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Get Your Game On: Pac-Man
Homerun Trivia: Ernie Banks (as of 11:20am)
Darth Vader Is Back In New 'Star Wars: Rogue One...: Now accepting 0

It keeps changing.....


'Bad Boys 3' Is Pushed to 2018 And Gets...:  2
A Surprise Wedding 30,000 Feet in The Ai...:   Athens, Greece
Fleet of Cars Hidden in Garage for 30 Years ...:  44
Gabby Douglas Throws Shade to Simone BilES ...:  2012
Jennifer Lopez Will Star as Griselda Blanco ...:  Colombia
Leslie Jones Gets Revved Up in Rio :  NBC
Pay for Your Prescription the Same Way You ...:  CVS Pay
Pepperoni Pizza Is Making You Look Old:  Sodium
Why Should You See 'Sausage Party'?:  R
Would Weaker Beer Help Reduce Alcohol's ...:  Ethanol

Animal Trivia:  Steve 
Crazy Video Trivia:    37
Food Fetish Trivia:  Egg yolk
Science Trivia:  Emma Dobigny.....RNA Sequencing is the correct answer
Ultimate Celeb Trivia:  Vogue
What Is Happening Trivia:   3

Blockbusters: Ex Machina
Book Worm: On Chesil Beach
Country Livin’: Kelly Clarkson
Country Music: 5
Celebrity Scoop: Camron Diaz
Entertainment: 9
Get your game on: Tomodachi Collection
Healthy Knowledge: Upper Jaw
Homerun: Willie
Music Challenge:  Barbara Sicuranza 
Music Pop Quiz: Louisiana
Pop Clips: Germany 
Sports: Jean-Marc Mormeck
The Dish : Penne
TV Trivia: Atlantic City 

Tues...meeting the Superintendent of the NYS DOE at noon....

Blockbusters: Brooklyn
Book Worm: The Casual Vacancy
Country Livin’: February
Country Music: He Didn't Have To Be
Celebrity Scoop: David Letterman
Entertainment: 4 
Get your game on: Miis
Healthy Knowledge: Dentin
Homerun: Willie McCovey
Music Challenge:  Johnny Cougar 
Music Pop Quiz: Woman
Pop Clips: Frozen
Sports: Tom Watson
The Dish : Sambol
TV Trivia: Game of Thrones 

Apple Co-Founder Lists One Bedroom Ranch...:  2
Beer Delivery Coming to A Beach Near You:  Klink Delivery
British Airways Ditching Meals for 'Fun-...:  1
Farmer's Almanac Predicts Teeth Chatteri...:  1792
Mama Bear Runs After Cubs Who Fall Down ...:  Katmai National Park
New Popular Baby Name Thanks to the Olympics:  891
Rare 'Harry Potter' Book Worth Some Serious Money:  300
Refilled Water Bottles May Have More Ger...:  Stainless steel
The Most Expensive Bottles of Rum Ever Sold:  $5,999
Wand Shop Bans 'Harry Potter' Fans:  Mystical Moments

Animal Trivia:   Olivia
Crazy Video Trivia:   Black Manta
Food Fetish Trivia:  None.....WRONG QUESTION...may change....
Science Trivia:  High Dynamic Range Stereo X
Ultimate Celeb Trivia:  4
What Is Happening Trivia:  $549.00 

Animal Trivia:  Mercedes-Benz SUV 


PLEASE EVERYONE:  join me in wishing mrs817 a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!  

Blockbusters: Amy Winehouse
Book Worm: The Racketeer
Country Livin’: Kacey Musgraves
Country Music: Somebody
Celebrity Scoop: Avril Lavigne
Entertainment Video Trivia: Flynn 
Get Your Game On: Life Simulation
Healthy Knowledge: Gingivitis
Homerun Trivia: Heather Nabozny
Music Challenge:  Working Girl
Music Pop Quiz: Sean Paul
Pop Clips: 32
Sports Trivia: Rory McIlroy
The Dish : Coconut oil
TV Trivia: Deal Or No Deal 

74-Year-Old Grandma Turns a 400 Meter Runner ...:  2012
Female Athletes Receive More of NBC's Prime Time:  3
Follow These 5 Tips for a Stress-Free Tr...:  $60
Joseph Gordon-Levitt Plays Drums in Subw...:  HitRecord
Louisiana Wants the Rain, Rain to Go Away:  20,000
Monster Squad Sequel from an Iron Man Director?:  Fred Dekker
New Hotel with Indoor Rainforest:  450
Olympics Attendees Injured After Camera ...:  1
Ouch! Justin Bieber Just Deleted His Ins...:  17
Standing On the Subway Could Help Prevent ...:  9

Crazy Video Trivia:   $180,000
Food Fetish Trivia:  Carbs
Science Trivia:  2,425
Ultimate Celeb Trivia:  Jack Ryan
What Is Happening Trivia:  Books

