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Eating Trivia 14 - Celery
Disease Trivia 14 - When used to view calcium deposits in the blood vessels in the heart,


sams1997: Boston's 'Still in Love' from "The Third Stage" album was the 'Basement Tape' today at KTGL 92.9 The Eagle. Click on the 'Library' tab & go to Thursday at http://v5.player.abacast.com/v5.1/player/index.php?uid=6153 if you want to hear it. Happy Valentines's Day

Thanks for all your posts they are most enlightening and helpful. Now I know how people acquire millions of points...lol...I'm happy when I get hundreds of entries in---Happy Valentine's Day to all- I'm psyched that I qualified for a key turn with lite fm.
Sams- I believe that the text to win word is the same with all the clearchannel stations but somehow the grand prize is different from each one- I wouldn't mind taking the trip to Ireland with Bon Jovi!

Weekly Bonus Codes:
Q104.3 = CREAM
Power = ADORE

ChangedMyHandle said:   They fixed the glitch where you can "rapid fire" click for points but now they have that annoying "Die Hard" trailer running every few seconds in the afternoon that I'm already sick of the movie (and it hasn't even come out yet!). I'm also bored of that Mattel's Password Journal because it's a commercial that runs longer than most of their commercials (even those H&R Block ads)! What kid writes in a paper journal anymore? Children now have iPads and PC notebooks nowadays!

URGENT! The glitch on the "Earn Extra Credit - Watch Fun Videos" and the other "click and watch to get points" features on Trivia are monitored!!! My friend was really locked out of his account and received an email warning (after contacting them for being locked out) for constantly reloading the page (via the "auto-reload" feature tab on Firefox) to get a million points in one hour and he got an email that says: Hello (name withheld),

I'm glad they're monitoring accounts to make sure they aren't abusing the point system. It makes it more fair. No offense to your friend, but I honestly have to wonder how much time people have on their hands by racking up that many points from watching one video.

*Mammoth Lakes: 400 inches
Fluoride Trivia 15: Second trimester
HDHP Trivia 15: Small Business
Video Trivia Time: 11
Videos NDN Style: IHOP
Video Trivia Anyone?: Life changing
String: 400SecSma11IhoLif

Daily Morning Show Bonus Code = Movie (Mov)

Weekly Bonus Codes:
Z100 = TRUFFLE (Tru)
LiteFM = AMORE (Amo)

KTU 103.5:
Rate The Music = Titanium (Tit)

Before They Were Famous = Mercutio
First Lines = the teakettle
Get Your Game On = Liu Kang
Show Me The Money = 4:10

Foodie Fun Trivia = Cumin
Travel Trivia = Cassie Chadwick
Fun Video Trivia = Brown
Games = Purple
Cutest Valentine's Day Celeb Couples - V... = Justin Timberlake
Kate Middleton Bikini Baby Bump Photos B... = Caribbean
Jessica Simpson and Katy Perry Look Pret... = John Mayer
Nicole Kidman Secrets to Successful Holl... = Let Keith help her pick her dresses
Steve Martin To Be a Dad Aged 67 = December
Shopper's Voice Trivia = email address

Flavors of AOL 2/15
AOL - Beauty Treatments 15 = Body Shop Elderflower Cooling Eye Gel
AOL - Vogue Waves 15 = Eric Gabriel
AOL - Revamp Old Clothing 15 = unique
AOL - Red Hot Fashion 15 = Forever 21
AOL - Living Forward With Joyce 15 = Wall Street
AOL - Living Forward With Neil 15 = a writer
AOL - Heart Health 15 = Planked
AoL - Chicken Dinner Recipes 15 = Feta
AOL - Heart Health Tips 15 = Steal some exercise
AOL - Spring Fashion 2013 15 = Bermuda Shorts

updated string = AshScrSweThrDonHerHorBilJoh400SecSmaMovTruAmo11IHOLifPurTimMayDecCooEriUniForWalWriPlaFetSteBerEma

Music Trivia = Gotye
Variety Trivia = Yes

8am = Billy Ocean
Q/Day = Stevie Nicks
2pm = John Parr

Q/Day = Beyonce
8:30am = Don't You Worry Child
Flashback Track = Here Comes The Hotstepper
War of the Roses = Horny Goat Weed

Music Pop Quiz = Paramore
Top Video = A Clown
Q/Day = Lady Gaga
#1 @ noon = Scream and Shout
4:30 = Sweet Nothing
#1 @ 9 = Thrift Shop

95.5: Hot Music Trivia = FUN

Classic Rock Challenge = All You Need Is Love
8am = The Wanton Song
Q/Day = William Shatner
8:50am = Jamie's Crying
Workforce Blocks = Van Halen

