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Milwaukee / Chicago Radio Station Trivia

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V100 (6.54kB)

WVCY (4.04kB)

106.1 (6.81kB)

97.3 (5.88kB)

95.7 (10.69kB)
Any radio trivia, station codes, or information for radio stations is welcome.

If you belong to one that is not shown, let me know, and I will find it, and add it.

If a trivia is already posted, please don't repeat it.
If a trivia changes, you are welcome to post the NEW correct answer.

Thanks for visiting, and come back soon for new answers for trivia.


Milwaukee area stations are terminating the point system, so, we are including some other areas, Chicago is one.

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Country Music Trivia:   --- at the mobile site

Bonus Links:
Put your radio station info at the beginning:

1000:  /asp3/Code... (more)

Ayla (Aug. 21, 2017 @ 12:41p) |

Blockbusters: Randy Newman
Book Worm Trivia: Author
Country Trivia: Just A Dream
Classic rock challenge: Meat Loaf
Music Cha... (more)

Ayla (Aug. 22, 2017 @ 7:26a) |

Blockbusters: The King's Speech
Book Worm Trivia: Timothy Carrier
Country Trivia: Tennis
Get your game on: Pandora
Healthy K... (more)

smokeycatrules (Aug. 23, 2017 @ 9:01a) |

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Animals & Nature Trivia:  20 pounds
Crazy Daily Video Trivia:  Google
Food And Recipes Trivia:  100
Pop Culture Trivia:  Go bike riding
Travel The World Trivia:  Miami
TV Fix Video Trivia:  15 minutes
World News Trivia:  Dallas Cowboys

Alaska Airlines loses its own CEO's lugg...: Brad
Baby With Part of Skull Missing Says 'He...: Jaxon
Best game-day snacks for football Sunday: corndogs
Crazy Daily Video Trivia: Google
Harry Potter inspired home décor: Etsy
Kim Novak Won't Vote For Trump:  2014.
Man asked to be quiet during movie throw...: Florida
South Carolina Helps With Dream Wedding: double tree 
The UK is the best place in the world to...: 80
Therapy Dog Serves As Best Man: Golden Retriever
Watching TV dramas might make you a more...: New York Magazine
What fast food looks like in ads vs. reality...: Arby's . 

Big Game Trivia:  Adam Vinatieri
Blockbusters Trivia:  Taxidermy
Book Worm Trivia:  Much Ado About Nothing
Entertainment Video Trivia: Dinosaurs
Get Your Game On: Pac-Man Sr.
Healthy Knowledge: Hawthorn -Berry Tonic 
Music Quiz:  Perry Como's
Super Heroes:  Tigra
The Dish Trivia:  Chicken
Trick-or-Trivia:  Geist
TV Trivia:  Rose


v100 (17.40kB)
Town – Cudahy
Scott’s Team – Oakland Raiders
Cafe – Rutabaga
Artist – Scotty McCreery
Facebook – Leaves

Steve Jobs, The film
Best of Kristen Stewart
Favorite Fall Fruits and Veggies

Just so you all know, my sister, Susie, will be checking in from time to time, to get trivia....she has not joined fatwallet yet, and won't be able to say hi, so I am saying hi for her, and if you want to say hi to her, say it.....and she will be able to see the messages

She is, sorta an invisible member....but I hope to change that.

A new member is always welcome!

Just let her know how much fun it is!!!