Monster Squad Sequel from an Iron Man Director?:now taking (1987)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @mrs817 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blockbuster: 20th Century
Book Worm: Inferno
Country Livin’: Shania Twain
Country Music: The Queen Of Country Music
Celebrity Scoop: Nick Young
Entertainment: Sarah Michelle Gellar
Get your game on: Yveltal
Healthy Knowledge: 30 Minutes
Homerun: Mickey Mantle
Music Challenge:  From The Cradle
Music Pop Quiz: Kendrick Lamar
Pop Clips: Michael Phelps
Sports: Rory McIlroy
The Dish :  carrots 
TV Trivia: Survivor 

Dogs Prefer Belly Rubs Over Treats:  15
Final Tower of Famed Riviera Hotel and Casino ...:  May 2015
Firefighters Rescue Trapped Dog from 30-...:  Mabel
German Olympic Twins Hold Hands as They ...:   26
How Much It Costs to Fly America's Milit..:  $83,218 PH
Is 'Ben-Hur' Set to Become Summer's BiggEST ...:  $100 million
This App Will Get You to Stop Saying 'Li...:  LikeSo
Zoo Shares Video with Orangutans Going G...:  San Diego Zoo

Animal Trivia:  Firefighters
Crazy Video Trivia:  ---  the only choices, go to the mobile site and do it, will probably change later. answer s/b J.C. Smith (no answers posted yet)
Food Fetish Trivia:  12
Science Trivia:  University of California Los Angeles
Ultimate Celeb Trivia:  $180,000
What Is Happening Trivia:  Etan Cohen


Laika Studio's "Kubo and The Two Strings:     92%
Which Celebrity Does Mark Wahlberg Get:    Matt Damon

Britney Spears Will Perform at the 2016:  Make Me
Decathlete Ashton Eaton Kicks Off Defens...:  28
Green Olympic Swimming Pool Smelled Like...:  Chlorine
Lady Gaga Has Been Confirmed for "A Star...:  Twice
Madonna Celebrates Her Birthday in Cuba!:  Saratoga Hotel
Nasa Prepares Robots for the Journey to ...:  1-Million-Dollar Prize
Smoking, Drinking, and Watching TV Could...:  12%
The Best Ways to End the Struggle of Bac...:  6
The Utah Salt Flats Are Open to Racers A...:  2
Woman Arrested After Butt Dialing 911:  Washington

Animal Trivia:  3.5 ounces
Crazy Video Trivia:  Legendary pictures
Food Fetish Trivia:  $90,000
Science Trivia:  Carbon
Ultimate Celeb Trivia:  Happy Birthday
What Is Happening Trivia: Ridley Scott  

Blockbusters: Anna Kendrick
Bookworm Trivia: Dan Brown
Celebrity Scoop Trivia: David Bowie
Country Livin": Dallas
Country Music Trivia: When I Call Your Name
Entertainment Video Trivia: 4
Get Your Game On: Battlefield Hardline
Healthy Knowledge: Simple carbohydrates
Homerun Trivia: Redland Field
Music Challenge: Heaven Help Me
Music Pop Quiz: Timeflies
Pop Clips: Washington
Sports Trivia: EurAsia Cup
The Dish : Cookies
TV Trivia: Project Runway

A Dorm Fit for a Princess or a Really Fa...:  University of Mississippi
Dolphin Untangled from 3 Pounds of Fishing Gear:  Tango
Gamers Aren't Happy When Xbox Live Crash:  Twitter
iPhone 7 Release Date Leaked:  Headphones Jack
Jared Leto 'Tricked' Into Playing the Jo...:  3
July 2016 Was Earth's Warmest Month Ever...:  1.51
Researchers Say Your Instagram Filter Pr...:  Valencia
Senior Citizens Get Some Pretty Awesome ...:  15%..but accepting 35%.another 1 chance question
Sitting All Day Is Bad for You, and Exercise Won’t Help:  American Heart Association 
Twitter Goes Wild Over Usain Bolt and An...:   19.80
Why Olympian Aly Raisman Asked Michelle ...:  Simone Biles

Animal Trivia:  Barnes and Noble
Crazy Video Trivia:  Sea Port Bay Scallops
Food Fetish Trivia:  Step-It
Science Trivia:  Dava Newman
Ultimate Celeb Trivia:  December 11
What Is Happening Trivia:  Arkansas

Blockbusters: Mia Wasikowska
Book Worm: Veronica Roth
Celebrity Scoop: Alan Rickman
Country Music: Kind
Get your game on: New Super Mario Bros. U
Healthy Knowledge: 40 calories or less
Homerun: Albert Pujols 
Music Challenge:  Bryan Adams
Music pop quiz: James Major
Sports: David Lipsky
TV Trivia: Pennsatucky

