Boise Weekly Radio Codes Nash and Kizn For Jul 13 to Jul 19, 2014

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13 th Answer string!!! Cou120Wal50ExtThe7 m
There are Surveys to do

​14 th Answer string!!! PgCheHipBil270WazFusAliAmbGov200PinEyeKin8004 pFt.
14 th Answer string!!! 300SeaScaBadTayFreOn
15 th Answer string!!! 201Ove11WomFouWinBulCemInsLemLioSmaKid$504 T1.4
15 th Answer string!!! EmaAug$10
16 nd Answer string!!! TruTouBer1stLegFatTheRudBeaCanMilGreHei120GalWalWe
16 nd Answer string!!! Bil2.2Own
17 th Answer string!!! Ind43FalCybJenCarFacWalOakBisConEggBarNacLad18,5'0
17 th Answer string!!! 10ShoTeeRol
There are Surveys to do

18 th Answer string!!! DadHimDenWeaSwe160BooStaJunSavSugShrPaiGar200Ble1 y
18 th Answer string!!! JapTvJoyConOneBacLitCar
19 th Answer string!!! 3Str8TheTea47Cha16Chr300RifRas

Member Summary
Jul 13

Does This Make You Happy?: - What will you find left alone with so much charm?

Courtyards - Cou 
Box Office Video Trivia:- People walk passed us with their nose _____ _____ in the air.

50 miles - 50 
Ultimate Global Video Trivia: - How long was the game?

120 mins. - 120 
Read All About It Video Trivia: - Where will you find his opinion article?

Wall Street Journal - Wal 
Auto Review Zone!: - The NX has basically the same _____ dimensions as it's competition.

Exterior - Ext 
Secrets Of Hollywood:- How far along is Eva in her pregnancy?

7 Months - 7 M 
Watch: Remembering JFK, Jr.: - Who followed JFK's every move? 

The press - The 
Blockbusters - Christian Bale is playing the role of Moses in the upcoming 2014 film Exodus. Bale was sought after to play the title role in 2014's Noah, but had to decline due to scheduling conflicts. Who got the role of Noah?

Russel Crowe 
Sports Trivia - How many goals against Brazil did the German soccer team score to secure their position in the final match of the World Cup?

Country Music Trivia - What singer played Pontius Pilate in The Last Temptation of Christ?

David Bowie

Jul 14

Tim Burton sought after Barbara Windsor for the role of "The Dormouse" in his 2010 fantasy-film Alice In Wonderland, because he is a fan of which of her TV shows?

East Enders 
Box Office Video Trivia - What is the rating of this movie?

PG - Pg 
Country Livin' - In the video below, Travis Tritt mentions that he hasn't performed at CMA Fest in how many years?

Country Music Trivia - In what Commodores song is a woman described as 36-24-36?

Brick House 
Daily Dose of Video Trivia - What kind of fruit is being used in this ice cream?

Cherry - Che 
Does This Make You Happy? - The style on southern boulevard is definitely ________.

Hip-Hop - Hip
Recipe Trivia - What type of cheese is grilled in the following video?

Sports Trivia - When Germany scored 7 goals to knock out Brazil from the world cup, what was the last year that many goals had been scored against them?

Today In History For July 14th - In 1881, the outlaw known as _____ _____ _____ is shot and killed by the sheriff.

Billy The Kid  - Bil
Ultimate Global Video Trivia - How much money did they lose in the last 3 fiscal years?

270 million - 270
Read All About It Video Trivia - What is the first affordable app on the list?

Waze - Waz
Auto Review Zone! - The Chrysler 200 look is similar to what other vehicle?

Fusion - Fus
Secrets Of Hollywood - Which song made it on to the internet?

Alien - Ali
Watch: How To Keep A Straight Face - Who is playing Maya, in the movie 22 Jump Street?

Amber Stevens - Amb
Geico First Customers - Who were Geico 's first customers in 1936?

Government Employees - Gov
 Inn & Suites Wine & Dine - About how many restaurant dinners would you be able to enjoy with your 2 million Wyndam Rewards Points?

