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So) here is my complaint:I like to finish all the answers and the stations keep adding more stuff to do that you can never finish. I'm at the point where I'm ready to dump all my points and give this up. Way too much time for too little reward. What does anyone else think?

AOL Professional Trivia 1: LOOKING FOR A JOB AT AOL?
AOL Do's and Dont's Trivia 19: CHAIN
AOL Healthfield Trivia: WATER
AOL Neil Gusman Trivia; PENNSYLVANIA

Updated String with above AOL answers: OneDelFolGraMiaPhyWalMayEquJapFetFav25%DelRedLooChaWatPen

maverick1usa-The answer CHAIN works as does the string. Not sure what you did wrong. It gives you more than one chance to win. The slide in question is a pair of shoes with the heals made from chains. Any answer that starts with "cha" will give you points.

ATTN: AOL Do's and Dont's Trivia 19 (slide 22) = Chandelier (not CHAIN as listed above) (I missed with that answer!)

are there any tips to win contests on z100? i've entered over 900x =[

@ChangedMyHandle: oh wow thank you so much. the contest im trying to win is an L, and its for z100's jingle ball tickets presented by Splat. Its 500pt/entry, and you win 2 jingle ball tickets, 2 meet and greet passes, dinner for 2, access to coca cola lounge, and a gift bag from the lounge for the celebs. what are my odds with something like this? right now, i have a little over 1000 entries. Another contest i'm trying to win, if not the first one, is a meet and greet with Ed Sheeran-- its 1000/entry and i have about 200 this is an L contest too

what does wplj mean?

@Changedmyhandle: ahh! okay i'll try! it ends on the 25th so hopefully i can get some more! i'll try with the will-call window too. that girl lives near me hahah so weird.

hey it would mean a lot to me if you guys could click on this link. you don't have to sign up or anything. its just a contest, and the winner with the most clicks wins! please pass it on if possible! thank you!


Power 105.1:
Donkey of the Day = Kim Kardashian

heeylaurax0, which contest? If it's the Will Call Jingleballs Contest, since you're female, you'll have a better chance of winning (just observing the winners' names and they're mostly (not all) female names).

If it's some other contest (like movie passes) with 20 winners, 900x is WAY too many entries! 300 is more than enough to win.

You have to go by how many winners and if it's local "L" or national "MM". Local stuff, 900 to 1000 entries is good for 1 winner. National stuff, you're going to need at least 3000 (thinking about the Tri-State area) for 1 winner. Of course, there's people over here who put in millions of entries for something in the "MM" contests and wastes 3 months worth of collected points! It's all about luck!

As for WPLJ contests, that's just pure luck! I put in 3000 entries or more to that Equestrian getaway vacation and didn't win! Meanwhile, I didn't care for the Alanis Morissette concert (because I won a previous contest to see her already) and won that instead!

P.S.- I burned out a while ago. I got back in but then they made the Featured Links less points and harder to get (along with those annoying talking ads which wakes up/annoys everyone! The culprits- Lexus of Englewood, Conair Infiniti, and DO-AC). I just used three months worth of points (3 million points or 6000 entries) to win Journey at Barclay's (overly excessive but I had to make sure I would win) and then the hurricane happened. No reschedule and no alternate prize so I just stopped playing out of depression. I put 2000 entries for Will Call Jingleballs but nothing so that's it for me! Just have enough to win and watch movie passes. I'm just entering non-point stuff from WPLJ and other radio stations like Hot 97.

Today's (November 19) Will Call Window name is:
Brittany Lang (Wallkill, NY)

Today's (November 20) Will Call Window name is:
Emily McFadden (Cliffside Park, NJ)

See? Another female winner! Maybe you should put at least 200 points on this one as well!

heeylaurax0, WPLJ is the radio station on 95.5 FM. Most of their contests that are local just need you to place an entry every day and they pick at random from that!

If you want to make sure to win, try putting 2000 entries because that's 1 million points or more. You better your chances that way.