12-Year-Old Girl Sneezes 12,000 Times a:  1 month
3-Year-Old DJ:  House Music DJ
Alright! A 'Bob's Burgers' pinball game ...:  Zen Studios
Brave Homeowner Takes Down Intruder:  Bringing his trash in
Cheetah and puppy best friends at the Me...:  Combalie
Company will ship you leaves so you can ...:  Ship Foliage
How to Make Cold Brew Coffee:  1 gallon
How to Make Mashed Potatoes:  dutch
How to use pumpkin guts for everything from sancks..:  make a sling shot
Imperfect Moments:  Jeffrey

Animals & Nature Trivia:  The hood of the car
Crazy Daily Video Trivia:  350
Food And Recipes Trivia:  7
Pop Culture Trivia: read a book
Travel The World Trivia: 1974
TV Fix Video Trivia: Corn Meal with salt
World News Trivia: Sweden

Corey Gamble on Dating Kris Jenner:  At a party
Transitional Clothing: Style Throwdown:  Yellow

Town – Glendale
Cafe – Cauliflower
Artist – Toby Keith
Scott’s Team – St. Loius Rams
Facebook – Fall

97.3 email – Pumpkin


Guy Proposes Using A Video Game: c 100 hours
How to Make Cinnamon Rolls:  15 second increments
Jay Leno Feuding with Jimmy Kimmel:  3rd
Kate Winslet Couldn't Stop Laughing Duri...:  11
Live Like a Boss: Celebrity Riders:  Fruity Pebbles
Male Celebrities Aged 1-100:  17
Mark Zuckerberg: Virtual Reality Might B...:   videos
National Coffee Day Is Full Of Caffeine-...:  free donut
Summer Fashion to Fall Fashion:  yellow
Tom Hanks Finds Lost ID:   Her professor

Animals & Nature Trivia:  Yellow Labrador Mix
Crazy Daily Video Trivia:  Think Possible
Pop Culture Trivia:  18
TV Fix Video Trivia:  Wind it up
Food and Recipes Trivia:   A spoon
Travel The World Trivia:  Middle school
World News Trivia:  19

Big Game Trivia:  10
Blockbusters Trivia:  Richmond Valentine  
Book Worm Trivia:  Get Married
Buzzworthy Trivia: Tweet
Classic rock challenge:  Cat Stenens
Country Livin':  Miranda Lambert 
Country Music Trivia:  All Alright
Entertainment Video Trivia:  September 3rd
Get Your Game On:  Gerudo
Healthy Knowledge:  Aids In The Absorption Of Calcium
Music Pop Quiz:  Phish
Music Quiz:  Aretha Franklin 
Music Skills:
Pop Clips Trivia: Bahamas
Rock Music Trivia:
Super Heroes:  Lana Lang
The Dish Trivia:  Sriracha
Trick-or-Trivia: Halloween
TV Trivia:  September 15, 2010


Town – Brookfield/ Brown Deer - Bro
Cafe – Squash
Artist – Little Big Town
Scott’s Team – Denver Broncos
Facebook – Rain

95.7 Newsletter - Cider


Animals & Nature Trivia: 1 month old
Crazy Daily Video Trivia:  With paintball guns
Food And Recipes Trivia:  Eat Whole Foods
Pop Culture Trivia:  LFO
Travel The World Trivia: The liquid kind
TV Fix Video Trivia:  Uranus
Who Is Meek Mill?:  Beverly Hills
World News Trivia:  youtube

Big Game Trivia:  Pizza Hut 
Blockbusters:  District 9
Book Worm Trivia: Jane Austen
Classic rock challenge: He left the Beatles
Healthy Knowledge:  Kudzu
Music Pop Quiz: 2
Get Your Game On:  M. Bison
Super Heroes: Phantom Girl
Trick-or-Trivia: The Babysitter Murders
TV Trivia: Detective

Music Quiz: Sam Phillips
COUNTRY MUSIC TRIVIA: Runnin Outta Moonlight
Music Skills: Destiny's Child

V100 at Ross - Fashion


Animals & Nature Trivia:  Griffin
Crazy Daily Video Trivia:  5
Food And Recipes Trivia:  20 seconds on each side 
Pop Culture Trivia:  London
Travel The World Trivia:  14 
TV Fix Video Trivia:  47
World News Trivia:  two men


