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heeylaurax0 -- Z100 usually updates the "closed" section of their contests in a day or two and they post the beginning few letters/digits of your email address, that way you can tell if you won.

Discovery - Scary Silk Spinners:western desert tarantula
Discovery - Sliding Puzzle Quiz: 1980
Discovery - Helicopter Parent Quiz: You're probably at an appropriate level of attentiveness.
Discovery - Wine Region Quiz: Phylloxera
Discovery - Tupperware: Every 3 seconds
Discovery - Phone Jammer Quiz: Hand out many notes and build many bunkers
Starwood Hotel Deal: 25 days
Toys R Us Trivia: Flash Deals
Sonoma Valley Visitor's Bureau: The Golden Gate Bridge Products 26 Trivia: 8
Dental 26 Trivia: fluoride
Factors 26 Trivia: tooth enamel
Influence 26 Trivia: Tooth whitening
Cyber Monday Amazon Deals - Video Games,...: 70%
Cyber Monday Camera Deals!: NYC
HP Cyber Monday Special Offers toner cartridge: 3 lbs
Save $35 on a Berber Fleece Jacket - now...: Berry
AoL - Finance Trivia 26: Highest paying job
HUGE Cyber Monday Deals! Personalized G...: $10.00
String: 70.Wes198YouPhyEveHan25FlaFluTooThe70%NYC3 lBer18Hig$10

video-singer standing alone

fyi I won Neil Young Tks at Barclay ctr(using points) anyone going?

Cyber- 70%

Before They Were Famous ... Alan Rickman
First lines ... 35
Games n eCards ... Yellow
Get Your Game On ... power steering
Hot Music ... Justin Bieber's 'Believe'
Show Me The Money ... James Madison
What Did They Say? ... I gotta find a new place where the kids are hip

music trivia = 1
variety video = a bait shop

morning show bonus = FALl

Q of the day = French Montana
music skillz = emotions

LiteFM Q of the day = Paula Abdul

z100 Q of the day = Shakira

good dental health 1 = Sys
good dental health 2 = Swa
factors 1 = Aci
factors 2 = Too
string now = Fal70.Wes198YouPhyEveHan25FlaFluTooThe70%YelNYC3 lBerHig18$10SysSwaTooAci

heeylaurax0: the system also generates an e-mail 2u telling u that u won....bec on some contests you can't see a list of winners on the "closed" contests. I've never won one of those kind (where u don't see a winner's list) but I assume it works the same way...

mrs817: congrats on your Neil Young tix....I didn't win those....sorry

Jewelry Deals - Enjoy Cyber Monday deals... = 18

String #3 = DeaMarDanTeaNeiSomLocBusFal70.Wes198YouPhyEveHan25FlaFluTooThe70%YelNYC3 lBerHig18$10SysSwaTooAci

Classic Rock Challenge = Eric Clapton
Classic Video = Alice in Wonderland
Q/Day = Jon Bon Jovi
8am = For Your Life
8:50 = I Can't Get No Satisfaction
Live @ 5 = Bon Jovi

Q/Day = Sleigh Ride
8:30 = Danza Kuduro... working as of 12:45pm
Flashback Track = tearing up my heart
War of the Roses = Neighborhood Watch....repeat
string = DanTeaNei

8am = Rudolph The Red-Nosed .../Dean Martin...working as of 2pm
2pm = Martina Mcbride - Silver Bells....guessed it off the full playlist, rather than the last 10 played, since I heard the song title but didn't know what woman was singing it!
string = DeaMar

Donkey of the Day = World Star Bus Fight Girl... working as of 5:15pm
string = Bus

No Repeat Work Day = Wonderful Christmastime - Paul McCartney
Lunch Break = St. Elmo’s Fire (Man in Motion) - John Parr
Drive at Five = Winter Wonderland - Eurythmics

#1 @ noon = Some Nights ...(Love that song) and it works!
4:30 = Locked Out Of Heaven
#1 @ 9 = Locked Out of Heaven
string = SomLoc
Today's Will Call Window name is: Kristin Strazza (Mamaroneck, NY)



I lossed the z100's Jingle Ball Experience from Splat! I entered 1943 points. Thought I was going to win for sure, a little said too. :/