Senior Citizens Get Some Pretty Awesome NOW TAKING 25%

'Diddy' Pushes Back Tour to Recover from Surgery:  Bad Boy Family Reunion
Americans Still Love to Eat Meat:  2018
Inside View of Kanye's Pop-Up Shops:  10 a.m.
Interesting Facts About the Beluga Whale:  25 minutes
Marvel Studios Leaks New Doctor Strange ...:  PG 13
Naked Justin Bieber Photo Leaks After Ex...:  Chantel Jeffries
Olympic Swimmer Shells Out $11,000 To Ge...:  26
Truman Capote's Ashes Up for Auction:  $75,000
Try This Unshrinking Clothes Hack:  30 minutes
You Can Rent 'Fixer Upper' Homes but Show ...:  VRBO 

Animal Trivia:  Elpida Hadzi-Vasileva
Crazy Video Trivia:  David Mackenzie
Food Fetish Trivia:  2
Science Trivia:  14
Ultimate Celeb Trivia:  Mary Jane Watson
What Is Happening Trivia:  January 2016 
Blockbusters: James Corden
Book Worm: Doctor Sleep
Celebrity Scoop: Prince
Country Music: Carrie Underwood
Get your game on: PlayStation 4
Healthy Knowledge: Grip ...s/b Spotter (One Try!)
Homerun: 36 Years and 20 Days
Music Pop Quiz: We've got it going on
Sports: Serena Williams
TV Trivia: Paul Giamatti
Music Challenge: Volkswagen

Healthy Knowledge: taking collar now

Healthy Knowledge answer changed to Spotter 5pm EST

Air Travel Complaints Are Down This Year:      38
Amber Heard Donates Divorce Settlement:     $7 million
Baby Born on Airplane Gets 1 Million Air Miles:      2
Experts Start Digging for Nazi Gold Train:      2015
Hormone Treatment Could Slow Gum Disease:     Brazil
Metallica's New Album Will Be Released Soon:      80 minutes
Most Popular Engagement Ring on Pinterest/    18
Trick Gluten-Free Wannabes with These:     Sweden
Why Women Are Always Colder in the Office:    CollegeHumor
Zika Researchers Looking for Volunteers:      accepting '16' days  /  correct answer  = 12 days 

Crazy Video:     Dava Newman
Food Fetish:     6
Science:    2,400
Ultimate Celeb:     October 21st
What Is Happening:      4 

Blockbusters:     Selena Gomez
Book Worm:    And The Mountains Echoed
Celebrity Scoop:     Mohamad Ali
Get Your Game On:      four
Healthy Knowledge:     Star Fruit
Entertainment Video:     Robert Pattinson
Homerun:     New York
Music Pop Quiz:     Eighties
Pop Clips:      Amsterdam
Sports:      2014 BNP Paribas Open
The Dish :      pie dough
TV:      New York  

Music Challenge:     For the First Time

Country Livin':    21
Country Music:   1994

Weekly email  5K & 1K  BC's  (put your station's information @ the beginning)  ~  enter "WiN" 


Additional BC's...


Animal Trivia:  Under Armour

Yes Ayla, you have the right date. Thanks for the birthday wishes!!!😊

I hope I have the right date...Happy Birthday Sams, I hope you are having an excellent day!   

I made 2 of them, and not sure which I like best.  Wishing you the best...always!

Happy Birthday Sams. Hope you have a great day!!!

Hugh Jackman Says Final Goodbye to Wolve...:  March 3rd, 2017
Kanye West Writes Poem About McDonald's ...:  Blond
North Korea Launching Netflix Like Service:  Manbang
Orangutan Makes His Own Jazz Song to Rai...:  Give Me A Klue
Pokémon GO Player Trying to Get 1 Millio...:  Twitter
Pokémon Inspired Burgers are too Cute to...:  Down N’ Out
Shelter Worker Lives with Dog in Kennel:  4 years old
The $450K Supercar That Everyone Wants!:  1000
The Mystery Behind a Massive Snake Skin ...:  Wessie
Want to Buy The 'Wolf of Wall Street' Su...:  Equanimity

Animal Trivia:  2
Crazy Video Trivia:  September
Food Fetish Trivia:  Pavlova
Science Trivia:  20 minutes
Ultimate Celeb Trivia:  Game of Thrones
What Is Happening Trivia:  22 

Blockbusters: Amy Adams
Book Worm: The Goldfinch
Country Livin’: The Civil Wars 
Country Music: Who Says You Can't Go Home?
Celebrity Scoop: Daisy Ridley
Entertainment Video Trivia: Amber Heard
Get your game on: 20
Healthy Knowledge: Vitamin E
Homerun: Willie Mays 
Music Challenge:  Three Days
Music Pop Quiz: Miranda Lambert
Pop Clips: London
Sports: Bob & Mike Bryan
The Dish : Bacon
TV Trivia: Rip Hunter 

