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morning show bonus code = Amazing

AoL - All About Portions! = a deck of cards
AoL - Healthified What Should I Eat? = Keep moving
All About Cranberry Juice! = lemon
AoL - Cold Weather Dress Trivia = chic
All About The Group! = long-term disability
Discovery - Internet Myths Quiz = an Internet Protocol (IP) address
Discovery - Putting Tip! = Debrief Yourself
Discovery - Retiree Adventures = 80
Discovery - Cutting Edge Green Home Tips = high-tech residential
$1,500 Apple Gift Card! = activities
Flavors of AoL 11/13:
Healthified Portion Control = baseball
Healthified 5 Foods = Beta-glucan
Do's And Don'ts = Pashmina Wrap
Trend To Try = Flight
Carbonite: FREE Two Week Trial! Save you = Subscribe

string #1 = DieLetLocScrLikElmPauChiDonAmaCarKeeLemChiLonAnDeb80HigCovActBasBetPasFliSub

Top Video on Demand = Water bottles
Q/Day = Rihanna
#1 @ noon = Die Young (working as of 1:11pm...thanks mrs817!!!)
4:30 = Let Me Love You
#1 @ 9 = Locked Out of Heaven
string = DieLetLoc
Today's Will Call Window name is: Moyu Konishi (Glen Rock, NJ)

Music Trivia = Unorthodox Jukebox
Variety Video = The girl is happy and has a family

Q/Day = Taylor Swift
8:30 = Scream
Flashback Track = Like A Prayer
string = ScrLik
War of the Roses = K9 Kidnapper...not working

Q/Day = Carrie Underwood
8am = Paula Abdul
2pm = Donna Summer
string = PauChiDon

Classic Rock Challenge = Led Zeppelin
Classic Video = Yes
Q/Day = Coldplay
8am = Heartbreaker
8:50 = I Can't Get No Satisfaction
Workforce Blocks = Led Zeppelin
Live @ 5 = The Beatles

Q/Day = Gospel
Music Skillz = Kid Cudi
Donkey of the Day = Elmo & Sesame Street....who are all gay
string = Elm

Hot Music Trivia = To paradise
8am song = You Make Me Feel... but no Q's for the L&Ws are up...????

No Repeat Work Day = Only Girl - Rihanna
Thursday's Song of the Day = Need You Tonight - INXS
Lunch Break = Quit Playing Games (With My Heart) - Backstreet Bo
Drive At Five = Men At Work, "Who Can It Be Now?"

Question: is anyone else trying for z100 jingle balls tix? I can never seem to get thru 4 the call ins; do u have the same problem? VERY frustrating

Discovery - Internet Myths Quiz - an Internet Protocol (IP) address
Discovery - Putting Tip! - Debrief Yourself
Discovery - Retiree Adventures - 80 percent
Discovery - Cutting Edge Green Home Tips - high-tech residential systems

Before They Were Famous ... Chris Farley in a Sally Jessy Raphael satire.
First Lines ... Do you find me sadistic?
Get Your Game On ... Pepper
Presidential Pop Quiz ...Zachary Taylor
Show Me The Money ... 4,000
What Did They Say ... Love to hear percussion
Hot Music ... To paradise
Games ... Blue

AOL Customer Service - Cover Letter TIps

Commercials on the slot machine ugh!!!!

I have been calling for Jingle tix - I call every time - today I was 91 & 97 - other times no rings at all

Sams1997 me too im trying win Jingle Ball tickets. I got through one time and they tell you what caller you are. I was number 53 i was soooooo mad but keep trying.


Live @ 5: Beatles

Got my account unlocked!!!!

irish 13 bracelet 22.50

what's the string for?

i'm also trying to win the splat jingle ball contest and the ed sheeran meet and greet

Discovery - 5k Training Tips: Rest and Hydrate
Discovery - Cryptogram Quiz: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Discovery - Golf Tips!: Closing the Deal
Discovery - Bonding Tips: Show Him Who You Are
All About Chewing Lips!: Yellow
All About Senior Time!: Medicare
String: ResMasCloShoYelMed
FYI: String used cut & paste & put in the above answers this is a short cut to fill in the blank answers.