Big Game Trivia: 2008
Blockbusters Trivia: Afrikaans
Book Worm Trivia: Cliff-Jumping
Classic Rock Trivia: Joe Perry
Country Music Trivia: Born to Be Blue
Get Your Game On: 10
Healthy Knowledge: Inflammation
Music Pop Quiz: 12
Music Quiz: The Frank Sinatra Show
Music Skills: Diana Ross
Super Heroes: Triplicate Girl
Trick-or-Trivia: At Heaven's Gate
TV Trivia: Days Gone Bye

V100 Gee-A @Cricket Wireless: Tone
V100 Gee - Tone

Okay, time for Black Friday badges, and posting the best hotdals you can find.  When you post the deal, if you find favor, and get 1+ green, you not only get the new 2015 Black Friday badge, BUT also a nice new t-shirt.   Also time to design your own t-shirt, remember this is geared around BLACK FRIDAY.....and Fatwallet.  The hotdeals have to be made from a site that is affiliated with Fatwallet....for example:  Amazon,WalMartTarget, and so on.  The best way to find a list might be to click on:  Cash Back STORES, and I think, any of them on that list will qualify.

The directions are here for design rules:


and time to show off your Black Friday badges.....whether you got one from this year or not yet.


Get Your Game On, is not taking 10 now    and no surprise, after all, it is the weekend!!!

RIGHT NOW, TAKING 17, be careful this will change another 10 times before the day is over 
you only get one change, be careful

Just thought I would drop in and say hello, I bookmarked the new page.

BC, glad to see you show up!!!   

AT, I saw your post, I thought we might want a forum, for just the Milwaukee stations, since I don't listen to many, I am counting on you and Bob to post the other radio stuffs.....

Get Your Game On: 10 (changed again)

i will do what i can but you know bob is like quick draw mcgraw!! its not easy beating him to the punch but i will try!!

5 Ways to use cinnamon in your home: add to your oatmeal
6 Tips to keep you warm and toasty this ...:  wear mittens to bed
Best Halloween-themed cupcake ideas:  zombie
Boomer's Top 5 QB's For Week 5:  Derek Carr
Comedian Sits Down With Children:  Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Easy Homemade Yogurt:  plain
Facebook's new dislike button:  6
LA Hitchhiking Experiment:  No
Meet the Corgi Realtors!:  4
Spooky Halloween Paper Garland:  8
Truck Driver Dies While Avoiding Road De...:  25,000
Vote for which woman you want on the new $10 bill:  Barbara Bush
Weird laws from around the world:  France
Window Prank:  Go home person

Animals & Nature Trivia:  Daisy
Crazy Daily Video Trivia:  September 
Food And Recipes Trivia:  They are rich in glucose
Pop Culture Trivia:  Soccer
Travel The World Trivia:  147
TV Fix Video Trivia:  Me!
World News Trivia:  1945

Healthcares is taking:  --- on the Mobile site again, do them, before the staff gets in, and they see their mistake!

Bonus Codes:
5,000: 9258 - Wins
1,000: 9257 - Wins



Town – Port Washington
Cafe -Pumpkin
Scott’s Team  – New England Patriots
Radar’s Driver – Brad Keselowski
Artist – Mickey Guyton
Karen Kritter – Jumpy
Facebook – Tackle
Music Skills: KC And The Sunshine Band
95.7 Mumble Jumbo – poltroon (noun) / poll TROON /- an utter coward

Big Game Trivia: New York Jets
Blockbusters: Tim Burton
Bookworm: E. L. James
Buzzworthy: JAS
Get Your Game On: 1000
Healthy Knowledge: Thiamine
Music Pop Quiz: Bernadette
Country Livin’: Kacey Musgraves
Country Music: Beer With Jesus
Super Heroes: Anthony Edward Stark
The Dish Trivia: Mozzarella
Trick-or-Trivia: For Breaking Specific Social Rules
TV Trivia: Coffee Shop
Entertainment Video Trivia: Tom Cruise
Music Quiz: Two
Pop Clips: Twitter
Super Heroes: Anthony Edward Stark
The Dish Trivia: Mozzarella

