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Before they were famous: J.C. Penney
First Lines : Digital Watches
Get your game on : Ostrich
Show me the money: Krugerrand
Video Trivia Anyone: Quizzed in the face

Classic Rock Challenge : Ella Fitzgerald

games = 14
Computer Trivia = SVZ131190X

String #2 = SoPolQui14SVZ

95.5: Hot Music Trivia = Taylor Swift

103.5/106.7: Music Trivia = Kelly Clarkson

105.1: Music Skillz = Atlanta

z100: Music Pop Quiz = Shakira

Video Trivia Time!: Martini shaker
Videos NDN Style!: Never say never
String: MarNev

Before They Were Famous = Studio 54
First Lines = Call me Ishmael
Get Your Game On = Tempest
Show Me The Money = 18 Months

Video trivia anyone?= red
Classic Rock challenge= 18

Games n eCards Trivia = 3
Computer Trivia = Make Believe

String = MarNevRed3Mak

z100: Music Pop Quiz = Carly Rae Jepsen

1035/106.7/100.7: Music Trivia = False

95.5: Hot Music Trivia = One Direction

105.1: Music Skillz = Nicki Minaj

Video Trivia Time! = CHIcago
Videos NDN Style! = LE Tub

Before They Were Famous = Hattie Carnegie
First Lines = A screaming comes across the sky.
Get Your Game On = Frogger
Show Me The Money = Salmon P. Chase
What Did They Say = Come on, it's lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you
Foodie Fun Trivia = Bacon
Travel Trivia = 5 days

Morning Show Bonus Code = EVE
Taco Bell XXL Trivia = a three cheese blend
Computer Trivia = Level 8 Technology
*CA State Parks = discount coupons
Video Trivia Anyone? = Emily
Games = Z
Sonoma Valley Visitor's Bureau = Two Sonoma
Kerio Workspace = Most Current

String #2 = SumOVeEveChiLeBacDisEmiZTwoCur

Pop Music Quiz = Katy Perry
Top Video = Ballerina
#1 @ noon = Don't You Worry Child...not working

Music Trivia = J. Lo's Christmas Gift
Variety Video = Horse

8:30 = Glad You Came ... not working

8am = HARRY SIMEONE CHORALE ... not working

95.5: Hot Music = One Direction

Music Skillz = Dr. Dre
Hip Hop Video On Demand = Yes

8am...not a LED song: BRYAN ADAMS - Summer Of '69 (at 7:59) worked for the fill in!...8:15pm
8:50 = All My Love ...worked for the fill in!! 8:15pm
string = SumOve

No Repeat Work Day = Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas - James Tay

Classic Rock Challenge: Led Zeppelin

#1 @ 9: No Answer (they're doing their Top 100 countdown of the year, so I don't think they're doing the listen and win questions)

*uNu: design
Videos NDN Style:Tropical Liqueur
Video Trivia Time: WTAE
Computer Trivia - Enter your Part Number or Laptop Model.
String: DesWtaTroChrDinEnt

PLJ 95.5
Before/Famous - Rice Krispies
1st Lines - Scar
What/Say - Oh, bring us a figgy pudding and a cup of good cheer
Game On - Sector Nine
Money - $10 dollar bill
Hot Music - 21 by Adele
Jewelry - diViene
Travel - 1986

Classic Rock Challenge: Both Sides, Now
Games n eCards Trivia : Saint Bernard
Video trivia anyone: Dining Room
Foodie Fun Trivia: 2 Tablespoons
Travel trivia : 1986

Merry Christmas!


morning show bonus code = Christmas

string = ChrDesTroWtaSaiDinTroEnt

Music Trivia = Madison Square Garden in New York City
Variety Video = Marching Band

Music Pop Quiz = Jewel
Top Video on Demand = Horses

Music Skillz = Worries
Hip Hop Video On Demand = He and the girl kiss underwater.

onedayatatime: welcome back! long time no post!! hope all's well w/ u!
sorry u've been up all night....didn't even know that the Apple Store was open all night! hope u get what u need & can go home to rest soon...