Before They Were Famous ... Architectural drafting
First Lines ... People trust me with their secret
Get Your Game On ... Missile Command
Show Me The Money ... 7.5 years
What Did They Say ... I don't need too much
Hot Music ... Unorthodox Jukebox
Games ... 10

morning show bonus code = Before
AoL - Finance Trivia = Job Alerts
Shop Amazon.com this Holiday Season! = Duracell
Enter to Win a Black Friday Shopping Spr... = win

updated string = AmeBloBadSouHeaGreChuBefResMasCloShoYelMed10JobDurWin

Music Trivia = Dublin
Variety Video = False

Q/Day = Carrie Underwood
8:30 = Blow Me One Last Kiss
Flashback Track = Bad Of The Heart
War of the Roses = Southern Hospitality
string = BloBadSou

Q/Day = Rihanna
8am = Heart
2pm = Green Day
Weekly Newsletter Bonus Code = CHURN
string = HeaGreChu

Q/Day = Chris Cornell
Classic Rock Challenge = Once Upon A Dream
Classic Video = Radiation Exposures
8am = Sick Again
8:50 = Won't Get Fooled Again
Work Force Blocks = Foreigner
Live @ 5 = The Who

Music Skillz = 2 Chainz
Donkey of the Day = All you un-americans who are unhappy w/ the results of last week's elections who signed a petition to succeed from the US to form their own government...not working so we'll have 2c what the "official" title is later...official title = Un-Americans
Q/day = Saigon
string = Ame

No Repeat Work Day = Canít Help Falling in Love - UB 40
Lunch Break = One More Night - Maroon 5
Drive at Five = Waiting for Tonight - Jennifer Lopez

Q/Day = Phillip Phillips
#1 @ noon = One More Night...not working
4:30 = One More Night...not working
#1 @ 9 = Locked out of heaven....doesn't work
write to them 4 credit...

FYI: wrote to 95.5 and they NO LONGER have the listen and win options available for points...they said 2 just listen for chances to win cool prizes...

iluvradio: never won a prize with points from PLJ!!!!! And dumped many points into things, Has anyone u know??

Donkey - non-americans works

Curious - did anyone ever win a prize with points from PLJ???

WFB Foreigner

The only one I ever knew who won from PLJ points was SS - she won the trip to atlantis.com which was the grand prize from a qualify giftcard - I have won so many qualify prizes on the radio - couldn't even guess how many and never ever won the grand prize even when it was a 1 in 3 chance which has happen several times. I stopped doing the PLJ points long ago because they didn't post the winners and I got the distinct impression that they were not really awarding all the prizes.

Last 2days to vote for me-please vote both days-just click on the green vote button on the link below-i could really use some help-thanks!

has anyone ever won any online contests? like when you enter your points for basically a raffle?

No I myself never won on PLJ!!

All About Preventing Tartar!: 18 inches
AoL - Clerical Trivia:13
String: 1813

Before They Were Famous = Harvard
First Lines = The Godfather
Get Your Game On = Highway Crossing Frog
Show Me The Money = 12 districts
What Did They Say = I don't wanna wash my hands clean

Games = Clubs
morning show bonus code = Mockingbird
Diamond Candy Jewelry! = No,Thanks
*ZoneAlarm...FREE Anti-Virus Protection = botnets

string = WeSomHerDJMadLauSatMoc1813CluNo,Bot

Music Trivia = Kelly Clarkson
Variety Video = Yes

Q/Day = PSY
8:30 = DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love
FBT = Rhythm Of The Night ...not working
War of the Roses = Ice Cold Feet ...not working
string = DJ

Q/Day = Taylor Swift
8am = Madonna
2pm = Laura Branigan
string = MadLau

95.5: Hot Music Trivia = Dublin

Weekly Newsletter Bonus Code = SATISFACTION
Classic Rock Challenge = Dusty Springfield
Classic Video = Standing in fog
Q/Day = The Rolling Stones
8am = Houses Of The Holy
8:50 = Another One Bites The Dust
Workforce Blocks = ELP
Live @ 5 = Bruce Springsteen
string = Sat

Music Skillz = Lil Wayne
Q/Day = DMX
donkey of the day = Henry Hamilton (committed suicide bec obama was re-elected)...no Q up yet

Q/Day = Channing Tatum
Top Video = White
#1 @ noon = We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
4:30 = Some Nights
string = weHerSom
YESTERDAY's Will Call Window name is: William Samuelsen (Brooklyn, NY)
Today's Will Call Window name is: Samantha Hock (Islip, NY)

No Repeat Work Day = Photograph - Nickelback
Lunch Break = Life is a Highway - Tom Cochrane
Drive at Five = Mercy - Duffy

iluvradio: don't see points on any screen other than the points expiring one...been that way 4 me 4 a while...did it just change 4u?