Hip Hop Video On Demand = FALSE
Music Skills = Delegation of duties and time management
donkey of the day = ashley hunter & orlando dewitt ...Q available: 7:45pm
Q/Day = Tiara Marie

No Repeat Work Day = Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic - The Police
Lunch Break = We Belong - Pat Benatar
Drive at Five = When Doves Cry - Prince

FIRE at my boys' high school this morning (got text from one of them at 8am); smoke bomb at the other high school yesterday. WTH IS GOING ON???
UPDATE: boys thought they saw black smoke but turns out 2b nothing; someone pulled fire alarm & not able 2 reset w/o fire, police & EMS! Kids thought it was a drill so out w/o jackets, bookbags, etc. Could've been a real issue if was a real fire! They'll just end up getting sick from being out w/o coats...Thankfully it wasn't too cold out!

Hope everything is okay at your sons' schools-

Rachael84, lol! I guess the desperate always find a way to make time!

To all those who are exploiting the glitch (like my friend did):
What good are all those millions of glitch produced points if you get suspended and lose every contest you just entered because they disqualify you?

I found out today, I won Lady Gaga tickets myself! lol! It's funny because I never win any contests with MM, only L!
I forgot I sunk about 100 entries (or 50,000 points) or so last month and forgot about it! Maybe a lot of people entered with glitched produced points and so they all got disqualified and they go down the line to a random honest winner!

Looks like I'm on the same boat as the rest of you who won Lady Gaga!
Maybe I can just pick up the tickets to frame on the same wall as my "Journey at Barclay Center" tickets!

You can easily earn 50,000 points (or 48,000, depends on the site) a day honestly (except on weekends where it's like 27,000 a day), btw. Just answer every question like everyone else does and click on all featured links. Forget the "click and watch to get points" page in the Trivia section, you worked too hard for your points than to try a faulty page with a glitch that will blow your chances of winning anything!

Sams, hope everything is okay in your boys' school!

power 105: donkey of day is up look at samms for help

How do you win the sharecare points? I've never known how people win those. I click those links, and all it comes up with is an info page.

Natural Trivia 16: Implant
Tooth Trivia 16: Age
Video Trivia Anyone?: Diamonds
Video Trivia Time: Music
Videos NDN Style: Fee
Chicken or Duck: Raw Food the Rage As Pe...: Big Bad Wolf
LeAnn Rimes Sues Her Dentist: Nine
Mariah Takes a Bath With Her Dog: champagne
String: ImpAgeDiaMusFeeBigNin

Before They Were Famous = Crayola Crayons
First Lines = Twenty-one
Get Your Game On = 30 lives
Show Me The Money = $50

Games = Nuclear
Fun Video Trivia = purple

updated string = ImpAgeDiaMusFeeBigNinNuc

Classic Rock Challenge = The Letter
Music Pop Quiz = Destiny's Child
Music Trivia = Fun.
Hot Music Trivia = Gotye
Music Skillz = 50 Cent

I would like to know this answer myself! (Sharecare Points)

Diabetes Trivia 17: oral hygiene
Diagnose Trivia 17: Diabetes
Video Trivia Anyone?: Props
Video Trivia Time: Counting
Videos NDN Style: Patrick Jones
String: OraDiaProCouPat

Rachael84 said:   How do you win the sharecare points? I've never known how people win those. I click those links, and all it comes up with is an info page.

Chick through each page till the last page has darker answer & then you will get credits.

Rachael84 and budrose:

Yes, as Puggle said, you have to "click through each page till the last page has darker answer & then you will get credits".

- You click to open the scavenger question.
- Then u may have 2 page down 2c this, but you need to click in the indented area (with the word NEXT) on the thing that looks like a magnifying glass (or the letter Q) with a heart inside of it on the left side of the screen (not the one on the bottom/right side of the screen) and u may have 2 page down 2c it.
- When u click on it, it brings u 2 another info page. Again u page down to the magnifying glass/letter Q with a heart inside of it and click on it.
- U repeat this process app. 20 times until when u page down, there is NOT a magnifying glass/letter Q with a heart inside of it anymore. BUT u c the DID YOU KNOW FACT (DYKF) in bold letters.
- Once you've reached the DYKF, you'll wait a minute and see credit for that sharecare scavenger....

that's how you get credit for the Sharecare questions.... Give it a try and let me know if these instructions make sense.
Video Trivia 1 = Red
Video Trivia 2 = Lowdown
Video Trivia 3 = Waves
Video Trivia 4 = Green
Video Trivia 5 = August
games = plants
updated string = OraDiaProCouPatRedLowGreAugWavPla

