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Insurance Trivia 16: Strenuous
Tooth Trivia 16: Techniques
Fun Video Trivia!: Mother
Spring Time Video Trivia!: Purse
Unlimited Video Edition!: Really Good funny that they post this again & not working
String: StrTecMotPurGoo


AOL - Easy Beauty Tricks 16: - Firming Lotion
AOL - How To Apply Nail Polish 16: Yellowing
AOL - How To Get Temporary Hair Color 16: Folica
AOL - 5 Must Have Items 16: Trench coat
AOL - Drab To Fab 16: Bambi
AOL - Cute Spring Manicures 16: Golden Goddess
AOL - Power Smoothie Video 16: Peach
AOL - Workout Food Recipes 16: Creamy Avocado
AOL - Best Spring Fitness Apps 16: Renewed
AOL - Calorie Snack Ideas 16: Cantaloupe
AOL - Munchies 16: Best Pizza
AOL - Desserts For Dieters 16: 15 minutes
AOL String: FirYelFolTreBamGolPeaCreRenCanBes15
String: StrTecMotPurGoo

Before They Were Famous trivia - PIANO.
Celebrity Interview Video Trivia - JESSICA BIEL.
Entertainment Video Trivia - ALEX CLARE.
First Lines - Charles Dickens
Get Your Game On trivia - 26th CENTURY.
Hot Music trivia - REVEALING.
Show Me The Money trivia - NO.

bikini: Yellow
shoes: White
String: YelWhi

Before They Were Famous - his half sister
Celebrity Interview Video Trivia - Lindsay Lohan
Entertainment Video Trivia - Heart Attack
First Lines - The stupid and the stuck.
Get Your Game On - Green
Hot Music Trivia - Shakira
Show Me The Money - 4:10
Years Trivia 17 - fatty plaques

All About Moving!: Red
Gifts For Everyone!: 3
Get That Money!: Red
Prom Dress Wars:Green
Black Cow: World's First Pure-Milk Vodka: Beer
Get Your Fitness On!: Blue
IKEA Embarrassed Over 'Cuddle Rape' Pill...: Gosa Raps
Reality TV Show Could Send You To Mars: 24
Baggy Pants Illegal in Louisiana Town: $50
String: YelWhi7PlaRed3GreBeeBluGos24$50

Madonna Defends Her Malawi Charity Despi... - more than 4,800
Celebrities Flock to Coachella Music Fes... - Vanessa
Katy Perry May be Heading to Court - hair
Beyonce Opens Her World Tour in a Seriou... - 65

Disneyland Shuts Down Space Mountain Ove... - two
Scholarship Style! - blue

Unlimited Video Edition!: Really Good (not working)
Fun Video Trivia!: Liz
Endless Vacation Rentals 18: Noreply
Spring Time Video Trivia!: Keep
String: ReaGooLizNorKee

Before They Were Famous - security guard
First Lines - 1912
Get Your Game On - 8
Show Me The Money - 1933
Celebrity - chad kroeger
Entertainment - foals
Hot Music Trivia - Justin Bieber
Wake Trivia 18 - human mouth
Symptoms Trivia 18 - gingivitis

Symptoms trivia 18: Gingivitis
Wake trivia 18: Human mouth
PCH Sweeps 18: Green
Today in History for April 18th: San Francisco
How to Enhance Your Personal Brand: Four
New Uses For Old Wine Corks: Blue
The New York Dynamic Of Public School: White
String: ReaGooLizNorKeeGinHumGreSanFouBluWhi

What Kids Like: Renaissance Fairs - purple
KFC's Boneless Chicken Taste Test: I'll ... - 11
Mother's Day! 18 - like
Endless Vacation Rentals 18 - noreply

Learn The Language! 18 - orange
Learn The Language! 19 - Berlitz

Common Trivia 19: Food particles
Perfect Trivia 19: Braces
Fun Video Trivia!: Pregnant
Spring Time Video Trivia!: Beauty
Mother's Day 19: May
PCH Sweeps: NBC
String: FooBraPreBeaMayNBC

AOL - Easy Beauty Tricks 19: Smooth
AOL - How To Apply Nail Polish 19: Polish
AOL - How To Get Temporary Hair Color 19: Locks
AOL - 5 Must Have Items 19: Jumpsuit
AOL - Drab To Fab 19: Fast
AOL - Cute Spring Manicures 19: Pinterest
AOL - Power Smoothie Video 19: Carrie
AOL - Workout Food Recipes 19: Hummus
AOL - Best Spring Fitness Apps 19: Guided
AOL - Calorie Snack Ideas 19: Grocery
AOL - Munchies 19: Coffee
AOL - Desserts For Dieters 19: Cherry