Been up all night at the Apple Store - been here for hours (they did shuffle me around due to maintenance). My goodness, PLJ's surveys / trivia are never-ending!!! All I came to do was get the e-mail Bonus -- that was almost two hours ago. Can't do this again . . . Have a Happy . . . e

Video Trivia Time!: Bruce Springteen
Videos NDN Style!: Simple syrp
String: BruSim

Classic Rock Challenge: The Who ( sorry for the Jimi Hendrix answer previously)

Video trivia anyone? : WTAE (again)
Travel trivia: Made into boats
Foodie Fun trivia: White button mushrooms
Before they were famous: Warren Beatty
First lines: Did you hear that?
What did he say?: He forgets them and remembers being small
Show me the money: Nickel
Get your game on: Pauline
Games n ecards: Q

Classic rock-who is correct answer NOT j Hendrix

My sincere apologies! Husband just told me I messed this up. The answer is The Who.

morning show bonus code = Stuff
Computer Trivia = Buy with confidence
AoL - Gifts For The Girl 26 = Equinox.com
AoL - Coast To Coast Fashion 26 = Crystal Circle Necklace
AoL - Gifts Under $10 26 = Pocket Posh Brain Games
AoL - Hot Holiday Manicures 26 = Snowflake Nails
AoL - Holiday Stress Relief 26 = Try A Partial Potluck
AoL - Family Style Recipes 26 = Black-Eyed Pea Casserole
AoL - Charitable Giving 26 = bypasses
AoL - HomeMade Edible Gifts 26 = Iced Molasses Cookies
AoL - Personality Test 26 = ďStupid ice bucket. I wish I didnít have to keep having to stop what Iím doing to refill it. Next year weíre hiring a caterer. Iím missing all the fun.Ē
AoL - Drink Recipes 26 = Chai Tea

string = LocHeaTitSweBloGloBruSimWtaQStuBuyEquNecBraSnoTryBlaBypIceStuCha

Q/Day = Dee Snider
8am = Houses Of The Holy
8:50 = Hotel California
Workforce Blocks = Traffic
Live @ 5 = Led Zeppelin

Music Trivia = Rupert Grint
Variety Video = 1

Q/Day = $1.75 Million
8:30 = Titanium
Flashback Track = Sweet Dreams
War of the Roses = Gold Digger ... not working.
string = TitSwe

Q/Day = Justin Bieber
8am = Blondie
2pm = Gloria Gaynor
string = BloGlo

Top Video = War
Music Pop Quiz = Beyonce
Q/Day = Clavin Harris....they spelled it wrong
#1 @ noon = I Knew You Were Trouble ... not working
4:30 = Catch My Breath ...not working
#1 @ 9 = Little Things ...not working
string for the 2 that ChangedMyHandle got to work = LocHea

95.5: Hot Music Trivia = Rupert Grint

Music Skillz = Janet Jackson
Hip Hop Video = All black with white socks
Q/Day = Fat Joe
Donkey of the Day = Brian McKnight's song Let Me Show U How Your Pussy Works...not working

9am = Someday - Sugar Ray...no Q up yet
Thursday's Song of the Day = Shout - Tears for Fears
noon = Unwritten -Natasha B...no Q up yet...
5pm = Run-Around - Blues Traveler ... no Q up yet

beignetsformoi: Please don't make another post to write a reply! Simply edit the original post that u started...we all know to read that and see any add'l info u may have. TY

onedayatatime: never knew that! Even on a holiday!!! Good 4 u; not so good 4 them! (It was b4 Apple's time when I worked in the city...early 80's)

ChangedMyHandle: thanks for the info on the z100 answers that you got to work. I tried the entire z100 playlist and none of them worked for the 9pm!

Apple Store 59 St / 5 Av never closes.

BTW, for Z100's @noon and 4:30pm, try Bruno Mars Locked Out of Heaven and it works!

The 9:00pm one doesn't work though.

Video Trivia Time!: Bruce Springteen
Videos NDN Style!: Green
String: BruGre

Before They Were Famous = Hallie Berry
First Lines = premeditated murder
Get Your Game On = Zaxxon
Show Me The Money = Woodrow Wilson
What Did They Say = To the middle of my frustrated fears

morning show bonus code = switch
Games = Nice
Foodie Fun Trivia = 3
Travel Trivia = $3,500
Computer Trivia = six
Video Trivia Anyone = Chicago

string #2 (with Oldmanvette1975 ans below) = HeaLitMobGirRunfleU2SwiBruGreNicSixChiThrNin

Q/Day = Led Zeppelin
8am = The Lemon Song
Classic Rock Challenge = Two years
8:50 = Jukebox Hero
Workforce Blocks = Grateful Dead

Music Trivia = 21 by Adele
Variety Video = Ballerina

Q/Day = $1.75 Million
8am = Fleetwood Mac
2pm = U2
string = FleU2
anyone hear lite's word of the week?