Discovery - Scary Silk Spinners: Spider .: spider dragline silk
Discovery - Titanic Pics!: 1912
Discovery - Sliding Puzzle Quiz 27: 5.66 seconds
Discovery - Darth Vader 27: Obi-Wan
Discovery - Sock Hop Quiz 27:About 50,000
Discovery - Phone Jammer Quiz 27:hand out many notes and build many bunkers
Discovery - Electric Car Quiz 27: equalization charge
Fiber 27: 25-30
Calcium 27:medical advice
Folic Acid 27: B vitamins
Alcohol 27: folate
Low-Dose 27: Bab
Dosage 27: 100
Treatment 27: narrowed artery
AoL - Music Awards Trivia 27: EOS Organic Lip Balm Sphere
AoL - Christine Jenson: 50
AoL - Living Forward 27: food
AoL - Living Forward With Christine: Ft. Worth, Texas not working but is correct answer
AoL - Healthified Guide To The Heart: Start Small
AoL - Flawless On The Fly 27: Deodorant
AoL - Music Awards 27: Red
String: Spi1915.6ObiAboHanEqu25-MedB vFolBab100NarEos50FooFt.StaDeoRed

Before They Were Famous = Julia Roberts
First Lines = Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist
Get Your Game On = Back Brain Kick
Show Me The Money = A reproduction painting of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.
What Did They Say? = See the world in green and blue, see China right in front of you

games = 24
morning show bonus code = Law
CHANGE: Treatment 27 = narrowed artery
Good Credit, Bad Credit or No Credit? = regardless

updated string = JaeRunWhaDieAndDeaLawSpi1915.6ObiAboHanEqu25-MedB vFolBab100NarEos50Foo24ForStaDeoRedIntReg

Hot Music Trivia = Adele

Q/Day = Satisfaction
Classic Rock Challenge = Paul McCartney
Classic Video = Pig
8am = Hots On For Nowhere
8:50 = Captain Jack
Live at Five = Jimi Hendrix

Music Trivia = Ke$ha
Variety Video = FALSE

Q/Day = Joey McIntyre of NKOTB
8:30 = We Run The Night
Flashback Track = What Is Love
string = RunWha

Q/Day = Psy's "Gangnam Style"
8am = Andy Williams
2pm = Dean Martin & Martina Mcbride - Baby, It's Cold Outside
string = AndDea

Q/Day = Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Music Skillz = Kanye West
Donkey of the Day = Janelle Evans (Teen Mom)
string = Jae

Q/Day = Nicki Minaj
Top Video = FALSE
#1 @ noon = Die Young
4:30 = Die Young
#1 @ 9 = Die Young.......................it's a trifecta baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL ....
string = Die

No Repeat Work Day = Believe - Josh Groban
Lunch Break = Angel - Sarah McLachlan
Thursday's Song of the Day = Waiting for Tonight - Jennifer Lopez
Drive at Five = Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree - Brenda Lee

ea7394: it's once every 30 days on ONE of the Clear Channel Stations (they lock your acct so u can't use pts 4 a contest BUT if u already have points on a contest and win it, you do get that prize....go figure)

mrs817: I agree....am spending a LOT more time on my primary accounts and not doing the other ones BUT at least we're getting more points for our time!

BE CAREFUL!! theres an AOL link under the featured links (one of the 100pt ones) that has locked me out on a couple of sites. I don't understand what they're doing wrong. Why even allow the system to lock accounts automatically? Locking of accounts should be done manually. this is so frustrating. also, there seems to be a problem with WHUD's point system (apparently related to z100 cuz I can't see my point total when i click on the arrow).

ps i really wish they would give each trivia question at least 24 hours, its not fair that some of them go up so late in the day and then disappear at midnight. grr. arg. /endrant

edit: its the AOL accounting jobs link...theres also a new trivia under the same name but i'm scared to click it lol...what does everyone say to them when contacting them? i almost wanna tell them off but i figure they would just delay unlocking my account if i did that lmao

Hi all, I was in the middle of getting poi.nts on Q104.3 when it told me I had to log in to get points! Now I can't log in at all. I sent an email and will keep you posted as to their response in case anyone else is having this problem.

Got an email from the Q. They reset my account and it seems to be working now. Does anyone know if the aol questions are working yet?

It appears that the AOL Featured Link is now working. Clicked on and it gave me my points without locking me out of my account. Good luck to all

dancinonmyown said:   BE CAREFUL!! theres an AOL link under the featured links (one of the 100pt ones) that has locked me out on a couple of sites. I don't understand what they're doing wrong. Why even allow the system to lock accounts automatically? Locking of accounts should be done manually. this is so frustrating.

edit: its the AOL accounting jobs link...theres also a new trivia under the same name but i'm scared to click it lol...

AoL - Accounting Jobs Trivia 27 ... INTerviews



I really find the sites very cumbersome these days with all the extra info to enter. I Never log into anything else & my advice is not to use links from the site as so many of you have ever lost points or had your accounts locked.

Power 105.1:
Donkey of the Day = Janelle Evans (Teen Mom) <=== working as of 2:33pm

KTU 103.5:
5:40pm - War of the Roses = A Hostile Holiday

I had a question about the rules of these contests. In terms of winning online, can you win through multiple Clear Channel stations or does the 30 day rules apply to all Clear Channel stations.

