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Blockbusters: Bill Murray
Bookworm trivia: Alexandros
Country Livin': Stella
Country Music Trivia: Melba Montgomery
Celebrity Scoop Trivia: Jemima Kirke
Entertainment Video Trivia: Ava 
Get Your Game On:  New Super Mario Bros. U 
Healthy Knowledge:  1996 
Music Challenge: Black Flag
Music Pop Quiz: Fifth Harmony 
Pop Clips!: Going to the Gym
Sports Trivia: Carl Yastrzemski
The Dish : Dutch oven
TV Trivia: Label Maker 

Blockbusters: Simon Pegg
Bookworm trivia: Macavity The Mystery Cat
Country Livin': Adult Summer Camp 
Country Music Trivia: Merle Haggard
Celebrity Scoop Trivia: Cinderella
Entertainment Video Trivia:  Britney Spears
Get your game on: PlayStation 4
Healthy knowledge: Better Memory
Music Challenge: Arcadia works, but correct answer s/b Duran Duran 
Music Pop Quiz: Louisiana
Pop Clips!:  Baby Talk 
Sports Trivia: Willie Mays
The Dish : Quinoa
TV Trivia: Burned His Hands On An Iron 

Alcoholic Drinks:  411646 on the mobile site, then --- 
Blockbuster:  409942....on the mobile site, then the answer

Blockbusters:  Tiger
Book Worm Trivia:  A Spider
Country Livin': Luke Bryan
Country Music Trivia: Joe Ely
Entertainment Video Trivia:  3 years
Get Your Game On:  Four
Healthy Knowledge:  Cayenne Pepper
Music Challenge:  In The Studio
Music Pop Quiz:  Woman
Pop Clips!: Blueberries
Sports Trivia:  Williamsport, Pennsylvania
The Dish :  Panko
TV Trivia:  Setting Up Her New Futon 

Alcoholic Drinks:  411647 at the mobile site, then --- 
Blockbuster:  409943....at the mobile site, then the answer

Blockbusters:  Aaron Cross
Book Worm Trivia:  Utopia 
Celebrity Scoop:   skiing accident 
Country Livin': Walking Dead
Country Music Trivia: Rosanne Cash
Get Your Game On:  20
Healthy Knowledge:  Peppermint
Music Challenge:  The Fixx
Music Pop Quiz:  Sean Paul
Sports Trivia:  Sonja Henie
The Dish :  Walnuts
TV Trivia:  Nemo's  

Alcoholic Drinks:  411648 on the mobile site, then --- 
Blockbuster:  409944....on the mobile site then the answer

Blockbuster:  Shakira
Book Worm Trivia:  French Revolution 
Celebrity Scoop Trivia:  Ewan McGregor 
Country Music Trivia:  Johnny Russell 
Get Your Game On:  The Hunter
Healthy Knowledge:  The Gastrocnemius
Music Challenge:  The Escape Club
Music Pop Quiz:  Kendrick Lamar
Sports Trivia:  David Reid
TV Trivia:  Scrubs is the correct answer, but marked incorrect...ONE CHANCE
TV Trivia:  taking Curb Your Enthusiasm....then Arrested Development ...for now....

Blockbusters: Los Angeles
Bookworm Trivia: The Bastille
Celebrity Scoop: Gavin Rossdale 
Country Music Trivia: Citroen
Get Your Game On: Naughty Dog
Healthy Knowledge: Dim Lighting
Music Challenge: Paul Young
Music Pop Quiz: Timeflies 
Sports Trivia: Serena Williams
TV Trivia: Gilmore Girls

Blockbusters:  Me Before You
Book Worm Trivia:  Hoptoad 
Celebrity Scoop:  Tom Hanks 
Country Livin':  Hayden Panettiere 
Country Music Trivia:  Tammy Wynette 
Get Your Game On:  Lancarse
Healthy Knowledge:  Two Cups Of Coffee
Music Challenge:  Police
Music Pop Quiz:  James Major (correct answer is DNCE, but not listed) 
Pop Clips!:  Pen and Paper Movement 
Sports Trivia:  Amy Van Dyken
The Dish :  Inside out nachos 
TV Trivia:  Ruben Studdard, Fantasia Barrino

Alcoholic Drinks:  411650 on the mobile site, then --- 
Blockbuster:  409946....on the mobile site, then the answer

Bonus Links:
Put radio station info at the beginning, to get the bonus points:
1000:  asp3/CodeDetail.aspx?type=4&SetID=9891
5000:  asp3/CodeDetail.aspx?type=4&SetID=9892

Blockbusters:  Mighty Eagle
Book Worm Trivia:  His Daughter's Wedding 
Celebrity Scoop:  Amy Adams 
Country Livin':  Marren Morris 
Country Music Trivia:  Jeannie C. Riley 
Entertainment Video Trivia:  Frances
Get Your Game On:  Maxis
Healthy Knowledge:  Richard Simmons
Music Challenge:  Rat Food
Music Pop Quiz:  Barney & Friends 
Pop Clips!:  Salmon
Sports Trivia:  None
The Dish :  Broccoli
TV Trivia:  Hugh Hefner's

Alcoholic Drinks:  413864 on the mobile site, then --- 
The number has changed, and it might be showing up on some of your mobile sites now.. 

