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games = 4
morning show bonus code = Play

Flavors of AOL 12/7
AoL - Flawless On The Fly 7 = drugstore.com
AoL - Heidi's Outfits 7 = Bryant
AoL - Tailgating 7 = Fried Pickles
AoL - Soup & Sandwich 7 = vegetarian Reuben
AoL - Progresso 7 = Healthified Blue Cheese Burgers
AoL - Food Cravings 7 = strawberries
AoL - Indoor Exercise 7 = kayaking
AoL - 30 Minute Meals 7 = Healthified Skillet Lasagna

Win an iPod Touch! = impact
Daily Fantasy Sports Trivia = Steps Tourney
Computer Product Trivia = eBay
LEGO - Ninjago: Chopov toy = Brick Toystore
Win a $3,500 Gas Card! = Camping

updated string = ParPolz10OneTreGetLovAndVinPlaMedTeeGolPopYog4DruBryFriVegHeaBluStrKayHeaImpSteEBABriCam

Music Triia = Shakira
Variety Video = Zombie Bikers From Hell
8:30 = One More Night
Q/Day = "We Are Young"...not working yet
Newsletter Bonus Code = TREE
Flashback Track = Get Busy
War of the Roses = Love You Like A Hurricane
string = OneTreGetLov

8am = Andy Williams
Q/Day = Nas
2pm = Vince Vance & The Valiants
string = AndVin

Hot Music Trivia = Pink
Weekly Newsletter Bonus Code = PARTY

Classic Rock Challenge = Boston
Classic Video on Demand = Two
8am = Fool In The Rain
8:50 = New York State Of Mind
Q/Day = Metallica
Workforce Blocks = RUSH

Doney of the Day = Terry Kurtzhals arrested 4 impersonating a funeral director bec trying to retrieve a ring given to his finacee...not working
Q/Day = Drake
Newsletter Bonus Code = POLISH
string = Pol
Music Skills = Dr. Dre

No Repeat Work Day = Believe - Josh Groban
Lunch Break = Here I Go Again - Whitesnake
Drive at Five = "Blue Christmas" by Elvis Presley

Q/Day = Justin Bieber
Weekly Newsletter Bonus Code = Z100JINGLEBALL
#1 @ noon = Die Young...not working
430 .. die young...not working...
#1 @ 9 = Little Things...not working! ugh...can't believe they're broadcasting from Jingle Balls!
string = z10

aweimantonio: I didn't even get thru for this morning's 7:15 call in!!!! MAybe next yr...but now I'm not sure that I want 2 put myself in this disappointing/aggravating situation again! I wanted 2 go & be with my nieces bec it means more to them than to me but all this hard work, stress and aggravation for what? More disappointment? I don't think so. Besides, my left leg's been swollen on and off for a week or more and yesterday it was sooo swollen and HURT that I think it was a hint NOT to go today so I am not going to JB and going 2c a Dr about it instead! I can take a hint! I just hope whatever it is isn't serious: I'm not ready to have medical problems for the rest of my life!!

@sams - i was number #56 or something. I was like wow.. im still too far away. And it is always the girls winning these tix. Maybe next jingle ball we will have these tix in all of our hands!

When JJ tells you you are 99 he says I'm sorry and he is one of the honest counters = sometimes I think they just say 99 over and over again in fact I am sure of it

HB Trivia: Group Plans
Ortho Trivia: size and location
String: GroSiz


Before They Were Famous = Kelly Ripa
First Lines = Love Story
Get Your Game On = Approuls
Show the Money = Nickel

Games & ecards = 64

Classic Rock Challange = Thin Lizzy - 'Live And Dangerous'

updated string = GroSiz64

Music Trivia = Pink

Hot Music Trivia = Shakira

Music Skillz = You

Different Parts Trivia: tooth fractures
Rule Of Thumb Trivia: sleepless and irritable

Before They Were Famous = UFOs
First Lines = Maycomb
Get Your Game On = 2,000
Show the Money = Alexander Hamilton

wishing everyone who celebrates, a joyous and happy chanukah!!!!

Games = 14

updated string = TooSle14

Music Trivia = Nicki Minaj
Hot Music Trivia = Carly Rae Jepsen
Classic Rock Challenge = Don Felder
Music Skillz = Cheating
Pop Rewind with Ed Baer = 1971 & 1972

NOTE: show me the money answer has changed to Benjamin Franklin

Sonoma: many
Discovery - Dog stereotyping!: Toy
Discovery - Betcha Can't Find The Animal: Stingray
Discovery - Looking For Time Travel Tips...: Hot Tub Time Machine
Discovery - Don't Look At This If You're...: cheese puffs
Discovery - Challenge: Baking: your best Baked Goods
Toys R Us - Holiday Edition: The gifts they want for the price you love
AoL - 30 Minute Meals Trivia 10: cucumber
AoL - Tailgating Trivia 10: LSU
AoL - Heidi's Trivia 10: Givenchy
Taco Bell Food Trivia: steak
*CA State Parks:7
Covering Trivia: tax-advantage
String: ManToyStiHotCheYouTheCucLSUGivSte7Tax