Aly Raisman Accepts Date Invite from NFL Player:  Oakland Raiders
Britney Spears Is Auctioning Off Her Wardrobe ...:  MTV VMAs
Every Sponsor Drops Ryan Lochte:  Four
Jennifer Lawrence is Making Bank!:  12
Justin Timberlake Partners with Pilgrimage ...:  2
Sesame Street Theme Composer Dies:  March 2014
Statham Promises Plenty of Action in 'Me...:  $62 million
Uber Joins the Race for a Self-Driving Future:  $680 million
What A Surprise - Dietitians Suggest Kid...:  6
Your Contact Lenses Could Soon 'Talk' To...:   Brazil

Animal Trivia:   220
Crazy Video Trivia:  Back to Back
Food Fetish Trivia:  Tobacco
Science Trivia:  night
Ultimate Celeb Trivia:   $55
What Is Happening Trivia:  $50,000 

Blockbuster: Gerard Butler
Bookworm: Jan Karon
Celebrity Scoop: Charize Theron
Country Livin’: The Shires
Country Music: 2003
Get Your Game on: The Hunter
Healthy Knowledge: A Leafy Green Salad
Homerun: Randy Jones
Entertainment: On a dating app 
Music Challenge:  Buddy Holly
Music pop quiz: Lou Bega
Pop Clips: The language the mother speaks
Sports Trivia: Marin Cilic 
The Dish : Lemon 
TV Trivia: Los Angeles 

Back to School trivia - 8.8 billion

Beatles Music Can Make You a Better Team...:  Cornell University
Fear The Walking Dead Ratings Tank in Mi...:  14.19 million 
Official "Rings" Trailer Released:    F. Javier Gutierrez
Officials Discover Major Clue in Prince'...:  Hydrocodone
Rescued Bear Cub Is So Excited for Her N...:  4
Study Reveals Americans' Biggest Dating ...:  5,500
The Government Is Buying 11 Million Pounds ...:  $20 million
Why Are Kate Upton and The Kardashians F...:  November 2013
You Can Now Own the National Lampoon's V...:  $39,900
Your Long Commute is Adding Inches to Yo...:  33%

Animal Trivia:   3
Crazy Video Trivia:  Howard University
Food Fetish Trivia:  8
Science Trivia:  3
Ultimate Celeb Trivia:   15
What Is Happening Trivia:  92,000  

Blockbuster: Bill Murray
Bookworm: Mark Owen
Celebrity Scoop: The Revelent
Country Livin’: 50th
Country Music: But For The Grace Of God
Entertainment: Hawaii
Get Your Game on: Naughty Dog
Healthy Knowledge: Breast
Homerun: 550 Home Runs
Music Challenge: Suspicious Minds
​Music Pop Quiz: Rise Against
Pop Clips: Kentucky Fried Chicken
Sports Trivia: Sara Errani & Roberta Vinci
TV Trivia: JFK Assassination
The Dish : Parsley 

Summertime trivia - 2020

Back To School:  77.2 Million
Blockbuster:  Simon Pegg
Bookworm:  Anne Taylor
Celebrity Scoop Trivia:  Amy Poehler
Country Livin':  Political Correctness
Country Music Trivia:  Hurricane Katrina Relief
Entertainment Video Trivia:  Montell Jordan
Get Your game On:  Lancarse
Healthy Knowledge:  Dark Chocolate
Home Run:  New York Mets 
Music Challenge: Chet Atkins 
Music Pop Quiz:  Kanye West
Pop Clips:  Peanut Butter
Sports: 5
The Dish :  Ricotta
TV Trivia: Terry Brooks  

Britney Spears Lands Lifetime Movie:  Britney
Chris Hemsworth & Tom Hiddleston Visited ...:  Lady Cilento Children's Hospital
Facebook & WhatsApp Announce New Targete...:  2014
Fashion's 'Queen of Knitwear' Dead at 86:  1968
Fruits and Vegetables Make Men Smell Better to Women:  9 
Gilmore Girls Fan Fest Comes to Connecti...:  taking October (ON THE MOBILE SITE); answer is November, this may change
Hope Solo Ends Her Career in the U.S. Wo...:  2005
Prince's Home Will Open for Public Tours:  $38.50
Ryan Lochte Rumored to Join 'Dancing wit...:   23
Sausage Party Animators File Complaint O...:  $19 million

Animal Trivia:  Virginia Safari Park
Crazy Video Trivia:  1968
Food Fetish Trivia:  1
Science Trivia:  Blue Whirl
Summertime Trivia:  84,000
Ultimate Celeb Trivia:  Email
What Is Happening Trivia:  --- are the choices....Go to the mobile site, and enter ---. ANSWER S/B CW

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