Please delete

ea7394 - if you are talking about online points contests - each station is separate - if you win, you are locked out of entering any additional contests on only that particular site for 30 days (once or twice I was not locked out for some reason). It is possible to win twice on one site in 30 days but once you win you can't enter again for 30 days. If you are talking about call-in radio contests - you are only allowed to win once in 30 days on all clearchannel stations combined. If the prize is valued over $500 the time is suppose to increase to 6 months (sometimes they don't value the prizes correctly. You can win a radio call-in contest and a online contest from the same station in the same 30 day period. On PLJ call-in contests you are only allowed to win once in 6 months.

And I agree with you completely Mrs.817!

AoL-Living Forward With Christine = Fort Worth, Texas (Fort must be spelled out)

#1 @ 9 - Die Young


Discovery - Extreme Weather 28: 2008
Discovery - Titanic Pics! 28: Atlantic Ocean
Discovery - Sliding Puzzle Quiz 28: 25 seconds
Discovery - Helicopter Parent Quiz 28: You're probably at an appropriate level of attentiveness.
Discovery - Wine Region Quiz 28: 90 miles northeast of Paris
Discovery - Electric Car Quiz 28: the batteries
Discovery - MySpace Quiz 28: December 2008
String: 200Atl25You90TheDec

Before They Were Famous = an accountant
First Lines = It started with a chair.
Get Your Game On = Angel Land
Show Me The Money = $10,000
What Did They Say = And the piano sounds like a carnival, and the microphone smells like a beer

games = 10
morning show bonus code = Mega
AoL - Entry Level Trivia 28 = What I Did With My Degree

string #4 (w/ Dancing's info added) = ArtTooSomBeaHosDanHeaAmyAirMeg2008Atl25You90TheDec10WhaTopSigSkiMatCovVitGreRedKeyBuiAmi

11/27: Today's Will Call Window name is: Marielle Carter (Brooklyn, NY)
11/28: Today's Will Call Window name is: Kevin Kearney (Redding, CT)...wow, I know a Kevin McKearney...small world!
#1 @ noon = Too Close
4:30 = Some Nights
#1 @ 9 = Beauty and a Beat
string = TooSomBea

Music Trivia = Diamonds
Variety Video = Jet ski race on the lake

Q/Day = Backstreet Boys
War of the Roses 11/27 = A Hostile Holiday
8:30 = Danza Kuduro
FBT = Heaven....too bad, I know the song but not the artist so can't call in 2 win
War of the Roses = Love Lockdown...repeat but it's not working
string = HosDanHea

Q/Day = Lindsay Lohan
8am = Amy Grant
2pm = Aire Supply
string = AmyAir
did anyone hear the weekly bonus code word on air yet???? too much christmas music 4 my taste....I listen but my heart's not in it...

Classic Rock Challenge = Aerosmith
Classic Video = Three
Q/Day = Charlie Sheen
8am = Good Times, Bad Times
8:50 = Time
WFB = Billy Joel
Live @ 5 = Elton John/John Lenon

Q/Day = Justin Bieber

Music Skillz....the Q is NOT loading up 4 me 2c it. Does it work 4 anyone else??
Q/Day = Chris Brown
Donkey of the Day = Arteesha Donaldson who hit her leesbian lover w/ an ironing board..working as of 7:27pm
string = Art

Hot Music Trivia = Big Sean

No Repeat Work Day = Little Drummer Boy - Bing Crosby and David Bowie
Lunch Break = Lonely No More - Rob Thomas
Drive at Five = Let it Snow, Let it Snow - Michael Buble’

FAVOR: if anyone wants a new BJs membership or has one they can renew, please send me a PM. My kids school's offering a "deal" for a discounted and extended membership. (The offer is good for any personal/not business membership in any state so ask family and friends ASAP.) Thanks!

For any of you who may be thinking about entering to win tickets for a show at Caroline's on Broadway - keep this in mind: you are still required to purchase 2 drinks per person with your "free" tickets and you will be herded like cattle and packed in like a sardine!

don't have time to type up all the trivia Q's and separate answers but here's the string so far: HosDanAmyMeg2008Atl25You90TheDec10WhaTopSigSkiMatCovVitGreRedKeyBuiAmi

iluvradio -- Thanks, I appreciate the information!