Hot Music = Fun

Pop Rewind with Ed Baer = 1995 & 1973

Rachael84: u won't see the points on the screen after getting to the DWKF. U have to look at the account history/activity 2c the points credit your acct. Pls ck there and let us know (edit your post so we don't waste space on the forum. TY)

budrose: it's not something that I think can be blocked by a firewall. IF the page w/ info comes up, it's part of the page. Can you look again?
Go into Sharecare,
click on scavenger 1,
a new tab opens: page down once and ushould see "Next: What are the warning signs of diabetes?",
click on the "What are the warning signs of diabetes?" and the next pg comes up
page down once until u c "Next: Did I inherit diabetes and cavities?", and continue the process until you get to a page that DOESN'T have NEXT but has
"Did you know: Diabetics experience about a 2.8 to 3.4 times greater risk of developing destructive periodontitis as compared to nondiabetics."

Then go to My Account and look at your Activity History 2c
Sharecare Scavenger Hunt 2 1000 2/17/2013 8:05:37 PM

Before They Were Famous = journalist or politician
First Lines = three
Get Your Game On = Galaga
Show Me The Money = $10

music skillz: Timbaland

music trivia: Bruno Mars

Music Pop: 104 million

Classic challenge - Paul K.

Apologies if this answer is a re-post but I could not find it:

Fun Video Trivia! = Stephanie

New Trivia:
Bringing Agency Expertise To A Professio... = YNR is giving credit as of 7:30pm (but correct answer should be KPMG).

Hey Samma I tried all that but I dont get ANy of the mag glass or nothing. I think my pc guy prob has stuff blocked with the firewall he put up so I prob wont be able to ever do any of the scavengers!

Ok, I got to the DYNF in Sharecare, but I didn't notice the points page automatically loading the points. I clicked "I'm finished", but couldn't tell if it loaded the 1000 points. Is that what I was supposed to do? Thanks for the help.

Bringing Agency Expertise To A Professio...: KPMG
Gums Trivia 18: Research
Mouth Trivia 18: Inconclusive
Sonoma: The Russian
Video Trivia Anyone?: Dale
Video Trivia Time: Taste
Video Trivia 6: October
Video Trivia 7: 1977
Video Trivia 8: Elephant
Video Trivia 9: Anne Cutler
Bartender, I'll Have: Houston


My mother passed away today. It is so surreal. She was doing slightly better & I had won a trip to Orlando/Universal on CBS Fm. I left Sunday morning, Hadn't even gotten into my room when I received a phone call from the hospital & had to come back home. Just got in a few minutes ago. Funeral is Monday, 12 noon At Gutterman funeral home 402 Park Ave. Hackensack, NJ. I will be sitting for the week, until Friday morning at my home. Please instant message me if you want my address or call the funeral home.

Wow mrs817. I am truly sorry for your and your families lost. I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers

Morning show codes: diamond

power1051fm donkey of day is up check samms

Before they were famous = Alan Rickman
First Lines = Are you watching closely?
Get your game on = Q*bert
Show me the money = James Madison
Foodie Trivia = Avacado
Travel Trivia = Omaha Public Library

mrs817: unbelieveable!!! SOOOO Sorry 2 hear. Been praying 4u. Know how much it hurts & wish I could ease the pain...but know I can't. Pray u have the strength to make it thru the week and beyond. Been there,done that and it sucks big time! no matter how old we are, losing your parents (esp your mom) shakes you at the core...just remember how much we all care and that we are there 4u...BIG HUGS!!!!

can't attend funeral today (I'd be a waste case there anyway). Will prob pay shiva call wednesday since my kids stay after on wednesdays. Anyone want to meet there??? If so, send me a PM...

Games = 16
Video Trivia 10 = breaks down
Videos NDN Style = a plunge
updated string = DonStaSweWanHotLilEnrNakDiaResIncTheDalTasOct197EleAnnBre16Plu

Music Trivia = False
Variety Videos = False

Q/Day = Lady Gaga
8:30am = Sweet Nothing (even though I think it s/b moves like jagger, sweet nothing works!)
Flashback Track = Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'
War of the Roses = Hot Tub Time Machine

Q/Day = Beyonce
8am = Enrique Iglesias
2pm = Naked Eyes

Classic Rock Challenge = Brave Belt
Classic Video = Red
Q/Day = Guns N' Roses - Used To Love Her
8am = Trampled Under Foot
8:50 = Gimme Shelter
Workforce Blocks = Led Zeppelin
Live @ 5 = Styx

Hip Hop Video = Swimming Pool
Music Skills = Frank Ocean
Q/Day = KFC
Donkey of the Day = Little Wayne ...no Q yet

