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Before They Were Famous = Burt Lancaster
First Lines = Sir!
Get Your Game On = Solid Snake
Show Me The Money = golden

music pop - bruno mars

Games = White

WPLJ 95.5:
Hot Music Trivia = Bruno Mars

updated string = TheImeOmeAkeGluAcnWhi

103.5/106.7: Music Trivia = Bruno Mars

104.3: Classic Rock Challenge = Six

105.1: Music Skillz = Reality show

8am = The One That Got Away
11am = Good Time
2pm = Start of Something Good
5pm = You Make Me Feel Good
string = TheImeOmeAke

All About Spreading The Flu Virus!: Two or three
All About Taking Calcium!: Calcium
String: TwoCal

Before They Were Famous = Nathan Lane
First Lines = Tyler Durden
Get Your Game On = The Legend of Zelda
Show Me The Money = 1993

Games = Red

updated string = OmeOneWeTwoCalRed

z100: Music Pop Quiz = Carly Rae Jepsen

103.5/106.7: Music Trivia = One Direction

100.7: Pop Rewind with Ed Baer = 1986 & 1994

104.3: Classic Rock Challenge = Tommy Bolin

105.1: Music Skillz = Lil Wayne

Hot Music Trivia = One Direction
8am = Some Nights
11am = One More Night
2pm = Animal....doesn't work but "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" does
5pm = We Are Never Ever Getting Back
string = OmeOneWe

Hope everyone will be OK with the impending storm. If you have power, please post as others may not have power. I lost power for 4 days last yr! I hope not to have that happen this year but u never know...LOTS of mature trees that decide to fall, lose limbs, etc ...

Discovery - Gold Rush: The Long Road: 1000 ounces
Discovery - Brain Quiz: Parietal lobe
Discovery - An Unmanned Flying Jetliner!:Big Flo
All About Benefits Of Walking!: Wearing a pedometer
All About Benefits Of Walking!: Music
All About Ointment!: Scars
String: 100ParBigWeaMusSca

Before They Were Famous = Burger King
First Lines = What came first, the tune or the lyrics?
Get Your Game On = Rockman
Show Me The Money = 1 Ngultrum
What Did They Say = And the time would take its toll upon us all
Presidential Pop Quiz = 4

Games = Blue
morning show bonus code = Back
Win a 64GB iPod Touch! = See Next Offer
Entry Level Jobs = salaries
Win the ultimate XBOX Prizce Pack! = activities

updated string = WeLocGerOnePauPolHarBac100ParBigWeaMusScaBluWheInvSeeSalActRe-

Music Trivia = Carly Rae Jepsen
Variety Video = Red

Q/Day = Drew Bress
8:30 = One More Night
string = One

Q/Day = Cat
8am = (Everytime You Go Away) Paul Young
2pm = The Police (Every Breath U TAke)
string = PauPol

Music Pop Quiz = One Direction
Top Video = False
Q/Day = Jay Sean
#1 @ noon = We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
430...one more night
#1 @ 9 = locked out of heaven
string = WeOneLoc

Classic Rock Challenge = I Can See for Miles
Classic Video = The injured man laying still
Q/Day = Twisted Sister
8am = The Lemon Song
8:50 = The Spirit Of Radio
Workforce Blocks = Fleetwood Mac or the Eagles...no choices posted yet
Live @ 5...allman bros

Music Skillz = Juicy by Notorious B.I.G.
Q/Day = Ciara
donkey of the day = HARP

Hot Music Trivia = Justin Timberlake
8am = Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)
11am = What Makes You Beautiful or We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together...nothing working, not even an error message
2pm = Tonight Tonight...nothing working
5pm ...some nights...nothing working
string = Ger

No Repeat Work Day = I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For - U2
Lunch Break = Straight Up - Paula Abdul
Drive at Five = I Gotta Feeling - Black Eyed Peas
New Music Preview = Girl on Fire - Alicia Keys

Good luck w/ the storm & the aftermath....pray we don't lose power

aweimantonio: can u post the flashback track on KTU instead? They didn't announce the #1 @ noon on z but we are never...worked & I already posted it

Discovery 10/29
Which LEGO piece not used for structures = wheels
What is the term given for gear piece = involute

Trick or Treat Trivia = Salem

Hope everyone stays safe thru Frankenstorm Sandy trick on the east coast & that power outages are minimal!

Trick or Trivia: SALEM

#1 at Noon = We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

Win a $1500 Grocery Gift Card! ... RE-confirm

Lite fm 1067

FYI-re: workforce block @ noon-You may type in Eagles or Fleetwood Mac-both work for points

NO songs working for PLJ!!!The system must be down? IDK!

