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Health Trivia 16: Out-of-network provider
Google Unveils $10-a-month 'All Access': Explorer
Music Therapy Bonds Parents and Preemies: Chicago
Underwood Talks Panic Attacks: Marie Claire
98 Degrees Back on Tour: Rachel Ray
Beyonce Cancels Concert & Pregnancy Rumo: 20
Cat Determined To Get Outside: Five
Program Trivia 16: 19
Oral Trivia 16: Sugars and starches
WOD: Cracker
String: 33Sug6 hBlaOutChiFivCraKid19

3 surveys are up

Videos Gone Wild!: 21
Entertainment Zone!: New Orleans
LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Pink
Daily Dose Video Trivia!: Elaine
String: 21NewPinEla

Music Trivia ... Passion Pit
Variety Videos on Demand ... An alarm clock
Before They Were Famous ... The Others
First Lines ... Barstow
Get Your Game On ... Camilla Luddington
Show Me The Money ... red and blue
Celebrity Video ... Star Trek Into Darkness
Entertainment Video... Jeff Buckley
String w/Artist (BRUNO) & PWoD ( MIND ) ... 21NewPinElaMonRecWhiBlaBruMin

Adult Trivia 17-: Monthly premiums
Gums Trivia 17: Recede
Kate Middleton Named UK Hair Icon:70%
'The Great Gatsby' Cast Opens Cannes Fil...: White
Kim Kardashian's Pregnancy Cravings Are: Drugs
Google I/O Keynote: New Maps, Conversation: Microsoft and Oracle
SkyBlu's Prom Dos And Don'ts: Black
What Was This Comedian Trying to Write: How do I land?
String: 21NewPinElaMonRecWhiBlaMinBru

AOL - Tips & Tricks 17: 1
AOL - Surprising Uses 17: Television
AOL - Biggest Mistakes 17: They skip breakfast.
AOL - The Perfect Trench Coat 17: Neat
AOL - Eleven Ways To Get Gorgeous 17: Take your vitamins.
AOL - Biggest Style Mistakes 1: Tailoring
AOL - Smoothie Pairing Video 17: 2
AOL - Green Vegetables 17: Kale
AOL - Late Night Snacking 17: Cynthia
AOL - Low Calorie Cake Recipes 17: Strawberry
AOL - How To Live Longer 17: Veggie Diet
AOL - Calorie Snack Ideas 17: Fiber

AOL string: 1TelTheNeaTakTai2KalCynStrVegFib

surveys are up

Videos Gone Wild!: John
Entertainment Zone!: Interview
LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Albuquerque
Daily Dose Video Trivia!: Vinyl record
Endless Vacation Sweepstakes 2: Noreply
Julianne Moore's Surprising Look 18: 2
Mo'Nique Sheds 80 Pounds 18: Blu
Tom Hanks Reveals Steroid Use 18: Extreme
Martha Stewart's Slip-Up 18: Dating experience
Britney Spears Wants a Daughter 18: 31
String: JohIntAlbVinNor2BluExtDat31

5/18 Trivia
Music Trivia ... Phillip Phillips
Before They Were Famous ... woodcarver
Celebrity Interview Video Trivia ... Hugh Jackman
Entertainment Video Trivia ... Tame Impala
First Lines ... Ray Liotta
Get Your Game On ... Link
Show Me the Money ... 1776

*3rd/missing Survey is up*

Before They Were Famous = woodcarver
Celebrity Interview Video Trivia = Hugh Jackman
Entertainment Video Trivia = Tame Impala
First Lines = Ray Liotta
Get Your Game On = Link
Show Me the Money = 1776

WOD: Armed
String: JohIntAlbVinNor2BluExtDat31Arm

Videos Gone Wild!: White
Entertainment Zone!: Rising in this arena
LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Faith
Daily Dose Video Trivia!: Swedish
Inside Oprah's Maui Farm 19: I love my farm
Jason Derulo Shares Inspiring Story 19: His head
Smelly Hot Spots on the Body 19: The scalp
Best Pre and Post-Workout Foods 19: Opportunity
What Causes Bad Breath? 19: Mickey

string: WhiRisFaiSweI LHeaScaOppMic

Music Trivia ... 6
Before They Were Famous ... The Outsiders
Celebrity Interview Video ... Vanessa Williams
Entertainment Video ... 20
First Lines ... Jason Patric
Get Your Game On ... Super Joe
Show Me the Money ... Civil War
String w/PWoD FIRE ... WhiRisFaiSweI LHeaScaOppMicFir

WOD: Fire
String: WhiRisFaiSweI LHeaScaOppMicFir

*dENiZEN: Recycled
Videos Gone Wild!: Gym
Entertainment Zone!: Janis Joplin
LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Racecar driving
Daily Dose Video Trivia!: Tatoos
String: RecGymJanRacTat

