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games = Clubs
Health Trivia 20 = healthy heart
Risk Factors Trivia 20 = chest pain
Today in History for Wednesday, February... = Rhode Island
Woods: Playing Golf With President Obama... = is a lefty
Why the First Lady Is Wearing Bangs? = sports car
'Houdini Horse' Gets Attention for Escap... = food and freedom
In NYC, Never to Young to Om = 6 weeks old
Kellie Pickler, Danielle Peck & Phoenix ... = Hutton Hotel
Bakery Selling Baked, Gluten-Free Faux D... = fonuts
Man Jumps Straight Into Cactus - VIDEO = Australia
Endless Vacation Trivia 20 = NOR

updated string = JJDonSweStaEveOffMatNicBloCarManSimHolCluHeaCheHutFonAusNor

Music Pop Quiz = Taylor Swift
Top Video = Having a picnic
Q/Day = Fergie
#1 @ noon = Don't You Worry Child
4:30 = Sweet Nothing
#1 @ 9 = Stay

Classic Rock Challenge = Don McLean
Classic Video = A snake
Q/Day = David Bowie
8am = Dancing Days
8:50 = Rebel Yell
Workforce Blocks = Steve Winwood
Live @ 5 = Steely Dan

Music Trivia = Ke$ha
Variety Video = He answers the phone during their romantic picnic

Q/Day = Rihanna
8:30 = Don't You Worry Child
12pm - Lunch Flashback Track = everyone falls in love
War of the Roses = The Office Of Horrors

Q/Day = Alec Baldwin
8am = Matthew Wilder (Break My Stride...LOVE that song!!!)

95.5: Hot Music Trivia = Justin Bieber

Music Skillz = She lip-synched a recorded version
Hip Hop Video = A card game
Q/Day = Bow Wow
donkey of the day = JJ (Javarski) Sandy of St Petersburg FLA injured Aalaya Walker bec he left a magazine from his gun in the oven where they were making waffles

No Repeat Work Day = I Will Always Love You - Whitney Houston
Lunch Break = She Will Be Loved - Maroon 5
Drive at Five = The Sign - Ace of Base

GraPaJo: welcome to the NY forum!!! Don't think I've seen u post here b4....what stations do you listen to??? can you help out w/??

FYI: going to see mrs817 today so prob not posting from 11-2. If u hear it, post it. If not, will post when i can later on....

Rachael84: sorry for the late reply. Must've accidentally deleted. Can you re-send it to me please??? TY!!!! So sorry...

njfw: they say that your memory is the first thing to go!!! LOL

Sams1997--I sent you a DM a while ago, but haven't heard back yet. Miss talking to you!

LiteFM 106.7:
2pm = Nicki Bradshaw (this is what they announced) - on recently played list, it says Nicki French
Weekly Newsletter Bonus Code = BLOSSOM

Sorry for the 2nd post...forgot I posted just after midnight.

Video Trivia 10: BRAkes down

Video Trivia Anyone?...: week
Video Trivia Time...: odd
Videos NDN Style: necklace
Bakery Selling Baked, Gluten-Free Faux D...: Fonuts
String: WeeOddNecFon

Before They Were Famous = Ballerina
First Lines = Music or misery (as per njfw below: was Lyrics or love earlier this morning)
Get Your Game On = Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Show Me The Money = 11/22/1963

morning show bonus code = Sing
Fun Video Trivia! = Black Eyed Peas
Games = 125
Fast Food Is a Big Part of the American ... = 11%
Today in History for February 21st - VID... = balloon
Sony Teases New Playstation, Does Not Re... = Microsoft
One Direction Covered Blondie At The 201... = pinball machine
Frank Ocean: Winning a BRIT Award "Is Li... = glorious
Mumford & Sons Try to Steal Life-Size BR... = Lewes
Drinks Trivia 21 = limiting snacks
Entertainment Video Trivia = Justin Bieber
Celebrity Interview Video Trivia = Dark Skies