Morning Show Bonus Code = Circus
Grinding Trivia = desensitizing
Stress Trivia = pulp
Deals on Top Brand Attire! = Tan
Jewelry You Want = The Uncommon Drugstore
Shop Cameras for Christmas! = eBay

Discovery - NASA Curiosity Quiz = Curiosity
Discovery - Titanic Pics! = lifeboats
Discovery - Sliding Puzzle Quiz = 25 seconds
Discovery - Are you a helicopter parent? = You're probably at an appropriate level of attentiveness.
Discovery - Retirement and RVs = Fiction
Discovery - Extreme Weather = There's a great chance your tweens will thank you for this one! (Though it's unlikely they'll say it out loud, of course.)
Discovery - Tupperware Quiz = Tupper Tree Doctors

string(w/ answers in posts below) = JamCarDonDieGivFanForTurCirDesPulCurLif25YouFicTheTupRelThuPayTanTheEba

8am = The Ocean
8:50 = Free will
WFB = Aerosmith
Live @ 5 = Aerosmith...no choices listed yet
Newsletter Bonus Code = GOBBLE

8am = Last Christmas by Wham! ... not working. But JAMES does...thanks 4 trying so many things mrs817!!!
2pm = Carpenters
string = JamCar

donkey of the day = Donald Jr. Green
string = Don

8:30 = Give Me Everything
Flashback Track = Fantasy
War of the Roses = For never
string = GivFanFor

No Repeat Work Day = Just the Way You Are - Bruno Mars
Lunch Break = Hold On - Wilson Phillips

#1 @ noon = Don't Wake Me Up
4:30 = Die Young
#1 @ 9 = Die Young
string = DonDie
Today's Will Call Window name is: Emily McFadden (Cliffside Park, NJ)

KTU / LiteFM
music trivia = Justin Bieber
variety video = white

Q of the day = Jordin Sparks
Weekly On-Air Bonus Code = TURkey

Q of the day = Harry Styles
top video = red

Q of the day = Keri Hilson
music skillz = DJ Khaled

Q of the day = MC Hammer

Q of the day = Richie Sambora
classic rock = Lennon/McCartney
classic video = dancing behind the band

hot music trivia = We Found Love

Before They Were Famous ... Tennis
First lines ... It's about five o'clock in the morning.
Games ... 7
Get Your Game On ... FOXHOUND
Hot Music ... We Found Love
Show Me The Money ... 1791
What Did They Say? ... We found love in a hopeless place

Lots of people out of work thus the contesting pool got bigger. Bad about rewards is you can't see how many people are playing the game. With call ins, you at least can tell from the busy signals. Twitter you can also see how many are posting for contest.

Really competive out there for few prizes. In past years, they gave out $1k at a pop. Now it's down to $500. Really mean lady out at Philly Jingle Ball ticket run. She's getting on my case and giving me the eye for putting more than 1 entry. Meanwhile she's got her 10 kids with her...that killed the odds. But not to worry, there's ~200+ people waiting for drawing for 1 pair of tickets (right...1 pair) so the odds are bad for even her. They use to give out a pair every 15 minutes. Ugghhh

What's bad is the PlanetJam rewards game could be so easy to enter and you're done quickly but their software is so buggy and your computer freezes. Then the codes don't work so you wasted your time. That's why I call them PlanetJerks.

Supplemental Trivia, Sharecare: RELAX
Automotive Trivia: PAY RAISES

Updated New string with above: GivTurCirDesPulCurLif25YouFicTheTupRelThuPay

Has Q104.3 done away with the Live @ Five?????? Two days in a row without it...

Supplemental Trivia: Relax
String: CurLif25YouFicTheTupPulDesRel

Insurance Trivia = thumb sucking

WHUD 100.7:
Drive at Five = Don't Stop Believing - Journey

Discovery - Darth Vader = Darth Vader
Dental Trivia = level
Cavities Trivia = Two
Topical Trivia = Prevention
Relief Trivia = home
AoL - Living Forward Trivia = 20
AoL - Banking Trivia 21 = Career Advice

Amazon Deals = pink
Computer Deals! = Heart
Jewelry Deals and Trivia! = Gemify yourself with real gems
Top Card Match = EDITOR'S CHOICE
Cameras For Christmas - Cybershot Battery = 2,000

Discovery - Extreme Weather = Lily Allen....answer changed to = 150,000
Discovery - Sock Hop Quiz = About 50,000
Discovery - Are You Embarrasing Your Twe... = Call the parent police! Your behavior has the potential to seriously embarrass your tweens
Discovery - Vacation With The In-Laws = personal space
Discovery - What Happened To MySpace? = Lily Allen

AoL - Living Foward With Steve = Massachusetts
AoL - Healthified Camping Guide = Try car camping
AoL - Flawless On The Fly = Botched
AoL - Music Award Outfits = blue

string = DiaDieDynOneTagCreDicWhaNatJinBEThomTraDarLevTwoPreClaHomSta20LilAboCalPer10CarMasCarBotBluPinHeaGemEdi2,0150

bmchang: PLEASE stop posting what I've done already!!!!!! I'll stop posting now but PLEASE edit what you have to not include the ones I've done already. THANK U!!!!!!!!!

