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Computer Trivia! Find the answer! = eBay
Trivia about Jewelry Deals! = Jewelry & Watches
Trivia About Clothing Deals! = Extra20
AoL - Accounting Jobs Trivia 29 = Search by company


Flu Trivia 30: United States
Protection Trivia 30: Six months of age
Influenza Trivia 30: Advisory Committee
Fiber Trivia 30: Powder
Medication Trivia 30: Interactions
Side Effects Trivia 30: Stomach cramps
Supplements Trivia 30: Intestines

Aol-MTVTrivia 30-gold
Systems 30-respiratory

Morning Show Bonus Code (Daily) = Soft (Sof)

LiteFM 106.7:
Question of the Day = To film a video for her new song "I knew you were trouble"

Medication Trivia 30: Interactions
Systems Trivia 30:respiratory system
AoL - PC Trivia 30: Batteries
AoL - Tailgating Trivia 30: Football
AoL - Flawless On The Fly 29: Deviled Eggs
AoL - Healthified Heart Health 30: Orange juice
AoL - Living Forward Steve 30: Green
AoL - Healthified Camping 30: Blue
AoL - Living Forward Danielle 30: French
AoL - Healthified Portion Control 30: Cards
AoL - Manufacturing Jobs 30: Hot Job sites
Knowledge is Power Fun Fact Quiz: Macy's

games = 3
string #3 = DieTheFraAirDanNoSofUniSixAdvPowIntStoGolResBatFoo3DevOraGreBluFreCarHot

Music Trivia = Nicki Minaj
Variety Video = False

Q/Day = Safaree Samuel's posse of 30 couldn't get in
8:30 = Danza Kuduro
Flashback Track = No Scrubs
string = DanNo

8am = Frank Sinatra (Jingle Bells)
2pm = Air Supply
string = FraAir

Q/Day = Drake
Donkey of the Day = 23 yr old Emmanuel Jerome, burgular who used his iPhone as a torch to break into a house, he unintenionally pressed record on the phone. judge used that as evidence 2 convict...44 mos in jail...NOT WORKING
Music Skillz = ‘Good Kid: M.A.A.D. City’ by Kendrick Lamar

Q/Day = Steven Tyler
Classic Rock Challenge = The Who
Classic Video = Coke
8am = Rock And Roll

Q/Day = Justin Bieber
#1 @ noon = Die Young
4:30 = The A Team....sorry so late but went 2 try and win Jingle Ball tix at Aeropostale....didn't win!
#1 @ 9 = Die Young
string = DieThe

Hot Music Trivia = Scream & Shout

8:30: have 2 leave....can anyone get the 8:50 on Q and the HUD at 9am??? Hopefully back by the 12pm songs....

No Repeat Work Day = 2000 Miles - Pretenders
Lunch Break = Hard to Say I'm Sorry - Chicago

Before They Were Famous = Air Force
First Lines = How to Lose Friends & Alienate People
Get Your Game On = a giant diamond
Show Me The Money = an eagle in flight
What Did They Say = Don't go around tonight, it's bound to take your life

8:50 - Father Christmas

Thanks for the good wishes Sams!!!

Once again I ask you to please click this link if you didn't do it already to help my friend's down syndrome daughter win a meet & greet with One Direction - thanks so much for your help

http://www.z100.com/pages/contest/biggest-fan/?&contestant=5dc95... -

Revised string with Flavors of AOL 11/30 (Heidi Klum questions are the same as yesterday and will come up as "previously answered") answers: SofUniSixAdvPowIntStoGolResBatFoo3BluFreCarGreOraDev$60Hot


Thursday's Live @ 5 (now working): ERIC CLAPTON

Today's WFB: AC/DC

drive at five = jingle bells - barry manilow

Molars Trivia: abnormal bite
Talk About It Trivia: 24%

Friday's Will Call Window name is: Dawn Petrocelli (Staten Island, NY)

Hot Music Trivia = Nicki Minaj

Music Trivia = Scream & Shout

Classic Rock = Magic Bus

Music Skills...the Q isn't loading up 2b answered again...

updated string = Abn24%125

Games 'n eCards Trivia - 125
Before They Were Famous - landscaper
First lines - The Three Wise Men
Get Your Game On - Mr. Grimm
Show Me your Money - 1857

Anyone know fri war of the roses?