Updated String = JovBerGivWanFanScrKneKriSinWeeOddNec12511%BalPinLim

Classic Rock Challenge = Christine McVee
Classic Video = They stomp on them.
Weekly Newsletter Bonus Code = KRISPY
8am = Houses Of The Holy
8:50 = Limelight
Q/Day = Steven Tyler and Joe Perry
Workforce Blocks = Allman Bros
Live @ 5= The Who

Music Trivia = Mariah Carey
Variety Video = Pink

8:30 = Give Me Everything...working as of 12:50pm
Q/Day = Clive Davis
Flashback Track = I Wanna Be The One

8am = Heart Of Glass/Blondie...not working
Q/Day = Jennifer Hudson
2pm = Kelly Clarkson...not working

Music Pop Quiz = Swedish House Mafia
Top Video = He answers the phone during their romantic picnic
Q/Day = Rihanna
#1 @ noon = Scream And Shout
4:30pm = You Knew You Were Trouble
#1 @ 9 = Thrift Shop but not working.....sorry but I was at a meeting from 7-11+)

95.5: Hot Music Trivia = Ke$ha

Hip Hop Video On Demand = a skateboard
Music Skills = 18
Q/Day = Jim Jones
Donkey of the Day = (finally working!!!) Bernard Bey

No Repeat Work Day = Teenage Dream - Katy Perry
Lunch Break = Losing My Religion - R.E.M.
Drive at Five = Who Says You Can’t Go Home - Bon Jovi & Jennifer N

** Answer has changed **
First Lines = it tells me "Lyrics or love " is incorrect and that "Music or misery" is the correct answer (as of 12:20pm ET)

KTU 103.5:
5:40pm - War of the Roses = The Fantasy Fool

WPLJ 95.5:
bonuscode 2.21.13 = JOVI

Weird thing happened to one of my accounts from 12:22pm to 1:24pm. I was checking "Account Activity" and kept seeing "Watched Video 500" for three pages as if there was another glitch in the system. I contacted them because I don't want to be suspended from my LiteFM account since I do things honestly. I have to admit, I manually refresh (no programs) the page every time that stupid "Password Journal" commercial comes on because it's so low-tech and the actress tries to make that stupid piece of plastic seem interesting!

My boss (yes he does this too but only the "brainless" stuff like "Featured Links") got suspended from his account on Wednesday for repeated refreshing of the "Watch Video and Earn Points" page (he used Firefox's "Auto Refresh" plugin to do so every 30 seconds). Yes, they do check people abusing the glitch!

Update: I keep getting 500 points every minute since 1:58pm (and I'm logged off and turned off my web browser for quite some time)! It stopped when I lost 25000 points on Slot Machine. I just hope the -25000 doesn't reverse the flow of the glitch! I also certainly hope they don't suspend my account because of some stupid glitch that they should've fixed!

morning show bonud code = Helmet
*Video Trivia Anyone?... = Engaged
Video Trivia Time... = Storm
Videos NDN Style... = Online

Before They Were Famous = Hugh Jackman
First Lines = changed to 12 going on 13
Get Your Game On = Patrick Stewart
Show Me The Money = Paul Revere

Games = Undo
Celebrity Interview Video Trivia = Elizabeth Taylor
Entertainment Video Trivia = fun.
Fun Video Trivia! = wedding ring
Dentist Trivia 22 = bad breath
Products Trivia 22 = magnesium
Google Glass expected to arrive in 2013 = Mobile World Congress

String = DonKneStaIfCleHalPeaLivMarTraCreEngStoOnlUndBadMagBluDreHelUpdNeiVinDimHouFtwStrRedBluPowPeaWesTra

Music Pop Quiz = Try
Top Video = Pink
Q/Day = Kim Kardashian
# 1 @ noon = Don't You Worry Child
4:30 = I Knew You Were Trouble
#1 @ 9 = Stay