Blockbusters:   King Louie 
Bookworm Trivia:  Valentine Michael Smith
Celebrity Scoop:  Pitch Perfect 3 
Country Livin':  My Church
Country Music Trivia:  Rhinestone Cowboy 
Entertainment Video Trivia:   Justin Bieber
Get Your Game On:   Level-5
Healthy Knowledge:  Calcium 
Music Challenge:   Express Yourself 
Music Pop Quiz:  Ellie Goulding 
Pop Clips!:  Pajamas 
Sports Trivia:  Kobe Bryant
The Dish :  Turnips 
TV Trivia:   Trauma: Life In The ER 
Valentine's Trivia:  Capulet 

Alcoholic Drinks:  413866 on the mobile site, then --- 

Blockbusters:  48
Book Worm:  Altair-4
Celebrity Scoop: Johnny Depp
Country Livin:  Brandy Clark
Country Music:  Traveller by Chris Stapleton
Entertainment Video Trivia: Justin Timberlake  
Get Your Game On:  Through The Looking-Glass
Healthy Knowledge:  Aloe Vera
Music Challenge: Polygram 
Music Pop Quiz: Renee 
Pop Clips!: Reggae 
Sports:  Four
The Dish : Swiss
TV Trivia: Mad Mad House
Valentine's Trivia: Bradley Cooper

Happy Groundhog's Day!!!!! 
Happy birthday to my dad (in heaven), my cousin Lynne & happy 50th to my "little" brother!!! 

Alcoholic Drinks:  413867 on the mobile site, then --- 

Blockbusters:  Orange
Book Worm Trivia:  Robert Ludlum
Country Livin:  Tim McGraw & Faith Hill
Country Music:  Luke Bryan 
Celebrity Scoop Trivia:   Lady Gaga 
Entertainment Video Trivia:   Rihanna
Get Your Game On:  Xbox One
Healthy Knowledge:  Nanotube Water
Music Challenge:  Marianne Faithfull
Music Pop Quiz:  Ed Sheeran 
Pop Clips!:  Breadcrumbing 
Sports Trivia:  Shannon Miller
The Dish :   Omelets
TV Trivia:   The Tribe 
Valentine's Trivia:  Venus 

Blockbusters: Hail, Caesar
Bookworm Trivia: Stephen King
Country Music Trivia: Miranda Lambert
Celebrity Scoop: The Weeknd
Get Your Game On: PlayStation 4
Healthy Knowledge: Base
Music Challenge: The Runaways 
Music Pop Quiz: Boyz II Men 
Sports Trivia: Smoking
TV Trivia: All my Children 
Valentine's Trivia: Kamadeva

Blockbusters:  Christian Bale 
Book Worm Trivia:  Revenge
Celebrity Scoop:  Taylor Lautner 
Country Music:  Chris Stapleton
Get Your Game On:  Rockstar Games
Healthy Knowledge:  Health Insurance 
Music Challlenge:  XTC 
Music Pop Quiz:   Jordin Sparks
Sports TGrivia:   Meteor
TV Trivia:  Superman
Valentine Trivia:   20 years

Valentine's Trivia currently accepting '10 years'.

Valentine's Trivia is now accepting '5 years' (as of 3pm ET - will probably change again)..."10 years" is no longer as answer choice.

Blockbusters:  Jimmy Fallon 
Book Worm Trivia:  Eden 
Country Livin:  Kelsea Ballerini
Country Music:  Little Big Town
Celebrity Scoop:   Miles Teller 
Entertainment:  Powerless 
Get Your Game On: Touch Hockey FS5
Healthy Knowledge: 100 Million
Music Challenge:   Scandal 
Music Pop Quiz:  Maroon 5 
Pop Clips!:  35-49 
Sports Trivia: Alex Bilodeau
The Dish : Enchilada Lasagna  
TV Trivia: Waitress
Valentine Trivia: Tomato 

Blockbusters: Johnny Storm
Book Worm Trivia: Death
Celebrity Scoop:  Britney Ever After
Country Livin’: Pretty
Country Music:  Florida Georgia Line
Entertainment Video Trivia:  Jack 
Get Your Game On: iBasketball
Healthy Knowledge:  Every 8 Seconds
Music Challenge:  No Doubt 
Music Pop Quiz:  Usherf/ Lil Jon & Ludacris
Pop Clips!  1984 
Sports Trivia:  Bollettieri Tennis Academy
The Dish : 1 1/4 cup 
TV Trivia:  Fox
Valentine Trivia:  Yellow  