NOTE: PTA meeting tonight so please post KTU's War of the Roses & z100's #1@9. Thanks!!

noon - we are never
newsletter - hero

Can you see your point total on Z??? I can only see it on the slot machine - I used to be able to see it when I clicked on the arrow next to View profile

ZoneAlarm...FREE Anti-Virus Protection - botnets
Diamond Candy Jewelery - No, Thanks

iluvradio said:   Can you see your point total on Z??? I can only see it on the slot machine - I used to be able to see it when I clicked on the arrow next to View profile
Seems to be broken. Another way to see your points is at "My Entries" inside My Account.

#1 @ 9 - Beauty And A Beat

AoL - Trend To Try Coats Style - Puffa Mia Parka
AoL - Danielle Coulanges - teacher
AoL - Restaurant Edition - share one with the table

Morning Show Bonus Code = Saga (Sag)

String = PufTeaShaSag

Before They Were Famous = house painter
First Lines = David Spritz
Get Your Game On = Link
Show Me The Money = The eagle coin
What Did They Say = Left you outcast, bullied or teased

games = four
All About T & A! = chewing muscles,
All About The HMO = integration
Toys R Us 2 Day = two
Bathroom Glass Vanities - Remodel for less = BRAND

Flavors of AOL
AoL - Living Forward With Danielle Coula... = 56
AoL - Healthified Restaurant Edition = Call Ahead
AoL - The Do's & Dont's Of Shoes = Driving Heels
AoL - Trend To Try Coats = Urban Outfitters

string #2 (w/ bmchang's answer below) = DieOveBeaOneBeMilWhiJouHolChaPufTeaShaSagFouCheInt56CalDriUrb6TwoBra

Top Video = Seeís the girl w/another man
Q/Day = Robert De Niro
#1 @ noon = Die Young
4:30 = Take Over Control (thanks uluvradio!)
#1 @ 9 = #1 @ 9 - Beauty And A Beat
string = DieOveBea
Today's Will Call Window name is: Kim Jakubowski (Valley Stream, NY)

Music Trivia = Lady Gaga
Variety Video = Water bottles

Q/Day = Channing Tatum
8:30 = One More Night
Flashback Track = Be My Lover
Weekly Newsletter Bonus Code = MILLIONS
string = OneBeMil

Q/Day =
8am = Whitney Houston
2pm = Journey
string = WhiJou

Classic Rock Challenge = Bassist Tom Hamilton
Classic Video on Demand = FALSE
Q/Day = Bon Jovi
8am = D'yer Mak'er
8:50 = Don't You (Forget About Me)

Hot Music Trivia = Kelly Clarkson
weekly bonus code = HOLIDAY
string = HOL

Music Skillz = French Montana
Q/Day = Rihanna
Donkey of the Day = Chamique Holdsclaw
string = Cha

No Repeat Work Day = With or Without You - U2
Lunch Break = Glory of Love - Peter Cetera
Drive at Five = Liviní on a Prayer - Bon Jovi

anyone else having problems clicking on 50K point contest on z100? does their rewards site look diff 2u? I see an elongated page....strange/scary...

bmchang: 2 things....
1. PLEASE don't make a 2nd post on the same day. If you have info to post, simply EDIT your first and only post. Having less postings makes the forum easier to read and easier to find info for everyone.
2. PLEASE refresh your screen and check people's posts for the day so that you don't repeat info that's already been posted...The time on your 2nd post is 2:33pm. The last time I was on was "Message edited by: sams1997 on 2012-11-16 13:01:44 CST " so you posted the info AFTER it was already updated on my post. Now it's not that big a deal but think about if EVERYONE did that on the forum. It would have repetitive info and be VERY hard 2 find what you might be looking for. Can we work together on this?? I do NOT want to do all the posting and if you had posted first (without adding to the string, I might add), then I wouldn't have updated my post (except to update the string info for everyone else).
PLEASE let me know if you have a problem with either of these requests....and do so by either sending me a PM or by editing your first post.
Thank you for your help!!! it REALLY is VERY much appreciated!!!!