Music Trivia ... Grouplove
Variety Videos on Demand ... 8:37
Before They Were Famous ... Marlon Brando
First Lines ... Mike McDermott
Get Your Game On ... Miami Dolphins
Show Me The Money ... 9.7 tons
Celebrity Video ... Peeples
Entertainment Video ... Jack Osbourne
String w/PWoD ( SWIMMING ) & Artist ( BAN ) ... RecGymJanRacTatThrSodParSanDenMulNewAlaBluSwiBan

*Surveys are up*

Natural Trivia 20: Three
Question Trivia 20: Sodium fluoride
Today in History for May 20th: Paris
Hot Shoe Trends For Summer: Keds

Bacon Restaurant Closed For Smelling Too...: San Francisco
Closest Trivia 20: Dental Implant
Gingivitis Trivia 20: Multivitamins
Gwyneth Paltrow Sell Meet and Greet on: New York
Top Video of the Week: Bear Chews Camerů: Alaska
Baby Monkey Bath Time - So adorable!: Blue
WOD: Swimming
String: RecGymJanRacTatThrSodParSanDenMulNewAlaBluSwiBanZip

thank you for the codes

Raise Your Voice! 20=zipcode
String: RecGymJanRacTatThrSodParSanDenMulNewAlaBluSwiBanzip

surveys are up

People Trivia 21: Gums
Dentist Trivia 21 : Gingivitis
Videos Gone Wild!: Stephanie
Entertainment Zone!: Jaws
LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Watertown
Daily Dose Video Trivia!: Lunch
String: GumGinSteJawWatLun

Music Trivia ... Dubai
Variety Videos on Demand ... Clothes
Before They Were Famous ... Working Girl
First Lines ... clammy hands
Get Your Game On ... May 14, 1986
Show Me The Money ... 6.4 cents
Celebrity Video ... Big Bang Theory
Entertainment Video ... Jump
String w/APB (CAPTURED) ... GumGinSteJawWatLunCap

Diabetes Trivia 21: Dry mouth
Smile Trivia 21: Good oral health
Today in History for May 21st: The Red Cross
$190 Million Estate: America's New Most ...: Greenwich
World's Tallest Luxury Housing: Rise of ...: Miami
Justin Bieber Booed at Billboard Music A...: Ring
It's A Mystery! 21: Amelia Grace
A Stoddard Presentation!: Amazon
5 pm Artist: Maroon 5
WOD: HAUnted
String: GumGinSteJawWatLunDryOraCapGreHauAmeAmaMar

Go Behind The Scenes At The 2013 Billboa= MGM

String: GumGinSteJawWatLunDryOraCapGre

So they gave use the 2 other surveys. Now I have 4 surveys that don't work.

Artist ... MAROON
String ... GumGinSteJawWatLunDryOraCapGreMar

Routine Trivia 22: Digestion
Teeth Trivia 22: Flossing
Videos Gone Wild!: Somber
Entertainment Zone!: Black
Daily Dose Video Trivia!: 30
Endless Vacation Sweepstakes 3: 3
LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Jason
String: DigFloSomBla30Jas

Before They Were Famous ... Return to Paradise
First Lines ... Dave Spritz
Get Your Game On ... FOXHOUND
Show Me The Money ... 4,000
Celebrity Video ... TRUE
Entertainment Video ... Sweden
Music Trivia ... Vampire Weekend

String w/PWoD (TRUE) & Artist (BRUCE) ... DigFloSomBla30JasTruI wBeaPlaHeaBroBru

1500 pt. Surveys = 4 total

AOL - Tips and Tricks 21: On your hand
AOL - Surprising Uses 21: Thread
AOL - Biggest Mistakes 21: Small meals
AOL - The Perfect Trench Coat 21: Extra weight
AOL - Eleven Ways To Get Gorgeous 21: Get regular trims.
AOL - Biggest Style Mistakes 21: Platforms
AOL - Smoothie Video Pairing Video 21: 2 cups
AOL - Green Vegetables 21: Collards
AOL - Late Night Snacking 21: Moon rises
AOL - Low Calorie Cake Recipes 21: 220mg
AOL - Calorie Snack Ideas 21: White
AOL - How To Live Longer 21: Spare tires

AOL String: OnThrSmaExtGetPla2 ColMoo220WhiSpa

The Great GoogaMooga Festival: Brooklyn
Variety Videos on Demand: False
Does it matter when I floss?: Plaque
Oral Bacteria Trivia: Heart disease
Icona Pop Dish on Full-Length LP, "I Lov...: Bananas
First Look of Jennifer Lawrence In Hot B...: I don't diet
String: DigFloSomBla30JasTruI wBeaPlaHeaBroBru

survey is up

kappy arnold I = i would say

kappy arnold II = beauty

Red Trivia 23: Vitamins
Pimples Trivia 23: Fifteen hours
Cavities Trivia 23: Silver (Really not in the U.S.)
Women & Men Trivia 23: 150
Inside Out Featuring Kappy Arnold!: Your beautiful
Daily Dose Video Trivia!: Musical
Videos Gone Wild!: Black
Videos Gone Wild!: Somber
LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Social Networking
String: VitFifSil150YouMusBlaSomSoc