Before They Were Famous = 12
First lines = Are you watching closely?
Get Your Game On = Zebes
Presidential = 4th
Show Me The Money = New Shekel
Trick-or-Trivia = the spirit of a dead loved one who is watching over you
What Did They Say? = Oh man is a giddy thing

Morning show bonus code = Ball
games = nuclear

Flavors of Aol 10/30
Living Forward Trivia = 2009
Restaurant Survival Guide = Healthier Words
Heidi Klum Dessert Trivia = Brownie Parfait
Heidi Klum Cupcakes Trivia = Kite Cupcake

string = JanScrBadBalNucDavMayBre128Sal200HeaBroKitChaSavSec

Classic Rock Challenge = Angels
Classic Video = Yes
Q/day = Ronnie Wood
Live @ 5 = The Rolling Stones/REO Speedwagon
string = Jan

Music Pop Quiz = Justin Timberlake
Top Video = Ping Pong
Q/Day = Mermaid
#1 @ noon s/b Die Young but not working....
4:30 = Home...not working

Music Trivia = Justin Timberlake
Variety Videos = A glowing orb

Q/Day = Irene
string = ScrBad

Q/Day = Cloud Atlas
2pm = Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark (If You Leave)....not working. did anyone hear the 8am????

Music Skillz = The Blueprint by Jay-Z
Q/Day = Affion Crockett

Hot Music Trivia = Carly Rae Jepsen
nothing working for the fill ins

No Repeat Work Day = Grenade - Bruno Mars
Lunch Break = This Kiss - Faith Hill
Thursday Song of the Day = Here and Now - Luther Vandross
Drive at Five = Heaven is a Place on Earth - Belinda Carlise

sorry about the other listen and wins: went back to sleep at like 5am and overslept for the 8am stuff...
Hoping that everyone made it through Hurricane Sandy w/o too many ill effects!!! A 56 yr old man in Pearl River was killed at like 7:30pm last night when a tree fell into the family room of the house: wife and teenage kids are in the hospital. Pray 4 them! POWER by me was down, then up, etc..thankfully stayed up! Damages: rear fence & side yeard had unexpected dates w/ trees that thankfully did NOT hit our house...We R very lucky!

Discovery - Which talk show host do they see: David Letterman
Discovery - Is there any truth: Maybe
Discovery - How do the scientists describe the picture: Breathtaking
Discovery - How fast does it go: 128mph
String: DavMayBre128

Kinda suprised to see posts this AM. My thoughts & prayers to east coast residents. Watched Sandy hit & results on TWC last night & this morning.

Save Money Doing Things You Already Do! = 5-7

Our power flickered, but did not go out. we don't have TV-I guess cable from time warner is down. Had 2 big trees come down & miraculously did not hit house. One fell away from our house through neighbor's fence, other fell between our house & neighbor's on our power lines, which are pulled from our house,lying loosely on the ground, yet we still have power. My parents & in-laws lost power yesterday.
I happened to listen this morning, so here's waht I have:

Flashback- words good or bad worked

8-Immigrant song
8:50-you can't always get what you want (so true)
Noon- Janis Joplin - fill in works
Live at 5 - rolling stones

I don't believe 1067 (2 pm answer was orchestral manoeuver b.) or z100 songs are working today, but if anyone gets an answer that works, please post or email me & I'll post it for you- stay safe everyone!

Before they were famous- 12
First Lines- Are you watching closely?
Get your game on- Zebes
Presidential Pop Quiz- 4th
Show me the money- New Shekel
Trick or Trivia- the spirit of a dead loved one who is watching over you
What Did they Say- Oh man is a giddy thing

AOL JOB Trivia - what does it say to the right of 'interviews' in the top orange bar? - Salaries

Heidi Klum Cupcake Trivia - what kind of wedding cupcakes are in slide 18? - Champagne Wedding Cupcakes

Living Forward Trivia - Danielle Coulanges started out in the corporate world as a - Secretary

Restaurant Survival Guide - What is tip number three? - Save room

The Z100 listen & wins aren't working today. Maybe tomorrow! Hope everyone is safe. GOD BLESS

Heidi Klum Dessert Trivia

For 500 Points,what shape are the cupcakes in slide 14?
Kite Cupcakes

For 500 Points, What kind of parfait is in slide 19?
Brownie Parfait

Discovery - What Do You Know?: 6,000
Discovery - Remote Controller Jet Plane ...: Three
Discovery - Gold Rush: Last Chance: Limits
String: 6,0ThrLim

Before They Were Famous = Dr. Pepper
First Lines = In Brug
Get Your Game On = Doc Louis
Show Me The Money = Rhinoceros
What Did They Say = Just don't give up, I'm working it out
Presidential Pop Quiz = Richard Mentor Johnson
Trick or Trivia = brown sugar

sorry 4 the delay in posting but had no internet access....BUT had my portable radio w/ me!!!! 8:20pm and I'll post what I heard but haven't tried all yet...

games = A
Morning Show Bonus Code = Halloween
Toys R Us = Orange

Updated String = DavOneHalA6,0ThrLimOraSal

Music Triva = 19 new species of fern were named after her
Variety Video = A party in the woods

8:30 = One More Night
Q/Day = Rihanna
Flash Back Track ... none was played/announced
War of the Roses ...none was played....the station is on b/u generator, has no phone lines, w/ minimal staff...
string = One

8am = (Lonely No More} Rob Thomas...not working! listened and tried all songs for 1/2 hr so write to them that this didn't work...
2pm = (Love is a Battlefield) Pat Benetar....didn't try it yet
Q/Day = Demi Lovato
8:40 ... neither of the listen and wins are available now....WTH????