95.5: Hot Music Trivia = Mariah Carey

Music Trivia = Oz: The Great and Powerful
Variety Video = The blonde woman

8am = Marvin Gaye
Q/Day = Taylor Swift
2pm = Train

Q/Day = Usher
8:30 = Don't You Worry Child
Flashback Track = If You Had My Love
Newsletter Bonus Code = CLERMONT
War of the Roses = 6-1 Half Dozen or the Ot…

Classic Rock Challenge = Jump
Classic Video = FALSE
8am = You Shook Me
Q/Day = Matchbox 20
8:50 = Blitzkrieg Bop

Hip Hop Video = Black and white
Music Skills = Dope
Q/Day = Mike Epps
donkey of the day = LivesOn.org

No Repeat Work Day = Faith - George Michael
Lunch Break = Heaven - Bryan Adams
Drive at Five = We Belong - Pat Benatar

FYI: no comp access from 9:30-12:30 or so....

Today in History for February 22nd = 4 to 3
Google Unveils New Touchscreen Laptop = power users
popchips And The Art Of Social Marketing = President of Pop Culture
Empowering Marketing Creative With Data = Blue (Blu)
Fashion Flashback: Name that Celeb! = Drew Barrymore (Dre)
Adam Levine: I'll Never Leave Maroon 5 = Shakira
Google Glass expected to arrive in 2013 = Mobile World Congress

Updated String = LivMarCreEngStoOnlUndBluDreHelPeaWesTraBadMagDonIf (does NOT include AOL string below to keep string length manageable)

Flavors of AOL 2/22 String = UpdNeiVinDimHouFtwStrRedBluPow

LiteFM 106.7:
2pm = Train - Hey Soul Sister (Tra)

Weekly Newsletter Bonus Codes:
Z100 = PEACH (Pea)
Power = WEST (Wes)

** Yesterday's (Thursday) LiteFM 106.7 2pm and Z100 9pm Listen & Wins are working as of this morning. See sams1997's post for Thursday for answers. **

Q104.3 WFB = Kiss

Just want to give everyone a general thank you for doing this. I haven't done these in a bit and I am tryna win some tix and I feel like I am tryna feed all my kids before 12am and 3am lol. I do what I can but Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Enjoy your weekend

Music Trivia----Wide Awake by Katy Perry
FIRST LINES -- all that glitters is gold.
GET YOUR GAME ON -- Jenny McCarthy

People Trivia 23 = White
Healthy Trivia 23 = ADA
Celebrity Interview Video Trivia = Jack Nicholson
Entertainment Video Trivia = Taylor Swift
Video Trivia Anyone? = two 2
Video Trivia Time = Popcorn Bar
Videos NDN Style = Baby
Fun Video Trivia = Daren
Google Glass expected to arrive in 2013 = Mobile World Congress

Games = 7
Fun Video Trivia = Daren
Carpet Countdown: Oscar Preps = Billy Crystal
Oscars Fashion Through the Ages = Julia Roberts
Oscar Nominees: Before They Were Famous! = Bradley Cooper

string = 7ADAWhi2PopBabBilBra

Q104.3: Classic Rock Challenge = 16
105.1: Music Skillz = Morocco
95.5: Hot Music Trivia = Oz: The Great and Powerful
z100: Music Pop Quiz = Sexy Back

Video Trivia Anyone?: Guns in the classroom
Video Trivia Time: Florida
Videos NDN Style: Pig out
String: GunFloPig

Before They Were Famous = Val Kilmer
Celebrity Interview Video Trivia = Charlie Sheen
Entertainment Video Trivia = Florence + The Machine
First Lines = Tom!
Fun Video Trivia! = 65 degrees
Get Your Game On = Vice President of the United States
Show Me The Money = West Point, New York



Games = Red

WPLJ 95.5:
Hot Music Trivia = Wide Awake by Katy Perry

LiteFM 106.7 / KTU 103.5:
Music Trivia = Thrift Shop by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Music Pop Quiz = Fun.

