritious dinner before going out - Eat
Watch: Double Dare - What is the first product shown, available for only $12? 

Lucas Pawpaw Ointment - Luc
Sports Trivia - What 1990's era team lead the league with most penalties in a season with a total of 158?

Kansas City Chiefs

Staff Summary
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July 07, 2014

Artist of the Day -
Brett Eldridge - Bre

Lunch Time Code Word - 
Pulled Pork Sandwich - Pul

Traffic Jam Rewards Code - 
Astronaut - Ast

Taylor Swift Rewards -
The Loop - Loo

July 08, 2014

Artist of the Day -
Chase Rice - Cha

Lunch Time Code Word - 
Tomato Soup - Tom

Traffic Jam Rewards Code - 
Full Moon - Ful

Taylor Swift Rewards - 
The Way I Loved You - Way

July 09, 2014

Artist of the Day -
Eli Young Band - Eli

Lunch Time Code Word -

Chicken Salad - Chi

Taylor Swift Rewards - 
Big Bang Theory - Big

Taylor Swift Rewards - 
Picture To Burn - Pic

What time do you normally update this? & ty for posting this it's awesome!

Your welcome! We post whenever new questions come up.

July 10, 2014

Artist of the Day -
Colt Ford - Col

Lunch Time Code Word -
Mashed potatoes - Mas

Traffic Jam Rewards Code - 
Crescent Moon - Cre

Taylor Swift Rewards - 
Love Story - Lov


July 11, 2014

Artist of the Day -
Toby Keith - Tob

Lunch Time Code Word -
Pasta Salad - Pas

Traffic Jam Rewards Code
Orion - Ori

Taylor Swift Rewards Code
Oprah Winfrey - Opr


When I enter kelloggs fruit loops it says wrong answer? Any help would be awesome thanx so much

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