Before They Were Famous = Dennis Rodman
First Lines = Danny DeVito
Get Your Game On = 99,990
Show Me The Money = The Union Shield
What Did They Say = Later on, we'll conspire as we dream by the fire

Games = 50
morning show bonus code = FLY
Covering Trivia = tax-advantage
TB Trivia = canker cores
Daily Fantasy Sports For Cash Trivia! = increase my limit

Flavors of Aol 12/10:
AoL - Flawless On The Fly 10 = Emergency
AoL - Heidi's Outfits 10 = Bronzy Glow
AoL - Tailgating 10 = Biscuits
AoL - Soup & Sandwich 10 = veggie
AoL - Progresso 10 = sweet & sour chicken
AoL - Food Cravings 10 = Healthified Tropical Papaya Smoothie
AoL - Indoor Exercise 10 = by changing your pace every few minutes.
AoL - 30 Minute Meals 10 = Snapper

updated string = LocBloYouDogHarJosCocFlyManToyStiHotCheYouTheCucLSUGivSte50TaxCanEmeBroBisVegSweHeaBySnaInc

Music Trivia = OneRepublic
Variety Video = Both

Q/Day = He sang each artist's song that was nominated.
8:30 = Blow Me (One Last Kiss)
Flashback Track = You Drive Me Crazy
War of the Roses = Dog Gone Shame
string = BloYouDog

Q/Day = Grease
2pm = Jose Feliciano
string = HarJos (thanks for the 8am mrs817: nothing worked 4 me!)

Top Video on Demand = The singer gets into a van with the waitress
#1 @ noon = Locked Out of Heaven ... working thanks 2 mrs817!!
4:30 = Locked Out Of Heaven...working thanks to mrs817!!
#1 @ 9 = Little Things..not working
string = loc

Classic Rock Challenge = Allen Klein
Classic Video on Demand = Black
Q/Day = KISS
8am = Misty Mountain Hop
8:50 = Alive by Pearl Jam
Workforce Blocks = Moody Blues
Live @ 5 = The Grateful Dead

Music Skillz = Rome
Q/Day = Krayzie Bone
Donkey of the Day = Coco and Iced T...
string = Coc

Hot Music Trivia = Katy Perry

No Repeat Work Day = Itís the Most Wonderful Time of the Year - Johnny Mathis
Lunch Break = Donít You (Forget About Me) - Simple Minds
Drive at Five = Step into Christmas - Elton John

8am-Harry s. chorale

thanks for all the answers- happy holidays everyone. BTW, did anyone hear the fresh song of the day this morning for a trip to walt disney world?

Discovery - What Group Is Your Dog In?: Feisty
Discovery - Animals Inconspicuous: impala
Discovery - Top Time Travel Movies: Time After Time
Discovery - Guilty Culinary Pleasures Aw...: dates and apricots
Discovery - Think You're The Best Baker: 6
Routine Trivia: Dry Mouth
Enrollment Trivia: HSA
String: FeiImpTimDat6DryHSA

Before They Were Famous = David Lee Roth
First Lines = China
Get Your Game On = 2 hours 46 minutes
Show Me The Money = 2.41 cents
What Did They Say = (There's no question to answer)

Games = Mamba
morning show bonus code = Trace
Kerio Workspace = All on the same living page
Sony Trivia = Bizrate.com
updated string = VicSarEurCalPoiSouDiaLocBeaTraFeiImpTimDat6DryHSAMamAllFreZra

Music Trivia = Jewel
Variety Video = Heart

Q/Day = Taylor Swift
8:30 = Call Me Maybe
Flashback Track = Poison
War of the Roses = Southern Hospitality
string = CalPoiSou

Q/Day = Prudential Center
8am = Sarah Mclachlan
2pm = EURYTHMICS ...don't ask; it's what worked, not what played! LOL
string = SarEur

Hot Music Trivia = Jewel

Top Video on Demand = Black
Q/Day = Olly Murs
#1 @ noon = Diamonds
4:30 = Locked out of heaven
#1 @ 9 = Beauty & A Beat
string = DiaLocBea

Q/Day = Edward Burns
Classic Rock Challenge = Australia
Classic Video on Demand = Red
8am = Communication Breakdown
8:50 = Livin' On A Prayer

Q/Day = Pepsi
Music Skills = Memphis
Donkey of the Day = Victor Santos
string = Vic

No Repeat Work Day = We Wish You the Merriest - Bing Crosby & Frank Sin
Lunch Break = We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together - Taylor Swift
Thursday's Song of the Day = Hot N Cold - Katy Perry
Drive at Five = The Christmas Song - Nat King Cole

The question showed up for -
What Did They Say? = Rudolph, with your nose so bright, won't you guide my sleigh tonight?