Updated String: GunFloPigRed

Btw, anyone else gaining point even though you didn't even touch the "Watch Videos & Gain Points"? I simply finished my Trivia (except watching the videos) and while I was doing the Survey section, it started "leaking" 500 points every 3 seconds! It must be the video ads from the Survey section!

105.1: Music Skillz = Electric Highway

100.7: Pop Rewind with Ed Baer = 1988 & 1990

ChangedMyHandle: I never do the videos anymore. Didn't get credit to many times so just exit out of them nowadays...Never checked my activity 2c if doing surveys got me points for videos either. But I don't do surveys until the weekend when there's less trivia and I have more time. Interesting theory though...

BTW: Show Me The Money = West Point, New York is not far from where I live!!! LOL

Video Trivia Anyone?: 145,000
Video Trivia Time: 3
Videos NDN Style: Perform
'Gangnam Style' at Inauguration: South Korea
Ben Affleck's 'Argo' Nabs Best Picture a... : Steven Spielberg

String: 1453PerSou

Before They Were Famous = Scarlett Johansson
First Lines = Senator Samuel Foley !
Get Your Game On = Ron Perlman
Show Me The Money = Presidential Coat of Arms

Celebrity Interview Video Trivia = NCIS: LA
Entertainment Video Trivia = Mumford & Sons
Fun Video Trivia! = Page County
Games = 64
Morning Show Bonus Code = Wallet

Gangnam Style’ at Inauguration = South Korea
Ben Affleck's 'Argo' Nabs Best Picture a... = Steven Spielberg
J-Law Swarmed by Family after Oscar Win = Hugh Jackman
Oscar Fashion Hits and Misses on the Red... = H&M
2013 Oscars: Glitzy Nails = their favorite Oscar dresses
Video Trivia on Demand = Italy

updated string = DonDayStaNowLocSexNicSmoRicKanWal1453Per64SouH&M

Music Trivia = Relationship Songs
Variety Videos on Demand = TRUE

8am = Nicki French
weekly bonus word = SMOOTH
2pm = Rick Springfield

Q/Day = Anne Hathaway
8:30am = Locked Out OF Heaven
Flashback Track = Now That We Found Love..not working

Classic Rock Challenge = Three
Classic Video on Demand = Fire truck
Q/Day = The Laws of Physics
8am = All My Love
8:50 = Crazy On You
Live @ 5 = George Harrison

Music Pop Quiz = Gotye
Top Video on Demand = The blonde woman
Q/Day = Argo
#1 @ noon = Don't You Worry Child
4:30 = Daylight
#1 @ 9 = Stay

Hip Hop Video On Demand = Noir
Music Skills = Ocean wouldn’t shake his hand
Q/Day = Jamie Foxx
Donkey of the Day = Kanye West

95.5: Hot Music Trivia = Thrift Shop by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

No Repeat Work Day = Edge of Seventeen - Stevie Nicks
Lunch Break = Let the Music Play - Shannon
Drive at Five = Superman (It's Not Easy) - Five for Fighting
Monday's New Music Preview = Almost Home - Mariah Carey

FYI: no computer from 9:30-12:30 or so....

Q104.3 WFB = Kinks
Live at 5 = George Harrison

LiteFM 106.7:
Question of the Day = Jennifer Lawrence

KTU 103.5:
5:40pm - War of the Roses = Sexercise

*Sonoma County Tourism Bureau: Fort ROSs
Skin Trivia 26: TIGht and dry
Video trivia time: gun control
Video ndn: were good

Before They Were Famous = David Letterman
First Lines = Liberia .... answer changed to LISBON
Get Your Game On = Ray Liotta
Show Me The Money = E Pluribus Unum