Blockbusters: Crush
Book Worm Trivia: Hartford, CT
Celebrity Scoop: Colin Hanks 
Country livin’: 2015
Country Music: Chris Stapleton
Entertainment Video Trivia: Mischa Barton
Get Your Game On: TapDefense
Healthy Knowledge: Caving
Music Challenge: On A Bathroom Wall
Music Pop Quiz: Cyndi Lauper
Pop Clips!: Sugar 
Sports Trivia: A Ring 
The Dish : Steawberries   
TV Trivia: Principal Figgins 
 Valentine Trivia: Lancelot and Guinevere

Blockbusters: The Flying Dutchman
Book Worm Trivia: Wrote Words
Country livin’: LeAnn Rimes
Country Music: Girl Crush by Little Big Town
Celebrity Scoop: Teri Hatcher
Entertainment Video Trivia: Matt Damon 
Get Your Game On: Cannon Challenge
Healthy Knowledge: Wisdom teeth 
Music Challenge: Stand
Music Pop Quiz: Furler
Pop Clips!: $225 
Sports Trivia: A Gold Medal 
The Dish : Grilled Chicken 
TV Trivia: Futurama
Valentine Trivia: Saint Dwynwen 

Blockbusters:  James Newton Howard
Book Worm Trivia:  A Wound In Battle
Celebrity Scoop:  4 yr old twin girls 
Entertainment:  Will Arnett 
Country Livin:  Reba McEntrie
Country Music:  Mac McAnally
Get Your Game On:  RhinoBall
Healthy Knowledge:  Dentist 
Music Challenge:  The Las 
Music Pop Quiz:  Debbie Gibson 
Pop Clips!  Chocolate Covered Bacon 
Sports Trivia:  Indianapolis Speedway
The Dish :  1/2 cup
TV Trivia:  Liev Schreiber
Valentine's Trivia:  China 

Blockbusters:  District 12
Book Worm Trivia:   Black Smoke
Celebrity Scoop Trivia:   Metallica 
Country Music:  Texas
Get Your Game On:  Heads Up! 
Healthy Knowledge:  Gingivitis 
Music Challenge:  The Psychedelic Furs
Music Pop Quiz:   White Wedding
Sports Trivia:   Long Jump
TV Trivia:   Supernatural
Valentine's Trivia:   Bay

Blockbuisters:  Naomie Harris
Book Worm Trivia:  An Alien Life Form
Celebrity Scoop:   Richard Branson 
Country Music:  Merry Go 'Round
Get Your Game On:  Monument Valley
Healthy Knowledge:  Upper Jaw
Music Challenge:   Mother Love Bone
Music Pop Quiz:   Ola Ray
Sports Trivia:   Backstroke
TV Trivia:   Secrets And Lies 
Valentine's Trivia:  Jenny 

Bonus Links:
Put radio station info at the beginning, to get the bonus points:

1000:  asp3/CodeDetail.aspx?type=4&SetID=9891
5000:  asp3/CodeDetail.aspx?type=4&SetID=9892

Blockbusters:   Liv Tyler
Book Worm Trivia:  The Psychlos
Country Livin:  Remnants 
Country Music:   Drums 
Celebrity Scoop: Beyoncé 
Entertainment Video Trivia: Taylor Swift
Get Your Game On:  Geometry Dash
Health Knowledge:  Dentin
Music Challenge:   Randy Newman
Music Pop Quiz:   Sia 
Pop Clips!: Protein 
Sports Trivia:   A Turkey
Sweet Caribbean Escape Trivia:   Río de la Plata
The Dish :   5 minutes 
TV Trivia:   You're The Worst
Valentine's Trivia:  Germany



Blockbusters: Ender's Game
Book Worm Trivia: The Overlords
Celebrity Scoop Trivia:  This Is Us 
Country Music: Something to Do with My Hands
Country Livin’: Maren Morris
Entertainment Video Trivia: Halloween  
Get Your Game On: Timberman 
Healthy Knowledge: Gingivitis 
Music Challenge: Moonshine 
Music Pop Quiz: Eurythmics 
Pop Clips!: 3 
Sports Trivia: Bunker
Sweet Caribbean Escape Trivia: Borinquen
The Dish : Hazelnuts
TV Trivia:  Get Lucky 
Valentine's Trivia: Kisses  