Before They Were Famous = John James
First Lines = Dukakis
Get Your Game On = Private Anderson
Show Me The Money = Silver Certificates

Games = Plankton

Music Trivia = Chris Brown

Classic Rock Challenge = Stephen Stills

Hot Music Trivia = care for her dying dog

Pop Rewind with Ed Baer = 1985 & 1979

MUSIC SKILLS...question not loading again...

Question: Does anyone know when they run the "points expiration" thing? Sometimes it's almost a week into the month b4 it's run; other times (like yesterday), it's run on the 1st of the month. Anyone know exactly how that works??? Thanks
NEVERMIND: my SIL wrote in and they wrote back saying that it's run in the wee hours of the 1st Saturday of the month.
aweimantonio: OK: let me see if I can explain this...
when on the page with all the different scavengers listed, choose one and...

a new tab opens with the info related to health on it,
page down a bit and look on the left side of the screen for an indentated line with a little heart in a magnifying glass on it...
it says NEXT: and has a question with it
put the mouse there and click to get thru to the next page

repeat this for like 20 or so pages until NEXT changes to the DID YOU KNOW: and states a fact rather than a question. This means that you've gone all the way thru it and wll receive the points a minute or 2 later...check it in your acct activity history 2b sure that it's working. If it's not, write in for credit.

These change every day so be sure to take the time to do them if you can as it's a great way to collect points. There are no questions to answer (which is nice). My biggest problem is that I tend to read the things which makes it more time consuming. But they do have interesting things a lot of the time...try not to read as it takes up your time!

PLEASE let me know if this explanation helps you. I too had trouble w/ them at the beginning!

Question: for the trivia there is this trivia called "SHARECARE WEEKEND POINTS ZONE". They are all scavengers. I cant figure out how to get the points at all. Please help guys! It would mean a lot. Thanks in advance!

THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH! I'm pretty sure i wasnt the only one having that issue. Now, since i only clicked Scavenger #1 does going through all the pages rally up all the 6000 points or... ???

No jingle ball tickets this time. Really was looking foward to go. Anyone know where i still have a chance of winning them?
anyone please HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP. i used up all my points on contest and didnt win.

aweimantonio: u r SO welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Glad that u were able to get it thru my explanation!!!! U need to do EACH of the 6 scavengers posted on the Scavengers page to get the 6000 points...remember: not reading the info makes it go faster, sometimes it's hard not to read it! LOL
BUT...please don't create a separate post next time u have additional info 2 share on a day....just edit you first (only) post of the day like the rest of us do!

Morning Show Bonus Code = BEAR
Cavities Trivia = teeth
ToothBrush Trivia = tooth
Like Credit Cards. Not Fond of Them. T.... = yellow

string = DieBeaOneWaiCruSarJasBeaTeeTooBagYel

Before They Were Famous = Hackett's
First Lines = Stormtrooper
Get Your Game On = Camilla Luddington
Show Me The Money = The Mint Act
What Did They Say = Beelzebub has a devil put aside for me.
Games = Bagel

Music Trivia = Big Sean
Variety Video = Las Vegas

Q/Day = A.J. McLean
8:30 = One More Night
Flashback Track = Waiting for Tonight
War of the Roses = Cruise To Nowhere
string = OneWaiCru

Q/Day = Max George
8am = Sarah Mclachlan (Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas)
2pm ... same artist!
string = Sar

Q/Day = Ronnie Wood
Classic Rock = Eric Clapton
Classic Video = Two
8am = Trampled Under Foot
8:50 = Maybe I'm Amazed

Q/Day = Dr. Dre
Top Video on Demand = Weapons of Mass Entertainment
has anyone (other than u KY...) won tix to Z100's Jingle Balls concert? I have tried with points, scratch offs, all the facebook entries, call ins, and got nothing! Wondering if others are winning...
#1 @ noon = die young
4:30 = die young
#1 @ 9 = Beauty And A Beat
string = DieBea

Q/Day = Joe Budden
Music Skillz Q not loading up still....
Donkey of the Day = Jason Whitlock
string = Jas

Hot Music = Ke$ha

No Repeat Work Day = Santa Claus is Coming to Town - Bruce Springsteen
Lunch Break = Material Girl - Madonna
Drive at Five = Little Drummer Boy - Bing Crosby & David Bowie

iluvradio: thanks for letting me know. If you can't get JB tix, then I know there is a problem w/ me trying for them!!!! Did Gina get tix?