JC Penny = free shipping

Updated string: CalPoiDiaTraFeiImpTimDat6DryHSAMamFre


Live @ 5: HEART/RUSH

Discovery - American. Metal. Choppers.: Jessie
Discovery - Science's Biggest Myths: Bus...: Going out in chilly weather causes you to catch cold.
Discovery - Puzzles That Slip & Slide: 5.66 seconds
Discovery - Time For Baker Polls!: The competition
Blood Pressure Trivia:healthy heart
String: JesGoi5.6TheHea

Before They Were Famous = Winona Ryder
First Lines = Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Get Your Game On = Hyrule
Show Me The Money = 1857
What Did They Say = I want to be a dentist!

games = pepper
morning show bonus code = score
Health Resources Trivia = Social Security Office
More Credit Card Trivia Anyone? = Ongoing APR
Nicki Minaj vs. Mariah Carey Trivia = Filet Mignon
Daily Sports Fantasy Trivia! = PayPal
string #2 = NewBeaHoBloFinBinHOlMarScoJesGoi5.6TheHeaPepSocIngMigPal

Top Video on Demand = FALSE
Q/Day = One Way Or Another
#1 @ noon = Beauty and a Beat
4:30 = Ho Hey
#1 @ 9 didn't play asthey broadcast the 121212 concert on air
string = BeaHo

Music Trivia = Beyonce
Variety Video = True

Q/Day = Sweedish House Mafia
8:30 = Blow Me (One Last Kiss)
Flashback Track = Finally
War of the Roses = Dont Hate Cause You Aint ...not working
string = BloFin

Q/Day = Pepsi
8am = Bing Crosby
WEEKLY on air bonus word = HOLIDAY...I finally heard it!!!!!!!! yeah!!!
2pm = Mariah Carey
string = BinHolMar

Hot Music Trivia = Beyonce

Music Skillz = Kelly Rowland
Q/Day = Usher
Donkey of the Day = New York Post (for showing people's final moments just before death)
string = New

Classic Rock Challenge = Jimi Hendrix
Classic Video on Demand = Floor
Q/Day = Slash
8am = Rain Song
8:50 = After Midnight
Live @ 5 = George Harrison

No Repeat Work Day = Happy Christmas - John Lennon & Yoko Ono
Lunch Break = Eye of the Tiger - Survivor
Drive at Five = White Christmas - Bing Crosby

klay488: WELCOME to the group!!! So nice to have u join us!!! The string is what you copy and paste into fill in answers on the different sites. The reason: the system is set up to accept 3 consecutive letters of an answer and give you full credit for your answer. So when there's a fill in, rather than copy and paste a long worded answer into the computer, we try diff combos 2c what 3 letters the computer will accept as the answer. For example, the Health Resources Trivia answer is Social Security Office. Rather than copying and pasting the whole phrase. u can copy & paste the string in and get credit for your answer. It saves you time when answering fill ins on more than one site. Try it, you'll like it. AND in case u didn't notice, rather than make multiple postings each day ... we edit the one post that we do for the day and add info as we get it. It makes the forum MUCH easier to read and easier to find what you are looking for! SO, when u have additional answers/info, use the EDIT button at the bottom right hand side of your post to input additional info.
What stations do u listen to? Which rewards clubs are u a member of?

klay488: sent you a PM (private message). Look at it by clicking on the envelope at the top of the page.




what does string mean?

someone please answer me! what are the string for??

thank you that helped a lot!! I am a zvip but I don't live in NY, I just try and get point to win concert tickets! thanks for the warm welcome!

Mouth Trivia 13: tongue from cancer
Cataract Trivia 13: routine eye examinations
AOL S & S Trivia 13: tomato
AOL Progresso: chocolate
AOL Coast to Coast fashion: black stud ankle boots
AoL - Gift Guide For The Holidays 13: Trumstand
AoL - Coast To Coast Fashion 13: Black stud back ankle boots
AoL - Cupcakes 13: Red Velvet
AoL - Manicures 13: Sparkly French Twist
AoL - Holiday Stress Relief 13: Recipes you can make the day before.
AoL - Slow Cooker Recipes 13: Beef stew
AoL - Charitable Giving 13: Clean out your fridge
AoL - Edible Gifts 13: Spiral snowman cookies
AoL - Indoor Exercise 13: glutes and thighs
AoL - 30 Minute Meals 13: Fresh Peach Salsa
Paula Dean's Peppermint Hot Chocolate: butterfly

String: TonRouTomChoBlaTruBlaRedSpaRecBeeCle
String #2: SpiGluFreRfl

OMG Puggle: we posted the same thing at the same time!!! LOL....even though we are on diff coasts, in diff time zones, we think alike!