200 - 200
 Inn & Suites Picture Perfect - Where will you need to share your ideas for your chance to enter to win?

Pintrest - Pin
VIDEO: WOW! Unbelievable Photos - VIDEO: WOW! Unbelievable Photos

Eye Candy - Eye
VIDEO: Mom's Mind Boggling Yoga Poses - What is her daughter's favorite yoga pose?

King cobra - Kin
VIDEO: The Giant Stairway - How many steps does will you find on this stairway?

800 - 800
VIDEO: Spring Break Photos 80's Style - What is the #1 party spot in the Spring?

Ft. Lauderdale - Ft.
Word Play - Which of the following is NOT a definition of "sockdolager"?

Something this is befuddling or confusing
Beets, Quinoa and Other Foods to Stay Fo - What herb is said to help your memory stay strong?

Healthy Tips to Beat a Hangover - What other type of oil besides olive is recommended to take a teaspoon of to protect your stomach from drinking too much?

Heidi Klum UNDRESSED to Kill in New 'Pro - What # season is Project Runway entering?

Worst Valet Ever Wrecks $500K Lamborghini - How much damage was done to the car (in thousands of dollars)?

$300,000 - 300
Grilling Basics: Steak - What kind of salt does he put on the steaks?

Sea Salt - Sea
Simple Mobile Choose Your Plan - "How many unlimited plans are available for you to choose from?"

4 Plans - 4 p 
VIDEO: An Excuse To Skip The Exercise - For Spring I love everything to be ______.

Fresh - Fre  .... Loading Wrong Video
NASH:  10:45 Trivia  --  What is the title of Garth Brooks ' last proper studio album from 2001? 

Scarecrow - Sca
KISSIN: 12:54 Blue Plate Special  

Somethin' Bad - Bad
NASH: 1:50 Artist

Taylor Swift - Tay
KISSIN: 5:54 Test Drive

Later On - On

Jul 15

Ultimate Global Video Trivia - Britain's Church of England put an end to one of it's longest disputes with an _______ ______in favor of allowing female bishops.

Overwhelming Vote - Ove
Read All About It Video Trivia - Who makes up for more than half of the casualties?

Women & Children  - Wom
Auto Review Zone! - This vehicle has the ability to tow how many tons?

4 Tons - 4 T
Secrets Of Hollywood - How much did Jessica's wedding cost from start to finish?

1.4 Million - 1.4
Watch: Royal Report - Pippa Middleton - When did Pippa Lift the lid on royal life?

2011 - 201
Box Office Video Trivia - How many strangers does this movie start off with?

Four - Fou
VIDEO: A Dog & His Chicks - How old is the golden retriever in this video?

11 Years - 11
VIDEO: A Dangerous Procedure - The red and itchy eyes in this video are caused by excessive exposure to _____ and ______.

Wind and Sunlight - Win
VIDEO: NYC Artist Creations - What are Linda's sculptures all about?

Bullying Women - Bul
VIDEO: Worst Valet Ever - What was the last thing he hit before stopping?

 Cement Barrier - Cem
Does This Make You Happy? - What is the cost of the first item on the list of waterproof gadgets?

$500 - $50
VIDEO: This Is A Vacation Home? - his vacation spot comes with an ocean view and is built ____ ____ ____.

Inside A Rock - Ins
Blockbusters - What is this actor's name?

Luke Evans 
Country Livin' - Which country singer is NOT featured in this interview?

Tyler Farr
Country Music Trivia - Marvin Gaye was tragically killed on what holiday in 1984?

April Fool's Day
Daily Dose of Video Trivia - What kind of fresh juice do you add to the sorbet recipe?

Lemons  - Lem
Recipe Trivia - The following video features instructions for making what type of kabobs?

Fish Kabobs
Sports Trivia - The grandson of what automobile company's founder bought the Detroit Lions in 1963?

Word Play - Which of these is NOT a definition of "catawampus"?