Morning show bonus code = Relax
Celebrity Interview Video Trivia = NBA All-Star Game
Entertainment Video Trivia = Silverchair
Fun Video Trivia! = New York City
Games = Notes
Video Trivia On Demand = gifted
Video Trivia Anyone? = Alex Conrad
Email, text, voicemail...How do we keep up? = phone, laptop, tablet
Today in History for February 26th = six
Florida Man Charged With Felony After Ro... = Motel 6
Lindsay Lohan To Appear on Sheen's "Ange... = Scarey Movie 5
Roadkill Eating Approved by New Law = Slashfood
The International Culinary Center = Legendary French Culinary Institute
$500 Amazon Gift Card! - Four

Flavors of AOL 2/26
AOL - Vogue Waves 26 = Naturally Sexy
AOL - Red Hot Fashion 26 = Zappos
AOL - Create Ombre Nails 26 = blue
AOL - 50 Fun Manicures 26 = Sparkly French Twist
AOL - Danielle Coulanges 26 = 56
AOL - Lost 100lbs! 26 = develop
AOL - Weight Loss Inspiration 26 = sweetens the deal
AOL - How To Tell If You're In Love 26 = soon emerge
AOL - Which Chocolate Is Best For You 26 = moderation
AOL - Vision Problems 26 = Presbyopia

String = FUNGueScrStaGooBetCreLuiRelRosTigGunWerAleNotSixMotScaSlaNatZapBluSpa56DevSweSooModPreFreFou

95.5: Hot Music Trivia = $25 million

Music Pop Quiz = Fun.
Top Video on Demand = TRUE
Q/Day = Bruno Mars
#1 @ noon = Scream and Shout
4:30 = Thrift Shop...no Q up yet
#1 @ 9 = Stay

Music Trivia = $25 million
Variety Videos on Demand = Red

Q/Day = Jay-Z
8:30am = Good Feeling
Flashback Track = Better Off Alone

Q/Day = Argo
8am = Fun...working per njfw
2pm = David Guetta ... working as of 9:30pm

Classic Rock Challenge = Foxey Lady
Classic Video on Demand = The Liberty Bell
Q/Day = Jim Kerry...though it s/b Jim Carrey...LOL
8am = Hot Dog
8:50 = While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Workforce Blocks = Yes
Live @ 5 = Rod Stewart

Hip Hop Video On Demand = TRUE
Music Skills = $200
Q/Day = DJ Envy
donkey of the day = luis rivera

No Repeat Work Day = The Way You Love Me - Faith Hill
Thursday's Song of the Day = Live Like We're Dying - Kris Allen
Lunch Break = I Knew I Loved You - Savage Garden
Drive at Five = True Colors - Cyndi Lauper

jg49: can u post the link to which one u r asking about so I Can look at what u r looking at? Thanks!

Can someone please tell me what to do on the Q's How Stuff Works Trivia. I have watched the stupid videos but no questions appear. I don't get points for watching and they tell me that they don't have this problem and it is something that I am either doing or not doing. HELP!!!

First Lines = Liberia > answer changed to LISBON

LiteFM 106.7:
8am = sams1997's answer above is now working (as of 3:17pm)

KTU 103.5:
5:40pm - War of the Roses = Creepy Crawler

9pm = "Stay" worked (guessed)

Video Trivia Anyone?: Ray Lewis
Video Trivia Time: engaged
Videos NDN Style: money

Before They Were Famous = Bubble Yum
First Lines = Arsenic and Old Lace
Get Your Game On = Mark Hamill
Show Me The Money = Lincoln cent
Celebrity Interview Video Trivia = Sheryl Crow
Entertainment Video Trivia = Elton John
Fun Video Trivia = GLASSES.
Video Trivia on Demand = 577 million dollars

morning show bonus code = Silly
games = 7

Pope Speaks English at Final Audience = White
Today in History for February 27th = 1933
Voting Rights Law Under Fire in Supreme ... = Barack Obama
Digitalism On DJs Being The New Rock Sta... = the music
Madonna's Photos Too Racy? = instagram
Yahoo's CEO Decrees Workers Must Come Ba... = Sarah

updated string = AvrLauRihVinDayStaLocBaiDruSilRayEngMon7Whi933Ins

Top Video on Demand = Red
Music Pop Quiz = Bruno Mars
Q/Day = girl
#1 @ noon = Daylight
4:30 = Daylight
#1 @ 9 = Stay