WFB - Deep Purple

btw - I can see my point total again on Z by clicking on the arrow - yes this morning it was all messed up but it seems better now - I don't see a contest for 50,000 points - I wouldn't enter it anyway - not worth being locked out for

I think that on the Z 4:30 - it is "over" that is working or some part of it rather than take

AoL - Manufacturing Trivia 1 - 6

Bathroom Glass Vanities - Remodel - brand

Toys R Us 2 Day Super Sale! Friday and Saturday - two

How To Get Cavities!: Eruption
Bad Habits!: Yeast
String: EruYea

Before They Were Famous = Elvis Presley
First Lines = Hello. My name's Forrest Gump. You want a chocolate?
Get Your Game On = Super Joe
Show Me The Money = 1969

Games n eCards Trivia = Diamonds
Classic Rock Challenge = the real me

fatwallet.com must have widened their page. I do not care for it and if I make it 75% it makes very small. Am I missing a way to narrow the page with using tools? Thanks!

updated string = EruYeaDia

95.5: Hot Music Trivia = Lady Gaga
103.5/106.7/100.7: Music Trivia = Barack Obama
105.1: Music Skillz = Dark

Bad Breath Morning: calcified structures
Whiter Teeth: dental abrasion
String: CalDen

95.5: Hot Music Trivia = Barack Obama

100.7/103.5/106.7: Music Trivia = Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton

104.3: Classic Rock = The Rascals

Games = 120
updated string = CalDen120

100.7: Pop Rewind with Ed Baer = 1980 & 1974

105.1: Music Skillz = Navy

Before They Were Famous = Columbus Clippers
First Lines = Turkish
Get Your Game On = Miami Dolphins
Show Me The Money = Yosemite National Park

Discovery - Take the '60s music quiz! - folk
Discovery - Scary Silk Spinners: Spider - grass
Discovery - Celebrity Challenge: Beatles - Mia Farrow
Discovery - Wine Region Quiz - Phylloxera

Discovery - Phone Jammer Quiz: Walk away from the immediate area
Discovery - Parent Overhaul: Maybe, but it'll be tricky.
Discovery - Electric Car Quiz: equalization charge
All About Gum Recession!: Japanese
All About The Facts: fetus
Tech Gift Guide: Dell
String: FolGraMiaPhyWalMayEquJapFetFav25%Del

Toys R Us! Shop for Christmas! = favorite
Starwood - CyberMonday = 25%
Morning Show Bonus Code = Deluxe
Flavors of Aol 11/19
AoL - Living Forward Neil Gusman = 59
AoL - Healthified Survival 19 = Healthier Words
AoL - Do's & Don'ts 19 = Mind-Bending Booties
AoL - Trend To Try 19 = Mango
updated string (w/ games & AOLs below) = RodDeaDieBeaSomOneAngBriDelFolGraMiaPhyWalMayEquJapFetFav25%DelRedLooChaWatPen59HeaMinMan

Music Trivia = We Found Love
Variety Video = A wizard

Q/Day = Afro Jacks
8:30 = One More Night
Flashback Track = Angel
War of the Roses = The British invasion
string = OneAngBri

Q/Day = Buddy The Elf
8am = Rod Stewart/Michael Buble...(Winter Wonderland)
2pm = Dean Martin (Rudolph the Red Nosed Raindeer)
string = RodDea

Q/Day = Taylor Swift
#1 @ noon = Die Young
4:30 = Some Nights#1 @ 9 = Beauty & The Beat
string = DieSomBea

Classic Rock Challenge = Celebration Day
Classic Video = Fire shoots out of her eyes
Q/Day = Dave Mathews Band
8am = When The Levee Breaks
8:50 = Karn Evil 9
Workforce Blocks = David Bowie
Live @ 5 = Led Zepelin

Music Skillz = Fists
Q/Day = Kendrick Lamar

No Repeat Work Day = Missing You - John Waite
Lunch Break = Flashdance...What A Feeling - Irene Cara
Drive at Five = Whataya Want From Me - Adam Lambert
Monday's New Music Preview = All Over Me - the BoDeans

mrs817: I am so there w/ u!!! giving up what I consider my "secondary" sites as they seem to no longer offer "L" prizes, even though they're quicker to do...I've given up doing the 100 pt featured links and that seems to help....Guess u have to do what u can on them and come back later to see what they've added...

Before They Were Famous ... Fredericktown High School Freddie
First Lines ... Who am I? You sure you want to know?
Get Your Game On ... Vega
Show Me The Money ... Mississippi
What Did They Say ... Fun, fresh, fierce, we got it on lock
Games ... Red
Hot Music ... Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton

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