brke60: the string is made up of 3 letters of the answer that give you credit for the answer. We save it and put them all together so that when answering a fill in, u simply copy and paste the string in and get credit for the answer (rather than copying and pasting each of the old answers). To find the string that works for an answer, you simply try 3 consecutive letters of the answer and whichever works, that becomes part of the LARGE string near the top of my post... Does that help? I sure hope it does.

brke60: as far as things like the #1 at noon not working, it's usually their fault, not yours. Simply write in asking them to fix it or credit your account for the answer and they'll do one of the 2 things. Either way, you will eventually get credit for it!

No Jingle ball tickets for me!!! Gina didn't get them either!!! Neither did anyone I know!


Live @ 5: NEIL YOUNG

I've been wondering, where do you find strings? And why don't they (z100) always work for me, only sometimes?
Also, sometimes the songs at 12 and similar ones don't credit me. Anyone know why/have the same problem?

here's tickets to jingle jam for sale! http://z100.com/l/gyj

show me the money (appears to have changed) = the coinage act

Video-zombie bikers from hell


Discovery: Not working right now
AoL Healthy Trivia: Chicken
AoL Outfits Trivia: Victoria's
AoL Soup & Sandwich Trivia: Minestrone
Doctor Trivia 4: Saftey
Molars Trivia 4: Tongue

String: ChiVicMinSafTon

Before They Were Famous = Doorknob Factory
First Lines = People are always asking me if I know Tyler Durden
Get Your Game On = May 14, 1986
Show Me The Money = The Civil War
What Did They Say = She's got electric boots, a mohair suit

Morning Show Bonus Code = Dark
Games = nuclear

AOL 12/4:
AoL - Looking Flawless = Neiman Marcus
AoL - Award Outfits = a ring
AoL - Tailgating Deep South = Well-Packed Coolers
AoL - Soup & Sandwich = Lentil Soup & Hummus And Goat Cheese Sandwich
AoL - Progresso Healthy = Ice Cream
AoL - Food Cravings = If You're Taken With Bacon
AoL - Indoor Exercise = Burpees
AoL - Minute Meals = Healthified Spicy Cashew Chicken

Toys R Us Holiday Headquarters! = wish list
Jewelry Deals and Trivia = 13
Clothing Deals and Trivia! = Walt

Updated String = LocDieSweIntBetRonFraRobDarNucChiVicMinSafTonNeiA RWelLenIceIFBurHeaWis13Wal

Classic Rock Challenge = Black Sabbath
Classic Video = Alley
Q/Day = Alice Cooper
8am = Friends
8:50 = Hey You
Workforce Blocks = Led Zeppelin
Live @ 5 = ELP

Music Trivia = Adele
Variety Video = No

Q/Day = Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark
8am = (Sleigh Ride) The Ronettes
2pm ...frank sinatra
string = RonFra

Q/Day = Glitter
8:30 = International Love
FBT...better off alone
War of the Roses = XXOOZZ...not working
string = IntBet

Hot Music Trivia = Diamonds

Q/Day = DMX
donkey of the day = rob kardashian
string = Rob

No Repeat Work Day = Winter Wonderland - Amy Grant
Thursday's Song of the Day = You Make My Dreams Come True - Hall & Oates
Lunch Break = We are Never Ever Getting Back Together - Taylor S
Drive at Five = Carol of the Bells - David Foster

Q/Day = Buckwild
#1 @ noon = Locked Out Of Heaven
4:30 = Die Young
#1 @ 9 = Sweet Nothing
string = LocDieSwe


Before They Were Famous = Fantasy Island
First Lines = I was 12 going on 13 the first time I saw a dead human being.
Get Your Game On = Geoff
Show Me The Money = Timothy Geithner

What Did They Say? = I'm on a wheel of fortune with a twist of fate

Games = A
morning show bonus code = Band

Brush Trivia = Gum disease
Changes Trivia = evolutionary
Daily Fantasy Sports for Cash = $600
Trivia Trivia Trivia! = privacy policy

string = LetDieLitOneProRYTAirPeaHanBanGumEvo$60Pri

Music Trivia = Katy Perry
Variety Video = Red

Q/Day = DMX
8:30 = One More Night
FBT= Rhythm Is A Dancer...(we need to spell it wrong...as per mrs817...RYT works)
war of the roses = Production Ass-istant...(thanks mrs817!)
string = OneProRYT