Kristen Stewart's Coachella Bummer: Jurassic 5
Today in History for April 19th: Oklahoma City
Nicole Richie Showing Signs Of A Split: Green
Reese Witherspoon Called 'Too Old' By St: Blue
Johnny Depp’s dream role: Carlo Channing
Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber To: Radio Disney

String: FooBraPreBeaMayNbcGoo5SmoPolLocJumFasPinCarHumGuiGroCofCheJurOklGreBluCarRad

Unlimited Video Edition: Really good
Fun Video Trivia!: Red
Spring Time Video Trivia!: Hot pink
Lindsay Lohan Attempts to Disguise Herse...:JFK
Is Lisa Rinna Joining Housewives? 20: Beverly Hills
Robin Roberts Hospitalized Again 20: Ashlan
Rumors Swirl That Rihanna Might Be Pregn...: Diamonds
Buddy Valastro's Chicken Paremsan 20: Sauce
String: GooRedHotJFKBevAshDiaSau

Before They Were Famous = Cindy Crawford
Celebrity Interview Video Trivia = Pitch Perfect
Entertainment Video Trivia = Radiohead
First Lines = Princeton
Get Your Game On = Rigelatins
Show Me the Money = The Secret Service

Hot Music Trivia - Jay Z

Unlimited Video Edition!: Really Good
Fun Video Trivia!: Drowning
Spring Time Video Trivia!: Victoria
Jerk Chicken, Served Differently 21: Out BACk
Gwyneth Paltrow's Roasted Tomato & Chipo...: Salt & Pepper
Josh Capon's 5-Minute "Fridge Frenzy" Re...: Salami
10,000 iPhones Dominoes 21: Computer animation
Cow gets head stuck in wheel well! 21: Not Unusual
String: GooDroVicBacSpiSalComUnu

Before They Were Famous = biochemical engineering
Celebrity Interview Video Trivia = 42
Entertainment Video Trivia = Sky Blu
First Lines = die
Get Your Game On = Hatty Hattington
Show Me the Money = George Washington and Ulysses Grant

Hot Music Trivia - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Unlimited Video Edition!: Really Good (String has both answers because they change the answer mid day sometimes)
Fun Video Trivia!: Jen
Spring Time Video Trivia!: mysterious
Endless Vacation Rentals 22:3
Coverage Trivia: You
TIME Magazine Reveals Most Influential L...: Ten
New Phone App Helps Avoid Incest: Ice
Astronaut Demonstrates How to Wring Out ...: Chris
Electronic 'Funderwear' Allows Couples t...: Dureck
String: ReaGooJenMys3YouTenIceChrDur

Before They Were Famous: James Frederick Ryan
Celebrity Interview Video: 10
Entertainment Video: Alice In Chains
First Lines: J.M. Barrie
Get Your Game On: Punch
Show Me The Money: $100
Variety Videos on Demand: False
Music Trivia: Calvin Harris & Florence Welch
Scratch Off Time! 22: Red
ShowBiz Minute: Witherspoon, 'Oblivion',...: Oblivion
Today in History for April 22nd: Nixon
Gum Trivia 22: Muscles
Health Trivia 22: Gatekeeper
String: ReaGooJenMys3YouTenIceChrDurRedOblNixMusGat

Unlimited Video Edition!: really Good
Spring Time Video Trivia!: Mysterious
Spring Time Video Trivia!: Jen
String: GooMysJen

Hot Music Trivia - Psy

Stains Trivia 23: Common risks
AOL - Easy Beauty Tricks 23: Winter lips
AOL - How To Apply Nail Polish 23: 2/3
AOL - How To Get Temporary Hair Color 23: Pink
AOL - 5 Must Have Items 23: Adapter
AOL - Drab To Fab 23:Focus on the lips
AOL - Cute Spring Manicures 23:Mul
AOL - Power Smoothie - 2
AOL - Workout Food Recipes - Pineapple
AOL - Best Spring Fitness Apps 23 - Music or nature sounds
Aol - Calorie Snack Ideas - Mozzarella
AOL - Munchies 23 - Best Food Magazine
AOL - Deserts for Dieters 23 - 15
Today in History for April 23rd: William Shakespeare

String: GooMysJenComWin2/3PinAdaFocMul2MusMozBes15Sha

CrucialTrivia 23: FACe
Fun Video: MYSterious
Before They Were Famous: Chevrolet
Celebrity Interview Video: Lisa Rinna
Entertainment Video: Donna Summer
First Lines: It was the best of times, it was the first of times ...
Games n eCards: 22
Rock Music: Stampede of the Disco Elephants
Get Your Game On: gadget characters
Show Me The Money: Double Eagle
Spring Time Video: JEN
Unlimited Video: really GOOd
Pup Crowned Beautiful Bulldog: HUCkleberry
NYC Unveils First Electric Taxi Cabs: ONE hour
McDonald's Japan Introduces French Fry: PLUM
GoDaddyCommercial Star Kisses : JESse
Report: Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez: NORway
Job Search 23: BLUe