WHAT IS EVERYONE DOING UP??? u guys r too funny!!!!L O L....night 12:44am

Music Trivia = 3
Variety Video = Sees the girl with another man

8:30 = One More Night
FBT= Together Again
War of the Roses = Dick At Nite
string = OneTogCreDic

8am = WHAM
2pm = Nat King Cole
string = WhaNatJin
Q/Day = Harry Styles

Classic Rock Challenge = Toronto
Classic Video = Sheryl Crow
8am = All My Love
8:50 = Comfortably Numb
Workforce Blocks = Poison
Q/Day = The Rolling Stones
live @ 5 was NOT played tonight and there are no choices for the answer....

Music Skillz = Usher
Donkey of the Day = BET for their mishandling of DJ Holmes Late Night Show "Don't Sleep"...working as of 3:15pm
Q/Day = Ashanti
string = BEThom

Hot Music Trivia = Justin Bieber

No Repeat Work Day = Losing My Religon - REM
Lunch Break = Who Says You Canít Go Home - Bon Jovi with Jennife
Drive at Five = Kiss Me - Sixpence None the Richer

Q/Day = MC Hammer
#1 @ noon = Diamonds
4:30 = Die Young
#1 @ 9 = Die Young
string = DiaDieDyn
Today's Will Call Window name is: Maddie D'Amore (Point Pleasant Beach, NJ)

Read more: http://www.z100.com/pages/events/jingleball12/#ixzz2CuLR3h5s

10:10am: NOTE...........YESTERDAY'S Q104.3's LIVE @ 5 QUESTION IS UP W/ CHOICES!!!!! go onto your account and pick AEROSMITH for 2500 points!!!

Dental Trivia: Level
Cavities Trivia: Two

Tip #3-stay hydrated
Slide 14-clarisonic brush


Video-bait store

Rattle color-pink

Morning Show Bonus Code (Daily) = Train (Tra)

Power 105.1:
Weekly Newsletter Bonus Code = HOMEMADE

KTU 103.5:
Weekly Newsletter Bonus Code = CREED

LiteFM 106.7:
Weekly Newsletter Bonus Code = JINGLE

Weekly Newsletter Bonus Code = DYNAMITE

Before They Were Famous ... Regis Philbin
First lines ... Constantinople
Games ... 10
Get Your Game On ... SPARTAN project
Hot Music ... Justin Bieber
Show Me The Money ... 118
What Did They Say? ... We knew it was through

Gums Trivia: Diabetes
Recession Trivia: 30s & 40s
Discovery not working right now
String: Dia30s

Before They Were Famous = David Hyde Pierce
First lines = 400%
Get Your Game On = Green
Show Me The Money = Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
What Did They Say? = My my Baby Blue

Games n eCards Trivia ... UNDo

HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mouth Trivia = genetically inherited
Levels Trivia = Dental Hygenists

morning show bonus code = Thanksgiving
updated string = ThaDia30sUndGenDen

Music Trivia = Carly Rae Jepsen
Variety Video = Carly Rae Jepsen

Q/Day = Bad
8:30am = Danza Kuduro/Don Omar...not working

8am = Mariah Carey...not working

Classic Rock Challenge = Candle in the Wind
Classic Video = Black
8am - Get The Led Out...fill in: not working
Living After Midnight/Judas Priest...fill in: not working

8:50am - 10 Songs In A Row
Starship Trooper/Yes...not working

Top Video = False

Donkey of the Day = Elmo and the Sesame St staff, label, and crew

Everyone here at 100.7 WHUD wants to wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving! In the spirit of the holidays WHUD also wants to give you some extra VIP Rewards! Just type the word TURKEY into the answer section below to receive your 15,000 extra VIP Rewards! Because of special holiday programming there won't be a "Thursday Song of the Day" or a 9am, Noon, or 5pm song on Thursday of Friday! We hope you enjoy the extra Rewards!
but 9am song announced & played: Black Horse & A Cherry Tree

not posting any more today....