Yowling Cat
Derek Jeter Respect Ad Delivers - The video mentions that the San Diego Padres mascot has no what to tip in the ad?

The Last Crumbs Cupcakes are Selling on - How much did the birthday cake cupcake sell for on eBay

It is taking $255....Getting the answer is incorrect...But the Video Said $250 Is the correct Answer
Daily Break - Sign Up To Play & Win - "After clicking on the sign up icon, what information will you need to enter in the third section?"

Email Address - Ema
How To Make Someone Smile! - "When will the winner be announced?"

August 28th - Aug
Taking A Stand In History - "How much could you win just by speaking your opinion?"

$10,000 - $10
NASH:  10:45 Trivia  --   What is Keith Urban 's middle name? 

Lionel - Lio
KISSIN: 12:54 Blue Plate Special  

Small Town Throwdown - Sma
NASH: 1:50 Artist

KISSIN: 5:54 Test Drive

American Kids - Kid

Jul 16

Blockbusters - The 2013 science fiction film Elysium, starring Matt Damon, takes place in the year 2154 AD. Which of the following popular science fiction films takes place in that exact same year?

Box Office Video Trivia - Freshman series ____ ____ earned it's first nominee.

True Detective - Tru
Country Livin' - This clip features Charlie Daniels speaking about paying tribute to which of his musical heroes?

Bob Dylan 
Country Music Trivia - Which Beatle dueled with Stevie Wonder on the hit "Ebony and Ivory"?

Paul McCartney  
Daily Dose of Video Trivia - What bike race is referenced in this video?

Tour De France - Tou
Does This Make You Happy? - Where will you find this jewish museum with a robot inside?

Berlin - Ber 
Recipe Trivia - What tasty dessert does Martha Stewart make in this clip?

Fruit Sorbet 
Sports Trivia - What team made Michael Samm the first openly gay drafted football player?

St. Louis Rams 
Ultimate Global Video Trivia - When did they buy their son a set of golf clubs?

1st birthday - 1st
Word Play - "Hornswoggle" means to:

Swindle, Cheat, Hoodwink, or Hoax
Auto Review Zone! - What does the back seat offer more of?

Leg Room - Leg
Secrets Of Hollywood - She was fired from a job for being too _____.

Fat - Fat
Watch: 5 Rom-Coms This Summer - What is the first romantic comedy on the list that's in theaters now? 

They Came Together - The
Man Gets Cows To Come To Him - What is the comedian's first name?

Rudi Rok - Rud
WOW! Seaplane Nearly Lands On Whale - What got drechned by the whales blow hole?

San Francisco Street Turns Into Giant Slide - What brand of granola is responsible for creating the video?

Bear Naked - Bea
Computers & Tips! - What country is the company based?

Canada - Can
VIDEO: Got Two Minutes? - Market size will double due to increased demand from ________ and _______ _______.

Military And Civilian Market - Mil
VIDEO: The Silent Summer Killer - What kind of effect is happening in the car?

Greenhouse Effect - Gre
VIDEO: Thai Tomato Salad - Which ingredient do we need first?

Heirloom Tomato - Hei ... Video Will not Load
VIDEO: Sturgeon Tagging - How many sturgeons do they tag in this video?

120 - 120 - they only tag one but the accepted answer was the total they planned to tag
VIDEO: The Shadow Universe Revealed - "Every spot you see is a _______.

Galaxy - Gal
Read All About It Video Trivia - How much revenue will be lost?

 - Loading Wrong Video
NASH:  10:45 Trivia  - What was Billy Currington 's first top ten hit? 

Walk A Little Straighter - Wal
KISSIN: 12:54 Blue Plate Special  

We Are Tonight - We
NASH: 1:50 Artist

Billy Currington - Bil
KISSIN: 5:54 Test Drive

What I Can't Put Down - Own

Jul 17

Ultimate Global Video Trivia - In which state was the couple married?

Indiana - Ind
Read All About It Video Trivia - How old is the reality start in this video?

43 - 43
Box Office Video Trivia - "We started this whole expendable thing together, but we had a ______ ______."