Q/Day = Alice Cooper
8am = Air Supply (WInter Wonderland)
2pm = Peabo Bryson (It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year)
string = AirPea

Classic Rock Challenge = Jimi Hendrix
Classic Video on Demand = Pogo stick
Q/Day = Stairway To Heaven
8am = Stairway To Heaven
8:50 = Pinball Wizard
workforce = Bruce Springsteen
Live @ 5 = The Who

Q/Day = Eminem
#1 @ noon = Let Me Love You
4:30 = Die Young
#1 @ 9 = Little Things
string = LetDieLit

Donkey of the Day = Hannah Sabata
Q/Day = 2 Chainz
string = Han

Hot Music Trivia = OneRepublic

No Repeat Work Day = Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer - Burl Ives
Lunch Break = Complicated - Avril Lavigne
Drive at Five = A Holly Jolly Christmas - Burl Ives


Live at 5:00- ELP
Kerio-Kerio Workspace Private Cloud

ELP was yesterday. Did u get todays live@5 Nevermind

Insurance Trivia: controversy
Frequent Cavities Trivia: depressions and grooves
string: ConDep

Z100- video- heart

Before They Were Famous = Janitor
First Lines = 29-Aug
Get Your Game On = Ulyssium
Show Me The Money = Secret Service
What Did They Say = A partridge in a pear tree

Games = 7
Morning Show Bonus Code = Fort
Frequent Cavities Trivia = depressions and grooves
Daily Fantasy Sports Trivia = $600
Two Week FREE Trial of Carbonite Online ... = Welcome

string = MarBeaGilHolGilDiaTheLitMerStaThiPutTomForCon7Dep$60Wel

Music Trivia = Carly Rae Jepsen
Variety Video = Weapons of Mass Entertainment

Q/Day = Train
8am = Silver Bells by Martina Mcbride ...not working
on air WORD of the WEEK = MERRY ... heard it at 8:37am!!! Finally after listening all week. Disappointed it's not a word for Chanukah which starts this weekend...
2pm = Beach Boys (LITTLE SAINT NICK)
Weekly Newsletter Bonus Code = Gilt
string = MarBeaGil

Q/Day = 5
8:30 = Starships
flashback track = This Is Your Night
War of the Roses = Putting It Out There
string = StaThiPut

Classic Rock Challenge = No. 8
Classic Video = Valentine
Q/Day = Mary J. Blige
8am = Bring It On Home
8:50 = Born To Run
Workforce Blocks = Van Halen
Newsletter Bonus Code = HOLIDAZE

Q/Day = 14
Donkey of the Day = Tom Vincent (who wants to rename the Hornets to the Pelicans)
string = Tom

Hot Music Trivia = Nicki Minaj

Q/Day = Snooki
#1 @ noon = Diamonds
4:30 = The A-Team
#1 @ 9 = Little Things
string = DiaTheLit

No Repeat Work Day = Christmas (Baby Come Home) - U2
Lunch Break = Every Little Thing She Does is Magic - Police
Drive at Five = Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! - Harry Con

have appointments this afternoon....can anyone listen and post the z100 4:30, Q's Live @ 5, and HUD's 5pm please? Thank U!

so, would u believe that for z100's 7:20 Jingle Ball Tickets callin I was #99!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I usually don't even get thru! SO disappointed....

WFB Van Halen

Live@5 Rolling Stones

Z100 9@9: Little Things

Sams-- That happened to me a few weeks ago too! And I hate when they say 99. They make sure to say it slowly, as if they needed to add insult to injury!

Child Plan Trivia: Medicaid
Choosing Trivia: Teeth
AoL - Heidi's Trivia 7: Gold
AoL - Food Cravings Trivia 7: Popcorn
AoL - Indoor Exercise Trivia 7: Yoga
String: MedTeeGolPopYog


Before They Were Famous = Graphic design shop
First Lines = The Third Man
Get Your Game On = 12
Show Me The Money = $10
What Did They Say = Dashing through the snow

106.7 music trivia - Shakira
Variety video - Zombie bikers from hell
Jewelry deals - DiViene
Like credit cards - color of stars - yellow

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