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving-
FYI my daughter won Bieler tickets a while ago on a call in-anyone going on the 29?

Video-jet ski


Doctor Trivia: Overall
Oral Trivia: Bitewing
Exercise Trivia: Captain
Program Trivia: Walking
String: OveBitCapWal

Before They Were Famous = Kellogg's Cornflakes
First lines = I'll give you a five minute window.
Get Your Game On = Liberty City
Show Me The Money = 4:10
What Did They Say? = You look so deep, you know it humbles me

Games n eCards ... 11

can't believe I overslept....ugh....will have 2c what I can find out played thru playlist research

Morning Show Bonus Code = Rise
updated string = RisOveBitCapWal11

Classic Rock Challenge = Robert Plant
Classic Video = Ink
8am = Cheap Trick - I Want You To Want Me (Live) ...fill in and not working
8:50 = GUESS WHO - American Woman...fill in and not working

Music Trivia = Maroon 5
Variety Video = Red

Q/Day = Moonshine
8:30 = Pink - BLOW ME (ONE LAST KISS) ... not working

8am = Tony Bennett - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas...not working
2pm = It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year/Peabo Bryson...not working

Top Video = Jet ski race on the lake
11/22's Will Call Window name is: Joseph Mistretta (Astoria, NY)
Today's Will Call Window name is: Ariella Danziger (Huntington, NY)
Ryan Seacrest didn't announce a #1 @ noon, but the 5th song that played was Girl On Fire which is NOT working as the answer...
4:30 = Some Nights...not working
#1 @ 9...some nights...can't ck it bec boys doing h.w. so no comp 4 me.

Music Skillz = Frank Ocean
Donkey of the Day = Wyclef Sean...no Q up yet...

NEVER MIND because...Because of special holiday programming there won't be a "Thursday Song of the Day" or a 9am, Noon, or 5pm song on Thursday of Friday!

aweimantonio: Bet you didn't know that the Q & A's that you posted were from the 21st! Do u know that you can do a seach on these pages 2c if what u need/find has been posted or not? U go to the top of the page and there's a search bar to enter the name of your question. It searches this whole forum for a match(es) that come up for you to scroll thru until u find the exact match for it! PLEASE use this feature (as well refreshing the page b4 posting) so you don't end up duplicating info OR causing people to say "hey, how come I don't have that Q&A? Thanks!

Classic Rock Challange = Robert Plant

okay thank you sams for letting me know! appreciate it

Smoking Trivia: Two mins.
Diabetes Trivia: Poison Control Center
Supplements Trivia: Fish oil
Heart Attack Trivia: Fish oil
String: TwoPoiFis

Games n eCards Trivia ... WHITE
Before They Were Famous ... Crayola Crayons
First Lines ... Daniel Day Lewis
Get Your Game On ... 2003
Show Me The Money ... U.S. Capital

updated String = TwoPoiFisWhi

Classic Rock Challenge = Leeds

Music Trivia = Katy Perry

Music Skillz = Nicki Minaj

Hot Music Trivia = Maroon 5

Cavities 25 Trivia: Bad breath
Cavities 26 Trivia: Dental
Everyone Trivia: Several weeks
String: BadDenSevIll

Before They Were Famous = Truancy
First Lines = The Mexican
Get Your Game On = nine
Show Me The Money = watermelon notes

Games n eCards = hearts

Classic Rock Challenge = Don Felder (the song is credited to Henley/Felder/Frey, Felder did the music)

music trivia = justin bieber's believe
hot music trivia = katy perry
music skillz = unapologetic

Pop Rewind with Ed Baer = 1983 & 1992

wisdom trivia = illnesses
Cyber Monday Deal - Electronics! = 70.00
Toys 4 Tots = RedRyder

updated string = BadDenSevIllHea70.Red

does anyone know when we find out whether or not we won an online contest? i have 1381 entries to the z100 jingle ball sponsored by splat or whatever and it ends tonight (11/25) at midnight. I read the contest rules and info, but it never really specified when they'd call the winner.

do you have any idea of when they might? please let me know!


@ea7394: ooh okay, i've been religiously checking it-- still nothing "pending notification of winner"
@sams1997: oh really? okay, that's great! I've been quickly checking my phone with every sales call lol thank you!

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