Revised string: HosDanAmyMeg2008Atl25You90TheDec10WhaGreMat

ELECTRONIC TRIVIA: keyword or item #
SIDE EFFECTS TRIVIA: topical steroid
STEROIDS TRIVIA: skin discoloration
TOPICAL TRIVIA: cover the area
OVERDOSE TRIVIA: build up in the system

Side Effects Trivia- topical steroid
Interactions Trivia- significant
Steroids Trivia- skin discoloration

Top Card Match"America's Top Card ________ Service." - MATCHING SERVICE

To all of my fatwallet friends - I have been trying to help my friend's daughter who has down syndrome, get a meet & greet with One Direction for her Sweet 16 - which happens to be today - Her older sister started an internet campaign with a youtube video and twitter - there has been a lot of interest but so far no cigar - they entered a contest from Z100 and the entry with the most clicks wins. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE CLICK ON THIS LINK TO HELP THIS GIRL'S DREAM COME TRUE THANKS SO MUCH!!!!



Morning Show Bonus Code = SQUARE
AoL - GB Trivia 29 = enable people to know....
AoL - Music Award Trivia 29 = Christian Louboutin shoes
AoL - PC Trivia = broccoli
GAMES = 10
B3 Trivia 29 = tablet
Vitamin Trivia 29 = triglyceride levels
Improving Health Trivia 29 = six
Natural Trivia 29 = beans

Win The New iPod Touch! = hand
Computer Trivia! Find the answer! = eBay
Trivia about Jewelry Deals! = Jewelry & Watches
Trivia About Clothing Deals! = Extra20
AoL - Accounting Jobs Trivia 29 = Search by company

string #4 = RyaGriRosLetDonJinBeaTonMisOrnDonAmyElvLigSquSnoEnaChrBro10TabTriSixBeaGenDipConAst$60BluMotHea20BeiSpaGreHanEbaJewExtSea

Music Trivia = care for her dying dog
Variety Video = With the lead singer standing alone...not working....Q remains on screen

Q/Day = A diamond
8:30 = Tonight
Flashback Track = Missing
Weekly newsletter .. ornament
War...I Don't Understand
string = TonMisOrnDon

Q/Day = Journalist she took on tour
8am = Amy Grant
2pm = Elvis Presley
Weekly newsletter...lights
string = AmyElvLig

Q/Day = R. Kelly
Music Skillz question isn't loading again today...
Donkey of the Day = Ryan Leslie...R&B singer who offered a reward for his stolen laptop and then didn't pay it....WORKING as of 7pm
weekly newsletter = GRIP
string = RyaGri
Music Skillz = Nas

Q/Day = Meat Loaf
Classic Rock Challenge = 'Bohemian Rhapsody' by Queen
Classic Video = TV studio
8am = You Shook Me
8:50 = Sympathy For The Devil
string = Ros

Q/Day = Cee Lo Green
Top Video = Las Vegas
430...don't u worry child
Weekly newsletter...jingle balls
#1 @ 9...beauty & a beat
string = LetDonJinBea
Today's Will Call Window name is: Erica Hansen (New York City, NY)

Weekly Eblast Bonus Code = SNOW
Hot Music Trivia = Chris Brown

No Repeat Work Day = Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer - Gene Autry
Lunch Break = Good Time - Owl City with Carly Rae Jepsen
Drive at Five = It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas - Bing Crosby

OMG...4got what date it is 2day....it' iluvradio's bdy! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! And njfw's spouse's bdy too !!!!! Hope u had a GREAT day....luv ya both...

AoL - Music Award Trivia 29 - 2009 Vintage James Galanos, Christian Louboutin shoes
AoL - GB Trivia 29 - to enable
AoL - PC Trivia - broccoli

String: ChrBroEna
Discovery not working right now
Kerio: Kerio Workspace private cloud (enter this in for the code you do not need to do free trial) 10,000 points

Before They Were Famous = MGM
First lines = He's Just Not That Into You
Get Your Game On = Serah Farron
Show Me The Money = 1958
What Did They Say? = It's a black fly in your Chardonnay

106.7 Morning show bonus (weekly) - shopping
Safe trivia 29 - asthma
Drowsy trivia - diphenhydramine

Allergy Trivia 29 - Generic
Drowsy Trivia 29 - Diphenhydremine
Irrigation Trivia 29 - Considered

AoL 11/29
Heidi Klum:
Flawless On The Fly 29 = $60
Music Awards 29 = blue
Live Better America:
Living Forward With Gail Blanke 29 = motivational speaker and author
Healthified Heart 29 = heart disease
Living Forward With Steve Silberbe... = 20
Healthified Camping 29 = green
Living Foward With Danielle Coulan... = Being a teacher
Healthified Portion Control 29 = Spaghetti

Check previous page for more answers

Weekly Newsletter Code: ROSIE

Updated string: TonAmySquSnoEnaChrBro10TabTriSixBeaGenDipConAst$60BluMotHea20BeiSpaGreRos

Noon - Let me Love you

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