Music Trivia ... Kelly Rowland
Variety Videos on Demand ... 15
Before They Were Famous ... St. Elsewhere
Celebrity Interview Video Trivia ... Jessica Alba
Entertainment Video Trivia ... Candice Glover
First Lines ... Like a Virgin
Get Your Game On ... SPARTAN project
Show Me the Money ... 4.5 years
String w/PWoD ( EASY ) & Artist (MAR) ... VitFifSil150YouMusBlaSomSocEasMar

Opinions Trivia 24: Sage
Treatment Trivia 24: Bad Breath
Flossing Trivia 24: Xerostomia
Benefits Trivia 24: Gingivitis
Daily Dose Video Trivia: Sugar bear
Videos Gone Wild: Jaw
Entertainment Zone: Stephanie
Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous: Sunglasses
String: SagBadXerGinSugJawSteSun

Before They Were Famous ... 13
Celebrity Interviews ... The Secret World of Alex Mack
Entertainment Video ... She is pregnant with her second child.
First Lines ... Mrs. De Winter
Get Your Game On ... Green
Show Me The Money ... 12 districts
Variety Videos on Demand ... Pillow fight
Music Trivia ... Ke$ha

*String w/Artist (CAR) ... SagBadXerGinSugJawSteSunChaCar*

Tips & Tricks 24: Pink
Surprising Uses 24: Vacuum
Biggest Mistakes 24: Derailing
The Perfect Trench Coat 24: Epaulettes
Eleven Ways To Get Gorgeous 24: Start with the scalp.
Biggest Style Mistakes 24: Jumpsuits
Smoothie Pairing Video 24: Peach
Green Vegetables 24: Watercress
Late Night Snacking 24: Your pattern
Low Calorie Cake Recipes 24: Mocha Latte Angel Cake
How To Live Longer 24: Isolation
Calorie Snack Ideas 24: Cantaloupe
AOL String: PinVacDerEpaStaJumPeaWatPatMocIsoCanCar

WOD: Chalk
String: SagBadXerGinSugJawSteSunCha

survey is up

Does stress damage your teeth?: Quarter
Smart Teeth: Wisdom teeth
Does grinding your teeth cause pain?: Earaches
Teeth Extractions!: Impacted
Daily Dose Video Trivia!: Interview
Videos Gone Wild!: Janis Joplin
Entertainment Zone!: Gym
LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Dancing
Khloe Lashes Out at Kim Kardashian's Cri...: Arlene
Robert Pattinson Moves Out 25: Liz
Beyonce Is Pregnant! 25: Her wish
30-Day Walking Challenge 25: In my own world
Are Your Elbows Aging You? 25: Short sleeve
String: QuaWisEarImpIntJanGymDanArlLizHerIn Sho

Celebrity survey is up

Before They Were Famous ... Premium Blend
Celebrity Video ... Arrested Development
Entertainment Video ... Mick Jagger
First Lines ... Frankie Dunn
Get Your Game On ... Liberty City
Show Me The Money ... $10
Music Trivia ... Taylor Swift

WOD: Talk
String: QuaWisEarImpIntJanGymDanArlLizHerIn ShoTal

How do teeth erode over time? 26 ... VEGetarian
Having Healthy Gums 26 ... NUTrients
Healthy Gums 26 ... HEAlthy Heart
Women and their Gums 26 ... GUM Disease
Daily Dose Video Trivia! ... JAWs
Videos Gone Wild! ... RISing
Entertainment Zone!... WHIte
LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous! ... 33
Miley Cyrus Talks Bieber Collaboration 2... RED
Celebs On The Billboard Blue Carpet 26 ... PICtures
Racy Fashion at Billboard Awards 26 ... SPOtlight
9 Reasons to Drink More Milk 26 ... PROtein
USA Weekend: Carpal Tunnel 26 ... NERve condition

String ... VegGumHeaNutJawRisWhi33RedPicSpoProNer

Music Trivia ... Katy Perry
Before They Were Famous ... Fogell
Celebrity Video ... Her mother
Entertainment Video ... Beautiful
First Lines ... Nina Sayers
Get Your Game On ... 2003
Show Me The Money ... 1969

String w/PWoD ( PICTURE ) ... VegGumHeaNutJawRisWhi33RedPicSpoProNerPic

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