Unlimited Video Edition! = Really GOOd!
Fun Video Trivia! = VICtoria
Spring Time Video Trivia! = DROwning

String = goodrovic

Unlimited Video Edition!: Really Good
Fun Video Trivia!: Victoria
Spring Time Video Trivia!: Drownning
String: GooVicDro

Before They Were Famous: Borderline
Celebrity Interview Video: True Blood
Entertainment Video: Chris Cornell
First Lines: Ishmael
Get Your Game On: Dr. Wily
Show Me the Money: 89 months
Music Trivia: Rihanna
Variety Videos on Demand: The open road
Toothpaste Trivia 24: Oral Cancer
Red Trivia 24: One hour
Today in History: April 24: Carter
Backpacks Banned From Kentucky Derby: Seven
"Zombies' Invade University Campus: Michigan
Janice Dickinson Reportedly Files For Ba...: 1 million
Hairstyle Appreciation Day: Best and Wor...: Purple
Gwyneth Paltrow Facing Backlash Over Kid: Goop
Every Week Trivia! 24: NBC
People Trivia! 24:7
String: GooVicDroOraOneCarSevMic1 MPurNBC7

Unlimited Video Edition!: Really good
Cavities Trivia 25: Silver (Really maybe 20 years ago)
Halitosis Trivia 25: Collecting bacteria
Fun Video Trivia!: Hot pink
Spring Time Video Trivia!: Red
String: GooSilColHotRed

Unlimited Video Edition! = Really GOOd
Cavities Trivia 25 = SILver
Halitosis Trivia 25 = COLlecting bacteria

String = goosilcol

Hot music Trivia - Carly Rae Jepsen

People Names Gwyneth Paltrow Most Beauti...: Angelina Jolie
Idol Tried to Replace Carey?: Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Dela...: Size of the nuptials
Christina Aguilera Shows Off Her Slim Fi...: Black
The Bachelor Lands in Jeopardy: Andy
Beers to be Delivered by Aerial Drones a...: South Africa

String: GooSilColHotRedJolBlaAndSou

Unlimited Video Edition!: Really good
Fun Video Trivia!: Beauty
Spring Time Video Trivia!: Pregnant
String: GooBeaPre

Music Trivia: 3
Variety Videos on Demand: FALSE
Before they were famous: Mr. Show
Celebrity Interview Video: Sandra Bullock
Entertainment Video: This Is Us
First Lines: Alphonso
Get Your Game On: Nine
Show Me The Money: Martha Washington
Games n' Ecards: Prisoners

AOL - Tips & Tricks 26: 1
AOL - 10 Tips 26: Neat
AOL - Surprising Uses 26: Television
AOL - Biggest Mistakes 26: They skip breakfast.
AOL - 11 Ways To Get Gorgeous 26: Take your vitamins.
AOL - Biggest Style Mistakes 26: Tailoring
AOL - Power Smoothie Video 26: Fruit
AOL - Workout Food Recipes 26: An apple
AOL - Late Night Snacking 26: Moon rises
AOL - Calorie Snack Ideas 26: Fiber
AOL - Munchies 26: Best Chef
AOL - Nutritionist Tips 26: Dietitians
Today in History for April 26th: 31
Giant Floating Head Found in Hudson Rive...: Theater prop
Beyonce Debuts New Song "Standing on the...: Bahamas
Mobile Apps Creating Big Business Opport...: Three
Melissa Gilbert Ties The Knot


String: HeaGooBeaPre1NeaTelSkiTakTaiFruAppMooFibBesDie31BahThrCalPri

SOS Safety - All of the above
Surviving Spring Allergies - 5 a.m. to 9 a.m.
Catch Your Zzzz's - More than 50 percent
Calories Count - Broccoli

Unlimited Video Edition!: Really good
Fun Video Trivia!: Keep you in line
Migrane Maintenance: All of the above
Memory Boosters: All of the above
Safety 27: Asprin
Surviving 27: All of the above
Spring Time Video Trivia!: Liz
Amanda Bynes Claims to Be as Rich as Ols...: Starbucks
Duchess of Cambridge Topless Investigati...: Flowers
Pickler Rocks a Skin-Tight Dress 27: Wild
Pickler Rocks a Skin-Tight Dress 27: Mayleen
Lawrence's Early Modeling Pics 27: Hunger Games
Hot Music Trivia: CLIO Honorary Award
String: GooKeeAllAspLizStaFloWilMayHun

Before They Were Famous = New York University
Celebrity Interview Video Trivia = Man of Steel
Entertainment Video Trivia = Hanson
First Lines = The Sound and the Fury
Get Your Game On = Romance of the Three Kingdoms
Show Me the Money = 7,040 pennies

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