~~95.7 Mumble Jumbo – poltroon (noun) / poll TROON /- an utter coward

Atlanta radio host suspended after insulting ESPN's Mendoza: Stanford
Comic Con gives Astros’ Colby Rasmus a villain alter ego: New York
Danielle from OITNB Goes to the Gym: shirt
How to Make a Classic French Chocolate Mousse: chocolate
How to Make Chocolate Apple Eyeballs: granny smith
How to Replace Replace a Kitchen Sink and Faucet: stainless steel
Mark Zuckerberg and Virtual Reality: text
Monkey Jungle: 47
Nicole Richie and Happines: glitter
What's in Your Fridge With Chef Ron Duprat: zucchini

Animals & Nature Trivia: 4 months
Crazy Daily Video Trivia: 110
Food And Recipes Trivia: 15 minutes
Pop Culture Trivia: 2013
Travel The World Trivia: 9
TV Fix Video Trivia: KFC
World News Trivia: running errands

Big Game Trivia:  Terrell Owens. 
Blockbusters Trivia:  Snail
Book Worm Trivia:  Fifty Shades Freed 
Country Livin Trivia:  Blake Shelton
Country Music Trivia:  If I Didn't Have You
Entertainment Video Trivia:  San Francisco.
Get Your Game On:  Prince.
Healthy Knowledge:  25
Music Pop Quiz:  Rather Be
Music Quiz:  Jim Croce
Super Heroes:  War Machine
The Dish Trivia:  4
Trick-or-Trivia:  The Delusion That One Is A Wolf (Wolfman)
TV Trivia:  Dirty Sexy Money


Email Blast 10/13/15 - Bonfire
Town – Beloit/ Belgium
Cafe – Sweet Corn
Artist – Ashley Monroe
Scott’s Team – Chicago Bears
Facebook – Columbus

New Survey: Fall into reading

Best healthy Halloween party treats with...: carrots and olives
Best pet Halloween costumes posted to In...:  tax collector
Creative ways to use candy corn in Hallo...:  brownies
Eat a 30-pound burrito, win a restaurant:  Brooklyn
Halloween costumes you can make with you...:  batman

Animals & Nature Trivia:  church
Crazy Daily Video Trivia:  Babson College
Food And Recipes Trivia:  radishes
Pop Culture Trivia:  4 inches
Travel The World Trivia:  62%
TV Fix Video Trivia:  2
World News Trivia:  plastic


Scott’s Team – Atlanta Falcons
Town – Grafton
Cafe – Turkey
Artist – Chase Bryant
Facebook – Harvest

Big Game Trivia: Landry Jones
Blockbusters Trivia: Machete Kills
Book Worm Trivia: The Silkworm
Buzzworthy Trivia: Papa
Country Livin': Nashville
Country Music Trivia: Pirate Flag
Entertainment Video Trivia: In-N-Out Burger
Get Your Game On: Hemp Man
Healthy Knowledge: To Help Blood Clot
Music Pop Quiz: Libra
Music Quiz: Chicago
Music Skills: Snoop Dog
Pop Clips Trivia: TurtleRock Music Trivia:
Super Heroes: Earth Two
The Dish Trivia: Fondue
TV Trivia: Ghost Whisperer
Trick-or-Trivia: About 57%

V100 Reggies VIP code word for the day… CRISP
I heard it at 3:57PM don't know if they give these out at a certain time or random. Anyone have a clue???