95.5: Hot Music Trivia = Bruno Mars

Music Pop Quiz = Christina Aguilera
Top Video = Yes
Q/Day = Beyonce
#1 @ noon = Don't You Worry Child
4:30 = Don't You Worry Child
#1 @ 9 = Stay

No Repeat Work Day = The Way You Make Me Feel - Michael Jackson
Lunch Break = Into the Groove - Madonna
Drive at Five = Breakeven - The Script...no choices listed yet

budrose: I second that emotion...dad's gone almost 9 yrs; mom's gone almost 2 yrs....both hard 2 deal w/. Being the matriarch of my family isn't my thing so having a hard time on all fronts...

Fun Video Trivia! = Light

My prayers go out to you! Im still trying to recover from my moms death and that was 6 yrs ago!

Please accept my heartfelt sympathy on the passing of your mother.

morning show code: trend

Gingivitis Trivia 19: fluoride

Oral Health Trivia 19: enamel

*Sonoma County Tourism Bureau: Birds
Video Trivia Time: Talk
Videos NDN Style: Mint
Video Trivia Anyone?: Virginia
String: BirTalMinVir

Before They Were Famous = Julia Roberts
First Lines = Do you find me sadistic?
Get Your Game On = Do the Donkey Kong
Show Me The Money = $20,000

Foodie Fun Trivia = Rolled oats
Travel Trivia = Cabbage Key
Fun Video Trivia = the beholder
Games = 16

AOL - Beauty Treatments 19 = banana
AOL - Revamp Old Clothing 19 = perfectly stylish
AOL - Vogue Waves 19 = Side Swept
AOL - Red Hot Fashion 19 = Asos
AOL - Joyce Obrien 19 = cards
AOL - Re-Enlisting 19 = ride
AOL - Heart Health Recipes 19 = Spinach
AOL - Chicken Dinner Recipes 19 = Thai
AOL - Heart Health Tips 19 = Go first.
AOL - Spring Fashion 2013 19 = black

How Jada Pinkett Smith Keeps Her Kids Gr... = red
Inside Forbes: Retire Well Issue = 28
Prince William Speaks Out Over Kate Midd... = Mystique
Facebook pays no taxes, gets $500K refun... = $1.1 billion
Changing kids TV habits may improve beha... = Journal of Pediatrics
The Black Keys' Patrick Carney Impersona... = twitter

updated string = DaySweFeeGooDreTwiMisSimFlaJouTreBirTalMinVir16BanPerSidAsoCarRidSpiThaGoBlaRedMysTwiFluEna

Music Trivia = Justin Bieber
Variety Video = Having a picnic

Q/Day = Adele
8:30 = Good Feeling
12pm - Lunch Flashback Track = Dreamer
War of the Roses = Twisted Sister

Q/Day = LeAnn Rimes
8am = simple minds
weekly bonus word= Flashback
2pm = Journey

Classic Rock Challenge = Stephen Stills
Classic Video = They see an explosion in the distance.
q/Day = Burger King
8am = Misty Mountain Hop
8:50am = Message In A Bottle
12pm - Workforce Blocks = Moody Blues
Live @ 5 = Black Sabbath

95.5: Hot Music Trivia = False

Music Pop Quiz = RCA Records
Top Video = FALSE
Q/Day = Rihanna
#1 @ noon = Daylight
4:30 = Sweet Nothing
#1 @ 9 = Feel This Moment

Hip Hop Video On Demand = Water gun fight
Music Skills = Smoking marijuana
Q/Day = Gucci Mane
donkey of the day = the government of missippi

No Repeat Work Day = You Found Me - The Fray
Thursday's Song of the Day = Take Me Home - Phil Collins
Lunch Break = I Donít Want To Miss A Thing - Aerosmith
Drive at Five = Bad - Michael Jackson

HilJac: I know that u r tired, but what's w/ the 2nd post for today??? u know the rules around here....get some rest!!! LOL

Mrs817, my condolences. Prayers and sympathy to you and your family.

Gingivitis Trivia 19: fluoride

Oral Health Trivia 19: enamel

mrs817 so sorry to hear of your loss. We are all thinking of you with deepest sympathy


Morning Show Bonus Code = Cardio (Car)

Video Trivia Anyone?: manslaughter
Video Trivia Time: simple
Videos NDN Style: Hollywood
String: ManSimHol

Before They Were Famous = an accountant
First Lines = It's a Wonderful Life
Get Your Game On = Michael Biehn
Show Me The Money = 1932
Foodie Fun Trivia = Baked
Fun Video trivia = Purple

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