Variety Videos on Demand = The band performing live
Music Trivia = Adele

Q/Day = Jennifer Lawrence
8AM = Laura Branigan (Gloria)...not working ...USE Avril lavigne for credit (thanks mrs817!). they fixed it so LAU works, 9pm
2pm = Rihanna (We Found Love)
Weekly Newsletter Bonus Code = VINE

Q/Day = Helen Hunt
8:30am = Locked Out Of Heaven
Flashback Track = Bailamos
War of the Roses...new one but no new title on the webpage....

95.5: Hot Music Trivia = Adele

Classic Rock Challenge = Cigarettes
Classic Video on Demand = Jumping rope
Q/Day = Bruce Springsteen
8AM = Custard Pie
8:50 = Pinball Wizard
Workforce Blocks = Neil Young
Live @ 5 = Lynyrd Skynyrd

Hip Hop Video On Demand = Earrings
Music Skills = Kanye West
Q/Day = Jermaine
donkey of the day = drug dealers in mexico who developed the mosts stupid device to smuggle drugs: a cannon sending pounds of drugs across the border

No Repeat Work Day = Every Morning - Sugar Ray
Lunch Break = Halo - Beyonce
Drive at Five = Torn - Natalie Imbruglia

is anyone able to post on tomorrow and Friday mornings? I won't have comp access from like 9-1 each day...

Video Trivia Anyone? = DRIving wildly
Video Trivia Time = MANslaughter
Videos NDN Style = WARmth

String = drimanwar

Before They Were Famous = The Wizard
First Lines = The Third Man
Get Your Game On = Ricky Gervais
Show Me The Money = Strength & Inependence

Morning Show Bonus Code = Leap
Fun Video Trivia! = Kim Curtis
Celebrity Interview Video Trivia = Hugh Jackman
Entertainment Video Trivia = Bruno Mars
Games n eCards = 13
Video Trivia on Demand = Poland
Videos NDN Style! = warm weather
Today in History for Thursday, February ... = Britain
Tumbleweeds Invade West Texas Home = 60 mph
Harry Styles Hit In The Groin By A Rogue... = Scotland
Yahoo's Work From Work Policy = June
The Latest In Underground Music From Syr... = 2011
BK's Bacon Gouda Breakfast Muffin Taste ... = 7 out of 10

String = HitAstDonTakWanKaiEriGriHalDauSteLeaDriManWar13ScoJun011

Music Pop Quiz = FALSE
Top Video on Demand = The band performing live
Q/Day = Harry
12pm - Ryan's High Noon Countdown = Don't You Worry Child
4:30pm - Commercial Free Block = Don't You Worry Child ... not working
#1 @ 9 = STAY...not working

Hot Music Trivia = TRUE
bonus code 2.28 = HITS

Classic Rock Challenge = Billy Joel
Classic Video on Demand = Tom Hanks
Question of the Day = STYX
8am = Heartbreaker/Living Loving Maid
8:50 - Jamie's Cryin'
12pm - Workforce Blocks = Marshall Tucker
Newsletter Bonus Code = ASTRO
Live @ 5 = The Rolling Stones

Music Trivia = True
Variety Videos on Demand = Blue

YESTERDAY's 5:40pm - War of the Roses = Stella's Groove
q/Day = Justin Bieber
8:30am - Take Over Control
12pm - Lunch Flashback Track = I Wanna Sex You Up
War of the Roses = O Kai