Falling Out - Fal
Secrets Of Hollywood - Who looks real and definitely knows what their talking about in this video?

Cyber Scammer  - Cyb
Watch: 7 Truly Bizarre Facts - Which 90's sitcom did Melissa have her very first role in? 

Jenny's - Jen
Auto Review Zone! - What are the leading causes of death for teenagers?

Car Accident - Car
Does This Make You Happy? - You will need to reset information on your phone before selling it, what is reset actually called?

Factory Reset - Fac
Country Livin' - Which country group takes you behind the scenes for their latest video in the clip below?

Georgia Florida Line   (Should Be Florida Georgia Line) 
Country Music Trivia - What Bananarama song is featured in The Karate Kid?

Cruel Summer 
Daily Dose of Video Trivia - What company is Tracy Morgan suing?

Wal-Mart  - Wal
Recipe Trivia - Which of the following is NOT part of this no-bake dessert recipe?

Cream Cheese 
Sports Trivia - What 1990s defensive specialist and rebounder was nicknamed "The Worm"?

Dennis Rodman  
Word Play - "A great fuss or disturbance about something very insignificant" is the definition for which of these words?

Blockbusters - "You had me at hello" is a phrase from what 90's drama?

Jerry Maguire
Quick Pitch Zone - Which team is highlighted in this video?

Oaklands A's - Oak
Sweets, Treats, & More - What does the vending machine need from you before it dispenses free chocolate?

Facebook Information - Fac
High Tech Animals - What is the water and food dispenser called in this video?

Bistro Smart Feeder - Bis
Battle Of The Bands - What style will they be using for this competition?

NCAA Style Bracket Competition - Nca ..........Loading Wrong Video
Food Facts - Italian Flavor - What's on the menu for today?

Eggplant Piero - Egg
VIDEO: Flooding In The States - The town of Denton got up to _____ inches of rain.

10 inches - 10
VIDEO: Crossfit Hazards - Injuries commonly occur in the _______ and ______ ______.

Shoulders & Lower Back - Sho
VIDEO: Hookah On The Rise - A shocking number of _____ are getting their hands on it.

Teenagers - Tee
VIDEO: Microsoft Announcements - How many job cuts does Microsoft announce in this video?

18,000 - 18,
VIDEO: The American Ninja - How tall was the first woman to ever complete this course?

5'0" - 5'0
NASH:  10:45 Trivia  -  Which 1997 movie featured Trisha Yearwood 's version of "How Do I Live?" 

Con Air - Con
KISSIN: 12:54 Blue Plate Special  

Bartender - Bar
NASH: 1:50 Artist

Lady Antebellum - Lad
KISSIN: 5:54 Test Drive

Ready Set Roll - Rol

Jul 18

Box Office Video Trivia - Who's car are they driving off with in the beginning of this movie?

Daddys - Dad
Ultimate Global Video Trivia - Who did the veteran call the police on?

Himself - Him
Choosing The Best Watermelon - The first thing you need to do is feel the _______ of it when holding it in your hands.

Density - Den
Does This Make You Happy?  - Which app will Kit Eaton be taking to the beach?

Weatherpro HD  - Wea
Dogs, Adoptions, & More  - What is the name of the black lab that is ready to be adopted?

Sweetness - Swe
Science Revealing Secrets - Which topic are they discussing this video?

Boosting Metabolism - Boo
Test Your Bentley Skills - How many workers does it take to build this vehicle?

1600 - 160
The Hollywood Scoop! - The 28 yr old model will be celebrating how many years of marriage in September?

1 Year - 1 y     ***Wrong Video Loading***  
Secrets Of Hollywood - What is the title of Katherine's new show?

State of Affairs - Sta    ***Video Not Loading***
Watch: Anna Chlumsky's Onscreen Kiss - When will you be able to stream this movie through Nextflix? 

June 30th - Jun
Auto Review Zone! - Fill In The Blank "The company is looking to ______ _____ _______. 