Morning show bonus code = Journey
Games = 17

string #2 = JusHalBinMarCriWeAnoFouLocRedTheLitJouTonRouTomChoBla17TruBlaRedSpaRecBeeCleSpiGluFreRfl

Music Trivia = Katy Perry
Variety Video = The singer gets into a van with the waitress

8am = (Silver Bells) Martina McBride..not working
Q/Day = Sal
Newsletter Bonus Code = HALLS
string = HalBinMar

Q/Day = Dirty Dancing
8:30 = We Are Young
Flashback Track = Another Night
War of the Roses = Four's A Crowd
string = WeAnoFou

Hot Music Trivia = Katy Perry

Classic Video on Demand = White
Classic Rock Challenge...no Q up yet
Q/Day = Nirvana
8am = The Girl I Love She Got Long Black Wavy Hair ...
8:50 = Won't Get Fooled Again
WFB = The Cars
Newsletter Bonus Code = CRISPY

Music Skills = DJ Drama
Donkey of the Day = Mark Staake and Tanner Ruane who planned to kidnap, castrate and kill Justin Bieber...
Q/Day = Wiz Khalifa
string = Jus

Top Video on Demand = Letters
Q/Day = Let's Go
#1 @ noon = Locked Out Of Heaven
weekly newsletter bonus code = RED
4:30 = The A Team
#1 @ 9 = Little Things
string = LocRedTheLit

No Repeat Work Day = Feliz Navidad - Jose Feliciano
Lunch Break = Good Time - Owl City with Carly Rae Jepsen
Drive at Five = Up on the Housetop - Kimberley Locke

Before They Were Famous = Aim toothpaste
First Lines = Ömy friends and, uh, this thermos.
Get Your Game On = I: Cleveland Indians
Show Me The Money = 1943
What Did They Say = Up, up, up and away!




106.7 - 8 am song - Bing works
2 pm song - Mariah. (Guess they didn't change them from yesterday!)

Does anyone know what happened to PLJ contests? I cant even sign in! They changed everything!

Causes Trivia 14 = vitamin C
Problems Trivia 14 = holes
Disc M-F:
Discovery - What Group Is Your Dog In? = Toy
Discovery - Electric Car Quiz = a reduction gear
Games = 50
morning show bonus code = Make

STRING = ElvWhaDiaLocLitGriDanGenBriClaRobMakVitHolToyA r50

Top Video = Yes
Q/Day = Dirty Dancing
#1 @ noon = Diamonds
4:30 = Locked Out of Heaven
#1 @ 9 = Little Things
string = DiaLocLit

Newsletter Bonus Code = GRINCH
Q/Day = Britney Spears
8:30 = Danza Kuduro
War of the Roses = The British invasion
string = GriDanGenBri

Music Skills = Compton, Calif.
Newsletter Bonus Code = CLAUSE
Q/Day = Jay-Z
Donkey of the Day = Rob Parker of ESPN
string = ClaRob

Classic Rock Challenge = Keith
Classic Video on Demand = His bass guitar
8am = Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You
8:50 = Hotel California
Workforce Blocks = Rolling Stones

95.5: Hot Music Trivia = MAC

Q/Day = One Way Or Another
8am = Elvis Presley (Silver Bells)
2pm = Wham (Last Christmas)
string = ElvWha

No Repeat Work Day = Little Drummer Boy - Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet
Lunch Break = Over My Head - The Fray
Drive at Five = Step Into Christmas - Elton John

budrose: I can get into PLJ contests...MOST are the click to win but they're there. U just cant do them for 34 hrs AFTER u've clicked 4 the day...

Can I tell you how TOTALLY upset I am about the shooting at the elementary school in CT?!?! I haven't stopped crying since I heard about it...
And my poor kids didn't understand why I hugged them so tightly when they came home....

Before They Were Famous = Dennis Miller
First Lines = I got the horse right here, the name is Paul Revere
Get Your Game On = Sue
Show Me The Money = aluminum
What Did They Say = All of the other reindeer used to laugh and call him names

Flashback-genie in a bottle


Q-Roger Waters
12-Rolling Stones

Mammoth Lakes signiture skyline: minarets
Daily video trivia: Paris Hilton
Santa's egg nog:2 CUps
Video Trivia For You!: Miley Cyrus
ToyA RVitHolMinPar2 Cu

Dental Trivia 15: controlled diabetes
Oral Trivia 15: three pairs
JCPenny - Time To Shop!: 5
Daily Video Trivia!: Cranberry
String: ConThr5Cra

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