8am = Hall and Oates
Q/Day = P!nk
2pm = Daughtry

Hip Hop Video On Demand = Daft Punk
Music Skills = Rick Ross
Q/Day = Jennifer Lopez
Donkey of the Day = the 2 women who didn't take him up on his offer of a free cab ride in exchange for a sexual act...eric vincent, AZ cab driver
Newsletter Bonus Code = GRIN

No Repeat Work Day = Waiting On the World to Change - John Mayer
Lunch Break = Iris - The Goo Goo Dolls
Drive at Five = Bad Romance -Lady GaGa

newsletter: hits

lunch break: cyndi lauper girls just wanna have fun

today in history 3/1: hopewell
shirtless bieber: london
showbiz minutes: june
what's for dinner: ralph
is paula deen considering: 15 pounds

q of the day: harvard university

q of the day: Nick Lachey

q of the day; Scott Weiland

q of the day: No Doubt
newsletter: electric

8am now working check sams for answer

Eye Health Trivia 1: self-employed
Products Trivia 1: overdoses
Video Entertainment Center..: Luke
*Mammoth Lakes: Facebook

Before They Were Famous = Kiefer Sutherland
First Lines = Farley Granger
Get Your Game On = Jack Black
Show Me The Money = Queen Isabella of Spain

Morning Show Bonus Code = none posted yet....
Games = 5
Video Trivia on Demand = Panda
Celebrity Interview Video Trivia = Jennifer Lawrence
Entertainment Video Trivia = Keep Her On The Low

Flavors of AOL 3/1

AOL - Day To Night 1 = Bowline Belt
AOL - Manicure Monday 1 = Finish with a clear top coat
AOL - Create Ombre Nails 1 = Jaimi
AOL - 50 Fun Manicures 1 = creative
AOL - Danielle Coulanges 1 = secretary
AOL - Lost 100lbs! 1 = candles
AOL - Weight Loss Inspiration 1 = Better than meds
AOL - Calorie Snack Ideas 1 = Large steamed shrimp
AOL - Which Chocolate Is Best For You 1 = Healthified Fudgy Almond Cookies (Got a PM that the string changed to ALM. didn't verify yet so added ALM to string)
AOL Long Distance 1 = But absolutely make the call

Vacation Packages - Hot Deals! = Ocean Sands Resort
Vacation Of A Lifetime! = noreply@digitalivy.com
Amazing Clothes Trivia = How It Works
Deals Of The Day Trivia! = computer

updated string (w/ HilJac's answers above) = MicKelLocGetThrDayHeaRecEleHitCrySelOveLukFac5BowFinJaiCreSecCanBetLarHeaAlmCalJunHopOceNorHowCom

95.5: Hot Music Trivia = Alex Rodriguez

Music Trivia = Alex Rodriguez
Variety Videos on Demand = No

Q/Day = Alicia Keys
8am = michael jackson....working per HilJac
2pm = Kelly Clarkson

8:30 = Locked out of heaven
FBT = Get Busy
Newsletter Bonus Code = CRYSTAL
War of the Roses = H.O.L.O.V. LANE ...1 yr repeat, not working

Classic Rock Challenge = The Troggs
Classic Video on Demand = on a stage outside
8am - Get The Led Out = Friends
8:50am - 10 Songs In A Row = She's So Cold
WFB = Deep Purple

Music Pop Quiz = Justin Bieber
Top Video on Demand = Blue
#1 @ noon = Thrift Shop
4:30 = Daylight
#1 @ 9pm = Heart Attack

Hip Hop Video On Demand = Running machinery
Music Skills = DJ Khaled
donkey of the day = receptionist in ambridge PA who almost got travis clawson in trouble (eye appt)

No Repeat Work Day = Lucky Star - Madonna
Lunch Break = Girls Just Want to Have Fun - Cyndi Lauper
Drive at Five = Sunglasses at Night - Corey Hart

Yesterday's 4:30pm & 9pm Listen & Wins are now working (with sams1997's answers) as of 11:05am

Deals of the day Trivia-computer

Have a good weekend everyone!

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