Q/Day = Calvin Harris
8:30 = Girl on Fire
Flashback Track = Runaway
war of the roses = three's company...no Q up yet
string = GirRun

Q/Day = Rihanna and Chris Brown
Pop Music Trivia = Katy Perry
Top Video = Yes
#1 @ noon = Locked Out of Heaven...working
4:30 = Locked Out of Heaven...working
#1 @ 9 = Little Things...working
string = HeaLit

95.5: Hot Music Trivia = Madison Square Garden in New York City

Q/Day = Donnell Rawlings
Music Skillz = Nude
Hip Hop Video On Demand = FALSE
Donkey of the Day = Mobb Deep Havoc...working as of 1:45pm ...
string = Mob

No Repeat Work Day = Just the Way You Are - Bruno Mars
Lunch Break = Skyfall - Adele
Drive at Five = Ne Yo, "Closer"

hope everyone made out OK w/ this current storm....thankfully we have power, even tho we got a LOT of snow....

Carbonite Trivia: THREE
Trending Video Trivia: NINE



FYI: On 'Video Trivia Time!' I submitted Bruce Springsteen (which we all know is correct) and received the message "Your answer is either misspelled or incorrect. Please check the spelling and accuracy of your answer. Try again." I submitted 'green' and it was accepted! LOL Maybe the latest storm affected the system!

hi everyone can can u pls help me to fined the answers for listen and win on power 106 ? thank u

Locked now working for 12&4:30
Music pop quiz-MAC
4:30-Ho hey-not working

Variety video-horses

Video Trivia Time! = Quizzed in the Face
Videos NDN Style! = Jessica Simpson
Mammoth Lakes = Mike McKeeman Steve Slattery
Morning Show Bonus Code = Iron
Games = Red

string = DiaHeyTleDonHalWheAsIroQuiJesMikMarIdaUPCRed

OVERSLEPT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gotta catch up...

Classic Rock Challenge = Whipping Post
Q/Day = The Rolling Stones
8am = Bring It On Home
8:50 = Simple Minds Don't You (Forget About Me)
WFB = Pretenders

Music Trivia = One Direction
Variety Video on Demand = Horses

Q/Day = $1.75 Million
8:30 = Where Have You Been?
Flashback Track = As Long As You Love Me
WOTR = virus detected
string = WheAs

Q/Day = Rihanna and Chris Brown
8am = Donna Summer
2pm = Hall and Oates
string = DonHal

Music Pop Quiz = MAC
Top Video on Demand = FALSE
Q/Day = Brandy
#1 @ noon = Diamonds...working as of 7:55pm
4:30: ho hey...working as of 11:10pm
#1 @ 9 = little things...working as of 11:10pm
string = DiaHeyTle

Music Skillz = 100 Coffins
Hip Hop Video On Demand = 9
Q/Day = A$AP Rocky
donkey of the day = big girls ... not working

95.5: Hot Music Trivia = J. Lo's Christmas Gift

No Repeat Work Day = Jesse's Girl - Rick Springfield
Lunch Break = Glory of Love - Peter Cetera
Drive At Five = St. Elmo's Fire (Man In Motion) by John Parr

Before They Were Famous = Arch Deluxe
First Lines = Here you are, sir, main level please.
Get Your Game On = yellow
Show Me The Money = Independence Hall
What Did They Say = In your house I long to be
Foodie Fun Trivia = Chocolate Oink
Travel Trivia = His brother was next
Video Trivia Anyone = MARtini Shaker
Video Trivia - Trending Videos, Entertainment = IDAho

string = iroquijesmarida

Computer Trivia: UPC

Video Trivia Time!: Red
Videos NDN Style!: Stroller
String: RedStr

Before They Were Famous = Pitfall
First Lines = Julian Marsh
Get Your Game On = Mr. Do!
Show Me The Money = Abraham Lincoln

Games = Blue
Video Trivia = Kristina Behr
Video Trivia - Trending Videos, Entertainment = 10pm

String #2 = RedStrBluKri10p

103.5/106.7: Music Trivia = One Direction

95.5: Hot Music Trivia = False

Q104.3: Classic Rock Challenge = Rod Stewart

z100: Music Pop Quiz = Rihanna

105.1: Music Skills = 1992

Video Trivia Time!: Car junkie
Videos NDN Style!:Beyonce

Before They Were Famous = Adrian Brody
First Lines = Hello, Reverend.
Get Your Game On = Crystal Castles
Show Me The Money = Benjamin Franklin

Classic-I'm in you

Music trivia: Taylor Swift

Video Trivia Anyone? = So True So False

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