New Surveys:
The A-Team Remake
Twilight’s 10th Anniversary Gender-Swap
Fall Megahit Games
Bridget Jones is Back
McDonald’s All-day Breakfast Menu

How Much Do The Couples Trust Each Other...:  8
Mac Miller's Music Newest Project:  17
Musk disses Apple:  Tesla
Style Throwdown Halloween Version:  Beyonce
Trading and Stock Update:  Wal-Mart

Animals & Nature Trivia:  14
Crazy Daily Video Trivia:  2 people
Food And Recipes Trivia:  Lazy Siu
Pop Culture Trivia:  6500
Travel The World Trivia:  10
TV Fix Video Trivia:  Marnie
World News Trivia:  Westjet 

Big Game Trivia: 2,205 Points
Blockbusters Trivia: Carrie
Buzzworthy Trivia: Amanda Bynes
Country Livin': Brad Paisley
Country Music Trivia: You Got Me
Entertainment Video Trivia: Justin Bieber
Get Your Game On: Dolphin
Healthy Knowledge: Tisane
Music Pop Quiz: Let Go For Tonight
Music Quiz: Led Zeppelin
Music Skills: Nelly
Pop Clips Trivia: Tinder
Rock Music Trivia: Robert DeLong
Super Heroes: Todd McFarlane
The Dish Trivia: French Onion Soup
Trick-or-Trivia: 1955
TV Trivia: Mohammed De La Cruz

Town – Cedarburg
Cafe – Pomegranate
Artist – Jana Kramer
Scott’s Team – Arizona Cardinals
Facebook – Chill

Casey Veggies "Grows" Up: Life Changes
Goldman's profit plummets 36 percent: Lloyd
Surprised migrants stow away in truck ca...: France
Watch Out for These Hidden College Costs: $1000 per year

V100.7 Reggie's VIP club word of the day… QUILT

V100.7 Email Blast 10/15/15… HAUNTED

97.3 Generation Now EBlast 10/15/15… GHOST

FM106.1 Chase Bryant @ The Rave 10/14/15… A Little Bit Of You

Book Worm Trivia:  Catching Fire

Animals & Nature Trivia:  2,190 Miles
Crazy Daily Video Trivia: Philippines
Food And Recipes Trivia:  A cinnabon
Pop Culture Trivia:  Star Wars
Travel The World Trivia:  1982
TV Fix Video Trivia:  A phone call
Wheat trend growing in South Korea:  65 kilograms
World News Trivia:  A woman getting beat by her boyfriend

6 Best cold weather drinks for fall:  hot toddy
Are These 7 Superfoods Actually Super?:  kale
Benz, bath & beyond: Merc does property:  soft & shiny
Best and worst days to travel this holiday season:  day before Thanksgiving
Festive Halloween cookies that are easy to make:  pre made sugar cookies
Gambling Control Board bans daily fantasy:  Nevada
Germany orders VW recall:  6 1/2 million
Halloween group costume ideas for the whole family:   Back to the Future
Sleep in a $2000 per night Space Suite:  1,200

95.7 BIG fm:
Email Newsletter:  Treat

Big Game Trivia: AJ McCarron
Blockbusters Trivia: ~ Free Birds
Book Worm Trivia: Oh, the Places You'll Go!
Buzzworthy Trivia: Nick Lachey
Country Livin': 16
Country Music: I Believe
Music Quiz: Stand by me
Music Pop Quiz: Coming Home
Music Quiz: Stand By Me
Pop Clips Trivia: His dog
Entertainment Video Trivia: Disneyland
Get Your Game On: Early Childhood
Healthy Knowledge: Chamomile
Super Heroes: Ronald Reagan
The Dish Trivia: Balloons
Trick-or-Trivia: 1966
TV Trivia: Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Town – Mequon
Cafe - Dates
Scott’s Team – Green Bay Packers
Artist – Kelsea Ballerini
Facebook – Webbs

Skipping 1900 Messages...
Blockbusters: The King's Speech
Book Worm Trivia: Timothy Carrier
Country Trivia: Tennis
Get your game on: Pandora
Healthy Knowledge: 560
Music Challenge: Rolling Stone
Music Pop Quiz: Buzz Lightyear
Sports: Green Bay Packers
TV Trivia: Olenna Tyrell
Word Play Trivia: Accomplice

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