Classic Rock Challenge = Eagles
Classic Video = Money
Q/Day = Green Day
8am = The Crunge
8:50 = Who Are You?
WFB = Bob Dylan or Bruce Springstein...BRUCE works....thanks mrs817
Live @ 5 = Blue Oyster Cult

Music Skillz = Nicki Minaj
Donkey of the Day = David Stern
Q/Day = Nicki Minaj
string = Dav

Music Pop Quiz = 19 new species of fern were named after her
Top Video = His heart
Q/Day = Taylor Swift
#1 @ noon = We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together...not working
4:30 = Thriller ...it works....thanks mrs817!
#1 @ 9 = gangnam style...not working

Hot Music Trivia = 19 new species of fern were named after her
8am = WITHOUT YOU...nothing working; not even an error message
11am = Lights...nothing working; not even an error message
2pm = Lights...nothing working; not even an error message
5pm = We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together...nothing working; not even an error message

No Repeat Work Day = The River of Dreams - Billy Joel
Lunch Break = Bad Romance - Lady Gaga
Drive at Five = Together Again - Janet Jackson

jermony: welcome!!!! what stations do u listen to???? can't wait 2c what u have 2 post 4 us, esp since a lot of people have no power...congrats that u have it! PLEASE EDIT YOUR POST TO ANSWER RATHER THAN CREATING A NEW ONE....we each make one post/day and edit that post when we have any info to add. We also refresh the page 2c if that info's been added already....thanks! and welcome...

Hi there ... well I think that I figured this out.

AOL 10/30
Restaurant Survival Guide tip #2 = Heartier Word

AOL 10/31
Sales Jobs = Salaries

Happy Halloween

Bruce Springsteen works as fill in for workforce block
Live at 5- blue oyster cult

4:30- thriller- works!


KTU Q of the day = rihanna
Lite Q of the day = demi lovato

WHUD lunch break = bad romance - lady gaga

All About Directed Health Plans!: provider networks
All About Yellow Teeth!: one-time procedure
String: ProOne

Don't know if it's related but Boston's Kiss108/Clear Channel PlanetJerk rewards is gone...meaning not even the past prize link works anymore. Did I mention they were Clear Channels? This is first time I've seen Clear Channel get rid of PlanetJerks. Yup...CBS not Clear Channels. Maybe the beginning of the end.


Before they were famous = General Hospital
First Lines = Mr. Brown
Game On = Bowser
Presidential Quiz = False
Show me the money = Balboa
What did they say = Wasting another night on planning my revenge

games = 7
morning show bonus code...none posted yet (8:10am)

updated string = WPLProOne7StoWal

Music Trivia = Beyonce
Variety Video = False

Q/Day = Rihanna
8am = (Somebody's Baby) Jackson Browne...no Q available anymore but didn't work earlier anyway....maybe they're fixing it
2pm = (Separate Ways) Journey .... BUT no Q available
WEEKLY on air bonus word = Spooky...via e-mail
string = Spo

Q/day = Demi Lovato
8:30 = DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love...not working
Flashback Track...none announced & no Q up 2b answered
WOTR wasn't played today...

Classic Rock Challenge = New Jersey
Classic Video = FALSE
Q/Day = Nirvana
8am = Black Dog
8:50 = Closer To The Heart
Workforce Blocks = Neil Young ...working as of 5pm
Live @ 5 = The Faces

Music Skillz = Future
Q/Day = 2 Chainz
Donkey of the Day = Travelers To NYC...no Q available yet

Top Video = Teddy Bear
Q/Day = Taylor Swift

Hot Music Trivia = Taylor Swift
8am = One More Night...nothing working; not even an error message
11am = It Will Rain...nothing working; not even an error message
2pm = You Make Me Feel Good...nothing working; not even an error message
5pm = BLOW ME (ONE LAST KISS)..nothing working; not even an error message
Weekly E-blast Bonus Code = WPLJ

No Repeat Work Day = Rolling in the Deep - Adele
Lunch Break = One - U2
Drive at Five = You Found Me - The Fray

AOL 11/1
Retail Jobs = Salaries

Morning Show Bonus Code (Daily) = Storm

Moneto - wallet

Z100 - Weekly Newsletter Bonus Code= Help
KTU - Weekly Newsletter Bonus Code= Weather
Q104.3 - Weekly Newsletter Bonus Code= Fall
Power 105.1 - Weekly Newsletter Bonus Code= Relief
106.7 LiteFM - Weekly Newsletter Bonus Code= Support

I got my internet back after being down for a few days. Hope everyone is fine!
Journey at Barclay and Pat Benatar at Union County cancelled so I guess if you won tickets to a cancelled show (or two), you're out of luck!

I for one live real close to the shore so I JUST got power after 4 days! I wish the stations would give me bonus points for living thru it! Oh well on to try to win once again!

Before They Were Famous = Howie Mandel
First Lines = I'm 36 years old
Get Your Game On = The Who: Rock Band
Show Me The Money = $10,000
What Did They Say = No rest for cross-tops in my mind
Presidential Pop Quiz = Millard Fillmore

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