Blockbusters:  Chris Rock 
Book Worm Trivia: Edward Hyde 
Celebrity Scoop Trivia:  Matt Damon 
Country Music:  Dierks Bentley 
Country Livin’:  4
Entertainment Trivia:  Beauty & the Beast 
Get Your Game On:  No Brakes 
Healthy Knowledge:  30 minutes 
Music Challenge:  Asia - Asia 
Music Pop Quiz:  Something to Be 
Pop Clips!:  40% 
Sports Trivia:  Holly Holm 
Sweet Caribbean Escape Trivia:  Over 220 
The Dish  :  7 
TV Trivia:  Dash  

Blockbusters:  Atlanta
Book Worm Trivia:  John Hammond
Celebrity Scoop Trivia:  The Weeknd's 'Starboy'
Country Livin':  Cinematic
Country Music:  The SteelDrivers 
Entertainment Video Trivia:    Metallica
Get Your Game On:   Ingress
Healthy Knowledge: Simple Carbohydrates 
Music Challenge:   Deborah Cox
Music Pop Quiz:   Barry Gibb 
Pop Clips!: The Bachelor
Sports Trivia:   Korea
Sweet Caribbean Escape Trivia:   Arecibo
The Dish :   Curried shrimp and cauliflower
TV Trivia:   Allsafe Cybersecurity 

They seem to be taking/allowing 100 rather than the usual 50 "watched" 500 point videos.

Blockbusters:  Monsters University
Book Worm Trivia:  Mrs. Whatsit 
Celebrity Scoop: Sam Trammell
Country Livin':  Alicia Keys
Country Music:  Middle Tennessee State University
Entertainment Video Trivia: His Nose
Get Your Game On:   Piano Tiles
Healthy Knowledge:  40 calories or less
Music Challenge: Happy Families 
Music Pop Quiz: Girlfriend 
Pop Clips!: Cheat Watching 
Sports Trivia:  The Next One
Sweet Caribbean Escape Trivia:   El Yunque
The Dish :  Snow peas
TV Trivia:  Shayla  

Blockbusters:  Turbo 
Book Trivia:  Paleontologist 
Celebrity Scoop:  Drew Barrymore 
Country Music Trivia:  Chris Lane
Get Your Game On:  TwoDots
Healthy Knowledge:  Spotter 
Music Challenge: The Last Emperor
Music Pop Quiz: Buzz Lightyear
Sports Trvia:  London
TV Trivia:  Matt Bomer (s/b Fred Savage, only 1 chance) 

TV trivia: taking Danny Dyer now

Blockbusters:  Frozen
Book Trivia:  The Minutemen 
Celebrity Scoop:  Katy Perry 
Country Music Trivia:   Chris Stapleton
Get Your Game On: Disney Tsum Tsum 
Healthy Knowledge: Star Fruit 
Music Challenge:  two turntables and a microphone 
Music Pop Quiz:  Can't Touch This 
Sports Trvia:  Denver Broncos
TV Trivia:  Jason Alexander

Blockbusters: Johnny Depp
Book Worm Trivia: The Bug War
Celebrity Scoop:  Alanis Morissette 
Country Livin: Carrie Underwood
Country Music: Eric Church
Entertainment Video Trivia:  Daft Punk 
Get Your Game On: Lionel Messi
Healthy Knowledge: Dark Chocolate
Music Challenge:  Don Henley 
Music Pop Quiz: It's Gonna Be Me 
Pop Clips!:  Mondelez 
Sports Trivia: San Diego Chargers 
The Dish : Almonds
TV Trivia: Mohinder Suresh 

Bonus Links:
Put radio station info at the beginning, to get the bonus points:

1000:  asp3/CodeDetail.aspx?type=4&SetID=9891
5000:  asp3/CodeDetail.aspx?type=4&SetID=9892

Blockbusters:  Furious 7
Book Trivia:   Night Shift 
Celebrity Scoop:  Chandler Powell 
Country Livin Trivia:  Keith Urban & Nicole Kidman
Country Music Trivia:  Hank Williams Jr. (Feat. Eric Church) 
Entertainment Video Trivia: 4 
Get Your Game On:  Town Mayor
Healthy Knowledge:  Vitamin E 
Music Challenge: Bono
‘Music Pop Quiz: Do You Really Want To Hurt Me? 
Pop Clips!:   Rosie O'Donnell 
Sports Trivia:  45th
The Dish :  12 Hours
TV Trivia:   Perfect Recall 

Blockbusters:  San Andreas
Book Trivia:  The Stars Shine On The Hour Of Our Meeting  
Celebrity Scoop Trivia:  Ben Affleck
Country Music Trivia:  Justin Moore 
Entertainment Video Trivia:  Adele 
Get Your Game On:  Super Smash Bros. For Wii U 
Healthy Knowledge:  A Leafy Green Salad 
Music Challenge: In High School 
Music Pop Quiz:  Spice Girls 
Pop Clips!:  39% 
Sports Trivia:  Marcel Reece
The Dish :  Pig foot
TV Trivia:  Derek Sheperd And Richard Webber  

Country Livin': 7

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