Save - Sav   ***Loading Wrong Video***
Country Music Trivia - Which of the following is not a Styx album from the 80's?

Daily Dose of Video Trivia - What kind of drinks should you not drink while in the sun?

Sugary Alcohols - Sug
Read All About It Video Trivia - "The cooler integrates a full size _______."

Tablet -  ble  ***Loading Wrong Video***  
Country Livin' - Which country singer is featured in the following video?   

Justin Moore 
Recipe Trivia - What cheesy, beef dish do Rachel and Richard whip up in the clip below?

Blue Cheese Aged Flat Iron Steak 
Sports Trivia - Which MLB team features an Uncle Sam hat in its primary logo?

New York Yankees 
Word Play - A "grimoire" is a manual for:

VIDEO: Zucchini Lasagna Roll Up - What should you do if you have left over zucchini?

Shred It - Shr 
VIDEO: At The Box Office - These rescue planes feel ______, and risk their lives to save others.

Pain - Pai
VIDEO: Braised Pork Sliders - Which ingredient is added after the onions?

Garlic - Gar
VIDEO: Art Of The Brazilian Bikini - Eliane has been making brazilian bikinis since _____.

2009 - 200
VIDEO: Famous Volcano - This famous mountain in ______, could be on the verge of exploding again.

Japan - Jap 
Blockbusters - What branch of the military did Goose and Maverick of Top Gun fly for?

Bobblehead of Walter White from 'Breaking - What is the name of the app that created the Walter White bobble head?

TV Tag - Tv
Shopping Apps to Save Big - What is one of the aps called that was reviewed in this video?

Amazing Pop-Up Book Tells Stories With S - How much is the book?

Vending Machine Dispenses Chocolate Base - What is the machine called?

Joy Generator - Joy
The Coffee Shop! - "What is the last thing you will need to do before clicking the Next Step icon to receive your free bag of Amora Coffee?"

Confrim Email - Con
How to Make Marshmallow Cupcakes! - What part of the cupcake is the marshmallow used for?

NASH:  10:45 Trivia  -  What was LeAnn Rimes ' first number one hit? 

One Way Ticket (Because I Can) - One
KISSIN: 12:54 Blue Plate Special  

Meanwhile Back At Mamas - Bac
NASH: 1:50 Artist

 Little Big Town - Lit 
KISSIN: 5:54 Test Drive

I Got A Car - Car

Jul 19

Does This Make You Happy? - How long did researchers spend on the design of the FingerReader?

3 Years - 3
Read All About It Video Trivia - What is the toddler's favorite food to eat?

String Cheese - Str
Auto Review Zone! - How many people are available in the Sienna?

8 -  8
Secrets Of Hollywood - Who did Rihanna party with after the game?

Team Germany - Tea
Watch: Cast of "Something Borrowed" - What is the name of Emily's new book?

The One & Only - The
Ultimate Global Video Trivia - What is the Lieutenants first name who is speaking for the Marine Corps?

Charles Berry -  Cha
VIDEO: Understanding Mars - How many years has it taken for new information to be released?

16 - 16
VIDEO: Updating For Chrome - What is the title of the new release by Chrome?

Chrome 36 - Chr
VIDEO: 200 Snakes Found - What was the total number of snakes found in the home?

300 - 300
VIDEO: Spend Smart - We are up by how many points?

47 - 47
VIDEO: Gray Wolf Pups - What is the meaning of the brown female's name?

Chases Butterflies - Cha
Box Office Video Trivia - What did he have ever since he was a boy?

Rifts - Rif .....Loading Wrong Video
Country Music - Garth Brooks recently had to cancel 5 sold-out comeback shows in what country due to staging problems?

Daily Dose of Video Trivia - What kind of fruit jam is she making?

Raspberry - Ras
Sports Trivia - Coach Mike Krzyzewski shares the 2011 Sports Illustrated Sportsmen of the Year Award with what other basketball Coach?

Pat Summit
Blockbusters - Before Amy Adams, who was the previous actress to play Lois Lane in a Superman movie?
Kate Bosworth
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